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<OOC> Estivan says, "#1 the firat one south of that inn."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Yet another reason to someday find that game. Make things so much easier....not sure how, but I'm sure it would"

<OOC> Galan says, "Is that the town where you find the bard? And the chick who throws lightning at you?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Yep"

You get back your 10 Tuber deposit for Zermecki(#631).

You get back your 10 Tuber deposit for Hammerfa(#6557).

<OOC> Galan says, "Ah. We going to start soon btw?"

When we left our daring draconic do-gooders they were standing outside of the burning 'Sour Pickle' after seeing their companion Silver slain by a foul half-red dragon that you did a good job on wailing on, but just got away. Arden has called the calvary and they are standing about you, wondering what is going on.

<OOC> Galan says, "Ask and ye shall recieve.."

Rivelzantherax created as object #6468


<OOC> Usha says, "Oh, so --that's-- what he was doing."

Carudan runs up from behind everyone else. "What's going on? What's happened?"

Usha says "Silver's dead, and his assassin just got away."

Carudan stumbles back, his face a paler shade of green. "What?"

Usha says "What I said. And we burnt the inn down."


Carudan yells "Are you insane? What if Silver's still alive?"

Estivan thrusts his scimitar into the ground.

Usha says "Last time I saw him, he didn't have his heart in his chest, so I think it's a safe bet."

Estivan says "We saw him die."

Carudan says "..."

Carudan opens, then closes his mouth, then opens it again.

Various patrons come running out as the fire starts to spreads inside the in. Eventually Albion and the others run over to help some of the less paniced customers to start a bucket brigade.

Estivan says "Usha can you run in there and recover what is left of him."

Estivan gets in line and helps witht he bucket brigade

Estivan pages: carudan' Using your spell create water would help alot.

Carudan stands behind Estivan, his arms moving almost automatically as he stutters "Wh.. what happened?"

Usha does so.

Usha pages: Also, salvaging his gear.

Carudan pages: estivan REmind carudan. He's in shock

<OOC> Carudan says, "Um, how did you guys find him, and know where to go?"

Usha comes back out with the charred corpse. "At least I'm guessing he died with a smile on his face."

Estivan says "We tracked one of the necromancers contacts here, while we were looking in the second floor we heard her chantting. I broke down the door just to her plug her claw through his cheat and him go limb. Cleric, you your powers to help!"

Carudan looks revulsed. "What are you nattering about" he says quietly.

Carudan pauses, then mutters "oh, right.. yes..."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Er see her."

You paged Usha with 'What's left isn't much, the fire was rather intense since he got the full brunt of it. You do manage to gather up his chared remains along with his whetstone, 3 vials of holy water, the Ring of Spiffyness, the magical Haversack, Bracers of Armor +3, his signet ring, and a wand of sonic strike & detect magic.'.

Carudan says "I'l need something for the water... to hold it..."

Estivan says "The air about the flames!"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Er above."

You paged Usha with 'Usha Plus he Elf Edge, and his two silver daggers.'.

Usha says "It was a brothel, Carudan."

Estivan keeps hulring buckets with the brigade, well actully he's hauling whole barrels and splashing them on the flames

Carudan bellows "I don't know if I can do that, or if it'll do any good!" He stops suddenly and says qwuietly, "I'm sorry... I'll see what I can do."

Usha helps with the fire.

Carudan begs Torm for water, to clench the burning fires and save the innocent of sorts.

<OOC> Carudan says, "roll for it?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Yes."

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 19 Total: 19

You paged Galan with 'You and Rivelzantherax are on the outskirts of town, just ready to enter, as you take a few steps and you can see off to your left the aura of a rather large fire.'.

<OOC> Estivan says, "How man 0 lvl spels can you cast per day?"

<OOC> Carudan says, "Four, and it'd be four gallons each time."

<OOC> Carudan says, "If I had it slotted four times, that is"

<OOC> Estivan says, "What is your caster level?"

From afar, Galan nudges Rivel and points "Looks like someone got careless."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Er cleric level."

<OOC> Galan says, "Stupid lag!"

<OOC> Estivan says, "N/m"

With your help, you all put out the fire with the fire only spreading to a few other rooms. The various people stand around in shock, the first one to say anything is Ferila as he walks up to the corpse of Silver. She cries a bit at the body saying, "What sort of thing could have done this!"

Usha says "If it's any consolation, he died happy."

Estivan says "A half-red dragon feather winged elf of someort whose a powerful warrior and spellcaster."

<OOC> Galan says, "It's the way he would've wanted to go"

Estivan glares at Usha, "I doubt that he was there doing such things as you think.

<OOC> Usha says, "I want to go out of this world the way I came into it....screaming, naked and covered in someone else's blood."

Carudan stares at Usha. "Happy? What are you talking about?"

Galan pages: Shall we go see what all the commotion is about?"

You paged Galan with 'Rivelzantherax looks at the fire and says, "Come Galan, there are people in need of some flame resistant people just as ourselves, expecially those that can heal their wounds." Runs off in that direction.'.

<OOC> Galan says, "Amen, brudder"



From afar, Galan sighs "I knew that was coming." He trots after Rivel

Usha says "Wise up, please. Anyway, why was he killed?"

Estivan says "The bitch sadu her name was Verliserias"

Estivan gets his scimitar and finds his dirk.

<OOC> Usha says, "Ooer."

You paged Galan with 'You need to learn to have a bit more compashion young one, and to know when an opertunity to spread the name of Advril when it comes about." (You eventually get there.)'.

Carudan yells "Wise up!?"

Usha says "Yes. He got lured by one of history's oldest baits. So what?"

Estivan then just sit down next to Silver body, stares into the stare and starts to sincerly pray for the first time in his life.

From afar, Galan waves his pendant and says "Thats Akadi!" as he runs

Alibon comes up and says, "I have only seen a few wounds like this in my life time. Who ever did that had enormous strength, and a rather extensive training in using the weapons the gods gave us..."

Carudan says "You have to be kidding me? The man would never have to pay for it in his life! There must have been another reason he was there.You have to be kidding me? The man would never have to pay for it in his life! There must have been another reason he was there."

<OOC> Carudan says, "whoops.. damn touchy pasting..."

Estivan in the Elven tounge he said, "May Kelvemor Judge you well and send you into the Seadrines embrace. Rest well Silver, Mystra smiles on you for your good use of the weave and noble heart.

Estivan ooc Er May Mystra smile

<OOC> Galan says, "Mystara, too?"

While everybody is arguing, a Large elf in plate mail comes crashing through the forest, and you notice that he has an odd golden sheen to his skin. Following him is another similar elf, only smaller and not as heavily armored.

Usha shakes her head, and turns away from Carudan. "Another one for your temple."

<OOC> Estivan says, "I spelled it right."

You paged Galan with '(Your entrance.)'.

Estivan stands turns tword the noise and glares.

Galan follows the armored elf into the scene and looks about "Well. Whats all this then?"

Usha says "A disaster."

Carudan winces from the unsaid accusation, but he doesn't argue it. He turns away and stares at Silver's body, his eyes downcast.


Estivan nods solemly at USha comment.

The large, golden elf just steps forward silently, staring intently at the chared remains of the second story and mutters, "What did this? Someone get careless with magic?"

Estivan dusts himself off and strights his family creasted tunic, then amkes sure his sheild is safely tucked under his cape.

Usha says "I don't think we've been introduced?"

Estivan shakes his head, "A winged half red dragon elf by the name of Verliserias

Galan smiles at Usha and offers her his hand "Galanthalasinatos kal Dracos vo Keeblithenerin." He smiles "Galan Dracos to those who aren't cunning linguists."

He nods and says "I am sorry, I am Rivelzantherax, warrior cleric of Bahamut. And may I assume you are the band of half-draconic adventuers I have heard about?"

<OOC> Carudan says, "That was bad... that was real bad..."

<OOC> Usha says, "BRB"

(New BB message (7/62) posted to 'Discussions' by Darius: Two ideas for Social Conflict)

<OOC> Galan says, "Hmm?"

<OOC> Carudan says, "cunning linguist?"

Estivan says "Greetings alanthalasinatos kal Dracos vo Keeblithenerin and Rivelzantherax. I am Sir Estivan Diego."

