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<OOC> Carudan says, "Aye Aye, Sir!"

<OOC> Arden says, "Ready"

<OOC> Sybix kicks Al "Sure."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I'm accounted for by myself!"

Estivan has connected.

When we left everybody last time they have just found out that the entire acting troop they were traveling with was an extended family of Dopplegangers. After a tense night and locking up all the valueables, you travel up the road for a few more hours, you can see the Chionthar river, and on the oppisite bank, the grand city of Baldur's Gate.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Hey, just in time."

<OOC> Estivan bows, "And for my next trick I will cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with a herring!

Sybix tosses the leader the ten gold "Well, it was interesting travelling with you. We shall have to do this again someday."

<OOC> Sybix says, "A red one?"

Smokin_Joe pokes Sybix.

<OOC> Estivan says, "I think so, it has a hammer and sickle shaped golden scale patch on its tail."

<OOC> Sybix says, "Fucking Commie."

<OOC> Sybix says, "Whoops, wrong log in.."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Um, name Tyson?"

Sybix has disconnected.

<OOC> Carudan says, "Oooh, Marx-brand!"

Galan has connected.

<OOC> Galan says, "There we go."

<OOC> Elemental2 says, "You just gave away the plot. Galan's been replaced by a doppleganger called Sybix."

<OOC> Galan says, "Hit the wrong macro."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Ok, how are we going plot hole me for all this."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Macros..."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "you are... There."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "I don't know either."

Carudan walks up to Adeinia. "Say, uh, I just wanted to thank you for helping us yesterday. IS there anything I can do to pay you back?"

<OOC> Galan says, "He had a case of the runs?"

<OOC> Carudan says, "Plot hole? I thought he had gone off riding with gnomes or something, and came back just at teh end"

Estivan pages: Damn, how can we explain it that would make it interesting. I know, he scout a head to give Esmerellda a run and got lost.

<OOC> Galan says, "Estivan. Gnome humper."

Adeinia shakes her head. "It's alright. Seeing others like me is a reward in itself."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Better gnomes than Esmerelda. BEsides, considering how tall they are..."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Can somebody fill me in on more then gnomes and Doppelgangers?"

Wirsa takes the gold anc counts it, "Thank you Galan and company. I do hope that your travels are well."

<OOC> Galan says, "Btw, that was just my part of the fare. You lot can pay for yourselves ;)"

<OOC> Estivan says, "BTW WB El"

You paged Estivan with 'Don't worry about it.'.

Carudan nods. "Indeed.Still, if you hadn't been there, we would be dead. At least allow me to help you in your search for this foe you are hunting.

<OOC> Estivan says, "To the lurking i mean"

Arden pays his share and waits for the others

Galan nods and starts towards the city "Come, my fellows! I know an inn where the food and drink is wonderful and the sheets are clean."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Who's Adeinia?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Me!"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "grins."

Carudan walks over to Wirsa and gives him the fare

<OOC> Adeinia grins.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "New half Dragon silver dragon shadow dancer."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Who plays Adeinia?"

<OOC> Adeinia smacks a duct tape over Joe's mouth. "Shhhh... You'll give it away..."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Ayden."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Yeah... that's a likely story!"

<OOC> Adeinia whistles and waves.

<OOC> Estivan scrathes his head Ayden?

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I'm not sure if we've met before or not."

<OOC> Carudan begins introductions. "Ayden, arden. Arden. ayden."

<OOC> Estivan is Al Ray.

<OOC> Adeinia coughs. "Umm... Yes. Hi."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I'm pretty sure we haven't met before, probably. Most likely."

<OOC> Estivan nods, "Have you been on GCP?

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Nope."

It is a thriving city, after the guards at the gates give you several dirty looks, they wave you across after taking a look at your coin purses. You find your tavern rather easily.

<OOC> Estivan says, "Ok, that explains things."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Do you mind, Joe, we're having an interrogation! ;^)"

Estivan pages: Ok, I would like a set up for my enterance, because I really don't like the you have been the the whole time aprrouch because I am absoultly clueless.

<OOC> Adeinia tries to get the light out of her eyes.

<OOC> Galan would like to play, ya know.

The Reality Button gets pushed by Estivan and goes BOINK, PTANG, POW! and sends us back to our game.

<OOC> Carudan says, "Whine, whine whine..."

You paged Estivan with 'But you have, you were just running ahead with a couple of halfling outrunner mercinaries.'.

Carudan stares at teh tavern.

Carudan says "And you say the sheets are clean?"

Estivan pages: (SO where am I now?)

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

Adeinia asks, "Why this tavern?"

From afar, Estivan oocly would like to be already in the tavern waiting for them,

You paged Estivan with 'You've came back from teh patrol and pay Wirsa, then go with everybody.'.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Ah... Seeing the woman singing the ending song gives it a completely different context..."

Galan led them to a very good tavern, fyi. "Yes. Sheets are clean, the foods good, the staff are polite and discreete."

From afar, Estivan threw Wirsa a platnium and then went to catch up with the others(What do I know about going ons.

Estivan catches up fully with the others on Esmerellda.

Arden follows along silent

Carudan nods. "I swear, the entire time I was moving east, I had the worst time with inns... abouttwo weeks in I stopped going to inns a1l together

Adeinia shrugs and follows. "I guess one tavern is as good as another..." She mutters to herself. "It's not like I know this city very well..."

Galan asks the others "Why is she following us?"

Estivan says "Greetings everyone. I finally caught up with you."

Carudan shrugs. "Does is matter?"

Adeinia gives her best smile and says, "It seems you know where a good tavern, and since I've never been to the city before..."

You come to a tavern named 'The Violet Morning Dove', a nice lightly colored building. Inside you can see that there's quite a few customers already here, mostly standard gnomes, humans and elves.

<OOC> Adeinia says, ">> I forgot 'is'."

Estivan sees Adeinia, "Greetings lady, I don't think we had the pleasure of meeting. I am Estivan Diego.

Adeinia blinks. "Uh, right. We haven't met. I'm Adeinia." She says somewhat awkwardly.

Carudan nods silently as Estivan introduces himself. "I can't believe I was fooled.." he mutters to himself.

Galan sets about renting himself a room.

There's a prim and proper human at the bar, "Hello good sirs, how may I be helping you?"

Estivan nods, "Well met Adeinia. If you excuse me, I have to stable Esmerellda here.

<OOC> Arden says, "How long are we staying in the city"

Carudan looks around the room casually.

Estivan gets off his mare and walks her to the Tavern's stable if it has one.

Adeinia watches as Estivan walks away, then shrugs. Deciding to get a room here as well, she asks for a single room.

Carudan asks the tavern keeper about prices

Arden rents him a room for the night

Galan says "I think I'm going to do a spot of shopping, my friends."

"Of course good sirs, it'll be 3 gold a night each please.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "They got a stable."

Galan pays up.

Adeinia pays for a room for herself.

Carudan nods, then hands 3 gold to Tavern Keeper Man

Arden pays up

<OOC> Galan says, "Have I finished the transcription of that Drow spellbook?"

He takes your gold, "Very good, now is there anything I can help you with? Food, drink, directions the the finer stores?"

Estivan stables Esmerellda and looks for the stablehand.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Give me another scribe check."

Adeinia pages: Hmm... Speaking of language, I forgot to choose my optional languages.

Galan rolls 1d20 and gets: 18 Total: 18

<OOC> Galan says, "32"

You paged Adeinia with 'Alright, what would you like? Giant? Celestial?'.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "You get another 88 pages done, which should get you at least to a few pages away from the end."

