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Estivan pages: Also, can we say Estivan took twenty on remaking that barding into MW Breastplate so he would have it done?

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay, time, we'll be starting in a few minutes, everybody give me your current HP, you know the drill."

<OOC> Estivan says, "72/72"

<OOC> Carudan says, "56/56"

Arden rolls 1d8 and gets: 4 Total: 4

<OOC> Arden says, "3939"

<OOC> Silver says, "42/42"

<OOC> Arden says, "Nope it 41/41"

Estivan pages: Er MW Breastplate bardding?

Sybix has connected.

You paged Estivan with 'yes.'.

Estivan pages: Cool.

<OOC> Sybix points at Smokin_Joe "That man is the Devil hisself."

It's been a week since the party, and things are getting back to normal or as normal as they could be around a wizard's college. While out and about your various duties, you can hear a bit of shouting from the infermary. Once over there you can see Ferigral on a crutch trying to hobble his way out with the dwarven nurse yelling at him.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "^_^"

<OOC> Sybix says, "You made my brain hurt."

Estivan walks around and happens arcoss Feringal and the nurse, "Good morning Feringal, I see you are feeling somewhat better.

Arden pages: (You want for me to just show back up to the group)

Estivan is currently dress in rather plainclothes, with a smithy's apron on and carrying various tools with hi,

You paged Arden with 'If you would please...'.

Estivan pages: BTW, what sort of benifits would there be in working on the fire plane forge we found in the catacombs.

Arden comes walking up after about a weeks absense to the gods know where.

Ferigral mutters out a snyde little comment while slipping on his crutch. "I told the daft fool that he's not well enough to go up and about! I've seen some bad cases out here but this guy seems like he was ravaged by Talos herself..."

Estivan says "Good morning Blue Dragon."

Estivan says "Pardon Madam Dwarf Talos is the God of Storms, Talona is the Godess of Pestilance."

Arden says "Morning Estivan. Whats the deal here. What happened to Ferigral"

Estivan glares at the nurse and shakes he head with a little smirk.

She hits herself in the head, "But I've been up all night treating this whiner, I'm surprised that I even got that close." He mutters and says, "Then I would think that you'd be glad to be rid of me..."

<OOC> Estivan says, "brb"

You paged (Carudan, Silver) with 'You alright? Doing your own thing?'.

Carudan pages: My own thing may consist of sleep. I'm losing the good fight!

You paged Carudan with 'That's bad...'.

Estivan glares at Feirngal, "

Silver pages: Just waiting until the game demands my attention.

Estivan says "Its her job and duty to take care of you. You do remeber something of duty, don't your Feringal. Wasn't it a friends act of duty that prompted your choice to abandon Tyr?"

Carudan pages: Carudan would probably be out meeting with Lathander's people about building the sanctuary.

You paged Carudan with 'Okay, you got a diplomacy or appraise skill?'.

Carudan pages: nope on both counts

Estivan says "Have you thought about Death, Ferinal, of where you might be put, how you muight be judged at Kelevmor's court?"

Ferigal says, "Yes, we were plegded to help those who needed it, but I don't, and there is nothing more she can do for me. That and I need to do something..."

Estivan says "What is it you need to do Feringal?"

Ferigal and the nurse looks at Estivan in unison until the earlier says, "Well aren't you a pleasant fellow this morning?"

You paged Carudan with 'Well roll a straight charisma check.'.

Estivan says "I had a bad dream last night, or at least part of it was bad."

Estivan rubs his left cheek,"Part of it was really nice, the rest was really not so.

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 17 Total: 17

Carudan pages: Whoa, I guess that's... 18

You paged Carudan with 'They grant you permision to build a shrine to Torm in the woods, how big an area were you looking to buy?'.

Smokin_Joe's eyes start to look a bit sleepy at Estivan before turning and hobbles off in the direction of the library.

Estivan shivers, "It must have been the Evermead I had lastnight.

Carudan pages: just a couple of acres... the equivilent to two or four square acres, depnding on the price.

Estivan follow, curious as to what Feringal needs to do.

Arden having nothing better to do follows along silently

Ferigral keeps going for several yards, but slips, falling flat on his face, "Damn it!" He turns to those following him, "It would be too much to ask if someone coudl bring my a diving pool or something?"

Estivan helps Feringal up, "A what?

You paged Carudan with 'I'll say that it's about 1000 GP per acre.'.

Carudan pages: then 2,000 for the equivilent of two square acres of land centered on the clearing where Torm's wooden message fell from teh heavens

Feringal doesn't resist Estivan, but simply keeps looking down on the floor, "I have to contact someone that was coming around to my house to pick something up, and since everything's been cleared out, she probably wouldn't bother..."

You paged Carudan with 'Alright, you got the money? You get it.'.

Carudan pages: Yep. Ig et it and I spend it. What sort of documentation do I receive?

Estivan says "Who do you speak of and what was she going to get."

You paged Carudan with 'You get a couple contracts you have to sign, but about 3 copies total.'.

Carudan pages: I sign the contracts and thank who ever I made the deal with profusely.

Carudan pages: wait, I want to look over them first

He sighs, "I was going to sell her that Drow Spellbook, she seemed rather interested in it, not as much as that egg, but still, was worth a few coins."

Carudan pages: Any red flags in teh contract?

Estivan says "So who and what is this person you speak of?"

You paged Carudan with 'Don't defile said land with fire, noise, or other nastiness, and permision to build a shrine, cottage, or outhouse on that area.'.

Arden says "What is in that spell book? I haven't had time to decipher it. Been busy with other things."

<OOC> Sybix says, "Ahem. 'Yo mamma, Esty.'"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Which egg is he talking about?"

Carudan pages: Fire? Are we talking any fire at all, or bonfires, forest fires, etc?

Ferigral says, "I got most of it translated, it was mostly evocation and transformation, so I couldn't use half of the book, and try as I might, I can't speak Drow..."

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

You paged Carudan with 'Nothing like big old bonfires or forest fires, you can have camp fires and such, but not much bigger. Basiclly anything that'll be an eyesore.'.

Estivan says "And what is so important about this egg?"

Arden says "I am going to have to take some time to read that book."

Estivan glares at Feringal, "YOu still haven't told use who and what this she is.

Usha has connected.

<OOC> Estivan says, "Hey El."

Carudan pages: Carudan nods as he reads the contract, then signs at the places where his signature is required

Ferigal sighs, "It was this woman, I don't know exactly who she is, she's a great sorcererss, that's about all I know. Sounds elven and sounded like she was around Neverwinter though..."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Hello El!"

<OOC> Sybix says, "Level 12? Half fiend?"

<OOC> Usha says, "Hi. Sorry I'm late, phone was needed for some very long, very important, virus scan information."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay."

<OOC> Usha says, "Oh, that explains the MSN login."

<OOC> Usha says, "For all four computers."

Estivan says "She didn't give you her name?"

Ferigral says "No, we dealt in gold, gems, and a few magical items, she seemed alright. When I first started to loot some of the drow tombs, in one of them, they had a preserved, pickled Shadow Dragon egg in there. Since it was of no use to me, I sent a couple of disguised zombies out to post a few things at magical college message boards asking if anybody would want it. She replied and seemed rather desperate to get it. She paid me a rather fine price for it though..."

<OOC> Estivan says, "brb"

<OOC> Sybix says, "Mmm.. Pickled egg! Yummy!"

Usha says "How far back was this?"

You paged Carudan with 'And the land is yours!'.

Estivan jumps as he heard Usha's voice and then turns tword her, "WHen did you arrive?

Carudan pages: Woo Hooo! Party at my place! Beers and bonfires for everyon-I mean, thank you sirs ;^)

<OOC> Usha says, "I assumed I was plotholed."

