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Arden has connected.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Hey Rich!"

<OOC> Arden says, "Hi all"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Yo!"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Its El Richardo!"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "So everybody's here early save for Carudan"

Adeinia rolls 1d20 and gets: 16 Total: 16

Adeinia rolls 1d2 and gets: 1 Total: 1

Carudan has connected.

Adeinia rolls 1d2.0 and gets: 1 Total: 1

<OOC> Estivan says, "Speak of the devil"

<OOC> Elemental2 says, "Big guy, red skin, horns, cloven feet....."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Hey just in time."

<OOC> Carudan says, "yep, that'd be me"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Oh, I thought you mean lawyers."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Ws once Saddam Hussain's bitch."

<OOC> Carudan says, "No comment"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "So we ready to start the fires and kick the tires?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Lock adn load!"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I need to get my lunch in a minute, but no objections."

<OOC> Arden says, "Ready to start"

<OOC> Carudan says, "Let's do it!"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Ok, I've even got my lunch in front of me now."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Best thing about computers: You can talk while you eat."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Oh yah!"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Ty, you ready?"

<OOC> Galan says, "Right then."

When we last left our draconic heroes, they have swam to the north bank of the Chinothar river after their ship turned to stone and sank right to the bottom. We join them as they start healing up after whipping a demonic terminator out to get Estivan.

Estivan wakes up and starts coughing up water and cursing his bastard Draconic father for not giving him the usful ablitity to breath water.

Adeinia walks over to thd dwarf. "Do you know where we are right now?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Hey, you should be glad that I did mouth to mouth for you!"

Carudan bends over Estivan. "Are you alright?" then he asks "DO you have any idea who or what is Alhondra?

<OOC> Carudan says, "You lucky bastard ;^)"

Estivan says "You mean Alahandra, she's my sister a Cleric of Mysta, why do you aska nd what in the nine hells happenede?"

Ursila simply stares out into the water where her boat used to be. "We're in the Field's of the dead. About three days or so away from Scornubel on foot....

Arden grumbles when hearing how long its going to take.

Adeinia scratches the back her head and brings out a map of the Field that she bought. "Can you point it out?"

<OOC> Galan says, "Do I know the 'Fields of the Dead'?"

<OOC> Galan warms up the dice

Esmerelda shakes the water off of herself, snorting the water out of her nose.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Wait, Fields?"

<OOC> Elemental2 says, "I'm guessing they're fields, that have dead people in 'em."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Yea, good farm land that. The rare unique type of undead."

Estivan says "goes over to Esmerllda, "You alright girl?"

<OOC> Galan says, "Can I roll for some more specific knowledge, I mean."

You paged Estivan with 'Yes, but I can't really run through water. It was unplesant."'.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay."

<OOC> Adeinia grins. "I'm *so* glad I can fly and is not wet."

Carudan says "THe thing that tried to kill us, it was trying to kidnap you or something. And it kept saying your sister's name the few times it spoke."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay, hwat sort of specific knowledge you looking for?"

Estivan looks around, "WHat happened to the boat?

Adeinia snickers. "Sunk like a rock."

<OOC> Galan says, "What kind of threats, best way to avoid them, ect."

Carudan points to the river.

<OOC> Galan says, "Survival information"

Ursila breaks out in tears.

Carudan flushes, then moves to try and comfort Ursila.

Galan pats her "We can always find a replacement."

Estivan looks at Caruden, "What? WHat Thing?

Carudan says "It'll be all right... I'm sure we'll figure out some way to repay you for this mess...""

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Does spells end if the caster dies?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Keep close to the farmsteads scattering the place, sleep indoors at night. Other than that, it's not too bad a place."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Yes."

Adeinia looks into the water. "We might be able to drag the boat out of the water, but..."

Carudan says "Some sort of huge spider/crab thing."

Elemental2 pages: I think petrification is one of the instant effects.

Adeinia waggles a finger at Carudan. "The correct name is 'Retriver'."

Galan says "I could summon a few more squids to draw it forth perhaps"

Adeinia walks a few steps towards the water. "We might as well. Are you all missing some of your stuff onboard?"

Estivan says "Retriver? (Roll to know of Estivan knows what it is?)"

Carudan looks at Adeinia. "A retriver?

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Go for it."

Adeinia says "It's a construct created by dark energies, mostly. They're used to, as the name implies, retrive things or people."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Knolwedge Planes or Arcanea."

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 14 Total: 14

Galan begins summoning dire squid, organizing them to recover the boat.

<OOC> Galan says, "Fiendish, actually"

<OOC> Estivan says, "19 Knowledge Arcana"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Pretty much what Adeinia said. Nasty things that have a hard time dieing."

Estivan says ""

Estivan says "Are you saying this demonic Toy was sayng my sister's name?"

The squids go down and start to drag the boat ashore, grumbing that it's a good thing they don't have spines to break. Eventually you have a stone replica of Ursila's boat on the shore.

Carudan nods his head. "WHo ever sent it then has some sort of connection with your sister. It kept saying "for Alhondra" or something like that."

Adeinia says "As you saw, they regenerate and only gets destroyed if you used weapons with holy energies in them."

<OOC> Galan says, "You just said spells end when the caster dies."

Adeinia blinks at the stone ship and immediately scans the area."

Carudan nods. "That reminds me..." He offers one of the gauntlet's to Adenia.

Only the boat itself is stone, rope, oars, barrels, and other things in it are normal, if a little wet.

<OOC> Galan says, "But you just said the spell would end with the retrivers death."

Adeinia looks at Carudan in a questioning way.

<OOC> Estivan says, "BRB."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "It's a gaze attack, not a spell. :P"

<OOC> Galan says, "Then retcon recovering it."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Even with your stuff still in it?"

<OOC> Galan isn't going to waste his spells.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "That's what I was going to say."

<OOC> Galan says, "And I HAVE all my stuff."

Carudan says "I wasn't much help this time, and if another retriever comes after Estivan, then with each of us wearing one of these, we might have an easier time beating these retrivers.""

<OOC> Galan hugs items with expansive interiors

<OOC> Adeinia says, "That's my point as well. :P"

<OOC> Carudan says, "I say let it stand, I mean, the boat people would appreciate it greatly, so maybe they won't hang us out to dry for causing their boat to sink."

<OOC> Galan says, "It's made out of STONE now."

<OOC> Galan says, "Theres no point in recovering it, so I'm not"

<OOC> Carudan says, "Sure they lost the boat, but they'll still have their (slightly soaked) cargo and equipment"

Adeinia brings up her own hands to show her own gloves. "I appreciate it, but I'm not sure I want to part with my own gloves."

<OOC> Galan says, "It's called swimming."

Adeinia glances at the dripping people. "Maybe we should start a fire and dry off before you all catch a cold."

Carudan looks out at the lake

<OOC> Arden says, "How close to dark is it?"

<OOC> Carudan says, "Then swim I shall!""

<OOC> Estivan says, "back"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Like two hours or so."

Estivan is siting rather bewildered and shellshocker absently strokeing Esmerellda's mane.

Arden says "Its is getting a little late. Maybe we should find a nice place to make camp."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Do I see somewhere we can camp?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Somewhere safe, perferablely."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Roll survival/wilderness lore."

Adeinia rolls 1d20 and gets: 16 Total: 16

<OOC> Adeinia says, "25"

Galan says "We should press on, find somewhere enclosed to stay. This is the Fields of the Dead, and they tend to come out at night"

Carudan turns to ursilla. "IS there anything down there you and the crew need? If the river isn't too deep, I might be able to retrieve something.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "She *is* the crew."

Estivan looks at Galan, "You are thing Battle of Bones, Fields of the Dead are just farmlands on the site of ancient battles.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Is this the Plain of the Dead you told me about, Joe?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "There's no farms you can see. You can see a few small rice patties, but not the farmer's barn or some such. Near by it there's a few cyprus trees that would make a nice place to camp by."

Galan rolls his eyes "No, I'm not. The Fields of the Dead have a small but active undead population

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Fields of the dead."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Is it different from what you told me back at the Gates?"

<OOC> Galan points up "And he just said there were undead."

Ursila sighs, "No, that boat was pretty much it other than the clothes on my back."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Nope."

<OOC> Carudan says, "ields of the Dead: The area now known as the Fields of the Dead has been a battlefield since the earliest days of Faern, long centuries before the reign of the dragons and thousands of years before the arrival of the elves and dwarves. In the earliest days, when only the deities and the Eldest Races walked or flew above the oceans and lands of Toril, the sharn and the phaerimm fought a great war in the mountains of what would become the west coast of Faern. As the phaerimm's magic cascaded off the sharn's shields, the land beneath the battle warped and shrank. Mountains that had formerly soared to scrape the foundations of the homes of the divine powers collapsed in upon themselves until they turned into low hills. The great western mountain range of Faern disappeared, seen only in garbled visions of the cataclysmic past, by seers who misstep while viewing the future."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Crap... maybe I should read these things before I paste 'em... thought it had the description..."

<OOC> Carudan says, "ANyway, I thought it was just fields of corn... duh duh, duh duh..."

Estivan says "Are you sure, my grandfather often told me that there have been virtually no undead in the fields of the dead and he's has many merchant contact and even been a caravan master."

Adeinia shakes her head. "I'm pretty sure the Druid back at the Gates told me that the field was named thus because of the battles fought here. That doesn't mean we shouldn't be careful, but I don't think we'll see an army of undead monsters suddenly attacking us."

<OOC> Galan says, "Joe? Could you PLEASE stop telling two different people two different things?"

<OOC> Galan says, "You tell me there're undead and you tell them there aren't. It's getting old."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "It's the differing rolls. You got more infor than they got. :P"

Carudan shrugs. "Either way, I guess we've got a long march ahead of us

<OOC> Galan says, "I didn't even roll!"

Adeinia glancing back at where the Retriver was, she did add, "Though whatever created the Retriver could create undead to chase after us."

