Logfile from Online Gaming Rescourse.

Carudan : reads his freebies for another half-hour

Mattson has connected.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "How did she and Jean-Luc get along?"

Juliet has left.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Freebies?"

Morgan has left.

Grace has left.

Tama has left.

Erika has left.

Catrina has left.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Rather well actually."

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "Free Comic book day! Got a couple comics, and some company promoad-mag things"

Mattson has disconnected.

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Wow, we don't have that over here."

Silver has connected.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "I though they would. Two peas in a pot"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "The malk and the muachhausen(sp?) now I read have to read that log/"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Hello Silver."

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "Afternoon, Joe."

Arden has connected.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Hello Rich!"

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "Hello"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Hey John, heard you got to intoduce Juliet to the W:tA group. I bet you had a mighty amount of fun with it."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Hey Rich."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Candra had to chose to either read Juliet or Jule's mind."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Which one did she chose?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Juliet."

Usha has connected.

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "hello."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Hello El!"

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "Afternoon, El."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Did you get the updated sheet?"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Hey El. What was the result opf it Joe?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Yes I did."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Not much really."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Fixed what was wrong last night Rich?"

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "I dont know. I hope so"

<*> OOCly, Estivan nods, "Luckly ESPed the nicepersonality.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Er Candra"

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Pardon?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Well it looks like everybody's here, so let's see your current HP and we'll see if we can get started."

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "22/27"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "50/55"

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "59, full."

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "19/31"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Arden, how did you get so injured?"

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "You did have a week to heal."

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "4041"

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "40/41"

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "That right let me recalculate"

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "4041 hit points? When did you become a greater deity?"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "You should be at full"

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "I am 31 Full"

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "What do you mean? I've ALWAYS been one!"

Usha pages: What do you think of the website?

<*> OOCly, Estivan chuckles

You paged Usha with 'Nice. Simple design, easy on the eyes.'.

Usha pages: Information useful?

You paged Usha with 'Definately, starting to write my character.'.

Usha pages: Anything else you'd like to see?

When we last left our half dragons they had just slain a horrible creature that was was found by Carudan. YOu are all outside the college, save for Silver who is out somewhere else.

You paged Usha with 'No, not really.'.

Estivan stares that the things ashes, "What is a Vampire?

Arden says "WHere did you find that thing?"

Usha says "I've just heard tales of them. Undead, and that's about it."

Carudan says "A body without a soul. A creature that feeds upon the blood of the living in order to survive. An abomination against nature, and the Gods."

Usha says "Yes, but do they travel in groups?"

From afar, Silver continues on to the Frothing Bulldog.

Carudan says "I found it behind a stone inside the area leading to the underwater passage. The stone had been moved from farther along the tunnel."

You paged Silver with 'You land on the Frothing Bulldog and notice that under one of the eaves, there is a large hole, large enough for a man to slide through. Inside it's dark, and you can hear some struggling.'.

Estivan glares at Carudan in wonder, "Really, in all of my 20 winters I have never heard of such things.

Carudan says "They are savage, but sentient. In other words, they think like mortals. They can be alone, or in groups."

Usha says "They don't breathe, right?"

Carudan says "I know a few things about such creatures, and yes, breathing is unnecessary for them."

Estivan says "Are you saying that there are more of these things?"

Usha says "So more might come through. Come on, let's pass the news on."

From afar, Silver slides through the hole.

Carudan says "Indeed. It may have been alone, but considering it was pinned behind stone... Usha's right. We need to warn everyone immediately"

Estivan says "Yes, Usha, spread the general Alram. I will go tell the professers."

Silver pages: (I did send Gala to get the others IIRC)

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "what time is it, approximately, in-game?"

Usha says "I meant tell the professors. What's the point of just randomsly shouting undead, and getting people panicked?"

Usha heads back to the college.

Carudan says "Because we don't know how many there are.. Anyone here is in danger of.. damn it, there she went again..."

Estivan heads off following Usha to find first the Dean, his passes over the symbols he drew in the ground carefully not to tep on it.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Er symbol"

As you start to go, you see a white shape swoop down from the skies and lands right in front of you.

Arden follows quickl to the college

Carudan follows Usha, pausing to whisper a small prayer to the soul whose body was stolen

Estivan stops cools as the thing lands, "What in the nine hells?

Carudan stops, and stares at the shape in front of Estivan


Usha stops, and draws her sword. "Who are you?"

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "How big?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "It's an owl."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Ignore that, then."

Estivan stares at it and sees if he reconises it.

Arden stops

Carudan says "Wait... Aren;t you silver's companion?"

Usha says "Silver sent you? Tell him there's vampires around."

You paged Silver with 'The little area inside isn't that big, and you do find Qu'fovel, pushing away a little black shape that you can see is a halfing with rather sunken eyes.'.

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "IS there anyway to find out what the owl wants?"

Gala nods, and hops up and down, "Who, hoot, woo, whoot hoot whoo!"

Usha says "Good for you."

Silver pages: Casting Foreaction (+5 to Init) and then Invisibility on myself.

Estivan says "Great, I don't know how to speak with birds."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Unless it seems to be indicating something obvious, carrying on."


You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 6 Total: 6

Estivan says "What in the nine Hells is it you stupid bird!"

Arden waits watching the bird

You paged Silver with 'Give me a spellcraft roll to avoid being heard.'.

Carudan watches the bird. "What is it? You came to us specifically, so you need something, or silver does. Does silver need something?

Silver rolls 1d20 and gets: 17 Total: 17

Silver pages: 25

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "What is it, girl? Silver fall down the well?"

Gala glares at Estivan, points to himself, then towards where he came from, flies up to Estivan's knee, latches on and gives him a little nip, he lands then continues hooting and hopping in the direction he came from.

Nods at Carudan.

Usha goes in the direction it's pointing, in that case.

Carudan says "That settles it. Lead the way, owl!"

Carudan prepares to follow the bird

Estivan yells ouch and gets the point, "Lead on you wretched feather fiend.

Arden follows the owl

Estivan does the follow the owl bit

You paged Silver with 'The halfling looks in your directon for a second, before Qu'fovel kicks him in the head again, where he goes to try and restrain her, "Just stand still! It's not that bad really, just like being nipped by a nasty dog!"'.

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "So, where's the owl leading us?"

Gala flies back to the Frothing Bulldog and flies up into one of the eaves.

From afar, Silver moves down towards the nasty little halfling and positions himself so a cone will hit it and not Qu'fovel.

Estivan follows along.

You paged Silver with 'Give me a move silently check.'.

Usha has a look inside.

Silver rolls 1d20 and gets: 6 Total: 6

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 2 Total: 2

Silver pages: 14

Arden sneaks his way to one of the windows and looks inside

Carudan charges through the door and up to where Gala is

Estivan heads in a looks for that blasted owl

You paged Silver with 'As you move, you can see the halfling's ears twitch, and glance in your direction but is busy with the other elf.'.

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "I mean, looks up, not follows"

From afar, Silver lets loose with the ice cone and chills the blood sucking hobbit.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "brb"

It looks like business as usual, save for Carudan that goes charging up to the various rooms.

Usha says "Silver? Where are you?"

You paged Carudan with 'You can't seem to find Gala, but give me a listen check.'.

Arden enters the building and slinks his way up behind Carudan

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 3 Total: 3

Estivan looks around at this tavern in mild disgust

Estivan looks around for Silver.

Carudan pages: 11

You paged Silver with 'Roll for it.'.

Silver rolls 6d8 and gets: 3/5/8/4/5/5 Total: 30

You paged Carudan with 'You hear some suffling in one of the rooms near the north side of the inn, but cna't tell where.'.

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "So, uh, we find anything? If not, going onto the college."

You paged Silver with 'The halfing hisses as the cone hits him, but not as bad as you would have expected, he then starts to disolve into a fine grey mist.'.

Carudan pages: Carudan moves quietly towards the northside of the inn, his ears listenign for any other sounds or indications of where the sound is coming from

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Listen, Spot or Search Checks?"

From afar, Silver grabs the lady and makes a run for the exit.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Spot."

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 5 Total: 5

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "NM."

Silver pages: (And Invis would be off once the cone went off)

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 16 Total: 16

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "THat would bve 9"

All of those outside can see Silver and Lady Qu'Fovel jump out of the roof.

You paged Arden with 'I'm sorry, but where were you going?'.

Silver says "Nasty misting biting halfling. Please find a way to kill it."

Estivan see that and head out to them, "Silver, M'lady are you alright.

Usha comes back out when she hears that. "Oh, so that's what your owl was so worried about that. No, Gala, they weren't fighting....."

Arden pages: Followed Carudan up the stairs sthealth like

Estivan looks at Usha and chuckles.

You paged (Carudan, Arden) with 'You can hear a banging in what looks like a broom closet.'.

Usha says "You've met the vampires too?"

Carudan pages: Carudan nods to Blue, then creeps to one side of the closet door, on the side of the handle.

Lady Qu'fovel, takes a couple of deep breaths, straightens out her hair, and says, "Yes, I was just lucky he wanted a quiet meal at home and Silver was there to help me."

Silver says "Vampire? Might have. All I know is the little buggar survived magic missles and the breath."

To (Smokin_Joe, Carudan), Arden pages: pulls out his sword and watches the closet

Estivan says "Where is he?"

Estivan pulls out his scimitar.

Silver says "Inside unless he misted away."

