Logfile from Online Gaming Rescourse.

This world is Pueblo 1.0 enhanced

._###_. _#___.

H@ .N@@@@L _@@@@@@@@L J@@@@@@@@N_.

N@).@@@@@@@@@. J@@F `N@@@) @@@@@@@@@@@@@L

J@@@@@F""4@@@@@_ (@@N` 4@@@ (@F `"N@@@@N.

.@@@@` #@@@@) .N@H` (@@@) @L._ 4@@@@

(@@@` .' `N@@@H H@@) `@@@` @N@@) N@@@.

H@@` `@@@@ J@@) HF @@@@ J@@@

(@@# H@@@) (@@@ @@@H .N@@N`

.@@@) (@@@) @@@) @@@) .J@@H"

@@@@` J@@@ (@@@ @@@ .J@@N`

J@@@@ @@@F @@@F (@@@H@@H"

N4@@H (@@@) @@@) .. ._@@@@F`

(@@# J@@" (@@@) JN@L 4@@@@@L

(@@H (@@) (@@@) #@@@N `4@@@@@H

#@@N (@@) (@@@) J@@@@F @@@@@@@L

#@@@. J@@) (@@@@. .@@@@@@) .@@F4@@@@N.

(@@@L .N@N` N@@@L .J@H`N@@@` (@@ 4@@@@N.

`@@@@N__J@@@F (@@@@@@@@@F @@@) (@F "N@@@H

(@@@@@@@@F `@@@@@@` @@@) (N@) (@@@@L

`N@@@H" `"" .@@@ `4@` `H@@@L.

(@@) `4@@

(@@` "

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MOTD: ** Important Notice **

April 8/03: Until further notice, new character creations have been disabled. If you wish to have a new alt created, please @mail *staff and we will create one for you. If you are a Guest and would like a character, please see bbpost 1/27 (type: +bbread 1/27). We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Tabletop Room 3(#1902RAJLMhns$)

A small candle flickers at the high table where the Storyteller sits, his face barely illuminated by the candle. Piles of books have been placed on the far right of the high table, and a large, green binder sits in front of the Storyteller. Two large, lumpy blue sofas sit on each side of a long table, where the players assume the roles of their characters in the World of Darkness. Various dice, character sheets, and empty pizza boxes are scattered about the table. Aside from the candle on the Storyteller's desk, there are four candles spaced evenly down the middle of the table, providing some light to the players. On the walls are various drawings of characters portrayed in the chronicle.








The Reality Button

The All-Purpose Vending Machine(#2465V$)

Directions for New Characters(#4610V$)

Obvious exits:

Out <O>

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Hey Joe !!!!!!!!!!!!"

Estivan rolls 1d4 and gets: 2 Total: 2

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Hmm, dice 1 says Dex"

Estivan rolls 1d4 and gets: 1 Total: 1

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Hmm, dice 2 says Str"

Estivan rolls 1d4 and gets: 1 Total: 1

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Dice 3 agrees with dice 2"

Estivan rolls 1d4 and gets: 2 Total: 2

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Dice 4 agrees with Dice 1"

Estivan rolls 1d4 and gets: 3 Total: 3

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Dice 5 is being a Jerk."

Estivan rolls 1d4 and gets: 2 Total: 2

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Dice 6 sides with Die 1 and 4."

Estivan rolls 1d4 and gets: 4 Total: 4

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Dice 7 is a Jerk, but since I was doing best out of 7 then its goes into Dex."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Alrighty."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "I just realise what all that helped."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Upped armor?"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Armour, Relfex, Init and Ranged."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Hoody Hoo, my init is up to 7(I picked up improved init since ti will help the other get in possibly some more kills)."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "I noticed I got the most killes when I was int the middle or the ends of the Init latter."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Yep, that's usually when they come about. Of course usually you'd expect the magic wheilder to get the most kills."

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

Arden has connected.

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "Hello Joe, Al."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Hello Rich."

Mattson has connected.

Thomas has left.

Erika has left.

Grace has left.

Catrina has left.

Tama has left.

Mattson has disconnected.

Silver has connected.

<*> OOCly, Estivan waves.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Hey Rich, Hey John. How are you guys doing?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Hello John."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe is rolling up stats for Ferila and dang I didn't think she'd be this nasty.

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "Oh, goodie. Somehow, I think she will give me a headache."

<*> OOCly, Estivan nods, "Hmmmmmm, Centuars are +5 to class level.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Why do you say that?"

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "Because I was a nice elf and I am sure things got taken the worst possible way."