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

<OOC> Estivan says, "Is just going on general info. If Joe desides that there are undead and thow them at us it is his perogative."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I didn't roll either! I was just told that. :P"

Galan shrugs "Fine, ignore the widely travelled mage. But I'm right about there being undead around here, even if they're uncommon."

Arden says "You just said it Galan. Uncommon. I'm willing to take that chance if it means getting out of these wet cothes."

<OOC> Galan says, "What does that have to do with anything? I'm complaining about the fact that every time I say something he told me, he tells someone else something different"

Carudan digs through his backpack and grabs two waterskins. "These may come in handy no matter what we come in contact with.

Estivan says "I fear no undead, but its thjat Retriver that is owrring me. If my sister did send it, I am owrry why and why that thing. She knows better then to much with demonic forces..."

Elemental2 pages: He's in rare form tonight....

<OOC> Adeinia says, "><"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "You're more well traveled than anybody else so have heard more odd reports."

Carudan says "It may not have been her, it could have been some suitor, or worse... when we get to teh next town, you might send a message to your family"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Tyson, were not all suppose to have the same information all the time."

<OOC> Galan says, "Shut up Al, I know that. I'm just tired of the higher my knowledge skills and Int go, the more stupid I sound because everything I 'know' is contradicted!"

The Reality Button gets pushed by Smokin_Joe and goes BOINK, PTANG, POW! and sends us back to our game.

Adeinia points out the trees. "Let's just stay there untill you're dried off at least. Walking in cold clothing isn't very healthy."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Don't make a big deal out of it. Its role-playing. Let get back to the game"

<OOC> Galan says, "Shut up, Al. It's not roleplaying. It's my stats being bloody useless."

Carudan nods, picking up his cloak from the shore.

Galan goes to the trees, studies his spell books, goes to bed for the night.

Estivan whisper soeming inot Esmereelda's ear, who then returns to her normal size, then he start takeing gear off adn then brushing h/drying her off.

Ursila nods, and goes sets up a suitable camp out of debris and such.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "FF?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Sure."

Carudan gives Ursila a hand

Arden goes over to

Adeinia mentions that if Galan believes that there's undead around, then he should help keep a lookout at night.

<OOC> Galan says, "Christ, I should've made Grunk the half orc with 3 int. Then I could've been right all the time."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Tysonm relax."

<OOC> Galan says, "Al. Shut up."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Be civil."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Hey, do I need to seperate you two?"

Carudan pages: Yes

<OOC> Galan says, "If he shuts the fuck up, we can go on with the game"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Your the one complaining continiously."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay then, both of you, no more of this OOC stuff, alright?"

<OOC> Galan says, "Fine by me."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Sure Joe."

Carudan helps set up the camp, laying his new cloak on a branch to dry.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Now, FF?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "What's the order of the watch?"

Estivan settles Esmereelda down for the night, thne gets a bedroll and sleeps.

Carudan pages: Better ff than ffa

<OOC> Estivan says, ""will take last watch'"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "sure. Adrinia will keep second watch through the night, as long as she gets 3 hours of sleep."

Carudan leans against something to take first watch

<OOC> Arden says, "I could take one of the early ones or late ones. As long as I get four hours of sleep I am good."

<OOC> Estivan says, "That the middle Wathc"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "So Carudan, Adeeinia, Galan, Arden Estivan?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Guess so"

You publicly roll 1d100 and get: 99 Total: 99

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Wow."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Adeinia, give me a listen check."

Adeinia rolls 1d20 and gets: 6 Total: 6

<OOC> Adeinia says, "17"

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 12 Total: 12

You paged Adeinia with 'You think you hear something coming through the rice patty, but it could have just been the wind blowing leaves into the water... (Spot check.)'.

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 3 Total: 3

Adeinia rolls 1d20 and gets: 11 Total: 11

<OOC> Adeinia says, "22"

You paged Adeinia with 'While looking about, you can see something that looks like a hand composed entirely out of shadow slowly reaching towards's Estivan's thigh.'.

Adeinia immediately dashes over to reach for it, yelling "ESTIVAN! WATCH OUT!"

Carudan shakes himself awake and stands up, looking around

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Again? What is it with him and evil stuff trying to get him?"

<OOC> Galan says, "Karma?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Maybe it's bad grammar."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Role to wake up?"

A shadowy figure recoils at Adeinia's warning, fumbling about the black, tattered cloak, it turns and starts to run away.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "No need."

Adeinia tries to catch up with the figure.

<OOC> Estivan says, "SO I wake up?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Yep."

Carudan runs after the figure

Galan sits up, sees whats going on and rapidly casts 'Hold Person'

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Roll me a d10."

Estivan wakes up, draws his sword and looks around.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "me?"

Adeinia rolls 1d10 and gets: 3 Total: 3

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "You and Carudan."

Carudan rolls 1d10 and gets: 4 Total: 4

Arden wakes up with a handful of darts and looks to find the threat.

Galan's spell doesn't seem to do much.

<OOC> Carudan says, "This doesn't bode well for either of us, does it?"

You publicly roll 1d10 and get: 10 Total: 10

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Oh ya."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Well, they do have uber monk speed"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Oh, they do? How many feet per round?"

<OOC> Carudan says, "Sorry I dragged you into my bad-dice-mojo-matrix"

<OOC> Adeinia :P "40"

<OOC> Carudan says, "40"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Which if they run goes up to 160"

Adeinia and Carudan have no trouble in running down the shadowy figure.

<OOC> Estivan says, "That is a full out sprint"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Can I make out what the figure is now?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "It *could* be just a theif..."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "*thief*"

<OOC> Carudan says, "Not for much longer if he tries anything"

Estivan heads after the cheetah like monks

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "It's some guy in a tattered black cloak, cowl pulled up over his face, wearing equally dark pants and gloves, plus some boots that seemed to have been salvaged from somewhere."

Galan casts 'Detect Undead'.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Going to take him down?"

Adeinia tackles the guy.

Carudan shouts "STOP!"

You publicly roll 1d100 and get: 46 Total: 46

<OOC> Adeinia says, "That's as useful as yelling "LOOK OVER THER!""

Arden grabs up his sword as he runs to catch up to the others.

<OOC> Carudan says, "Yeah, but that doesn't change the fact that someone MUST yell it"

<OOC> Adeinia :P

<OOC> Carudan says, "It's an unwritten law"

Adeinia manages to take the figure down, like there was nothing between the clothes, it seems rather easy as a mater of fact.

You paged Galan with 'Undead thing that Adeinia just took down.'.

Estivan catches up and pulls off the hood.

Adeinia turns the figure over to take a look at her captive.

Galan says "Watch out. It's undead!"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Can I do a tumble off the guy?"

Carudan watches the figure carefully, one fist ready to slam into its head when he hear's Galan's warning

Carudan shouts "Move and what's left of your life ends!"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Don't you mean, "...left of your un-life ends"?"

As Estivan pulls down the hood, there's nothing there but a vaugely head like solid shadow, with a pair of slightly lighter shadows for eyes, and darker bits for facial features. It seems to be grimacing away from Adeinia.

<OOC> Carudan says, "Or what's left yadda yeadda"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Sure."

Estivan says "What in the Nine Hell's are you?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Can I identify it?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I got my suspicions, but Adeinia..."

<OOC> Carudan says, "I wonder if I've got a shot... what would we roll?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Knowledge undead or arcana, former at a lower difficulty."

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 20 Total: 20

Adeinia glances at the figure. "Hello... What do we have here..." She purred.

Adeinia rolls 1d20 and gets: 2 Total: 2

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 4 Total: 4

<OOC> Adeinia says, "9"

Galan rolls 1d20 and gets: 12 Total: 12

<OOC> Estivan says, "25!"

<OOC> Carudan says, "7"

It says in a rather low hissing voice, "Nothing... Nobody... Release me please..."

<OOC> Galan says, "27"

<OOC> Adeinia curses a bit.

Carudan says "Why? What were you doing near our camp?"

You paged (Estivan, Galan) with 'It's a wraith that seems to be able to wear clothes.'.

Galan says "You might.. want to stop touching the lifedraining wraith."

Estivan says "Wait, a Wraith wereing Cloths?"

Adeinia blinks and glances at herself. She doesn't feel any different... (Does she?)

Estivan tapps his sword on the things exposes flesh.

"Gold... from the noble... have to live..."

Elemental2 has disconnected.

Estivan says "Um, your already dead."

The blade goes through, but as it comes back it is covered in frost.

Carudan kneels down next to it. "From who, for what, and why do you need gold?

"Then I have to make a dying..."

<OOC> Adeinia winces. "Gah."

Estivan says "It was refering to me and it is a Waright. It must be wereing magic clothes."

Estivan looks to see if it was wereing gloves.

It is wearing gloves.

Adeinia gets up and stands between it and Estivan.

Estivan taps the cloths.

"Food... shelter... new clothes... a drink now and again..."

Estivan says "Your undead, you don't need food,shelter and clothes..."

Carudan kneels next to the wraith. "Does he realize he's dead?

Galan says "Hmm.. possibly not."

Adeinia looks at it, then elbows Estivan. "Hush."

The clothes are cold to the touch, but don't do any damage. Your finger goes into it a little bit, he turns and says, "Please don't do that..."

Carudan looks into the wraith's eyes. "My friend, when was the last time that you ate? What happened on that day?

<OOC> Adeinia says, "So, is it a wraith or wright?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Wraith."

<OOC> Carudan says, "wright ;^)"

Estivan glares at Adeinia, "What, the Wariath tryied to steal from me.

<OOC> Galan says, "Hmm.. the undead can't be Raised, but they can be Ressurected right?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "I think so"

Galan frowns "You want to live again, correct?"

<OOC> Adeinia sighs. ><

<OOC> Adeinia says, "you beat me to the punch."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Of course, that wasn't what I was going to ask."

