<OOC> Lemon cheers

You are carrying:


Status Changes(#411)




Dr Pope(#487)

You have 301777 Pennies.

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "Hello El!"


You see nothing special.


Daphne Crowe is a short, lightly built woman with short black hair and grey eyes, wearing a dress, a fur coat and a hat. She has a British accent, and looks attractive, with a somewhat edgy expression, as if trying to hear something.

Name set.

Name set.

You say "I've decided to title the prelude "Your Last Night On Earth"."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Nice and boding."

<OOC> Annah says, "Back"

<OOC> Lemon says, ""See the universe! Blow large parts of it up! Meet odd new species! Kill them! Sample local cuisine! Made from the aforementioned new species!""

<OOC> Conrad says, "BRB"

<OOC> Kiojunak jots down a note to kill Lemon on sight...

<OOC> Lemon says, "Oh, like I didn't know that was allready on your to-do list."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Man.. Does anyone else agree that .hack//sign has some the best music of any anime ever?"

<OOC> Annah says, "Hey El. You ever decide what the mecha are called. You know, Mobile Suits, Evangelions, Veritechs."

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "I've only seen one episode, so I can't judge."

<OOC> Elemental says, "Pretty simply, "Robots" though certain models and customised units may have less prosaic nicknames."

<OOC> Annah says, "It does have very good music. The show is flat, but the music's cool. I enjoy my MP3 album of it."

<OOC> Lemon nods "Show has it's cool elements, but it could use some major work. Interesting premise tho."

<OOC> Elemental says, "It's like cars. Generically, they're called "cars", "automobiles" or something, but the individual types have cool names."

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "Yes, and it's sorta making fun of Everquest."

<OOC> Elemental says, "Oh, I don't know if you noticed this, but there's a new cluster of pages on the website."

<OOC> Annah hestiates to open his browser up. "Are they important to see before we start?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "They can wait."

<OOC> Lemon says, "The schematics, ja?"

<OOC> Annah says, "Okay. I managed to get a good connection, but I'm bleeding memory space. Stupid Windows."

You are carrying:






Dr Pope(#487)

You have 301777 Pennies.

<OOC> Elemental says, "Yes. More to come."

Lemon pages: And I've renamed my robot 'Marvin'

<OOC> Annah says, "Is the game starting with us all on the ship, or are there preludes?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "A prelude, tonight, the night before. Getting to that momentarily."

<OOC> Conrad nodnods.

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "When we going to kick this pig?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "When I finish typing."

<OOC> Conrad kicks a pig.

<OOC> Lemon says, "Hey! Pigs are cute critters, and smarter than your average dog!"

<OOC> Lemon says, "Kick something ugly and stupid!"

<OOC> Conrad kicks Lemon.

<OOC> Lemon kicks Conrad back

<OOC> Kiojunak knew that was going to happen.

<OOC> Annah says, "They may have smart potential, but they're also smell, messy buggers."

<OOC> Lemon says, "So did I.. but I was hoping it wouldn't.."

<OOC> Lemon points at 99% of all college students.

<OOC> Annah says, "Some pigs maybe bee cute and cuddly, but most aren't."

<OOC> Lemon says, "It's not like we can throw stones at pigs.."

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "Actually it's incredibly easy to do so..."

<OOC> Annah says, "I'd take a smelly hippy gimp over a smelly pig any day. The hippy will go away when I yell at him."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Yeah, but can you eat the hippy if you get hungry?"

<OOC> Annah says, "You want to try and kill a live pig?"

<OOC> Lemon says, "Thats where Joe's rocks come in."

<OOC> Annah says, "I say avoid them both. Chicken are sorta fun, cows are just stupid, and pigs are messy."

<OOC> Conrad says, "Cows give milk. Milk used in cheese. Therefore, cows are good."

<OOC> Annah says, "There were a lot of fun parts to living on a farm, the pigs weren't high on the list."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Cows ARE good. Chickens are only fun if you cut off their heads."

<OOC> Annah says, "You live around them for a few years, then you tell me you like cows."

You are carrying:






Dr Pope(#487)

You have 301777 Pennies.

<OOC> Conrad worked on one during the summers. I know they smell and can be a bit moody at times.

<OOC> Lemon says, "Whats wrong with cows?"

Name set.

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "They're fricken methane factories on hoves :P"

Name set.



Name set.

Hudita created as object #5803

<OOC> Annah says, "Dumbest critters you'll find. And scary, for a 7 year old."

<OOC> Lemon says, "What, dumber than chickens and poodles?"

<OOC> Annah says, "Far."

<OOC> Annah says, "Chickens are just simple, cows are dumb."

<OOC> Conrad tried chasing cows on the riding lawnmower when he was seven or eight.

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "Cool..."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Gives a frightening new meaning to 'you are what you eat'."

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "About the only good thing they're good for is target practice."

<OOC> Lemon says, "And beef!"

<OOC> Annah wasn't let near the mower at that age.

<OOC> Lemon says, "I think I remember watching My Little Pony when I was seven.."

<OOC> Lemon says, "That was a fucked up show.."

<OOC> Conrad says, "Didn't say I was supposed to be near the mower."

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "I had to watch that show too, but I have an excuse. I have a kid sister :P"

<OOC> Lemon says, "I have an excuse too! Those bastards hid the remote from me!"

<OOC> Conrad says, "And you didn't push the buttons?"

<OOC> Lemon says, "Broken :P"

<OOC> Lemon says, "It was a very crappy tv."

<OOC> Conrad says, "How long ago had you broken them? ;)"

<OOC> Elemental says, "(brief break) You want strange? Anyone else remember Herculoids?"

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "Which bastards would these be?"

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "I do."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Those blobs frightened me."

<OOC> Annah says, "Sorta. A little before my time, but I saw some."

<OOC> Conrad doesn't.

<OOC> Lemon says, "You know, I have to wonder what drugs the people responsible for those cartoons were on.."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Some of 'em were nifty I'll admit, but most of them.. *shudder*"

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "I think it was something between Marijuana and LSD."

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "Peyote."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Heh. We should do that PCP thing someday. Run a game based on those old cartoons"

<OOC> Elemental says, "There's an RPG designed to do that. Called "Cartoon Action Hour" Pretty damn good, from all accounts. Also, starting."

You say "The stars above are shining, as they ever have, though they're rarely seen these days. If they have an opinion on being visited, they're being quiet about it. And from your current position, you have an excellent view of this rare sight. That position is the top floor of the Consortium Central Building, located in the middle of New Atlantis, in northern Africa, a city created after the Impact. The top floor (the 103'rd) is completely given over to a large hall used for large social functions such as this one. It's a dinner, and everyone on the first HSP flight, plus all of the Consortium heads, and many other people, such as important investors, and a couple of carefully selected news teams. This event is part dinner, part ball, and part publicity stunt. As you enter, you can see that no expense has been spared. In the centre of the room is a large fountain that tinkles delicately, providing a nice counterpoint to the music, currently a harp solo by the famous musician Cissy Sorelli. Above, the roof is completely transparent, providing an unobstructed view of the stars above, and the lights of the city for miles in every direction. Not a bad way to spend your last night on Earth. Pose your entrances while I keep on typing."

You paged Kiojunak with 'Except you. I'll get to you in a moment.'.

Lemon walks inside, slightly unsteady and awkward in high heels and a dress. Looking around she says "Ooo. Shiny."

Annah looks nervous in her military uniform, specially pressed and cleaned for the occation. An effort has gone into taming her mess of hair, but the hair is already winning. She salutes the men at the door and she enters, and uncomfortably moves off to one side of the room.

A man, appearing to be in his early thirties, walks into the room, a young woman dressed in a light blue dress at his side. He wears his military uniform, the uniform of a pilot. Conrad salutes as he enters and looks around for a place to sit with his wife.

Lemon watches Annah hide in the corner, and decides to approach her. She offers Annah her hand "Hello!"