Ferigral says "About a couple of months or so. We kept in touch, selling information between us. We only communicated verbally for obvious reasons so I can't tell you what she looks like."

<OOC> Usha says, "Simpler than just coming up with some silly reason why I wasn't there."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Yes you were."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Damn, recon my post then"

Ferigral turns to Arden, "Avoid page 241, there's a nasty illistration of illithid anatomy on there. It even made me sick."

Estivan says "So you need a divining pool to tell her your were raided and captured?"

Ferigral says "Mostly to say deal's off and keep out of my stuff."

<OOC> Sybix says, "Japanesse Schoolgirl + Illithid = Drow Pornography?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "No, Japanesse Schoolgril+ Illithid= Light snack"

<OOC> Sybix says, "No, J. Schoolgirl + Illithid + Snuff = Drow Pr0n"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Illthids are fircken asexual. They don't have a sex drive, plus there tenticles are far too short"

Ferigral says "Although a few weeks ago she called, rather agitated and wanted to ask where there was a fortification of some humanoids..."

<OOC> Usha says, "It's them Krakens you have to watch out for."

<OOC> Sybix says, "Doesn't mean the Drow can't dream, now does it?"

Usha says "And where is it? And who is it?"

Estivan says "Well, there was a fortified village of Kobolds blown to bits about a few weeks back"

<OOC> Estivan says, "That was."

Ferigral says "It was a little colony a couple of miles away from here, actually pretty much closer if I remember correctly. But what she wanted with kobolds is beyond me..."

Usha says "I find it a bit more implausible she'd ask help for dealing with them."

Estivan looks at Usha.

Arden says "I could think of two kobolds I would be willing to give her."

Estivan says "Are you pondering what I am pondering?"

Ferigral says "Besides, I can't do that, I'm crap with Evocation. She said they ran away with something of her's after doing some deal, the gold was good, so I didn't ask questions."

<OOC> Carudan says, "I think so, but where are we going to find a pair of leiderhosen that large?"

You paged Carudan with 'The priest look at you a bit odd, congradulate you and show you the door.'.

Estivan says "Well that village was blow up by some unknown enties a few weeks ago."

Ferigral says "Hmm, wonder what they did to piss her off..."

Carudan pages: Carudan walks to his new property to relax for a while and enjoy the feeling of ownership, even if it's technically for Torm.

Usha says "Leave no witnesses, I'd assume. A quick question....how fast do those Shadow Dragons grow?"

Estivan says "Well, there leader was a megnomagial arraogent prick who like to imperinate psuedodragons."

Estivan says "Um, Usha, pull our your copy of the book, it might have that in there."

<OOC> Usha says, "And is it called "Norbert"?"

You paged Carudan with 'On your way back, getting to the edge of town, you can see a gremlin student standing outside a large in named "The Sour Pickle" and seems to be humming. However the student is just eyeing the place evilly.'.

Usha has a look.

Estivan says "But didn't you say that it was preserve and pickled?"

Ferigral says "I don't know... about the same rate regular dragons grow? Take decades to equal a year in our terms."

Carudan pages: walks up to the student quietly, so that he doesn't notice. Does he notice anything in particular about the gremlin?

Ferigral looks at Estivan and says, "My he was a queer duck, wasn't he?"

Arden says "Maybe she wanted the Drow book for a spell that could quicken the growth rate of the eggs."

Usha says "In any case, how do we stop them?"

Sybix has disconnected.

Estivan says "With delusion of gradure, he wanted to build a kobold empire and was a nasty likely sorcerer."

You paged Carudan with 'He seems to be waiting impatiently for somebody, muttering, "Damnable place... Wish it would have never opened..."'.

Estivan says "He was also very interested in dragon lore."

Carudan pages: Carudan decides to stay nearby, listening and watching to see who the Gremlin is apparently waiting for. Is there anywhere, not in the inn, that he can keep an eye on teh gremlinn form?

Estivan says "I mean, what can you do with a pickled dragon's egg? You can't grow a dragon out of it."

Ferigral snickers "Yea, like that'll happen. But yea, she was supposed to stop by my place today or tomorrow to pick things up. She didn't say a time, but who knows?"

Usha says "Not a living one."

Estivan says "Who would want a undead egg?"

You paged Carudan with '(Not really, it's like 20 yards to the nearest building and another 20 to the tree line.'.

Ferigral says "It wasn't undead, it was just dead. I should know..."

Estivan says "SO you do, so you need a pool of water of some sort?"

Ferigral nods, a bit weakly.

Estivan says "How big a pool, because there is a really nice trough in the meangrie"

Carudan pages: does he notice me at all, or is he focused on who/what ever he's waiting for

Ferigral says "Just like a bowl or something.

<OOC> Estivan says, "Er set of many troughs"

You paged Carudan with 'He does notice you but isn't much worried about it.'.

Estivan pull out his Merchents scales, takes one of the ends off, set it on the ground and pours some water from a water skin in it, "Will this work?

Ferigral says "Yes, but can we find someplace where I can sit down and do this?"

Carudan pages: Carudan makes as if he's studying the inn, trying to appear as if he's debating whether or not to go in. Does the Gremlin mutter anything else, or glance in a particular direction>

<OOC> Estivan says, "Where's the nearest emty class room."

You paged Carudan with '(What happneed? Your message didn't wrap around...)'.

Carudan pages: weird... looks normal from my end...

You paged Carudan with '(Send it again. Just ctrl+H)'.

<OOC> Estivan says, "test?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Still here."

Carudan pages: Carudan makes as if he's studying the inn, trying to appear as if he's debating whether or not to go in. Does the Gremlin mutter anything else, or glance in a particular direction?

Estivan dumps his bowl and gentally leads Feringal to the nearest empty class room.

Smokin_Joe follows and sits down at the nearest desk, taking your skin and pouring it into the dish again. He then begins to start chanting and waving his bandaged fingers over the bowl.

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 8 Total: 8

Estivan sits near by, listening and being quite.

You paged Carudan with 'He just looks at you and asks, "You going into the house of ill repute as well?"'.

<OOC> Estivan says, "brb"

<OOC> Estivan says, "back"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Page fest?"

The water begins to ripple as Ferigral closes his eyes, concentrating on the dish entirely. You can barely hear a woman's voice mutter, "Not now, I have better things to do than to talk to your sorry hide!" He says, "I just wish to tell you that I had to get out of my lair for the week. Long ritual, I have set my guardians to full attack and reset all the boobytraps, so you might not want too go..." But she interupts, "Really? Well from the looks of the place, it seems like you were cleaned out. So I take it you're calling from a flacid puddle in a dark, dingy cell?"

From afar, Estivan thinks, "She sounds like a horrid wretch of a bitch.

<OOC> Estivan says, "More like out of a bowl of a merchants scale in an unused classroom."

<OOC> Estivan says, "The again it is much the saem things, depedning on your point of view."

Ferigral says "No... I'm just out of..." She interupts, "You can't fool me as easliy as those local townsfolk necromancer! You know what I think? Those 'adept adventurers' are hovering over your shoulder, with a knife to your gut forcing you to talk to me to gain more wealth and magical power. Well, you can tell them that I will not go down as easliy as you or what ever goblin hole they cleared out most recently." The dish suddenly tips over and spills on to the floor.

You paged Carudan with '(?)'.

Usha says "I was worried she'd be reasonable there."

Estivan shakes his head, "She make you look like a saint, Usha.

Ferigral holds the desk, panting and sweating a bit, "She usually is if you can defend yourself, but she knows I'm over a barrel. She's going to exploit the situation to it's fullest.

<OOC> Estivan says, "Er Replace saint with a proper lady"

Arden says "Whats she going to exploit? She has your stuff and has no more use for you."