Carudan pauses for a moment, then asks, "Actually, I was wondering about a tailor. I need a new cloak done within two days. IS there anyone you could recommend who's fast and high-quality?

You paged Adeinia with 'Auran?'.

Galan heads up to his room to finish off the rest, then heads off into town.

From afar, Galan goes looking for a book binder.

<OOC> Estivan says, "Joe is this a self service stable?"

<OOC> Galan giggles.

<OOC> Galan says, "Self servive."

<OOC> Galan says, "Service!"

Adeinia pages: Draconic (Auran if not possible), Sylvan and Celestial?

"But of course good sir, you can't get much better than Yeris at the Singing Shears, he does fantastic work."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "No."

You paged Adeinia with 'Alright.'.

Carudan nods. "Where can I find Yeris?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Que the stablehand..."

Arden says "Actualy I am look a person who could magic some armor. If you could suggest a good one.."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "It'll cost you a gold to keep your horse here :P"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe has other things on my mind that horse lodgings.

Adeinia asks where the shops are.

Galan pages: (Find one?)

Estivan pays the gold and slips in another two so that Esmerellda can get some preferential treatment here thne walk into the tavern and too the tavern keep.

"Yeris is like 4 blocks away in the hearth quarter. If it's magic you want, you should head to the Enchanter's Quarter, all the mages and alchemists are stituated there." Turns to Adeinia and asks, "What sort of shops.

You paged Galan with 'Find what?'.

Galan pages: (Book binder.)

Adeinia says, "Maps, information about the wildlife around here, general information." She shrugs casually.

You paged Galan with 'In the Enchanter's Quarter that can do some one up really good.'.

Arden nods and takes off for the Enchanter's Quarter.

"Oh, you want Lenbacy Park, lots of druids, rangers, and other such people hang out around there."

From afar, Galan steps inside, waits for the binder to have a free moment, then presents himself with the thick(and finally completed) transcript. "Excuse me sir, but how long does it take you to find a collection of parchments into a book?" (And this transcript includes the spells, right?)

Estivan walks up to the tavernkeep and waits his turn.

Adeinia nods to the keeper and leaves, saying a brief goodbye to the others.

You paged Galan with '(You can't cast them from the pages, ti's just the words and motions, essentially a 'pseudo-scroll'.'.

Carudan says thanks to the keeper, his eyes following Adeinia. HE turns and leaves for Yorvis'

Galan pages: (Nod. Enough for another mage to learn them tho, right?)

You paged Galan with 'The gremlin looks up and says, "Sure, you want high laminated leather back, with brass studs, right? (Yes.)'.

From afar, Galan nods "Sounds good. How long will that take?"

You paged Carudan with 'You find the shop, and you can see a jolly little dwarf man in there. "Hello big lad, what can I do for you?"'.

Adeinia pages: Keep an eye open, cause Adeinia doesn't know how dangerous or safe the streets are. She'll also keep her cloak up to avoid trouble.

You paged Galan with 'About a week... It'll cost you 10 gold."'.

Arden pages: Arden walks around the Enchanter's Quarters looking for someone that can enchant armor

From afar, Galan raises an eyebrow "A week? Is there anyway I could get this done sooner?"

<OOC> Galan says, "Now this is where the Fabricate spell comes in handy.."

Estivan says to the Tavernkeep, "Greeting my good man, I would like to rent a room.

You paged Galan with 'Eh, not really, you got to wait for the leather to tan, get the right studs, I have several other books to do as well...." Looks into the back room, tapping his money drawer.'.

"Of course, that will be 3 gold please."

Carudan pages: Carudan frowns, then pulls his backpack off. After ruffling through for a minute he pulls out a series of sheets. "I need to replace my cloak. My current one has become a bit... threadbare." He lifts his tattered sleeve. "I have a copy of the original design. How much would it cost to create, and how long would it take?

From afar, Galan takes a deep breath and sighs "Ah, I see. The machinery of commerce grinds on at it's own rate, doesn't it? How much gold would it take to grease the wheels for it to be finished say, today?"

<OOC> Galan says, "God damnit. This is the second game this week where've I been forced to bribe someone :P"

Estivan hands over the gold, "Would you kindly direct me where one can buy or sell Magical items.

You paged Carudan with 'He looks at the plans and says, "Hmm, I cna do this for you alright, for 5 gold, I can have this up for ye by next morning.'.

Carudan pages: Nods

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Really? Well, if you don't want to bribe anyone, you don't have to..."

You paged Arden with 'You find a shop of "Mystical Arms & Armor" with a surprisingly well built elf behind the counter.'.

Carudan pages: Carudan nods, and hands the man five gold. "Thank you, sir. Will you need to make any, uh, measurements?

I don't recognize Adieina.

No one to page.

I don't recognize Adeina.

No one to page.

You paged Adeinia with 'You find the park, since it's full of trees with deer and bunnies hopping about in harmony with the city.'.

"Of course, the Enchanter's Quarter is the place you want my good man."

Arden pages: Arden enters "Hello sir. I'm looking to get my armor here enchanted. Do you think you could help me out with that."

Estivan says "Could I purchase a map of this city so I don't get lost?"

You paged Galan with 'He looks shocked, "My good man! What do you take me for?" He hold up 5 fingers.'.

Adeinia pages: Oookk... She slowly enter the park, making sure she's not doing something bad like walking on flowers and such, looking for someone who she could talk to.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Alright, Arden, Estivan, MS."

Galan pages: (50 gold?)

You paged Galan with '(More like 5 more gold, at least to start out.)'.

From afar, Galan lays out 5 platnum coins and smiles "I pay well for swift, quality craftsmanship."

Arden is at Mystical Arms & Armor looking at getting armor enchantments.

Estivan comes in to the same store a bit after Arden arrives.(How much did the map cost?

You paged Adeinia with 'A bunny comes up and does something rather unsavory to your leg. A halfling in wooden and leather armor comes otu and takes the bunny, "I'm sorry about that my lady." She stops and looks at you for a few seconds and says, "You have the look of someone seeking answers, how can Shelina help you?"'.

The elf behind the counter says, "Of course, but first let's see what sort of armor you have here..."

Arden holds up his Elven Battle Mail "Elven made armor of course."

You paged Galan with 'He looks at the coins for a split second, then snatches them of, "Did I say a week? I meant an hour. If you would care to wait, I'll have it ready in no time.'.

Estivan walk up to the counter carrying a very heavy looking sack, "Greetings Blue.

You paged Carudan with '(Where were we?)'.

Arden nods to Estivan "Hello"

Adeinia pages: Eh." She stumps as she shakes her leg slightly. "I'm looking for information regarding the surrounding area. Are there mountain ranges around that people normally avoid?"

He looks at the armor, "Hmm, odd sort of armor. What may I ask what sort of enchantments would you like placed upon it?"

Estivan says "What brings you to this store?"

Carudan pages: Carudan asked if thed tailor would need to do any measurements

From afar, Galan nods happily "Of course, my good man. I must commend you on your strong work ethic." Galen takes a seat somewhere, pulls out the Drown book and studies while the gremlin works on binding the transcript.

Estivan hears the armorer says that, "Never mind.

Arden says "I am looking for something that will make it silent when I move. (The Silent Moves Enchantent.)"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Roflmao"

You paged Adeinia with 'Around here? Heavens no! The closest mountains are the Troll Claws a few miles to the northeast."'.

<OOC> Galan says, "Arden. Silent, but deadly."

Adeinia pages: I see... Would it be possible for you to tell me what sort of dangers lurk here and at those mountains?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Didn't you get less than 10 for Move Silently last time we rolled?"