Annah smiles a little. "Ummm, hi." She looks for any sign of rank on the lady's dress. "Can I help you... Ma'am?"

Lemon introduces herself "Lindsey Lemon. I'm with the Science division. And you are..?"

Sorry, Smokin_Joe is not connected.

No one to page.

Annah says "I'm Lt.Krieger, I'm a pilot. But I also help out with Enginearing."

You paged Kiojunak with 'Things don't look to be getting better any time soon. Still, at least now you're mobile. When you were shifted to the cruiser ISS Suli-e-Cyen, it seemed like an exciting new promotion, but it turned out to be the same old stuff, only mobile this time. This is one of the exploration ships, and spends most of it's time scouting the frontier, making excruciatingly detailed and long reports of barren planets, red giants and nebulas. The captain of the ship is General Rikonian, an elderly Fahsain who was given this command after falling prey to politics (rumour has it). Lately, you've taken a guest on board, the mysterious High Investigator Cianadar, a Royal Allell, who is notable for permanently wearing strange black armour that conceals his face. Odd, but better not to question. He's officially being escorted from one place to another. One minor consolation is the presence of another Voldaz on the crew, a minor functionary in the engineering department (TBC)'.

You are carrying:








You have 301767 Pennies.

Lemon smiles and shakes Annah's hand whether she offers it or not "Great! A pleasure to meet you, I'm sure we'll get along fabulously."

You paged Kiojunak with 'On the map, you're at the bottom right, edging between the boundaries of Moshka space and the Dead Zone.'.

Annah smiles scitishly, and takes her hand back. "Alright."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Scitishly?"

<OOC> Annah says, "Am I and Conrad in the same wing, and would we have met yet?"

<OOC> Annah says, "Skittish?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "If you like."

<OOC> Conrad is a Squad Leader/Sergant, so probably.

<OOC> Annah hates trying to spell words he only knows how to say.

<OOC> Elemental says, "And yes, you both are."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Ah, Skitishly?"

<OOC> Annah says, "Cool. Last name?"

<OOC> Annah says, "Yeah, that. See, I was only 1 letter off."

<OOC> Conrad says, "Herashna"

Kiojunak pages: Checks his duties, and if the Allell brass is wandering the ship, going to work on my mech, if not, going to try and kick back with the other Voldaz if possible.

You paged Kiojunak with 'I'm not quite done with the pose.'.

Annah looks around a bit. "I.... oh! Sgt. Herashna!" She waves at him.

Kiojunak pages: (Oh, sorrya bout that.)

Lemon looks "Oh? Who's that?"

<OOC> Conrad says, "Annah's rank?"

<OOC> Annah says, "Lieutenant"

<OOC> Annah thinks he got that right.

<OOC> Conrad sucks at ranks, but that's alright. I just know that's higher than me.

<OOC> Annah says, "I wanted it the other way around."

<OOC> Elemental says, "You can shuffle points around at this early stage if you want."

<OOC> Annah says, "But since I have a rank of Organizational Ties, maybe it does make sense."

<OOC> Conrad has a 1 in Org Ties now, actually, which is the same.

Lemon pages: Oh.. I didn't qualify for any BG pts, did I?

<OOC> Annah figured the head of the unit would be a commander.

You paged Lemon with '1.'.

<OOC> Conrad says, "Squad Leader, not commander. *shrug* Regardless, we're equals then?"

Lemon pages: Yay

Conrad seats his wife and nods to him, appearing willing to let her husband head off. He turns and approaches Annah and Lemon, saluting to Annah.. "Good evening, Lieutenant Krieger," he says.

Lemon offers Conrad her hand "Hallo!"

Annah salutes him back. "Good to see you." She relaxes a bit and smiles more naturally at him.

Conrad takes Lemon's hand and shakes it. "Hello there, ma'am. My name is Conrad Herashna. You are?" He turns to Annah and smiles. "How are you tonight?" he asks.

<OOC> Annah says, "Equalish sounds about right. He leads the squad, she has wider duties."

Lemon says "Lindsey Lemon. Scientist. You're with the robot squad too?"

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

Annah says "Wish I was somewhere else, sir. The Battleoids could use a final checkover before liftoff, and I still haven't learned all the drive schematics. Waste of time, if you ask me."

Lemon says "Hey, free food is never a waste of time."

= Of the rest of the crew, you can see Skarka, looking very uncomfortable in a suit, looking out over the skyline, Chen, talking with someone else, and Hamilton, talking with M'Benga. The five heads of the Consortium are all here, visible after a brief glance. Tong is an elderly Chinese man talking enthusiastically with a news crew. Callard is a middle-aged Caucasian woman sitting quietly down and eating. She appears to be about six months pregnant. M'Benga is a suprisingly young-looking African man discussing something with Hamilton. Hudita isn't present. Kessel is a German woman in her fifties, and it's the latter one that's coming over to you. "Good evening.....Lemon, Krieger, and Herashna. I do hope that I got those names right?"

Conrad nods. "Aye, I pilot Earth's Wraith," he says to Lemon. He nods to Annah. "Yeah, I checked over mine earlier, made sure things were doing well well with her". He salutes to the woman. "Good evening, ma'am," he replies. "I trust you're doing well".

Lemon nods "Yes ma'am. And how are you tonight?"

Annah salutes her. "Yes Ma'am. It's an honor."


Kessel says ""Formalities are waived for tonight. Call me Ingrid, please. So, you'll be some of the ones testing my inventions to their limit."

Annah grins. "Yes Ma... Ms. Kessel. I'm looking forward to putting the LG-09 through its paces."

Conrad nods. "Yes, Ingrid, I suppose shall be," he says with a polite smile. "I do hope they aren't too difficult to figure out though".

You paged Kiojunak with 'Life on the Suli-e-Cyen has been deeply dull recently. The ship is currently waiting around a brown dwarf, for a battery of scientific tests to be concluded. Things are quiet, and somewhat boring. Little different from many other days. As you said, you meet up with the other Voldaz, Mahatekhty, in what's rather ambitiously called the recreation lounge.'.

Annah elbows Conrad gently. "Hey, we make them as simple as we can. If you can't keep up, design your own stuff."

"That's why we have user manuals, right?" Conrad replies with a smile. "They do come in handy I find".

Kessel says ""Your reputation certainly preceded you. Otherwise, we wouldn't have chosen you, after all. Well, feel free to mingle, to enjoy yorselves. Though there isn't any liquor here, I should add. Ms Kreiger, could I talk with you a short while longer? I have something you may be interested to hear."

Annah nods. "You've got one of the MultiStage series, don't you? They're a brillient design, really. I tested some of the transformable fighters a year ago, so just holler if you get stuck." She winks.

Annah says "Sure thing, Ms. Kessel."

(New BB message (9/36) posted to 'Help Wanted: Staff' by Strange: Marvel Origins)

Lemon watches them leave, then asks Conrad "So, what inspired you to join our happy little crew?"

Annah walks of with Kessel.

From afar, Kiojunak comes in still in his flight suit that has a little bit of oil splattered on it with the equivalent of a bag of chips and a bottle of soda. He gives the room a quick scan then goes over to the only other Voldaz in several lightyears of him. "Ah, the old girl is still giving me some trouble, expecially with the main guns, all the worse with this inspector on board. But I am certain I shouldn't get into too much trouble for that. So Mahetekhty, how have things been down in the bowels of the beast?"

"Of course, and thank you," Conrad replies, looking like he's going to move to get some food and drink for him and his wife, before Lemon speaks up. "Oh, well, I was quite honestly a little sick of living life in the salt mines," he comments. "You?"

Kessel waits for a moment to be sure no-one's listening, then speaks. "I've seen what you've done to your machine, and to many others. It's quite an acheivement, but then, you're quite an acheiver. Tell me, do you get on well with Ethan over there?"

Lemon says "Oh, bored of life on this mudball. And besides, how could I turn down an invitation like this? But.. Salt mines? I thought they refined salt from sea water."

<OOC> Elemental says, "Everyone's still MS."