<OOC> Carudan says, "You gave me unlife, now, show me how to liiiiive... what?"

The wraith turns to look at Carudan thinking for a while, "Walking along the highway... looking for an easy mark... Wagon came barreling down on me... Tried to hold it at crossbow point... It stopped, door opened, then some sort of spell was cast... I woke up, naked at night..."

Carudan nods. "Go on... what happened after that?"

He looks at Galan, "Whaat?"

Adeinia glances around, wary at the enviroment. "How about this. We'll give you some gold if you answer some of our questions?"

Adeinia tries to shut Galan up with her eyes alone, which doesn't work very well.

Estivan says "Where did you get these clothes then?"

Galan considers the wraith "You have noticed that you're in a rather bad state, yes?"

Carudan says ""Wait guys, let him finish speaking first."

He goes on, "Don't know... Traveled plains, stole some clothes... found others... Every day, I seem to black out... can't remember anything... always wake up at night... Find some gold, try to get a drink, but tavern keep won't let me in..."

<OOC> Galan says, "Hmm.. A ressurection spell is cheap.."

"I feel... cold... little else..."

Adeinia's eyes focused upon the wraith when he said 'others'. "Others." She glanced around at the others.

Galan pages: Are there any major temples anywhere near here?

You paged Galan with 'Give me a cartography roll.'.

Galan rolls 1d20 and gets: 13 Total: 13

Galan says "Ahem.. I told you so."

<OOC> Galan says, "24"

Carudan nods. "What is your name? where is this tavern, and who are these others?

You paged Galan with 'There's a major temple to Chanteea at Elturel that's about a day's ride from where you are.'.

Galan asks the wraith "What would you say then, if I said I knew a way to get you back to the way you were? So you once more could interact with normal people, enjoy drinking, eating, sex and so forth, and so taverns would let you in?"

You paged Galan with 'Everything else has pretty much simply shrines to gods.'.

Adeinia pages: Keep a look out for the 'others' mentioned, ok?

Carudan turns to Galan. "Are you serious?" he hisses.

Galan pages: Is it at least somewhat along the way?

Carudan says ""You know someone who might help this man?""

Galan says "Yes, I am serious. It's not exactly hard, though I can't cast the spell yet. However, theres a temple of Chauntea along the way and we might as well."

Estivan says "Well, if this poor soul was hit by an evil spell, even though he is a flithy bandit, shouldn't we help him?"

Galan waits for the Wraiths answer (I wanna henchman!)

Carudan nods. "How far away is it? We don't know what will happen to him once sunrise arrives

The wraith raises his cloak to show a nice shirt and vest matchment floating on top of liquid shadow, "Other clothes... Tavard, I'm Tavard... simply a humble thief... The tavern at BattleBorne... Little town few mils down the road..."

Galan says "Just a day. And, as I mentioned, it's on the way."

You paged Galan with 'It is directly on the shortest route to Scornubel, your end destination.'.

He looks at Galan, "Yeeesss... I would like that..."

Carudan nods. "Come with us Tavard. We'll go as far as we can tonight, and if we can't make it to the Chauntean temple, we'll wait until tomorrow night at the Tavern.

Arden breaks his silence with a grumble about more delay

Estivan says "When you black out, do you wake up with your clothes on?"

Galan says "Arden, it's directly along the shortest route to our destination. We're not losing any time"

Tavard looks at Arden, "You look familiar..."

Carudan stands up. "We can ask him as we're traveling.

"Now, yes..."

Arden keeps his face covered "No. I don't think so."

Carudan turns from Tavard to Arden.

Galan nods "Come along Tavard!" He starts on the way

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "You going to wake Ursila?"

Carudan turns to Estivan. "Can you ride back and wake Ursila up?

Estivan heads back to comp to get Esemrellda and rides to catch up after gearing her up and wakeing Ursila

<OOC> Carudan says, "I was about to ask that very same question"

Estivan offer's Ursilia a ride after informing her on the event that just transpired

Carudan walks next to Tavard as soon as the wraith begins moving down the road

Gets up and follows Galan, drawing his cowl back up over his face, but occasionally looking back at Arden.

Uriel wakes up with a shock, "Wha!?!? Are we under attack?"

<OOC> Carudan says, "OH yeah, Estivan, if you could be a deal and get all of our stuff..."

Ursila wakes up with a shock, "Wha!?!? Are we under attack?"

Estivan says "No, Miss, juast were moving on, soemthing came up and we are head to the local temp,le of Chaunta."

She grumbles as she gets up and packs her stuff. That was a short rest...

<OOC> Galan says, "Ya know, I need a bard henchman to chronicle the tale of my good deeds."

Estivan pakcs up the groups stuff as well, Esmerellda can carry it.

<OOC> Galan says, "So I can get me some Fame!@"

Esmerellda caries the stuff, as long as she stays away from Tavard.

Arden keeps a careful eye on Tavard.

<OOC> Carudan says, "Oh yeah, someone might wanna tell ursila about Tavard"

Carudan listens to anything else Tavard has to say.

Estivan says "The reason we are moving on is that well, a lost soul wonderd into camp and we desided to help him."

Looking back at Arden he asks, "Are you in the Trade...?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Hmm... This could be interesting..."

Arden says "Trade? You mean a theif?"

The Wraith nods.

Ursila asks, "You found some innocent street urchin you're adopting all the way out here?"

Arden says "Awhile ago. Yes. Not anymore. At least not when I can help it."

Estivan helps Ursila on Esmerellda if she allows him the gets on and rides to catch up with the others.

Galan pages: How many Dip rolls would I have to make to convert our thief to Akadi? I need a junior priest! Or apprentice.. One or the other. Or just a hench

Adeinia decides to head on ahead and scout the area, telling Carudan and Galan.

You paged Galan with 'Quite a bit, he's sentient, but has a rather one track mind. He simply wants things to go back to normal.'.

Estivan says "Not really, more like found a theif who is a wraith, but he didn't know it due to an evil spell and we are going to undo his curse."

Galan pages: Once we restore him back to life.

Carudan keeps an eye on her back as he listens to Tarvard's conversation

Tavard nods, "Reformed... Wish I could as well..."

Estivan says "The filthy rat tryed to pick my pocket, but I guess I felt sorry for his prediciment."

Arden says "Are you a member of a guild?"

Ursila stares at Estivan sceptically, "Pull the other one!"

Galan tells Tavard "Once we've restored you, reformation is within sight. If you want, you could come with us perhaps."

Adeinia pages: Anyways, scouting ahead? Do I need any sort of rolls?

Tavard said, "No guild out here... just indepenant thieves... occasionally boss come out of Baldur's Gate to recruit..."

Estivan turns around and glares Urslia in the eyes with his glowing slitted green ones, the truth plain to see in them, "I speak the truth.

He looks at Galan, "I would like that..."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Roll me intimidate Estivan."

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 12 Total: 12

Arden lets out a sigh "Thats good to here your not part of a guild. Stay away from them. There bad news. Just gets you into trouble."

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 20 Total: 20

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Got to beat 17."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Ouch."

<OOC> Estivan says, "22"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "And you do."

Galan smiles broadly "Then, after we're done at the temple, allow me to tell you about Akadi and how he can change your life for the better."

<OOC> Galan says, "What? I'm cleric. This is part of what we do."

Ursila cringes back at Estivan's Glower-Power, "Okay, okay, I believe you. So... why isn't he trying to swallow our souls or soemthing?"

<OOC> Arden says, "No. He should join the ranks of Tymora's followers"

Estivan says "As I said, he has no clue he is a soul sucking fiend."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Oh dear."

<OOC> Galan says, "For being such a lucky bastard?"

<OOC> Galan says, "We there yet?"

<OOC> Adeinia wacks Galan's head. "Do NOT say that."

<OOC> Carudan says, "pose points at Galan and laughs"

Tavard looks back towards Estivan, "You talking about me?..."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I thought they were still catching up."

You paged Adeinia with 'You find the highway a few miles from the river.'.

<OOC> Estivan says, "I thought so too."

<OOC> Estivan says, "I am like 5 minutes of rideing to go."

Adeinia pages: Can I see the town from at the distance?

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

<OOC> Estivan says, "Or so I assumed"

You paged Adeinia with 'A little village, but not the town where the temple is.'.

<OOC> Galan sings "Are we there yet, are we there yet, are we now? Are we now? I will be asking you again, I will be asking you again, til we're there, til we're there!"

<OOC> Galan hangs head, hides in corner

<OOC> Estivan brings out the whips and chains

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Getting there. Sort of lagged behind in pages :P"

Adeinia heads back and mentions to everyone that there's a village up ahead, and asks Galan how far is that town with the temple.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Is."

Estivan says "Um, no, not all al, what makes ou think that?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Er no not at all, what make you say that"

You keep marching on daylight comes, as the rays of the sun touch Tavard, he stops as his clothes limply fall to the ground into a pile.

Adeinia looks at the pile of clothing and simply say, "Ok... I haven't see *that* before." She glances at everyone else. "Tired?"

Estivan says "Camp here til night fall?"

Galan nods "I think it best. His mind doesn't seem like it's good at the entire 'remembering' thing."

Arden says "I could go for a rest. Since we've been up all night."

Adeinia nods. "I'll keep watch while you sleep."

Carudan nods. "Indeed. I don't think I got more than an hour's sleep. Plus, I'd like to check out the town and this tavern before Tavard returns.

Galan studies, prays and rests

Estivan pulls a tent of a opaque black cloth out of his saddle bags and sets it up. Its big enough to hold several people.

Adeinia points out that it sticks out like a sore thumb.

Arden finds a place and goes right to sleep

Estivan stdys his note, spell boojk and texts before he gets tired enough to sleep

Carudan goes off to meditate and pray, before drifting to sleep on his bedroll

You rest on the side of the road for the rest of the day. At night fall, the clothing starts to fill with solid shadow, forming Tavard once again, as he looks about confused. "It's the next night?..."