Ferigral says "Well she already done most of the exploiting, I think she's now just rubbing it in my face..."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe pokes Carudan.

Estivan says "Well, I guess all she needs is the pickled egg and that spell book."

Arden says "How deep down in your pit would she have to go to get the rest of your things?"

Arden pats his side pack.

Arden says "Its a good thing I still have the spell book then."

Ferigral says "Just another level or two, but there was something odd. It didn't sound like she was in my place. I though I could hear... chatter."

Estivan says "Chatter?"

Estivan says "Ardenm where's the egg?"

Arden says "Well that kills my idea of rideing out to your place and stoping her then."

Ferigral says "People talking in the background."

Arden says "I don't have the eggs. Just the book."

Estivan says "Who had the egg last?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "She already has the egg."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Oh, recon that."

Estivan says "What did the chattering sound like?"

Estivan says "Other then people talking."

Ferigral says "Laughing, simple gabbing, and I thought... some cat calls?"

Estivan says "So she was at some sort of public place, a tavern perhapes."

Ferigral says "Yes..."

Usha says "well, we know of one such....."

Estivan glares at Usha, "What are you thinking?

Usha says "It might be there, assuming she's still in the local area."

Estivan galres at Ferignal, "is there any way you can find out where she was at?

Ferigral says, "Well, this is pretty much the closest town of any suitable size around my place, and the main difficulty was in making her to establish contact, so she's close... That and does, 'Daufa ma grunal' mean anything to you?"

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

<OOC> Usha says, "I dunno, Joe. Does it?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "What language was that?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "What languages do you speak, sort of got them confused a bit."

<OOC> Usha says, "Dwarven, Common, Iluskan, Gnome."

<OOC> Arden says, "Elven, Draconic, Sylvan, Gnome,"

(New BB message (11/46) posted to 'OtherMU* Advertisements' by Cer: Tempest MUX)

<OOC> Estivan says, "Tethyrian(Which is a dielect of Chondath), Elven, Common and Alzhedo(Calishami)"

You paged (Usha, Arden) with 'It's 'Take it off baby!' in gnome.'.

<OOC> Estivan counts his laguages, "Oh, I have a laguage slot I forgot to fill.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Something other than Gnome would be a good choice..."

Usha says "Very funny."

Arden says "Thats very disturbing."

Ferigral says "What?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Latanese"

Estivan says "What, you guys undrstood that?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "guys=two"

<OOC> Usha says, "BRB"

Usha has reconnected.

Arden says "A gnome or someone who can speak gnome is there with her having a little to much fun"

<OOC> Estivan says, "WB"

Estivan says "I guess I should go get change, instead of a quite day at the forge. it is time to go out on the town."

Arden says "I don't remember any gnome houses of prostitusion in this city. But I may be wrong."

Estivan says "I know of one gnomsh establishment."

You paged Arden with 'Give me a gather info check from the time you've been out...'.

Estivan says "Meet me outside the mengrie in twenty minutes."

Arden rolls 1d20 and gets: 2 Total: 2

Estivan slips out and heads to his room.

Arden pages: 9

Usha says "I'd make a gnome joke, but I've come up short."

Usha gets ready and meets him there.

Arden says "I going to stash the book some where. Don't want to be going and deleviring it to her now."

Arden pages: Arden goes and sees if that fire gensai he meet at the party will hold the spell book for him till he gets back.

From afar, Estivan chages into one of his really nice set of clothes with his mithril shirt under it, with his sword at it usal place at his hips and take his ohter armour down to the meangerie, put the new breastpaltwe abrding on esperellda, hide his small sheild onder his cape, packs esmerlleda and mets the others.

You paged Arden with 'She'll gladly do so for another date.'.

Arden pages: Arden gladly agrees

You paged Estivan with 'You do so.'.

Arden meets the others after stashing the book

Estivan mets the other, walking esmeralda who is deceted out in a supreamy craft suit of Breatplate barding. Esstivan himself seams armed only with his facey clothes and his scimitars.

From afar, Estivan his new dirks is in his boot btw.

Usha has partially disconnected.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Where you be going?"

Estivan looks at the others, "Well get your horses. We need to stay the nigth there or more as not to arouse to much suspition.

Estivan gets on Esmerellda and heads to the Gnome inn he stayed at first session.

Usha goes there.

You get there and the place is rather quiet. The common room has a few people in there, quietly listening to a string quartet play on a little floor stage.

Silver pages: And what do you want that for, Verliserias?

Estivan stables his horse pays the stable boys and goes in.

You paged Silver with 'She smiles and says, "Because it's mine. You honestly didn't think a kobold could possibly make something as complicated as that?"'.

Estivan finds the Gnomish propritor.

<OOC> Estivan says, "What is his name?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Norman."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Surname?"

Usha hunches over a bit as she walks in.

Silver pages: Truthfully, no. So I take it you are behind the torching of that village.

Norman says, "Ah, Mr. Estivan, pleased to see you again. Have you come by for our recidal?"

Arden walks in keep his ears open for the voice of the women or the gnome speaker.

You paged Silver with 'When your servants try to steal your plans to form their own empire, you can't take it too likely. I delt with them appropriately."'.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Listen check Arden."

Arden rolls 1d20 and gets: 2 Total: 2

<OOC> Arden says, "12"

<OOC> Arden says, "Whats the deal. My two rolls today have sucked"

You paged Arden with 'You don't hear anything like raunchy gnomes anywhere around here.'.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Could be worse, but not my much."

Estivan says "Greeting my good gnome, yes that and something else. I am also looking for some information."

Silver pages: Servents eh? Good help is soo hard to find, these days. So how pleased would you be to know that I used that scroll to whipe my behind?

"Oh what sort of information? Our hard candies won't be in until next week if that's what you're asking..."

Usha says "Do you serve elves in here?"

Estivan says "No, its not about the candies, I am looking for a elvish woman from the North, a spellcaster of some power whom I heard wa in twon. I have you seen someone like that this day?"

You paged Silver with 'She growls and strikes out with her claw, grasping your throat and lifting you a bit off the floor, "Then I would say that your spine would make an excellent garder belt!"'.

<OOC> Usha says, "Well, there goes the joke."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Yes with red wine sauce. Sorry, but Estivan is dense soemtimes"

Norman says "Well we serve all races in here of course, except for orcs, goblins, and the like. Who would want one of them dirtying up the same hallway they're occupying..."

From afar, Silver struggles a bit. "Then, gherk, let me remove the belt you have on now." (Unbuckle. Yes it will get me too but might as well tick 'em off on the way down)

Usha says "It's a drow we're looking for, though it may have been in disguise."

"Hmm, no I can't say that I've seen anybody like that around here, I'm sorry."

Estivan says "can you suggest any place it twon we might find some information about such a person?"

Arden whispers to Usha "What proof do we have that the woman is a drow. Just becuse she wants a drow book means nothing."

"Have you tried the college?"

Estivan says "Yes, I just came from there."

<OOC> Usha says, "Well, ignore that if something was said before I came in that contradicted all the drow talk I heard."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Nope, nothing did."

<OOC> Estivan says, "it very well might be a Drow."

<OOC> Usha says, "Could have sworn. Sigh. Retcon."

You paged Silver with 'She gives a bit of a snicker as your spell goes off, "Is that the best you can do? I am severly disapointed... I thought you were a great silver mage, but you use such a childish spell?" She then throws you down to the floor and says, "Let me show you what a true sorceress can do!" as she starts to chant, a javlin of energy forming in her hand.'.

<OOC> Estivan says, "Why are you reconing?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "You can have that as what Usha thinks."

Silver pages: (Any windows near by?)

"Well I don't know where she would be? Do you have any other leads?"

<OOC> Usha says, "I don't pose what my characters think."