<OOC> Galan says, "Gotta love adventuring. You make nonadventurers caper and dance for what amounts to pocket change."

<OOC> Arden says, "Probly. Just a bad roll."

<OOC> Adeinia looks up. "Did you know that there's a virus that disguises itself as 'Kazza'?"

He looks over the armor and says, "Yes, I can do this for you, but it'll cost you quite a bit... I'd say... a thousand and 50 gold should do it.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "youch. I don't even have 500 gp..."

You paged Carudan with 'But of course lad, now please step up on the little stage there?"'.

Arden nods his head "Sounds like a fair price. I am only going to be here for a short time. When could I expect it to be done."

You paged Adeinia with 'Well there's mostly trolls up there, some abjurations, and a couple of magical pools that should either revitalize those who drink them or give them riches. Although very few can ever reach them."'.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "How do you turn off public channels?"

<OOC> Galan says, "pub off"

Adeinia pages: No dragons in the area?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Thanks."

Carudan pages: Carudan sighs, shedding his cloak as he steps onteh stage

"I could be done with it by tomorrow morning, if I start working on it now."

Arden says "Okay I'll check in tomorrow."

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 18 Total: 18

You paged Adeinia with 'Hmm, I THINK I heard of some dragon being around there. Trying to set up a lair at one of the pools and master the humanoids around there."'.

<OOC> Arden says, "There. With that I have a +20 to Move Silently. Lets see me fail the roll now."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "you still botch with a 1"

<OOC> Carudan says, "Hush, you'll ruin his delusions!"

<OOC> Arden pretends not to hear that.

You paged Carudan with 'He takes out a tape measure and starts to get all of your measurements, writing them on a sheet of paper. Once done he whistles, "My aren't you a big fella."'.

<OOC> Elemental2 says, "Because even master ninjas will fall over their feet and make a racket one time in twenty....."

<OOC> Galan says, "A 5% chance of failure on every roll? Not to shabby"

Carudan pages: Carudan frowns, as he's tall, but rather thin... or he was before he started eating the rich food at the school. He's not as lithe and trim as he was before, he notices.

Adeinia pages: I see..." she nods slowly. "Do you know where I can get or buy a map of the land?"

The elven shopkeep looks up at Estivan, "And how may I help you dark sir?"

You paged Carudan with 'Do you want it to be billowy or show of those big, strapping muscles you got there?"'.

Estivan says in Elven, "Greetings master armourer, I have a item I would like to sell today.

You paged Adeinia with 'She nods and says, "But of course!" She goes digging into a pouch, eventually coming out with a map of the Plains of the dead and the Troll Claws. "That'll be 3 silvers please."'.

Carudan pages: I want it to hide my more... noticable.. features. As you'll see from teh design, it has to allow for complete movement while maintaining a large degree of secrecy.

"Of course, we're always looking for new items."

Adeinia pages: (Troll Claws?) She pays for them.

Adeinia pages: Is it really called that?

Arden heads out "Estivan I'll see you back at the inn."

Estivan sets the sack on the counter and pulls out the Bandedmail of Luck(tm).

You paged Adeinia with '(The nearest mountains) "Thank you and if you ever need some guidance through this wild world, please don't hesitate to call agian!"'.

The guy's eyes bulge as he sees it, going over it with his fingers, "Where did you get this!?!?!

Adeinia pages: Umm... Why is it called 'Plain of the Dead'? Undead monsters roam the plain?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Ummmm, was it in the Drow Tombs and what is the proper name for them."

You paged Adeinia with 'Not really, just a lot of battles were fought there."'.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Just the Deep Tombs."

Galan pages: (Incidentally, what would this Drow Spellbook go for on average?)

<OOC> Arden says, "Dose it matter. Just make up some crap to tell him if you have to."

Estivan says "In the Deep Tombs a days ride from Bereghost."

Adeinia pages: Ah." Check the map to see if it has any other cities listed on it.

You paged Galan with '(Depends on where you go. You could get a few thousand for it, or chased out of town with a pitchfork toting mob on your tial."'.

Galan pages: (nods. Is it done yet?)

You paged Carudan with 'Alright, I can do this. Come back in a couple of hours. It should be done by then."'.

Estivan says "I was there battleing the undead with compaions when we dicovered it."

You paged Adeinia with 'The only other city is on the other end of the map, Elturel, that's also on the river.'.

Carudan pages: Carudan looks up in surprise. "That quickly? Thank you, sir." HE steps off the stage and leaves the tailor's store. What is along the street he's on?

Adeinia pages: The river is... East - West?

You paged Adeinia with 'East, any further West and you hit the sea.'.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Pause for a second, need to go looking up a couple more things in my books :P"

Adeinia pages: Are there anything to the North and North West?"

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

You paged Adeinia with 'There's the ocean to the northwest, and Waterdeeps up noth by quite a bit. Other than that nothing much.'.

Adeinia pages: Waterdeeps?

You paged Adeinia with 'Biggest city in the world.'.

Adeinia pages: Ah. Northeast?

You paged Adeinia with 'That's where the Troll Claws are.'.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay."

He says, "Well, I can see by the dead spiders here, that it was probably Drow in origin... So, I can gice you 9450 gold for this suit."

Adeinia pages: Ok. So it's Ocean - Waterdeeps - Troll Caves to the north, a river runs along where we are to the east where there's Elturel.

You paged Carudan with 'There's some jewlers, mostly potters, other semstresses, and tinkers.'.

From afar, Galan checks on the Gremlin's progress

<OOC> Arden says, "Urge to mug Estivan rising"

<OOC> Adeinia pours some gas into the flaming urge.

You paged Galan with 'The gremlin come sup to you with a book bound in black leather with several nice brass studs in it. "Here you go sir. Best work I could do on such short notice, but I hope it will sufice."'.

<OOC> Estivan says, "That's 50 of the market value correct?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Er 50%"

From afar, Galan examines the book. (Good quality?)

You paged Adeinia with 'Pretty much south and east is the river, yes.'.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Yep."

You paged Galan with 'Give me a spot check.'.

<OOC> Estivan says, "Is going to try to do some haggleing."

Carudan pages: Carudan wanders down the street aimlessly, his eyes glancing around at his surroundings as he does so.

Adeinia pages: I thank her and goes to the shop to do some window shopping, and maybe get a water skin.

Galan rolls 1d20 and gets: 16 Total: 16

Galan pages: (25)

You paged Adeinia with 'You get your water skin, for a nice price of a silver, and give me a spot check.'.

Adeinia rolls 1d20 and gets: 14

Estivan says "Surely you jest, even with its drow orgin a suit of this power and craftsmaship is worth a lest double that, so what would you say to 16,000?"

Adeinia pages: 25

You paged Galan with 'The brass is a bit substandard, but the leather is high quality, so is the stitching.'.

You paged Adeinia with 'You can see a little cloaked figure slowly following you, rather hesitantly.'.

From afar, Galan nods "Thank you, you've done quality work." He places the book in his pack and, allready having paid, leaves to go looking for an appropriate magic store that would deal in books like these and have the resources to buy one.

Adeinia pages: I'll continue walking until I hit a shadow, then I'll hide using the shadowdancer skill of hiding in plain sight.

You paged Carudan with 'You can see all sorts of house wives and husbands out on errands for the missis. The worst thing around here is the fact that there are also a few kids throwing tantrums.'.

Adeinia rolls 1d20 and gets: 1

You paged Adeinia with 'You do so rather easily, the cloaked figure walks up and looks around desprately.'.