Usha says "Well, swords hurt mine. Could one of you send a message to the good folk at the college to let them know what's happening?"

Carudan pages: Carudan nods to blue, then throws the door open

Estivan says "What do you mean by Misting?"

You paged (Carudan, Arden) with 'Carudan opens the door, and a halfling falls, out scrambling up Carudan's let, "Help me! Save me from that thing!"'.

Carudan pages: pushed the halfing away, arms length, and asks what is wrong?

Qu'fovel says, "I will, I'll be heading that way anyway."

Carudan pages: holding on to his shoulders

Carudan pages: i mean... I should tell arden about this...

You paged (Carudan, Arden) with '(Sendiel, include Arden in your pages.)'.

Silver says "I mean he turned into mist. Things are supposed to frost when I hit them with my breath blast at least."

Estivan looks ar Carudan, "What do you make of this Preist?

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "He's not with you, he's inside."

To (Smokin_Joe, Arden), Carudan pages: pushed the halfing away, arms length, and asks what is wrong?'.

Estivan says "Now where did that preist go?"

To (Smokin_Joe, Carudan), Arden pages: Puts the sword away.

You paged (Carudan, Arden) with 'There's this tall, dark guy in here! Tall, dark hair, really nasty overbite. He said he was going to eat me!"'.

To (Smokin_Joe, Arden), Carudan pages: Watches the halfling carefully, trying to identify any signs of injury

To (Smokin_Joe, Arden), Carudan pages: In the closet?"

Usha says "Well, let's go in and search the place. A question--is this inn meant to be empty?"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Was the tavern empty?"

Carudan pages: would Carudan know how to identify a vampire by sight?

You paged (Carudan, Arden) with 'No! There's a secret passage in the closet!"'.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Nope, customers conducting business as usual."

Silver says "Hole in the roof."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Oh right, ignore that then. Just that you didn't mention anyone."

Qu'fovel nods and says, "I'll see if I can find someone to help you." She then takes off towards the college.

Usha says "I'll get Carudan."

Usha goes in, and looks for him.

Silver says "Gala make sure she gets back OK."

Estivan says "Silver, have you owl follow her in case whatever was eating her decides to finish it's meal"

To (Smokin_Joe, Carudan), Arden pages: What do you think Carudan? Should we check it out of get the others?

Estivan says "Good elf"

Gala hoots, and follows Usha.

You paged (Carudan, Arden) with 'No! But he has a woman in there, said she was desert!"'.

To (Smokin_Joe, Arden), Carudan pages: Carudan decides t o checki the halfling for injuries

To (Smokin_Joe, Arden), Carudan pages: Stay still, I need to examine you.

You paged (Carudan, Arden) with 'He's rather cold, but other than that, perfectly fine.'.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "I thought silver was refering to QU'Fovel not Usha"

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Whatever was eating --who--?"

Silver says "I am not your lapdog. Gala, wrong her."

Gala veers back around and follows the pretty elf lady.

Estivan blinks and glare at Silver, "I never said you were/

Estivan then follows Usha inside

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Find him?"

To (Smokin_Joe, Arden), Carudan pages: Carudan pulls out a silver holy symbol. "Sir, I need you to hold this. You might not be safe, otherwise. What ever it is that attacked you... this should ward you against it..." He waits to see how the halfling reacts

To (Smokin_Joe, Arden), Carudan pages: ooc-that settles it, no more reading the logs...

To (Smokin_Joe, Arden), Carudan pages: ooc Playing dumb is just hard, damn it!

You paged (Carudan, Arden, Usha) with 'You see Carudan with a halfing, looking a rather nervous, "No, it's alright, I just think I'm going to get going while the going is good.'.

Silver waits outside and watches the hole in the roof. "Nobles"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Usha, Arden, and Carudan, MS."

Carudan Carudan grabs the halfling by the shoulders. "NO, I INSIST" he says, his teeth gritted

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "I folowes Usha in"

Arden starts to check out the closet while Carudan plays medic to the halfling.

Usha says "He refused to buy you a round or something?"

Carudan says "The fiend might have put a spell on you.... this relic will help."

There is a small hole in there leading to a little crawl space, but other than that, no.

Carudan , paranoid after his near-death experience, presses the silver symbol on the halfling's face

Estivan comes in just after Usha and looks at the scene(what's going on?)

Arden pages: Going to look around in the crawl space for anything of intrest

The halfling backs away nervously, "No, I think I'm just going to, BLAH! Ow!" he says closing his eyes, and backing away down the stairs.

You paged Arden with 'Roll for it.'.

Carudan says "GRAB HIM! NOW!"

Arden rolls 1d20 and gets: 12 Total: 12

Estivan goes for the grab

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Roll?"

Carudan says "NO one leaves until I check everyone!"

Arden pages: 24

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "brb"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Yes, give me a grapple check."

Carudan checks the closet while the others try to get teh halfling

Usha pages: A bar full of vampires....Draven and Vampile O'Shiite had better not show up.

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 10 Total: 10

Arden pages: No that was searching the crawl space

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "20"

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "+4 for size, I think."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "24 then"

You paged Arden with 'You find a couple of what look like small packetges of odd substances, 300 gold, a letter, and a ring.'.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "That'll do it then."

Estivan grabs hold of the halfing, "I got you you sneaky little.

Estivan manages to grab ahold of the halfing.

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "if I'm wrong, I've got one hell of a law suit on my hands..."

Arden crawls deeper in the closet and comes back out after a bit

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "If you've got some holy water, there's a real easy way to check."

Carudan says "Find anything Arden?"

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "Well, I always have a flask of water..."

Arden says "Well there was this ring, some packets of something, and this letter."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Well, did you prepare bless water?"

The halfling growls and struggles in Estivan's grip.

Carudan walks to the halfling. "My apologies, but i've had a rather unpleasant experience tonight." He pulls out a flask and holds it in his hands, praying for Torm's blessing

Usha says "Ladies and gentlemen, do not be alarmed. We're just debt collectors. This individual took out a few loans he couldn't repay."

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "bless water"

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "You bless the water siffencently."

Estivan glares at teh Hafling and throws a glob of spit to the side and its sissles, "Stay still or you will rcives some of that," To excent his point he take a deep breath.

Arden takes the letter and starts reading it.

Carudan says "Hold his mouth open"

As Carudan goes to scatter the water on the halfling, he just Glares at him.

Estivan complies.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "GIve me a will save Carudan."

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 6 Total: 6

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Int check to realise what then haling is doing?"

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "15"

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "How is everyone else reacting?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Nope, no one else needs to make a will save."

"You don't want to pour that water on me..."

You paged Carudan with 'You don't want to pour that water on him...'.

Carudan pages: Crap...

Carudan nods. I don't want to pour this water on you

Carudan pages: jedi-mind trick like, right?

Carudan pages: or would it be less literal

"You want to whack the big black lout behind me on the head..."

You paged Carudan with 'It's dominate person, but that's a good way to describe it.'.

<*> OOCly, Silver shakes head.

Usha says "Oh, he has that effect on everyone."

Carudan says "I want to whack the big black lout behind you on the head..."

Arden looks up over the top of the letter to see what the halfling is talking about.

Estivan uses the halfing as a shild to block Caurdan's punches.

You paged Arden with 'It is a letter addressed to one Ferigral, seems to have some connection over the halfling, who's name if Rilfra. It seems he was sending the ring and complaining about wanting to be set free.'.

Estivan says "Um, this is not good."

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "Hey now, what makes you think I'm talking about you? Jeez, guy thinks the world revolves around him ;^)"

The halfling screams, "OW watch it scale head! Just get the oaf to release me!"

Estivan lifts the halfing up to his would and lets loss with the acid so that the acid only hits the halfing and Estivan himself while matining his hold.

Carudan whacks Estivan in the head

Silver pages: (Let me know if I hear any of the commotion)

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Inits?"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Init?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Yes."

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 11 Total: 11

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 18 Total: 18

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 17 Total: 17

Arden rolls 1d20 and gets: 13 Total: 13

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "13"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "24"

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 17 Total: 17

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "17"

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "21"

Carudan says "Release him, oaf!"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Estivan, Rilfra, Carudan, Arden, Usha."

Estivan sprays the halfing with acid andgling so that the acid only hits the halfing and himself.

You paged Silver with 'You're starting to hear muttering down in the common room about some lizard people holding a halfling up for a beating.'.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Roll for it."

Estivan rolls 6d4 and gets: 3/1/2/3/2/2 Total: 13

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "13"

From afar, Silver heads inside.

The halfling screams in pain as the acid starts to eat into him, and says, "Damn, I'm going to have to do this the old fashoned way," With that he clamps down on Estivan's arm, avoiding the armor and starts to suck.

<*> OOCly, Estivan doesn't have armor on.

You publicly roll 1d4 and get: 2 Total: 2

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Kiss 2 Con points goodbye."

Estivan says "Ouch, you bite me you littleing freaking thing!"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Carudan."

Silver pages: (Roll init?)

<*> OOCly, Arden cheers "Suck, Suck, Suck"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "You can make another Will save, dif 24 to get out of the enchantment."

You paged Silver with 'Yes.'.

Silver rolls 1d20 and gets: 13 Total: 13

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 3 Total: 3

Silver pages: 22

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "Aw hell, it ain't even worth lookin up the will save..."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "DOes the vamp rpovide partial cover?"