Adeinia nods. "Don't worry about it."

Galan nods "You vanished for awhile there, but it's only a short way to the temple now."

Estivan breaks camps." Good evening

Adeinia elbows Galan slightly. "Let's just get a move on."

"Vanished? That's bad... I need to get back to normal... Would do anything for that..."

Galan breaks camp and starts walking, spending the time chatting with the Wraith.(Trying to convert the poor bugger)

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Roll Dip."

Carudan takes his place next to Tavard. "It won't be much longer now, Tavard."

Arden walks along silently. Still watching Tavard.

Carudan rolls his eyes as Galan pimps his god.

<OOC> Galan says, "Can I take 10 or 20? Since we have a couple hours of walking"

Adeinia pages: Can I roll a knowledge arcana to see if what they're proposing is even *possible*? Or do I actually need that?

Adeinia pages: I'm asking cause *I* didn't think that was possible, but then again, I never went into undead mechanics.

<OOC> Carudan says, "Now, now, that would be cheating ;^) BEsides, wouldn't he feel more greatful to teh followers of the cleric that brought him back to life?"

<OOC> Carudan says, "On teh other hand, he wouldn't have known about them if not for Galan..."

Estivan shakes his head.

<OOC> Galan says, "Yeah, but they wouldn't do it if I hadn't decided to arrange it AND footed the bill"

<OOC> Galan says, "Sides. If I can convince him to MC into cleric, we get another Healer!"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "..."

You paged Adeinia with 'If he really wishes to go back to normal and is sentient, yes.'.

<OOC> Estivan says, "Yay, a usful Lackey for once?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "!"

<OOC> Galan says, "Indeed."

You keep walking until a few hours before daybreak, when you reach the town of Elurel you can see it's a rather serene night.

<OOC> Estivan says, "And there was uch rejoicing!"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Personally, I still don't believe Tavard."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "yay..."

<OOC> Galan says, "This where the temple is?"

Carudan asks Tarvard "How're you feeling?"

Galan pages: And you didn't say whether I could take, or should I just roll?

<OOC> Adeinia says, "If he says 'cold'..."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Roll a search check, DC 18"

Adeinia rolls 1d20 and gets: 3 Total: 3

Galan rolls 1d20 and gets: 19 Total: 19

<OOC> Galan says, "24"

You paged Galan with 'Take what exactly?"'.

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 20 Total: 20

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I'm not going to find anything."

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 11 Total: 11

Galan pages: For the dip roll. 10 or 20

Arden rolls 1d20 and gets: 15 Total: 15

<OOC> Carudan says, "17.. darn my lack o luck!"

<OOC> Estivan says, "ooc 26.... You know, that's three 20's in a row."

<OOC> Arden says, "28"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "freaky."

<OOC> Carudan stares

You paged Galan with 'He seems to actively listen to what you're preaching.'.

Galan pages: Yay!

<OOC> Carudan says, "Can I have some of your dice mojo?"

You paged (Galan, Estivan, Arden) with 'You can't see a set up temple anywhere in the city, but you notice a very mystic looking woods just outside the place, and can see some really large stones set up in a circle.'.

<OOC> Estivan says, "No. it mihght turn into many 1's in a row any minute"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "You sure you're not @emiting?"

Galan heads for a very mystic woods with a stone circle. He stops at the outskirts and looks for signs of druids. Or priests.

Estivan points with his lance, "I do belive that's where the temple is

You can hear a bit of chanting in the woods and there seems to be a lot of bunnies, duckies, and deeries for being so close to the city.

Carudan pages: Say, how much do I know about this order. know religon check?

<OOC> Arden says, "I refuse to go in there."

<OOC> Estivan says, "No, becuase the indicator of the ro,ls have no Typos"

You paged Carudan with 'Go for it.'.

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 18 Total: 18

The All-Purpose Vending Machine spits out a bottle of Mojo, which Estivan catches and drinks quickly. Estivan's body glows with the powerful mojo.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I think we should keep the undead out before leading him in."

Carudan pages: 19

Galan calls out "Greetings and salutations, fellow divinely ordained beings! I, Galan of Akadi, need to speak with your high priest!"

Galan gestures for the wraith to stay back

<OOC> Adeinia groans. That was so corny...

<OOC> Galan says, "I know.."

Estivan says back with the wraith.

You paged Carudan with 'Chantea is a plant goddess of the harvest and nature. She has very few clerics, but a lot of druids who try to live side by side with civilization worship her.'.

Carudan pages: thanks

Arden stays back with the wraith as well.

<OOC> Arden says, "brb"

Carudan Stands behind Tavard, looking around the harvet goddess' 'temple'

Adeinia looks around curiously.

A man in long white robes comes out of the trees with a few more armored druids at his side, "Greetings priest of the Wind-Traveller. What may we do for you. That and do you know you have a soul-sucking fiend in your mists?"

Adeinia resists the urge to turn around and look at said fiend.

Galan nods "Thats actually why we've come here to entreat assistance from the priests of the Earth Mother. We're wanting to restore him to life."

Tavard looks about confused, he then points to the dwarf, cocking her head to Arden questionably.

<OOC> Arden says, "back"

Estivan snickers.

Arden shakes his head. "Not now. There trying to help you."

He nods, "Very well, just wanted to make sure you knew. Now, how may we help you with this poor soul?"

<OOC> Adeinia ><

Galan says "We came here hoping that one among you might have access to the 'Ressurection spell'? If I remember correctly, it can restore the undead to their proper state."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Heh. I can't wait until I get lv 3 Shadowdancer."

He nods, "Unfortunately very few of us who go the clerical path. We are not in the business of backing up the wheel of life, but we can help push the wheel along on it's way. But we can try, where is the body?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "So... Anyone up for wincing? It's quite fun."

Carudan says "We need the body?"

<OOC> Carudan says, "I could use a good wince"

<OOC> Galan says, "Theres always divination magic."

Estivan whinces.

Galan says "Finding the body, if we need one, might be problemetical.. <whispers> He doesn't realize he's dead."

<OOC> Adeinia passes a high grade wince. "Here."

"To resurect someone to the state where he was before, yes."

"Well is his spirit willing to return to the cycle of life of his own free will?"

Carudan nods slowly. "Ah. Yes. Well."

Galan nods "He's eager for it."

Estivan says "He doesn't want to be the way he is, is that good enough?"

Estivan hand ventured forth out of curiosity

"Then I am sorry but we can not resurect him. But there is hope, we could possibly reincarnate him. He will be born again with his own memories, but in the body of a child. Would that suffice?"

Galan says "Tavard? Remember when you said you'd do anything to go back to normal?"

Adeinia mutters under her breath, "Well, it would be a new start..."

Galan asks the priest "What kind of child? Like.. infant child?"

Tavard nods, "Yes..."

Arden says "This would aslo give him a chance to reform from the theifs life."

Estivan says "Well, is there anyway to reincarnat him into soemthing more adult?"

Galan smiles "Well then! We've got a great oppurtunity for you. You'll return to normal AND get a fresh start in life!"

Carudan looks reluctantly at the speaker. "I'm not sure... he'd be a man in the body of a child? And what about the body he'd inhabit? What happens to the soul that would have inhabited that body?

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Tavard's not pretty to look at, is he right now?"

He says, "It is hard to judge. Chanteea judges the body, but they retain their mind and another life."

He shakes his head, "No, that is beyond our power."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Though for some reason, the stat doesn't reflect the text."

Tavard says, "I would like that..."

Carudan says "Such might drive a normal mad mad. Do you know of anyone who's undergone this?"

Adeinia asks, "I'm actually curious... Will they be rincarnated into the same sex and race?"

<OOC> Galan says, "Well, hopefully Chauntea will be willing to judge 'child' as 'young adult'."

Galan says "Carudan. Even if this is risky, it's better than what he has now."

Estivan says "Well, you migth become a young elven woman....but anything is better then yopu current state, right Tavard"

<OOC> Galan says, "Please, don't frighten the wraith!"

"Yes, I have gone through this several times, guarding this Druid Circle for centuries. It has allowed me to gain great amount of knowledge and keep guard over this fair place, and I haven't seen any unforseen side effects." He takes a nut out of his pocket and starts nibbling it like a squirrel.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "They haven't been doing a very good job."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Nor is that very reassuring."

Galan shakes his head "Don't listen to them Tavard. You'll almost certainly get a body that'd you'll find acceptable.

Carudan isn't convinced. "You will be with him, and help him cope with his new life?

"Of course."

<OOC> Estivan says, "The chart in 3.5 PHB is rather nice"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "brb"

From afar, Galan begins praying under his breath to Akadi hoping that, as an allied God, he can intercede and get the poor wraith a good deal.

Galan pages: (Can I roll diplomacy at my god?) ;)

You paged Galan with 'I'll take it in mind.'.

Carudan bites his lip, then turns to Tarvard. "The next decision is yours, my friend.

You paged Galan with 'It'll make the table more different.'.

Galan pages: Thanks

Galan says "A return to life, a fresh start, a chance to really reform and leave behind the dross.."

The high druid looks at Tavard, "Will that be acceptable?" The wraith says "Yes..." The head druid says, "Good, and how will you be paying?"

Galan says "Is gold acceptable?"

<OOC> Arden says, "Pay in nuts. He seems to like them."

<OOC> Galan says, "Balls out, gentlemen!"

The druid nods, "Prefered. I will do this for cost though, only 1500."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Yes sah!"

Carudan nods. "300 from each of us should be enough..."

Galan sighs mournfully and draws out three gold tradebars. "1500."

Galan says "Don't worry about it Carudan. I've got it."

Tavard turns to Arden giving the druid a, "Can you get this guy?" look.

Arden gives Carudan the eye.

Arden quickly looks back to Tavard "What help do I need?"

