<OOC> Elemental says, "Hello."

<OOC> Lemon says, "It's worth it. FF10 is, imnsho, the second best RPG ever."

<OOC> Conrad says, "Hey Paul"

Silmezka has connected.

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "Hello."

<OOC> Elemental says, "Hello."

<OOC> Annah says, "Good to hear FF10 is worth it. You gotten a chance to play Skies of Arcadia yet?"

<OOC> Conrad says, "Hey Joe"

<OOC> Lemon says, "Never even heard of it"

<OOC> Annah says, "It was a Dreamcast RPG, got re-released for Gamecube. My second favorite after Chrono."

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "I've played Skies of Arcadia, it's a good RPG. The magic system's a little... eh, but still, SHIP COMBAT!!!!!"

<OOC> Lemon says, "Cross or Trigger?"

<OOC> Annah says, "Trigger, of course."

<OOC> Annah says, "Cross makes the top 20, but not the top 10."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Cross is good, but it has it's problems."

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "Such as?"

<OOC> Annah says, "40 different characters sucks ass."

<OOC> Lemon says, "That, and the lack of levelling.. Makes it a bitch, fighting against certain bosses."

<OOC> Annah says, "And maybe I needed to play it through in New Game+ mode, but the ending was... off."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Did you miss the Chrono Cross?"

<OOC> Lemon says, "That was one of the few things you needed to get to be given the 'real' ending?"

<OOC> Lemon says, "Errr ."

<OOC> Annah says, "Nope, got that and all. But what happened to Harle? And all the other unresolved plot threads."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Harle, iirc, was the sixth dragon, created by the other dragons. Been awhile since I've played"

<OOC> Lemon says, "Harle rocked. She should've eaten Kid's brain."

<OOC> Annah says, "But she's Kid! She looks the same, says the same catch phrases, kept muttering about how she knew what Kid was going through."

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "THey needed to have come up with a better name than Kid..."

<OOC> Annah says, "I wanted to stay Lynx. That was the best part of the game."

<OOC> Elemental says, "Any questions before we start?"

<OOC> Lemon says, "No, Harle was a dragon. Kid was Lynx-whatshisnames mind controlled bitch while you were Lynx"

<OOC> Lemon says, "Yes, I have one."

<OOC> Elemental says, "OK"

<OOC> Lemon says, "Was Harle actually a dragon, or was she Kid? We need closure!"

<OOC> Elemental says, "Not a clue."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Suxx0r"

<OOC> Conrad says, "None here, and I'm sure that it all is linked back to FF Mystic Quest, so it's all good. @#;+)"

<OOC> Annah says, "I think she was an alternate Kid, somehow. Cause we don't know where Kid came from before Lucca found her."

= When we left off, you were meeting with the friendly Moshka, and had just met your guide.

<OOC> Lemon says, "She was a member of the Radical Dreamers, ya?"

Lemon raises an eyebrow "You speak English?"

Conrad crosses his arm and looks around, putting on a polite, if formal, mask.

Kiojunak just stands there, eyes wide open in surprise.

Annah shifts from foot to foot, trying not to stare.

= (grin) "Of course we do. I was dispatched to talk with you for that reason--I am the local scholar of alien langauages. We have been passively observing your people for some time. I wish to extend my condolences at the tragedy that has befallen you."

Conrad wrinkles his nose at that. "Studying us?" he asks.

Annah says "You know alright?" Her eyes go wide. "How, I thought you had slower FTL than that."

= "Oh yes. We observe many cultures near to our territory, and if necessary, protect them from the hostil forces.

Kiojunak says "So... who fell asleep at the switch, so to speak?"

Conrad bites back the urge to comment about the lack of protection and nods in response. "I see," he says.

Lemon says "Then if you know what has happened, you probably have a guess as to why we came here."

Kiojunak says "And might be able to tell us what, the *Bzzt* happened back there...."

= "It was a tragedy, of that there is no doubt." He settles on his legs briefy, before again rising. "And we were not informaed in time to prevent it. However, you are welcome here as refugees from the Empire." He looks up, as if listening to a voice only he can hear.

= "I have been informed that facilities have been prepared to accomodate you. This Orbital has several vacant mass-accomodation buildings, to accomodate the crews of trading ships from the Ic and Horune. We will lend our undivided assistance to helping you with your ship and wounded."

Annah says "Gee, that's nice. Thank you very much. Do, ummm, you have somewhere we can go? We have lots of people who need space."

Annah has disconnected.

Lemon blinks, but nods and smiles "Thank you, your hospitality, why unexpected, is appreciated."

Annah has connected.

Annah says "Gee, that's nice. Thank you very much. Do, ummm, you have somewhere we can go? We have lots of people who need space."

<OOC> Annah says, "Last saw "It was a tragedy""

Kiojunak says "Why... thank you..."

<OOC> Conrad pages.

= "Transport will be provided, and it is on it's way. However, I must politely request you remain within the boundaries of the buildings we allocate to you, for reasons of quarrantine."

Lemon nods and looks to the others "I think we can agree to that?"

Annah bites her lip. "I guess...."

Conrad thinks about that for a moment. "Seems fair to me," he says.

Kiojunak says "Alright, better than the alternative..."

Annah says "Do we all have to stay? I mean, can't a few of us go out, to talk and see things and try and find out new things."

Lemon says "Thats why it's called 'quarrantine', Annah."

= "This will only be for a few of our days....which I am informed, are equal to 17 hours from your now gone home world."

Annah says "Oh, alright." She looks down. "Sorry I said anything......"

Kiojunak says "Fast spin, surprised I didn't get warp lag on the way on board..."

Lemon nods "Then we accept your kind offer, and thank you for your hospitality."

= Arrangements are made, and the two hundred and forty are taken to their new homes--three imposing, cube-like buildings that are surrounded by a fenced garden of some kind, and the adjacent hospital. The rooms (one each) are well-furnished, if on a slightly larger scale than most of you are used to. Facilities for food are largely automated, and there are several leisure facilities avaliable. Idylllic views from windows are simulated for the interior rooms by holograms. Several people are taken straight to the hospital--primarily the injured and the Lunar people having a bad reaction to the relatively high gravity. One point of contention is that the Minerva be emptied for the duration of the quarrantine, but it is eventually accepted.

<OOC> Lemon says, "Who alls with the group atm? Pcs and npcs."

<OOC> Elemental says, "You can reach anyone without going too far out your way."

<OOC> Kiojunak would be helping the pod survivors to their quarters.

<OOC> Annah says, "Do the Humans have hologram tech?"

Conrad is with Helen, in all probability, in their quarters, trying to get settled.

<OOC> Elemental says, "Yes, not as advanced."

<OOC> Elemental says, "FF through the next couple of days, unless there's something you want to do before then?"

<OOC> Lemon says, "Sure"

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "OKay, checking for muisc magazines, checking on the survivors, see if our rooms get HBO."

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "Other than that, good to FF."

From afar, Annah will set hidden cameras and security systems on all the important machinery before evacing the Minerva. Mechs and engines mainly.

You paged Annah with 'OK'.

<OOC> Conrad says, "Fine to FF, likely try to find out where everything got stored from the ship (supplies, Mechs, etc)."

<OOC> Elemental says, "Both are still on the ship."

<OOC> Conrad nods.

Annah pages: Should get a remote signal if they get tampered with, unless they block it.

You paged Annah with 'You see smaller, four-armed creatures about the size of a monkey. They seem to be superbly adapted to repairs. They don't go near the Gaia units, but do seem to implant small pieces of equipment in several important sections, and leave them there.'.

Annah takes the Holo projecter apart and learns how it works, between meals and sleeping and bouts of crying.

<OOC> Conrad is being called to dinner. BBS

From afar, Annah makes a detailed list of where all the changes they made are.

Lemon spends her time browsing whatever information is provided.

You paged Annah with 'You find what looks like a small surveillence device built into it.'.

<OOC> Lemon says, "Hey, do we get net access? Do I find Moska pr0n?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "It's two of their shorter days, and it's getting a bit tedious. Apparently, the President of this world is due to call in soon, but has been delayed for several days, dealing with important business. It's pretty much the same as the last few days."

Lemon pings Helen and Conrad *Ten bucks says they're selling us out to the Empire.*

From afar, Annah leaves the survailence device intact, but creates something to over ride and play elevator music to them on command. She keeps one for herself, and gives others to the command staff.

<OOC> Annah says, "Are they letting us back on board yet?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "OK, kind of in an awkward place here, due to Eus unexpectedly leaving...."

<OOC> Elemental says, "NO."

<OOC> Annah says, "Should we pause."

<OOC> Annah says, "Errr, ?"

