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<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "And I think we waited long enough for Arden. Which will make things rather interesting..."

<OOC> Adeinia shivers. "I hate it when GM/DMs say that..."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Yeah, seince he was leading us... it looks like it's just you and me, my dear..."

<OOC> Carudan says, "In other words, We're screwed"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Hey what am I, chaopped liver?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Come on... cheer up! I'm sure only Es... i mean, Arden is screwed... heh heh heh..."

<OOC> Carudan says, "No, you're in the inn"

When we last left Arden, Adeinia, and Carudan, they were going to look for a way into the greedy adventure's mansion to get the girl's father diary.

<OOC> Carudan says, "eating said liver"

<OOC> Adeinia kicks the plot wagon.

From afar, Galan makes his farewells and heads out to start back to the inn

Carudan stares at the mansion roof and walls

From afar, Estivan is chatting with Esmerellda.

You paged Galan with 'Give me a spot check.'.

From afar, Estivan also is brushing her.

Adeinia points up. "I'm going to see if there's anywhere to land up there. Cover for me."

Galan pages: (Got my magic detecting glasses on. Any benefit from seeing the mini bonfire of magical items that is any competent adventurer?)

Carudan says "Wait, cover how?"

You paged Estivan with 'She continues chatting, liking being brushed again.'.

Adeinia shrugs. "Just look around and warn me if someone is coming."

You paged Galan with 'Yep.'.

Galan rolls 1d20 and gets: 5 Total: 5

<OOC> Galan says, "12"

Galan emerges from the manor and heads for the gate, whistling to himself.

You paged Galan with 'Over by the fence, there's a big blur of magic.'.

Carudan rolls eyes. "I'll try, without blowing our cover."

Carudan hisses "I see someone coming!"

Galan peers over at shadows "Hallo?"

From afar, Estivan finishes, feeds her says good night and goes into the inn and heads to the bar.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Umm... *sigh*"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Hide?"

Carudan steps into the light. "Galan? What are you doing here?"

Galan says "Ah, Carudan! Just visiting family. What're you doing here?"

You paged Estivan with 'You get to the bar and things are rather crowded, but you are able to muscle your way into the bar. The Barkeep comes over, "What can I get for you dark stranger?"'.

<OOC> Adeinia is praying that Carudan is as smart as his wis score is supposed to be.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Or is that Int?"

Estivan pages: You finest ale please, good barkeep.

Carudan pauses, his mouth hanging open. "Uh... Adeinia? Adeinia?"

<OOC> Galan says, "He's known me far longer than he's known you ;)"

<OOC> Carudan says, "13 int, 16 wis baby!"

Galan raises an eyebrow "Hmm? She's here too?"

Adeinia peeks out from behind Carudan. "Hi." She waves.

<OOC> Estivan is 17 Int 12 Wis.

<OOC> Galan says, "Hmm.. Ya know, we all have Dark Vision."

<OOC> Galan is 24 Int, 19 Wis.

Adeinia holds Carudan's arm and said, "I just wanted to know him better."

Galan turns back to the manor "Really? Well, come in, come in. We can have drinks and a light dinner and get to know each other better. I'm sure my uncle won't mind.

Elemental2 has disconnected.

Carudan blushes furiously

Adeinia glances at Carudan, then shrugs. "Is your uncle a half-dragon as well?"

You paged Estivan with 'He nods and gets you your ale. As you're drinking you start hearing about some guy next to him. "Bloody Draconic bastards, kick me out of me home and place of business. Have to slog me way all the way up to this god-forsaken place.'.

Galan shakes his head "No, he's a pure blooded elf."

Carudan says "Actually, Adeinia here would really like to meet your uncle. She needs to ask a favor of him, you see."

Adeinia yanks Carudan with her as she approches Galan. "Sure, let's meet him."

Carudan arm jerks as Adeinia drags him along

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I think a little more "omph" when yanking is required."

Galan says "Really? I'm sure he'd be delighted to help her, in exchange for a favor as well, of course."

You paged Galan with 'What was your uncle's name again?'.

Galan heads into the manor with the duo in tow.

From afar, Estivan says to the man who said that, "Excuse me sir, of which draconic bastards do you speak of?

Galan pages: You said 'Renaldo' last session. Which is a fucking odd name for an elf

Adeinia pages: Whatdayaknow? I managed to distract him enough to not notice the remaining member of our little outing...

From afar, Estivan 's being inulst is evenedent and his eyes are glowing slightly in the firelight.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Umm... we follow?"

Carudan , with Adeinia dragging him still, follows Galan

Galan says "A bit of an odd coincidence, you two lurking outside my Uncle's manor, 'getting to know each other'. What were you really doing?"

Adeinia blushes. "Well, it IS strange that there's a large house in the middle of a city..."

You paged Estivan with 'Guys from the Dragon Coast, fleeing from Teziir. Seemed to have got an actual draconic patrion when they ran me out of Easting."'.

Carudan wonders why no one hears what he's saying...

Adeinia continues. "And I heard that the person who owned this house used to be an adventurer, so I was hoping to ask him something."

Adeinia hides behind Carudan, mostly.

Smokin_Joe the dwarf butler is there at the door, "Ah, master Galan, back so soon?"

Estivan pages: Do these outcast have a name other then Draconic basstards and what sort of Dragon is rumored to be there patron.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "You're the Dwarf butler?!"

The dwarf butler is there at the door, "Ah, master Galan, back so soon?"

Galan hooks a thumb over his shoulder "Unfortunately, yes. It appears my companions have some business with my uncle. I happened upon them, and offered my assistance in introducing them to him."

You paged Estivan with 'Naw, they're just what passes as a milita down there. Bunch of cut throats and mercenaries. Oddly enough, some sort of steel dragon or something cowed them into following her.'.

Galan says "The young lady can't seem to decide why, as she's given me three different story in as many breaths."

From afar, Estivan raises an eyebrow, "Steel?

<OOC> Galan says, "Stories, even"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Umm... Actually, they're all the same one."

Adeinia frowns. "Excuse me? When did I give you three different 'stories'?

Carudan uses his free hand to cover his eyes while doing the head-shake of dispair

Estivan pages: How did they force you out of home and work?

Galan says "About why you were lurking in the shadows. First, that you were seducing poor Carudan there. Then that you were sightseeing. And now you claim to have business with my uncle."

He nods, "Right then way then please." He leads you into an opulent sitting room with over stuffed chairs, fine paintings on the walls and a table full of books and brandy. "Ah, dear cousin, back so soon? And with friends I see," says a tall snakey looking elf, "How may Renaldo help you?"

Adeinia continues her with her frown. "I said that it is strange that there's a house in the middle of a city, so I checked around and found that a retired adventurer lives here."

Galan nods to his Uncle "Indeed, indeed. The young lady seems to wish to speak with you. As she's a recent aquaintance of mine, and seems to have latched onto my friend Carudan, I felt that I should put some effort into introducing them.

Galan holds up four fingers.

Carudan steps forward before Adeinia sticks her foot in her mouth

Adeinia puts on her best act, but fingers Galan behind Carudan's back.

<OOC> Galan says, "Fingers? Gives him the bird?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Yup."

Carudan wrenches loose from Adeinia and bows before Renaldo. "good sir, my friend has a boon to ask of you."

Galan smirks at Adeinia.

<OOC> Carudan says, "Okay, recap-what exactly does Adeinia want?"