You paged Carudan with 'Whack the big black oaf...'.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "About as much as a shield."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Don't think it would."

Carudan pages: whacks the big black oaf. "RElease him, Oaf,"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Large sheild?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "No."

Silver pages: (Knowledge Arcana to have an idea about how to hurt vampires?)

You paged Silver with 'You go right before Carudan next round.'.

You paged Silver with 'Go ahead.'.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Ok, I just hope theres a preist around who can cure the drain"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Carudan?"

Silver rolls 1d20 and gets: 10 Total: 10

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "And no Dex bonus."

Silver pages: 17

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Why no dex bonus?"

You paged Silver with 'Holy stuff, magical weaponry, wooden stake through the heart.'.

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Grappling."

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "Eh, he smacks him in the head, I tend to think of a whap as a hard slap"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Ah."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Roll to hit."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "So go for a hard slap"

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 5 Total: 5

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "10, I believe"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "You royally miss."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Arden."

Estivan blocks the slap witht he halfing.

Arden drops the letter and whips out the wand "I hope I have better luck then Silver" and lets losse an acid arrow as the halfling.

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "Guys just last 2 rounds."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "He's not even that close."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Roll Use Magic device."

Arden rolls 1d20 and gets: 10 Total: 10

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "20"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Actully he would have hit is it was not for The halging acting as a small sehilf and Estivan natural armour"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "That'll do it. I take it he doesn't need to roll again for to-hit, that's it, right?"

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Ranged touch attack."

Arden rolls 1d20 and gets: 5 Total: 5

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "okay 12 to hit"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "As long as it is above 10 I think it hits"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Er 11 with its size bonus"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "That'll hit since he's grappled."

Arden rolls 2d4 and gets: 3/1 Total: 4

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Roll damage."

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "4 acid damagae"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Usha."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Carudan droped the wtaer skin?"

The halfling screams in pain again as he gets burnt again, "What's with you people and acid!"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Ask Carudan."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Good he is no longer sucking"

Usha shouts "Vampire, vampire! Get out, everyone!" before stabbing it with the sword.

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 17 Total: 17

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "28"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "That's a hit."

Usha rolls 1d8 and gets: 5 Total: 5

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "12"

Usha pages: +1 on the sword.

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "Actually, it's still in his other hand"

You hear several very confused remarks from downstairs, as the halfling screams in pain once again.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Estivan."

Estivan tires to press the vamp

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "I thought there were people in here?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Not upstairs, downstairs in the common room."

Estivan tires to press the vamp's face against the floor so he can't bite Estivan againa nd Estivan bites him back

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Are there people in the room with us?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Roll to it."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Hit."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Powerattack 4 on the bite"

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 16 Total: 16

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "20"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "No, you're currently out in the middle of the upstairs hall."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "How much damage."

Estivan rolls 1d4 and gets: 4 Total: 4

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Well 14"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "What"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "What's its Dr?"

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "(sigh) Then I wouldn't have shouted anything."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Or probably said anything at all....all you said that was we were inside, so I assumed the main bar area."

As Estivan bites into the Halfing, he turns around and looks at him, "You're not doing it right, you need to get your jaw really into it, like this!" Goes down to bite Estivan again.

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 18 Total: 18

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "26 hit you Estivan?"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "If I have him grappel and faceing him so he can't bite me, how is he getting around to biteing me without an opposed str check?"

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "He must be biting your arm."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Yep, pretty much."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "I was holind hin from behind though."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Never mind, there mush be a preist somewhere yuou can fix this"

You publicly roll 1d4 and get: 4 Total: 4

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "To bad I can't make an opposed roll to prevent it."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "You had your AC."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Ew, kiss 4 Con goodbye."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Silver."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "AH!!!!!!!!!!"

Silver breaks a chair and continues towards the sounds of fighting.

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "Would you say my dart are made of wood Mr. Joe."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "You could just let him go. Can't drain blood if he's not grappled / ing."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe wonders what would happen if he applies sneak attack to the bite.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "I'll say it's mostly metal."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "You get up there this round and have an action."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Look, you ate awya 6 of my con points already"

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "Thought I would ask."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "So?"

Silver whispers a spell. (True Strike)

Usha pages: It's just to damage, and I think it would apply in a grapple.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "You do so, Carudan."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "So, basicly Estivan does know yet the true effects of a Vampire's bite. Though he is feeling weakened he doesn't automatically assume its from the vamp."

Carudan whacks the big black oaf. "RElease him, Oaf,"

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 9 Total: 9

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "14"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Nope"

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "I gave blood a week back. You do notice when blood's being sucked out of you."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Misses again."

Estivan takes the blow which has no effect because of his scales

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Arden."

Estivan says "You little stinkey blood sucking parasite youa re going to pay fro draining me!"

Arden levels the wand again and lets fly another acid arrow

Arden rolls 1d20 and gets: 1 Total: 1

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Your right I didn't think of that."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Its hits me doesn't it."

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "That would be 11 on use magic device"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Usha"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "You can roll damage for your previous attack."

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "Who me?"

Usha says "You want to let him go and surrender....what, no effect? Ah well, worth a try....", and stabs him."

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 5 Total: 5

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Ya Rich, Melfs lasts two rounds iirc"

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "16"

The wand makes a distressing hissing sound as it slowly melts away in Arden's claws.

You publicly roll 1d2 and get: 2 Total: 2

Usha's blow glances off of his tough leather armor.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Estivan."

Arden drops his melting wand "Damn it."

Estivan lets drops the Halfing, draws his scimiter, which lights up in flames and slashes it misghtly at the halfling.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Power atttack 4"

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 3 Total: 3

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Roll for it."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Nope."

Estivan's blades sails over the Vampsd head.

Rilfra scampers away from Estivan's scimitar, and draws out a pair of daggers, "Finally, you were starting to give me a really bad taste in my mouth." Turns to Carudan, "Handle him!, I'll take these two others...." Goes over to engage Usha.

You publicly roll 2d20 and get: 15/7 Total: 22

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "25 and 17?"

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Both hit."

You publicly roll 2d4 and get: 2/3 Total: 5

Carudan pauses, uncertain as to what the master means by handle

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "15 points of damage."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Go ahead and try and break the spell."

The halfling's dangers fly in a dazling display around and unfortunately inside of Usha.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "SIlver."

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 9 Total: 9

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "18"

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "short, yet again"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Close, but not 24"

Silver calmly walks over to the halfling and plunges the make shift stake into it. "I should have done this instead of frosting you I guess."

<*> OOCly, Carudan goes back to reading comics

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Roll for it."

Silver rolls 1d20 and gets: 1 Total: 1

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "....!"

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "26"

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "True Strike. I was prepared for the dice gods to mock me."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Does true strik negate an automatic miss?"

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Just adds +20."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "DM?"

Rilfras sweeps out Silver's feet from under him, seeing the stake flying, and starts to laugh, but the make shift wooden stake bounces off of the nearby wall, impaling his heart in the back. He drops to his knees and mutters, "Bastards..." Before falling silent.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "End of combat."

Usha says "What now?"

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "More importantly, what about me? I'm still trying to get a handle on handling Estivan"

Estivan kneels to the ground after sheathing his sword panting, "HOw does one kill a vampire

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "The charm ends when the Vamp goes down/"

Silver says "Not exactly as I planned it but magic is a mysterious and wonderful thing."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Nope, act normally Carudan."

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "It's not dusted, right?"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Nope."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "BRB"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Nope, body's still there."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "I would suggest throwing it in a stream or river, but Estivan doesn't know that."

Usha has disconnected.

Carudan storms over to teh body, his face livid. "GET ME CHAINS!"

Usha has connected.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Or wait fro dawn."

Estivan says "Chains, what for?"

Carudan says "I want to interrogate the bastard."

Estivan pages: How much would a restoration spell cost?

Arden says "Chains? I have ripe if that helps."

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "ripe is rope"

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "IN order to charm, does the vampire require its eyes..."

Estivan says "Interrgote? This thing should be destroyed?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Yes..."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Er ?=!!!!!"

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "And holy water, if sprinkled, can scar and, say, blind.."

Usha says "But it can tell us where the others are. I say we take it back to the college while it's dark."

Silver says "So does anyone know how to treat their bites?"

Estivan says "Other's? What is going on?"

Carudan , snarling, turns the vamp around, ion its back

You paged Estivan with '700 for a scroll, 1000 for regular thing I believe.'.

Usha says "People at the college?"

Estivan glares quizically at Usha.

You all can hear a bit of a comossion from downstairs, and someone running up the stairs, and you see Alibon, huffing and puffing. Audibly growling, he says, "Where is the vampire?!?!?"

Arden says "The letter I found talks about some one named Ferigral. He has a connection with our halfling freind here. He might be one of these vampire things."

Usha says "There."

Estivan says "Right here."

Carudan pops the flask's camp and sprinkles holy water into both eyes


Silver says "Galon. The note talking about having taken Qu'Fovel was signed Galon."

The eyes slowly entropy and disolve away.

Usha looks at Carudan. "Stop that."

You paged Silver with 'Could be last name?'.

Estivan rips a stip from his acid burned clothes and tries them around the vamps eye just to be sure it can't see.

Carudan turns his head to Usha. "this.. BEAST... he's mine.. I'll handle the interrogation.

Alibon says, "I think you should bless some more water. It'll take quite a bit more to kill him. But it'd be best to just cut it's head off, stuff his mouth with garlic and burn the whole thing."