Lemon has reconnected.

<OOC> Elemental says, "If you wouldn't mind."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Last say El shouting 'NO'"

<OOC> Annah says, "NP."

<OOC> Elemental says, "I held Shift down for one keypress too long."

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "It's alright, with me, Dad's playing with acid in the pool. Should keep an eye on him once in a while."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Whats going on, then?"

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "That happens all the time."

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "We be pausing."

<OOC> Annah says, "We're pausing till Eus returns."

<OOC> Conrad says, "back"

<OOC> Conrad says, "Parents are anal about me being at the table about supper these days, though I've told them I can't on Mondays."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Speak of the Devil."

Sorry, Eustacio is not connected.

No one to page.

<OOC> Conrad says, "Though all we had today was brats, so I grabbed one, at it, and came back down."

You paged Conrad with 'Unexpectedly, you get a message on your internal computer, sender anonymous. --I am contacting you because yours is the only communication device not bugged. The Moshka know more than they are saying, and I assure you, they do not have your best intentions in mind. If you want to see what I mean, I suggest you investigate the inner ring of the local Incunabulum, and access file ref 89003344&44/Dev using the enclosed access code. It is imperative that you remain undiscovered in this endeavour. Be very wary who you tell--they are watching through the windows.--'.

<OOC> Lemon says, "I can't enjoy hotdogs or sausage, ever since noticing how phallic they look. They make me uncomfortable."

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "Not even Polish?"

Annah builds a device to intercept, decode, and translate their encrypted comm traffic.

<OOC> Lemon says, "Those make me giggle."

Conrad pages: (What's my internal computer's capabilities here? Possible to access that file with it?)

Lemon pages: I'm going to spend some time listening in on the minds about me, to see if any treachery is planned.

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "BUt they're the best sausage out there."

<OOC> Elemental says, "Paging."

Kiojunak enjoys his shoreleave as best he can.

You paged Lemon with 'The guards seem to believe that you're here for quarrantine.'.

<OOC> Conrad says, "Lemon, is is possible for conversation through your powers (isn't sure if it's one-way or two-way)?"

<OOC> Lemon says, "You can think, I can listen."

You paged Conrad with 'No. The Incunabulum is the library and data storage bank in the centre of the colony. Not guarded, though sensitive sections may be.'.

You paged Annah with 'Mind / Electronics skill roll, +3'.

Conrad mentally frowns at that. "I wouldn't put it past them myself".

Lemon comments *The guards honestly think we're here for quarrantine though. So I could be wrong.*

Annah rolls 2d6 and gets: 2/5 Total: 7

Conrad pages: (Is that a building we're allowed to during our quarrantine?)

Annah pages: Made it.

You paged Conrad with 'No.'.

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

You paged Annah with 'What sort of things are you listening for?'.

Conrad thinks to Lemon, "How good are you with computers, Lemon?"

Annah pages: Anything involving Humans, Empire, or Quarentine.

Lemon remains quiet for a long, long time *Despite my superior intellect, even I can't quite think of a good metaphor for how ridiculous that question is when compared to how good I am with computers.*

Lemon has partially disconnected.

You paged Annah with 'Stepping up of system frontier scans, for incoming vessels. There is a surprised report from the hospital requesting the presence of a Dr Vossel-aop For some reason, this one is encrypted. --Important notification to all inbound and outgoing ships; no-one is to enter or leave the system by gateway drive within sensor or visual range of the Habitat. Superluminal-drive vessels are unaffected.--'.

You paged Kiojunak with 'Incidentally, the escpae pods have been left on board the Minerva for now. The emissary said that they will not be opened, and should not be opened, to avoid diplomatic complications.'.

From afar, Annah rigs an ear radio to keep listening, and goes to find Kio.

Kiojunak pages: Alright. Keeping to my room, trying to see if they got anything good on the holo I can understand. Trying to figure a little more about these guys would also be nice.

You paged (Kiojunak, Annah) with 'You meet.'.

From afar, Conrad is going to memorize the code/file, then encrypt the message securely, and hide it on what could be best described as a Flesh-based USB Memory Stick (similar to the plug in for the mechs) which I store internally, if I can do that.

You paged Kiojunak with 'You know the basics about the Moshka (what's here: http://www.angelfire.com/va3/icedrake0/moshka.html'.

You paged Conrad with 'Sure.'.

From afar, to (Elemental, Kiojunak): Annah grins at Kio. "Hi Kio! How're you?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "Lemon, Conrad, are you still talking, or should I hand MS over?"

Conrad thinks for a moment. *That doesn't answer the question. I don't care how smart you are, I want to know how good you are with computers*

<OOC> Conrad was paging.

<OOC> Elemental says, "OK. Just checking to see no-one's waiting on me for something."

From afar, to (Elemental, Annah): Kiojunak shrugs, "Alright I guess, first time in a while I haven't been on call or cleaning out my mech for quite a while.

You paged Lemon with 'You know, I realised something funny. My Werewolf PC's name is Linden. I looked that up, and found it meant 'lime tree'. Seems to be a trend for fruit-based names.'.

Annah nods. "It's pretty quiet. I was going to listen to some human music with Conrad. Do you want to come?" She grins, but stares intently at him.

Lemon thinks *I know how to open the solitaire program, find my email, and coded the world's first and only truly self aware AI whilst dead drunk, so I suppose I can gety by.*

Kiojunak says "Human music? Why certainly, I'd be interested in listening."

Annah grabs an arm. "Come on then, let's go."

Kiojunak follows Annah.

Conrad thinks back, *Do you know if our hosts have psychic powers as well? Would Kiojunak know, if you don't?*

Annah brings Kio to Conrad's room, and hits the buzzer.

Conrad thinks, *Door*

Conrad heads over and says, "Who is it?"

Annah says "It's Annah and Kio. Can we come in?"

Conrad opens the door. "Good, I was hoping to talk to you soon," he says, gesturing them inside.

Lemon pages: So all we need is orange, cherry and possibly banana, and we can start our own roadside fruit stand. Anyways, have I picked up any signs of psychic mojo wandering about?

Kiojunak says "WHat about?"

I don't recognize Linden.

No one to page.

Kiojunak slowly enters his room.

Annah puts a finger to her lips and shakes her head.

You paged Lemon with 'None of the Moshka seem to be psionic.'.

Lemon thinks to Conrad *None of them seem to be.*

Annah says "I was hoping we could listen to some music together, to kill some time." She pulls out a device and hits a button, then breathes out. "Okay, we can talk now."

Conrad blinks and looks at Annah for a moment. He then thinks to Lemon, *Annah's doing some finger to her lips thing. Mind pinging her and Kio? They're here*

Kiojunak gives Annah and Conrad an odd look for a couple of minutes, but then goes to sit down.

Lemon pings Conrad *Can't ping Annah. She's still in the closet. She'd freak out again.*

Conrad closes the door. "Seems we're on the same wavelength here," he says. (Is Helen around, or is she about somewhere)

= Helen comes in. "Well, the squadron assembles, it seems. Or is this a robot withdrawl group meeting?"

Kiojunak says "I'm just here for the tunes."

Annah swallows, then talks quickly. "I... I think something really bad is happening. The Holosets all have bugs in them, and they're installing secret things in the Minerva, and they have gates just like us but are hiding it, and, and, I don't like it at all." She finishes out of breath.

Lemon pings Helen and Conrad *You could borrow my transformers action figures if you really need a fix*

Conrad pings Lemon, "Why don't you come on over to my room? Annah, Kio, Helen, and myself are here".

Lemon shows up shortly "Howdy hoo folks."

Conrad nods. "When Lemon gets here, I'll explain what I've got". He nods to Lemon. "Have you disabled the bugs then?"

<OOC> Lemon says, "Was he speaking to me?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "People in general."

<OOC> Conrad says, "To Annah"

Annah glares at her briefly, then looks away. "I made a thing that fills them with music, the captain already has one."

<OOC> Elemental says, "Sorry, thought you meant Helen."

Conrad nods. "Right. So they can still see us," he says. "But not hear us, correct?"

Annah says "If I turn them off, they'll know I found them."

<OOC> Annah says, "El, were the bugs sound only, or video too?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "Sound."

Annah shakes her head. "Sound only, we're fine as long as I have it on."

Conrad nods. "Well, as some of you know, I have an internal computer installed, and I received a fairly...disturbing message," he says.

Lemon says "Do tell."

Conrad nods. "I'll speak it, as we don't know for sure that there aren't video monitors, and you'll understand why in a moment". He pauses, then speaks. "I am contacting you because yours is the only communication device not bugged. The Moshka know more than they are saying, and I assure you, they do not have your best intentions in mind. If you want to see what I mean, I suggest you investigate the inner ring of the local Incunabulum, and access file ref 89003344&44/Dev using the enclosed access code. It is imperative that you remain undiscovered in this endeavour. Be very wary who you tell--they are watching through the windows".