You paged Estivan with 'I was a local blacksmith back in Eastling. When they came around they only knew how to do two things; fight and shape metal. They used both to run me out of town so they could possibly liberate their home. Although I don't know how that'll do with that dragon leading them now. Can't remember if it was steel or something, but some kinda metal."'.

<OOC> Carudan says, "As in what she told carudan"

Adeinia curties. "I heard that you once travelled around the world, and I was hoping if you could tell me about something I am searching for."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Actually, she didn't tell him what she wanted."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Though the whole 'steal the journal' thing was told."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Oh yeah, I think carudan only overheard that part."

Carudan watches Adeinia carefully

Elemental2 has connected.

Renaldo says, "Yes I have, but that was quite a while ago, but I have given that up for the family business. So, did you want to hear my daring tales lady?"

Estivan pages: (BTW where's Eastling)

Adeinia brought up her scaled arm. "In a way. As you can see, I'm a half-silver dragon. I was hoping if you knew of where I could find them."

You paged (Estivan, Elemental2) with '(It's down on the boarder of the Dragon Coast.)'.

Estivan pages: Interesting. Metalic dragons are the goodly sorts of Dragons.

Adeinia bowed her head. "Any kind of information would be appreciated. Maps, books, rumors, legends... Anything."

Carudan watches Adeinia, then Renaldo, followed by a quick glance at galan

Renaldo says, "Ah, the noble silver dragon! Yes, I have encountered a few on my travels. For the most part they do not make static lairs, but mostly live on mountains and on clouds that float about hither and yon. They are wandering reptiles and usually do not stay in one place too long."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Ah, transients!"

Adeinia clenches her fists. "But I must try. Any type of clue could lead to more clues as to where their whereabouts are."

You paged (Estivan, Elemental2) with 'They are, but they didn't seem to care about them driving me out of business. But eh, probably a good thing I left anywawy. Dark things are abrewing in the Dragon Coast." An orc a little further down the bar nods saying, "You got dat right..."'.

To (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2), Estivan pages: Really, I have not heard rumors of such, can you enlighten me about what iis brewing?

Renaldo says, "Well, I will have to say mountains are their favored environment save for the sky. If it is high, cool, and rocky, they might be there."

Adeinia shakes her head. "I already know that, and I've searched many mountains."

<OOC> Galan says, "Ya know, you could always ask directly ;)"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Sure I could."

<OOC> Carudan says, "What, and do it the easy way?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "But this is more fun and in character."

<OOC> Galan was just saying.

You paged (Elemental2, Estivan) with 'Bad goings-on. Civil war has been raging on quite a while, now this isn't anything different for the Dragon Coast, but this has been going on for FIVE YEARS!"'.

Renaldo says, "Hmm, well, I don't know if I can help you without a wand of monster detection, but I might be... persuaded to look a little harder.

To (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2), Estivan pages: Sir, I am an Tethyrian Noble I know something about Civil Wars, but your right, 5 years of contiuious strife is odd.

Adeinia tentatively said, "I head someone drunkenly said that you gained artifacts of great knowledge and power during your travels, but I'm not sure if I believe it."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "*I have heard*."

Carudan wraps his arm around Adeinia's waist, holding her tightly to him. "Sir, if you have anything, a map, a book, any sort of documentation than can help my clearly-distressed friend, we'd be more than willing to do what we can for you.

<OOC> Estivan says, "What is this? Monks in love?"

<OOC> Galan says, "Hot, dry Monk sex!"

You paged (Estivan, Elemental2) with 'That and the fact that it wasn't just all the towns for themselves. There seemed to be some unified force. Some alliance of a kind going through and conquoring their nieghbors. Positively unheard of on the Dragon Coast." Someone else says, "Yea, I hear that the Thay heard about the instability, and hired a pirate fleet to go and take some good seaports for themselves with a few of their wizards to oversee it. About 3 miles from the coast, their ships exploded without any other ship about."'.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "It's called, "Help the half-dragon find her parents"."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Don't make me hit you people"

<OOC> Carudan says, "there's a 50 chance I might actually do some damage ;^)"

<OOC> Galan says, "What is it with this group and parents? Est hates his father. Arden is looking for his enslaved mother. Adeinia is searching for her parents.."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Shouldn't it be "Don't make me have HER do the hitting"?"

<OOC> Carudan says, "That'd probably work better, wouldn't it"

<OOC> Adeinia chuckles. "Actually, I'm looking to KILL ALL DRAGONS! MUHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAH (Just kidding)

<OOC> Carudan says, "Hey now, that's MY schtick!"

Renaldo says, "Well I WAS a daring adventurer, been all across Faerun and further on my quests, and yes, I have aquired quite a collection. About dragons, a companion of mine, Kalimvor judge his soul fairly, been on many a dragon slaying mission."

Carudan nods grimly, but approvingly

To (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2), Estivan pages: Strange indeed.

Adeinia's gleamed on the word dragon (and slaying). "Is there anything of his that could help me search for my... I mean, the silver dragons?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "that should be 'eyes' before gleamed."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Except after Sea"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "... Don't make me hurt you."

To (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2), Estivan pages: This news makes what I know seem rather insignificat.

You paged (Elemental2, Estivan) with 'Yea," says the orc "Saw tribe come out of the Dragon Coast, only one tribe when there were 5. All made up of young and women. Orcs never combine into a new tribe unless some great tragety befell them all. Then they band together for survial." Another snort at the bar, "Great, if the Drow coming up in the day wasn't enough!"'.

<OOC> Carudan says, "Yes ma'am"

Renaldo says, "But of course, he kept a journal that contained all his exploits. It's upstairs with the rest of my spoils."

To (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2), Estivan pages: Dire news indeed.

Carudan says "Could we take a look aat this journal, and take some notes, perhaps?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "..."

Galan smiles and waits for it.

<OOC> Adeinia covers her face with one hand, mumbling something inaudible.

To (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2), Estivan pages: Any rumors about who all is involved?

<OOC> Carudan says, "Wha, I do something wrong?"

Renaldo says, "Certainly." He leads you upstairs, stopping once in a while to push a nondiscript piece of the wall until you reach the third floor and a really big metal door with a combination lock. "Could you please turn the other way please."

Adeinia turns away.

Carudan turns away

To (Smokin_Joe, Adeinia), Carudan pages: adeinia "and take some notes, perhaps?"

Adeinia asks, "Can we look yet?"

You paged (Elemental2, Estivan) with 'No, tribe not want to talk about it. Some big army though must have done it. That and their name might be a clue, they are now the Black Smoke Choker tribe."'.

Adeinia glances at Galan. "Aren't you looking away?"

To (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2), Estivan pages: Black Smoke Choker?

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

You hear the whirling of metal for a minute or two, and then a loud series of clunks, and the door slowly opening. Inside there's a collection of treasure, tomes, magic items, and weaponry that would make a dragon jelous. Renaldo walks in and starts looking for something, "Now where did I put that diary..."

To (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2), Estivan pages: (Can I rll anythiong for a clue?)

Adeinia resists the urge to dive into the shiney things.

Carudan looks around, slightly impressed

Galan shrugs at Adeinia "It's a family vault. And we really don't do the 'steal from family' bit in this family. It's not healthy.

Adeinia glances around to room to see if the window outside comes here or not.

