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Chaos is a fact of life,
Madness creeps in everyones mind,
Truth is Falsehood and Falsehood is Truth,
And there are but the same coin,
This coin I carry is neither,
Shadows hides all and nothing,
And light obscures many,
Good and Evil are siblings,
And they get along better than most,
The last night heralds the first day,
The first day begot the last night,
Nothing is as it seems,
And everything is as it appears,
The end of time and space,
Is the beginning of eternity,
What is three to one,
Is two to another,
Where Death ends Life begins,
Within Madness Genius can lie,
Ever there is nothing,
Something therein lies,
With in a madmans rant,
Many true truths may lie,
There can be order in chaos,
And chaos in order,
Just because two things are extremes,
Doesnt mean that they cant met in the middle,
Ones treasure is anothers junk,
Whats mad to one is sane to another,
And stupid to both,
This is a I have to say,
I havent said everything.

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