You paged Silver with '(Only the one behind her, but the locked door is right behind you.) She tosses the spear and it sears into your flesh and soul, stripping some of your magical allowment for today. Take 35 HP damage.'.

Estivan says "Just aht she was in what sounded like a tavern or place where people gather when the only other thing understanible was a gnomish phrase, I think it was well I don"

Estivan says "Just aht she was in what sounded like a tavern or place where people gather when the only other thing understanible was a gnomish phrase, I think it was well I don't speak the laguage, Usha could you tell the good know the phrase?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Sorry, nevermind what I said."

<OOC> Estivan says, "know=gnome"

Usha conveys it.

Usha says "And that's not a request."

Silver pages: OK, bitch that was low. You need to chill. (Breath and aiming it to hit her and the floor. At least that should get some attention)

Norman looks a tad disgusted as you say it, "Oh... it would be that dreadful place the Sour Piclke on the outskirts of town. A truely dispicable place, I hear that they have nearly nude ogres on stage. Who would want to see that sort of filth?"

You paged Silver with 'Roll damage.'.

Usha says "Ogres, maybe?"

Silver rolls 6d8 and gets: 1/1/4/1/3/8 Total: 18

Estivan hands the gnome a platium piece, "Thank you for the infomation good, I hope to compesates for the foul images our questions convayed.

<OOC> Estivan says, "to=this"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Er good gnome"

Norman accepts the piece and says, "I believe it would. I thank you good sir, and please come by again once you have the chance."

Estivan says "I will sir, and my I stable my horse here for the evening, I don't want her to go near such a flithy place. Its bad enough I will."

Arden says "I would rather not go near that place either."

Usha says "Worried she'll get jealous of an ogre stripper?>"

Estivan glares at Usha, "No, it the smell of such I don't want her to be expouse and get ill.

Usha says "You've got more chains to pull than a moulting kyton. I was joking."

You paged Silver with 'Verliserias grimices a bit as you breathe a bit, you notices it does hurt her, but not much, she looks at you pittifully and sighs, "You poor thing, I remember when I was like that, such a long time ago... And I bet you can't give me another eh? I am begining to wonder if you were even worthy of your draconic heritage..."'.

Estivan cracks a slight smile, "I know.

Estivan says "Now lets get going."

Estivan give both his companions a commanding glare and then heads to that nasty place at the outskirts of town.

Silver pages: (The floor look weakened by the ice? If so I am going to try and dive through it, if not pulling otu a tanglefoot bag to try to get access to the window.

You get there and this seems to definately be the place, when just outside you can hear roudy cries from inside, and up in one of the second story windows, you can see a little flash of light.

You paged Silver with '( It looks a little weakened, yes. )'.

From afar, Silver tries to bust through the floor to escape to freedom.

Estivan heads into the place, not wanting to knwo what that flash of ligth was.

You paged Silver with 'Give me a tumble or straight dex check.'.

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 15 Total: 15

Estivan says "Never have I seen a more wretched place."

Silver rolls 1d20 and gets: 1 Total: 1

<OOC> Silver says, "Well at least the dice are cooperating in the grand sceme of things here."

Arden follows in

<OOC> Estivan waits for the describtion of the place.

<OOC> Estivan says, "A biscuit for who guess what my next line would be."

You paged Silver with 'You manage to dive directly into her foot as it swings about to kick you while you're down. Take 6 damage. "Well I must say this was very disapointing, I was expecting much more of a fight from you, but I didn't want to endanger this..." She reaches into your pouch and gets the scroll.'.

As you enter the common room you can see that there are two distinct sections of this place, the left is part resturant with various tables where cards and other games of chance are played, the other half is rife with stages that has about every race represented by a scantily clad, gyrating member of the female species. A few males in the corner though. In the middle there is a stairway leading up.

From afar, Silver grits his teeth. "Yeah well, I'm only being nice because you're cute." He grabs the Fairy Dragon Pendent and poofs to the smaller form hoping to be able to dodge to the window.

You paged Silver with 'Once again tumble check.'.

Estivan looks around in disgusted, "Never was there such a wretched hive of scum and villiany.

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 13 Total: 13

Arden says "Lets get this over with quick."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Everybody give me listen checks."

Estivan looks around for anyone who looks or sounds like our quarry.

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 12 Total: 12

Arden rolls 1d20 and gets: 15 Total: 15

Usha says "+roll 1d20"

<OOC> Estivan says, "16"

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 13 Total: 13

<OOC> Usha says, "17"

<OOC> Arden says, "25"

Silver has disconnected.

Silver has connected.

You paged (Usha, Arden) with 'You can hear above you and to the left, faint thumping.'.

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

Silver pages: Last saw my page

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "There is no sign of Silver down here."

You paged Silver with 'Tumble check.'.

<OOC> Estivan says, "We weren't looking for Silver, but for the Elven chick."

Silver rolls 1d20 and gets: 2 Total: 2

<OOC> Estivan says, "We heard from the bowl I mean"

Usha says "Hmmm, coital stereo."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Oops, sorry, you see everal elven chicks, but they don't seem like the wizarding types."

Silver pages: Thats a 6 unless there are size bonuses

Arden points to the stairs "Shall we go up"

Estivan walks over to his companions, red faces as if he had never been exposed to such before, "Up you say, you first.

Usha goes up.

Arden goes up keeping his keen earing on alert

Estivan 's yes linger on the nude form of a Calhsite woman as he acendes the stairs...

Usha does't seem the least bit perturbed by any of this.

You paged Silver with '(There are, but it isn't enough) Laughing at the new form you taken, she winds up and smacks you upside the head, ramming you into the door opposite herself. "Well I have to say that this form suits you much more. Small, pitiful, defenseless... But I would rather see the last look on your face..." As she says this she casts another spell and you return to your regular self.'.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Another listen check please."

Arden rolls 1d20 and gets: 1 Total: 1

<OOC> Estivan says, "Imageing a stirct Cathloic boy going in a nudy bar for he first time and that is like what Estivan is experiancing."

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 15 Total: 15

<OOC> Arden says, "11"

<OOC> Estivan says, "19"

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 12 Total: 12

<OOC> Usha says, "16"

You paged (Estivan, Usha) with 'You can hear something smack against one of the doors to your left, and a familiar voice chanting.'.

Usha points to a door. "There."

Silver pages: Argh! Go ahead. My familar has just relayed everything. I might buy it but the price on your head will cover my funeral costs a hundred times over."

Estivan point to a door, "There!

Arden puts a hand on his sword and nods to the others

Estivan pull a small steel sheild out form under his cape and then tests the hadle

You paged Silver with 'Let them try! I've been slaying do-gooders and dragon slayers ever since I've been born. It'll just be another notch on my belt..." As she says that, she raise up her pants and locks them back into place.'.

<OOC> Estivan says, "Er of the door"

From afar, Silver spins around and tries to claw slash her face.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "It's locked, and you can hear a male screaming in there."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Roll."

Silver rolls 1d20 and gets: 5 Total: 5

Silver pages: 11

Estivan backs up and rams the door shield first.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Str. check."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Or let the rouge handle it..."

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 10 Total: 10

<OOC> Estivan says, "16"

<OOC> Estivan says, "What Type of door is it?"

<OOC> Usha says, "I don't think smearing makeup on the door will help...."

The door shatters under Estivan's charge and in front of you, you can see a bloody and burnt Silver clawing at a beautiful elvish woman, save for the fact she's half red dragon. Her clothes are particularly fine, and the cape definately points that she is in fact a mage. Unfortunately his claws just glaze the scales of her face, she sighs and says, "No dear Silver, THIS is how you do it!" as she thrusts her claws into Silver's chest, and coming out his back. Once pulling out her claw out, she notices you all for the first time, "Ah, hello children, now any other day I would try and play with you all, but I don't think you are up to my caliber. That and I already have my prize," as she shakes the scroll you lifted from the kobold so long ago.