You paged (Estivan, Elemental2) with 'Don't know. Maybe dwarves or something done it, but they all still had soot on their faces after 3 months of getting out of the Dragon Coast. Looked like nasty underground things."'.

<OOC> Estivan says, "Well, stealing from a family who's motto is MINE is in general unhealthy."

Carudan says "Quite the amazing collection, Sir renaldo."

To (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2), Estivan pages: Could it be a referance to those newfangled smokepower weapons the Lataanese are spreading acrosss the world?

Adeinia pages: So, where does the window go?

Renaldo says, "Thank you." As he continues looking before he pulls out a battered tome, "Here it is, all that is left of dear Tealin the Dragon Slayer."

Galan comments "You should see Don Ernithalium's collection of loot. You probably wouldn't want to though."

You paged Adeinia with 'There's a door to your left where the window would be.'.

Adeinia holds out her hands. "May I?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Probably not."

Elemental2 pages: How's it going?

Renaldo nods and hands the journal to Adeinia, looking at them expectantly.

You paged Elemental2 with 'How's what going?'.

Adeinia raises an eyebrow at him, but proceeds to slowly open it.

Galan pages: Anything in this likely to trigger Galan's 'Oh Shit' sense?

Carudan reads over Adeinia's shoulder

You paged (Elemental2, Estivan) with 'Don't know, Dragon Coast LONG way from Lattan." The first person who spoke said, "I don't know, might have been, heard stories of lots of war golems in their conquests. Simply rolling over what malitia or defenses had when they lined up for a straight fight."'.

You paged Galan with 'As in 'Oh Shit that's so cool' or 'Oh Shit that's bad!''.

Galan pages: Oh shit as in "Danger! Danger Will Robinson! Danger!"

Elemental2 pages: Things in general. As planned?

You paged Elemental2 with 'Going perfctly, save for them not braking into the house.'.

To (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2), Estivan pages: I wonder if the Zhents have there hands in this mess.

You paged Galan with 'No, plenty of the first, but not much of the second.'.

It is a good diary, full of sketches of dragons, lair layout, and weak points. (Adeinia give me a spot check.)

Adeinia rolls 1d20 and gets: 5 Total: 5

<OOC> Adeinia says, "16"

You paged (Elemental2, Estivan) with 'No, haven't heard them doing anything down there. Been too busy getting rich off of the civil war, but no actual conquests."'.

Galan pages: (Is the book magic?)

It's amazingly detailed about how a breathweapon feels upon one's skin.

You paged Galan with 'Nope.'.

Adeinia boggles.

Renaldo says, "I hope that means this is what you were looking for?"

Adeinia slowly nods. "This is... amazingly detailed."

From afar, to (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2): Estivan nods, "Thank you for these tales. It would be usful if my travels take me that way. Barkeep. I would like to order a round of your finest for everyone here. Tale telling is thristy owrk.

From afar, to (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2): Estivan then sips at his own ale.

You paged (Estivan, Elemental2) with 'There's a loud cheer from the entire bar, and you get several pats on the back, "You're a good man for a dark scaled bastard!" with a hearty laugh.'.

Carudan stares, curiosity getting the best of him. "What about Emerald Dragons. Does it have anything on them?"

Adeinia looks through it.

From afar, to (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2): Estivan nods and smiles slightly.

Adeinia comments while looking, "It seems Tealin's been hit by a breath weapon before."

Renaldo says, "It has a few, I haven't read it completly, just that they're damn tricky to fight because they keep flittering about the place and shot you with a breath that could not be defened against. Very nasty." Looks at Adeinia, "So you wish to keep this book?"

Adeinia nods. "If possible."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Brb"

You paged (Elemental2, Estivan) with 'One of the guy jumps off his stool and starts stomping on something screaming "SPIDER!!!!! #)&#(@#*)(&)@#&(*&"'.

Carudan nods. "indeed. I would enjoy a glance at this tome as well.

Renaldo says, "Good, then I will let you have this book for a steal at 50,000 gold."

Carudan chokes

Adeinia's eyes widen in shock.

Carudan says "You ask a great deal of us."

<OOC> Estivan says, "back"

Renaldo says, "Yes, but what is money compared to this information that could save your life in a tense situation?"

From afar, to (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2): Estivan looks at what the man is stomping at.

Galan considers this "I think now, my friends, is when you ask about cutting a deal."

Carudan frowns. "Aye, certainly we mihgt come to a n agreement that is mutually beneficial for the both of us

Adeinia nods. "So, shouldn't you do a good deed and let us have it so we won't die if we ever meet these dragons? Lives are more important than gold, as you say."

You paged (Elemental2, Estivan) with 'It looks like nothing but a little baby orb weaver male, hard to see if he wasn't stomping in such a small area.'.

Galan fights back a chortle.

Carudan takes a deep breath

Adeinia seems completely honest.

To (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2), Estivan pages: Sir, would you mine stopping that, it is just a baby spider, nother to fear.

Renaldo says, "True, but this book is also a life, that of my dear departed comrade." Reaches out to take the book back. "It holds a lot of sentamental value to me and I could not part with it for less..."

Carudan says "Is there some service, some task we might aid you with, in return for this tome? Or some item we may fetch for you in the course of our travels"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "As Galan said, MINE!!!!!"

Adeinia nods 'understandingly'.

Galan says "Theres always the money lenders.. Though perhaps I have an idea.."

You paged (Elemental2, Estivan) with 'He gives a sigh and sits back down, "Whole damn thing should die. Them and their dark pointy eared masters."'.

Renaldo thinks about it for a minute then says, "Well, I've always wanted an Apparatus of Kualish...."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "what the heck is that?"

Carudan says "What is that?"

To (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2), Estivan pages: Not all spiders are thralls of the Drow, though the Drow do have a very unhealthy obession with spiders. Why, you should see they art work they left in the Deep Tombs down near Bereghost.

<OOC> Galan says, "It's like a really crappy mecha crossed with a submarine"

Renaldo says, "It this big metal lobster thing some famous gnome used to build."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Uh oh..."

Carudan says "Where would we find such a construct?"

You paged (Estivan, Elemental2) with 'One of the other patrons says, "Don't mind him, he just got really drunk the other night and imagine a spider almost stepped on him!" There's a loud laugh from the others from the bar.'.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Oh no. Not that."

Renaldo shrugs, "Not sure, but that is part of the adventure!"

From afar, to (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2): Estivan nods.

Carudan tilts his head. "Surely such a widely-traveled man such as yourself would have heard of where such thngs could possibly be found, especially as you seem to be an expert in them.

<OOC> Estivan says, "Word to the wise. Getting something from a family who's Motto is"

You paged (Elemental2, Estivan) with 'It did almost step on me! It was huge! Big as a cabin with sharp legs like pikes, and a plenthora of glowing eyes, and a wicked looking black carapace."'.

<OOC> Estivan says, "MINE would be too damn costly."

Galan shrugs "We could always ask around town. The Illithid might know."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "BRB Talk amungst yourselves."

Elemental2 pages: Nice way of bringing it in! My hat's off to you.

To (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2), Estivan pages: Where were you at when you this spider almost stepped on you?

Adeinia resists the urge to roll her eyes. "And also interested in them."

Carudan 's eyes open wide. "What? An Illithid?"

Adeinia says "No, I'm saying that since he's interested in them, I'm sure he has some clue as to where it would be possible to find one."

Carudan whispers back "That's what I asked him"

Adeinia rolls her eyes. "I know."