Galan says "So, shall we get this done with? We're burning night and the wraith doesn't do so well in daylight."

The druid takes the gold bars with great reverence, them disapearing into the folds of his robes. "Very good, if you all would come with me?" He goes to the center of the circle.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Replace get with 'believe'."

Galan follows, ushering the wraith along

Estivan follows.

<OOC> Galan says, "I think that damn treehugger cheated me.."

Carudan follows from behind, lost in thought

The high druid starts to make a magic circle inside the circle of stones, various other druids comeing in, adding feathers, seeds, and other things into it.

Arden follows to eyeing the grove as they go.

<OOC> Arden says, "Its time to play spot the hiding druids."

Estivan pages: Might I suggest using the 3.5 chart, it limits to humanoids. I think it would be better for the grouop

<OOC> Galan says, "It's like Where's Waldo, except that Waldo is naked and covered with feathers and blood."

<OOC> Arden says, "Okay if there naked then I am only spoting the women druids."

Estivan pages: If so, I have to chart infront of me now and will tell you the result when you roll for race

You paged Estivan with 'I don't have the 3.5 chart, unless it's on the net.'.

Carudan glances up from his thoughts and watches the ceremony

<OOC> Galan says, "Can I spot the hawt chixx0rs too?"

Estivan pages: Its not. I can tell you the result and I promise to be accurrate

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "They're hawt chixx0rs and bauf hunxx0rs too."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Back."

<OOC> Estivan w00tz for hawt chixx0rs.

Adeinia watches from outside the circle of stones

Estivan pages: Or I can ping you the chart on MSN

Eventually the magic circle is formed and the druids are aranged up about the circle. The head druid reaches out to lead Tavard into the center. Turning back to the party, "Will you all please make a circle about the druid circle? Try and concentrate on what you would wish him to come back as."

Carudan turns to Tarvard. "What were you in life?"


You paged Estivan with 'What type of things are on there?'.

Adeinia does as told and thinks human male.

From afar, Galan focuses on Half Dragon. Preferably with a mixture of Air Genasi in the mix. Hmm.. Mercury in color.

Estivan joins the circle but unfourtnately can't stopp thinking about the Lady Half Elf he was starting to suit.

Arden takes up his position and concentrates like told

Carudan joins the circle, thinking human male. A nice, normal human male, with brown hair and normal skin.

From afar, Galan does some prayin', too

You paged Arden with 'Not wanting to turn him into something unusal?'.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Pause please."

Arden pages: Nope. Just human

Estivan pages: Bugbear, Dwarf Elf Gnome Gnoll Goblin Half-Elf Half orc halfling, human kobold lizaedfolk orc trog and DM's choice which is 100 on the roll. Ping chart to you

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Back."

Galan pages: (Heck, I'll even offer to owe Chauntea a favor ;) )

Galan pages: (Offered via Akadi, of course. Can't go prayin to no pagan gods.)

The druids start to chant up a storm, a glowing type mist starts to flow out of the druids and starts to engulf Tavard. Inside you can see his shadow trying to stand still and not panic. They keep chanting as a light start to form underneath the wraith.

You publicly roll 1d100 and get: 97 Total: 97

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I wonder what happens when someone's shape is 3/4 male and 1/4 female?"

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 4 Total: 4

Estivan pages: 97= Orc

<OOC> Galan didn't specify gender ;)

<OOC> Galan says, "1/4 other, 1/2 male, 1/4 female? That'd be odd."

You paged Estivan with 'Galan's praying starts to pull the strings.'.

You publicly roll 1d10 and get: 4 Total: 4

Estivan pages: +4 Str to orginal.

Estivan pages: Ahhhh.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "We are soooo doomed."

You publicly roll 1d100 and get: 39 Total: 39

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Ooh..."

<OOC> Galan says, "We just fucked this guy up, bad."

Estivan pages: 39= Goblin

You publicly roll 1d2 and get: 1 Total: 1

Estivan pages: 39= -2 str +2 dex

You paged Estivan with 'Going for another chart.'.

Estivan pages: Gtocha. Is it humanoid?

<OOC> Carudan says, "I knew this was a bad idea..."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "If he comes back as an elder vampire, I am SO going to kill you guys."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Hey now, I did what I was supposed to. We're not the ones that messed him up... so you others are in SO much trouble"

You paged Estivan with 'It's going to be.'.

<OOC> Galan says, "Hey, I wasn't thinking of anything BAD."

You publicly roll 1d200 and get: 44 Total: 44

<OOC> Galan says, "Not like mr. Hawt Half Elf Chixx0r over there"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "How'd you like him to come back as a Retriever?"

<OOC> Carudan says, "Good point. Al, we're giving Estivan to the unholy monster we've just given birth to..."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "He's not a construct."

You publicly roll 1d200 and get: 126 Total: 126

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Though succubus would be fun."

<OOC> Carudan smiles

You publicly roll 1d200 and get: 74 Total: 74

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Now this might be intersting..."

You publicly roll 1d2 and get: 2 Total: 2

<OOC> Galan says, "This is ALL your fault, Al."

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

<OOC> Estivan says, "What?"

<OOC> Galan says, "I dunno. It just is. Whatever it is."

The light totally engulfs him as a pillar raises up to the sky, causing everybody about to see nothing but white. When your sight comes back from the extreme light, you see where the Tavard's clothes used to be, a very little gold dragon.

<OOC> Adeinia twitches.

<OOC> Galan says, "Hah! See? I was right! This WOULD turn out cool!"

Carudan steps back, filled with revulsion. "By Torm, we've turned him into a monster!"

Adeinia turns slowly at Galan. "Ok, who was thinking stray thoughts?"

Galan looks down at the dragon "See? I told you this would a new start.."

Galan says "Not me!"

Adeinia glares at the gold scales on Galan.

Estivan looks dreamy eyes and shakes his head, "What happened?

Galan hugs his scales "I wasn't think about turning him into a gold anything!"

Arden looks at the dragon. "Odd."

The young gold dragon looks at itself, "Ooh! I think I'm going to like this life!" In a suddenly feminine voice, grasping her mouth in surprise.

Adeinia boggles.

Galan glares at Estivan "I have no proof, but.."

Adeinia narrows her eyes. "Ok..." She scans at the males present.

Estivan blinks, "He's a she.....

Carudan steps farther away, his hands twitching. "We've failed... we've failed... we must end this monstrosity..." he hisses

Most of the druids have fallen to their knees after expending to much energy. The head druid stands up, "N, not sure. I thought, I could feel Chanteea changing him into something else, something with tusks. Then someone ELSE came in and turned him into... this."

Galan steps forth and grabs Carudan by the shoulder "Hey! Calm down!"

Estivan says "Shut up Carudan."

Galan blinks at the druids message and puts on an innocent demeanor"Errr.. Really? Thats odd."

Adeinia powerfully slams the palms of her fist at Carudan. "Ya, shut up!"

The males, along with the females present are all panting rather heavily, sweating up a storm from casting such a draining ritual.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Sense motive!"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Go for it."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I'm so going to fry the one who did this, just for fun."

Adeinia rolls 1d20 and gets: 18 Total: 18

Estivan says "Are you saying that some other deity stepped in and chenged the outcome?"

<OOC> Galan says, "The gender bit?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "30"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "He's genuinely surprised."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Well, either, really, but at least I get to make fun of whoever did this."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I was talking about Galan's innocent look."

Galan bends over to look at the baby dragon "Ignore the crazy man. You got a damn nice deal here. Millenia long lifespan, magic powers, claws and you can breath fire!"

<OOC> Adeinia snickers.

Carudan eyes grow wide, his voice a rabid fever of hatred. "You fools, we've done nothing but spawn a monster! If he leaves now, he'll grow to be just as wanton as a real dragon. His soul deserves better than to be cast into the abyss for living as a serpent!"

He nods, "Yes, that's the only explination..." Tavard turns to look at Carudan, "What's the matter with him? I think I got off with a rather good choice. I could have been something like an orc."

<OOC> Carudan says, "YOu guy's are gonna have to drag Carudan away!"

Estivan says "He hate Dragon's"

Galan says "Carudan has.. issues with dragon. Due to his parentage."

Adeinia quickly muffles Carudan's eyes with her arm and yanks him away.

Carudan screams ANYTHING better than a serpent!

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Mouth."

Carudan screams "ANYTHING better than a serpent!" as Adeinia drags him off

Estivan grabs Carudan, "For once man, het a hold of you damn prejoices!

Estivan tires to haul him away

<OOC> Adeinia says, "... Prejoices? lol"

Arden shakes his head

<OOC> Carudan says, "it's jersy-ese"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Estivan telling someone off about bigotry..."

Galan looks at the druids "Will he.. err.. she errr Tavarn be able to stay with you till.. he's ready to go abroad?"

The head druid goes over to Carudan, "Calm yourself child, this place is not meant for such strong negative emotions!"

<OOC> Carudan says, "Yeah, but Estivan isn't likely to kill a peasant"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I'm pretty sure Galan has something to do with this. :P"

Carudan glares at the druid. "OUt of my way, sir.. this serpent must be slain! FOr the sake of your children he must be killed before he grows too powerful!"

Estivan drags Carudan away< 'Stop this follishnes. You are dfescrating this holy place!

Deeper in the woods, the howl of something dark and predatory breaks the uneasy air.

Adeinia glares at Carudan. "Now look what you done!"

Estivan attempts to punch Carudan

Carudan turns to glare at Carudan. "It has already been desecrated by this beast's presence!" He hears the howl. "Fools, the monster behind this abomination shows itself! "

Adeinia growls. "If you don't shut up, I'm going to knee you in the groin."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Roll to hit, Carudan what's you AC?"

Galan steps between Carudan and the dragon "Carudan. He has a human mind and soul. He was not 'born evil', if any dragon is."