Usha says "No you won't. Kill him quickly or not at all. Or does Torm advocate torture now?"

Estivan pulls out his sword, "I would gladly do that, get some garlicm this thing needs to die.

Silver says "OK, Alibon, you know about these things, how about recovering from their bites?"

Estivan's burns as his sowrd burst into flames.

Arden leans against the wall and watches the arguing about the vampire

Estivan galres at Carudan, "No intereigation, we have names we can look up on.

Carudan grabs the vamp by its scalp, and storms toward Usha. Did you see what it DID?? I was violated! I was nothign but a toy! A plaything! A slave! We need what he knows, and if that means carefully applying holy water in a strategic manner, then I'm for it.

Carudan hefts the vampire by the scalp

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

Carudan says "Just give me a room, and some chains. If there's anything we're mimssing... he'll talk... he'll talk.."

Estivan points his sword at Carudan, "Do you think I was no less violated!?!??! This beast stole my very lifes blood. It deserves a quick death!

Carudan quiuvers, his pale green face crimson

Usha says "There's justice and vengeance. If it comes to interrogation, we can just get a wizard to trad his mind."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Read...."

Alibon looks at Silver's knees, and Estivan's arm, "You've been bitten? Well I wouldn't worry too much, the wounds will hurt like hell, but will heal, a little slower than usual. It's mostly just blood loss, I'd suggest lot of fruits and maybe some healing of Lathander to get that blood back sometime this year...

Estivan says "Some get some GArlic!"

Carudan glares back at Estivan. "And you would give it a merciful death!? For what it's done to you, it should be left to drown, drop by drop of holy water dissolving its scalp, then its skull, until there's a hole one end to the other

Usha says "Creative little torturer, isn't he?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "I would pay to see a movie with that in it alone."

Silver says "Then I will be there. Do as you will."

Carudan growls "I believe in mercy for those that deserve it, not for creatures that prey on innocent men a nd women


Silver heads to the temple.

Carudan throws the vamp aside and pushes Estovan

Arden says "I haven't heard of or seen torture like that since I left the guild. SOunds painful."


Usha turns to Albion. "Albion, do you know anyone in the faculty who can read thoughts?"

Carudan says "What this.. this thing is no better than those filthy serpents!"

Estivan stares into Caruda's eyes, "Thne do what you should do not what he would do.

You paged Silver with 'It's a bit of a walk, a short fly if you will. One of the younger priests on duty comes up, "Er, excuse me, but do you have business with the House of Torm sir?"'.

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "brb"

Alibon nods, "We got a couple of diviners in the ranks, yes."

Carudan hisses "I do what's necessary to ensure that its kind, its plans are stopped. Teh man who wore that body is dead, his soul lost to the monster that inhabits his flesh

Usha says "Any of them still up at this hour?"

Carudan says "What we do to it is nothing compared to what its done to its victims"

Silver pages: Killed a vampire. It got a bite off. I need some proper treatment.

Estivan glares into Carudan's eyes, "Would you be torturing him in the names of others or would you be doing it for yourself?

Estivan says "You you suggest is compareible to what these things do!"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "1st you=What"

Carudan turns away from Estivan, and walks back towards the vampire.

Usha makes sure to keep an eye on him.

Carudan pages: what would I have to do to dust the vamp instantly

You paged Silver with 'The young man's eyes go wide as he looks at your knee, "Oh dear, oh dear... Of course my son! Please, come in, come in, I'll do what I can.'.

From afar, Silver follows after him.

You paged Carudan with 'Make him eat a holy symbol/food.'.

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "back"

Estivan keeps in Carudan's way.

Carudan pages: or swallow holy water?

You paged Carudan with 'Tha'll work.'.

Estivan says "Alibon, do the diviners need this think as it is to do there work?"

Carudan throws Estivan out of the way.

Estivan does not allow himself to be thrown.

Carudan kneels tdpown, opens the vamp's mouth, and pours all of the holy water down its throat

Usha tries to stop him. Init?

You paged Silver with 'The priest searches through several scrolls, "Oh, I'm sorry sir, but I must inist on some donation given to the church in return for this boon."'.

Estivan also goes about trying to stop carudan.

Silver pages: Of course, what is a reasonable amount?

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Okay, roll init."

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 8 Total: 8

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 20 Total: 20

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Ya inits, he hasn't thrown me yet to get there."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "10"

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 3 Total: 3

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "24"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Kiss fang boy, goodbye."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "I think you have to roll your throw attack on Estivan before you get to the vamp"

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "You really like making this difficult, don't you? ;^)"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Yep."

(New BB message (9/21) posted to 'Help Wanted: Staff' by Hammer: New York by Night)

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "You can't real think you just say you throw soemone character away without rolling, it wouldn't really be fair because Estivan would have resisted it."

Arden sits back and watches the activietes

Carudan pours the whole cantene of holy water down the halfling's mouth, disolving it from the inside, causing the flesh to fall off his skin until there's just a skeleton that soon falls to askes. ALibon just looks on, holding his breath, "It's not my prefered way, but it works."

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "Actually, you're right."

You paged Silver with 'About... 800 gold I think?'.

Estivan shrugs, "Well at least it was a quick clean death.

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Joe, talk to us here."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "DM just called it."

Carudan turns back to estivan. "Torm help me.. if innocents die because of your "prefered method of dealing with teh undead..."

Carudan storms off

Carudan stormms out of the room, out of the inn, and into the night by himself.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "I gave a chance for someone to stop Carudan in the initative roll, if one of you had been higher than him, they would have stopped him."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Throw attack?"

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "And he managed to do the whole action while we just stood there slackjawed?"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Well, you let Carudan throw Estivan, who was balcok his path to the vamp without a roll and Rory was typing things to fast."

Silver pages: I alas only have about 75 on me.

<*> OOCly, Estivan points up.

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "Sorry, I got a bit carried away and I tend to look a s I type..."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "I did not see the throw or block."

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "we can redo it all, if you'd like"

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "The ST is always right. Cruel, sadistic, and vicious but always right."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "I'll go with it if you say so, I'm just a bit pissed that I make this important to my character and then, despite the fact I said I was watching him...."

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "In fact, I insist we redo it"

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "The others deserve this"

Estivan keeps in Carudan's way.(repost)

You paged Silver with 'The priest of Lathander looks at you, "Do you have any other gold anywhere, something I could hold here for safe keepign while you get it/'.

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "should we start off fresh from the repost??"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Okay, I'm sorry, Mom's bugging me again, made me miss it. Okay, same initative, Carudan, go ahead and give mne a stregth check to move Estivan out of the way."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Its Opposed correct?"

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "how do I do that?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Yep."

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 11 Total: 11

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Just roll d20 and add str bonus"

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 14 Total: 14

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Roll a d20 and add strength mod."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "17"

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "17"

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "Ohhhh, this i'll be good"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "In case of tie higher str bonus wins?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Okay, you're now in that lock of titans, trying to push past one another."

Usha unhooks a flail from her belt, and taking a step forward, sends it out to wrap around Carudan's leg and trip him.

Silver pages: I just invested in supplies and have taken a job with the University as special occurances security. However given things there, perhaps we could work a deal of services.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Roll for it."

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 9 Total: 9

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "20, touch."

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 14 Total: 14

You paged Silver with 'I don't know... what do you have to offer?'.

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "And 20 on the STR check."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "What's your touch AC Carudan?"

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "touch ac? how's it different from regular AC?"

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Only deflection, Dex, dodge and size bonuses apply."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Well, its would be 10 because me and you are in a clinch which negates your dex and wis bonus and touch negates you Natural armour"

Silver pages: I am a sorcerer. And one of a fair amount of power. Perhaps a contract of aiding one of your preists on a mission in exchange of this.

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "ah, okay, just need to check on teh dodge feat"

You paged Silver with 'Well I could concieve that trading these services for some potions or scrolls would definately work.'.

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "+1 dodge, so +1 vs touch attacks. But I doubt it makes touch AC 20."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "I think that you trip his butt Usha."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Opposed STR check. I got 20."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Well his Wis bonus apllies, but that'as about it"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Carudan, roll for it again."

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 20 Total: 20

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Okay, so I stand corrected..."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Well, damn."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Carudan Estivan."

Estivan attempts to pin carudan to the floor

Albion steps forward, "What in the Abyss are you guys doing?!?!?"

Carudan steps back. "YOu want this thing eliminated? Fine, allow me!"

Estivan says "Keeping him from doing something he might regret."

Silver pages: So is that enough for a proper recovery of this event? I would go back and try to releive the vampire of its gold but my commrades were behaving like children.

Arden looks over at Albion "Being fool. Fight over something stupid."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Opposed strenght checks both of you."

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 20 Total: 20

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 14 Total: 14

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "26"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Estivan wins!"

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Well, damn."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe plays Final Fantasy victory music.

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "Idiots. Too many idiots."

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "SHoot, you win - 17, and I'm not wasting my feat of strength, since it still wouldn't help ;^)"

Estivan give a great heave and bring Carudan to the ground, "We do it with blade and garlic after the diviners do there work or before if they don't need the whole thing, would that be correct Abklibon?

You paged Silver with 'Hmm, well let me think... Is the vampire still in one piece, not turned to ash?"'.

Usha kneels down, and removes the water. "Albion, again, are any of those diviners up at this hour?"