= Helen smiles. "He's joking. It's hard to tell sometimes, but there's a knack to it."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Helen's the wife, right?"

Conrad smiles at Helen. "My wife, Helen, and you know perfectly well that those mines in Detroit used to be mined for salt. Rock salt, specifically". He pauses. "This is Lemon, Helen," he says by way of introduction.

Conrad says "Now, of course, they've been converted to other uses, but effectively we were living in old salt mines."

Annah smiles proudly. "Thank you, Ms. Kessel. But Mr. Skarka?" She bites her lip. "Well, I guess he's a little moody. But he's really good, I learned a lot when I worked with him. Why?"

Lemon offers Helen her hand, but asks Conrad "What could possibly inspire anyone to live in an abandoned salt mine?"

Kessel says ""Yes, he is a good man. But he's old. Let's be honest, he's not as reliable as he once was. And his attitude is dismal. No, we could use someone more reliable and gifted for the mission proper."

Conrad shakes his head. "Detroit was pretty much blown off the map. Flooding of the Great Lakes. But the mines, of which there are well over a hundred miles of underneath the old city, were intact. So, with some conversion, they were made decently comfortable".

= Helen says "Bad times. But things have improved since, of course."

You paged Kiojunak with 'This monster should have been retired thirty years ago. Cralaws nesting in the vents, corrosion all the way down the piping....it needs the scrapyard, not me. Though maybe they just can't find one big enough.'.

Annah looks startled. "Are you sure? I mean, I've barely started to catch up to him, he knows so much about the drives."

Lemon says "Oh! I see! I apologize for not remembering that."

You paged Kiojunak with 'How about you? Out making those random asteroids fear your name?"'.

Conrad shakes his head. "Don't worry about it, bad times all over, really. But, hopefully things will get better".

Kessel says ""Nothing's been decided yet, and you can of course say no. But you have a lot of potential, and I'd honestly hate to see it wasted. You don't have to decide till you get back from the test flight."

Lemon nods "Of course they will. It might take awhile, but we'll eventually find a new planet. And then we'll all be heroes, which is never a bad thing."

Annah does a double take, and squeaks out, "ME?" She swallows. "But that's a command post. And I don't know if that's long enough to learn everything I need. And, and... what about my Gewitter, who'd look after it?"

Conrad smiles. "We can hope so," he says, giving his wife a smile.

Kessel says ""All of this can be discussed later. For now, just think about it. I'd hate them to say I looked a gift horse in the mouth when they're writing my biography."

Kiojunak pages: I wish, although it's been a while since I even went out on a recon mission. We haven't even found a bit of free floating debris out there. There's nothing out here, quite literally, other than that blasted sun. I don't know what they would want out here...

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

Lemon says "Well, I'm sure it'll be a pleasure working with you Conrad. It was certainly a pleasure meeting you."

Annah nods automatically. "I-I'll try and learn everything I can, Ma'am. Command of Engineering..." She looks lost in thought. "But poor Mr. Skarka, not getting to see the stars."

You paged Kiojunak with 'Well, they'll be charging the FTL drive up soon, so they're probably going to find a gas giant and refuel on hydrogen. There's a system nearby with four of the things, so it'll probably be to there. Maybe there will be something worthwile to do there."'.

Annah says "I'll think about it Ms. Kessel, thank you. I don't know if I could leave my Gewitter behind for good, but a few missions..."

Kiojunak pages: Vernak, I hope so... I'm getting tired of spit-shining my mech. I just fear what will happen once we arrive there."

From afar, Kiojunak pops open the bottle and takes a swig.

Kessel says ""That's all I ask. Oh, and the first presentation is starting. I found the idea a bit simplistic in commitee, but it should go down well with the viewers"

Conrad nods to Lemon. "A pleasure, Lindsay," he says. "Though you can feel free to join us," he says.

Lemon smiles "Well, if you insist.."

Conrad pulls a seat out for Lindsay before taking a seat himself, adjusting his sword sheath slightly as he does sit.

Lemon takes a seat "Whats with the sword? Expecting to buckle some swashes tonight?"

Annah says "I better go join the others, then."

Annah leaves Ms.Kessel and goes over to Conrad again.

"Ceremonial," Conrad says. "A good Sergant never leaves without his weapons, though I'm hoping to not have to use it. Besides, more modern weapons weren't always easy to come by, though the metal is improved from the time when they were common". He nods to Annah. "Welcome back," he says to Annah as she arrives.

Lemon waves to Annah "Howdy! How'd your conversation go?"

= The lights are dimmed, and the first presentation begins playing, holograms projected into the air. They show visions of a paradisical world. A montage of cloud-wrapped mountains, beautiful waterfalls, a verdant rainforest and endless grassy plains play. It's pretty plain that this is intended to evoke images of pre-Impact Earth, though a few nods to the fact that this will be another world come through in the sextapeds browsingon the plains, and the red sun in the sky. It finishes with a cute boy running with his dog along a beach, with his mother watching, and laughing. It pans to a village that has been built out of one of the colony modules. There's polite applause as the lights rise.

Annah looks a bit lost. "Oh, alright I guess. Shhh, it's starting."

<OOC> Elemental says, "AFK for a moment."

Conrad applauds politely at the end of the first presentation.

Annah doesn't seem to be paying much attention, and belatedly joins in the clapping.

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "Your guy's theme music is this great orcestral sonata, and mine is a country steel guitar rift ala Starcraft."

Lemon claps.

<OOC> Elemental says, "Back"

<OOC> Lemon says, "How'd that happen?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "Well, I...sat back down."

<OOC> Conrad says, "Brilliant, I'd have never thunk it!"

<OOC> Lemon says, "Wow. You're cool, El!"

<OOC> Elemental says, "Practice."

<OOC> Kiojunak gives El a golf clap.

(New BB message (7/78) posted to 'Discussions' by Darius: Crossing the streams)

You say "After it's done, food is served. No expense has been spared, though it's hard to tell how much of this is genuine food and how much is artfully treated synthetics. The caviar is probably faux, given the taste."

Lemon piles a plate high "Mmm.. Can't go wrong with free food."

<OOC> Annah says, "Standing buffet table, or full service?"

Conrad eats politely, smiling a little at Lemon's comment. "I can't argue with that logic, I'm afraid," the man says.

Annah mutters, "We don't pay on the ship."

<OOC> Elemental says, "Buffet. The idea seems to be, get your food, and then return to a table with whoever you choose."

Lemon says "Aren't we just lucky, then?"

You paged Kiojunak with 'Fear? What, are you worried things might get worse?'.

Annah mutters shyly, "You're part of the crew too, you said."

Kiojunak pages: They usually find a way of doing so. Knowing my luck, they'd send my old mech out to collect some rare radioactive asteroid or something..."

Lemon nods happily "Yup! Free grub and a chance to see the universe. And likely end up sticking bits of it in a jar and poking at them, but thats neither here nor there."

Conrad tries to figure that statement out as he pauses in getting his food, but then just shakes his head and continues on with the food.

Annah looks repulsed by the idea. "I want to find more things like the wreck at Europa. Look how much that helped us, think what another could do."

Lemon says "Yes, that'd be a blast. Playing with the Europa wrecks tech was a blast. I'll join you in hoping we find even niftier things out there."

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "Like rusty beer cans and TIE fighters on cinder blocks."

<OOC> Lemon says, "It's a Redneck Universe, Charlie Brown"

Annah mutters something probably affirmative, and works on her food, difting off into though again.

Conrad listens to the scientific conversation, letting those two talk about it. The only science he knows is military science, so he'll let them talk, though he does comment, "The tech did help bolster the battleoids considerably".

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "We got all these pre-fab Imperial barracks, and we're attatching resplor-lifts to them to have this moving barracks thing."

= One of the reporters comes over to you, a Mr Muhammed Zara. At first it's not plain where his recording equipment is, but when he blinks, and one of his eyes makes a clicking sound, it is then. "Good evening, gentlemen. May I have a few words for the New Atlantis Siren with you?"