Carudan rolls his eyes

<OOC> Estivan says, "You all knmow what usally happenes to couples who act like Caruden and Adeinia are acting."

<OOC> Carudan says, "They kill each other ;^)"

You paged (Elemental2, Estivan) with 'Just outside of town doing... some mushroom hunting, yea."'.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Yes, I consume his soul and destroy his flesh! Muhahahahahah..."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Back."

Adeinia blinks as if something was just brought up to her mind. "What's over there?" She asks curiously, pointing at the door.

Renaldo says, "I have only the vaugest of idea, but surely the Lataanian embassy should have one in it's deep vault somewhere..."

To (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2), Estivan pages: Did you eat any of the mushrooms?

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Back."

Carudan looks at the door, suspecting what's about to happen...

<OOC> Adeinia says, "...Lataanian..."

Carudan says "the Who?"

<OOC> Elemental2 says, "They were a great band....."

Renaldo turns around and looks at the door, "What that? Oh just another store room and a window, access to the roof for repairs you know"

Carudan says "Are you mad? Someone could climb up and steal things? These would be safer in a cellar if you ask me.""

Adeinia scratches her head a bit as if thinking about the same thing.

Galan says "Hmm.. What happened to the last one that tried that, Uncle? Something horrible, if I remember correctly"

Renaldo snickers, "Only if someone left it unprotected. I have grease traps on the roof, a couple of spring traps that can send them a coulple of yards off my property, that and a polymorph into a snail trap on a ground covered with salt." Gives another little evil laugh.

Carudan nods. "Impressive, but it sounds easily negatable."

Adeinia chuckles, but frowns and nods, agreeingly.

Adeinia asks, "May I take a look at your other treasures?"

Renaldo says, "Not realy, I haven't had ONE person break into here after that. Plus I have some other traps on the inside, spike traps, dropping them into a 5X5 foot room with nothing but goblin music playing in it... It's all quite horrible. The last person to fall into that one landed on his knife to escape the music."

Adeinia shudders. "Ewwww..."

You paged (Estivan, Elemental2) with 'What? No, I haven't even found them at the time. This thing just came out of the ground and attacked me. I fended it off the best I could, but the beast was too much for me, so I had to run to save my life and warn the good people of this city!"'.

Carudan laughs "You are a sick man, Sir Renaldo. No wonder your treasures are secure."

Renaldo whips around to Adeinia and says, "Why ever would you want to do that?"

Adeinia looks at the treasures and softly said, "They're beautiful..."

Adeinia looks up to Renaldo. "I was just hoping to look around here. I've never seen so many beautiful things in such a small place."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Shiney!"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "lol."

To (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2), Estivan pages: Where exactly outside this city? SOmething like this should be investigated, no matter how unlikely. Something I learned not to long ago, when I ran acrooss a very unlikely vampire.

Carudan adds "I would love to hear you tell teh tail behind each artifact"

From afar, to (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2): Estivan whinces a rubs his sword arm in remembered pain.

Adeinia kneels down to the nearest pile of shiney things, keeping her distance.

Carudan pages: Any interesting weapons standing out among the loot?

Renaldo smiles and says, "Of course, I would love to regale you of my exploits." He leads you to a little alcove with a rather expensive looking piece of armor in it. "Now this was taken from my adventure in Yuslagov, horrible drow city, it was the armor of a matriarch of one of their dark gods,I don't remember which. They all look the same to me..." starts to ramble about.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I want to do a general appraisal check on how much the stuff here are worth."

Carudan engages Renaldo, asking about the matron, how he got in, etc.

<OOC> Galan says, "Robbing Galan's family? For shame.."

You paged Carudan with 'An odd pair of fingerless spiked leather gaunthlets with what look like lion claws at the end.'.

Adeinia pages: At the same time, I want to look for something small and easily pocketed.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Heh."

Adeinia pages: But unique enough that if shown, they'll know it belongs to them.

<OOC> Galan says, "Try not to make me hunt you down, kill you and take your stuff in punishment, k? ;)"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Sure sure. :P"

Carudan asks about a pair of fingerless spiked gauntlets after Renaldo finishes talking about teh armor

<OOC> Galan says, "What Carudan needs is a Monk's Belt."

The All-Purpose Vending Machine waits for Elemental2 to give it some money.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I already have one. :P"

The All-Purpose Vending Machine spits out some sushi, which Elemental2 catches and eats quickly.

<OOC> Galan says, "Did I say Adeinia?"

To (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2), Estivan pages: (pokes Joe)

<OOC> Galan says, "No, I said Carudan."

The All-Purpose Vending Machine spits out some sushi, which Estivan catches and eats quickly.

You paged Adeinia with 'Bunch of lose gold.'.

<OOC> Carudan says, "Ooooh!"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "No, but you know much of a monk Carudan is."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Sorry, folks bugging me about making dinner."

Adeinia pages: Will they recognize it as theirs if seen?

<OOC> Carudan says, "Uh, what's a monk's belt do? And dinner at 4? Weird!"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Lotsa fun things."

Renaldo goes over to another alcove and starts talking about a magical long sword and how he vanquished the dastard who was using it against him.

You paged Adeinia with 'Might...'.

You paged (Elemental2, Estivan) with '(Eh?)'.

Adeinia pages: Is there something larger (helmet sized) and very expensive around there?

You paged Adeinia with 'There's something in another Alcove, but he's getting to that next.'.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Waits for it..."

Galan yawns "Perhaps we should head for the night?"

To (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2), Estivan pages: (I ask about where exactly the guy met the spider.

Galan pages: And I have been keeping an eye on Adeinia

Carudan says "In a moment. This is facinating!"

Carudan says "So after he knocked the barrel over, what happened?"

You paged (Estivan, Elemental2) with '(I said so, a little south east just outside of town.)'.

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

To (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2), Estivan pages: (I didn't get the reply)

Renaldo says, "Truely? Then I should regale my story some other time, until then, feel free to stop by when you want." He starts to user you out.

Adeinia pages: This is what I'll try. Activating Haste, I'll lift my left hand to whatever it is that's very impressive, and using my right hand under the cloak, take one of the coins. When I have the 'whatever' (and do it slowly so that could be seen), I'll exclame in a loud voice "This is..." while putting the gold coin in my holding bag.

You paged Adeinia with 'Roll a pickpocket check, +2'.

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 4 Total: 4

Adeinia rolls 1d20 and gets: 3 Total: 3

Galan pages: Do I get a spot roll?

Elemental2 pages: I don't know if you know this, but you can use CTRL-H to recall a post, if you don't want to retype it.

Adeinia pages: Can I use escape artist instead? ^^;;;

Carudan is lead with ease by renaldo, Carudan not looking back to avoid drawing attention to Adeinia

Galan keeps an eye on Adeinia

You paged (Elemental2, Estivan) with '(Anyway, moving on.)'.

Adeinia pages: 6, I think.

To (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2), Estivan pages: (The last thing I got from you was the reply to the mushroom question)

You paged Adeinia with 'Nope.'.

Adeinia pages: Wait, does haste count?

With a whish of her hand, Adeinia reaches out to grab something, but Renaldo spots here, "What do you think you're doing you little harlot!!!!!"

Carudan gasps

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "All but Adeinia have one action."

Galan pages: Hmm.. Any magical rods, staffs or wands within reach?

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Do I have a chance to say something?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "You can talk."