Carudan pages: Carudan smiles briefly as he continues to wander. Should I give specific directions, or shall I be at your mercy?

You paged Galan with 'Roll me a Search check.'.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I should make a record of seeing how many 1s gets rolled in these sessions."

Adeinia pages: Who is the figure?

Galan pages: (Modifiers for having been in this city before and written a book about it?)

"Well I do have to admit this is a fine piece of armor, but look at that rust, this strap is almost rotted through and such. You're lucking I'm giving you that." (Diplomacy check.)

You paged Galan with '+3'.

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 1 Total: 1

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 11 Total: 11

Galan rolls 1d20 and gets: 18 Total: 18

<OOC> Estivan stares in blank disbleif.

<OOC> Galan says, "26"

He's stead fast, nope, "9000 is what I'm sticking with."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Offer him your body! It always works!"

You paged Adeinia with 'You can see that it's a teenaged woman in a cloak, regular human, just looking for you.'.

<OOC> Adeinia blinks. "I think I have a better chance at that."

Estivan looks at the elven, "Good sir, didn't you orginally appraise it at 9450?

You paged Arden with 'I'm sorry, where are you now?'.

Elemental2 has disconnected.

"Did I?"

<OOC> Galan says, "Diplomacy is such a cool skill."

Arden pages: Arden is going back to the inn to wait around (Don't worry about it. I did what I wanted to do in this city.)

Estivan says "Yes, I do belive you did, I have a very good memory."

Adeinia pages: I reach out, cover his/her mouth and yank the person into the shadow with me. "Who are you? Why are you following me?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Ya, but 1's just plain suck."

The All-Purpose Vending Machine spits out a bottle of Mojo, which Estivan catches and drinks quickly. Estivan's body glows with the powerful mojo.

The All-Purpose Vending Machine spits out a bottle of Mojo, which Estivan catches and drinks quickly. Estivan's body glows with the powerful mojo.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Heh. What a reason to lose 450 gp, eh?"

The All-Purpose Vending Machine waits for Adeinia to give it some money.

You paged Adeinia with 'She almost screams but your hand muffles it appropriately. "Please Miss, I... I don't want any trouble. I'm just a poor little waif that is looking for some help. I overheard you in the Park about the dragon and such. I was just wondering, are you an adventurer?"'.

You paged Galan with '(You can pass by Carudan if you wish) "In a darker corner of the lower end, you can find a seedy shop that sells magical tomes of a rather... unnerving nature.'.

Adeinia pages: What of it?" She hisses in a low voice.

From afar, Galan looks over the shelves, then approaches the propetier. "Greetings and salutations, my brother in the art."

The All-Purpose Vending Machine spits out some sushi, which Adeinia catches and eats quickly.

He seems to doubt you for a moment, "Alright, I'll go up to 9450, but that's just because I like your face."

<OOC> Carudan says, "See! use your body!"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Can I try again?"

You paged Adeinia with 'Please, I just would like you to do something for me. Get my father's journal. I can pay!"'.

Carudan pages: Carudan strolls along some more, making a sort of circle around the area of the tavern. ANything interesting or unique or noticable that he sees?

<OOC> Estivan has a good hagglesing attemopt on deck.

Adeinia pages: I slowly release her. "Where is this journal, and what can you pay with? You said yourself that you're a 'poor waif'."

You paged Galan with 'A rather dark shape in the corner behind a desk looks up showing yellow eyes seemingly to glow in the dark. In your mind you hear, "What may Uilineara do for your monetary well being?"'.

<OOC> Estivan says, "I mean try the diplomacy check again I do have a good comeback, if you want to see it."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Heh."

Estivan tries again," Be that as it may even with the slight amount of rust and a broken strap, this suit of armor saved my life on several occations, inclucing a desperate battle again 4 werebeasst and indeed other events it witnessed would increase it value dramtically and you also have to amit these gems and the shear beuty of this piece would be worth say about 12,450. You could get even more then that buy letting slip that it was owned by a half-dragon who is a guard, student and sometimes savior of the Bereghost Magical College.

From afar, Galan smiles and draws the new book from his cloak "Ah, but I am here about what I can do for you. I happen to have in my possession a book of dark lore and magic, stolen at great risk from the Drow Libraries in the depths of the Underdark. It is a most extensive tome, filled with spells and lore no person of good intent could abide. I have transcribed it into common and am most interested in, ahem, parting with it for a fair price."

You paged Adeinia with 'Well I am a waif, but not exactly poor. My father was a great adventurer, but... recently he feel in battle. Out of the rest of the members of the party, only one survive, a backstabing dwarf that took all the treasure of this dragon's horde for his own. He's set up here in Balor's Gate in a posh mansion. He has my father journal, but he wants my father's amulet of trueseeing which is the only thing I have left of his. If you can get his journal back for me, I can pay you 800 gold."'.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Another Dip check."

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 19 Total: 19

<OOC> Estivan says, "21, Blackjack!"

You paged Galan with 'A three fingered hand raches out slowly motions to look at the book.'.

He seems firm, but then he says, "What about 12000?"

Estivan gives the amrmor an caculating glare and says "You have yourself a deal, Master Armourer."

You paged Adeinia with 'There are also countless riches in his treasure room. You're more than welcome to take what ever catches your eye. The devious bastard deserves it."'.

Adeinia pages: Standing, I consider her offer. "Hmm... If you allow me to use the amulet freely when I'm in the city and read through the journal for anything regarding dragons as well, I'll agree to look for you. However, I have to warn you that I'm not skilled in the fields of theivery and as I don't know where the journal is kept, this might take a while."

From afar, Galan extends it to the.. creature "I also have the original, if you would care to check for accuracy."

The armorer nods, and takes out 1,200 platinum pieces, sliding it across the table.

Estivan hands over the armor and takes the money, "Many thanks good sir"

Estivan then starts looking at the selection of arms and armor.

<OOC> Carudan says, "Hey Esti, ol-buddy-ol-pal..."

You paged Galan with 'The book seller flips through the book, and says again in your mind, *No need. Uilineara knows the difficulty with the nasty Dark Elven verbal flapping.* He looks through it. *Hmm, there's a nice assortment of Arcane Lore here. If Drow was more common, Uilineara would not even consiter buying this ragged tome. But Uilineara says that 500 gold would be more than a fair price for this sorcererous tome.*'.

Galan pages: (Hmm. What would a real fair price be? Because I KNOW he's cheating me.)

<OOC> Estivan says, "Anything that would catch Estivan's eye?"

You paged Adeinia with 'Please, not the amulet, but you are free to read through the journal for anything interesting."'.

You paged Adeinia with 'The last part shouldn't be that difficult, I have a good idea where he keeps it."'.

You paged Galan with '2400'.

Adeinia pages: Raises her eyebrow. "Why can't I use the amulet? I'm only asking to use it while in the city, I'm not asking to take it."

From afar, Galan laughs politely "A tome of such rarity, with such a magnificant selection of spells? Few would let it go for less than three thousand." (Dip check?)

There's a rather good selection of magical arms, nothing that'll give you an overwhelming advantage in battle. The best is a +3 weapon.

You paged Adeinia with 'No! I've been tricked before in the past. Listen, if you can get it back for me, I could be able to make it 900 gold."'.

You paged Galan with 'Yes.'.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Galan MS."

Galan rolls 1d20 and gets: 12 Total: 12

<OOC> Galan says, "24"

From afar, Estivan looks over the arms with a fairly experianced eye then say, "You are a most exllent crafstman, but alaise, I find nothing I need. I bid thee fairwell." and he exits the store and ose looking for the shop that sells magical item, oddities and other such things ie, missslanious magic items of various sorts.