Usha breathes fire on her and it.

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 20 Total: 20

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Roll damage."

Usha rolls 3d6 and gets: 1/5/2 Total: 8

Silver gurls. "Bloody hell." And falls over dead before being pyred.

<OOC> Usha says, "I know she's immune, I want to destroy the scroll."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "That's what the reflex roll was for."

<OOC> Estivan says, "I think it made it's save."

<OOC> Usha says, "Half damage."

A split second before her breath wreaks havoc, setting everything around her on fire, she puts the scroll behind her back and in a pocket of her cloak, keeping it safe from the flames. "Nice try, but I think you can do better..."

<OOC> Usha says, "Inits?"

Estivan draws his scimitar and yells a battle cry, tinged with anguish over the death of a comrade.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Naw, let you all go first, then her."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Roll to hit."

<OOC> Usha says, "Delaying, waiting for someone else."

<OOC> Arden says, "I need you guys to distracter so I can go."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "DC 28"

Estivan charges, slashing with a powerful blow(Chrage, Power attack 6)

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "OOCly go?"

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 5 Total: 5

<OOC> Estivan says, "14."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Arden."

Arden sneaks around the room behind her while the others keep her busy.

Usha waits for signs of spellcasting, then ducks behind her, and attacks with the sword.

Estivan misses horribly and she just sighs, "You're a disgrace to everything draconic, you know that?"

Estivan glares at her, "And you disgrace all that is living.

<OOC> Estivan says, "brb"

She sighs, "Well I think that this game should end children, and teach you what happens when you have REAL draconic blood flowing through your veins!" she starts chanting a magic spell, not even bothering to take a step back.

<OOC> Usha says, "Attacking."

<OOC> Usha says, "Tumble"

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 14 Total: 14

<OOC> Usha says, "Attack, flanking."

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 16 Total: 16

<OOC> Usha says, "27"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Back."

<OOC> Usha says, "Does that hit?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Just one short, sorry."

<OOC> Usha says, "Including lack of Dex bonus, and flanking bonus?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "28 was the same ac you gave me."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Oh, sorry, okay, then yes, you hit."

Usha rolls 1d8 and gets: 4 Total: 4

Usha rolls 1d6 and gets: 2 Total: 2

<OOC> Usha says, "13 damage."

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 1 Total: 1

Arden attemps to pick pocket the scroll before she can do anything serious.

<OOC> Estivan says, "Dc 23 concetration check"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Crap."

The half-dragon witch is knocked back into Arden at Usha's blow, whiping a bit of blood off the corner of her cheek, she says, "Well, it seems that some do have The Fire in their bellies..."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Roll for it Arden."

Arden rolls 1d20 and gets: 15 Total: 15

<OOC> Arden says, "25"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "You manage to snag it, but are under the elven-dragon lady at the moment. You can make an escape artist check to get free."

Arden rolls 1d20 and gets: 7 Total: 7

<OOC> Arden says, "14"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "You manage to wiggle out from under her."

<OOC> Arden says, "Is there a window in this room"

She slowly stands up and says, "Well, I have to congradulate you Usha, not many have managed to draw my blood..."

<OOC> Silver says, "Yes. ANd unlike my attempt, I don't think she is blocking it this time."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Yes, behind you."

Arden stuffs the scroll in his pants and bolts for the window diving out of it.

Usha says "Aww, thanks."

She sees Arden diving out of the window and runs to follow suit. (Can take an AoO if you wish)

<OOC> Usha says, "What do you think? Take her alive, or just kill her and have a cleric Speak With Dead?"

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 3 Total: 3

<OOC> Estivan says, "Takes it."

<OOC> Usha says, "nope."

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 11 Total: 11

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Total?"

<OOC> Arden says, "Right now I wish I had one spell that did fire damage. I would burn that scroll to peices."

<OOC> Estivan says, "24 I think, and what's the bonus for flank and her trying to run?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "+2"

<OOC> Usha says, "Put it in your mouth and use your breath weapon."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Acully she has to get up first right?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Nope. Already up and moving."

<OOC> Estivan says, "So 26?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "I think that might hit..."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Bucause she lossed her dex bonus if she is flacked right?"

<OOC> Usha says, "Yes."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Go ahead, do damage."

Estivan rolls 1d6 and gets: 4 Total: 4

<OOC> Estivan says, "11"

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 2 Total: 2

As you two take your shots at her back, she crashes a few seconds after Arden, as he is in the air, her cape flurs out, revealing a pair of feathery red wings, grasping Arden. With a beat of her wings she goes higher and whispers into the Blue Dragon's ear, "The scroll unless you wish your entrails scattered about the landscape..."

<OOC> Usha says, "No grapple check?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "I really thin she should get a grapple check and arden would land first."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Alright..."

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 13 Total: 13

<OOC> Estivan says, "N/M the last part."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Geez, try to be cinematic..."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe p

<OOC> Usha says, "We have to roll to be cinematic."

<OOC> Estivan says, "We are"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay."

<OOC> Arden says, "She has both hands on me right."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "One holding you and one waiting for the scroll."

<OOC> Arden says, "I can move my head around"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Not directly behind you, but yes."

<OOC> Estivan says, "I assume she got the grapple then."

Arden says "Your not getting the scroll" leans his head down and aims where he put the scroll letting losses his lightning breath."

<OOC> Usha says, "It's an opposed roll."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay then, Arden roll to avoid the grapple."

<OOC> Silver says, "El, trust me when I say this. This lady can pull this off."

Arden rolls 1d20 and gets: 6 Total: 6

<OOC> Arden says, "At most I got like 10"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "So she got you good."

<OOC> Arden says, "Okay then I do the action I posted earlier."

<OOC> Estivan says, "By the throat I would assume"

She growls as she sees the scroll chared by Arden's breath, he circles about and tosses the rouge back throught the window they both came through.

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 11 Total: 11

<OOC> Usha says, "Charred? What's it made from, titanium?!"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "He goes straight through the window."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Well charred as in to a crisp."

<OOC> Usha says, "We back on inits yet?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Nope, she's not coming back into the room."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Electrity, it might not have effected it as bad as fire would,"

<OOC> Usha says, "How far away is she right now?"

Instead of going through the window she rises over the roof of the house.

Usha leaps out of the window (Boots, x2 distance) and attempts to grapple the lady in mid-air as she passes by.

<OOC> Usha says, "Jump check."

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 6 Total: 6

<OOC> Usha says, "17"

<OOC> Usha says, "27, sorry. Bonus."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "You successfully jump out of the window at her, yes."

<OOC> Usha says, "Dropping weapon and shield as I do so (free action)"

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 4 Total: 4

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 3 Total: 3

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "What's your melee bonus?"

<OOC> Usha says, "Total grapple bonus of +11"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "She has one of 12."

(New BB message (11/47) posted to 'OtherMU* Advertisements' by Toren: Skies Above Mush)

<OOC> Estivan says, "Usha grapples, because attacker wins!"

<OOC> Usha says, "What do I land on?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Or is it Defender wins?"

<OOC> Usha says, "OK. I'll try to use Tumble to roll when I hit the ground or roof, then get back up there (x2 speed, and jumping bonus) and try again"

<OOC> Estivan says, "You both had totals of 15 if I calculated right."

<OOC> Usha says, "That's right....not sure who wins there."

Usha manages to jump out at the half-dragon elf, but after a hard smack to the head by the back of her wings, our brass heroine is knocked off and falls to land on a pair of drunken half-orcs that are leaving the establishment. As she falls, the half dragon flaps there in the air for a second before letting out her own gout of flame, aimed at the room Estivan and Arden are currently occupying. (Reflex save you guys.)