Lemon says "Gentlemen?"

Annah shifts uncomfortably and looks to Conrad.

You paged Kiojunak with 'We deserve better. Ptah, you deserve better. I've only heard stories of what happened out there, but if half of them is true, they should treat you like a hero."'.

Conrad nods to the man. "Certainly," he replies politely.

= "And ladies, of course. I just wanted to ask your views on what will be found out there."

Lemon says "Of course, of course."

Annah says "We're only going out the Pluto this time, it's just a test flight. I guess we'll be looking for new Earths, they can't be that rare. And maybe more stuff like the Europa wreck."

Kiojunak pages: You me, and every thing else sentient in the universe. It's just the Allell's way of keeping us down. But thanks for the bit of an ego-booster there, I'm sure you made something like a brick fly to at least warp."

"Like any trip, it's hard to say what we'll find," Conrad says. "Possibly some more technology, like what was found with the Europa wreck," he says.

Lemon says "Well, once we head out into the great beyond, I'd say anything's possible. Alien species, like the ones responsible for the Europa wreck, would be just peachy."

You paged Kiojunak with 'This ship and this assignment don't get given to those who do well. Even the Captain's a broken down shell compared to most of his type that I've met.'.

= "Are you expecting a meeting with hostile extraterrestrials?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "And hold that thought. I'll BRB"

Lemon says "I wouldn't say expecting. We're prepared for them if they're out there, though."

<OOC> Elemental says, "And resume."

Kiojunak pages: And by the time my service here is done, I'll be more than likely well down that path, saddly..."

= "Some people have questioned why a vessel nominally on a mission of exploraiton and colonisation would have such an extensive weapons outfit.

From afar, Kiojunak takes another swig, "Dang I wish they packed something stronger on board..."

Lemon says "Like the Neo Boy Scouts, we're prepared for anything. Can't really do much exploring if we're scattered across a solar system, now can we?"

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

<OOC> Conrad says, "Neo Boy Scouts: Where you too can become The One."

Annah speaks up. "And Battleoids do other stuff. Explore hostile enviornments, do repains to the ship, they're not just weapons."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Damn straight! Neo Boy Scouts: Screw that wilderness shit, lets get on with ripping the fuck outta stuff!"

Conrad nods. "Indeed. The one I pilot is capable of underground tunneling, for example, which is quite useful for exploring".

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "Neo Boy Scout Survival Kit: Guns, lots of guns."

= "So why have such an extensive arsenal of weapons? Does that not imply that trouble is expected to some degree? Do the Consortium know more about what's out there than in the official press releases?

<OOC> Conrad had a coworker at the newspaper like this. Grr.

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "Avid conspiracy theorist?"

Lemon says "Of course not. We're hoping for the best, but we're prepared for the worst. We intend no violence beyond self defense, if it's neccessary."

"As we've said, we simply don't know what we might find, so being prepared is logical," Conrad replies.

<OOC> Conrad says, "Yup"

Annah clams up.

= You see M'Benga give a curt nod and tilt of the head to the security staff, who come over with him. "Mohammed, if you would care to leave these people alone. You have your list, and I don't appreciate it being exceeded in this way. You have enough of the proper project to write about without these conspiracy theories. This man here put it perfectly--we're simply being prepared. Now, I suggest you move along." Zara looks about to say something else, but nods, and moves on.

Lemon says "Well. Wasn't he annoying."

Conrad nods to M'Benga, giving him a proper salute. "Thank you, sir," he says.


Annah looks tense, and keeps her eyes down.

M'Benga says ""Think nothing of it, and I apologise for the inconvenience. And as the coordinator of this event, I must ask if there is anything more my staff can do to make your last night on Earth better. After all, since after the Minerva returns, you'll head to Luna to load the iced humans, and from there straight back out."

Annah nods stiffly.

You paged Kiojunak with 'Or perhaps glorious vitory will wait you there. We are to FTL in three hours, and the journey will take eight, so you will find out soon.'.

Lemon says "Oh, I think I'm fine for now, but thank you for the offer."

"Of course, sir," Conrad says. "It wasn't a large inconvienence, really. And thank you for the offer, but I'm fine at the moment as well".

M'Benga says ""Of course. We owe you a great debt, you know. Oh, I wish I could be out there myself, but my responsibilities tie me down. Perhaps when you establish the colony, and we can begin to take enough people there to warrant a stable government."

M'Benga says ""As it is, you only need to put up buildings and not die on this new world while you wait for the other shipments. How I envy you. In any case, I shall see you at the launch."

Lemon nods happily "Thank you for your encouraging words."

"Indeed, and hopefully we'll establish a new colony soon," Conrad says. "We'll see you at the launch, sir".

Annah says "Yes sir. It'll be a real challange, but I think we can do it."

= He leaves. The event continues. The second presentation is about the HSP ships themselves. A montage of their construction, and soundbites from some of the people responsible. Lemon and Annah both show up, as does Skarka. Pictures from the trials, and an image of a HSP ship coming round the rim of the Earth, followed by the sun.

Kiojunak pages: Smiles as best he can, "You know I never wanted glory when I left Deltravos, just seems that's the only way one can get anything around here though."

Annah watches this one with more interest.

Lemon mutters to herself "Look ma, I'm on tv!"

= The evening winds on. Is there anyone else you'd like to talk to or anything else you'd like to do?

<OOC> Lemon says, "Unless something happens to me, not particularly"

<OOC> Annah is done, I think.

<OOC> Elemental says, "No."

<OOC> Conrad is done.

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "Ready to warp on."

You paged Kiojunak with 'It's what makes this Empire go round, it seems....in any case, I'm due back. Perhaps in the future." She gets up.'.

Kiojunak pages: Nods farewell, "Don't bust a plate on those engines Mahatekhty!"

= The next day, it's time. You and the rest of the crew are transported by car to the launch site, where the shuttles prepare to take the crew to Ariadne Docks. There's quite a crowd watching the launches, held back by security barriers, some of whom carry banners saying "REACH FOR THE STARS" or "MAKE HUMANITY PROUD". The only downside is the weather, which is raining quite heavily.

= It's that that makes the takeoff so tentative, but after a few minutes, the shuttle breaches the clouds. A few minutes later, you leave the atmosphere, and begin heading towards the Docks, suspended at lagrange between the gravity of Earth and Moon.

<OOC> Kiojunak puts on some shades and a big beard and starts rocking out.

Annah breathes easier now that they're away from the crowds, and pulls out the blueprints for the drives to look over another time.

Lemon says "Whee!"

Conrad seems relaxed and enjoys the ride. He doesn't wear a space suit, however, seeming perfectly comfortable.

<OOC> Annah says, "Are the rest of us wearing space suits?"

<OOC> Conrad would guess you would, if you like breathing.

<OOC> Annah doesn't know exactly what tech level we're at here.

<OOC> Conrad just knows Conrad can survive out in space or underwater just fine.

<OOC> Elemental says, "No space suits."

<OOC> Conrad reposes.

<OOC> Annah says, "Hell, even now they only wear them as backup."

Conrad seems relaxed and enjoys the ride, watching the proceedings carefully. Once onboard, he flips through a manual of some kind.

= Helen squeezes Conrad's hand, looking out of what looks like a window, but is actually a photorealistic feed from an outside camera.

Conrad squeezes lightly back, turning to watch. "We'll be fine, dear," he says with a smile.

= The station resembles a giant Maltese cross, with ships on three of the arms, held to it by extrusions and scaffolding. One ship is skeletal, the second is recognisable as the HSP Juno, and is still surrounded by workers, but the third is recognisable as the long, sleek shape of the Minerva, it's long, flattened, curved shape broken up by the bridge midway at the top of the ship, as well as the hangars and weapon systems.

Annah looks up from her reading and notices Conrad and Helen. "So, what do you do, Mrs. Herashna?"