You can see the wiggling of aggitated tentadrils underneath the glowing eyes before something comes into your mind, *Uilineara should harm you for such disrespect. But then that would damaged the tome. Uilineara will give you 2,000 for this knock off translation.*

Adeinia pages: I 'hmmm's. "What if I used it in front of you or a place of your choosing? I'll even reduce the price to 600 if you agree to it."

You paged Estivan with 'You find it not too difficulty, there's another elf behind the counter, but not as strapping.'.

Galan considers, then agrees "Two thousand is fair. You have a deal, my friend. Perhaps we shall do business again in the future." He pushes the tome towards the illithid

You paged Adeinia with 'She shakes her head.'.

You paged Carudan with 'You eventually wander around to see Adeinia talking to a robed teenager.'.

Estivan pages: (Male or female?)

You paged Estivan with 'Female'.

Adeinia pages: Sighing, I say, "Fine, I'll take the 900, but I'll raise the price if the book isn't where you say it is."

The three fingered hand comes and takes the tome, and a small bag of platinum floats out in your direction.

From afar, Estivan smiles at the lady elf and speaks in Elven, "Greeting fair lady.

Carudan pages: Carudan slows down and stops at a nearby store windowfront across the street. What does the teenager look like, what is Adeinia's reaction to their conversation, and how likely is it that i'll hear anything?

You paged (Carudan, Adeinia) with 'She grasps Adeinia's hand, "Thank you miss! I know you can do it! A brave, strong adventurer like you could do it! The book is with the rest of his miscilaneous treasures, up in his armored attic."'.

I don't recognize Estvian.

No one to page.

Adeinia pages: Do a sense motive to see if she's real or not.

You paged Estivan with 'Hello, what can I do for you Dark Sir."'.

<OOC> Galan says, "Curses.. My Complete Wizards Handbook seems to be missing. :( I want to buy a Flying Pen."

You paged Adeinia with 'Go for it.'.

Adeinia rolls 1d20 and gets: 4

Adeinia pages: 16

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 4 Total: 4

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Heh."

You paged Adeinia with '(She's honest.)'.

Adeinia pages: Which house is his?"

Galan bows and leaves, keeping an eye on the Illithid. He then goes shopping for a Hat of Disguise and a Pen of Excellence.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Well what's the cost of a dancing weapon?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Estivan, Galan MS."

Galan pages: 1,200 gold, Write at twice your normal speed, allows you to draw accurate pictures of what you see and it provides a bonus to Forgery checks if you have an example of someone's handwriting.

<OOC> Galan found the book

You paged (Carudan, Adeinia) with '287 Stonehammer Lane.'.

Estivan is at the counter of a magic store takeing in Elven to an elven lady behind the counter, "I am looking for an item that might help with a small problem I have. I recently have taken up study of the Art and have proven to be a fast learn. I summoned my first familuar, and a very good good one she is, but she is most unusal. HSe is a heavy Warhorse and her size make it difficult for us to go many of the same places.

Galan waves to Estivan and examines the shelves.

Estivan waves back at the doubly golden elf.

Her eyebrows raise a bit. "That is unusual... Well I don't know what to say..."

Adeinia pages: Where do I meet you when I have it?"

<OOC> Galan is double dipped in Golden Goodness.

You paged Adeinia with 'Where are you staying?'.

You paged Galan with 'You can see both sitting at the counter.'.

Adeinia pages: Shakes her head. "No, we're not going to meet there. Name a place."

Galan picks up a small hat and a small pen, and waits in line.

You paged (Carudan, Adeinia) with 'How about Quilin's Square, by the fountain?"'.

Estivan thinks a bit, "I once helped her get through a door by casting a reduceing spell on her, but even with that she is still big, hmmmmm, you wouldn't happen to have an item that would allow they wearer to greatly shrink in size and regrow back to normal again?

Galan's hands go right through them.

Galan says "Interesting theft deterrant."

She thinks for a moment and says, "No, there's really no demand for such a device."

Adeinia pages: I shrug. "Fine. Meet me there in two days time. If I'm not there by sunset, don't bother looking for me."

Estivan says "Could I commission one and if so how much would such an item cost?"

Estivan says "And how long would it be to make."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe pounds Adeinia with the Sticky Hammer, "Quit being so damn teflon!"

<OOC> Galan has, incidentally, kept all of his stuff on him.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "teflon?"

Carudan pages: Damn, what's she saying?

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

You paged Carudan with 'She's talking about retreving a journal of this young woman's father, at this one guy's house. She goes into wanting to do this thing with her only prized possesion, but gets turned down. Then said that they will meet up in two day's time.'.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Anti-plot."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "rofl! I don't see how that's anti-plot."

<OOC> Estivan says, "http://www.geocities.com/poetess47/rpgterms.html"

<OOC> Estivan says, "This should help you understand some of the lingo we use."

"Well it should be alright to make, although the material commpoents would be rather hard to locate. I should get it done in like 4 days."

Carudan pages: Ah... okay, I think.

Estivan looks over at Galan, "How long are we planning to say in twon again?

You paged (Carudan, Adeinia) with 'It will take you that long?"'.

Galan considers "I don't know. We might want to stay a few days, see if we can find any useful information."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe points to the guy who's Mom is in the evil keep awaiting God knows what.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "How long do you think?"

Elemental2 has connected.

Adeinia pages: Shakes her head. "Probably not, but if I get found, it'll probably be safer to lie low a day or so, if your father's companions had any brains at all."

Estivan says "4 days would sound fairly good. Very well. How much would it be?"

2400 gold.

Elemental2 pages: Still shopping?

"2400 Gold."

You paged Elemental2 with 'The new guy who I'm giving the plot to is being all teflon.'.

Estivan sets down 240 platnium.

<OOC> Arden says, "We only have a month off guys. And we still have to stuble around Darkhold"

She nods and takes the platinum, "Alright, I'll get this done for you."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe smacks Estivan and Adeinia.

Elemental2 pages: Is it a whole new player?

<OOC> Adeinia rubs where I was smacked. "Ouch."

You paged Elemental2 with 'Pretty much, yea.'.

<OOC> Carudan smacks estivan & Adeinia

Estivan nods, "One other thing I am interested it. Do you have a piar of boots which hastes a person's movement?

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Play nice."

<OOC> Adeinia drop kicks Carudan.

<OOC> Arden says, "I don't know why your smaking Adeinia but given one for me."

"Unfortunately no. That's a pretty expensive and rare magical talisman."

<OOC> Elemental2 says, "Mortal Kombat!"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I have a very good guess why Carudan wants to smack me."

You paged (Carudan, Adeinia) with 'Well I'll be there every night for a while, if you get it before then, please stop by."'.

Estivan nods, "Thank you, do you mind if I brose the shelves a bit?

<OOC> Carudan rubs his bottom sourly

You paged (Carudan, Adeinia) with 'She bows and walks off into the ally.'.

Adeinia pages: Shrugging, she said, "Sure."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I hate it when that happens."

Adeinia pages: Fine, I look around to see if anyone saw us speaking, and then head back to the inn.

"Feel free." She looks at Galan, "Hello, what chan I do for you."

You paged (Carudan, Adeinia) with 'MP guys.'.

Estivan looks around the shelves for anything of real interest.

Galan points to the pen and the hat "In addition, I would like to sell these." He pulls out the two Sidhe rapiers and the 12 Arrows of Doom. "The Arrows are Arrows of Doom. The rapiers hold no magic, but they were crafted by the Fey and are works of art on their own, simply begging to be enchanted."