You paged Galan with 'There's a rod in a nearby alcove, yes.'.

Galan pages: (What kind? Was it mentioned?)

Adeinia turns to Renaldo, and with her held hand, points to the thing she was about to touch. "This is... I thought this was lost!"

You paged Galan with '(Not mentioned, but it's big, metal and sturdy looking.)'.

Galan grabs a rod from a nearby alcove and points it at Adeinia, waiting.

The Rod turns into a crowbar.

<OOC> Galan says, "Then I wouldn't have grabbed it."

Carudan spins around, grabbing Adeinia's arm fiercely and glaring furiously.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "It turned into a crowbar after you grabbed it."

From afar, to (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2): Estivan looks at the Barkeep and pays him(how much?

You paged (Elemental2, Estivan) with '2 gold.'.

Adeinia, even being pulled back, continues to point to what she was about to touch. "Ouch."

From afar, to (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2): Estivan hands him two gold.

Galan says "I would suggest emptying your pockets of anything else you've taken."

Adeinia pages: I want to do an appraise now to see how expensive the thing we're all so interested in is.

Renaldo glares at Adeinia "Yea, I'll believe that as soon as I believe that my great uncle was a beholder! Do you know what happens to those who try to steal from the Keberelifin?!?!?"

Carudan starts patting Adeinia down

Renaldo reaches for the sword behind him.

<OOC> Galan says, "Keeblithenerin"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "What ever :P"

To (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2), Estivan pages: Well, I think I will investiate your story sir, if it is true then there should be disturbed earth there.

Galan says "Uncle, killing her might not be a good idea at this time. Lets just recover what else she took and remove her from the mansion."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Oooh, you in trouble now, Joe. You've offended them..."

<OOC> Elemental2 says, "They have to sit through a hundred remedial spelling classes?"

Adeinia glares at Renaldo. "If I wanted to steal something, I would have taken the journal the moment I laid my eyes on it!"

Carudan growls

To (Smokin_Joe, Adeinia), Carudan pages: Do I find anything while patting her down?

Renaldo glares at Galan, "What is WRONG with you cousin? YOu know we never suffer those who would steal what we have rightfully extorted!"

From afar, to (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2): Estivan bids everyone fare well, and goes to the stable to gear up Esemerellda and check out this man's story incase its true, becauswe well, he's rather bored and a Esemrellda would love the night air after being in the stable all day.

You paged (Elemental2, Estivan) with 'Give me a search check.'.

Adeinia tries to ignore Carudan as he pats her down. "Watch who you accuse of stealing!"

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 20 Total: 20

Galan smiles "No.. We don't. But there're more impressive punishments than mere death."

To (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2), Estivan pages: (26 or more

Renaldo stays his hand, "Such as? And would you mind putting down my rod?"

Galan looks at the crowbar "I was hoping it was something more impressive and destructive, actually." He puts it down.

To (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2), Estivan pages: (Natural 20 Serch check....wow.

Adeinia taps her feet. "I guess you've already decided I've stolen something, haven't you? Maybe the two of you are in this together, trying to force me into doing something you want me to."

<OOC> Galan says, "What exactly was she trying to steal, anyways?"

You paged (Elemental2, Estivan) with 'You can easily find where your friend was the other night. There's disturbed earth all around, it looks like something heavy on several spindly legs burst out of the ground, something else crawled away from it, then ran for it's life, while the first thing went into the river.'.

The crowbar turns back into the nice looking rod.

To (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2), Estivan pages: Do you smell anythign girl?

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Actually, I was trying to pick up the thing that was in front of her. She was also about to exclaim in surprise as to the fact that it was expensive."

Galan says "My dear, I don't give a damn about you. However, you've managed to abuse my Uncle's hospitality quite thoroughly. So, perhaps you should explain why we shouldn't do something horrible to a thief. And no lying this time, please."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Well I think this is the definition of teflon...."

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 1 Total: 1

Adeinia narrowed her eyes. "Alright, if you believe that, I can't say anything about it, but what I want is the Journal, and if I stole something from your uncle, would he still give it to me?"

I don't recognize Elmental2.

You paged Estivan with '*I'm not a bloodhound, you know.*'.

<OOC> Galan says, "Yes. Yes it is."

Carudan stares at Adeinia as if she's stupid

You paged (Elemental2, Estivan) with '*I'm not a bloodhound, you know.*'.

To (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2), Estivan pages: I know, but your nose is far more sensitive then mine . Just keep alert. I want to track what did this.

Adeinia glares at Carudan. "And if you're done feeling me up..."

From afar, to (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2): Estivan rides her down to the river.

Renaldo says, "No, not really, why should I relinquish my hard earned swag to you?"

Galan says "Carudan. You might want to leave now."

Carudan steps away. "I didn't find anything except a hankerchief

I don't recognize Elmental2.

You paged Estivan with '*I don't think we can, the thing went into the river. All scent would be lost in there.*'.

Adeinia says "You did mention that if we find you the Apparatus of Kualish, didn't you? If I stole from you, would you still have given the journal to me if I brought it to you?"

Carudan shakes his head. "I can't do that, Galan. Not when I played a part in this. For all we know she's been manipulating us from teh beginning.

To (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2), Estivan pages: I just want to check it out incase there is any idication which direction it went,

Galan nods shortly "Thats possible.. What you were you all really doing outside of the front gate?"

I don't recognize Elmental2.

You paged Estivan with 'You look up and down the river and can't find any more tracks.'.

Adeinia lifts her hands. "What I was doing from the beginning: looking for clues to where the Silver Dragons are."

You paged (Elemental2, Estivan) with 'You look up and down the river and can't find any more tracks.'.

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 16 Total: 16

You paged Adeinia with 'What's your Flat footed AC?'.

<OOC> Galan was asking Carudan, actually

Adeinia continues. "I've already asked around the city, and nobody had much clue, including the druids."

From afar, to (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2): Estivan heads back to town and the tavern, "Well, looks like that man at the inn was telling the truth,

Adeinia pages: hold on.

You paged (Elemental2, Estivan) with 'Anybody who overhears that will say, "That'll be a first!"'.

Elemental2 has reconnected.

Adeinia pages: Does the monk still retain her dex on flatfooted? It says the only reason I would lose it is if I'm immobilzed.

You paged Adeinia with 'For this, I'll say yes.'.

From afar, to (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2): Estivan would replies, "Well, the impossible happened, if you check near the river you would find evidence that he indeed encounter a spider thing.

Adeinia pages: 17

Renaldo punches Adeinia in the gut, "Yea, like I should care about your scaly parent. No Galan, I definately think I need to execute this little bitch..."

Carudan tells galan "I had just run into her a few minutes before. She said she needed to talk to the man who lived here and ask him about something. She wasn't sure how to get a meeting with him until you appeared

Adeinia pages: I lose like, 9 AC for losing dex.

Adeinia growls. "No man attacks me and gets away with it."

Carudan pages: I'm gonna want to try and grab his arm...

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Breath weapon."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Adeinia no! We can get out of this"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Go for it Adeina, then init."

<OOC> Galan sighs "Shall we roll for init?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Geeze, I leave you guys alone and hell breaks loose."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Hmmm... I would retake that, but... OH well."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Only damage?"

<OOC> Carudan says, "I may only have a char of 11, but damn it I can make this work!"