You paged Kiojunak with 'You enter FTL on schedule, and emerge eight hours later in a minor system governed by a yellow star. The ship moves to the outermost gas giant. The robots are to help deliver a hydrogen extraction array in low orbit, and establish a feed to the Suli-e-Cyen.'.

You paged Conrad with 'Did you specify what she did?'.

Conrad pages: Negotiations, politics, that type of thing.

= "Part of the bridge crew. I work the sensors. So if anything bad happens, I'll be the one telling you about it, I'm afraid. I'll also be part of any diplomacy that needs doing. I learnt how to say "Please don't eat us." in thirteen languages, so hopefully I can figure out any new tongues. I've been told we have a....psychic on board, so hopefully they could help."

Kiojunak pages: Gets his flight suit and gets into his mech, taking his guitar, knowing there will be a wait while the extractor sucks up hydrogen. Gets on the con, "Alright, I'm ready to suck." Runs start up procedure and gets ready to suck hard vacum.

Annah looks nervous at that. "A... really? What for?"

Lemon peeks over a brightly coloured comic "That would be me, I'm afraid."

Conrad pages: (Would it be possible for Conrad to have a flip-up screen on his arm as a part of his internal computer for displaying things? Not a huge one, just something to read off of?)

Annah squeeks. "Y-you are?"

Lemon gives Annah a slighty exasperated look "Yes. Do you have a problem with that?"

You paged Conrad with 'Sure.'.

Annah looks away. "I... guess not. What is your, I mean, what do you do?"

Lemon says "Mostly read minds and move stuff. Which might be helpful if we ever find a sentient alien species."

Conrad shrugs and a little screen flips up on his left arm, some text on some of the battleoids appearing on it. "Interesting," he says. "I'm sure that'll come in useful," the man says.

Annah bites her lip and tries not to think what she's thinking. Conrad makes an excellent distraction. "Oooh. What model, Sgt?"

Lemon snorts and goes back to her Batman vs. the Neo Boy Scouts comic.

"Just Conrad, please," Conrad says. "I was just trying to familiarize myself with the ship's specifics that we've been given. I stored the information we were given and thought I'd look at it a bit more". He glances over at Lemon and smiles at the comic. "How far in the series are you?" he asks.

Lemon says "I've most of the collection, actually. I have a mint condition Batman number 1 back at home in a vault. I collect these kind of things. Are you a coinasseur, yourself?"

Annah nods. "I think we have a good compliment of Battleoids. My Gewitter's prime configuration is flanking and support fire. I only saw your Wrait a little, what's its designation?"

Kiojunak pages: (Going through the regular routine of fueling up, playing my music while waiting for it to fill.)

Conrad smiles at Lemon and changes the screen to display his battleoid. He replies to Lemon first. "I just enjoyed reading them when I was younger, actually. I was never much of a collector, just liked reading them. I preferred the Silver Surfer myself, really, though those were good too". He looks to Annah. "It's official name is a MS-242-3, one of the MultiStage battleoids. I purchased a basic model with room for upgrades and had it modified over time, though it ate away at funds for awhile". He chuckles. "But, she's a good ship. It's got three primary designs. One features complete invisibility, one is a classic warrior style, and one is is designed for tunneling through various materials for exploration purposes".

You paged Conrad with 'You'll need to hold a few minutes. Didn't synchronise as well as I'd hoped.'.

<OOC> Elemental says, "Say when."

<OOC> Lemon says, "When?"

From afar, Conrad huhs?

Annah says "You *own* your own? Wow..."

<OOC> Elemental says, "When to move on."

You paged Conrad with 'Oops, ignore.'.

<OOC> Lemon says, "Yes, I know"

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "When."

You paged Kiojunak with 'You'll need to hold a few minutes. Didn't synchronise as well as I'd hoped.'.

<OOC> Lemon says, "Is our luggage and stuff allready at the station? Or did it come with us?"

Conrad nods. "I got her at a fair price and made sure she had plenty of room for improvement. The base model wasn't anything special though. Just like building a computer from the ground up, really".

<OOC> Elemental says, "Came with you."

Annah looks very pleased. "Mine are experimental models from SSI. They're the very best, but I can't change them too much. A personal Battleoid.... do I you think I could help you, the next time you want to upgrade it?"

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

"Of course, I'd be pleased to have your help," Conrad says with a smile. "I'll pull up the specs. for you sometime. Perhaps you have some ideas for her," he comments.

Annah nods. "I'm pulling double duty as maintainance chief for the Squad, so I'd love to."

<OOC> Annah says, "when, I think."

<OOC> Conrad nods.

= You coast into a hangar at the Docks. The doors seal behind you, and the hangar is pressurised. Along with your baggage, you head through the Docks. They're nothing to write home about, unless you had a really dismal home. It's very spartan and military style. There's a chemical tang to the air, and everywhere is sharp angles and heavy metal. You go through customs, and join the other 37 (and the one pet monkey someone bought along) crew heading through an airlock, and into the Minerva. The ship itself is a bit more homely, with softer lines, and some effort put into furnishings. The design, however, is also very efficient. You've all been assigned cabin numbers, and all the cabins are currently identical, unless you choose to customise yours. You have a half hour to drop off your stuff, and then to get to your positions for testing and launch.

Conrad pages: (What do I do for testing and launch, considering I'm here primarily as a mech pilot?)

<OOC> Annah says, "How large is our Battleoid Squad? How many NPC's?"

<OOC> Conrad says, "Is Helen in a cabin (possibly larger for 2 people) with me?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "Four, and two, whom I'll come up with details on momentarily, and yes, and yes it is."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Where are our positions, anyways?"

Annah unloads her few personal belongings, mostly books, tools, and art pieces made from destroyed Battleoids. Then she hurries down to the mech bay, and checks to make she her Gewitter hasn't been damaged.

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

Conrad drops his stuff off in his cabin, along with his wife. Helen immediately goes to her position to work the sensors and Conrad heads down to the robot bay to look over his battleoid before taking up his position.

<OOC> Elemental says, "Pilots, in the hangar. Scientists, in the labs. The other pilots in Endiku squadron are Holland, a thin, wiry woman with no hair on her head, and Natviklemos, a man of Mediterranean complexion and a quiet nature."

<OOC> Conrad says, "Along with his wife's stuff."

<OOC> Elemental says, "OK"

<OOC> Elemental says, "That was assumed."

<OOC> Conrad says, "Either of those members of Conrad's squad?"

<OOC> Annah says, "You mean Enkidu squad?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "Both are."

Lemon drops her stuff off at her cabin. Flipping a switch on a large case causes it to unfold into a humanoid robot. "Now Marvin, put away my stuff. The wait here and take care of Kiki while we're launching." She leaves for the labs.

<OOC> Elemental says, "It's 4-strong, they both are."

<OOC> Conrad nods. Cool. Instaflunkies.

You paged Lemon with 'You'd have needed a third Transformation form to do that. I'll let it slip this time, but it can't be done again.'.

= There are several stages to the takeoff. Checking of all systems, release of external attachments, shuttle guidance out of dock, stabilisation, taxiing to the exit point.and then, in front of the eyes of thousands, Gateway. The ship fires it's conventional engines, and pushes out with a plume of vented coolant. It coasts out.

Lemon pages: I figured he wasn't so much in a box shape, but in a packing crate. Didn't express that well

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "It's Man-In-A-Can! He can benchpress 400 lbs., do what ever you say, and in two hours disperses in a fagrant puff of popouri."

= To one side, the Earth. To the other, the Moon. Ahead, Heaven.

= The projector dome mounted on the front of the Minerva seems to glow with a reddish inner light, which intensifies. A second later, a ring of the same light forms in space in front of the Minerva, large enough to encompass the entire ship. The ring ripples and shimmers, but remains relatively constant. It's hard to tell, but the view of stars through the ring looks subtly different to the stars that used to be there. Then there's a shudder through out the entire hull as the main engines burn. For less than a second, but enough to impart enough forward motion to send the Minerva drifting towards, and through, the gateway.