You paged (Carudan, Adeinia) with 'Adeinia, you find Carudan a short distance away.'.

To (Smokin_Joe, Adeinia), Carudan pages: Carudan turns away from teh store front and walks towards Adeinia. "Ah, doing some shopping as well?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "What classes of magic items would be avlible here other then ye olde missilanious?"

To (Smokin_Joe, Carudan), Adeinia pages: I walk up casually and ask, "What did you hear?"

"Hmm, I'll give you 250 for the raipers each, and 20 for the arrows.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Ohhh... Arrows of Doom..."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Something under 3 enhancement."

Galan frowns "While the Arrows are common, surely such rare works of art should be treated with respect and sold for something closer to their true value!" (Dip check?)

<OOC> Estivan says, "How much does a Ring of protection +2 go for?"

To (Smokin_Joe, Adeinia), Carudan pages: Adeinia Hear?

To (Smokin_Joe, Adeinia), Carudan pages: whoops

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Roll or it."

<OOC> Galan says, "8000, Estivan"

Galan rolls 1d20 and gets: 3 Total: 3

<OOC> Galan says, "15 :P"

To (Smokin_Joe, Adeinia), Carudan pages: Carudan stares quiziicly at Adeinia. "HEar? I didn't really hear anything, I wasn't listening."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "8000 gold."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Well within my Buget."

To (Smokin_Joe, Carudan), Adeinia pages: Barks a short laugh. "You were much too close to not hear me talking with that person I met."

Galan pages: How much should the rapiers go for?

You paged Galan with '500 at the MOST.'.

<OOC> Estivan says, "Though I think I'd look for something else."

You paged Galan with 'Hard to gauge these things.'.

From afar, Galan nods "Thought works of art were worth more. But ok.)

<OOC> Galan needs a Circlet of Persuasion and a Cloak of Charisma. "12 ranks in Diplomacy is simply not enough."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Better than me, I only have 2, and that's with everything."

To (Smokin_Joe, Adeinia), Carudan pages: Carudan nods. "DOesn't mean it's my business, though I will say your friend was a bit... loud." He glances at the nearest storefront. "Anything I can help with?"

You paged Galan with 'Roll to bring it up.'.

Galan rolls 1d20 and gets: 3 Total: 3

<OOC> Galan says, "I call bullshit on that!"

<OOC> Galan says, "15, again"

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 5 Total: 5

<OOC> Galan says, "I think these things are broken.."

"I'll give you 300 for each."

To (Smokin_Joe, Carudan), Adeinia pages: I Hmmm. "How well are you at being silent and staying hidden?"

Galan hmms, then says "Sold."

<OOC> Galan says, "840 more gold."

<OOC> Galan needs more gold!

She deposits the gold and goes to pick up the pen and hat.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "The REAL ones."

<OOC> Galan nods

<OOC> Estivan says, "What being a gold elf/gold dragon isn't enough."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay, I think we should switch MS to Adeinia & Carudan."

Galan dons his hat and tucks away the pen. "Thank you, my dear lady." He gives her his patented 'Divert blood from brain to loins' smile

To (Smokin_Joe, Adeinia), Carudan pages: Carudan smiles faintly. "Fairly decent. People in our situation learn to stay out of sight, if they want to live."

Galan rolls 1d20 and gets: 13 Total: 13

<OOC> Galan says, "And a 25 on that smile ;)"

You paged (Estivan, Galan) with 'She smiles and give you a very plesant wave and kiss goodbye.'.

Estivan looks at Galan working his personally magic and shakes his head.

To (Smokin_Joe, Carudan), Adeinia pages: Smiles faintly. "Then I'll tell you when we reach the inn. We'll talk somewhere private."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Guys, SWITCH."

To (Smokin_Joe, Adeinia), Carudan pages: nods, then follows Adeinia

<OOC> Carudan says, "NO! We don't wanna!"

From afar, to (Estivan, Smokin_Joe): Galan bows and departs, looking amused. (Whats there to do in Baldur's Gate?)

<OOC> Carudan says, "Okay you win"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay then, Galan, Estivan, it's getting late, you calling it a night?"

From afar, to (Galan, Smokin_Joe): Estivan broases a bit more

Carudan nods then... realizes it's back to paging...

<OOC> Adeinia blinks. "But it's your turn to make a post now, Joe."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I mean, what's there for us to say when heading back to the inn?"

From afar, Estivan give the elven lady a gracious farewell then heads back to the tavern to check up on Esmerellda

Galan pages: (Hmm.. Any commodity thats cheap in the Gate that'd be more valuable elsewhere? Ya know how the trading game works.)

Alright the sun is going down as you get to the tavern and things are starting to pick up.

Carudan walks back in teh general direction of the inn, but stops at teh entrance to the tailor.

To (Smokin_Joe, Adeinia), Carudan pages: On second thought, can we just go through and say he got his cloak? Spare you having to dela with it and all

You paged Galan with 'Gold and Silver are relatively cheap here.'.

From afar, Estivan goes to Esmerrellda's stall, "How are you doing girl?

You paged Carudan with 'You get the cloak.'.

Galan pages: (So I could buy a brick of gold here for say, 500 gold, and sell it elsewhere for more? How about gems?)

You paged Estivan with '*Alright, wow I did not know that horses can have accents.*'.

Galan pages: (And I don't suppose Galan's family would have a trading enclave in this city?)

You paged Galan with 'More like 475, but yea. Gems are pretty much regular price.'.

You paged Galan with 'That they would.'.

Carudan enters the Tavern wearing a new, dark-gray cloak. His hands/talons, face and build are once again fully hidden.

From afar, Estivan eye bug out as he fetches the grooming brush, "They do?

Galan pages: (Errr.. I'm asking for things I can buy cheaply here and sell for a higher price elsewhere. Supply and demand and all that shiznit.)

Adeinia leads Carudan to her room, closing the door behind him.

You paged Galan with '(Well Baldur's Gate is a major trading post, so they don't produce that much. It's more of a service and mercantile industry. If you want, you can get cheap rope.)'.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe bangs head against the keyboard.

Carudan pulls his cowl down. "So, what's the plan?"

From afar, Galan heads for his family's properties.

You paged Arden with 'God, I'm sorry about that.'.

Elemental2 pages: What's up?

<OOC> Arden says, "You going to be okay Joe."

<OOC> Galan says, ""We're gonna be making love tonight, yeah! Gonna answer that booty call, yeah!""

<OOC> Adeinia says, "You know, if anyone was there and is curious, they *COULD* follow and ask about it."

Arden pages: Its okay.

<OOC> Carudan says, "Uh oh, I think we broke him... this is gonna be one of those things where, in the future, we're gonna say "In hindsight, we shouldn't a' done that..""

You paged Elemental2 with 'I want to fucking super glue them together! What's their fixation on pages.'.

<OOC> Galan says, "This'd better not be like that transgendered strip poker game."

Arden is sitting in the inn and just watches as Carudan goes up with Adeinia

You paged Galan with 'You looking for the business or the actual home?'.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "... Transgender strip poker?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "You don't want to know."

<OOC> Carudan says, "I'm disturbed.. and yet intrigued..."

Galan pages: (I'm going to go call on family.)

<OOC> Galan says, "I was there and I sure wish I didn't."

Elemental2 pages: Perhaps in future, you could just handle shopping with 'tell me what you're getting, or selling. I'll tell you how much." Or just handle it by email between weeks.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Oookk..."

<OOC> Elemental2 says, "I was there, and it was funny. But I wasn't playing."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Like watching a train wreck... with puppies rushing out to eat the freshly-roasted remains..."