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 8 Total: 8

<OOC> Carudan says, "22, and really, with two people dragging him away, shouldn't he be away by now"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I'd like to seem him rant and rave when Adeinia knees him *hard*."

The head druid runs over, "NO! Don't do that! It's only feeding off your hostility! You need to calm down and accept what happened as the gods' will!"

<OOC> Estivan says, "What is it without dex>?"

<OOC> Carudan says, "18... someone knock him out, gag him, hold person... he's only going to get worse!"

You can hear somethign start to crash through the woods.

<OOC> Estivan says, "I hit"

Estivan rolls 1d6 and gets: 1 Total: 1

<OOC> Estivan says, "7 subdual"

Carudan says "I won't accept what dark gods have done to damn Torvald's soul!"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "That's it! Adeinia's going to knee him HARD in the nut."

<OOC> Carudan says, "And to give y'all a hand...""

Estivan says "Shut up. No dark gods are at work here"

<OOC> Estivan says, "I suggest Sunning blow"

Carudan drops to the ground, unconscious, as Estivan steps away, his fist still raised

Galan says "Carudan.. listen to me! This dragon was not created by the Dark Gods. He has a human soul and mind!"

Estivan roundly sock caruen in the face

<OOC> Galan sigh "Damn me for slow typing."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Hmm... Would that be subdual or what? lol"

<OOC> Carudan says, "damn me for fast typing"

Adeinia turns her attention to whatever is coming from the forest. "What is making that noise?"

Arden scans the forest to spot what ever is coming

Adeinia moves in front to protect the drained driuds.

Estivan gets on Esemerellda and prepares to face what ever beast shows itself

Galan sticks Carudan in the bag of holding and follows suit.

<OOC> Carudan says, "Uh, I hope there's air in there..."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Umm... That's not a good thing."

The head druid rushes over to Carudan, "Please... don't let this hatred consume you, or..." He turns towards the woods as a great fleshy ball covered with eyes and mouths at odd angles with numerous tentacles on the bottom crashes through the underbrush letting out a great roar, scaring Tavard and the other druids away.

<OOC> Galan says, "I'm leaving it open so he can get air"

Galan says "Shit!"

Estivan puts on his helm, and readies his lance and sheild and as the monster appears he charges.

<OOC> Carudan says, "You know, i'm not sure if it's good or bad that Carudan is out like a light... on the plus side, if this does badly, he'll be the only survivor by default!"

Adeinia hastes herself and tries to identify it.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Roll to hit Estivan."

<OOC> Galan says, "Not exactly.. I fully intend to run like a chucken if this starts going badly.. and if I'm eaten, you're going with me."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Everybody trying to figure out what this is, please roll knowledge arcana, DC 20"

Galan disbelieves the illusion!

<OOC> Estivan says, "Ok, its Sprited charge, pwoer atack 3 and Ride-By- Attack"

<OOC> Galan says, "Know+arc"

Galan rolls 1d20 and gets: 11 Total: 11

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 11 Total: 11

<OOC> Galan says, "26 on the Arcane roll"

<OOC> Estivan says, "23 hits?"

Adeinia rolls 1d20 and gets: 9 Total: 9

<OOC> Adeinia says, "blah. 18 for arcane."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "That hits."

Estivan rolls 1d8 and gets: 6 Total: 6

You paged Galan with 'It is a great Fihyr, a being of pure nightmares that spreads terror where ever it goes. But this one is a bit different...'.

<OOC> Estivan says, "57"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Oh, what do you know? I thought the 9 was for arcane when it's for jump... Oh well. I still don't make it anyway.s"

Galan pages: Different? How? Can I disbelieve the illusion?

You paged Galan with 'Nope, not an illusion, it's coloration is more redish than white, and it seems to be roaring furiously than moaning spookily.'.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "How much damage?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "57 hp's of damage"

Carudan is out like a light, dreaming dreams of snapping a litle gold dragonling's neck as if it were a mercy killing.

Galan pages: It feeds off hostility? If we stop being hostile, will it go away?

<OOC> Adeinia says, "What? How do you deal 57 points of damage?"

You paged Galan with 'That sounds like a plan.'.

You paged Galan with 'Yep.'.

Estivan hollers a battlecry as he gallops towrs the beast skewering it and brutally yaning out his lance as Esmerellda gallopes past.

Galan calls out "It feeds on hostility! If we just calm down, it'll go away!"

Galan sits down, letting the adrenaline flow away

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Power attack gives you +3 damage, Charge.. Oh... I thought you were using a sword."

<OOC> Estivan says, "I think its need afort save or die"

It screams in pain as it turs to Estivan, letting out a great roar at the knight's way. (Give me a will save DC 16

<OOC> Estivan says, "Lance with spirited chrge = to x3 to damage"

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 11 Total: 11

<OOC> Estivan says, "16!"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Ya, I thought you were using the sword you got from before."

Arden takes Galans advice and backs away from the thing not wanting a fight.

Adeinia moves back to a full defense stance, keeping an eye at the thing that's attacking.

<OOC> Estivan says, "Is it immune to death from masive damage?"

Galan says "Just calm down. Be peaceful. Take deep breaths.. Good air in, bad air out."

Estivan feels a great amout of hate welling up inside of him, but it eventually fades away.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Init."

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 8 Total: 8

Adeinia rolls 1d20 and gets: 10 Total: 10

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "I'm going to say it is."

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 11 Total: 11

<OOC> Estivan says, "15"

Galan rolls 1d20 and gets: 1 Total: 1

<OOC> Galan says, "5"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "16"

Arden rolls 1d20 and gets: 1 Total: 1

<OOC> Arden says, "5"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Wow. two 1s."

Galan says "Stop fighting Estivan! It feeds on your anger and hatred!"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Carudan, for future refercne."

<OOC> Carudan says, "Out like a light and in a bag of holding."

Adeinia glances back at Galan. "You don't need to be angry or hating something to fight."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Still."

Galan says "It eats hostility, too"

<OOC> Carudan says, "Yeah, maybe in a round or two he'll wake up... but ultimatley he's a liability at the moment. Besides, how long does one stay cold-cocked from a punch to the head?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Fihyr, Adeinia, Etivan, Arden, Galan"

The Fihyr lets out a great, earsplitting roar as it starts to charge towards Estivan, trying to eat him with his various mouths. (Everybody give me a Will save, DC 20)

Adeinia rolls 1d20 and gets: 17 Total: 17

Arden rolls 1d20 and gets: 14 Total: 14

<OOC> Adeinia says, "24"

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 4 Total: 4

<OOC> Estivan says, "9"

<OOC> Arden says, "20 on the dot"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Roll one for your horse as well."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Galan?"

Galan rolls 1d20 and gets: 18 Total: 18

<OOC> Galan says, "30"

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 15 Total: 15

<OOC> Estivan says, "22"

Adeinia glances back at Galan. "How do we get rid of it?"

Galan says "Calm down Estivan. It responds to our negative energies. Anyone got any weed?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Everybody but Estivan, the druids, and the new dragon, drop what ever they're doing and get the hell away from the thing as fast as possible."

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 20 Total: 20

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Possible crit on the bite..."

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 4 Total: 4

<OOC> Galan says, "Didn't they allready flee?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Estivan is on his horse."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "They were backing away in horror, now they're full blown running in terror."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "That didn't look right. *Everybody* "but" Estivan?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "And a 16 doesn't hit you flat footed, does it Estivan?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Nope"

You publicly roll 6d6 and get: 2/6/5/1/6/3 Total: 23

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Take 23 damage as it bites into you while you're trying to flee."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Flat fotted= 26"

You paged Estivan with 'You're paniced. Basiclly you run like the dickens from what ever scared you.'.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Adeinia"

Estivan rides away fromt he thing

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Going full defense, using both Dodge and Expertise. (+6 AC)"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Arden."

Arden dose the same as Adeinia and goes into a defensive stance. (Dodge and Expertise)

You paged Carudan with 'Give me fortitude check, dc 20 to wake up.'.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Galan."

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 4 Total: 4

Galan is sitting on the ground, remaining serene and vaguely hoping that he knows what he's doing

Carudan pages: 14

Elemental2 has connected.

<OOC> Galan says, "Welcome to 'Crossing Over, with the Half Dragon bunch.""

The Fihyr watches Estivan run away, it then turns to the others and disapears. As it does, a feeling comes over everybody. (Give me will saves everybody, DC 16)

<OOC> Elemental2 says, "Anything like the Brady Bunch?"

<OOC> Galan says, "Only with more violence and fire."

Galan rolls 1d20 and gets: 9 Total: 9

Arden rolls 1d20 and gets: 4 Total: 4

<OOC> Galan says, "21"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Carudan summoned an Avatar of Hate :P"

Adeinia rolls 1d20 and gets: 16 Total: 16

<OOC> Arden says, "10"

<OOC> Elemental2 says, "Like you do."

<OOC> Galan says, "Wait? When did I get there?!"

<OOC> Carudan says, "Say, which God has Hate..."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Bane"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "23, unless still mind comes into play, which is 25. I have a +12 dodge to my already high AC of 26."

<OOC> Galan says, "Iyatchu Xvim, up until he's reformatted into Bane"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Still mind, does come into play."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "I thought just sitting surenly was your action Galan?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "And Bane hase been reformatted for a decaxce"

<OOC> Galan says, "Yes, it was. I was joking about the avatar thing ;)"

<OOC> Carudan says, "Oh Shit, I thought so... The cleric of Torm summoned an Avatar of Bane... Crap, i'm gonna have to get my angst suit on..."

<OOC> Elemental2 says, "I hear the 2-disc special edition of Bane, with bonus evil, will be out soon."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "It's more of a Cthultian Avatar of Hate type thing..."

<OOC> Galan says, "Not for a decade. There've been a lot of books in recent years(more recent than a decade) that include Xvim"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Please tell me this isn't a Greater Fihyr."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Oh.... Cool."