Lemon frowns "It would've been a refreshing change for paranoid fantasies to not be immediately justified. So what do we do? I suppose I could probe around to find out about this Incunabulum.

Annah says "Why can't we find anyone who likes us? I thought they were going to be nice, and now they're almost as bad as the Empire." She hangs her head. "What's a Incunabulum, Kio?"

Kiojunak says "Well how are we going to get down there? We'll rather obviously stick out like nobody's business. I doubt they have any bodies that look like us."

Annah has disconnected.

Annah has connected.

<OOC> Conrad says, "Last saw?"

<OOC> Annah says, "Last saw the message repost."

<OOC> Conrad pages.

<OOC> Lemon sighs "Next character, I load up on Killing Stuff, Invisibility and Teleportation"

Kiojunak says "I don't know..."

<OOC> Conrad says, "You know...I have 2 points in Law, Speciality in Alien Treatment..."

<OOC> Elemental says, "Actually, some of them do have only two arms and are more or less the right size. The hair might be a problem."

You paged Conrad with 'What do you want to know?'.

<OOC> Lemon says, "What kind of hair do they have?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "Brown, long."

<OOC> Elemental says, "All over, for most bodies."

From afar, Conrad just mused that. Don't know anything about this race, so likely nothing at this point.

Lemon says "We could rig up a disguise, though that smacks of cheap pulp spy novels."

<OOC> Annah says, "Do they have mechanical maintainace droids running around? Like the little boxy things on the Death Star."

<OOC> Elemental says, "No."

<OOC> Annah says, "Blast."

<OOC> Lemon says, "And building something that gives Illusion, shapeshifting, invis or ect would likely take to long.."

Conrad thinks for a moment. "It's a data storage bank and library in the center of the colony. It isn't guarded,, exactly, but sensitive sections might have guards".

<OOC> Elemental says, "The Incunabulum is the local library / data centre--I'd assume you'd have picked that up."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Or would it? Between Annah and I we do have 5 levels of Mechanical Genius.."

<OOC> Conrad says, "You'd told me, I was just gettting to typing it."

<OOC> Elemental says, "I pressed Enter just before it showed up."

Lemon says "And likely scanners."

Lemon says "Hey Annah? Think we could take apart one of those holograph projectors and put it back together to do something a bit more useful?"

Annah bites her lip. "Maybe I can build a remote operated spider drone, like we used for mine testing."

Annah looks up reluctantly. "Like what?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "Depends how long you want to take putting something together. A holograph projector, maybe, or a drone. Shapeshifting or invisibility....probably not."

Conrad pauses. "Hey, Annah, Lemon? How hard would it be for you two to do some work on my sensors? Say some ECM capabilities?"

Lemon says "Easy peasy. Between that and maybe rebuilding a projector to create a disguise.. we might be able to get in"

Annah grins. "Oh, ECM would be easy. Well, if we were in the mech bay...."

<OOC> Conrad says, "For a cyborg, wouldn't it be more of a programming deal than anything else?"

<OOC> Conrad says, "Well, Cybernetics."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Might need to mod a few parts? But it wouldn't require a lot of stuff I'd think"

<OOC> Conrad says, "Nothing that I'd likely not keep with me, at least, for emergencies? *checks with El*"

<OOC> Elemental says, "I'll allow it. But, like adjusting a mecha, you'll need to shunt the points from something else. And no."

<OOC> Conrad has a spare 1 CP sitting around from Org Ties. ;)

Annah closes her eyes in thought. "They have these little four armed monkey things that were working on the Minerva, we could make a drone look like one of those with the Holo. It could work."

Lemon says "I think it'd be best if one of us went. Probably me. A drone would be to limited in capability."

Kiojunak says "And then rig it to send the data to a computer we got?"

Conrad says "Or we could go in, access it from a terminal, and get the data?"

= Helen says "Perhaps we're overreaching ourselves here. What about the security around our buildings?"

Annah nods. "Right, Kio. It would be able to climb like the real thing, and get in to be able to access a terminal."

<OOC> Lemon says, "I've been reading their minds. How tight is it?"

You paged Lemon with 'Two guards (heavy, 4-armed warform) at the gate, sensors and a wall around the rest.'.

Conrad says "There's one thing, Lemon. If we can get a copy of the data, I can store it for us easily enough. As for building security, I'm not sure. I think we have to wait until our so-called quarrantine is over, at any rate, to do much."

Lemon says "A couple sensors, two guards at the gate, and a wall. It'd take a little work, but it could be done."

Lemon says "Thats all we have to deal with, security wise."

Conrad says "An actual copy of the data means proof. Proof is valuable, I find."

Annah has disconnected.

Annah has connected.

<OOC> Conrad says, "Last saw?"

<OOC> Annah says, "Last saw Lemon "Been reading their minds""

Lemon says "So, one of us is going to have to go. Despite my earlier pledge to never volunteer again, I'm afraid I have to, this time."

Annah shakes her head. "A remote drone is safer and smaller."

Lemon says "It's also more likely to fail if it runs into something we didn't expect."

From afar, Conrad checks. What would my Military Science (Tactics) say about this? (2, spec. Tactics)

Lemon says "Or get caught."

Annah humphs and crosses her arms. "So you'd go with a holoshell?"

Lemon nods "That and maybe something to slip past the sensors."

You paged Conrad with 'Best to avoid combat, and simply infiltrate the place.'.

You paged Conrad with 'Roll it with Mind, no mods.'.

Annah looks at Conrad. "Sir....?"

Conrad rolls 2d6 and gets: 2/3 Total: 5

Conrad pages: 5, 11 total between the 2.

You paged Conrad with 'If they have interactions with the Allell, friendly or hostile, they may well have some system to guard against telepaths.'.

You paged Conrad with 'Oh, and your skill negatively modifies your roll. You want low. But you got -1, so you made it.'.

Conrad nods. "Here, it's going to be best for us to avoid a fight. We should simply infiltrate it ourselves. I still think that we should wait and not act immediately. Wait until we're all allowed free reign". He pauses. "If they also deal with the Allell, either friendly or hostile, they may have a system to guard against telepaths. Probable, in fact".

<OOC> Conrad rubs that Military Science: Tactics skill.

Lemon nods "Yes, but we should prepare even so. We never know what might happen."

From afar, Conrad nods. I have a 9 in mind, so I figured it wouldn't be too tough.

Annah says "But, but, what if they don't let us out? What if they keep putting us off until it's too late! What if, what if..."

Conrad looks at Annah. "These 'What Ifs' aren't going to help us at all. They're trying to hide something from us. We know it should only be a few days, so they can't keep it up without revealing their intentions, which I am pretty sure they do not want to do".

Lemon pages: So, based on what I said earlier about 'looking through the available information' can I take any educated guesses?

Kiojunak says "And if they were going to do something horrible to us, it would likely be done while we are still in quarentine, so the sooner the better."

You paged Lemon with 'On?'.

Lemon pages: Whats liable to happen. Or did they stick us in a total information vaccuum? (Not web access! The fiends!)

Conrad nods. "It's possible they see us as potential spies for the Empire, so they may be watching us closely".

Annah nods sadly. "Alright. I'll start building a holoshell projector, just in case."

Lemon says "I'll help you with that."

Annah shakes her head. "It's more than that, Sir. I intercepted their comms, they're sending out encrypted orders not to use gates within visual range of the Habitat."

Lemon rubs her head "Ow.."

Annah looks away from Lemon. "I'll be fine. And I don't want to keep the spy jammer on for too long:"

Conrad looks over at Lemon. "What is it?"

Lemon says "Eh, just had a thought. Unpleasent one. Not important right now though."

Lemon gives Annah an exasperated look "Excuse me, but I think I'd rather help. Or build it myself."

Annah glares. "Is that a challenge? Cause if you want to see who can do it first, I'm game."

Conrad nods. "Alright. Get started on this projector. We'll wait out our quarantine and hope for free reign". He pauses and looks at Lemon and Annah. "We're all in this together. Petty challenges have no place here," he says.

Lemon rolls her eyes at Annah "No, that wasn't a challenge. I would rather simply have a hand in it, to be sure it comes out right."

Conrad considers. "I suggest you learn to work together. We can't rely on anyone but ourselves, and we have to trust each other now, alright?"

Lemon says "I'm offering to work together. She doesn't seem very happy about the concept though."

Annah turns her back on Lemon. "Don't you worry, I don't do substandard work." She holds up the jammer. "We better split up before they check on us. Bugs are back on... now!"