<OOC> Galan says, "It is a rather long name."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Add the G"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Er Galanthalasinatos kal Dracos vo Keeblithenerin"

<OOC> Carudan says, "Keeblithenerin... I wonder why that sounds familiar..."

<OOC> Galan says, "Yay for copy and paste!"

Usha has disconnected.

Estivan looks the larger man in the eyes, "I have not hear of this Bahamut.

Galan mutters something that sounds like "Thank Akadi he's out of the pamphlets.."

Carudan stands quietly, staring at the ground, oblivious to everything around him.

Estivan says "The silent preist yonder is Carudan of Torm."

Estivan's face is unsally still and solem.

Usha has connected.

<OOC> Estivan says, "WB"

Rivelzantherax nods and says, "I understand, not many people out of Cormyr or Unther know of Bahamut. Although I'm a bit surprised you have not heard of him. He is the great dragon god of the air and nobility."

Rivelzantherax nods and goes over and shakes Estivan's hand, "Pleasure to meet you, but now that the introductions are over, may I be of some service? Was there anybody hurt in the fire?" At that Ferila snorts a bit and points at the corpse of Silver. He looks down and says, "Oh, I'm so sorry..."

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

Estivan gives a firm can clasp, "I hail from Tethyr and until resently uninterested in the gods.

Usha says "Yes, my mother worships him/"

<OOC> Estivan says, "can=hand"

Galan offers Usha his hand "And you are, ma'am?"

Smokin_Joe goes over and puts a comforting claw on Carudan's shoulder. "Would this be your first funeral Carudan?"

<OOC> Galan says, "Kill the human!"

Usha says "Usha Halmarond."

Rivelzantherax goes over and puts a comforting claw on Carudan's shoulder. "Would this be your first funeral Carudan?"

Galan bows "A pleasure to meet you and your servants, Lady Halmarond."

Usha smiles. "They don't like people saying that out loud, but thank you."

Carudan doesn't respond.

Estivan instantly glares at Galan.

Galan shakes his head and tsks "They don't? You should have them whipped, then."

Estivan says "Sir, why do you assume that I am this woman's servent?"

Galan says "Because obviously a woman of such nobility, beauty and class would not go about without lackeys to do the heavy lifting."

Usha says "I never would have thought reincarnation worked so quickly."

Galan raises an eyebrow "Excuse me?"

Rivelzantherax says, "I take it by your silence it is. You have my condolences, and I take it you were close to him?"

Estivan 's glare intenstifies ten fold and his face cringes in anger his hand touch the hilt of his scimtar, but then syas, "I will allow this insult pass for now knave, but an my honer you say pay if you mouth such agaun.

Galan says "My, rather touchy aren't you?"

Carudan remains silent, his eyes almost glazed. It's as if his mind is a million miles away, lost in the tumble of his own thoughts.

Estivan is taken backm "Yes, I suppose I am quite touch, as most nobels would be if someone said then same of them.

Galan stiffles a snicker "Ah, a noble are you? A bit of a surprise, but I suppose appearances can be decieving."

Usha says "Or maybe it's just an elf thing."

<OOC> Usha says, "We'd better let him in. He's wearing a PC Halo, though he probably pinched it from someone. ;-)"

Galan nods "Possible, very possible. We elves aren't exactly the most humble of creatures."

Estivan glares as he is wereing fine clothing that is one somewhat dirtied by dirt and slattered with blood.

There is a slight moan to the side that draws the large half-dragon's attention, giving Carudan a little pat he says, "Do not worry, if you need it, I shall go and help some of the hurt people. It might help if you do to..." He goes over to the groaning and adminsters the Mercy of Bahamut.

Estivan actully smirks at the comment, "Nor a humon nobles of Tethyr.

<OOC> Galan says, "He bites off their heads and gargles with their blood?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Er nor are."

Estivan then goes back to glareing.

Galan looks about "I should probably go spread the good word to the wounded." He smiles at the both of them "Since Rivel dragged us up here to meet you lot, I suppose we'll meet again later."

Carudan stands silently, unaware of the touch and compassion of the servant of teh beast God.

Galan wanders into the crowd murming healing prayers.

Estivan slaps Caruden across the face.

Carudan whirls around, his talons outstretched and his teeth barred.

Usha says "Speaking of which, where's Arden? He could use a few slaps....."

Carudan sees Estivan, and calms down.

Estivan says "Priest of Torm, you have duties to and wounded to tend to"

<OOC> Usha says, "Blue, rather."

Usha pages: Odd. Even when I knew the character was leaving, no deaths have affected me so little as Silver's.

Estivanglares him stright in the eyes.

Estivan glares him stright in the eyes.

Estivan says "Now movie it. The injured beckones."

Blue is no where to be seen, but the slight moaning is going down consiterably as the clerics heal the wounded.

Carudan pits out bitterly. "If Torm wants them healed, he can do it himself." Carudan steps away slowly, and for an instance a brief glint can be seen coming from inside his clenched fist.

<OOC> Carudan says, "spits, not pits"

<OOC> Carudan says, "and instant, not instance... must proofread more"

Estivan says, "The you are not the noble hearted man I thought you were. You care less about others and more about how you feel them my Dragon father," with this he turns away and heads tword the stable he kept his steed, say as he leaves "Fair thee well False.

Carudan hears nothing as he stumbles away.

Usha says "You both done yet?"

Soon all who were burnt or inhaled too much smoke are up and walking about, Rivelzantherax comes back saying, "Yes, luckilly it wasn't too bad..."

Estivan stops when he hears Usha's voice, "I said my piece.

<OOC> Usha says, "You're sure saying a lot as you leave....."

Estivan says "Most of the fighting took place in this yard."

Galan follows Rivel back as well.

I don't recognize Carduan.

No one to page.

<OOC> Carudan says, "Yeah, some people drink to deal with grief and guilt, Carudan just yammers on like a small dog."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Well he was int he prosscess of leaving then he stoped."

You paged Carudan with 'Where you going?'.

<OOC> Carudan says, "whose vocal cords were ripped out"

Usha says "You two might want to know that there's a professor at the university who's got quite an academic interest in half-dragons. Might be a chance to make some money."

Estivan sheds some mourning tears as he glance at Silver's remins.

Rivelzantherax shrugs, "Thank you for the opertunity, but I think we should do something about your friend here..."

Galan says "Really? Whats his name?"

Carudan pages: Carudan staggers down the street before finally glancing up and seeing a bar. Does he see a bar anywhere, as it is? He's not wandering in a specific direction

Estivan says "Silver, if he had any otehr I don't know it."

Usha says "Hergal. A gnome."

Galan says "I'll keep that in mind."

Usha goes back to the university, to get some rest.

Estivan says "What are Elven burial custums?"

<OOC> Usha says, "Sorry, no, forgot about the corpse."

<OOC> Galan says, "Eh, it's not going anywhere."

You paged Carudan with 'You see the Foaming Bulldog, which seems to be the best cheap drinking establishmet in town.'.

<OOC> Estivan says, "BTW which magic items of his survived?"

Usha says "Hey, priest, I'll leave this in your temple. Do something about it before it starts to smell."

Usha takes the body to the temple, and leaves it there, wrapped in something.

Estivan follows Usha.

<OOC> Galan says, "Real life friend dies? Immense grief. PC friend dies? "Hey, whats he got on him?""

<OOC> Usha says, "It's not OOC. I honestly don't care that much about Silver."

<OOC> Estivan says, "It was curiousties sake and he might have left a will.'"

Galan nudges Rivel "Well, now where?"

<OOC> Usha says, "IC or OOC. He was a bit of a plonker."

<OOC> Galan points at Al's asking about his stuff

Carudan pages: Carudan stumbles into the Bulldog, walks up to the bar and asks "What do you have?"

Rivel sighs, "We will worry about that a little later, but now we need to deal with your friend. May I ask where you want him held? There's only one temple of Bahamut, and it's a few thousand miles from here..."

<OOC> Usha says, "He say that before or after I left?"

<OOC> Carudan says, "Plonker?"

<OOC> Galan says, "Usha took it to the temple of Torm, iirc"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Whcih is Carudan little shrine'"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay, sorry missed that. Nevermind."