<OOC> Usha says, "Are we back on inits yet?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "I rule defender wins usually."

<OOC> Usha says, "OK"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Should Usha get some bonus for that manuver?"

You publicly roll 7d10 and get: 9/3/7/4/7/7/5 Total: 42

Arden rolls 1d20 and gets: 12 Total: 12

<OOC> Arden says, "20"

<OOC> Usha says, "She's sure getting a lot of actions here....."

<OOC> Estivan says, "I would assume that Flakned bonus would aplly."

<OOC> Estivan says, "You skipped my action twice."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "You make it."

<OOC> Usha says, "Hold on...."

<OOC> Usha says, "She grabbed Arden, and then I tried to grapple."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Estivan, you have your action before she breaths, what do you do?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Yep Joe, you have been skipping ours actions her."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Usha did her attempted grapple as the bitch was holding arden."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "So take you bloody action!"

<OOC> Usha says, "In that case, neither party in a grapple has a Dex bonus."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "No, he's back in the room."

<OOC> Usha says, "But it's your call when all of this happened. Inits make stuff like this simpler....."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "And yes, she has two attacks."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "It's just a matter of level there."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "I know :P"

<OOC> Usha says, "Haste, I'd assume. Makes sense."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Estivan, your move."

<OOC> Silver snickers.

<OOC> Estivan says, "She couldn't have done a full attack, she had a movmnet equivelent action which was fyl and attack which was grapple arden then Usha shoudl have done her grple fore the bitch threw arden"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Uless she had haste."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Al, just fricken go..."

Estivan grabs Arden and jumps out the window with him beofre she toruches the place.

<OOC> Estivan says, "Jump roll?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Jump check, DC 14 please."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Just to avoid a little sprain."

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 18 Total: 18

<OOC> Estivan says, "Easly done."

Estivan uses his body to soten Ardens impact.

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

<OOC> Usha says, "So, we finally back on inits, or is she too dramatic for that?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "We never did roll inits."

<OOC> Usha says, "Shall we?"

<OOC> Usha says, "Because otherwise, this is too messy."

Estivan does a heroic leap out of the window as the room is incinerated a few seconds later.

<OOC> Estivan says, "DOn"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Don't forget with Arden in hand!"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Part of the heroic bit."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "You guys got any range weapons?"

<OOC> Usha says, "Yes. Won't be using it yet, though."

Estivan mutters, "Silver should have had a better pyre then that place.

<OOC> Arden says, "My darts but they only reach 30ft."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Without pentally."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay how about Estivan, Usha, Arden, her, go."

<OOC> Usha says, "You've spared me from an init roll. Yes."

<OOC> Estivan says, "How far away is she?"

<OOC> Usha says, "In feet."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "She's about 20 feet above you."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Probably a little more."

<OOC> Usha says, "Good."

Estivan glares right at her and lets loss a line of acid, hopeing to shoot her down

Estivan rolls 6d4 and gets: 3/1/1/2/3/1 Total: 11

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "DC 17, right?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Yep"

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 11 Total: 11

Estivan then gets up after the spit.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Usha"

She manages to bank away a bit at the last minute avoiding a nasty acid burn.

Usha jumps to the windowsill of the burning building, then off, attempting to grapple her again. DC of Jump checks.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Evasion does kick ass, don't it Arden?"

<OOC> Usha says, "?"

<OOC> Arden says, "I love the Evasion trick myself"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "14 to the gutter, and 23 to her."

Usha rolls 2d20 and gets: 11/3 Total: 14

<OOC> Usha says, "31 and 23"

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 16 Total: 16

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay, grapple check again."

<OOC> Usha says, "27 grapple."

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 7 Total: 7

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "You beat 20?"

<OOC> Usha says, "27."

<OOC> Usha says, "Here's another nice thing. Sneak attack damage with natural weapons while grappled."

<OOC> Usha says, "And am I dragging her down?"

Usha does an amazing triangle jump from the wall, up to the evil red dragon woman, but despite the added weight, she still remains aloft.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Arden."

<OOC> Arden says, "Can I get a sneak attack in since she is grappled"

<OOC> Usha says, "At range, you can."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "If you can do so with ranged, yea."

Arden lets fly a dart at the woman.

Arden rolls 1d20 and gets: 3 Total: 3

Usha has disconnected.

<OOC> Arden says, "10"

<OOC> Arden says, "You know now that I see my stats I dont think I can even hit her."

Usha has connected.

<OOC> Estivan says, "Well, without dex, with flaked and grppled pentalies you might be able to. What does all that suntract from 28?"

The All-Purpose Vending Machine waits for Usha to give it some money.

As the dart misses her by a mile, the sorceress glares at Usha and starts to dislodge her from her body.

The All-Purpose Vending Machine spits out a bottle of Mojo, which Usha catches and drinks quickly. Usha's body glows with the powerful mojo.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "It's no where near a 10."

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 11 Total: 11

<OOC> Usha says, "22"

The All-Purpose Vending Machine spits out a bottle of Mojo, which Estivan catches and drinks quickly. Estivan's body glows with the powerful mojo.

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 10 Total: 10

<OOC> Usha says, "Yes!"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "You're the defender, so you stay latched on."

<OOC> Estivan says, "My turn?"

She growls as she tries to flap higher, "Let go of me! If you want to fly, grow your own wings! You'll rue the day you have crossed Verliserias!"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Yes."

<OOC> Estivan says, "What's thrown range on a dagger?"

<OOC> Silver says, "10 ft"

<OOC> Usha says, "Nobody else carry a bow round? I'd have dropped mine it I'd known."

<OOC> Estivan says, "so throwinf 20ft with a dagger is a -1?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "IIRC the range increment thing right"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Yes."

<OOC> Usha says, "And 50/50 chance of hitting me."

<OOC> Usha says, "Sorry, no, it's -4 for shooting into melee. Rules confusion there."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Go for DC 24."

<OOC> Estivan says, "I need to roll twenty to hit."

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 11 Total: 11

<OOC> Estivan says, "Nope 15."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Usha."

Usha smiles, and bites.

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 7 Total: 7

<OOC> Usha says, "18, vs flatfooted."

<OOC> Silver says, "I carry a bow. Might have been useful if Silver's body wasn't doublly torched."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Plus any bonus for being a grapller right?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "22"

<OOC> Usha says, "AC 22, right?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Yes."

<OOC> Usha says, "OK"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Arden"

<OOC> Usha says, "Try a lassoo, maybe? ;-)"

<OOC> Estivan says, "+12 armour, deflection and/or natural armour bonus, yikes."

Arden turns and runs to the college "You two hold her. I'll get some help."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Combination of armor bracers, protection cloak, and amulet of natural armor, it stacks up..."

<OOC> Usha says, "Mage armour, and natural armour, I'd guess, since the Haste wouldn't work flatfooted."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Amulet of natural armour doesn't stackw ith natural armour iirc"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "If it's higher than NA."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Ah."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Overides."

<OOC> Usha says, "Apply the highest. And her action."

As Arden runs away, she looks at Usha and says, "I think you might want to join your friend in getting help.." As she tries to rip Usha off of her.

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 8 Total: 8

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 19 Total: 19

Usha says "Nah."

Usha isn't going anywhere...

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Estivan."

<OOC> Arden says, "Arden isn't running away. Its a strategic retreat."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Is there any netting, rope or soemthing like it around?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Please say ther is a net or lariet near by."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Serch check?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Nope."

<OOC> Silver says, "Silver's pack also contained Silk Rope. Lesson kids, whatch it when you play with fire."

<OOC> Estivan says, "I left the pack with the horse."

<OOC> Usha says, "Damn, we should have looted his body....."