Kiojunak says "Well that was pretty good, wished it had done more... inside, but good none the less."

Annah says "Sure, I'll make a player for you if you like it."

Lemon gives Annah a last, contemptuous look and departs.

Conrad shrugs. "So, is anybody hungry?" he asks. "We should get food soon, I think".

Annah says "Sure thing, sir."

Conrad looks over at Helen. "Hungry, dear?" he asks.

Lemon pages: How exactly is this shelter set up? How much external access do we have? Via electronics or flesh

Kiojunak digs into a pocket and pulls out a bottle of pills, takes one out and says, "I'm ready for it..."

= "Yes."

<OOC> Annah says, "FF?"

You paged Lemon with 'Can't go outside the grounds, and any news from outside is edited. It didn't look that interesting in the first place, unles you were concerned with seaweed harvests,'.

<OOC> Elemental says, "To?"

Conrad nods. "Alright, let's get something to eat". He starts for wherever they're all supposed to eat.

<OOC> Annah says, "After dinner, next important point, whatever."

<OOC> Elemental says, "Well, tell me just what you're doing, how and where."

From afar, Annah eats dinner with the others, then goes to built the Holoshell device.

Lemon pages: I'm going to make use of Marvin's sensors and spend time scanning the surroundings for anything suspicious, then. They have a pretty good range.

From afar, Conrad would also like to run a scan, internally, to see if I can figure out where that message was sent from.

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "Going to eat, and find some way I might be able to contribute something to this plan."

You paged Conrad with 'It was sent from the refectory.'.

You paged Lemon with 'You don't have the robot with you; it was left on the Minerva with the other stuff. Not too keen on someone in quarrantine having heavy weapons with them.'.

Lemon pages: Allright. I sit in my room and wait, then.

<OOC> Conrad says, "Who all is in the refectory? Are the aliens there too, or just humans?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "People go in and out all the time. Just humans."

<OOC> Conrad says, "Just humans go there, period?"

<OOC> Annah says, "We're quarentined, remember?"

You paged Annah with 'What exactly do you want it to do?'.

<OOC> Conrad nods.

Annah pages: Be able to project a false body around a person.

<OOC> Lemon says, "Are we fast forwarding, or going to sit around chatting or something? *needs to know what, so he can either find something to do or just wait for the ff*"

You paged Annah with 'Mind / Electronics roll, +3'.

Annah rolls 2d6 and gets: 1/6 Total: 7

Annah pages: Made it.

Annah pages: Any new encrypted comm traffic?

<OOC> Kiojunak has nothing to do at the moment.

<OOC> Conrad will go, eat, and look around the refectory, seeing what all they have there, before heading back to his room for the evening.

You paged Annah with 'OK, and no.'.

<OOC> Elemental says, "Pages done."

<OOC> Annah says, "Where are we in our day cycle? Morning or night."

<OOC> Elemental says, "You're just going round the dark side of the planet."

<OOC> Elemental says, "The night side, that is."

Annah goes to sleep.

Conrad will then go to sleep.

<OOC> Elemental says, "Next day."

Kiojunak waits to see if one of his friends would do something, then goes to sleep.

Lemon pages: Unless something happens, I'm going to work on something that generates an exclusion field vs. Sensors.

You paged Lemon with 'ECM. You can add it at level 1. Mind / Electronics roll, +1.'.

Lemon pages: Right, vs 11 with a - 1 bonus total

Conrad gets up, cleans up, and decides to be casual, making use of the recreational facilities.

Lemon rolls 2d6 and gets: 3/3 Total: 6

Annah makes herself busy during the morning.

Kiojunak sleeps in.

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

You paged Lemon with 'You have a device that can do that. Describe it and how it works if an opportunity arises.'.

Lemon pages: Right-o

Lemon spends time in her room, fiddling with something that makes loud *ZAP*ing noises on occoison

<OOC> Lemon says, "occaison.."

<OOC> Conrad says, "occasion even?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "Anyone waiting on me for something?"

Annah works out, checks the Minerva cams, checks the comm traffic, waits for something to give.

<OOC> Lemon holds up index, middle and ring finger pressed together "Read between the lines ;)" And yes, El

You paged Lemon with 'Where?'.

Kiojunak gets up late and just socializes.

You paged Annah with 'The ship is now empty, the devices remain. No comms traffic of note.'.

Conrad waits for news on their change in status, primarily.

Lemon pages: What?

You paged Lemon with 'You said yes when I asked if you were waiting for something from me.'.

Lemon pages: Oh, I misread that. I'm just waiting for what happens next

Annah goes and briefs the captain, with the bugs jammed of course.

<OOC> Elemental says, "The captain is still in hospital. Piper and the department seem to have taken the reins in the interim."

<OOC> Annah says, "Piper is... the Lunar govenor?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "Yes"

<OOC> Lemon says, "We have too many NPCs. It's time to sacrifice some to the Volcano God."

<OOC> Annah says, "Then give her a jammer and warn her about that. Helen knows the rest, and she's the ranking one in Annah's eyes."

= Another day passes. Nothing happens. Enquiries are met with vague talk of "tests are pending" and "regrettable delays". Obfuscation and beauracracy apparently doesn't change much from one species to another.

Kiojunak grumbles and goes about his regular rutine.

Annah grabs Kio and hauls him to see Conrad again.

Kiojunak is glad something's happening.

<OOC> Elemental says, "BRB"

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H@@` `@@@@ J@@) HF @@@@ J@@@

(@@# H@@@) (@@@ @@@H .N@@N`

.@@@) (@@@) @@@) @@@) .J@@H"

@@@@` J@@@ (@@@ @@@ .J@@N`

J@@@@ @@@F @@@F (@@@H@@H"

N4@@H (@@@) @@@) .. ._@@@@F`

(@@# J@@" (@@@) JN@L 4@@@@@L

(@@H (@@) (@@@) #@@@N `4@@@@@H

#@@N (@@) (@@@) J@@@@F @@@@@@@L

#@@@. J@@) (@@@@. .@@@@@@) .@@F4@@@@N.

(@@@L .N@N` N@@@L .J@H`N@@@` (@@ 4@@@@N.

`@@@@N__J@@@F (@@@@@@@@@F @@@) (@F "N@@@H

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MAIL: 3 messages in folder 0 [unnamed] (3 unread, 0 cleared).

Tabletop Room 2(#2828R)

Stepping into the room, you step into a small room, seemingly carved from a smooth white stone. An eclectic collection of tables and seats sit around. A large collection of strange artefacts sit around, and carved into the wall are depictions of famous scenes from games past and present.





Reality Button Version 2.0




Famous Scene 3

Famous Scene 2

Famous Scene 1

Obvious exits:

Out <O>

Conrad is in his room, mentally going over the delays that are going on and trying to piece a few things together regarding what's been going on.

Annah pulls Kio in and jams the bugs again. "Sir, they're going to keep putting us off until something bad happens. We can't wait any more."

Conrad nods. "I agree. What's the status of the project you were working on?" he asks.

Kiojunak says "I agree, we need to do something and find that bloody file soon."

Lemon knocks on Conrad's door

Conrad holds up a hand and opens it.

Lemon is there, holding a small metal stick with two spheres on the ends. "Howdy."

<OOC> Elemental says, "Ooer."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Ooer?"

Conrad closes the door and looks at Lemon. "Hello," he says. "What've you got there?" he asks, glancing to Annah to see if she needs to rejam the bugs now.

Kiojunak says "Please tell me you're going to twirl that thing..."

Lemon blinks at the alien "Excuse me?"

Lemon says "And it's an electronic counter measures device, applicable across a broad spectrum."

Kiojunak says "Okay, thought it was something else. Nevermind...."

<OOC> Lemon blinks "Am I missing something? Did I just describe something I don't know about?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "Ever seen the Red Dwarf episode where Kryten builds himself a penis?"

<OOC> Lemon says, "Yes. Ah.. Now I get it"

<OOC> Lemon says, "Damn you El, for the mental images you just gave me.. IT IS NOT PENIS SHAPED"

Conrad nods. "So, we need to figure out if it's at all possible for us to get to this library," he says. "And how to do so," he says.

<OOC> Lemon says, "How high is the wall?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "I assumed it was for your robot henchman. And you were going to name him Uriah and everything. Or maybe I just imagined that last bit. Anyway."

<OOC> Elemental says, "25ft"

<OOC> Lemon says, "With spikes on top?"

Annah has reconnected.

<OOC> Annah says, "Finally! Stupid computer crashes."

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "Really nasty crown of throns?"

<OOC> Conrad says, "Last saw?"