<OOC> Carudan says, "I thought it was Lathander, or I... what ever he is"

<OOC> Usha says, "Whichever's closest."

<OOC> Usha says, "Synonym for "Bit of an idiot.""

<OOC> Estivan says, "Which is closest."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Torm would be Carudan's little project."

<OOC> Carudan says, "The town's main temple"

You paged Carudan with 'The gnoll behind the counter says, "Lot of stuff. Dwarf Gut Shaker, Orc bloodale, Elven Isa, and Scurd."'.

<OOC> Usha says, "There, then."

<OOC> Galan says, "Ooo! Ooo! We could do a Weekend at Bernie's plotline with Silver's corpse!"

Estivan say offhanded on the trip to the temple, "He was the first compaion of mine that has died..

<OOC> Usha says, "Anyone know Animate Dead?"

Carudan pages: Carudan briefly looks up. "Just give me bottles of something hard. A lot of bottles.

<OOC> Usha says, "We could use a coat rack."

<OOC> Galan says, "I'm sure someone at the college does"

<OOC> Carudan says, "Yeah, but won't people be a little put-off by the charred look he has going?"

You paged Carudan with 'He pulls up a jug with the mark of a gnoll skull and cross bones with 'Scurd' scrawled at the bottom. "Two silver please."'.

Carudan pages: Carudan takes teh coins out of his claok and flicks them on to the bar. He opens the bottle and takes a swig out of it.

<OOC> Galan says, "Discourages door to door salesmen. It's not a bug. It's a feature."

When you get there, the various priests of Lathander come out and sees the chared body and hears you want it stored until the funeral. They said they would put him in their crypt, for a copper a day, or a gold if they want him to be a permament resisdent.

You paged Carudan with '(Make a Fortitude save)'.

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 19 Total: 19

Usha says "A copper a day is fine."

Carudan pages: 29

Estivan says "And I will pay the bill when it comes due."

You paged Carudan with 'You chug down the whole jug with no ill effect, you're rather buzzed though.'.

Carudan pages: Carudan briefly looks up at the barkeep. "I said sumthin hard, and I said bottles. Plural."

They nod, bring out the paul, put Silver on it, then with much ceremony lay him in the crypt. The highest ranking priest on duty asks, "May I ask if you wish to have the funeral here?"

Estivan says "I don't know. I don't think he left any last wishes that I know of."

You paged Carudan with 'The bartender looks rather amazed that you can still sleep, and you can hear something about thick dragon stomach, then brings out two similar bottles of Scurd.'.

Usha says "Only one person knows, and she's not telling."

Estivan says "Maybe he left a will or soemthing."

Carudan pages: Carudan stares at the bottles. "You dont mind, im thinking of this as take out, and ill need a lot more than two of these piss-poor mind benders to take me out."

Rivelzantherax turns to Usha and Estivan, "If you wish, I would be more than willing to perform the service to ensure his spirit finds a comfortable place in the Dragon Father's endless hoard."

<OOC> Galan says, "Probably a vase"

Estivan says "I don't know f he prefered his elven side or his draconic side."

Usha says "If the good folk here have no objection, of course. He never said which god he followed. Never said anything much, really."

You paged Carudan with 'He diggs under and pulls out two more bottles and put them on the bar, "Can't give you any more. Charged with murder otherwise."'.

Carudan pages: Carudan slams a gold piece on the bar. "Everything you have, and a bag to carry it off in."

Estivan says "Rather aloof and insulting really, but a good elf to have at your back."

You paged Carudan with 'He looks down and says, "Going to need more than that..."'.

Estivan says "Could either of you commune with his spirit and ask him what he wants with his body and possesions."

Usha says "Don't remember much of that, really.....but I'll take your word for it."

Estivan says "He staked the halfing vampie remeber?"

Estivan says "I was litterly getting sucked dry by the poor excuse of a misqueto"

<OOC> Galan says, "Hey. Dragon hide makes armor. Could we scavange enough off Silver to make a shield?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "No."

<OOC> Usha says, "How about a buckler? Legwarmer? Tea cosy?"

You paged Galan with 'I'm fairly sure Question dead or what ever is like 2nd level, you want the honors/'.

<OOC> Estivan says, "A bad ass bandana?"

Carudan pages: Carudan slams another gold coin down. "Then gimme two golds worth of your nastiest stuff, and well call it a day."

Galan pages: It's third level.

From afar, Galan just checked

You paged Carudan with 'He comes up with a steel keg and plunks it down on the bar, "This Cavern Rot, goblin stuff. If this not kill you, don't know what will..."'.

Estivan looks around for a temple priest and when he find one, "How much would it be for you to commune iwth a dead elf's spirit?

Rivel says, "I might be able to, if you so wish, and would do it as a courtesy due to our same heritage..."

Usha pages: What was Silver's equipment again?

Estivan says "Please do so."

Usha pages: Also, who's the best Diviner in the college? I'm thinking the Discern Location spell here.

Estivan says "He was a compaion of ours, its the least we can do to find out what his last wishes are."

Carudan pages: Carudan nods. "Thatll do jus fine." He slips the four bottles of scrug in his cloak. He wraps his arms around the keg, grunting as he picks it up.

You paged Usha with 'Two silver daggers, an elf edge longsword, his signet ring, a whetstone, 3 vials of holy water, the ring of spiffyness, Hewerd's Haversack, Bracers of Armor +3, Wand of Detect Magic 48 charges, and Wand of Sonic Strike 32 charges.'.

You paged Usha with 'That would be the William who you have met before, yes.'.

<OOC> Galan says, "Flink?"

Rivel asks, "What do you want me to ask? Just how he wanted to be burried?"

Estivan says "How he wants to be buried, what he wants done with his worldly possessions and any other request of his. He has to have some sort of unfished business/"

<OOC> Carudan says, "Ideally it'd be how to burry you, under which God, location of family members to notify, list of family members not to invite because they were pricks..."

You paged Carudan with 'You can stumble along the streets ladien with booze, gaining quite a few odd stares until a guard comes upon you asking, what's this then?'.

Estivan says "And last but not least how to contact his next of kin."

Rivel says, "Alright, I shall go ask him. Might not get the answers I want, but I'll ask." He then goes down into the crypt to cast his spell.

Carudan pages: Carudan glares at the guard. "Its for medinical purposes." He starts to stagger past the guard.

Usha puts his stuff on the table. (Two silver daggers, an elf edge longsword, his signet ring, a whetstone, 3 vials of holy water, the ring of spiffyness, Hewerd's Haversack, Bracers of Armor +3, Wand of Detect Magic 48 charges, and Wand of Sonic Strike 32 charges.) "That's what I could salvage. I'm not inclined to reward Blue for putting our lives at risk."

Galan takes a seat on a pew and looks at the two other half dragons "So, what brings you two to this little village?"

<OOC> Galan says, "Ring of Spiffyness?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Casts clean on you."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Maximised Englare Expanded clean cancrip."

<OOC> Galan says, "... Wow"

<OOC> Usha says, "Keeps you looking good."

Estivan pick up the ring of spiffyness, uses it and put it back into the pile.

Galan says "Interesting toy."

You paged Carudan with 'I've never seen the Lathanderians use anything like that. In fact I don't think they drink at all..."'.

Estivan says "However Ushe hed did deny the Red Bitch what she wanted."

Estivan then looks at teh signet ring(Roll Knowledge Nobility and Royalty?

Usha says "Let's wait till we know what the departed wants."

Carudan pages: Carudan growls "Im not a lathanderian."

Estivan pages: Dc on check to reconise the symbol on the ring?

You paged Estivan with '18'.

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 19 Total: 19

Estivan pages: 25, boy I got it.

You paged Carudan with 'Yea, that's obvious, so what, you one of Tiamat's brood? If so, I really don't think I should let you have that booze, let alone walk the streets..."'.

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

You paged Estivan with 'It's of the Iskivae, a very minor house in the High Forest.'.

Carudan pages: Carudan laughs bitterly. "I should rip your throat out for that insult... but no, im one of torms stupid buggers, and i dont plan to walk any streets. if were both lucky" he whispers conspiratorily," i wont be doing much walking for a while."