<OOC> Usha says, "Would pinning her stop her flying?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Your already grappled her, it shoudl be rather easy to pin her wings."

<OOC> Usha says, "Yes, but that takes a second grapple check."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "You'd have to pin her wings, and that would be rather bad for you as well."

Estivan picks up his scimitar and holds his action.

<OOC> Usha says, "I can take it."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Usha"

<OOC> Usha says, "20ft, right? Not that bad a drop."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Eseocally if you have tumble."

Usha tries to pin her wings, or one of them, at any rate.

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 11 Total: 11

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 4 Total: 4

<OOC> Usha says, "22"

<OOC> Usha says, "Yay!"

Usha hangs on tightly as they drop. "Brace for impact...."

You publicly roll 2d6 and get: 1/4 Total: 5

<OOC> Usha says, "Not using tumble or evasion if they'd mean losing the pin."

Verliserias cries as both of them drop to the ground letting out a loud thud, causing 5 damage to both parties.

<OOC> Usha says, "Estivan, I assume you were delaying your action?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Arden?"

Estivan charges and strikes a nasty blow at the graplled, pnned rone red biths with two swips of his scimitar wioth a blood curtulling yell.

<OOC> Estivan says, "Power attack 3 and charge."

Estivan rolls 2d20 and gets: 2/6 Total: 8

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Flaming ain't going to do jack, but go ahead."

Usha shouts "Arden, get your butt back here!"

<OOC> Usha says, "Just have to settle for a sharp edge, then."

Arden is running up ot the college yelling "Guards, Gurads come theres trouble."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Ok, 15 and 14."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "I think she's down to 20..."

<OOC> Estivan says, "More like 18, prone is -4 iirc."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Prone bad."

<OOC> Usha says, "Have some more mojo."

<OOC> Usha says, "Pinned, actually."

The All-Purpose Vending Machine spits out a bottle of Mojo, which Estivan catches and drinks quickly. Estivan's body glows with the powerful mojo.

<OOC> Estivan says, "Thank, don't the pentalies stack?"

She doges the blade and growls, grabbing hold of Usha with one hand and lashing Usha across the back with her other claw.

<OOC> Usha says, "Er, pinned?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "His is still pinned, she has to try to break it first."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay, then trying to break it."

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 19 Total: 19

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 19 Total: 19

<OOC> Usha says, "Ohmygawd."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "She has one more thing over you! She wins!"

<OOC> Usha says, "OK, she's 'just' grappled."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Now she has to try to break the grabble and that ends her turns."

Verliserias becomes unpined.

<OOC> Usha says, "That happens next turn."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Estivan."

<OOC> Usha says, "Ahem."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Usha's turn."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "But it's a new turn."

<OOC> Usha says, "Estivan went, she went, now Estivan's going."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "That's because Estivan held his action."

<OOC> Usha says, "You're right."

Silver has disconnected.

<OOC> Estivan says, "Ok, right."

Estivan strikes two swift blows at the bitch.

Mattson arrives from the Gaming Area.

Mattson has arrived.

Estivan rolls 2d20 and gets: 17/2 Total: 19

<OOC> Estivan says, "30 and 10"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Up to 22. You hit for the first."

Estivan rolls 1d6 and gets: 3 Total: 3

<OOC> Estivan says, "10 with a plus one weapons"

<OOC> Estivan says, "10 with a plus one weapons"

<OOC> Usha says, "Go you."

She growls when hit by the scimitar, "Nice shot, your father must have been a great dragon to give you that sort of strength..."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Usha."

Usha tries to pin her again.

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 20 Total: 20

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 11 Total: 11

Her ass is pinned again.

Usha says "You just lie there. Not done yet."

Estivan spits in her face.

And she does her best to struggle free.

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 12 Total: 12

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 11 Total: 11

<OOC> Usha says, "Grappled."

And as soon as she's pinned, she breaks lose of that and is only grappled.

Estivan slahses her twice more calling her all the sexist terms in his considerible repitre.

Estivan rolls 2d20 and gets: 18/19 Total: 37

<OOC> Estivan says, "Two crit thrats"

<OOC> Usha says, "Crits."

Estivan rolls 2d20 and gets: 7/15 Total: 22

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Go for it."

<OOC> Estivan says, "20 and 23"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Only second one is a crit, thank God..."

Estivan rolls 1d6 and gets: 2 Total: 2

<OOC> Estivan says, "9 damage"

<OOC> Estivan says, "+roll 1d6"

Estivan rolls 1d6 and gets: 3 Total: 3

<OOC> Estivan says, "20 damage"

<OOC> Estivan says, "And that's without power attack."

She screams again, "You'll pay for that..."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Usha."

<OOC> Usha says, "Pinning."

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 13 Total: 13

<OOC> Usha says, "24"

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 5 Total: 5

<OOC> Usha says, "What sort of state is she in at the moment?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "She's still struggling and full of energy."

<OOC> Usha says, "We've got time."

<OOC> Usha says, "it'd be faster if the guy with sneak attack would get back to us."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Does she try to preak the pin or is it my turn again?"

<OOC> Arden says, "As soon as I get the attention of the guards I'll be back"

<OOC> Usha says, "I suspect that won't happen till the fight's over....."

<OOC> Arden says, "He took off before you pinned her so he has no idea whats going on right now."

<OOC> Usha says, "I did call."

<OOC> Estivan says, "He was still in ear shot when she yelled fro him."

<OOC> Arden says, "You said get back here. That dosent tell me much."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Is it my turn?"

<OOC> Usha says, "Are you actively looking for ways to be useless?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe looks through the book about a feat of strengh in combat...

<OOC> Estivan says, "IIRC Feat of Stegnth is soemthing like take ten."

Verliserias cries otu as she once again tries to push Usha off of her crimson scales.

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 16 Total: 16

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 14 Total: 14

<OOC> Usha says, "Grappled."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Estivan."

Estivan steps in with two swifts slashesm still cusing.(Power attack 2)

Estivan rolls 2d20 and gets: 13/18 Total: 31

<OOC> Usha says, "I suppose if we keep this up long enough, she'll smite good on me, and use stunning attacks....."

<OOC> Estivan says, "24 and 24"

<OOC> Usha says, "Crit threat, too."

<OOC> Estivan says, "2 is a threat"

Estivan rolls 2d20 and gets: 18/13 Total: 31

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "What?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "You only get one crit threat."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "So why did you roll twice?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Acceidently"

<OOC> Usha says, "Two attacks."

<OOC> Usha says, "Ah."

<OOC> Usha says, "Hopefully, we're keeping this up long enough for that Haste to wear off...."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Damage."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Threat again on second rool"

Usha shouts again. "Blue, we need you! She's down, you don't need to worry about getting hurt!"

<OOC> Estivan says, "IIRC rool again?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Wait a second, no, you rolled 2d20 twice! Why?"

<OOC> Usha says, "Depends if he's using the instant death with three crits roll. Somehow, I doubt it."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "No!"

<OOC> Usha says, "Thought not."

<OOC> Estivan says, "I mean to roll one de twety because I had a crit thre and acceidently hit 2 and I assume we're keeping first rolled"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "So damage?"

Estivan rolls 1d6 and gets: 5 Total: 5

<OOC> Estivan says, "14"

Estivan rolls 6d10 and gets: 7/7/5/4/4/4 Total: 31

Estivan rolls 1d6 and gets: 6 Total: 6

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "What the?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "and thirty."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Where'd all those d10's come from?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay she's still struggling."

<OOC> Estivan says, "I hit the wronge thing."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Usha"

Usha does the pin thin(g).

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 13 Total: 13

<OOC> Usha says, "24"

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 4 Total: 4

<OOC> Usha says, "I should really have used that strength potion before all of this....."