<OOC> Estivan says, "You can recon."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Yea, there's no attack roll."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I can? Normally, there isn't..."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "well, with the group I used to play with anyways."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "But what's the DC on that breath weapon?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Aks Joe if you can."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I have no idea. Look under Dragons? And can I change it to a grapple instead? Holding his hand behind his back?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay, but you need to roll an attack roll then a strength check."

<OOC> Adeinia's first instinct to someone hutting her: Beat the crap out of them.

Adeinia rolls 1d20 and gets: 4 Total: 4

<OOC> Adeinia says, "17"

<OOC> Carudan says, "ooc then I better roll a grapple check for Adeinia. Carudan' isn't going to let her do soemthing this unwise"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Right on the money."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I mean 18"

<OOC> Carudan says, "Or maybe not..."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "STr check."

Adeinia rolls 1d20 and gets: 15 Total: 15

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 5 Total: 5

<OOC> Adeinia says, "21"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "13."

Adeinia pages: May I?

<OOC> Carudan plays duelin' dice

Adeinia procedes to put The Hurt on Renaldo, "Ow, ow, Okay, we can work this out!"

Elemental2 has partially disconnected.

<OOC> Elemental2 says, "Real men duel wth banjos."

Adeinia growls out, "Do not try to take advantage of my willingness again."

Carudan stares at Adeinia. "Are you MAD!?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Real Priates shoots the Real Man's Banjo's with pistols."

Galan grabs a magic sword and lays it against Adeina's throat "Let him go."

You paged (Elemental2, Estivan) with '(What were you doing again?)'.

<OOC> Galan says, "Real Ninjas kill the Real Pirates while they're asleep, a day before they can shoot the Realm Man's banjos."

Renaldo says, "Hey, this is the big city lady, I hadn't done it, someone else would have."

From afar, to (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2): Estivan is head bakc to the inn, to stable Esmerellda and go into the taproom and relate whatr he discovered.

Carudan shouts "ENOUGH! All of you stand down or the next time I yell blood will pur from your ears!

Adeinia pushes Renaldo away. "I did not attack him first. If you would kill me for defending myself, then go ahead."

<OOC> Carudan says, "uh, pour, I meanm"

Renaldo looks at Galan, "Come on Galan, you won't let this half-breed bitch do this to your own family, will you?"

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 13 Total: 13

You paged Galan with 'Roll me sense motive.'.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Ohhh... 'Half-breed' bitch..."

Galan rolls 1d20 and gets: 11 Total: 11

<OOC> Galan says, "16"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "This guy isn't the brightest in the family, is he?"

<OOC> Galan says, "Pot. Kettle. Blackness comparission"

You paged (Elemental2, Estivan) with 'They look at you and laugh, "Well it seems someone else was sampling the mushrooms out there as well."'.

Elemental2 pages: If the character really does seem irredeemable, it may be better to just let them wander off into the sunset and have a new character arrive.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I'll have you know I had a very good plan, actually."

Carudan growls, "Galan, tell your cousin to watch his mouth... I said stand down, everyone!"

You paged Galan with 'It'd be a good thing to help your beloved cousin, you hardly ever knew.'.

Galan says "Carudan, it might be wise for you to cease antagonizing my family. I think this is a matter for the City Guard."

Carudan says "I agree, which is why I'm trying to keep you idiots from killing each other"

Galan looks to Renaldo "We can always have her killed later, if need be. She'll stain the carpet here."

Adeinia keeps silent, watching Renaldo.

<OOC> Galan says, "Can I roll diplomacy?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Heck, *I* can roll it as well, but I haven't been."

Renaldo says, "If by 'City Guard' You mean Nunzio and Guido the trolls that'll beat her senseless and helps themselves to little bits of their victums, then yes."

<OOC> Carudan says, "You'd better, I anticipate bad mojo if I try"

Renaldo says, "How can you stand being with these cretins Galan?"

Galan catches his eye "No, we need the 'real' city guard." He says meaningfully.

Adeinia snorts. "I thought so." She crypticly comments.

Galan says "Well, the others aren't so bad. We just met this little idiot yesterday, and I had no idea as to her real character"

<OOC> Galan says, "Can I please roll now Joe?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "For what?"

<OOC> Galan says, "Diplomacy. It's either the City Guard or a blood bath."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Roll."

Galan rolls 1d20 and gets: 5 Total: 5

Carudan says "No guido. No Nunso, just the guard.

<OOC> Galan says, "17"

To (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2), Estivan pages: On my honor, I speak the true. It is plan as day to any who go looking for it. It's(inesrt exact number of yards form the gate and exact number of feet from the river.

Adeinia narrow her eyes, but keeps silent, knowing that if she has to, she could probably take down at least two people here before she's killed.

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 4 Total: 4

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I should have just breathed him."

<OOC> Galan says, "You could do it now."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Don't know what That was supposed to do though Galan..."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Probably, but since everyone is so willing to talk..."

<OOC> Galan says, "Convince him to settle for the Guard. With an implied 'For now'."

Adeinia snorts. "Maybe you should send the trolls. I don't mind."

Renaldo nods, "Arlight cousin, I'll call the city guard on her.."

Galan nods "We'll speak after they've taken her."

Carudan glares at Adeinia "Shut up, I'm trying to save your life!" he hisses

Adeinia pages: She didn't manage to get as far as getting the coin, did she?

You paged Adeinia with 'Nope.'.

Adeinia wryly smiles. "Do you seriously think trolls can kill me?"

Galan calls for the Dwarf and tells him to fetch the Watch.

Elemental2 pages: You could give one seven levels of monk or fighter, and then see if they could.... ;-)

<OOC> Estivan says, "Brb"

The Dwarf does so. Then Renaldo says, "What about letting me go?"

<OOC> Galan says, "Errr.. She did"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Uh... I released him a long time ago?"

Renaldo nods and goes over to Galan, "Cousin, dear cousin, thank you for having her release me..." Claping him on the shoulder and hugging him.

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 6 Total: 6

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Galan, what's your flat footed ac?"

<OOC> Galan says, "18."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Damn... he REALLY is a bastard, isn't he?"

<OOC> Galan says, "Thanks Joe, for making that Diplomacy check completely meaningless.. (sigh)"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "^_^ I got the perfect comeback to these sorts of situations."

Renaldo's dagger barely misses Galan's heart, "But you're too soft! You're a discrace to this family! City watch, what in the nine hells were you thinking!?!? I knew that foul dragon blood would corrupt our line, and apparently it has." (Initative.)

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Where's blue anyways?"

Adeinia rolls 1d20 and gets: 11 Total: 11

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "You wanted to have a Mob Family. What? You think they wouldn't kill one of their own?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Next up on Family Feud!"

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 3 Total: 3

Galan snarls "You idiot! I was preserving our face! We could've finished this later.. Moron!"

Galan rolls 1d20 and gets: 19 Total: 19

<OOC> Elemental2 says, "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!"

<OOC> Galan says, "23"

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 7 Total: 7

<OOC> Carudan says, "11"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "What'd you get Adeinia?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "16"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Galan, Adeinia, Carudan, Renaldo."

Galan falls back, quickly incanting the Shield spell.

Renaldo yells, "Never put off until tomorrow what can be at the bottom of the river by midnight!"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Adeinia."

Adeinia growls. "Do you know why no-one ever takes advantage of my willingness? Because those that do, DON'T EXIST SOON AFTER!" (Activate Haste and if that doesn't take a whole round, stunning strike)

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "You can strike I believe."