<OOC> Lemon says, "Everything but dispersing in a fragrant puff.."

You say "For just a moment, there's a sense of disconnection, of vertigo, but it's gone before there is time to even register it properly. The ring passes behind the Minerva. For a few moments, Earth is still visible behind you, and then the gateway collapses to a line, and then vanishes, leaving only stars. The burning orb of the Sun is gone, and where it was, only a tiny, heatless glimmer is left, barely seperable from the stars. Elsewhere, from a great distance, a tiny, barren planetoid is visible, Pluto. You are now further from your home than anyone in human history."

Lemon cheers

You paged Kiojunak with '(Resume.) You fly down out of the front of the gigantic ship, and help transport the hose, as thick in girth as your robot, and begin pumping from the upper layers of the blue-green gas giant.'.

Annah checks the readouts, looking over the Engineering readouts on a seperate panel.

Conrad helps in the hangar to watch over things and to help get a handle on how things operate on this ship while running through specifics in his internal computer.

Kiojunak pages: I keep my ship a bit further up the hose and does his best to stay next to it. Keeping one eye on the sensors nearby and the other on his instrument, strumming out a couple of tunes.

= There's an announcement from Helen. "All systems are green....confirm arrival. We are at the orbit of Pluto, everyone. It's just visible above. We made it." There's a brief pause, and then cheers, and applause. Even Skarka cracks a smile before he starts barking orders. "Time to check all of these systems with a fine tooth comb! I want nothing left to chance, you understand? Get on with it already?" In Science, Chen cracks a smile. "I never really believed it was possible until now...."

Annah grins. "Remus would be proud."

Lemon says "I was half expecting immediate explosive death, but this is good too."

Conrad applauds, then goes to help check things over, analyzing how things are running, though with a smile.

You paged Kiojunak with 'It's pretty dull for a few hours, until suddenly you hear a command over the intercom. "All ships. Assume fighter form, and investigate these coordinates. This is not a drill."'.

Lemon flips through the various readouts of data collected by the sensors.

Annah runs diagnostics on everything to ensure nothing has gone wrong.

From afar, Kiojunak puts down his Fral'hri in the back, and hits the mark to transform, looking at the coordinates if it's close enough for impulse drive.

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

You say "After brief celebrations, tests begin. Dr Pope has people from every department check in for a scan for health defects, the shuttles detach and reattach, analysis of the tiny deviation caused by Pluto's gravity well is run, the gateway drive is used to send a message probe back to Earth, and targets are dumped in space for tests of the defence systems of the Minerva, and the vessel enters orbit round Pluto. The robots are to engage in a simulated emergency launch, and conduct target practice of their own, and land on Pluto."

<OOC> Conrad ohhs...

You paged Kiojunak with 'Sorry, I got that wrong. It should have been "All robots, abandon equipment and return to hangar. Prepare for immediate FTL to investigate sensory anomaly."'.

Annah plugs into Gewitter, and stands ready for Conrad's order.

Conrad plugs into his Battleoid and waits to see that the others in the squad have done the same.

Kiojunak pages: Sends back to the docking bay as fast as possible, "What's going on chief?" he mutters over the con in Allell.

<OOC> Annah says, "We waiting on something?"

= Holland and Natveklimos do so. You've not exchanged more than name and rank, so it'll be interesting to see how they do. The floor of the bay slides away beneath you, and you are launched into space vertically from the top of the Minerva. The second squadron is not yet active.

<OOC> Elemental says, "My typing."

Conrad then calls out, "Launch!" and launches his Battleoid, currently in stealth mode, which disappears instantly.

You paged Kiojunak with 'The vessel begins another jump.'.

Conrad communicates through his internal communicator to the others. "Holland, Krieger, Natveklimos, status reports".

Kiojunak pages: Braces himself for what's more than likely going to happen in rapid succession.

Annah engages her space thrusters, and powers forward, bringing the Gravity Rail Gun online. "Krieger, all systems responding normally, awaiting orders."

= Below you, Pluto is a rocky, barren wasteland, berefit of life or anything of interest. This is a world that has not felt warmth, nor known life for millions of years, until now.

= "Holland. Ready to damage the scenery." "Natviklemos, standing by."

Conrad nods inside his battleoid after making sure the invisibility works. He drops the invisibility and shifts to the warrior form, which looks just like that, wich a big silver sword with intricate designs on the blades. "Then let's head down and engage in target practice".

= Helen: "Oh hold on....belay that. Something just turned up on the scanners. Something....something large. Stand by....it's coming right for us. Red alert!"

Annah brings her own sensors up, and scans the area.

"Battleoids, move into a defensive position and bring your shields and sensors online". He does the same with his.

<OOC> Conrad says, "That was me, duh"

You paged Kiojunak with 'You emerge.'.

Annah moves into a protective posistion around the Minerva, and tries to find out what's happening.

Kiojunak pages: Keeping the con on listening for what is going on and keep ready to mobilize.

= An enormous ship, about three times the size of the Minerva, about 1300 feet from end to end, emerges in a shimmer that seems to make the stars around it flow and ripple like water moving out from a dropped stone. At the centre of the front is a sloped gun deck with seven large weapons of some kind. To one side is protruding a structure that looks like a bridge, to the other, a large gun of some kind.

You paged Kiojunak with 'Unidentified vessel in sight. Launch."'.

= It stops about five kilometres from you. Smaller craft launch from it.

Annah stares, before trying to get her sensors to tell her something more about the vessel. "Oooooooh. That's really big."

Kiojunak pages: Flaming Vicious Uwralee, Launch!" taking off and following the wing ship.

Conrad frowns from inside his battleoid. "Oh, lovely," he mutters. "Yes, that is rather big," he says. "Get a read on those smaller craft. Helen, are those craft showing signs of hostile intent?"

= "Not yet. Hold your position."

Annah waits for orders to come down, her eyes glues to the scanners.

= You hear something across the communication band that sounds like "Ashkar. Oc ulwe, ae iounin res canhon res fheron." It repeats. The voice sounds deep, almost growling.

Conrad runs those noises through his internal computer, trying to determine what they're saying and what language it might be in.

You paged Lemon with 'Chen comes over to you. "They say they need you out there, to do the translation. A shuttle's ready."'.

From afar, Lemon nods to Chen "Of course, I'll be on my way immediately." She heads for the shuttle

= One of the shuttles detaches, and joins the robots.

Lemon pages: (In range?)

You paged Lemon with 'No.'.

= One of the shuttles detaches, and joins the robots. Hamilton's voice comes over comms. "Draw closer. Don't appear threatening. We need a translator in range."

Annah takes up a defensive orbit around the shuttle, and follows it towards the incoming ships.

Kiojunak pages: While not engaged yet, is trying to get an idea what they're going up against with the scanners he has onboard.

You paged Kiojunak with '(Typing)'.

Annah powers down her weapons, but stays ready.

Conrad takes up position around the shuttle as well. "Natveklimos, Holland, take up position aorund the detached shuttle as well".

= They do so.

Conrad speaks to the Minerva. "What of the second squadron? Have they been deployed yet?"

You paged Kiojunak with 'General Rikonian speaks over comms. "The Investigator says that he will join you out there to serve as a translator."'.

= "Not yet. We don't want to appear aggressive here....communications still unsecessful."

Lemon waits for the shuttle to move within range.

Kiojunak pages: Just keeps his eyes on the scanners and claws on the trigger, ready to let them have it if they even blink wrong.

Conrad replies, "Understood". He continues guarding the shuttle, doing his best to not look hostile, lowering the menacing sword.

Kiojunak pages: Provided they can blink...

= The two sides draw to within a few dozen feet of each other. There is a sudden pulse of reddish light, and the alien robots are joined by a new figure. This one is a lot smaller, being about seven feet tall, and clad in completely enclosing black armour. It looks more like an armoured humanoid than a robot, and moves through space with no visible means of propulsion. It turns it's head to look at the shuttle.