Carudan stands up, glaring at estivan, then the others. "Torm help me.. if innocents die because of your "prefered method of dealing with the undead..."

Usha says "This isn't about your god, and you damn well know it."

Albion says, "No, hardly anybody is up at this hour. Most wizards need their spell rest."

Silver pages: Its staked. They were arguing about how to kill it when I decided that my wounds mattered more then seeing if they started squabbling and pouting.

Estivan glares back, "Better that then you become like my father, who knows how many innocents would die then.

Usha says "Then do you have a safe place we could keep him till morning? We question, he lies, they read the truth. Then we kill him, quick and clean."

Carudan trembles, clutching his fists. He quickly storms out of the room and out of the inn, and into the night by himself.

You paged Silver with 'Oh good! If you bring me what's left of the vampire, and hundred gold, I think we can call it even. With that corpse we can make several potions of restoration and undead repulsion, and possibly a few magic items!"'.

Usha pages: And yet again, I get prevented from doing anything cool by the dice....;-)

Estivan says "Yes lets get it to the college. The I need to see some preist who are not consumed by pride and vengance."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Er then"

Albion sighs and crosses his arms, "I must go out to say that I think you should kill this thing now and be done with it. But I'm sure there's a broom closet we can stick it in..."

Usha says "We need what it knows. Do you have a spare animal pen?"

Estivan says "Well. do the diviners need the whole thing?"

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "Frankly, I think "THe FOrgotten Pool" from the two towers worked really well with this scene"

Silver pages: Services would be far easier then dealing with those children.

Albion shakes his head, "Oh no, you're not bringing that thing anywhere near my animals! They'll throw a fit!"

Usha says "Then I'll put it in my room. No reason anyone else should have to take the risk, right?"

Usha picks the corpse up, making sure not to dislodge the stake, and covers it with her cloak, before taking it back out.

Estivan says "Frankly I don't think talking with this thing is worth it, its voice can command people like it did to Carudan."

Silver pages: But I will try.

Estivan looks at Alibon, "Can you direct me to the nearest temple?

You paged Silver with 'Well I don't know if I should without the High Priest's blessing... Might get in quite a lot of trouble..."'.

From afar, Silver flies back to the tavern.

Silver returns to see if the vamp is still in one peice.

Usha has gone with it.

Alibon nods, and points Estivan in the direction of the temple of Lathander.

Carudan pages: Carudan, his pride damaged and is his disgust mounting, returns to teh college, only to retrieve his things. He's decided to move into teh forest, and the clearing where Torm gave him teh stick

Estivan heads that way.

Arden shakes his head and starts back twoard the college.

Silver says "I need the darn things body. The temple wants it for magic making."

Estivan says "Usha has it, if you fly you can catch up to her."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Oh, not again....."

Silver flies off to get Usha.

Estivan heads of to the temple to get fixed.

Usha is walking back. "What do you think about this?"

Silver says "I think the temple could do a lot of good with its body. Including healing me."

Carudan pages: Man, I need a lunch break... still, I like how it ended up this second time a lot better

You paged Carudan with 'You move your stuff out, and as you get there, you can find a few centuars milling about, inluding Ferila. They seem to be collecitng firewood and ivy cords.'.

Carudan pages: WHat are your people doing here?" he says gruffly.

Usha says "There are going to be others, and I want to know as much as I can about where they're coming from. One day too much to ask?"

You paged Estivan with 'You get to the temple and find the priest on duty, "Hello s, AW what happened to your arm!?!?!"'.

Estivan pages: I was bit by a hlfling vampire I was grappling.

Silver says "So why not store it at the temple and then you can get its info and the preists can make it into potions and magic goodies after you are done?"

You paged Carudan with 'They look at you, the oldest says, "Gathering wood, and the little shaman is gathering a few herbs for her magic spells," which issue a couple of snickers from the others.'.

From afar, Estivan is quite winded when he gets there.

Usha pages: Perhaps you should just tell me what would be best for the plot? I'm trying to be decisive and independant here, but if I'm going to constantly get contradicted by the apparent demands of storyline, I might as well give up.

Estivan pages: (I would assume once they would get into a lite area they would cast Know Alinment on him knowing what he is.

Usha says "Honestly? Because it's not their problem. I'm the one who wants this thing alive for now, so I take the risks of having it stuffed in a trunk overnight."

You paged Usha with 'Do what you feel is right, there is no real wrong way to go against the storyline here.'.

Usha pages: Just that I thought the temple needing it might be a plot nudge. Sorry, just a bit frustrated.

Carudan pages: Ah, then.... hmm, will you be here very long? I was hoping to camp out here tonight, in this clearing.

You paged Estivan with 'He gives you a quick look down, and a slight chant, and says, "Ah yes, one of your companions came in earlier. I can cure you, but it'll cost 800 gold."'.

Silver says "Preists have the best shot of handling it again if it gets loose. And they can restore those of us who got bitten far easier with its body. Tell you what I'll stay awake and watch it until you are eady to question it or whatever? This way its double protected by holy men and myself and I can get healed after you are done."

From afar, Estivan looks in his belt pouches and gets out the money need for it.

You paged Carudan with 'The centaurs shrug, "We don't know, there's quite a few things still needed here, might be a few more minutes, might be a few more hours hard to say..." he goes over to pick up another stick.'.

Estivan pages: (Markes off 800 good on his sheet)

Usha says "And the other reason is that I don't trust Estivan or Carudan."

Carudan pages: Carudan bites his tongue. "THen I'll find somewhere else for the night. I'd rather not be both... bother anyone right now."

Silver says "I noitce I wasn't mentioned in that. And unless I can scrape up 800 gold or its body, they won't treat me."

You paged Estivan with 'The priest nods, and takes you inside, digs out a scroll, and casts a great scroll on you. Then he says, "Alright, you should feel right as rain by tomorrow. Until then take it easy, and may Lathander's light shine upon you my son..."'.

From afar, Estivan glares at the preist,the glares fades then he smiles faintly nodding, "Same to you father." thne turns to leave and head back ot the colloege.

Usha says "All right. But I'll keep watch for you. You look like you could use your sleep."

You paged Carudan with 'Ferila steps forward, "Carudan, why are you out here? Not in the college?"'.

Estivan pages: (Do I run into Silver and Usha on the way to the college?

You paged Estivan with 'In 2 more lines, or if the start towards the Temple, yes.'.

Carudan pages: I felt like sleeping out here for a few days. I.. need some space, some meditation time...

You paged Arden with 'Oh crap! I forgot all about you!'.

Silver says "Very well. But allow me to cast a few enchantments on you to make sure things go easier. I can grant magic armor and strength for a time. Now, how are you goign to question it?"

Usha says "Simple. I question, it lies, and a wizard reads it's mind."

Arden pages: Thats okay. I don't have much of anything to do. Besides talk to Silver.

You paged Carudan with 'Oh... You're going on a Vision Quest? Okay, so you weren't kickd out or anything."'.

Silver says "Mind reading wizards, of course. So shall I have them sent to you at the temple?"

You paged Carudan with 'If you need anything, we are camped out nearby. Since you're a friend of Silver, I'm sure I might be able to help you in some small way if you need it?"'.

Estivan pages: (Now?

Usha says "Yes."

Usha takes the corpse to the temple, and spends the night keeping watch, then.

You paged Estivan with 'Yes.'.

Silver casts Mage Armor and Bull's Strength on her as she goes.

Estivan approuches fromt eh direction of the temple as USha turns to go there.

Carudan pages: Carudan's face turns flush. NO, no, it'll be quite all right. Though I would be grateful if you told no one I was here. I'd rather not be disturbed, unless it's an emergency.

Usha goes in if he's not about to say anything.

Silver rolls 1d4 and gets: 2 Total: 2

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "Enjoy +4 to AC and +3 to Str."

Estivan just nods a greeting then passes by.

You paged Carudan with 'A couple of the Centaurs laugh at your reaction, "Well it's true then, they will sleep with anything!"'.

Carudan pages: Carudan's body tenses up. "What are you implying?" he says quietly.

Estivan says to Silver in elve, "Greetings, I heard yoou stopped at the temple. What do you think of their services?

Usha pages: I'm done.

Silver flies off.

Estivan shrugs then contiues on to where he booked lodgeings.

You paged Carudan with 'They snicker and say, "Nothing." They go about collecting their wood and herbs.'.

From afar, Estivan baths and goes to bed.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Everybody ready to FF to the next day?"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Yep"

Carudan pages: Carudan glares at them,l but turns around and sets up camp

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "yep"

Estivan pages: Are the hps gain from the restored con restore with the spell?

Silver has reconnected.

You paged Estivan with 'Nope, but next night, they will be.'.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "FF?"

Estivan pages: Ok, I guess

From afar, Silver goes to see if Albion will send the wizards in question to the temple and if he has 25 gold to spare until the first payment from the collage.

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "Okay with me."

You paged Silver with 'They'll go out ther for you.'.

Usha pages: Need a check to stay awake?

You paged Usha with 'Fort diff 12'.

Silver pages: (And the gold?)

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 20 Total: 20

You paged Silver with 'He'll give you the gold.'.

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Let me say, about time."

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

Silver pages: Please keep this quiet, I invested in items and wasn't expecting to be left so drained in both finances and blood.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "I don't think she'd be more awake if I dripped French Roast into your blood stream..."