Estivan says "By Siamorphe's cup, he was a noble from the house of Iskivae in the high forest."

Usha says "Good for him."

You paged Carudan with 'Well you got that right, I'm taking you in for threatening an servant of Lathander and publick intoxication." He takes out his billy club and goes to grapple your arms behind your back.'.

Estivan start curseing at himself a bit.

Carudan pages: Carudan reaches out to grab the man's shoulder, trying to keep free. "Listen I dont wanna fight. My friend is dead because of.. because of... just let me be in peace. Let me go back to the woods where i can curse the heavens for spawning such ill-born spawn, to have let such a noble man die suffering.

Rivel comes up, dusting off his hands and his head a bit, "He would like to be cremated in the traditional elven style and Bahamut is just fine with him, his spoils should be split between the four of you, and I have already sent a message through the winds to his mother."

You paged Carudan with 'Roll to grapple.'.

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 14 Total: 14

Estivan says "Well then how long should it take?"

Usha takes the haversack. "That'll do fine. Let's put him to rest, then."

Estivan gives who ever he should the copper piece then help haul the corpse somewhere to be burned.

Rivel says, "A few hours, and he wanted to be laid to rest as soon as possible though. At least within the week."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Belay that post"

Estivan says "Well, lets do it tonight."

Rivel shrugs, "As you wish... where would the ceremony be held?"

Carudan pages: crap, what else do I do for a grapple? I'm still looking for the info... can't read fast enough

You paged Carudan with '(Regular Melee touch).'.

Estivan shrugs, "A nice are open to the stars would be ideal I guees.

Rivel says, "Okay, I'll get the body, and you lead the way. Although finding your somber friend might be a good idea." Heads down to the crypt to collect the corpse.

Usha goes to find Carudan.

Galan pulls a large book from his haversack and begins writing.

Estivan goes to get his horse and find enough wood for the pyre and sets it up.

Usha finds Carudan assaulting a Lathanderite guard in the street while he is laden with booze.

Carudan pages: wait, is that just a regular attack roll?

Usha leaves him be, and goes back to the others.

You paged Carudan with 'Yes, never mind you got it.'.

<OOC> Carudan says, "Well, somebody isn't loved ;^)"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Is it alright if we FF?"

<OOC> Usha says, "Sure,."

Estivan meets her after setting up the pyre and finding a nice grazine area to stke esmellda.

<OOC> Galan says, "Fire it up! Fire it up! Fire it up!"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Sure."

<OOC> Carudan says, "who wants marshmellows?"

Carudan pages: So, what happens next for the inebriated half-dragon?

<OOC> Galan does

You paged Carudan with 'The guard is amazed at the speed of your claws and rushes off into the night.'.

Carudan pages: Carudan shruggs, then staggers off into the woods, and the clearing where his "shrine" is located, where he spent all day planning and thinking rather than being at the college, or with the others... anywhere else where he could have helped or saved Silver.

<OOC> Estivan says, "brb"

The night is full of sorrow and mourning. Rivelzantherax does a rather stirring eulogy in both Common, Elven, and Draconic, reaching to the little common part of all of your souls. In the end, he bids Silver goodbye and he breathes on the pyre, sending the half dragon back to the Dragon Father the only way one should, on the flames that birthed him. It is the next morning and things are trying to get back to normal. Rivelzantherax has taken lodgings at the Foaming Bulldog for the night and would like to speak to you all when you feel ready to talk about something.

Galan is in the common room, still writing and sampling the local cuisine.


Usha pages: I'll try and find that diviner, and contract him for a use of a divination to find that assassin--whose name I have.

You paged Usha with 'Alright, William sits down in his lab and starts muttering over his silver mirror trying to find the assassin.'.

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 14 Total: 14

Estivan went back to the college with esmelled settled her for the night and slept. In the morning goes to the frothing bulldog wereing a fine set of his various purple shaded travlling clothes. He enters the door and looks around.

Estivan pages: He is wereing the ithril sirt under it.

You paged Usha with 'He looks at his mirror rather confused and says, "Odd I don't see anything about her anywhere. Almost like she doesn't exist..."'.

Estivan wrinckles his nose at such a common place, but looks for a table.

Carudan pages: Carudan sits in the middle of the clearing. There are broken branches and tree limbs several feet away, and the keg is still mostly full. Next to Carudan's barely-sleeping body are the four bottle of scrug, which he dumped into the keg sometime last night. His cloak is sitting in a pile a few feet away. His clothing is filthy, and flies buzz around his head.

You see Galan working on a book.

Galan waves to him "Good morning, my noble little friend."

Estivan waits to be waited on after makeing sure he wouldn't get stained from either the table or chair he sits at,

You paged Carudan with 'Waking up from your drunken stupor, you see the familar figure of Albion standing over you. "Well Carudan, did you have a good time last night?"'.

Estivan says "Good Morn to you, Galan."

Usha sits down.

<OOC> Usha says, "In Faerun, --anyone-- can afford a daily Mind Blank....."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Let assuem th table he picked was Galrns."

Carudan pages: Carudan gorans, his eyes red. He staggers towards the keg, one of teh scrug bottles in his hand. "Go away."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Er Galan."

The waitress comes across to you, "Hey there scaly folks, what can I get you."

Galan says "Oh, whatever's good, my dear."

Estivan lets the waitress comment pass, "A mug of you best ale and a the best brefest you have availible.

You paged Carudan with 'Alibon bends down, grabs the back of Carudan's collar and pulls him to his feet, "No, we definately need to talk about something, but first..." he kicks over the keg of Scurd, it glugging out to the grass, and letting out a faint hissing sound.'.

<OOC> Estivan says, "Replace breakfest with food."

Galan continues writing, but asks the other two "How're you both, this fine morning?"

Carudan pages: Carudan snarls, his body trembling as he reaches for the keg half-heartedly.

Estivan says "Fairly well. How are you yourself doing?"

Galan says "Somewhat bored, but thats to be expected. The Heartlands never seem to offer much adventure."

She turns back and screams, "HEY RALTZ! TWO CRUD BUCKETS WITH A SIDE OF OOZE AND A MUG OF AMBER!" There's a grunt as the cook begins working on the order.

Galan pauses "That bodes."

Estivan glares at the watiress and hopes she is kidding.

Galan says "I see I underestimated how much adventure this town has to offer.."

Usha says "What do you two actually do?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Did that two include Estivan?"

You paged Carudan with 'Carudan, look at me..." As you turn to look at his face, you can see he is shifting to his hybrid form and you have a very angry tiger face staring you in the eye, "Why did you do that? Try and drown yourself in such sluge that will only slow down your mind and body?"'.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Yes."

Galan says "Rivel is a cleric intent on spreading the good word. I'm rather more multitalented. I am an adventurer, world travellar, planar traveller, published author, master alchemist, wizard, cleric, cartographer, world's third greatest lover, questing servant of Akadi, and a tourist."

Carudan pages: Carudan laughs loudly, bitterness dripping from his words. "Such a drowning would be fitting, eh? A wrteched body, floating face down in teh water, only good for feeding the fish and serpents.

Estivan glares at Usha quizicaally, "I am an expert swordsman, expert equstarian, fair scholar, nobleman and a good metalsmith and engrver.

You paged Carudan with 'What brought this self loathing on? I don't think it is just the death of your companion."'.

<OOC> Galan says, "I think Usha meant Rivel and I, while Joe's two referred to the food"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Rivel hasn't arrived yet, I think."

Several minutes later, the waitress comes back with a mug of ale, two plates with thick waffles and blueberry jelly on the side. "That'll be 3 coppers for the breakfast and one for the ale."

Galan lays down the money "Allow me, Estivan."

<OOC> Galan says, "El? Which two did you mean?"

Estivan yawns mightly, then reaches into his pouch, pause when Galan speak, "Thank you, the next meal is on me then.

Estivan takes a sips of the ale.

<OOC> Usha says, "You and Rivel."

<OOC> Usha says, "Question stands."

<OOC> Galan points up "Answered."

<OOC> Estivan says, "My resonse stands, estivan really tired, he didn't sleep well at all last night."