Adeinia rolls 1d20 and gets: 5 Total: 5

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Oh wait."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "That's not me that's supposed to roll."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Never mind."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "19"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "That hits."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Hits like yo momma!"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "DC 15, and I get to do damage."

Adeinia rolls 1d8 and gets: 7 Total: 7

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 14 Total: 14

<OOC> Adeinia says, "13"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Gets by it easily."

Renaldo is smacked for a loop, but is still moving about.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Carudan."

From afar, to (Smokin_Joe, Elemental2): Estivan then does to his room and gets some sleep

Carudan screams "Bastard! He's your own family!" as he attempts to stun renaldo.

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 4 Total: 4

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Sigh?"

<OOC> Carudan says, "11... and yes, Sigh"

You paged (Elemental2, Estivan) with 'You have a weird dream about mechanical dragons belching smoke.'.

Renaldo dodges Carudan's strike effortlessly, throws his dagger at Adeinia, then picks up a raiper.

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 10 Total: 10

<OOC> Adeinia says, "26"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "23?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Galan"

Galan twists his fingers through the complicated gestures of the Blindness spell and releases twin gouts of black flame at his Uncle's eyes. (Fort, DC 20)

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 2 Total: 2

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "He's blind."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Adeinia."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "furry of strikes, all subdual"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay."

Adeinia rolls 1d20 and gets: 20 Total: 20

Adeinia rolls 1d20 and gets: 11 Total: 11

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Possible crit, roll again."

Adeinia rolls 1d20 and gets: 13 Total: 13

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "What'd you get on the crit threat range?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "23 for the first (crit x2) and 25 on second."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "The second attack."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Both hit."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "for crit"

Adeinia rolls 1d8 and gets: 8 Total: 8

<OOC> Adeinia says, "This is amusing."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "24 sub for the cri"

Adeinia rolls 1d8 and gets: 2 Total: 2

<OOC> Adeinia says, "and 8 for the second attack."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Carudan."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "total 32"

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

<OOC> Carudan says, "Whoa, what sort of state is he in?"

Adeinia gives Renaldo all 31 flavors of pain.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "He's bruised rather badly, but still up."

Carudan slams his fist into renaldo (stun attack)

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 20 Total: 20

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 20 Total: 20

<OOC> Carudan says, "HOLY $#*#5717"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Carudan, do you remember what happens when you crit a critical hit?"

<OOC> Elemental2 says, "The Force is strong in this one."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Roll damage."

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 11 Total: 11

<OOC> Elemental2 says, "It just causes normal crit damage, unless you're using the optional instant-death rule."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "He said he isn't."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "15 to resist stuning."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "No, not instant death."

Carudan rolls 1d8 and gets: 7 Total: 7

Carudan rolls 1d8 and gets: 3 Total: 3

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Just massive damage."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "His is 15 as well? Hmm."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Well I don't know, what's the DC to resist being stunned?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Monk lv/2+Wiz mod+10"

<OOC> Carudan says, "Actually, iws is 16"

<OOC> Carudan says, "I mean wisdom"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "So he's stunned. But what's the damage?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Normal damage."

<OOC> Carudan says, "7 + 3 + 4 + 3 = 17"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "So regular crit 17, roll another d8."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Although I don't BELIVE in muliple rolling."

Carudan rolls 1d8 and gets: 8 Total: 8

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "This is going to be messy..."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Woah. 3x for double crit? Heh."

<OOC> Carudan says, "wait, that'd be 11 + 17... Sweet mother a..."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "You do double modifiers?"

<OOC> Elemental2 says, "Get Improved Critical for your unarmed strikes--do that more often."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "like, when I rolled 8, so shouldn't it be just 8x2?"

<OOC> Carudan says, "Oh yeah... it's now on my list for level 9... double mods?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "or rather, (8+modifier)x2"

<OOC> Carudan says, "Oh yeah, I added three through the whole thing"

<OOC> Elemental2 says, "You do double mods, far as I know."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "ARG. I'm confused. @_@"

Carudan tears a whole straight into the guy's chest, making you able to see straight through him. As Renaldo goes down he says, "Mother never liked you Galan." before dying.

Galan curses violently, then shouts "Now you two, listen to me!" He grabs the book and shoves it at Adeinia "Take this and head back to the Inn. Go out the back. We've got the watch coming and the body of a very influential man on the floor. Let me deal with this, or we'll all hang!"

Adeinia boggles. "Umm."

Adeinia is still boggling, and nods.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe points to all the shiny loot.

Carudan stares at his fist

Galan says "What're you waiting for? Get!"

<OOC> Elemental2 says, "He has been killed, and now must follow the sacred Taking of the Stuff."

Carudan mumbles "I... I only meant to... not to..."

Adeinia heads out, pausing at the door. "I suggest you don't take anything, since it might be traced to you." She then yanks Carudan with her.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Grr."

<OOC> Galan says, "Do they get MS?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "That, was amazing."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "You always said I was skimping out on the treasure..."

Carudan pauses, looking back at galan. "I.. is there anythign I can do..."

Adeinia waits for Carudan, yet still pulling.

Galan says "You can leave! Don't worry, I learned how to handle things like this on my mother's knee. Now go, before the Watch shows up"

Carudan lets Adeinia drag him away

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Yes Carudan & Adeinia have MS>"

Adeinia snorts. "Unlikely."

You paged Galan with 'The watch arrives not too shortly after your two companions leave. "What in the world did THAT!?!?!"'.

Adeinia gives Carudan something to whip his hands with.

Galan pages: (Errr, excuse me? Wouldn't I hear them break down the front door?)

<OOC> Estivan says, "Well, I hope Galan can managae to loot the place."

<OOC> Galan says, "Are you kidding?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I could do it. ^_^"

<OOC> Carudan says, "Me too... unofficially of course..."

You paged Galan with '(Need to speed things up.)'.

Carudan pauses to look where they are now

<OOC> Adeinia says, "This was a turn of event that I didn't foresee."

You paged Galan with '(They have the dwarf to open the front door.)'.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Did we see the butler?"

Galan pages: (Yeah, but wouldn't I have heard them?)

You paged Galan with '(Yea yea.)'.

<OOC> Estivan says, "Honestly, it reads like a strange freaky Mobster comedy of Errors."

Galan pages: (How long would I have then?)

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I was only trying to subdual him."

You paged Galan with '10-15 minutes.'.

Galan pages: (Would my Uncle keep a way of disposing bodies handy? Vat of Green Slime, gelatinous cube..)

<OOC> Elemental2 says, "My suggestion: Next boat out o' here."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "You tenderized him for Carudan."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "... JOE!!!!"

<OOC> Estivan says, "3 more days."

You paged Galan with 'Afore mentioned trolls in a little room only accesable by a trap door.'.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I HATE hindsite."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I mean, hindsight or however you spell that."

<OOC> Elemental2 says, "Maybe you could charter one, paying extra for speed and....discretion. ;-)"

From afar, Galan strips him, mangles the face a bit and tosses him to the trolls. He cleans the blood off himself and heads down the living room, drawing upon his Hat's powers to impersonate his uncle. When the watch enters he shouts "The bloody Zhentarim attacked me!"

You paged Galan with 'Give me a diplomacy check.'.

<OOC> Carudan says, "Are we out of the mansion yet?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I'm wondering if we met the butler."