<OOC> Annah says, "Last saw two posts after my own."

Lemon says "Well, we could either try making a distraction, possibly with Annah's robots, or build something for scaling the wall."

<OOC> Elemental says, "No spikes."

Kiojunak says "I'd definately go with something for going over and coming back over the wall..."

Annah has partially disconnected.

Lemon pages: RE: Robots and Penises: What, never see that episode of Futurama? Robot sex=the End of Humanity.

Conrad thinks about that. "It might be possible, but we also have to make our way to the library as well. It isn't like any of us have had a guided tour, after all".

Annah has reconnected.

Annah says "The holoshell was finished yesterday. I can build a robot climber, disguise it as one of their construction monkeys, and have it climb where ever we need it to go."

Lemon says "We can't send a robot. We have no way to program it with the neccessary information."

Lemon says "And we have no idea what attachments we might need to give it. Best to send a person"

Annah shakes her head. "Remote operated drone. I can copy the computer interfaces that are in this building."

You paged Annah with 'A possibility would be to use Virtual World technology to make a conmmand interface. But you'd need the Minerva to pull off something like that.'.

Lemon says "It would still be to dangerous."

Lemon says "And take to long."

Kiojunak says "And we can't use the old standby, the rope?"

Annah pages: What about something like the submersable RoV's of today?

Lemon says "I was about to suggest that.."

Conrad nods. "Agreed, someone has to go in and use the code, which I haven't spoken of yet, just for security's sake. Also, if a drone was captured, they could pull the information out of it, and that wouldn't be good".

Conrad says "I'm also wondering about the message. It was sent from a computer in the refectory, I was able to discover."

<OOC> Elemental says, "That quote springs to mind "Most sci-fi games consist of sitting around for ages, discussing the Plan, which falls apart five minutes after executing it. Then you just shoot everything in sight.""

<OOC> Conrad says, "Which reminds me...do we have our weapons? ;)"

Lemon says "It'd be interesting to meet our unexpected ally, but we're not exactly in a position to ferret him out"

Conrad says "Yes, but remember? We're quarantined."

<OOC> Elemental says, "Sidearms were allowed, nothing heavier."

Annah says "Less dangerous than a person getting caught. But you're in charge, Sgt. If you say give the.. give Lemon the Holoshell and let her try, I will."

<OOC> Conrad says, "Sword?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "Yes."

<OOC> Conrad is going to guess Rocket Launcer is unallowed then.

<OOC> Elemental says, "You guessed right."

<OOC> Conrad mutters. I want to make things go boom, dangit! ;)

Conrad thinks. "Lemon is our best choice. Her abilities will enable her to retrieve the code from me when she needs it. That means less risk of losing our information and giving us all away".

<OOC> Lemon says, "10 gets you 1, we'll end up making things go 'boom' anyways. And do I have the range, El?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "What range are you referring to?"

<OOC> Lemon says, "From the wassit to Conrad. Using a theoretical guess at the distance."

Lemon sighs, but nods "You know, if this keeps happening, I'm going to have work on learning how to shoot a gun or something."

<OOC> Elemental says, "No."

Kiojunak says "Not so different than a computer. Just point and click."

Annah has partially disconnected.

Lemon says "I'll keep that in mind."

Lemon says "If we're going to do this, should we try 'under the cover of darkness'?"

Annah goes to get the Holoshell and comes back with it.

Conrad thinks about that. "Then we'd have to break into the library, in all probabilty. Better to do during the day".

Lemon says "Allright. When?"

Annah says "Now."

<OOC> Elemental says, "It's early evening, just passed into nightside."

Kiojunak says "During the day?"

Lemon nods "It'll give me time to find a rope, at least. And can I borrow someone's gun? Or some other form of 'hurty thing'?

Conrad nods. "Tomorrow, during the day. Lemon, I'll give you the code right before you leave, alright?"

Kiojunak twirls out his blaster and offers it grip first to Lemon.

Lemon sighs and takes the gun "Right then. Into the valley of the shadow of death and all, wot wot?"

Kiojunak says "What?"

Lemon awkwardly wedges the gun into a pocket "Classical literature. Shall we get to bed early then?"

Annah has reconnected.

<OOC> Annah says, "Last saw Lemon's "classic lit" comment."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Last there was"

Conrad nods. "That's about all we can do," he says.

Annah picks up the jammer. "Why not."

Lemon says "See you in the morning."

<OOC> Elemental says, "Next day."

Lemon wanders off

Lemon pages: And during the night, I find meself a rope and mock up a grappling hook

You paged Lemon with 'OK'.

Kiojunak heads off to do what ever it is he does.

Lemon goes to Conrad's room

Annah waits to be contacted.

Conrad contacts Annah, Kio, and has them come to his room.

Conrad also lets Lemon in.

Kiojunak heads to Conrad's room and sits down waiting for the jammer to come on.

Annah comes in and sets the jammer going.

Lemon says "Right. Rope, holo shell, ECM device, gun. Just the passcode and I'm good to go, right?"

= Helen says "I've cleared this with the heads. Piper advised against talking to you directly, so they're not incriminated if this goes wrong, but they pass on their best wishes."

Lemon sighs and gives Conrad a slightly worried look "Is it to late to change my vote, wot?"

Annah frowns. "We can't wait any more. If you're a... if you didn't want to, you shouldn't have complained about my plan."

Conrad nods to Helen. "Good," he says. Looking to Lemon, he nods. "I'll think it to you, for security," he says.

Lemon nods and 'listens', eyes glowing slightly with mental energies

Conrad thinks the code so Lemon can pick it out.

Lemon nods unhappily "Got it. So, this is goodbye? Any last minute advice, encouragment or 'please don't gos', eh?"

Annah has partially disconnected.

Annah crosses her arms.

Conrad nods. "Good luck," he says. "And goodbye isn't something we say in the military, so I won't say it. We'll see you soon".

Lemon scratches her head "Really? I suppose superstition isn't uncommon in your line of work. I'll see you soon, I guess. Toodles." Turns and heads for the door, flicking on the ECMD

<OOC> Lemon says, "Who's MS?"

You paged Lemon with 'OK, you reach the wall without any hassle. Body / Climbing roll, -4.'.

<OOC> Elemental says, "The majority."

From afar, Lemon first probes the other side of the wall to see if there're any sentients.

You paged Lemon with 'Not at the monment.'.

From afar, Lemon throws up the rope, flicks on the Holo Shell and starts up the wall.

Lemon rolls 2d6 and gets: 6/6 Total: 12

<OOC> Lemon says, "Botch."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Lemon fall down, go boom"

<OOC> Conrad facepalms.

You paged Lemon with 'Nasty fall there. 10 HP. You can try again.'.

From afar, Lemon opens her palm recorder "Note to self: Look into the possibility of 'suction cup shoes and gloves'. She closes it and tries again

Lemon rolls 2d6 and gets: 2/3 Total: 5

Lemon pages: (Got it, with the mod)

Conrad shrugs. "Well, not a whole lot we can do now but wait," he says.

Annah nods.

You paged Lemon with 'OK. You're over the other side. The Orbital's surface is arranged in a neat grid pattern. Nobody around at the moment, though that may change. You get to the Incunabulum without too much trouble. It's a spherical buidling, with Moshka in various bodies wandering in and out.'.

From afar, Lemon thinks to herself "And all the trouble of thinking up a cunning plan is wasted." She slowly walks to the building, and does a quick telepathic probe on the Moshka near the building, seeing if she can tell what to expect on the inside.

<OOC> Elemental says, "Are the people back at base going to do anything? If not, Lemon, MS?"

<OOC> Conrad thinks the primary thing we can do is wait for Lemon here.

Annah has disconnected.

Annah has connected.

<OOC> Annah says, "Last saw mine."

You say "It seems designed, again, for larger than human. Most of the records are in text form, though some seem to be in smell form. The sensitive information is on the bottom floor and requires clearance. There are also two warform guards there."

<OOC> Elemental says, "Nothing."

Lemon lingers out of sight and does a quick scan, to see what 'clearence' consists of.

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "I'm doing nothing."

You say "A device that takes a tiny blood sample through a finger and tests DNA."

<OOC> Annah keeps a close ear to the comm traffic.

<OOC> Lemon says, "Whats the entrance like? Sealed and locked doors?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "Doors."

<OOC> Lemon says, "And anyone, provided they offer the sample, can get in?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "Provided they have the right DNA."

Lemon pages: And there are no other other exits/entrances?

You say "No, no other ways in."

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

<OOC> Lemon says, "Damnit, wheres 'Sid's Heavy Weaponry and Fresh Produce' when you need it?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "I'll assume you remembered to bring along a secure communicator to the others, if you like."