Carudan pages: Carudan spits. "Can you guess what I was doing all day? I was the dutiful little priest, sitting here, making my fantasy castle, planning how much wood, how much stone, trying to avoid cutting down the trees. I sat on my ass," he yells, his hoarse voice growing louder as his body trembles violently. "I was here on my ass while a man I could call friend had his heart ripped out. Once again I sat in my little world while on of the few exceptions to the cursed spawn of the serpents lay on the floor of some brothel bleeding to death!"

Rivelzantherax comes down the stairs and sees you all sitting at the table, waving at you all. He comes over and sits at the table, the chair letting out an anguished groan. "Well I am glad that you came, although I wish that the priest would have come as well."

Estivan blinks a few time as he realise what Galan said, "Oh, you didn

Estivan blinks a few time as he realise what Galan said, "Oh, you didn't mean me. My apologies.

Usha says "He's off being drunk. Probably in the jail if you really want to go looking."

Estivan pages: How's the ale?

Galan says "So, why are we here Rivel?"

Estivan starts to eat his breakfest, and drink his ale as he listens.

You paged Carudan with 'Alibon just stares into your eyes, winding up his back hand and slapping him across the face. "Stop that, right now. Yes you were here doing your work, while you should have been with your companions, helping them in their time of need. But you can not change anything in the past, but you can do something about that at this moment. Which would you think Silver would prefer? You sit here on your ass feeling sorry for yourself or actually going out there and making sure the same fate does not befall one of the others?"'.

You paged Estivan with 'Alrtight, but the waffle is EXCELLENT.'.

Estivan looks to be througly enjoying his meal.

Carudan pages: Carudan's head lolls as he starts laughing. And laughing. And laughing.

Rivel says, "Alright as one can be. Now may I ask you Usha, Estivan, what was going on here before the whole unpleasantness last night? I'm still a rather sketchy about how this all came to be, and I think it might be rather important. to all of us."

You paged Carudan with 'Alibon says in a monotone voice, "What is so funny?"'.

Estivan looks at Usha, "Do you want to go first or should I?

Galan finishes writing and digs into his breakfast

You paged Galan with 'It's an excellent waffle.'.

Usha says "The elf went to a brothel, met whatever the hell his assassin was, and died. She wante d a scroll he had, didn't get it."

From afar, Galan makes sure to write that down

Galan says "What kind of scroll?"

Rivel says "What sort of scroll? How did you come by it?"

Galan punches Rivel lightly "Jinx."

Usha says "I can't say, I wasn't the one who got it."

Estivan says "It was an odd looking scroll that once belonged to the late despicible kobold sorcerer Nermize."

<OOC> Usha says, "BRB"

Rivel asks, "Who was this Nermize?"

Usha has reconnected.

Estivan says "From what I have seen and heard he was a leader of a nearby Kobold village who had some meglomaical plans about improveing his race through dragon lore. He spent many years masqurading as a pseuodragon compaion of the gnomish wizard and noted Dragon expert, Hergal."

Carudan pages: Carudan continues to laugh, his guffaws bordering on sobs. "They're better off without such a self-absorbed bastard. They said it themselves. Who am I good for, eh? What good am I to anyone?" His voice is louder than before, his blood pumping. "I sat here giving Torm his damn bloody shrine, or I lay unconscious, or a half a dozen personal marks of failure... useless, stupid half-savage monstrosity ill-born-" his rambling speech and trembling hatred merge into a single, powerful scream of rage, un-aimed sonic energy erupting from his jaws and flying just past Albion's shoulder as he screams on and on.

Rivelzantherax thinks about this for a second, then asks, "Interesting and you mentioned you heard her name last night. I forgot, but what was it?"

Usha pages: What was it?

Estivan says "Yes, beofre she flew off after taking many hits, enough that would fell agiant, her name was Verliserias"

You paged Usha with 'Verliserias'.

<OOC> Estivan says, "Er she said her name was Verliserias"

Usha tells him that.

<OOC> Estivan says, "That what?"

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

Estivan says "The battle we had with her mainly consided of Usha Wrestling her and me sliceing at her."

Galan says "Where were the other two?"

Usha says "Blue was being a coward, Carudan was....somewhere."

Estivan says "Carudan was off some where, Bluewas there, it was he who destoryed the scroll. He said he went to get help, but we haven"

Estivan says "Carudan was off some where, Bluewas there, it was he who destoryed the scroll. He said he went to get help, but we haven't seen him since."

Usha has partially disconnected.

You paged Carudan with 'Growls at the half dragon losing control and shearing off the branches of nearby trees. With a quick motion, he slams Carudan into the ground face first and goes up to his ear, growling, "Stop that self pitty! It won't work on anybody, expecially not me. You know what I am? I'm a shape shifting monster that hunts humans in the moonlight eating babies where ever I find them, and infecting people with my disease making them my slaves to do my bidding. Now do you see me any of that? NO! Because I stopped being a were-tiger a long time ago and just became a person!"'.

Usha says "So, why the questions?"

Estivan mutters, "He didn't even thank me for saving his sorry arse.

Estivan drains his ale.

Rivel leans back, a wide look in his eyes, "Good Bahamut... and what did you do to her?"

Usha says "We tried to kill her. What do you think we did? Didn't succeed."

Carudan pages: Carudan doesn't struggle. He hisses "Then go back to the persons, and leave the worthless beasts to the wilderness."

Estivan pulls out his scimitar unflamed and lays it on the table, "I hit her about a dozen or more times with this.

Rivel puts a claw on her head and leans back, "And you actually drew blood? Do you know how much trouble you are in at the moment?"

Carudan pages: I'm tired of fighting. I'm tired of bothering. I'm tired of failing. If you really want to do me a favor, kill me now and spare us both from suffering mmy presence." There is a sorrowful edge to his voice

Estivan says "Would you gentleman and lady like a round of a... what?"

<OOC> Galan says, "Her?"

Usha says "Meh. Done it once, do it again."

Estivan says "Why are we in trouble?"

Carudan pages: Lesson #1 of depression: Self-pity is your only friend. And it's the most dangerous friend someone can have.

Galan says "I think I'm glad I'm not you, right now.."

You paged Carudan with 'Alibon growls, "No! Because I made a promise to teach you the ways of the Middle Path and I will NOT let you take the easy way out! You are no less a beast as I, actually less, you don't have the driving instinct I have to deal with every month to hunt and kill. Carudan, you are a good student and I can see the potential in you to become a great warrior of Torm by following the Middle Path, but this is one of the bumpt along the road. You must over come this if you want to become emotionally stronger and gain the hardest respect one can, your own..."'.

Estivan slides his scmitar in it

<OOC> Usha says, "BRB"

Estivan slides his scmitar in it's sheath and redos the peace knot.

Usha has disconnected.

<OOC> Estivan says, "brb myself"

Carudan pages: Go," carudan says quietly, his voice hoarse as he struggles with his tears. "Just... go," he sobs.

Carudan pages: About a foot away from Carudan, a silver leaf catches the sun's light, the reflection shining in his eye.

You paged Carudan with 'No! I will not leave you Carudan because I care for you and I know 3 others that feel the same."'.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe plays hungry-hungry hippos.

<OOC> Galan says, "Hungry Hungry Hippos suck! Lets play the Waiting Game!"

Carudan pages: In between sobs Carudan softly mutters, "liar... none of htem care,"

<OOC> Estivan says, "back"

<OOC> Estivan says, "brb again"

<OOC> Galan says, "Are the waitresses attractive?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Back"

You paged Carudan with 'I am certain they do. If you doubt me, go ask them yourself. But of course the only way is to BE with them for a while. You've been a good student but one can not be all business and not let the animal in every one of us out for once in a while. Or else we will become like those high strung wizards that become so obscesed over something the eventually become Liches. Tell me, do you want to become something like that?"'.

Rivel says, "Well this Verliserias is one of the most dangerous people wandering around Faerun. She is highly skilled in both hand to hand combat and the arcane arts and has had a very infamous reputation for slaying those who would hunt her draconic side, and not allowing anyone to live once she does a job..."

Carudan pages: Who's to say I'm not already like that," he hisses.