She gets pinned, but tries to get out of it again.

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 10 Total: 10

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 2 Total: 2

<OOC> Usha says, "Grappled."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Grappled."

Estivan follows up with two slashes(Normal)

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Estivan."

Estivan rolls 2d20 and gets: 11/9 Total: 20

<OOC> Estivan says, "24 and 17"

Estivan rolls 1d6 and gets: 3 Total: 3

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "First just hits."

<OOC> Estivan says, "10"

<OOC> Usha says, "Does Arden get a listen check to hear what i shouted?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "How well is she moving now?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "She's moving a little slower now, and growling a whole lot more."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Usha"

Usha pins.

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 11 Total: 11

<OOC> Usha says, "22"

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 20 Total: 20

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "BOO-FRICKEN-YEA!!!!!!!!"

<OOC> Usha says, "Not pinned."

<OOC> Usha says, "Uh-uh. She merely reists the pin."

Gives Usha a toothy smile as she struggles herself free.

<OOC> Usha says, "Still grappled."

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 20 Total: 20

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Not anymore."

<OOC> Estivan says, "AoE as the bitch gets free."

<OOC> Usha says, "Well, gee, don't I regret trying for a pin now."

<OOC> Usha says, "Estivan, grapple her this turn unless she autoescapes with no rolls."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Going for Grappel"

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 1 Total: 1

<OOC> Estivan says, "13"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "She's out and ain't going back."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Big no!"

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Usha!"

<OOC> Estivan says, "She has to try to roll to resist irrc"

<OOC> Usha says, "Grapple."

<OOC> Mattson says, "Estivan grabs Usha instead?"

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 1 Total: 1

<OOC> Usha says, "OK"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "You botched, no need."

<OOC> Estivan says, "We grappel each other."

<OOC> Usha says, "She could get a 1 for either."

<OOC> Estivan says, "SO roll both"

<OOC> Usha says, "Or not. It's your call."

As you go to grapple her, she takes a step back, and takes to the sky, winging her way around she says, "Well it seems that Silver was the only weak one amoung you. You intrige me, so maybe I should let you live... Then again, maybe not." She starts to chant, but sees something off on the horison, coming down the road is Arden with Albion, the kobolds, and a few more students. With a snear, she says, "Until next time, wyrmlings!" and flaps off into the night.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "And game!"

<OOC> Estivan says, "What the hell is this thing. She took 102 hps, from +1 weapons and is still up!"

<OOC> Usha says, "Arrows!"

<OOC> Usha says, "Quickdraw, free action."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "She's a level 20 Sorcerer/Monk half dragon!"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Chirst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "10 sorcerer 10 Monk."

<OOC> Usha says, "Actually, hell with that. Trying to grapple again with super-leaping ability."

<OOC> Usha says, "Dropping bow as a free action, so Estivan can use it."

<OOC> Estivan says, "I think we barely did half."

<OOC> Usha says, "Want to do it now, or carry it into next week?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Try it..."

<OOC> Usha says, "Grapple."

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 4 Total: 4

<OOC> Usha says, "15"

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 2 Total: 2

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Oh, sorry, you were trying to hit with the bow."

<OOC> Usha says, "The phrase is "Booyah.", right, Joe?"

<OOC> Usha says, "Grapple, see above."

Estivan sees that in disbleif. "Here we go again.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "No, Called game up there."

<OOC> Usha says, "That's weak, you have to admit. Let the record show I made the roll, but was overruled."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "I'm sorry, but we got to end this sometime."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Ah, afterwards you said try it, are you trying to weasl out of this?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "I want to go on. How about you El?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Rich?"

<OOC> Arden says, "I am late for a meeting so I have to go."

<OOC> Usha says, "I'd say hold this till next week."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay we end things here. Foot down, that's how things are. Don't worry, you'll be abel to face her again later."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Ant this point with Usha grppling her in mid air and Estivan's turn?"

<OOC> Usha says, "Well, if players need to leave."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Or are you going to railroad us with her escaping?"

<OOC> Usha says, "Al, we probably can't win this. ECL 23?!"

<OOC> Usha says, "But I intend to try."

<OOC> Mattson says, "What ever happened to respect for the Screen"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay, everybody gets 2,400 for kicking her ass so baddly. That and vote."

<OOC> Usha says, "Whatever happened to trust? We are getting 20'th level NPC's sicced on us!"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "It was supposed to be a "I'm the big baddie" taunt session."

Usha pages: Estivan

<OOC> Mattson says, "Thats point was to kill me, be the big bad, and give you all a focus point."

Estivan pages: Usha

Mattson pages: Voting for Arden since he at least respects the screen.

<OOC> Usha says, "And we were beating her. Through luck, yes, but that's where good stories come from."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Rich, you still here?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "That and I haven't actually stated her..."

Arden pages: Estivan

<OOC> Usha says, "The hell?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Ending it in combat like that while we still had the upper hand, the hell!!!!!!!!!!!"

<OOC> Usha says, "And y'know what? It was enjoyable! Making those grapple checks, doing the leaps into midair, that was edge of the seat stuff."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "And Estivan gets 600 bonus EXP."

<OOC> Arden says, "Okay. got to go."

<OOC> Estivan says, "I concures. WOOT!"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Well halfed, that's still like 30 ft. roughly... You can jump that hight? Even though I would rule you just grab on to her legs."

<OOC> Usha says, "I honestly didn't know, which is why I hedged my bets, and made two jumps."

<OOC> Usha says, "What do you want to do next week?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Two jumps?"

<OOC> Usha says, "Oh, you meant the second."

<OOC> Estivan says, "If you roll high enough you can."

<OOC> Usha says, "I don't know. You could check the Jump skill, and find out how far up I could have got."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Yes, I had absolutely no problems with the first jump, I actually impressed you came up with that."

<OOC> Usha says, "The boots remove the jumping limit, too."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "It says, 1 ft per every 8 points over 10"

<OOC> Estivan says, "SHe was running high jumping, I thought"

<OOC> Usha says, "Running high jump is DC 10 for 3ft, +2 per 1ft, so DC....."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "She was, then it would be 1 foot for every 4 points over 10"

<OOC> Usha says, "Sorry, +2 per +1ft."

<OOC> Usha says, "+4 per +1ft, even."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "What makes something a high jump, per say?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "When you try to jump up rather the over."

<OOC> Estivan says, "SLam dunk is like a running high jump if moving, high jump if stationary"

<OOC> Usha says, "Total DC is 78, for jumping 30ft straight up. Even with a 20, I think we can discount that."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay."

<OOC> Usha says, "So it was legit. OK."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Yep, Usha's last jump missed."

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 10 Total: 10

<OOC> Usha says, "Hey, you never know. ;-)"

<OOC> Usha says, "So, next time....potions of Flying, something that increases grappling, and a scroll of Greater Dispelling."

As Usha jumps up after Verliserias takes off, her claws are only an inch from her feet, until she's about 15 feet in the air, when she starts to fall down, but her advisary is still going up.

<OOC> Estivan says, "So, what was the bitches name again?"

Usha rolls 1d20 and gets: 4 Total: 4

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Verliserias"

<OOC> Usha says, "Yup."

<OOC> Usha says, "Hey, was Carudan's player online?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "He fell asleep at the desk."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "He was up for 48 hours."

<OOC> Estivan says, "That sucks."

<OOC> Usha says, "Ouch."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "He missed a GREAT fight."

<OOC> Usha says, "Mind you, I think I'm justifed in complaining about Arden, IC and OOC....."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "I would say do it IC before OOC."

<OOC> Usha says, "The CR of that fight was raised by a few points just by his refusal to do anything."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Yeps, if you can just erase siem fo the extra stuff that shouldn't have been said it would be the perfect fight."