<OOC> Conrad has an internal communicator.

<OOC> Lemon nods

Lemon find what approximates the bathroom and opens the com, whispering "Did you ever find out where that message came from? Specifically?"

Conrad replies, "Refectory, which is why I said I was suspicious. We're under quarantine, remember?"

Annah has disconnected.

Annah has connected.

<OOC> Conrad says, "Last saw?"

<OOC> Annah says, "Last saw "Conrad has an internal comm""

<OOC> Elemental says, "Anyone can go to the refectory, which is why it made a better place to send from then a room that could be identifed as belonging to someone."

Lemon pages: How long would it take to rig my device to make the dna tester glitch? Not a good solution, I bet.

<OOC> Conrad was under the impression it was humans-only (quarantine).

You paged Lemon with 'What's your MG level.'.

<OOC> Conrad reposes then.

<OOC> Elemental says, "Yes, but that leaves you with about 100+ suspects."

<OOC> Conrad says, "N/M"

<OOC> Conrad nods. All human though.

Lemon pages: 2. I have Dynamic Psionics at level one. Causion a minor, painless wound and telekinetically acquiring a small quantity of blood might be possible?

You paged Lemon with 'Wouldn't work; you'd need to build something new.'.

You paged Lemon with 'With level 2, yes, though each op will require a different check, and expenditure (x4 to remain undetected, remember)'.

Lemon pages: The wound would be level 2? I've DS 1, TK 2

You paged Lemon with 'Ah, then it can't be done painlessly with telekinesis.'.

Lemon pages: Right, can I do it painfully then, and make it look like an accident? Make 'em fall down the steps or something..

You paged Lemon with 'You can try.'.

Lemon waits for someone to come out of the secured are.

<OOC> Lemon says, "Area!"

= One of the guards comes up after a few minutes.

<OOC> Lemon says, "Would the guards have access?"

<OOC> Lemon says, "Was hoping for a patron"

<OOC> Elemental says, "They would."

Lemon concentrates and, as the guard reaches the top and is balanced on one(?) foot, gives him a mental *SHOVE*

<OOC> Lemon says, "Wait, is there a display on the thing? That'd give the name and position of the donor?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "No."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Good. Bitch goes down."

= He tries to catch himself, and goes sprawling, all the way down the stairs. There's an unpleasant --crack-- as he lands on his arm, and then he goes still.

Lemon looks down the staircase.(is he bleeding?)

= There's blood.

= A few moments later, there's motion at the back of his neck, and the hairs are shifted out of the way by what looks for all the world like a large dragonfly. It shakes itself loose, makes a clicking sound, unfurls wings, and flies off.

Lemon concentrates and, as everyone pays attention to the wounded, subtly steals some of the blood from the wound, floating it upstairs and concealing it under her Holo.

Lemon strangles back a nauseated choke on seeing the insect thing, then carefully proceedes downstairs, past the Moshka-host

= Nobody seems to pay much attention to the body. The host is making the odd "Uggg" sound, but not attempting anything beyond that. You get some of the blood.

Lemon walks to the tester and pushes an illusionary finger to the needle, forcing the concealed blood into the sampler

= The door opens, and the other guard nods you through. Beyond is a large room with several booths that look like terminals. Half are humanoid-size, half are insect-sized.

Lemon silently whoohoos and goes looking for the file

You paged Lemon with 'http://www.angelfire.com/va3/icedrake0/files.html'.

Lemon stares at the file and murmers "Those bastards.."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Can I print this?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "Sure."

<OOC> Elemental says, "Going back?"

Lemon does so, takes the papers and casually walks out, whilst scowling under the hologram

= You get back without too much trouble.

Lemon sighs, winces, and tries to climb that damned wall, AGAIN.

Conrad waits for Lemon to get back, still in his room.

<OOC> Lemon says, "Roll it again?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "I'll forgoe that roll."

Lemon deactivates the hologram and goes to knock on Conrad's door, scowling like a thunderstorm

Conrad lets Lemon in.

Lemon flops onto a chair "Get the other two, please."

Kiojunak is in the rec room learning how to play poker.

Conrad calls for Kio and Annah.

Annah shows up and jams the bug.

Kiojunak says "But I'm $20 ahead... Just one more hand."

Conrad says "Kio..."

Lemon waves the papers and says angrily "The entire race is full of.. full of.. MARKETING!"

Kiojunak says "Alright, alright."

= "Well, I think the currency has been devalued somewhat...." says Helen.

Kiojunak comes into Conrad's room.

Kiojunak says "What?"

Conrad blinks. "What exactly do you mean, Marketing?"

Annah blinks. "Ummmmm, can we see those?"

You paged Lemon with 'Sharing the information?'.

Lemon throws them at Annah "The comet, the Europa wreck.. GAH! Client race my ass!"

<OOC> Elemental says, "http://www.angelfire.com/va3/icedrake0/files.html has the information."

<OOC> Elemental says, "Boom...."

<OOC> Lemon says, "BESM: New Earth, AKA When Spammers get access to interstellar technology"

Conrad goes to look at the papers as well, storing the contents to his internal computer as well.

Annah has reconnected.

<OOC> Annah says, "Last saw the URL"

Annah gasps. "You mean the comet.... the Psis... the wreck... were all put there by them. And the Consortium heads were all bugs too..."

Kiojunak says "I knew it was too good to be true..."

Conrad goes to look at the papers as well, storing the contents to his internal computer as well. (All you missed)

Lemon mutters "We shoul drop a comet on them, see how they like it."

Conrad nods slowly. "So, basically, we're their stranded race," he says.

<OOC> Lemon says, "El, you bastard! This means all those whackjob alien conspiracy theorist were right!"

Kiojunak says "So they were planning on hijacking your brains as well."

Annah goes pale. "They're terrible meanies. Just as bad as the Empire. I should get Geweitter and step on them."

Lemon says "I don't think so, Kiojunak. They could've done that without all this.. chicanery."

Kiojunak says "Well if you can get them off of their bodies, you can step on them without the mech..."

Conrad frowns. "So, they're doing some work on the Minerva then, Annah?" he asks, verifying that.

= Helen looks stunned. "Somehow, I doubt we can stay here much longer....but we have to tread carefully. They seperated us from our ship for a reason."

Annah flips through the papers. "Yes, they were installing things in it. I can undo it, once we're on board. Look, this emergancy report! We still have some of them hiding with us. Maybe... the Govenor?"

Conrad nods. "Exactly what I was thinking, Annah. Also, perhaps they've tampered with the battleoids".

Lemon pulls out the secure comm and speaks into it "Marvin? Could you link to the ship's computer, please?"

Annah shakes his head. "No, they're fine."

Kiojunak says "I was thinking, they're keeping the Minerva in the standar docking bay to fit all these things on it, right?"

Annah says "But they finished tampering two days ago, and still aren't letting us out."

Conrad nods. "What we need is a way to sense who is a host and who isn't," he says.

= "Good day. I am performing your request....(pause, clatter, door opening, pause)....link completed. Please state instructions?"

Lemon raises a hand

Lemon says "Marvin, the ship's recently had a number of things installed. Can you see what they are?"

= "Of course."

= (beep, whiz, twang) "The one I am examining appears to be a remotely triggered thermite-based explosive device."

Annah pales paler.

Lemon says "Oh. Umm.. Don't touch it, ok?"

Annah has partially disconnected.

= "Understood."

Lemon pages: Incidentally, I'm doing a mind scan on those in the room. We've got Kio, Annah, myself, Conrad and Helen. Thats 5. How many minds are present?

You paged Lemon with '5'.

Annah says "I have to get on board, to take those terrible things out. We can't let them destroy our Minerva!"

Conrad nods. "However, if we go in now, they'll know we're on to them".

Lemon says "Marvin, how many bombs are there?"

Kiojunak says "Ask if he could look out a window to see where the ship is?"

= "I will search. I t may take some time."

Lemon says "Hey Marv, check the external scanners first. Where are you?"

= "The vessel is within a hangar."

<OOC> Annah says, "How many bombs do I have on my list?"

= Helen seems to be thinking. "One thing at a time. We need to let the others know...."

Kiojunak says "Are there other ships around?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "6"

Lemon says "Thats a great help, thanks Marv. And be careful nobody notices you searching."

= "Not in this hangar."

Annah tells where the six she knows are.

Conrad thinks. "No. Not a good idea," he says to Helen. "Remember, we have spies among us. You want to spread this information around? It'll also cause panic".

Lemon says "Oh, good. Bely that search then, Marvin"

Lemon adds "I might be helpful in rooting them out, possibly"

= "Understood. Awaiting further instructions."