Estivan says "Hmmmmm, she said soemthing to the effect we'll met sometime later or some such like that"

Estivan thinks long and hard about what she said(checksing logs)

Galan quaffs ale and wipes his mouth "Unlucky for you all."

Rivel says "One would hope not to. You probably caught her off guard, and while it was some majorly impressive feat that you hurt her so bad. I don't know about when things get personal, but from what I hear, she has vast amount of patience, and love to toy with those 'puny beings' that are in her way."

Estivan says "The last thing she said was, "Well it seems that Silver was the only weak one amoung you. You intrige me, so maybe I should let you live... Then again, maybe not. Until next time wymlings."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Damn, what a memory!"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Int 17"

You paged Carudan with 'Because you have not crossed the point of no return. You are able to look at yourself and realize you have a problem, if you can do that, the problem is not as bad as you can think."'.

Galan nudges Rivel "That still doesn't answer the question. Why're we here, if they're the ones about to be gutted and used as snow shoes?"

Carudan pages: Carudan grunts non-commitedly then groans "What's shining in my eye..."

Rivel turns to Galan, "But that is the reason I'm here, Verliserias is a monster that goes spreading chaos and devestation where ever she goes, but she is not as obvious as a standard dragon. She is more subltle, in fact very few know of her noteriety. I and I know a few other priests of Bahamut that have sworn to stop her for the good of this land."

You paged Carudan with 'Alibon lookss over and says, "A sliver leaf... Is that yours?"'.

Galan sighs "I KNEW you were going to say that."

Galan says "You're going to ask to join them, aren't you? And I'm going to get suckered in, like always."

Estivan says "Well then, this area seems to have the focus of her attention for the past few months."

Usha has connected.

<OOC> Estivan says, "Wb"

Rivel says, "Have I mentioned that for several decades she has been pillaging her assassinations for every magical thing that could be carried out and would undoubtably ammassed a horde as fine as any true dragon?"

You paged Usha with 'Rivel says, "Well this Verliserias is one of the most dangerous people wandering around Faerun. She is highly skilled in both hand to hand combat and the arcane arts and has had a very infamous reputation for slaying those who would hunt her draconic side, and not allowing anyone to live once she does a job..."'.

Galan says "Suckered in? Ah, I meant I'd be GLAD to join you and our new friends on their most noble quest!"

Usha says "I don't know about that. I just know what I saw. If it bleeds, I can kill it. Anyway, do you have anything useful to tell us? Such as where she is or what she wanted with Silver/"

<OOC> Usha says, "?"

Estivan says "Ypu should speak to the dean of the college."

You paged Usha with 'Estivan says "Hmmmmm, she said soemthing to the effect we'll met sometime later or some such like that"Rivel says "One would hope not to. You probably caught her off guard, and while it was some majorly impressive feat that you hurt her so bad. I don't know about when things get personal, but from what I hear, she has vast amount of patience, and love to toy with those 'puny beings' that are in her way."'.

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

Carudan pages: Carudan stops sobbing. "It... I was here, yesterday, working when something... shiny... drifted before my face. I bent down to pick it up, and it was a silver leaf. A few seconds after that, I heard you and the others moving past, towards the town... I'd forgotten all about it." his voice seems to sound steadier.

<OOC> Galan says, "You missed a pretty good chunk."

Rivel says, "Well I should at least warn you about what you've stirred up. I don't know much, but I know it's more than some of the Lord's Alliance spies could tell you about Verliserias..."

Estivan says "Speak to teh College's dean an board. We are currently under contract to them."

You paged Carudan with 'Alibon reaches over and picks up the leaf and looks at it. "Maybe someone wanted to tell you something. Might have been a warning, or to perhaps spend a little more time with your commrades."'.

Rivel says, "Don't worry, I'm certain she will come to you."

Galan says "Pay any good?"

Carudan pages: Torm tries... I tried to blame him, this shrine, for what happened, but he did try to warn me. He tried to tell me..."

Estivan says "Were're boarding at or near the college. Fairly good"

Rivelzantherax says, "Well her first appearance was about 200 years ago in the High Forest, as simply an odd winged elf madien that had a rather firm grasp on the inate neuances of magic. She would flitter about the settlements, causing bits of mischief here and there, expecially upon visiting humans and dwarves, these soon turned into out right attacks. Something had to be done about this threat, so one of the premier elven paladins, Sir Cerinates was sent to dispatch this rebel. Of course he was sucessful in finding the deliquent's lair and discovered that she was part draconic. Dispite the racial advantage she had, Cerinates was successful in driving her out of the land, but she did swear revenge on the meddlesome do gooder. For the next few years, she took her place in the Neverwinter joining the Cloaked Tower mage's guild, despite not being a wizard. She became knowledgeable of the niceties of court in that time, and also grew powerful, politically and magically. Eventually Verliserias became one of the chairs of the Cloaked Tower, mostly due to her predisecor dying of various magical accidents. When the others found that something was up, it was too late, Verliserias had already fleed, taking many valueable tomes and magical items in the process. She then went up to Luskan where she found a monestary of the Dark Moon secreted away in the foul city's side streets and decided to make herself a little more... physically powerful. She remained there for a decade or two, becoming a definate force to be feared with her mastery of the fist and the spell. Details are a bit sketchy, but when she was about 125, they halted her training saying that they would not teach her any more until she awknoleged Shar as her personal diety. Within the next week the bodies of several minor nobles were discovered with their hearts torn out of their chests with their houses throughouly looted. At the end the hidden monestary exploded into flame that no mundane method could stop from razing the building down to the very bedrock. At that time she went back to Silverymoon and enacted her revenge on the noble Cerinates, hanging him from a tree with his own spinal cord. From that point on she traveled around Faerun, causing havoc where ever she went, working with such bands as the Moon Assassins, Shades, Fire Knives, and the Zhentarim. But who ever she worked with, it was never for long, she would take her pay for the dark jobs she did and go, sometimes with more than her employeers wanted her to have. What ever we know about Verliserias, the only certain thing is that she only wants personal money and power, stepping over anybody's corpse that stood in her way..."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Good GOD!"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Hey! She's 200 years old and it's a summary of her life story. What did you expect?"

Usha says "You've sure memorised a lot of stuff about her."

Estivan nods, then sighs, "Well, how did I get into this mess.

You paged Carudan with 'Alibon pats Carudan on the back, "Do not freet too much over it Carudan, you got lost within your work. Right now you need to takes a step back, and re-evaluate what you need to do, and what I think you need to do is spend some time with your fellow half-dragons. You might learn a few things from them..."'.

Galan says "A lack of divine guidance. If you convert to the worship of Akadi today, we can set you up with a spiffy holy symbol for free."

Estivan glares at Galan, "Sorry, but Akadi doesn't intrest me.

Usha says "Where's she based?"

Rivel turns to Galan and whispers, "Galan, like I said before, you need to be a little more subtle when trying to gain converts."

Galan shrugs at Rivel "It was a joke."

Rivel shrugs a bit, "Not sure, she's mostly around either Baldur's Gate, Waterdeep, or Neverwinter, which would mean she can pick up and leave rather readily, so she could move anywhere she was needed."

Estivan sighs, "I better get use to people trying to convert me once words gets out that I am a faithless who is seeking.

Carudan pages: Carudan pushes himself up unsteadily,l his eyes downcast. "Why does that fill me with dread. I've fought armed cutpurses and thugs since I was fourteen. I've battled living cloacks and the undead. Yet it's a group of similarly-cursed creatures that scares me the most..." He looks in teh direction of the river. "I think I should take a bath before I leave..."

<OOC> Usha says, "Hint, hint."

Estivan blinks, "I jsut let the word out didn't I.

Usha says "And your career as a spy was looking so promising up till then."

You paged Carudan with 'Stands up and wraps his arm around his shoulder, "It is alright Carudan, you have been alone for most of your life from what you have told me, while you have been facing hostile forces all your life. You are more afraid you could blow this chance and be alone again, but if you do not, you will be alone anyway, so the only sensible thing to do is go for it. I am sure you will do fine my young apprentance."'.

Estivan says "Indeed, the Knights of the Shield would have to retract there offers."

Carudan pages: A wane smile appears on Carudan's face. "You remind me a bit of my father," he says in an unsteady voice. "Always so damn accepting and wise. I'll have to invite him here one of these days."