<OOC> Carudan says, "I think he means in terms of FR background"

You paged Arden with 'You can feel the hate welling up inside of you. *Under the effects of the Emotion: Hate spell*'.

<OOC> Estivan says, "I mean in game"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Adeinia"

<OOC> Galan says, "Bane was destroyed in the Time of Troubles, with Cyric the Mad taking his place and his power and Xvim taking the dregs. Then, in time, Bane returned consuming Xvim. He hasn't usurped Cyrics power, but he IS there"

<OOC> Galan nods "Ah, IC)

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Retreat around Galan, still with a full defense stance."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Arden."

You paged Carudan with 'Fort DC 18'.

<OOC> Elemental2 says, "When people hide behind the mage, things have got bad....."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Around doesn't mean behind. :P"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Well the tank just ran away like a scardy cat."

Estivan pages: (When does the panic where off?)

Adeinia remains calm as she asks, "Doesn't this thing have any weaknesses?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Hey, it wasn't my fault"

You publicly roll 1d10 and get: 1 Total: 1

Galan says "A few."

Arden starts to burn with anger and hate. No longer able to hold it back throws a dart at the damn floating thing.

You paged Estivan with 'In another round.'.

Arden rolls 1d20 and gets: 5 Total: 5

You publicly roll 1d100 and get: 2 Total: 2

<OOC> Arden says, "13"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "That's so a miss."

Galan says "Ah, crap."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Galan"

You paged Carudan with 'You there?'.

Carudan pages: Yah, just watching the fireworks. Another fort roll?

You paged Carudan with 'Yes.'.

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 14 Total: 14

Adeinia notices Arden attacking. "We need to get out of here."

Galan says "Yes. Lets withdraw. Calmly.."

Carudan pages: 24, he's awake, Jim! He's awake!

Galan does so

You paged Carudan with 'You wake up.'.

<OOC> Arden says, "Leave me to die. Thanks"

Carudan moans from within the bag

<OOC> Galan says, "We have faith in you, Arden! ;)"

<OOC> Elemental2 says, "Just throw them a finger, and they can always resurrect you later."

Galan calmly punches the bag very, very hard.

<OOC> Galan says, "We can always get 'em to do another Reinc spell.."

Adeinia pages: Which ones is more powerful: A love potion, or artifical hate?

You paged Adeinia with 'Love potion.'.

Carudan growls "What's going on! Let me out!"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Do you *really* don't want to be left alone here?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Arden?"

You paged Elemental2 with 'Adeinia pages: Which ones is more powerful: A love potion, or artifical hate?'.

Galan says "Shut up Carudan or you'll get us all killed. Meditate man. Theres something here that feeds on hostility."

Elemental2 pages: Ad hoc, I'd say they negate each other, assuming he fails the potion save.

<OOC> Arden says, "No it dosen't matter. I'm going to give this thing a piece of my mind now."

Elemental2 pages: Also assuming it has one (don't have books)

<OOC> Estivan says, "I am sorry, Arden is under the effects of a emotion spell and it forces people to feel shit so the only way to get rid of it is to kill it"

<OOC> Adeinia >_> "Joe did say this thing can't die from damage."

Carudan pauses before yelling "Where's everyone?

<OOC> Adeinia says, "So, it isn't likely that we're going to kill it."

Galan says "Out here, trying not to get killed by Bane's Avatar of Hate that you summoned."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "I didn't say that. I said the most effective thing to get rid of it was to have he one who sstarted the ball rolling to calm down."

<OOC> Arden says, "He said it couldn't die from massive damagae."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Ohhhh..."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "It's hurting rather bad actually."

Galan says "So calm down and maybe it'll go away"

Carudan is silent. "What... but I... there's no way I could...

<OOC> Estivan says, "Its should be about half dead"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "That it is."

Galan says "Mr. 'I hate all dragons' going off in a sacred, consecrated grove filled with all kinds of loose power? You did. Now calm down before it eats Arden."

Carudan says "Let me out. You run, and I'll face it"

Adeinia says to Galan. "But we can't just leave him here."

Carudan says "What? Someone's left behind?"

There is an odd silence about the clearing, save for about Galan, who can hear harsh whispers and things flittering across his skin.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Adeinia."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Stay at full defense between it and Galan."

Carudan 's voice is chilled in horror. "LEt me out, Galan. I have to save whoever's been left behind!

Galan says "If I do that, you'll just make it even stronger. If you calm down, you'll weaken it."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Arden."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "We're still there, just to make a point."

<OOC> Galan says, "Indeed"

Arden pulls down the front of his mask "TAKE THIS YOU BASTARD" giving it a blast of lightning.

Arden rolls 6d8 and gets: 4/8/2/3/2/8 Total: 27

<OOC> Arden says, "27 damage DC 18"

You publicly roll 1d2 and get: 2 Total: 2

Carudan shouts ARDEN!?

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 11 Total: 11

<OOC> Adeinia says, "And if Carudan isn't willing to calm down by himself, Adeinia is going to do something drastic."

Galan says "He's alive, for now."

Carudan shouts, his voice filled with regret and loathing... "PLease, let me out. I have to save Arden! I can't let him die because of me!"

The Fihyr apears a bit by Galan, screaming as his flesh is fried from the inside, but it's still up, only now it's visible.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Galan."

Galan incants a swift spell, calling a celestial falcon into being. He gives the bag to it and commands the creature "Fly south with this, as far and as fast as you can."

Estivan pages: Just tell me when I can burst back on the scene and run the freak down

Carudan pages: HOw does one get out of a bag of holding that's partly open?

You paged Estivan with 'you can come back next round.'.

You paged Carudan with 'Reflex roll.'.

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 17 Total: 17

Estivan pages: Yehaa.

Carudan pages: 25

The hawk grasps the bag of holding and starts to fly off. As it gains some altitude, Carudan pops out of the bad and lands in front of the Fihyr, which oddly now seems to have it's eyes and mouths form into a mockery of Carudan's own face.

Carudan stands, transfixed at the monster he's spawned. "Torm... it's true..."

Elemental2 pages: Should I ask why he was in there?

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Carudan= Give me a will save, DC 16."

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 8 Total: 8

Adeinia mutter something about going too far and takes something from her own bag. Just in case.

Galan sighs and whistles for the Hawk's return "Crap."

<OOC> Carudan says, "18"

You paged Elemental2 with 'They thought that getting rid of the one who summoned the thing would send it away.'.

the Hawk starts to return.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Adeinia."

<OOC> Estivan says, "Flurry of Blows!"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Is she even in range for an attack?"

Carudan stumbles back. "Arden, run. IT's me it wants" he gasps

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "You can run up and whack it, since you were next to Galan."

Arden says "To hell with that Carudan. I want a piece of this bastard and not a damn person is going to stand in my way. No shut up and fight or leave."

Carudan stares at Arden, slowly nodding his head.

Galan says "Carudan, release your hatred. Let the peace and strength of Torm fill you. It'll never release it's hold on your soul if you don't!"

Carudan pages: Say, what do I need to roll to stun Aarden long enough to get the others to drag him away while I let the thing chase me

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Can I wait for the Fihyr's turn?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Sure."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Estivan, you can stop being paniced now, of course you won't be able to get back unti next round."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Arden."

Arden draws out his sword and leaps toward the creature "DIE, DIE, DIE"

Arden rolls 1d20 and gets: 11 Total: 11

<OOC> Arden says, "21"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "That hits."

Arden rolls 1d6 and gets: 2 Total: 2

Estivan wheels around and has Esemereelda go a full run to get back

<OOC> Arden says, "8 damage"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "It's got all about vision, so you can't sneak attack it..."

<OOC> Arden says, "I figured that."

You paged Carudan with 'Simple stunning fist.'.

<OOC> Arden says, "Arden is raged right now any way. Sneak attack is the last thing on his mind"

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

You paged Carudan with 'But you'll give it an AoU.'.

Carudan pages: AoU?

You paged Carudan with 'Attack of Opertunity. Sorry about that.'.

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 6 Total: 6

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Galan."

Carudan pages: 13

Galan sighs "So be it. We might destroy it now, but it'll be back". He opens his mouth wide, letting a vast torrent of flame roar out.

<OOC> Galan says, "DC 20"

Galan rolls 6d10 and gets: 3/9/9/1/6/4 Total: 32

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 9 Total: 9

The Fihyr is burnt and starts to crisp into hot ash leaving a morbid statue standing there. After a second, the ash falls away and a nekkid version of Carudan, only red, stands there.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Carudan."

Galan says "We. Are. So. Fucked."

Carudan stares at the thing, then reaches a hand out to touch it.

Adeinia blinks. "What. The. Hell.?

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Reach out to touch it as whacking it?"

Galan says "It's Carudan's evil twin. I hearby dub it Nadurac."

<OOC> Carudan says, "NO, actual touch."

Carudan steps closer, his hand shaking, him mouth gaping wide

Galan says "I wouldn't, if I were you.."

As Carudan touches the clone, all of the bad memories flood into Carudan's mind, all the people he's killed, all the anger he has towards his draconic parent, every bad thing that has ever happened to him.

Galan turns to Adeinia "Have you noticed that nobody ever listens to me?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Give me a will save DC 16"

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 13 Total: 13

Adeinia slowly glides forward, nodding, while playing with something in her hands.

Carudan pages: What happens if I fail?

You paged Carudan with 'What've you got?'.

Adeinia says "Is that still..."

Carudan pages: I'd succeed, i've got a will of 10. I want to know what happens if I fail

Estivan appears ion the distance ride back on Esemerllda wiht lance posed to strike the monster. He sees the scene and stares.

You paged Carudan with 'You becoming a raginee, foam mouthed beserker.'.

<OOC> Galan says, "Hmm.. the creature is naked? And a twin of Carudan? How well endowed is Carudan, anyways?"

<OOC> Elemental2 says, "Roll for it?"