<OOC> Lemon says, "Are we in range now?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "Yes. Typing."

You paged Lemon with 'A voice sounds in your mind. "I bid you greetings, unknown folk. We do not come for war, and I assume you do not do the same. My name is Cianadar, and I am a High Investigator of the Pangalactic Empire, which you have been fortunate enough to contact. You doubtless have many questions, so I would suggest me and my associates here meet with your leader on board my or your vessel."'.

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

<OOC> Elemental says, "BRB"

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Tabletop Room 2(#2828R)

Stepping into the room, you step into a small room, seemingly carved from a smooth white stone. An eclectic collection of tables and seats sit around. A large collection of strange artefacts sit around, and carved into the wall are depictions of famous scenes from games past and present.





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Famous Scene 3

Famous Scene 2

Famous Scene 1

Obvious exits:

Out <O>

From afar, Lemon thinks back "Greetings, High Investigator Cianadar of the Pangalactic Empire. I am Lindsey Lemon, representing the Consortium of the Planet Earth. We come in peace and would be amendable to a meeting."

Lemon says aloud, via com "High Investigator Cianadar of the Pangalactic Empire would like to speak with out leader. Aboard his ship, or our own."

You paged Lemon with 'Then tell those on your vessel than we shall be willing to come aboard yours, as a gesture of good faith."'.

Lemon speaks "He's willing to come aboard our own, as a gesture of good faith."

You paged Kiojunak with 'Orders from the Investigator: units five, seven and twenty (yours) are to dock with the alien vessel and join him on board."'.

From afar, Lemon thinks "Excuse the delay, it appears our leaders are debating."

Annah whistles.

= "Allow him aboard, and return to the ship. Everyone else, re-dock with the main vessel. We'll meet in the hangar.

Kiojunak pages: Waits until the shuttle comes out towards them, then takes up the standard protective formation around it, still keeping an eye on the enemy ships. Didn't like the look of that pulse of red light...

Lemon pages: If you would be so kind as to come aboard our shuttle, we will escort you to our ship, to confer with our leaders."

Conrad listens in on the communicator, waiting for the orders. He speaks after the command comes down. "You heard the command. Re-dock".

Annah pilots back to the mech bay.

<OOC> Annah says, "Would we be allowed into the hanger?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "Yours? Yes."

Kiojunak pages: (A discription of my mech would be helpful?)

<OOC> Annah says, "I mean where the shuttle will dock."

You paged Kiojunak with 'Pose it.'.

<OOC> Annah says, "Or is it the same place."

<OOC> Elemental says, "Yes."

Conrad flies to the ship and redocks, exiting the battleoid after doing so.

A standard sized mech that looks rather odd, breaks formation from the defense line when the shuttle comes out and takes the lead. All of it's edges are rounded and the design seems to be a little organic, despite obviously being made of metal. For the most part it's a fairly rounded box with 6 thrusters in the back, a set of tear shaped 'wings' set flush against the side, and the cockpit looks like some sort of fearsome avain type head with it's beak open in an attack mode, with something else in there. The mech's colors are mostly black, red, and several streaks of purple across the edges and such.

<OOC> Lemon says, "It's following us home, then?"

You paged Kiojunak with '(Via telepathy). "And ensure you are wearing respirator collars. I have no wish to deal with disease.'.

Annah sets Gewitter to scan and record everything that happens, then hops out and waits for the aliens to arrive.

<OOC> Conrad says, "Ohh...Aliens..."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Hey, Conrad? Lookit what followed me home! Can I keep 'im?"

From afar, Kiojunak shivers at the telepathic message, "It always bother me when they do that..." Then puts on the rest of his space suit.

= Cianadar drifts closer at a liesurely pace, making a gesture to the robots to follow. They enter the hangar, their unfamiliar shapes a contrast to the less sleek, more mechanical human ones. As well as the armoured man, there are three other creatures here, none of which you have seen before. Two, one male, and one female, look human, apart from their pale blue skin, metallic green hair, and the fact that they're both seven feet tall. The third is even stranger, resembling a reptile, with a long tail and a crest on the back of the head.. You can't help but notice the claws on it's hands, and it's awfully sharp bone beak. As for #4, description, Joe.

<OOC> Lemon says, "Wait.. where am I?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "All PC's are there."

<OOC> Annah tries to follow what happened. "One in combat armor, three more in mecha, right?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "Just got out, yes."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Wait, so who's the leader for our team?"

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

= Hamilton, Pope and Chen join the people already there. They all look nervous, but Pope's eyes widen in barely disguised terror, and she looks to the door.

<OOC> Lemon says, "Which one's the captain?"

<OOC> Annah says, "Hamilton"

Conrad waits quietly, watching the proceedings and running things through his computer to try and place these strange beings, if possible.

Lemon *Captain Hamilton, I would like to introduce you to the High Investigator Cianadar of the Pangalactic Empire. High Investigator Cianadar, may I introduce you to Captain Hamilton of the HSP Minerva, representative of the Earth Consortium?"

Kiojunak is a rather typical looking specimen of the Voldaz species. He stands about 6'10, including the crest with surrounding 'horns' that is balanced with a long thick, razor sharp beak. His didactic (sic) legs are fairly well developed for covering long distances in a short time, clawed hands for tearing into prey, but have now been honed to pluck metal strings. His body is covered with a hard, glossy black carapace armor that is usually buffed to a nice sheen. His eyes are a bright purple color that are on either side of the pick-axe side head, a little in the front, giving him a decent field of vision similar to the humanoid standard. About the only distinguishable mark to other non-Voldaz is a pair is spiral, tear laden 'tattoos' on his horn, in an almost Celtic style. Outside of the confining Imperial military uniform, Kiojunak usually dresses in a dark red great coat with several dark blue swirls in it, a purple shirt under that and a pair of very loose burgundy pants, with the typical black Voldaz shoes.

<OOC> Lemon says, "Hello?"

<OOC> Conrad says, "Hi"

To (Elemental, Lemon), Kiojunak pages: *Damn they're ugly...*

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "I"m here."

<OOC> Annah reports in.

<OOC> Elemental says, "Respectfully, I'm doing a lot of long poses tonight, so please don't prod quite so often."

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "Okay. Just responding before I really should."

To (Elemental, Kiojunak), Lemon pages: *I can hear you, you know.*

Kiojunak shivers and looks around for something.

= Through the telepaths, a dialogue is quickly built up, and in surreal silence, the following information is passed between the two sides: The Empire is a benovolent starfaring amalgamation of races, which seeks to bring new spacefaring races under it's wing. This system was being used to refuel, when the release of energy caused by the gateway drive was released. Membership has been extended, and the precise details can be discussed when I meet the real leaders of your world. My ship can travel inward to your system to allow me to meet them. For now, conclude what you were doing and then accompany us. I would talk with some of your crew before we do this, to gain a measure of what humans like. And of course, me and my associates here will answer your questions in turn.

= (But what interests me is this one who can talk the universal tongue. I was unaware you had psionic individuals amongst your crew.) He makes a gesture towards Lemon--it's not possible to tell if he's actually looking at her.

Lemon gives the Captain a 'should I answer this one?' look.

= He nods.

Kiojunak turns to Lemon as the Interpeter gestures and gives her an odd look.

Conrad processes all this, storing the information gathered in his internal computer, watching quietly, as he can't really speak with these individuals.

<OOC> Annah says, "Is it clear who the telepath of the aliens is?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "Yes."

Lemon *Our species has a latent level of psychic ability. However, experiments in genetics and training have enabled a few our species access to higher faculties.*

Lemon gives Kiojunak an odd look in return.

You paged Annah with 'You get a funny sensation in your mind when you look at this Cianadar fellow.'.

You paged Annah with 'It sounds almost like....screaming. Many people, heard from a great distance. It's just a minor noise at the moment, but still disturbing.'.

Annah pages: Is he still is his armor? There's him, two Allell, Kiojunak, and another of his race. Right?

You paged Annah with 'Yes.'.