Rivel chuckles, "Well then we should have a serious talk about the Noble Dragon Father in the future then when you are ready. But of course I'm a tad more worried about your wellfare at the moment."

Usha says "Do you have anything concrete to suggest, apart from "WE'RE DOOMED!"?""

Estivan says "Yes, don't want to becoem a brink in the wall and I would like to pass on Bahmut, no offense to you my draconic heritage is soemthing I am not the least proud of."

You paged Carudan with 'Albion shifts back to human form, "I would be pleased to meet him. Might learn a few things from him. But now what do you want to do?"'.

Carudan pages: Carudan stands up straighter. "Bathe. I reek of some poor attempt at liquor called scrug, I think.

Estivan calmly looks at Rivel and says, "My "father" is Itho the Lustful." He says father with a heavy amount of vehenance.

Rivel says, "Simply that you do not have a set schedule of things you do regularly day after day. She sees herself as a embodyment of chaos so she will disrupt you rutine in every way she can, then come after you."

Usha says "Oh great, now you've got him started....short version, they don't get on."

You paged Carudan with 'How much have you drunk?"'.

Estivan glares at Usha, "What does that suppose to mean?

Rivel says, "That is such a shame, we need more stable half-dragons. One should not be ashamed of their heritage, no matter what they are."

Carudan pages: I'm not sure... I think I said it was mostly full (pose additional bottles of scrug), so at least a fifth of a keg, but I don't know how much that actually is, in terms of number of drinks

<OOC> Carudan says, "Good thing Carudan isn't there, after all."

Galan interrupts "We were discussing whats going to happen next, right?"

Estivan glares at Rivel, "I is not something I am ahsamed of, I just don't pride myself in it. To do so would dishonor my mother.

Usha says "Allegedly."

You paged Carudan with 'Alibon laughs and slaps Carudan on the back, "Boy, I have heard of people dying on half of that! You must have a cast iron stomach..."'.

<OOC> Galan says, "Man, you guys are the most disfunctional adventuring party ever."

<OOC> Usha says, "Yeah."

Rivel says, "Of course Galan, I'm sorry, so do you wish some help with stopping this fiend from slaying you while in your bed and using your hides as floor rugs? If it is alright with you Galan?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Yea, ain't it great?"

<OOC> Usha says, "No."

Galan shrugs "I need material for my next book. Count me in."

Carudan pages: Carudan laughs gently. "It's not that unusual. I used to have a drink or two before bed, back in Grannin. This scrug stuff is nothing compared to some of the stuff I used to drink.

Estivan says "Yes, since such would befit the college we are contracted to protect"

Estivan says "I guess I should take you there and introduce you to the Dean."

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

Rivel says, "If you please."

Estivan looks at Galan, "You should get a good deal of material for your book. Is everyone ready to leave?

Galan says "Definately."

Usha packs up and leaves, then.

You paged Carudan with 'Then I hate to see what you use to dreak back then..." Starts to lead you off to the public baths.'.

Galan follows Usha

Estivan leads them to the deans office.

As you all leave the in, Estivan steps onto several shards of reflective silver (1 hp), down there is a dingy piece of paper with some writing on it.

Carudan pages: Carudan's feet grind them to a halt. "Actually, I prefer to bathe in the river, alone.

You paged Usha with 'It looks exactly like William's scrying mirrior he used before.'.

Estivan says, "Ouch"

You paged Carudan with 'Alibon says, "What ever you wish. I just wish you a good day and have fun! Or I'm going to maul you!" he says jokingly as he goes off into the woods.'.

Estivan checks to see what the silver is and picks up the note

"You're going to have to do better than that if you wish to find me wyrmlings."

Carudan pages: Carudan smiles, nods his head, then walks to teh river, grabbing his cloak as he walks past it.

Estivan repeats it then says, "Damn bitch.

<OOC> Usha says, "Ho hum."

Carudan pages: When he reaches the river, he strips down and prepares to soak in the water. How deep is the river, anyway?

Estivan diggs the silver out of his boot.

Usha says "That belonged to a member of the faculty that i asked to try and scry on her."

Estivan gathers it up, "Well we should hurry to the college then.

Off in the distance you can hear a high, femminine malicious laugh that seems to echo through your heads.

<OOC> Usha says, "Don't bother, she's got DR 75 / Plot Device."

Carudan pages: How loud is that laugh?

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "And I think we'll end it there."

You paged Carudan with 'You hear it once you end your bath.'.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Not quite. ^_^"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe makes note to give her damage resistance.

Carudan pages: Lovely. At least Carudan will have time to get some clothes back on

<OOC> Usha says, "Why the hell not? We're going to get smacked around by her for the next 13 levels, and not get a chance to do anything...."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay, everybody 600 exp."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Don't worry, you'll get a chance, eventually."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "And vote."

Usha pages: Abstain.

Carudan pages: Estivan

<OOC> Usha says, "Okay. Look, I feel I have to say something, because I'm just not enjoying the game any more. Party dynamics? We HAVE NONE! I'm starting to dislike the rest of the group badly, and I'd sooner quit than drag a game down."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Here we go..."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Was just turning Carudan around..."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Actually Carudan had to deal with.. yeah, what Joe said."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "But yes, it was good that you state it."

<OOC> Usha says, "I don't want to make trouble (hence the offer to quit), but I just don't see any reason why my character would stay around these people. Being the same species doesn't cut it."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Hmm, must be a failure on my part..."

<OOC> Estivan says, "I agree, there's little sticky at all. Nothing personal, other then a contract and a word of honor on my part."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Carudan gets the 150 RP exp."

<OOC> Usha says, "Oh, the adventure's fine. It's the party. I think it might be mismatched expectations more than anything else."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Heck, the fact we now have an unbeatible foe mocking us doesn't help."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay, so what would you like to see to increase sticky? Because I've been trying abit."

<OOC> Galan says, "The big baddie does seem to be a bit.. overdone."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Dude, you took her down to like 1/2 HP!"

<OOC> Carudan says, "Well, for my part I'll have Carudan try to establish closer relations with everyone else. And damn, kudos for Usha"

<OOC> Estivan says, "A good villian waits a long time Joe."

<OOC> Usha says, "But we now know every device we try to track her down will autofail ('Discern Location'!). If we wer elow level, yes, but we're level 10. That should be the time to do heroic stuff, and start gaining in status."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Also get Arden to somehow open out to the others. Use soemthing from his background, all the players bakgournd and make sticky out of stuff. Make connections"

<OOC> Galan says, "You're level 10? Whoa. Thought you were 7ish"

<OOC> Usha says, "ECL 10, with the template,."

<OOC> Carudan says, "really?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Wow."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Where does the time go?..."

<OOC> Galan feels small now.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "I'm trying, but... *sigh* I was going to do something with Arden and Usha in the near future. Don't know about Estivan though."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Joe, you had an invidual villian with connection to alsort of organisations, use that to make plot points."

<OOC> Galan says, "I know I'm the new guy, but the Demi Goddess might be better put on the back burner for awhile?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "She's not a Demi-goddes."

<OOC> Estivan says, "She can just sit back in Tanturus and wiat for use to get frustrated."

<OOC> Galan says, "That was hyperbole."

<OOC> Usha says, "I happily admit it's a personal thing from previous games, but I'm sick of uberfoes who can only be beaten when the ST decides."

<OOC> Carudan says, "That could work. IT'd be a case of smacking us when we least expect it. She's just finished a hit, so we'd expect her to strike soon, after all..."

<OOC> Estivan says, "We shoudl have killed her last session and you could have man her a aprt of a bigger plan, ratehr then the lone villian."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "I'm sorry about that, but I thought you might be a little tired of unconnected individual villans that work for only like 2 or three sessions and would want someone with a little more longevity."

<OOC> Carudan says, "There's no reason to think she isn't part of a bigger plan as it is"

<OOC> Estivan says, "So you add a single indivdual rather then tying all the prvious stuff into a much larger picture."

<OOC> Carudan says, "I mean, that was one thing I thought of while the background was shared. She's probably working for someone else, but who and why?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Right, focus less on her, she probally wouldn't give a damn about us, were jsut small fries."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Well I did try and tie all of the previous stuff in last session, but that's just my fault..."