You're out near the city square, well away from the house.

Galan rolls 1d20 and gets: 12 Total: 12

<OOC> Galan says, "24"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Oh yes. And no to the later."

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 14 Total: 14

Adeinia shook her head. "We shouldn't have left him."

Carudan grabs Adeinia by the shoulders (do I haveta' roll this?"

You paged Galan with 'They believe your story and offer their condolences, asking if anythign was stolen, standard criminal investigation.'.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I'll let ya do it."

From afar, Galan shakes his head, answers their querries without giving anything away and eventually gets rid of them, leaving them satisfied that he was ok, the Zhentarim DID attack, and so forth. Once they leave, Galan turns to the Dwarf "You've been a retainer for

Carudan hisses "Baneshit! None of this should have happened! Damn it, if you'd not said anything... none of this was necessary!"

Galan pages: My family for some time. You know how things work in this family, yes?"

Carudan squeezes tightly, his body shaking

You paged Galan with 'I only know what I need to know.'.

Adeinia twirls around. "Oh? And perhaps it was my fault that he accused me of stealing and backstabbing his own cousin? I wished that this isn't necessary as well, but it happened, so deal with it!"

Adeinia watches Carudan. "People make their own choices, and nothing anyone else say will change that."

From afar, Galan drops the disguise "My uncle is dead. The family will send a new member to take over his businesses. Keep your silence and you will be well rewarded with gold. Speak and.. well. Do you understand?"

Carudan glares "I'm dealing with it! The pig didn't deserve to die tonight, but he deserved death at some point! What I can't deal with is how you managed to make every possible mistake possible to exacerbate things!"

You paged Galan with 'Yep, not the first time this has happened. Couldn't stand the little wanker myself."'.

Carudan releases Adeinia

Carudan says "Damn it, Adeinia... We didn't just put ourselves in danger. We've put galan's life at stake as well"

Galan pages: Good." He prepares a message for the family, explaining things in a way that casts the blame on Renaldo, implying he was dealing with Zhents. (Taking 20 on the Diplomacy check) and sends it via the standard method of inter family communication. He then proceeds to loot the mansion of anything of value, emptying out the vault and the rest of the house. He nods to the Dwarf "I've told my family of your faithful service." And so forth, and heads back to the Inn by a circituis route.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay, I think I'm going to end things here, so finish any loose ends you got."

Adeinia shook her head. "Am I supposed to stay silent when I'm accused of something that I have not done? Perhaps I should be given to him because he wanted to have his own pet half-dragon? I'm sure he'll be happy if he does what he wants, but this is my life, OUR life here."

Adeinia says "We should have stayed with him. It's partially my fault."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Everybody take 900 exp, vote, and I'll compile the treasure list."

Elemental2 pages: Well, the demon will be waiting on the riverbed for another week.... ;-)

Carudan turns away. "We might have... we... what's done is done..." carudan sighs. "It's Galan we need to apologize to now. H

Adeinia pages: Carudan.

<OOC> Galan says, "Hmph. I need to find an IC reason to split the treasure. I've no problem with splitting treasure the group earns fairly, but this belongs to Galan's family. It's not hoarde treasure."

Carudan says "I'm sorry... I should have tried to distract him better, maybe, or... no, no, you're right."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I'm sure I'll point out that he has treasure. Peer pressure is quite powerful, you know."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Good point. It's Galan's choice, his things. His new mansion..."

Adeinia shook her head. "It's not your fault."

Adeinia says "I shouldn't have tried to touch his stuff."

Carudan sighs, shrugging his shoulders. He places his hand on Adeinia's arm. "Let's head over there. We need to find out if he'll be okay, or if we'll need to turn ourselves in..."

Carudan pages: Adeinia!

Adeinia gave a small smile. "Somehow, he doesn't seem like the kind of person who can't get out of trouble."

Estivan pages: Adeinia

<OOC> Estivan says, "Two session to 8th lvl!"

Carudan 's slides off her arm. "In the short time I've known him... you'd be amazed what he can do..."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "You have 60000 in gold, plus some assorted goodies, a small pouch of holding, a cloak of resistance, a +3 Plate Mail of Movement, a Champion's Helm: Immune to critical hits 15 SR, a Lional's Claws: +1 spiked gaunthlets, +2 if already have natural weaponry Holy, a Proteus Rod: Turn into a crowbar, hammer, 10-foot pole, 50 ft. silk rope, spyglass or masterwork dagger, a Pearl of Power lvl 4, a +2 rapier, and a Mage Blade: +1 longsword w/ mage armor."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "And Adeinia gets the 200 XP RP point!"

<OOC> Adeinia scratches head. "I thought I did quite poorly."

<OOC> Galan says, "Ooo.. Mage Blade"

<OOC> Galan says, "You did most of the talking, which counts for a lot I've noticed"

<OOC> Estivan says, "What exactly does a platemail of Movment do?"

<OOC> Carudan whistles and hollars

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Actually, I handled it quite badly, really."

<OOC> Elemental2 says, "I think the main problem was, there wasn't much reason for the other PC's to work with her--if that could be cleared somehow, things might improve."

<OOC> Galan says, "Is that 'assorted goodies' referring to unlisted treasure, or the magical items that are subsequently listed?"

<OOC> Adeinia nods. "She just doesn't have a reason to work with the others yet, though I can see that changing in the future."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Basiclly just like regular Plate Mail save for that you get a max +6 dex bonus and only a -1 check penalty."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Magical items."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Hmm... Claws..."

<OOC> Estivan says, "What is the arcane failure rate?"

<OOC> Galan says, "Yes.. It was very IC for me to have tried to kill Adeinia back there. But I didn't. *sigh*"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "10"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Hey, a Pearl of Power."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe whacks Galan with the sticky stick.

<OOC> Galan says, "Which is mine, most definately ;)"

<OOC> Carudan says, "Blame Carudan, he was pushing for peaceful resolutions as well"

<OOC> Elemental2 says, "Perhaps you could ask the other PC's what would endear her to the group a bit more?"

<OOC> Galan says, "Hey! You should be happy Joe. I DIDN'T."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Only because he got stabbed."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "That I am. If I was mad, I'd whip out the Teflon Tommy gun."

<OOC> Galan says, "No.. Actually he was doing his best to talk Renaldo into not killing Adeinia, by implying that vengeance could be had later. And then he would've tried to talk Renaldo out of that too"

<OOC> Carudan says, "Well, I don't think you have to worry abotu that with Carudan. Is it me, or does she and carudan share a similar attitude towards dragons"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "She's actually got quite a positive image of them, since they're the first Half-dragons she's met."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "What's Carudan's attitude towards dragons?"

Galan pages: Is that 'assorted goodies' referring to unlisted treasure, or the magical items that are subsequently listed?"

<OOC> Carudan says, "A deep abiding hatred for them and everything they stand for"

<OOC> Galan says, "And that helm gives an SR of 15? Pretty sweet."

You paged Galan with 'Items listed as well.'.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Ah. Her's is more limited to her own clan."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "She's mature in the fact that she's worldly, but her emotions are extremely childish."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Carudan's a bit worldly, but he has serious issues"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Dips on the armour!"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Operates on a 'You hurt me, I hurt you' thing, mostly. I want the claws, if nobody wants it!"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Finally get you looking like an actual knight!"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Hell ya!"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "The Pearl if someone does."