Annah looks disturbed, and withdraws from the crowd.

= (I have powers of my own. As does all my species. Only a tiny percentage of yours seems so blessed. Exactly what are you capable of?)

Kiojunak says "Chr, zi verias hessibrun wulash."

Conrad doesn't look disturbed, keeping a neutral expression his face, sword sheath and blaster holster hanging loosely from his side.

To (Lemon, Elemental), Kiojunak pages: *Please don't do that again...*

Lemon *The majority of my skills lie in telepathy and telekinesis. However, I can manage a number of smaller tricks. In time, I will likely grow stronger. The greatest of our psychics are capable of much more than myself."

To (Elemental, Kiojunak), Lemon pages: *You were the one shouting. Not my fault I heard you.*

Kiojunak shivers again and puts his claws on either side of his head.

From afar, Annah slips over to her mech, and checks the scanners, seeing if she can tell what Cianadar's like under the armor.

Conrad glances over at Annah silently for a moment as the woman withdraws.

You paged Annah with '(I see. But for now, I will retire. I will leave Keseryn, Aerd, Akhtai and Kiojunak as the spokesmen and women. I believe we will function well together, and I apologise for my early withdrawl, but I must contact my Empress and tell her about this wonderful discovery."'.

Annah pages: mispage?

You say "(I see. But for now, I will retire. I will leave Keseryn, Aerd, Akhtai and Kiojunak as the spokesmen and women. I believe we will function well together, and I apologise for my early withdrawl, but I must contact my Empress and tell her about this wonderful discovery.)"

Annah pages: *L* and again ;)

Lemon *Of course. Thank you for your presence, and we anticipate working with your empire in the future.*

= And again with the pulse of light, he vanishes. His whole piece seemed like it was designed to intimidate--his great height, his featureless black armour, and his disappearing tricks. When he's gone, it's like a collective breathing out. Even Hamilton seems visible relieved. "Lemon, ask our guests what they would care to see."

<OOC> Lemon says, "How longs this gone on?"

You paged Annah with 'He seems humanoid enough. Nothing extraordinary. Oddly, the armour isn't environmental.'.

<OOC> Elemental says, "Since?"

<OOC> Lemon says, "Since the start of the hanger conversation. Only got so much mojo."

<OOC> Elemental says, "About 6 minutes."

Kiojunak lets out a set of chirps.

You paged Kiojunak with 'Page what you meant to me & Lemon.'.

To (Elemental, Lemon), Kiojunak pages: *I'm doing what with the who now?*

Lemon half sighs, then catches herself and nods to the Captain "Yes sir." She address the visitors *Captain Hamilton would care to know what parts of our ship, if any, you'd care to see.*

From afar, Annah tries to figure out if Cianadar was one of the two races here, or something else.

= There's a brief conversation between Chen and Hamilton, and the former leaves. Dr Pope is also dimissed; she looks very thankful to be out of there.

To (Elemental, Lemon), Kiojunak pages: *The Cafiteria, I could use a drink...*

You paged Annah with 'Like the two humanoids, but not exactly.'.

To (Elemental, Kiojunak), Lemon pages: *What does your species drink?*

Kiojunak growls something out a bit under his breath.

Annah comes forward again, and slides up to Lemon. "Could you ask if I can look at their Battleoids? Please?"

To (Elemental, Lemon), Kiojunak pages: *In this case something with alchaol in it...*

Lemon nods to Annah *If you would be so kind, one of our mechanics would like to examine your giant fighting robots.*

Lemon says "Oh, and the thing with the beak wants some alcohol."

= The two humanoids seem to concentrate, and seem to convey an impression that's the equivalent of 'thumbs up'. The reptilian says something curt that sounds like stones being ground together, but telepathically translates as 'no you can't!'.

Kiojunak looks at his mech, pointing a thumb back at it wharbling something.

= Captain Hamilton turns to you. "Professor Chen is analysing their language. Hopefully, with the aid of computers, we can establish some sort of translation between ourselves without needing to rely on telepathy all the time.

To (Lemon, Elemental), Kiojunak pages: *You want to look at my rebel piece of junk?*

Lemon says "That would be appreciated. This is a bit of a strain."

To (Elemental, Kiojunak), Lemon pages: *If you don't mind.*

<OOC> Annah says, "Do I get the thumbs up thing?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "Everyone."

Conrad nods. "Yes, I'm trying to run some basic translation through my internal systems as well, but it hasn't worked as of yet".

To (Elemental, Lemon), Kiojunak pages: *Okay, but don't touch my stuff.*

Lemon points at the humanoid's mechs and the beaked thing's mech "They say yes. However, the reptile doesn't want you touching his. And the beaked thing says not to touch his stuff." She projects *Ah, thank you. I'm sure she's very grateful.*

Annah grins, and grabbing up her tool box runs over to the two blue people's mecha.

Lemon says "Don't break anything!"

Annah waves over her shoulder, and starts testing everything in sight.

Lemon *Ah, where were we.. Ah yes. Was there anything you'd care to see? Or would you care for refreshements? If we can provide them, of course."

= "For now....if they want food and drink, we can only allow them to. We can only wait for the drives to recharge, and then we'll bring this news home. For now....you three (Lemon, Annah, Conrad). "You seem to have the most in common with these specific aliens, so stay with them for now. We need to make a good first impression. I can honestly say, I have no idea what the Consortium will make of this. It's beyond anything we could have expected.

<OOC> Elemental says, "And I'll end there for tonight. I need to be punctual with the times; I must be up by 10 tomorrow."

Kiojunak hisses and growls a couple of things.

<OOC> Lemon nods

<OOC> Conrad nods. Alrighty.

To (Elemental, Lemon), Kiojunak pages: *What's the sodium, iron, nickle, tungstun, and iridium content of your average grub?*

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "Alrighty."

<OOC> Elemental says, "I'll calculate experience later, and we can do votes at the start of the next session when I figure out how to work them in. For now, what do you think? Good, bad, indifferent?"

<OOC> Conrad is liking it so far.

<OOC> Elemental says, "It wasn't a very good point to cut off, but the best I could find. The subsequent ones won't be as exposition-heavy."

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "I need to learn a common language."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Same here. It was a bit on the pose-y side, but thats usual for a first session. :)"

<OOC> Elemental says, "Things will step up next session, I assure you."

<OOC> Conrad likes Conrad. *nods* Nothing wrong with heavy pose-y in my opinion, but there was a lot of information to dump, but we knew that.

<OOC> Lemon nodnod "Sorry if we seemed impatient. I really liked this session. And I think I'm starting to like Lindsey."

<OOC> Elemental says, "I'll do quotes for this. Again, tomorrow."

<OOC> Lemon cheers for El

<OOC> Annah says, "It might be a little less artificial if someone besides the PC's got asigned babysitting duty."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Will this be our standard cut off point?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "I should have written more of the big stuff up in advance. Yes."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Hey, we're PCs. We have the PC halo."

<OOC> Annah says, "I had fun, but that one point was discordant."

<OOC> Elemental says, "Later, on weeks when I'm not working."

<OOC> Lemon says, "And we seem to have some group cohesion, which is good."

<OOC> Annah nods. "Just have to get Joe's unpronouncable alien involved."

<OOC> Elemental says, "Well, there was a reason for that--having something in common. When you've got guests dumped in your lap and don't really know what to do with them, you put them with the people they seem to get along with. And the PC's were free, as well."

<OOC> Conrad has an internal computer and communicator. We can figure something out.

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "Yes but it's also a fundamental of anime."

<OOC> Lemon is glad all those pts in telepathy came in handy

<OOC> Elemental says, "Well, I was bearing them in mind when I planned this."

<OOC> Lemon says, "That doesn't make me any less happy to actually have relevance for once."

<OOC> Conrad was kind of hoping for target practice though. Wanted to try out the really big guns on the mech.

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "You guys are all "High Space Opera, going to do the best for humanity" and I'm still "Truckers in Space.”