<OOC> Estivan says, "You just tied her to the Kobold and the necrmancer. You did good there, but you didn't go far enough."

<OOC> Estivan says, "What I suggest is make more out of the Banelar trying to take over the school and connect that into things."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "It's just... It's just I don't know what do do. I want to keep this game going, but... *sigh*"

<OOC> Estivan says, "She's just a mercanary, what we should worry is not her, but who sent her adn there plans."

<OOC> Estivan says, "This is the reason I called for that player/DM conferance thing."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "El, thoughts?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Joe, talk with the other ST's onn GCP and swap ideas."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Tyson, thoughts?"

<OOC> Galan says, "A few, yes. I think you need to set things up so the group can act, instead of react. Thats one of the beauties of an organization vs a lone nut."

<OOC> Estivan says, "I have something to add."

<OOC> Usha says, "Like I said, I'll quit if that's the easiest way out. You can expose people to a conspiracy bit by bit."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Nobody's stopping you."

<OOC> Usha says, "Truthfully, what I'd like is some foes of our own level to deal, who are hard to defeat by virtue of planning and tactics, not having 13 levels on us."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe looks at the back burner and says, "I think I got something just like that."

<OOC> Usha says, "I don't want to rock the boat if everyone else is having a good time, and I certainly don't want to rag on you indefinately."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "But I would not like to lose you El if I can, but if you really think that is the only way out...."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Look that the three main elements we have, first is a group of halfdragons protecting a college that have come under several threats, a mercany who works for any number evil organistions, and a dead banelar who tried to conquer the scool mentioned."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Could there be something in teh school that everyone wants?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "I stand by El, the fun I was having was limited by lack of interaction and a lack of anything but reaction. When you introdice the bitch, it was great because we acted to find her."

<OOC> Estivan says, "I was expecting that she was a link in a far larger chain of things."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "You'll find out soon. ^_^"

<OOC> Estivan says, "I was really surpise when she didn't die."

<OOC> Usha says, "What I don't want to see is an endless stream of "Uberassassin attacked something precious to you, and gets away....nope, still Mind Blanked.....""

<OOC> Estivan says, "Sure, but first we need to owrk on party interstions."

<OOC> Usha says, "My character should have acted to help Carudan, but honestly, I was having Amanda flashbacks, and I didn't want to go there."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay, I promise not to do that any more except when things get old. And I think that it might be my fault, it's so much easier to be on the offensive as the GM than a player for me."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe I understand.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "I understand."

<OOC> Estivan says, "I would have done something, but people wanted to FF"

<OOC> Usha says, "Truthfully, the assassin could have been ECL 13-15 and still been scary. That's the level at which you're becoming legendary."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "What could I do to wash that Amanda fear form a situation like that in the future?"

<OOC> Galan says, "Shock therapy."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Not ff when its going on?"

<OOC> Carudan gets ready for the wires

<OOC> Usha says, "It's not you, it's the character. He's angsty, but never shares the reason for his angst with anyone else."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Truth be told, I just needed that 10th level sorcerer for teleportation :P"

<OOC> Usha says, "Scroll."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe thunks self on the head.

<OOC> Usha says, "Helm of Teleportation. Cape of the Mountebank."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Or Dimesion door and fly."

<OOC> Galan says, "Hell, levitation and those wings."

<OOC> Usha says, "Or make it two people, a Sorcerer and Monk."

(New BB message (9/45) posted to 'Help Wanted: Staff' by Ginrai: Builders, TPers, misc staff)

<OOC> Estivan says, "Who are connected to a much big things."

<OOC> Usha says, "But honestly, Joe, we've all done this at some point. With me, it was an indestructible android."

<OOC> Galan coughs.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay, I know it's probably just my inexperience."

<OOC> Usha says, "There's a difference between tough NPC's and those who always automatically suceed. Android was the latter."

<OOC> Galan says, "Feel lucky. You're not getting a complaint about letting a PC live. ;)"

Galan pages: Who's playing Carudan, anyhoo?

<OOC> Estivan says, "Look, we'll surprise so be ready to start from scratch at time."

You paged Galan with 'Senidel, this is his first GCP game.'.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "What?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Improvise and change things, later what you have to fit new devlopments. Adpat."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Er alter adapt"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "I try, honestly I mostly do that over here, and it's one of the things I do fairly well."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "It's my planned stuff that get's all of the groaning and moaning."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Are you doing the same with this game?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Yes."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "I do plan stuff, yes."

<OOC> Estivan says, "So apply what I said to the plained stuff. Plan nothiong that cannot be altered, improveser or dropped"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay, so what you want is to tie everybody together a little more through their background a bit, more cunning villans, and have you go after them not the other way around?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Have continagancy plans. Weave a web ratehr then sting a line."

<OOC> Estivan says, "And a great quanty of villians yes."

<OOC> Usha says, "What I usually do is have notes saying "This should happen at some point." or "They should meet NPC X while this is going on."."

<OOC> Galan says, "I've found that, when planning, it's helpful to ask 'What are five different things the pcs can do at this point?""

<OOC> Usha says, "Hell, sometimes I just throw something inexplicable in with no idea what it signifies, so it'll be usable for an idea later."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "OKay, I'll do my best on the first 3 points, yes."

<OOC> Usha says, "With both my really long campaigns, I had no idea what the overplot would be like until about a third of the way through."

<OOC> Estivan says, "That"

<OOC> Estivan says, "That's a start and I suggest you reread Beth's oocs stuff anf Blackhat matt's stuff for insperation."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe thought that was the axe was in essence.

<OOC> Usha says, "And Joe, listen. I like a lot of stuff about your game. I like the NPC's. I like the way you setup and describe battles. I like the oddball stuff, like to sorority party and the menagerie."

<OOC> Estivan says, "I agree heartly with elemnetal."

<OOC> Estivan says, "You have an excellent and beutiful foundation."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "I just need to build on it."

<OOC> Usha says, "The problems are either out of your hands, or elementary mistakes we've all made at some point."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay, thank you, that's a great weight off my shoulders, but I'll work harder to make next week better."

<OOC> Galan says, "That still leaves the group dynamics problem. *isn't responsible for it for once! WHEE!*"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Having Galan will actully help group dynamics. He is more enjoyible then Silver was."

<OOC> Usha says, "Definately. Silver would have been an interesting PC, but a lot of the time his only trait was 'I don't like whoever Al's playing'."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Like I said, Carudan's going to start trying to reach out to the others, probably starting with Estivan simply because he'll be the easiest. They have the whole "devotion to combat gods" thing going."

<OOC> Usha says, "That's good. Angst is good when it motivates your character to do something, not brood on it."

<OOC> Estivan chuckles, "I have a surpise for you there Rory, but it would be fun.

<OOC> Estivan says, "Also, have what ever group is after arden attack so he can stop being so damn secritive!"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "True, expecially how well Al is playing Estivan, he's one of his best characters, I think."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Especally if the whole group is together."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "That's who I got on the back burner is. ^_^"

<OOC> Estivan says, "So turn up the head and aplly it some tiems soon."

<OOC> Usha says, "Arden....that's the other thing. I'm pissed OOC and a little bit IC after what he didn't do last session."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Er heat"

<OOC> Carudan says, "You know, I hate the word "surprise." It always ends unpleasantly. Say, in terms of linkage, what's the possibility of the group Arden's hiding from having any links with teh criminal group that Carudan interacted with?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "And with Estivan's draconic father."

<OOC> Usha says, "Hell, what's the possibility that they're all working for the Red Wizards?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Very good. Didn't you have Carudan start out in Calisham?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "And the red wizards are some elses pawn, plus there are group opposing each of the other groups."

<OOC> Carudan says, "HE was in the Vast, or that's what I picked out after I finally found a copy of the forrgotten realms book to borrow"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay, but after that when he was in the city."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Webs within webs within webs.... gotta love that sort of thing."

<OOC> Estivan says, "There is a crinimal sindicute in Tanturus whcih is in the vast."

<OOC> Usha says, "Joe, mind if I ask something? Was Arden actually --doing anything-- last session, during the fight?"