Usha pages: I know, and good for you. But for whatever reason, John has it in for you.

Estivan pages: (Well that leasess me at a total of 41 hp out of 55)

You paged Silver with 'Of course not, you helped bring down one of those monsters, you deserve that much at least..."'.

You paged Usha with 'What?'.

Usha pages: Oops, ignore.

Estivan pages: (Er make that 40 out of 51)

From afar, Silver thanks him and goes to bed for 4 hrs.

Estivan pages: (Er make that 40 out of 55)

Usha is at the temple, sitting on a chest containing a vampire, and presently enjoying the sight of the dawn.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Alright, It is the next morning, MS is at the temple with the wizard going to read the vampire's mind."

From afar, Estivan goes back to the temple in the morning fully armoured.

Carudan pages: Carudan wakes up, and takes a good look at his new home, for the time being

Alibon comes to the temple with a elderly human, in rather plain, dusty robes.

Silver has partially disconnected.

Estivan arrives at the temple in the morning fully armour and armed. He is also looking much better then he did last night, though still not 100

To (Smokin_Joe, Silver), Arden pages: Gets up in the morining and looks for Silver.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Er 100%"

You paged Carudan with 'It's a beautiful day in the woods, it only stinks a bit but that's to be expected.'.

From afar, to (Smokin_Joe, Arden): Silver is in his room.

Usha says "Good morning, good sir. I've got the vampire here."

To (Smokin_Joe, Silver), Arden pages: Knocks on Silver door.

Usha says "Oh, and my name is Usha Halmarond, call me Usha. And you?"

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "I hope it's not Prof. Trelawney....."

Carudan pages: what stinks? I mean, are we talking Carudan here? Or did the Centaurs leave a present or t wo...

To (Smokin_Joe, Arden), Silver pages: Come in. And make it fast. I have to get to the temple for treatment.

To (Smokin_Joe, Silver), Arden pages: Comes in. "If you have to go to the temple then you might not have time to help me."

He nods and says, "Thank you Usha, just call me Wallace, please."

You paged Carudan with 'Not from the centaurs, but something came during the night and did it's business...'.

Usha says "Is there a room out of the light here? Ideally, with a metal door that gas can't get out of?"

Estivan comes in to find Usha and see Albion as well ass the other person, "Good morning Usha, Ablion and Wallace. I am Estivan Deigo for those who haven't met me

To (Smokin_Joe, Arden), Silver pages: I just have to be treated for blood loss. It shouldn't take too long. What can I do for you?

To (Smokin_Joe, Silver), Arden pages: I aquired some items and I was wondering if you could check them for magic and tell me what they do.

Wallace nods, "Of course Estivan, now may we move this to someplace more hospitable to our friend? I can't read his mind out here. He's for all purpases dead at the moment.

To (Smokin_Joe, Arden), Silver pages: Certainly. Let me see them.

Estivan says "As you wish."

To (Smokin_Joe, Silver), Arden pages: Takes a ring and some packages of a weird substance out.

Carudan pages: I'm not even going to ask if Carudan can identify what it was... IN any case, Carudan starts looking for a good place to put a latrine hole, away from water and far enough so he won't have to smell it, while close enough for emergencies

Usha says "This being has mind control powers. Do you have any defence against that?"

You paged Silver with 'That's the ring that Lady Qu'fovel had stolen.'.

You paged Carudan with 'Roll me wilderness lore.'.

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 13 Total: 13

Carudan pages: 16

Wallace gives you a knowing smile, "I have a few, yes..."

To (Smokin_Joe, Arden), Silver pages: Oh, the ring should be returned to its owner I forgot about that in the chaos. Lady Qu'fovel would like it. As for ths substances. (Knowledge Arcana, Alchemy)

You paged Carudan with 'You dig your latrine.'.

You paged (Silver, Arden) with '(Alchemy).'.

Usha says "Then everyone who wants in on this should have one."

Silver rolls 1d20 and gets: 4 Total: 4

Estivan says "Just stand behind it, it worked for me last night."

Carudan pages: After finishing the four-foot deep hole, he christens it, then looks for a stream or pond

To (Smokin_Joe, Arden), Silver pages: (10 on Alchemy check)

Usha says "But no point in taking risks."

Wallace says, "I would prefer to do this alone, if you do not mind, it is rather tricky business reading the mind of an undead. Lots of hazardous mana conflicting with each other you know... But we can't do this up here we need to take him down to the crypt if his mind is to start working once again."

Estivan nods.

You paged Silver with 'They're some sorts of herbs, like oregano or something, and some foul smelling chemicals you have no idea what they are.'.

Usha finds a room out of the sun, ideally one with a solid, airtight door if possible, and unloads the vampire.

Estivan follows and then waits with Usha.

You paged Carudan with 'It'll take quite a while, but you eventually find it, and the centaurs already camped on it's bank.'.

To (Smokin_Joe, Arden), Silver pages: Herbs and chemicals. I'll need a universities alchemy lab to know for sure. we can stop there before I head to the temple.

To (Smokin_Joe, Silver), Arden pages: Sure. Sounds good to me.

Carudan pages: shouts out to the Centaurs, "Ho, is it alright if I take some water from the stream?"

To (Smokin_Joe, Arden), Silver pages: And you will return the good lady her ring correct?

Alibon hauls the trunk after you all, with Wallace in the lead. Once down in the deep crypt, where there is no light, and the wizard says, "THis is perfect. Let's do this in... That tomb over there." He points to a small door that seems firm, if easy to open."

Usha unloads him in there, then.

To (Smokin_Joe, Silver), Arden pages: Yes. What do you take me for, a common theif?

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "This is part of the temple and consicrated ground right?"

To (Smokin_Joe, Arden), Silver pages: Of course not. Better safe then sorry.

THe young centaurs run up to you and say, "Well look, a little dragon! I never seen one before!" "Hey, Mr. Dragon, can you breath fire for us, huh?" "Yea! THat'll be neat! I bet it's better than what olf Ferila can make." They basiclly start to crowd around you asking many questions about draconic nature.

From afar, to (Smokin_Joe, Arden): Silver heads to the alchemy lab.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Huh?"

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Mispage, I assume."

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "Oh, I want to smack those dragons around."

To (Smokin_Joe, Silver), Arden pages: Arden follows to the lad

You paged Carudan with 'THe young centaurs run up to you and say, "Well look, a little dragon! I never seen one before!" "Hey, Mr. Dragon, can you breath fire for us, huh?" "Yea! THat'll be neat! I bet it's better than what olf Ferila can make." They basiclly start to crowd around you asking many questions about draconic nature.'.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Bloody thing."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Sorry."

Carudan pages: Carudan starts to twitch. "If you would not mind, children, I'd like to speak with one of your adults. Fetch Ferila for me, please." He then refuses to say anything else to the children.

From afar, to (Smokin_Joe, Arden): Silver tries to use the lab to get a better idea of the substance.

Silver rolls 1d20 and gets: 11 Total: 11

Wallace walks into the room and sits on the oposite end of the trunk, while Albion closes the door and steps back, silently waiting.

To (Smokin_Joe, Arden), Silver pages: (17)

Estivan does the waiting bit outside as well.

Usha is already in. "Ready?"

To (Smokin_Joe, Arden), Silver pages: (Corection 19 with the lab bonus)

You paged (Silver, Arden) with 'Cabanas, peyote, and some other chemicals you can't quite name. As you are doing this, Zermecki comes around, "Hello Silver, what've you got there?"'.

Estivan says "Alibon, how is Esmerellda doing? I haven't as of yet visted her today"

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Pages?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "No, he won't close the door with you in there. He'll have to do this alone."

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "Oh, suuure, like I'd trust that man in there alone..."

To (Smokin_Joe, Silver), Arden pages: Arden nods to Zermecki when he comes in.

To (Smokin_Joe, Arden), Silver pages: Hello, Zermecki. My associate here recently came into possession of this substance and I was trying to see what it was.

Usha politely points out that without some muscle in there, the vampire has no reason not to tear his throat out soon as it's unstaked, and does he want to take the chance that he can get a spell off before that happens?

You paged Carudan with 'There is an unianimous whine as you say that, and a little mare goes off into a small tent, soon returning with Ferila, and the rest of the kids scattering, "I'm sorry about that Carudan, What is it you need?"'.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe REALLY doesn't want another set of pages.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Brb"

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Well, it's a valid point, and it's certainly what she'd do."

Wallace thinks about this for a while, eventually saying, "Very well, but don't look at it, and when I say so, sit on the chest. Alright?"

You paged (Silver, Arden) with 'Zermecki says, "Well might if I just take a look here?"'.

Usha pages: Sorry, but it --is--.

Usha says "All right."

To (Smokin_Joe, Arden), Silver pages: Its Blue's call.

To (Smokin_Joe, Silver), Arden pages: Yeah its fine with me" hands it over.

Carudan pages: I just came to ask about the water here, and how safe it was. Also, what do you know of the game in the area?

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "BRB"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "back"

Estivan heads in when Wallace says that and is prepared to help out.

Usha has reconnected.

Estivan heads in when Wallace says that and is prepared to help out(repost)

You paged (Silver, Arden) with 'Zermecki gladly looks at the substances, and the almost permament smile disapears from his gremlin face, "Where did you get this?"'.