<OOC> Arden says, "Am I still under the hate spell?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe will not even dignify that with an answer...

<OOC> Adeinia says, "-_-..."

Carudan pages: Oh, well, in that case nm... may I have carudan step away, yelling no then collapsing to the ground?

<OOC> Elemental2 says, "The type of dice you use depend on how much the GM likes you."

You paged Carudan with 'Go for it.'.

<OOC> Carudan says, "Well, he's a tall guy, after all... everything in proportion..."

<OOC> Adeinia is completely confused here.

<OOC> Galan says, "I thought it was short guys who were well endowed?"

The Reality Button gets pushed by Galan and goes BOINK, PTANG, POW! and sends us back to our game.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Thank you."

Carudan steps away, screaming in horror as he falls back, collapsing into teh dirt.

The Carudan clone, glares down at him saying in a dark, resounding voice, "THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE. DO NOT DENY IT..."

Adeinia kicks the Carudan clone away from the real Carudan.

Estivan pages: Knowledgte Relgion check

Estivan pages: Knowledgte Relgion check?

Galan kneels besides Carudan, laying a hand on his shoulder "You can fight it, Carudan. Don't let it destroy you."

You paged Estivan with 'Roll for it.'.

Arden pages: Am I still under the hate spell?

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 14 Total: 14

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Roll to kick Adeinia."

Estivan pages: 25

Carudan stares blankly into the air

<OOC> Adeinia sniffs. "We do not need monsters talking in captials."

Adeinia rolls 1d20 and gets: 8 Total: 8

<OOC> Adeinia says, "22"

Estivan pages: Er 23

Carudan stares blankly into the air, his mouth fixed in a silent scream of horror.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I think we need to do something drastic here."

Adeinia brutally kicks the clone in a shin, but it seems that the made out of some sort of oozy substance, going straight through it.

Galan continues speaking, hoping Carudan can hear him "It's only a part of you, an ugly part. It's not what you truly are. Do remember all the good you've done? The way you helped with the frost giant?"

Estivan pages: What does that get me?

Adeinia wrikles her nose at the ooze. "Well, if you're like that..." She takes a step back and makes sure nobody is in front of her other than the thing.

Arden continues to rant and rave throwing vulgar gestures and vocabulary around to anyone in range.


<OOC> Adeinia says, "Cone of frost please."

Galan says "You're a kind man, Carudan. You have your blind spots but you're NOT LIKE THAT."

You paged Estivan with 'It is something odd, it isn't a demon per say, but it does seem to have a bit of a conection with the Lord of Hatee.'.

Galan pages: Hmm.. Via self sacrifice, is it possible for someone else to absorb Carudan's evil?

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "It's something different than cone of frost."

You paged Galan with 'Nope, it doesn't even acknoledge your existance.'.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Ohhh... Right. Could I freeze the thing with it, though?"

Galan pages: Well, there goes that scheme..

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Cone of cold."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "It's not a true ooze, it's more of an ectoplasmic type thing, so it might, it might not."

<OOC> Galan says, "Hey, does Carudan have a holy symbol?"

Carudan mumbles Silver... Father... Deruk... . Grommish

Estivan sets his lance way and draws his scimtar then kick Esemerellda into a charge ending up directly between Carudan and the clone while whacking it with huis scimitar(Spirited charge power attack 6)

<OOC> Adeinia says, "...Ok, if Galan doesn't do something, I'm going to."

<OOC> Galan says, "I'm trying to talk Carudan out of the Ball of Quivering Horror."

Estivan says "Begone Spawn of Bane!"

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 7 Total: 7

Carudan mumbles hoarsely "... Punish? ONly one needs punished...

The clone doesn't even acknowledge Estivan's charge and his weapon goes to decapitate the thing, it goes through his head, having no real effect.

<OOC> Estivan says, "16 to hit?"

Adeinia quickly moves besides Carudan and Galan, bring up her potion. "Do you think this will work?"

Galan says "What is it?"

Estivan balks as his sword has now effect...

Adeinia smirks. "I only have one other potion other than a cure mod."

Carudan pages: Yeah, around his neck

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Or rather, cure mod types."


Arden throws a vulgar gesture at Estivan when he rides by.

You paged Carudan with 'Give me a Will roll.'.

Carudan rolls 1d20 and gets: 18 Total: 18

Galan takes Carudan's Tormish symbol and presses it into the fallen monk's hands. "You are not your Mother. You're you. Your God had faith in you, to take you as one of his. Have faith that he wouldn't take someone who was like that creature."

Estivan tries to figue out a way to help out not involving physical vilolance

Carudan pages: 28

Adeinia face serious, she says to Carudan, "Snap out of it. When has listening to beings that speak in an evil booming voice ever good?"

Estivan , being Faithless or at least Agnostic, is a bit out of his leauge hear.

You paged Carudan with 'You can feel calm, an if you will drop the hatred of your mother, you can destroy the clone as spectacularly as you need be.'.

<OOC> Adeinia says, "If Carudan isn't going to snap out of it..."

Carudan struggles upright, his eyes filled with horror. "No. No... no more... no more!" he wails. No more..." he sobs, his hatred melting away.

<OOC> Carudan says, "brb"

<OOC> Estivan says, "With the focus of the Drama gone. Brb as well"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Heh. I'm going to take a small break for a few minutes as well."

<OOC> Carudan says, "I'm back"


<OOC> Adeinia says, "Back."

Carudan looks up, and glares at the spectre. He stands up, turns around, and starts walking away

Adeinia places a hand on Carudan's shoulder, walking with him.

Adeinia discretely replaces her potion back into her bag.

The clone screams, "NO! NO!! NO!!!!!!" It then explodes in a great pillar of light, spreading ectoplasm all about the circle, and freeing everybody from their respective enchantment.

Galan sighs, roots through the ash a bit, then goes looking for the high druid. "I'll see if I can convince the druids NOT to hold this against us."

Arden shakes his head "Damn. What was that about."

Adeinia hugs the mage/monk. "Good job."

Galan walks off mumbling "Undead.. demons.. evil clones.. I warned them! But did they listen? No!"

Tavard slowly starts to crawl back towards the circle, "It... It's gone? Oh thank you, thank you so much, first you saved me from a horrible fate, then got me this new body, and saved me again from that beast." He goes over, picks up Carudan, hugging him tightly, almost breaking a rib if he did not also have dragon blood running through his veigns.

Carudan shrugs Adeinia away. "Leave me. Please." He walks forward, his shoulders bent

Carudan shrugs Tavard away, but stops to look at him. "I..." he turns away. "Go free, Tavard, live and be happy."

Estivan gets off Esmerellda, puts his sword away and looka t the gold Dragon huging Carudan

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

Adeinia worriedly looks at Tavard. "Let him go." She brushes the new dragon away from the monk before he goes berzerk again.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "And that's where we'll end tonight."

<OOC> Galan says, "About how old would this new dragon be if he was an actual dragon?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Young Adult"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "young?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Ok, who did it?"

<OOC> Galan says, "Who did what?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Think him into a dragon!"

<OOC> Estivan says, "Reincarate create a young adult body"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Everybody take 2400 XP."

<OOC> Galan says, "No thinking involved, just praying."

<OOC> Galan says, "Akadi's domains DO include Trickery and Deception ;)"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "You just killed a CR 15 creature."

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Blah. Is lv 8 38000 or 28000?"

<OOC> Estivan says, "28,000"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Ooh, that'll make him even nastieer..."

<OOC> Galan says, "Badump badump! Level.. 8!!!!"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Thank you."

<OOC> Galan says, "Even nastier??"

<OOC> Adeinia plays FF level up music:

Galan rolls 1d6 and gets: 2 Total: 2

Estivan rolls 1d6 and gets: 3 Total: 3

Carudan rolls 1d10 and gets: 6 Total: 6

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "I had her as just Young."

<OOC> Estivan says, "W00t that's 6 ho!"

<OOC> Arden cries to himself about not leveling up.

Adeinia rolls 1d8 and gets: 1 Total: 1

<OOC> Galan says, "1500 gold and in return I got some angry druids and a very interesting young dragon who owes me a huge favor. Oh, and I think I owe Chauntea a favor too.."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "How far away are you from leveling up?"

<OOC> Galan says, "Stupid praying!"

<OOC> Galan just made it.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Arden?"

<OOC> Adeinia just made it as well, and needs hit die roll.

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Roll for it."

<OOC> Estivan says, "For Shadowdancer?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Oh... There's my skill point... Yes."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "You owe someone big time for this, definatley."

<OOC> Arden says, "1953"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "What level are you now?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "Me? I'm SD lv2, character lv 8."

<OOC> Arden says, "7 one under the others. Its no big deal. I've just missed more sessions then most other people."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Okay then."

<OOC> Carudan says, "We done?"

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "So questions, comments, gripes?"

Adeinia rolls 1d8 and gets: 4 Total: 4

<OOC> Galan says, "Good session. Now I get to go around telling people 'I told you so'"

<OOC> Carudan says, "HOw the hell do we top this?"

<OOC> Galan says, "We doing the RP vote?"

<OOC> Adeinia says, "I still have damage from before."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Sure."

Carudan pages: Galan

Adeinia pages: I think I'll vote Galan overall. Carudan was good, but only near the end.

<OOC> Galan gets third level spells now!

<OOC> Adeinia gets uncanny dodge now! ^_^

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Anybody else voting?"

<OOC> Carudan gets doesn't know...

<OOC> Galan says, "I don't vote usually"

Arden pages: Carudan

<OOC> Carudan says, "Uh, I really need to get going... family needs me to help with stuff and all..."

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Alright then, I'll have to give the 400 exp to Galan and Arden."

Estivan pages: carudan

Carudan applauds

<OOC> Smokin_Joe says, "Good game everybody!"

<OOC> Arden says, "Okay. Thanks guys."

<OOC> Adeinia whistles. "Ya."