<OOC> Estivan says, "I ran it and though it was a blast I'd sooner forget it."

You paged Galan with '287 Stonehammer Lane is the address, a very opulent mansion.'.

Adeinia bluntly asks, "Tell me, you got any skills as a thief?"

<OOC> Carudan says, "That, my friend, is what alcohol is for."

From afar, Galan meanders over to the Mansion and rings the bell at the gate.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Selective memories are fun things too."

Carudan shakes his head. "Just staying hidden, and not getting caught. I was decent at slipping in or out of tight spots.

<OOC> Estivan says, "Basicly several male character and a male npc were turned into women and had a strip poker game. THe said thing was that Tyson was playing himself and I was NPCing a version of myself."

You paged Galan with 'A dower dwarven buttler comes up, "Yeees?"'.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "heh."

Carudan leans back against the wall. "IF it's a thief we need, then Arden is the man you'll want to speak to.

<OOC> Galan says, "Actually, one of the real female players were there too, I think"

<OOC> Arden says, "Given away my real name. Thats it. When I get my hands on Carudan he's dead."

From afar, Galan says "Ah, my good Dwarf. I'm Galanthalasinatos kal Dracos vo Keeblithenerin, come to call on family. Do be a good dwarf and show me in."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Damn it, not again!"

<OOC> Carudan says, "Let's just say I said blue, not Arden..."

<OOC> Estivan says, "My first true attempt at GMing and well, it is a reson why people in deep dpression shouldn't run role-playing games."

<OOC> Carudan slams head into table

Adeinia taps a finger on her face. "Perhaps." She said, clearly not really sure who he's talking about. "I've got something that would pretty much have him opening the attic for us, but he has to drink it and I have to be there."

<OOC> Carudan says, "They have players play the most disturbing game of strip poker they'll ever experience?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Well, if you're changing to blue, then ignore the 'not really sure who he's talking about' part."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Who said buying a 'fun' potion has no uses?"

<OOC> Adeinia giggles.

Carudan nods, then leaves to find Arden.

<OOC> Galan has Love potions he has yet to use

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Ya, but none of you are female."

Arden is sitting in the common room of the inn.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Unless those potions work *that* way as well."

<OOC> Estivan says, "But you are....hmmmmmmmm."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I can tell you that if you do it, you will regret it. I know how to play a love-sick character VERY well."

Carudan walks up to Blue. "I hate to bother you, but I have a favor to ask. Could you follow me upstairs?"

Galan pages: (And the symbol above the gate IS my family crest, right?)

Arden says "I guess. Nothing to much going on down here."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Yes, but with the high ratio of men to women, he has to worry about who she ffalls in love with, which could lead to disasterious results."

You paged Galan with 'He nods and shows you in the door, showing you to your fourth uncle twice remove, Renaldo. "Galan, how've you been?"'.

Carudan Leads Arden into Adeinia's room.

You paged Estivan with 'Doing anything else than petting your pony :P'.

<OOC> Adeinia grins. "Well, either way, I'm going to have LOTS of fun if that happens. I do wish I was 2 levels higher, though, cause then this will be a cinch."

Estivan pages: I had absoultly no clue horse had accents. Can you tell what aceent is from where?

Arden follows along.

You paged Estivan with '*No, I just know they're weird. Few with accents like Arden, most with accents like Galan. Don't know the rest.*'.

Adeinia nods to the entering half-dragons.

From afar, Galan smiles and offers his uncle his hand "Ah, Uncle Renaldo. I've been quite well. Between my books and my adventuring, I'm doing most admirably for myself. But tell me, how're you and the family? Is my mother well?"

Carudan says ""Arden, Adeinia has a favor to ask of you." He waits for Adeinia to explain the specifics"

Estivan pages: Interesting...oh I should tell you. I came up with an idea of how we can go more places together.

Arden waits to hear what this is about.

You paged Galan with 'She is alright, we had to take her off baking cookies and now she's just taken up some unicorn hunting for a while. New hobby and all."'.

Adeinia grins slightly as she said, "We're planning to help a poor waif regain something of her father's, and Carudan here said you're better at theivery than he is."

You paged Estivan with '*...Okaaay...*'.

From afar, Galan nods "Really? I wish her luck in her hunting, though I doubt she'll need it, Mother being Mother and all."

Arden says "I was theif for awhile so I should be good at it. And do we have time for this little side job. Shoudn't we be moving along to are real goal."

You paged Galan with 'Yes, little can stop that woman when she puts her mind on something. But how about you, keeping your talons out of the cookie jar?"'.

Adeinia shruged. "Well, it coincides with my goal, so I don't know about you. Oh, the girl did say that the person who has her father's journal also has all the treasure they've gotten from a dragon when they were adventuring."

From afar, Galan takes a seat "Cookie jar? Yes. Wasp's nest? Not quite.. You see, my companions and I intend to raid Darkhome. I think we have a fair chance of not only surviving, but pissing off the Zhentarim something fierce."

Carudan pauses. "THat would help offset the cost of the next stage of our journey. Is it possible to do this tonight?

Estivan pages: Why does everyone say that? Honestly there are some pratical considerations that a master/famuliar relationship intails and I had the idea that if I could somehow greatly reduce your size I would be able to take you to area that would be normally inaccessible to you and even for me to carry you for a change.

You paged Galan with 'Well what ever is bad for the Zhentarium, is good for the... baking guild."'.

Elemental2 pages: I'm guessing that's the plot hook just come into play?

Arden says "If we could get this done in a day, then I could see trying to help. But my concern right now is my mother not someone I don't know."

Adeinia frowns. "I have no problem with it happening tonight, but I rather get a look at the place before anything. I only know that he hides the stuff in his attic, nothing about how the house is laid out or if there's any alarms."

You paged Estivan with '*I don't know, that seems rather wrong, you carryign me I mean. Sorta unnatural.*'.

Carudan frowns. "THere's only one way to find out. There are several hours in the night. Depending on the size of this place, we may have more than enough time to evaluate, slip in, and extract.

Estivan pages: But it would be a welcome break wouldn't it?

From afar, Galan nods solemenly "Indeed. The way they compete with us in the field of baked goods and deritives there of is quite aggravating. Have you heard any news of their recent activities?"

You paged Estivan with '*Well I'm on a break right now, and it's alright.*'.

<OOC> Galan says, "Wait, wait. When the Don gives you the Kiss of Death, is there supposed to be any tongue involved or not?"

Arden says "If we can get it done tonight I can help."

You paged Galan with 'Only that they were profiting quite a bit from the Dragon Coast civil war, trying to muscle in on the Knights of the Shield racket. After the war, they recruited some extra large muscle for themselves."'.

Estivan pages: True, the this solve the problem of proximaty and with allow you to join me traveling in dungeouns with me. Rember when I had to turn you loose at that graveyard? You wouln't want that to heppen again would you?

Carudan nods. "Adeinia, lead the way."

Adeinia chuckles. "Personally, I have a better idea. I got a love potion that I picked up along my travels, and I'm sure once the owner drinks it, he'll be willing to help. Of course, we'd have to be disguised as to not get recognized, but that isn't hard with stuff I have. Problem with that idea is how to get him to drink it?"

You paged Estivan with '*No...*'.

From afar, Galan raises an eyebrow "Extra large muscle? Numerous or are we talking about ogres, giants or even," He grimaces "trolls?"

<OOC> Galan says, "Don't leave without me! :("

Carudan stares at Adeinia. "IT seems too complicated, and risky.

Estivan pages: And wouldn't you like to go to my studies with me without people yelling about you or stareing at you?