Closes the door and opens the chest, "Go over on the other side, when I say so slam the lid shut. Since it's day time, he might be rather lethargic, but don't want to take any chances." He reaches gingerly into the chest, comes out with a large chunk of wood and says, "NOW!"

Usha slams it.

Estivan says "helps"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Er helps her"

Estivan helps her

To (Smokin_Joe, Silver), Arden pages: I found it at a local in. Dose it matter?

Sybix has connected.

<*> OOCly, Estivan waves at the lurker.

<*> OOCly, Sybix says, "I'm so bored I can taste the sap. I'm here to MST3K your game."

The chest doesn't move, but Wallace says, "Yes, he's becoming undead again. It'll take a while until I can read his mind, so if you would be so kind as to sit on the chest..." He then sits down on the floor and starts to draw a magic circle around him.

Estivan sits on it.

<*> OOCly, Sybix says, "Poor chest.. exposed to that ass.."

<*> OOCly, Estivan chuckles, "Do you mean the man or his butt?

You paged (Carudan, Sybix) with 'Well the water is alright, a little muddy, but nothing that bad. And I don't know about the game, I varely rarely if ever go hunting."'.

<*> OOCly, Sybix says, "Both."

Usha sits on it, sword point on the top of the chest, ready to be pushed in at a moments notice. "I think I should do the questionning."

<*> OOCly, Sybix says, "Kill it.. kill it.. kill it.. Kill the chest!"

Usha says "After all, it doesn't know about you, and might get suspicious. Since it thinks we're both dumb sword-swingers, it'll assume we captured it and are interrogating it, and get overconfident, especially if it thinks it can negotiate it's way out."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "There's a vampiric halfling in it."

Estivan says "Why you? I am the one who's blood he drank."

You paged (Silver, Arden) with 'Well this is some of the stuff I use in a few of my more... exotic experiments. There's Lester's Stimulating Diatonic, there's Xanther extract, and... a few other things..." His green skin slowly being red.'.

<*> OOCly, Sybix says, ""When his belt buckle is equal to your forehead, your teeth are equal to his bollocks.""

Usha says "We'll take turns if it matters so much."

Estivan nods, "That is acceptible

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Actually he just sucks kneecaps dry."

To (Smokin_Joe, Arden), Silver pages: Sir? Are you OK?

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "And arms!"

<*> OOCly, Sybix says, "I shall him.. Chucky."

To (Smokin_Joe, Silver), Arden pages: ANd what can these things do together

Wallance starts to slowly chant a few words in draconic. From the chest there is a slight thump.

Usha has partially disconnected.

Carudan pages: I can handle muddy. Torm can grant me the power to purify water. In any case, thank you. If you need anything else I'm more than willing to help."

You paged (Silver, Arden) with 'They're expensive.... Other than that, I would think that it's just wouldn't anything too bad. Just donn't drink it..."'.

Usha says quietly "Say when."

You paged Carudan with 'Ferlia says, "Er, if I where you , I'd definately walk a few yards upstream and take it there. Don't want the Elders asking why a half dragon was allowed to just trapse through the camp. You understand?"'.

The chest groans.

Usha waits for some sort of cue from the wizard.

Estivan does as well

Wallace says< "What exactly do you want to know from him?" keeping his eyes closed.

Usha says "All right. Play your cards right, and you might get out of this undead. Don't waste time bragging about how you'll destroy us all--I'm not the one locked in that chest. First question. Who sent you?"

To (Smokin_Joe, Silver), Arden pages: How would like to buy them Zermecki?

Carudan pages: Carudan nods. Certainly. Thank you for your help, miss. If you need anything, jsut ask." Carudan steps away form teh camp, then moves a few yards upstream to refill his various water bottles.

You paged (Silver, Arden) with 'Well I'll gladly take them off your hands... I don't see who else would want them. They're just chemicals and some rather exotic herbs..." laughs humourslessly.'.

You paged Carudan with 'You do so.'.

To (Smokin_Joe, Silver), Arden pages: WHat price are you willing to pay.

Wallace starts to chant a little more, straining a bit, with only a slight scuffling sound coming from the chest. "Sent him to do what? He is out here on his own with some orders from his patron to look for a certain item."

Carudan pages: Carudan goes back to his campsite, making every effort not to think about teh previous day.

Estivan says "What is the item?"

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "So the vampire didn't actually say anything?"

You paged (Silver, Arden) with 'Zermecki looks at the various things in front of him and says, Hmm, I'll pay you... 250 gold for the whole lot.'.

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "And now he knows exactly what we're doing...."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Nope, Wallace is reading his mind. That's what he's here for. ^_^"

To (Smokin_Joe, Silver), Arden pages: I'll take it.

<*> OOCly, Sybix says, "What? No fire from the eyes? No lightning from the ass? No fake accent?"

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Yeah, but the oft-stated plan was that the vampire would answer, and probably lie, and Wallace would read his mind. But now the vampire knows he's there....."

You paged (Silver, Arden) with 'Zermecki smiles and digs into his pockets and deposits 25 platinum coins in your paw.'.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "It's still daytime, the vampire is still not really awake."

To (Smokin_Joe, Arden), Silver pages: Well then, if that is all, I beleive I shall take my leave.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "So basicly we are asking him questions, he is dreaming responcses and wallace pickes them up?"

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "I'm just wondering what the point of coming up with the frikkin' plan was....all right."

To (Smokin_Joe, Silver), Arden pages: Thanks Zermecki.

You paged (Silver, Arden) with 'Zermecki gathers the chemicals up and thanks you generously, as you leave, he gets that good old, gremlin mischivous grin.'.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "I would say its working, though not in the way we excpected."

<*> OOCly, Sybix stares at Usha "You said a swear! I've never heard you use strong language before."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "I thought this would be pretty much the plan. Keep going?"

To (Smokin_Joe, Arden), Silver pages: Unless you feel generous, I'll be off. Enjoy Lady Qu'fovel's company.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Sure, I askes What is the item he was loking for."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Sure, I askes What is the item he was loking for."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Do you just want to skip over this? If so, I'll / we'll ask what the object was, how many other vampires they are, where they are, who they are, who his patron is, and what he knows of his nature, plans and objectives."

To (Smokin_Joe, Silver), Arden pages: Arden nods to Sivler as he leaves.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "I'd have to agree, this is going rather slowly."

From afar, to (Smokin_Joe, Arden): Silver flies off to the temple.

<*> OOCly, Sybix says, "See, this is why you go straight to the torture.."

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "Don't get them started Tyson."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Torture bad."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Sorry if I seem tetchy, but this just hasn't been my night. I'd hoped that this would be a chance to do something impressive at last, but apparently not...."

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "He already had an argument about torture that came to blows. We dont need another."

<*> OOCly, Sybix says, "For or against?"

Wallace says, "He was on the look out for a ring of many faces, a fairly powerful illusionary magic device, to his knowledge there are no other REAL vampires, just some of his spawn that he sent back to his patron, his patron, is a necromancer that made him a vampire, in a grave yard, about 30 miles east of here. He does not know his true plans thought they do involve illusion."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "I'm sorry about that."

Usha says "And the books. Estivan, have you got any more questions?"

Estivan says "Was he the one who stole the Ilssion books from the School?"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Er were you."

Usha pages: Well, you were distracted....

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Er illusion"

Sybix pages: Where'd they get a gasform proof chest, anyways?

To (Smokin_Joe, Silver), Arden pages: Smokin_Joe: Arden goes to Lady Qu'fovel class room to speak with her.

Estivan says "Other then that confermation, I have no other questions."

Wallace says, "Yes he stole them, and sent them off to his master. He said they would be..." He gasps as his eyes open up and show only white and the chest starts to rock violently.

You paged Arden with 'You find her.'.

Estivan looks at Wallace, "WHat's wrong?

Usha pages: Do I reckon I could pick the chest up and keep it closed?

You paged Silver with 'The priest is there, and says that your friends have already, in fact they're finishing up with him downstairs.'.

Arden pages: Arden knocks on the door and enters the room "Lady Qu'fovel. I think I found something of yours."

You paged Usha with 'Pick him up how?'.

Usha pages: Pick up the chest, without opening it. STR 22.

You paged Silver with 'He casts the spell and says, you should be right as rain by tomorrow.'.

From afar, Silver nods. "My thanks. Is all well between us then?"

You paged Arden with 'The proffessor is in, and turns to say, "Yes good sir?"'.

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

You paged Silver with 'Well any monetary tribute you could give to our church would be most grateful.'.

Arden pages: Arden takes out a ring "This here." holds it in his hand for her to take

You paged Usha with 'Yes, but you'll have to do an opposed strength check to keep it closed.'.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Test"

Wallace just stares off into nothingness.

Usha picks up the chest and does her best to keep it closed. "Estivan, help him!". She runs back towards the entrance, and the sunlight.

Silver pages: Of course. Does 6 platnium and 40 gold work?

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 18 Total: 18

Usha pages: 24 on the first check.

Estivan helps Usha.

You paged Silver with 'He nods, "More than enough"'.

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 5 Total: 5

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "You can't really without slowing me down. And there's the wizard."

You paged Usha with 'You got him in there.'.

Estivan grabs the Wizards and hauls him along behind Usha instead.

From afar, Silver pays the man and waits for the others to finish up.

You paged Silver with 'Mainscreen.'.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Recon that."

Estivan checks on the Wizard, "Alibon, get in here!,'he yells out the know open door.