Conrad nods. "You'd be able to locate multiple minds, I gather," he replies.

Annah fidgits. "I could make a scanner, an MRI, to detect head bugs. If I was on the Minerva."

Lemon nods, then looks about "Anything else you guys think Marvin should do?"

= Helen says "We've got a doctor to help with things like that. We don't have to do this single-handedly."

Kiojunak says "I don't know anything about the Moskha or your behavior, so I can't notice anything odd aobut it."

Annah sits down heavily. "So, they're using us. But we don't know what they're going to do next. Or how to get everyone out of here. Or where to go next."

Lemon says "We'll need to check the Doctor first."

Conrad shakes his head to Lemon. "Nothing I can think of," he says. He looks to Annah. "Well, we aren't on the Minerva. We need to think about we can do here," he says. Resting his hand on his hilt in thought, he shakes his head. "How do we know the doctor hasn't been used? Hell, that'd be the first person I'd want under my control".

<OOC> Elemental says, "I may have to finish a bit early tonight."

<OOC> Conrad nods.

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "Okay."

= "I doubt they've affected any of --us--. I mean, if any of us were secretly aliens, wouldn't we have defected as soon as we came here?" says Helen.

Kiojunak says "No because they would still want to keep tabs on you guys."

Annah goes over the papers some more. "Quick destruction of ship and refugies. This building must have more of those nasty bombs in it."

Conrad thinks. "No," he replies. "Not necessarily. They have to keep up the mask. If a bunch of humans were suddenly missing, or even a few, it'd be reported, and people would know of it. It'd put their cover in danger. Rather, I'd ready a second ship and move those who are actually bugged, so to speak, to the second, safe ship".

Annah says "And someone had to tip us off to this...."

Conrad says "And the only people allowed in the refectory are humans."

Conrad says "Due to the quarantine."

Lemon says "So.. One of our bug spies has gone over to our side."

Lemon says "Or would it be 'come over'?"

<OOC> Annah says, "Who was the person who created the Psis?"

= "Of course....there is an obvious suspect. Who's very good with machines? Who got us this information? And who are we relying on to tell us that none of us are affected?"

You paged Annah with 'Olympia Bishop.'.

Lemon blinks "Hey! I'm human all the way!"

Annah says "No, Dr. Bishop was one of them, and he made you. Maybe he did it with Allell genes."

<OOC> Annah says, "Er, she made you."

Lemon glares at Helen "And how do I know you're not one of them? Conrad did mention 'telepathic countermeasures'."

= "This is getting ridiculous. I assume once we're back on board, you'll have no objection to a check for one of these creatures? I won't."

Kiojunak turns to Conrad, "You people argue this much normally?"

Lemon answers shortly "None at all. But you're first."

Conrad shakes his head. "Fighting amongst ourselves isn't going to help matters at all here," he says. "Once we're safe, a full check will be done, I think, of everyone. There's no reason not to do one. But getting to safety is our first priority".

Annah pages: Could Electrokineses detect a head bug? Sense the difference in the electrical flow of the brain?

You paged Annah with 'Possibly, though you'd need to know what to look for.'.

Lemon nods "Right. It's a bit odd that they're planting bombs though. They could have just killed us all yesterday."

Conrad looks at Kio. "I'll show you a video of a presidential debate sometime. Judge for yourself".

Annah wails, "But we still don't know what to DO! The Mineva's rigged, the building's rigged, and they won't less us out."

Annah pages: What about the nail that sticks up? A bug would have far less electrical activity, by being smaller."

Lemon says "Right, so what AREN'T our options? We can't break out. We can't sneak out."

= Helen says "I'd say the local ruler is hedging his bets. He wants a way to quickly burn the evidence if the Empire comes knocking."

Conrad nods. "I think they're hesitant to just outright kill us. They've also get to get their hosts to safety. After all, they did supposedly guide us". He pauses. "One option is to wait until we're launched, then disarm the bombs".

Lemon nods "That might be the best way. We'll need to find some helpers.

Conrad says "They'll wait until we're far enough away that we won't harm them, so we'll have some time."

Annah says "But what if they just keep holding us?" She closes her eyes. "Waiting for the enemy to make the first move is bad tactics. You should take the initive and fights battles at times of your chosing."

Lemon says "We could manufacture a few delays, possibly. A couple of minor errors might be manufactured"

Kiojunak says "Of course something else that would be more useful is to find out why they are so concerned about keeping you safe, save for viable hosts, and why the Empire has a major beef with you?"

Annah says "They don't know why the Empire attacked, and we can't find out sitting here."

Lemon says "We need to find our helpful spy and ask him, maybe."

= Helen says "Here's something else to worry about. The Lunar refugees still don't have a proper ship, one that can sustain them."

Annah says "We can't depend on the source. If they were willing to do more, they would have already."

Kiojunak says "Of course who ever did it, make carful steps to not be discovered."

Conrad shakes his head. "In a large-scale battle, perhaps. But Annah, we number less than three hundred". He nods. "All the computers, save mine, are bugged". He looks at Helen. "We only have time to worry about one thing at a time. If we keep piling worry on top of worry, we'll bury ourselves in no time flat".

Lemon says "We wait, we see, and we hopefully disable those bombs if they let us get on our ship?"

Annah says "What if we disarmed the bombs, then showed the bugs the papers, maybe they're stop playing with us. Or maybe we should just all run away and go ask the rock people for help."

<OOC> Conrad says, "Long post coming from me."

Lemon says "Asking the rock people sounds good. Rocks don't need resources. They're rocks. They're probably quite generous, so long as we don't mess with their ground"

Kiojunak says "Or we bust on out of here, grab a ship, and get the hell off of Gunark."

Kiojunak says "Quietly of course."

Lemon says "Three hundred humans can't do anything quietly."

<OOC> Elemental says, "245, to be exact, +400 frozen."

Conrad nods. "Let's sit down and think about this rationally". He thinks for a moment. "If they're going to keep up with this charade, this is what I would do. Say the work they've done on the ship has been to help sustain us as a people. Then actually do it. They're more advanced in technology, of course, so it may be quicker for them. I'm not sure. They also have the bombs rigged up. That solves that worry. If it doesn't and they don't try to fix up the ship, then we go to the rock people. Now, they're going to shuttle us onto this ship. Fine. We can try to disarm the bombs and get out. They'll likely hope for us to use the FTL Drive to get out of range before the explosion. Probably give us coordinates to go to as well. But, if we disable the bombs, we can get out alive".

Lemon nods "I concur."

Conrad looks to Lemon. "Can you remotely analyze the bombs?"

Conrad says "The information could be valuable, as we won't have a lot of time."

Lemon says "I think I might be able to, through Marvin."

Annah says "So we... wait till they send us back to the ships, then kill the nasty bombs and run away?"

= Marvin sends you a readout of the bombs. The design is simple and rugged. Disarming should be quite easy, and comms jamming will also thwart a detonation signal.

Kiojunak says "That sounds like a plan. Disarm the bombs, chuck them out the airlock and at the colony."

Lemon shows them the readout "There has to be something we're not seeing. No species this advanced could be so.. dumb."

Conrad nods. "If his computer isn't capable of that analysis, see if you can link the information over to me, and I can take a look at it, as can all of us". He nods to Annah. "And telling others would be foolish. The doctor, the heads, they could all be hosts. Also, if we can install a communications jammer, that should buy us time. Annah, Lemon, could you install that feature on me? I could then do that if they've tampered with the jamming signal on the Minerva".

Annah says "You're not military, listen. Bombs are supposed to be simple. They work best that way."

Annah nods. "It won't work as well without good parts, but I can make you something."

Lemon nods "Allright, but can it hurt to be double sure?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "Especially when you don't want to accidentally blow them up."

Conrad nods. "Annah is right there. Simple is the best for bombs. And they don't think we'll run a scan before leaving, most likely, as it would be rude to do so".

Conrad nods. "I just need one that would work to cover the ship. Nothing fancier than that".

Lemon says "Easy peasy."

Annah has reconnected.

Annah pages: Did I miss a responce to my last page about scanning for bugs? It would be a "anyone greatly different from everyone else" scan.

Conrad nods. "Well, if we're in agreement, I think we've nothing left to discuss. And this conversation, or information, doesn't leave any of us, understood?" He looks to Annah. "Best to turn the jammer off now, I think, unless anyone objects? Don't turn it off until everyone verifies, Annah".

= Helen says "Something we do need to do is clear this with our leaders. They don't monitor the outside, so we can broach it there."

You paged Annah with 'What did you say?'.

Annah pages: That the bugs, being smaller, would have far less electrical activity in the head. So just look for that with a scan. Doable?