Arden says "It would be best to just sneak in and back out with out anyone knowing. Grab what you need and leave. Less risk that way."

Adeinia grimices. "I guess. If I was alone, I'd probably do that, but with you two to help..." Getting up, she walks to the door and opens it. "Well, let's go."

Carudan nods, following Adeinia to their destination

You paged Galan with 'Giants. They had a bad run with trolls eating the sacrafices to Bane and exploding in a very nasty way. Mostly those that actually HAVE a brain."'.

You paged Estivan with '*Yea...*'.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Right, 287 Stonehammer lane?"

You pass by the stable and see Estivan talking to his horse.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Yep."

Arden follows making sure he's got all his tool along the way.

Carudan glances at Esitvan, then shakes his head.

From afar, Galan frowns "I hate giants." He nods to himself "Thanks, Uncle Renaldo. I appreciate it. It would've been quite a surprise to find out the hard way."

Estivan pages: The item I commissioned will allow you do go such places with me and I can even buy a carrying case so you can do it in comfert in your reduced stat.

You paged Galan with 'My pleasure, but now, tell me how you've been. How has your travels been, made any real money?"'.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Not tearing Estivan away from his precious horse?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I don't know him enough to decide."

<OOC> Carudan says, "This wouldn't be his cup of tea necessarily. IF he saw us and ran forward, I guess we'd let him come along."

<OOC> Carudan says, "He might work as a distraction of some sort, if necessary"

You paged Galan with 'What was your family crest again?'.

<OOC> Carudan says, "Plan forming... oh yeah...."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "lol"

<OOC> Arden says, "Yeah. I don't think Estivan would like breaking into a house and stealing. Just dosen't strike me as him"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Moving on?"

From afar, Estivan brushes Esmerellda down, ":What do you think about that girl.

You paged Estivan with '*It'd be nice I guess.*'.

<OOC> Carudan says, "But, if he were to go up to this guy's door while we're in, knock on it, and accuse the man of dishonoroing his sister and running off... it'd keep the man occupied."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Whether he'd go through with it, and the guy buy it, is another story"

From afar, Galan gives him the two penny summary of what he's been up to since leaving the Elemental Plane of Air. It takes quite awhile, cumulating with "As for money.. I've been doing fairly well in the 'kill them, take their stuff' line and in trading magic items. Also, I'm making a pretty penny by liquidizing copies of magical tomes. Most recently, the Drow book I sold to that Illithid." (It's a large pie, crossed by two loaves. A stylized dragon's head is above and the pie is circled by our family motto in elvish. "MINE!"

<OOC> Estivan would balk at such a suggestion.

<OOC> Carudan says, "In that case, moving on..."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Of course, we could BS that the guy did it..."

You arive at a large mansion with several trees scattered about the lawn. The roof is a slanting tiled one with only a small stained glass window of a large pie, crossed by two loaves. A stylized dragon's head is above and the pie is circled by our family motto in elvish. "MINE!"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay, Estivan can continue to play with his horse :P"

<OOC> Galan shudders

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Does the mansion seem to have an attic?"

Carudan stares at the roof. "So, how shall we get up there." He begins to look for ways to climb up to the roof.

You paged Galan with 'Really? I could never stand him, her, it... what ever you refer to them. by."'.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Yep. Probably behind the stained glass window."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Why does that family crest seem famliuar...."

Adeinia GLARES at him like he's crazy.

Galan pages: A rather pariminous little beast. I think they qualify as 'it's, being hermaphroditic. Not that I care to dwell on Illithid reproduction."

<OOC> Carudan says, "IS there anything we should roll in case we're should be able to recoginize the crest?"

<OOC> Carudan says, "could, not should"

Elemental2 pages: You know, if I didn't know otherwise, I'd swear Meg was playing this character....

Carudan turns to Adeinia. "What?"

You paged Galan with 'Neither to I. Forget I mentioned that. But have you per say, set up 'shop' at the College?"'.

Adeinia rolls her eyes and ignores the question. "The thing that would really mess this up is if they have some sort of magical detection."

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

Galan pages: I'm still feeling out the college, but I think theres quite a market for baked goods, especially those of dubious origin."

Sorry, Elemental is not connected.

No one to page.

Arden looks around with a theifs eye to see whats going on.

You paged Elemental2 with 'Nope, someone else. That and you didn't see the part when she wanted to borrow the poor waif's amulet of True Seeing that the selfish bastard wanted for the journal.'.

Adeinia looks around to see if there's a place where they could hide what they're doing.

Carudan says "if we're lucky, we won't need anything magical"

Adeinia snorts. "I know *we* won't, but I'm afriad we might meet some.

There a few lights on in the lowest level. The entire second level is dark, and the third, attic only has the stained glass window.

No light in that one either.

Adeinia looks for one side of the building that has the least amount of windows.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "That would be the front."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "But isn't that facing everything else?"

From afar, Galan continues "As they're scholars, they value knowledge, rare tomes and items. With the right contacts, it would be a good place to bake certain items that are, shall we say, morally reprhensible to those with an overly narrow view of the world."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Can I carry the two of them?"

You paged Galan with 'Good to hear. I'm surprised that no body else had done so earlier.'.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "What's your STR?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "22"

<OOC> Carudan says, "Carry? But.. but I wanted to see if I could jump and climb this time, successfully?"

<OOC> Carudan stares

<OOC> Adeinia says, "And what if you fall?"

From afar, Galan nods "If you happen upon anything like that, I'd be delighted to here of it. I would, of course, share my good fortune." He yawns and checks the time. (If I went out now, would I see them?)

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "You can porbably carry one."

Galan pages: (Hear, even.)

<OOC> Adeinia says, "At a time?"

<OOC> Arden says, "Damn it. I just got an important call and I really have to go. Sorry guys."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "and we were just getting to the good parts."

You paged Galan with '(Yes.) "So, when do you think you'll be coming back this way again?"'.

<OOC> Carudan says, "Well, just getting to the good parts makes a good stopping point, to some extent."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay, then we'll call it here."

<OOC> Arden says, "I wish I could stay but it envolves the hospital and my grandma. So theres not much help to it."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Ah."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "500 exp for everybody and no votes since everybody had to into posts. :P"

<OOC> Carudan says, "I hope everything turns out okay. Good Luck"

<OOC> Arden says, "Okay later guys"

From afar, Galan considers "Probably in a few weeks, after this Darkhold business."

Arden has disconnected.

<OOC> Galan says, "Adios Arden"

<OOC> Galan says, "Shoot"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "I know."

<OOC> Estivan says, "I hope everything iwill be all right Rich and if you need someone to talk to you know how to reach me."

<OOC> Estivan says, "And he left before I Typed it"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "I really should get you guys those reeling dog leashes."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Oh, Joe, I can carry them one at a time, right?"

<OOC> Galan says, "?"

<OOC> Galan says, "Just wait a bit next session, and you won't have to. ;)"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Yea."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Or is it I can only carry one of them?"

Briina has connected.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Cary one of them at a time."

Briina has disconnected.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Weirdly, I have a lot of climbing gear."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "I really should just skip shopping totally next time."

Estivan pages: Carudan

<OOC> Adeinia says, "lol. I only shop when I need something."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Same here."

<OOC> Carudan says, "See, ve can climb ze mansion an' conkuor it! Ve shal;l climb it, bekause is iz there, ja!"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Dude, I have more climbing gear than food in my inventory."

<OOC> Galan says, "It would be easier to do much of it via email or such. Since we just want our stuff and our money :0"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "That ain't right..."