Usha bursts out of the catacombs, and slamming the door shut behind her, smashes the lock with her claws, and lets the chest spill open, letting the vampire see the light through those big windows any good temple of Lathander would have.

Silver leans against a wall waiting for the insanity to end.

Albion sees you running for the surface and growls out, "I knew we should have just killed it..."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "I reconed the running and I am still n the chaber,"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "What can I roll to see what's wrong with the Wizard?"

The halfling rolls out rather groggily, saying, "Damn it, when I get my hands on the scaley..." He then notices the smoke rising from him and looks up at the windows and the big symbol of Lathander on the wall, and says, "Oh poopie," as he slowly disintigrates from the sunlight.

Usha says "Sorry about being a dirty rotten liar and all that. But trust me, this is still nicer than what Carudan had in mind."

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "SOrry guys but I have to go. So see ya later"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "See ya Rihc"

Usha looks round for a cleric. "The wizard from the college is unwell. I think he needs your help."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Bye."

Arden has disconnected.

Estivan can't figure how to help the Wizard so he picks him up and bring him topside to the temple

Silver sighs and flies off to the collage.

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "I am leaving before they want me to pay for this."

<*> OOCly, Estivan chuckles

The wizard gets back his pupils and says, "Ah, that was awful... I saw him, what that man was doing, it was horrible..." With that he shutters and rolls up in a little ball, and slowly works on his breathing.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "ANd that's where we'll end it for tonight."

Estivan carries him gently.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Good game, slow but good."

Usha says "I killed him. Sorry about costing you the body, but I'll pay for the spells you would have gotten from him."

<*> OOCly, Sybix says, "Poor wizard botched his sanity roll."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Apart from my complaining, I did enjoy tonight. Just didn't seem I could get anything right."

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "For the record, I'd like to say that I in no way endorse nor approve of Carudan's torture of vampires. Though that would have been kinda cool, in a quentin tarantino sort of way..."

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "And this ocming from a guy who's never seen any.."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Okay, 720 EXP all around, and vote for RP."

Usha pages: Carudan

Estivan pages: Carudan

Carudan pages: estivan

Sybix pages: Hmm.. Seems I shouldn't have withdrawn. Ah well.

Silver pages: Arden.

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "You know, I think she's starting to respect Estivan (not actually --like--, mind) and dislike Silver some more."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Blaw, I think that I've sort of failed on this onem Damn finals ate up all my time."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "I'm sorry about all the screw ups."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Don't sweat it. I know what it's like when the group splits up."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "And Carudan gets the 400 EXP."

<*> OOCly, Sybix says, "Hey, at least your players show up regularly.. you're suceeding there."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Wow, 5th lvl exactly"

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "And it was especiually chaoot.. whoa!"

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "Dislike Silver? *boggles*"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "It's more like I'm sorry about inadveertantly take away your thunder..."

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "Man, I missed something good. Darn angry clerics, always miss the good stuff ;-)"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe needs more party cohesive game plans.

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Just seems a bit passive-aggressive, and prone to walking off in a huff to do his own thing rather than talking to others."

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "Bah! I thought it was great, especialy as I could set aand relax half the time while my character sulked ;^)"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Joe, I am going to roll for Hp."

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "He's not a people-person"

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "And yes, I realise I cost you the free spells. If information on a necromancer in the areas doesn't defray the cost, I'll fund it."

Estivan rolls 1d12 and gets: 2 Total: 2

Sybix mocks Estivan

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Ok, Joe did you see that?"

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "Read pages for why I was not part of the grat vampire killing debate."

<*> OOCly, Sybix says, "Where are the logs posted, anyhoo?"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "My site."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "http://apeman81.tripod.com/the-gamers-table/"

Usha pages: Don't worry. You handled it quite well. The interrogation thing....an understandable mistake. Aside from that, it was just other players, and the dice, and I'd not ask for either to be changed.

Usha pages: Also, there will be two things I'll be doing when able. One is to finally get that damn axe analysed.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Okay."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Well with that last HP roll of mine I am roughly equal with Usha"

Usha pages: Another is to set up a part-time fighting training course for anyone who wants to apply, free of charge.

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Hope I wasn't too whiney tonight."

You paged Usha with 'Would you say Usha would be.. a strict counciler type in some way?'.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Same here."

You paged Usha with 'That sounds good.'.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "No, I prefer a little over whiney than under, I know how things are going."

Usha pages: Eh? No, just offering to help out those who want to learn self-defence. Also, to assess the likelihood of forming something bigger in the future.

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "I like this game, but through the luck of the dice mainly, I haven't really had a chance to show off or do much impressive."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe will try and balance things out a bit in the future.

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "I'm sure karma will snap back soon. You want to know something funny? I picked up sneak attack last session, and now we're off to fight undead."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "You went Rouge?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Yes, I do have to sai I'm sort of diapointed that the halfing vampire didn't get a chance to back-bite somebody."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Yeah, he kinda sucked. ;-)"

<*> OOCly, Sybix says, "Where did you guys find a gas form proof chest, anyways?"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "He royally sucked."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Normal chest, sealed with candlewax or such. Doesn't have to be a strong sealant, just enough to stop gas."

<*> OOCly, Sybix nods

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "I just wanted to do something different than the regular vampire that's tall, dark, and dangerous. He was short and skeezy."

Usha pages: Something I'd suggest is to expand the descriptions of places where something dramatic happenes. Perhaps write it up before hand and C/P.

You paged Usha with 'I know, it's just I didn't have the time to do so with finals and switching computers and such. You know.'.

<*> OOCly, Sybix says, "I bet they made fun of him a lot, at Vampire School."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Still, we know where his base is. Sort of."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Joe, on another topic, what will you do if a character dies and can't be or chooses not to be resurrected?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Well you already sacked HIS lair."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "His lair was the inn?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Hmmm, move on most likely."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Yep, lot of fresh victums there that will most likely moving on soon."

Usha pages: Well, just the major stuff. How many people here? Anything that could be hazardous to a fighter? Anything that would make for a good stunt?

You paged Usha with 'Takes notes.'.


<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Did I drop anybody else around?"

<*> OOCly, Elemental says, "I'm sure next week will be better. We seem to do well when we have a clear goal."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "True, and hopefully this won't be a really big dungeon, but a tense one..."

<*> OOCly, Elemental says, "And maybe...."

<*> OOCly, Elemental says, "Just maybe...."

<*> OOCly, Elemental says, "I'll get that damn axe analysed."

<*> OOCly, Elemental says, "I've forgotten about it for two weeks...."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Yes, then the BIG plot will start going."

<*> OOCly, Elemental says, "I just want to sell the thing."

Smokin_Joe gives the Evil GM Smile tm.

<*> OOCly, Sybix says, "Hmm.. You need some maniacal laughter, there."

Elemental pages: And forgive any bitchiness. I really like this game--it's a nice change.


<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "MWHAHAH-HAHAHMAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!"

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "And the cough at the end."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Joe, should I give you more evil idea?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "NO!"

<*> OOCly, Sybix says, "I've always preffered to lead with a nice 'Bwa' myself, but that'll do."

<*> OOCly, Sybix pats Estivan "Leave the Shoulder Demoning to those not involved in the game. He couldn't use your ideas even if he wanted to."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Well Bwa, is more evil wizard/vampire, mwa is definate mad scientist."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Oh, he can use them....you don't know how evil they really are."

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "Unless you are a class 1 shoulder demon unlimited, you shouldn't try to give evil ideas in the game you are in."

<*> OOCly, Sybix says, "I still say he should give someone the Ring of the Freudian Slip"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Yea, and you got to be union around here."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe gave them the Ring of Spiffyness, isn't that enough?

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "And I am a blood scap,. bwwaHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Er Bloody"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Er scab]"

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "I like that Ring."

<*> OOCly, Elemental says, "Something I don't get. Why would the shoulder demon dress up as a demon? Why not just garrotte the shoulder angel, steal his clothes, and pretend to be him?"

<*> OOCly, Sybix says, "Actually, we've got a nice system here. We give the Shoulder Angel a nice kickback to give sappy advice."

<*> OOCly, Sybix says, "That way, the ST is more likely to listen to the Shoulder Demon. We come off as less.. stupid."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Because the shoulder angel will only reappear and blow off the shoulder demons head."

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "That explains Hunter soo well."

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "The Shoulder Demon impersonating the Shoulder Angel."

<*> OOCly, Elemental says, "Oh, you reminded me of a quote. Been collecting them again."

<*> OOCly, Sybix says, "Cool beans"

<*> OOCly, Elemental says, ""Imagine you're at a Chinese buffet. You go there a lot. The food's good, service is friendly enough, and it's cheap. It provides you with sustenance, and you barely have to think about it. You take that Chinese buffet for granted. Then, one night, as you're heaping some lo mein onto your plate, the General Tso's Chicken blows your goddam head off with a shotgun. That's why I dig Hunter. 'Cause you get to play General Tso's Chicken with a shotgun.""

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Where's that from?"

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "ROFL"

<*> OOCly, Sybix says, "Funky, funky chicken."

<*> OOCly, Elemental says, "RPGNet, from ages ago."

Elemental has disconnected.

Silver has disconnected.

Estivan has disconnected.

<*> OOCly, Sybix pokes Carudan "That a PC or NPC?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "He's a PC>"


Qui docet, discit.

- He who teaches, learns.

********** OGR Disconnected **********

MAIL: Mailbox purged.