Lemon says "Umm... I just had a bad thought. You cleared my.. mission with the leaders, right?"

Kiojunak says "That reminds me Lemon, what about my..."

Kiojunak holds out a claw, expectantly.

Lemon says "Oh, yes."

Lemon hands him the gun "Thankfully, I didn't need. The stairs worked fine."

You paged Lemon with 'No, you'd still need to know what to look for, to tell it apart from the host.'.

Conrad frowns. "Helen. The leaders could be hosts. Think about that for a moment. We tell them, they tell the bugs, we're all screwed".

Kiojunak takes the gun and holsters it.

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

Lemon says "They might allready know that we know.."

Annah says "Helen is the acting, Piper's a civilian."

<OOC> Annah says, "er, acting captain."

Annah has reconnected.

<OOC> Annah says, "last saw mine"

<OOC> Conrad says, "Nothing"

Conrad says "Know that we know about their role, but not what we intend to do about it. Big difference."

= "I will not let command break down. In any case, we have a bloodhound, do we not? So long as she's not the infected one, we're fine."

Annah pages: *poke poke*

You paged Lemon with 'Oops, mispage.'.

Conrad thinks about that. "Then we all go to see the leaders. Lemon, you'll have to determine if they're a host or not. If they are, then we don't tell them anything. Agreed?"

You paged Annah with '(Mispage) No, you'd still need to know what to look for, to tell it apart from the host.'.

Lemon nods unhappily "Allright. But I have a question."

Conrad nods. "Go ahead".

Kiojunak says "Yes?"

Lemon says "Do I get hazard pay for all this?"

Annah pages: What if I went to go check one of the guards to our building?

Kiojunak hands Lemon a $20.

Conrad chuckles. "I think we're all entitled hazard pay at this point".

You paged Annah with 'That would work.'.

Kiojunak says "Good enough?"

Lemon folds the bill and puts it away "It's a start. Soon as all this is over, and we have a planet, I'm finding a nice mountain to turn into a private resort. With cabana boys and everything."

Annah says "Ah!" She grins. "I think I can make my own detector, just in case she can't do it. Can I have half an hour to make one?"

Lemon says "Sure. Better safe than sorry."

Conrad glances to the others. "Can't hurt. Hopefully you can make it concelable though, and you'll have to work out a way to let us know".

Kiojunak says "How can you without a sample of a controled human and a seperate Moskha?"

Annah nods. "It'll be invisable. And I'll test it on one of the guards."

Kiojunak says "Alright."

Conrad nods. "Alright. We'll go when Annah finishes her machine".

Kiojunak says "I just have one question, Lemon."

Annah has partially disconnected.

Lemon says "Yes?"

Kiojunak says "What's a cabana?"

Annah runs off to do her thing.

<OOC> Annah says, "Leaving the jammer behind, of course."

<OOC> Lemon says, "What IS a cabana, anyways?"

You paged Annah with 'Soul check.'.

Annah rolls 2d6 and gets: 6/3 Total: 9

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "I believe it's one of those bamboo shacks they have out by the pool with bar, towels, and other stuff in it."

Annah pages: Fail, try again?

<OOC> Conrad "A shelter on a beach or at a swimming pool used as a bathhouse," according to dictionary.com.

You paged Annah with 'OK'.

Annah rolls 2d6 and gets: 4/5 Total: 9

<OOC> Annah stomps the dice.

Lemon says "A little shack, where they stock supplies for tourists, such as alcohol. A cabana boy serves those supplies."

Annah rolls 2d6 and gets: 3/2 Total: 5

Kiojunak says "Ah."

You paged Annah with 'You have a good idea, though a human might be different.'.

<OOC> Elemental says, "And I'll end there for tonight. And BRB."


<OOC> Lemon cheers for robots.

<OOC> Elemental says, "So, what did you think of tonight?"

<OOC> Annah cheers for MG, and building and discovering so many wonderful things.

<OOC> Lemon says, "MUCH better than last night. Congratz"

Conrad pages: My vote...Annah.

<OOC> Conrad liked it muchly.

<OOC> Elemental says, "And votes?"

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "Eh..."

<OOC> Annah says, "Curse your eyes, Paul. You can only screw with our minds so many times before you run out of things to do."

Kiojunak pages: Conrad

<OOC> Lemon says, "Psionics came in surprisingly handier this session. Only think I need to find a use for is attractiveness.."

<OOC> Elemental says, "If you'd gone to the Sirens last session, this wouldn't have happened for a long time."

Lemon pages: Abstain.

<OOC> Elemental says, "Funny how things work out."

Annah pages: Hmmmm. Conrad, I guess.

<OOC> Lemon says, "I like the rocks. Rocks, as a rule, don't have agendas."

<OOC> Conrad nods. "Well, we like to make things interesting".

<OOC> Elemental says, "They do, it's just they've got such a good poker face, nobody ever suspects them."

<OOC> Annah is rapidly losing her innocence. Well, some of it.


<OOC> Conrad says, "But you can see him type."

<OOC> Elemental says, "1 CP, and 2 skill points. Conrad gains an extra CP for getting 5 RP votes (the totals of other players aren't affected)"

<OOC> Conrad woos!

<OOC> Lemon claps

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "Say could I get a level of interstellar navigation?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "Sure."

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "Since I'm supposed to be the guide, I should know where we're going...."

<OOC> Conrad has to figure out what to do with 3 CP now.

<OOC> Elemental says, "I'm relieved that things worked out better. I had planned for about 5 different shadowruns, but I wasn't expecting a solo."

<OOC> Lemon says, "Can I have them? I need 'em badly"

<OOC> Elemental says, "Well, Divine Relationship is always good. Rerolls are always useful. Or extra health."

<OOC> Conrad nods. "Like I said, it seemed the most tactically advantageous for us. And you know me, I /always/ have to go in the direction you didn't plan for". ;)

<OOC> Lemon says, "Yes.. That was a horrible feeling, realizing that killing everyone wasn't an option with this character"

<OOC> Conrad wants his bloody Rocket Launcher back.

<OOC> Lemon says, "I need a bigger gun."

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "Boo hoo, all I got is a blaster pistol without me mech :P"

<OOC> Lemon says, "I need A gun."

<OOC> Annah eyes upping Attributes. "Tempting, and oh-so cheap....."

<OOC> Elemental says, "I'll be interested to see how you get off the Orbital. I'd say you have one advantage; the Moshka have apparently overlooked the robot."

<OOC> Lemon hugs Marvin "I KNEW he'd come in handy."

<OOC> Annah wonders why we keep ending up with "wait and hope it gets better" plans.

<OOC> Lemon says, "It's because we never go with "Kill everyone until it gets better" plans"

<OOC> Annah says, "I'm going to have to try and come up with a better plan than "hope they let us all get back on our ships"."

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "That and I was wondering, how thick does something's natural armor be until the Moshka just says, 'To hell with it, don't want to get in there that badly anyway...'?"

<OOC> Conrad actually has Tactics listed as a speciality for a change? ;)

<OOC> Lemon says, "If the armor is thick, go in the back door.."

<OOC> Elemental says, "No such thing, thanks to surgery."

<OOC> Conrad isn't going to say exactly how they could get in through the armor...

<OOC> Lemon stares at El "Then how do you.. ummm.."

<OOC> Conrad will not break Rule 0, dangit!

<OOC> Elemental says, "No such thing as too heavily armoured, I mean."

<OOC> Annah says, "Before we leave, is there any way we might snag a copy of that Library database? I want to update my Gunbunny skillz."

<OOC> Elemental says, "Which one?"

<OOC> Conrad could do it, if I got to the database (internal computer).

<OOC> Lemon says, "What shadowruns were you anticipating, El?"

<OOC> Elemental says, "Disguise, violence, stealth, bluffing."

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "Damn it!"

<OOC> Lemon says, "How would stealth and bluffing had worked?"

<OOC> Lemon says, "It's to late. Me English skillz are fragged"

<OOC> Conrad isn't sure.

<OOC> Elemental says, "I'll have to check my notes."

<OOC> Conrad hmms. So, my CPs can be bounced around like a Mech, huh? Fun...:)

<OOC> Kiojunak says, "I don't think I'd have done too well. I'm big, black, and have zero stealth."

<OOC> Lemon says, "You're Shaft?"

<OOC> Lemon says, "Who's the bad motherf- shut your mouth!"

<OOC> Elemental says, "I'll ask for stat checks each time something's messed around with, so be careful."

<OOC> Elemental says, "Fighting probably wouldn't have been the best idea. Without protection or heavy weapons, Moshka warforms are tough."

<OOC> Conrad nods. "This is why I have immunity to electricity as a special defense...".