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "Damn nice elfs. grumble grumble"

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "It beats surly secretive ones."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Damn elf period, grumble grumble grumble."

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "I agree with you Al. Damn elf nation. Urge to kill rising."

<*> OOCly, Estivan is getting into character, "Mna those pointy ear, dasey easting non humans, sure they make good bows, but they are really panseies.

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "Hey, Joe, do you happen to recall the other items we grabbed in prior sessions? I didn't record them."

<*> OOCly, Estivan look quite embarassed as his armour and clothing fall of him leaveing him nakkeid.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "I imagine that would be the effect opf the unbuckle spells and the right set of clothes."

Carudan has connected.

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "Give me two levels and I'll have unbuckle."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Well I know we just got the bag of holding, the acid arrow wand, and some masterwork weaponry."

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "By the gods that would be the most horrible sight ever."

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "Whats in the bag is my main concern."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Like 5 torches, 3 MW short swords, and 4 MW shortspears."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "IIRC we clean out that forge of everything but the forge itself and slag as well as cleaning out the libnrary of any books of interest."

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "I've got recorded the items that are still sitting in the group treasury. The Wand of Dark Flames gets sold since its useless."

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "If only we could have gotten that forge to fit..."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "And put it in the bag"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Well, once we secure the area, we'll be able to se the forge when ever we want."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "OK, we are waiting on the Brit.'"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Hmmm, cast the player summoning ritual!"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "BTW what does the wodner of Dark Flames do?"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Er wand"

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "Casts a black flame that grants dark vision. For half-dragons, it has no use aside from selling."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Ah, yep good for selling."

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "I still want to keep the Staff of Charming simply for improved discussions and the Rod for 'treasure' hunting."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "El said he would probably be late due to sister or some such."

<*> OOCly, Estivan finds the cursed book of Gamerius Summonus and beings the ritual!

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "Hey Joe do you have the book Sword and First or the Arms and Equipment Guide."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Ah. Well, I guess I can stop the ritual or shoudl I contiue with it and hope it works?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "I got Sword & Fist"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Just hope it works."

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "Excellent. There is a weapon is there I want to get ahold of and it helps when the GM has the book"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Page me what that might be."

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "On second check, those can be sold too."

Arden pages: When we get a chance I would like to buy a pair of spring loaded gauntlets.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Has anybody noticed how the Metal Gear Solid music sounds like the main theme of 'Speed'?"

<*> OOCly, Estivan creates the circle of doritos and puts an offering of Ding Dongs, Ho-Hos and Moutian Dew int he center of thise and shapes a pentigram out of pixie sticks then says, "Elemental, Elemental, Elemental Klaatu BArada Nickto!

You paged Arden with 'Hmm, you're going to have to find some major techie guys to get that and it'd probably be rather expensive. Might want to ask around the University.'.


You see nothing special.







Arden pages: Alright. I'll do that.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Paul Gibbon, Paul Gibbon, Paul Gibbon!!! Abra cababra hocus pocus!!!!"

<*> OOCly, Estivan then rolls a d30

Estivan rolls 1d30 and gets: 1 Total: 1

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Named after a primitive primate, the poor man!"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "IIRC that's his last name."

<*> OOCly, Estivan looks up the result of 1 obn the d30 roll, "Ooooooppss". He is then propel out of the room in a big explosion.

Estivan leaves Tabletop Room 3.

Estivan has left.

Estivan arrives from the Gaming Area.

Estivan has arrived.

<*> OOCly, Estivan shakes his head, "Ok, someone else do it. I am incompetent

You paged Arden with 'Might want to make them fingerless or something or else you'd get some penalties on disable device checks.'.

To (Carudan, Arden, Smokin_Joe), Estivan pages: How funny was that?

Arden pages: Have them cut off just before the first set of knuckles on the hand. THat sound good

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "Well, he did say he might be late. So do we begin since its a short session?"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "I agree, it is a shorter then usal session"

Carudan pages: estivan My ribs burst open from the beauty of your ritual, despite the lack of success

Carudan pages: whoops

Carudan begins reading the directions of setting up your character for OGR.

Directions for New Characters glows slightly as it is read.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Alrighty let me work on the first post and then we'll get a going."

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "Damn phone. I have been awake for about an hour and all the phone has done is ring"

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "Well, you know its not me for a change"

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "No it my brothers freinds"

When we last left our partially draconic party, they were down in the bowels of the wizard's college, looting the creature's lair and trying to talk some sense to the talking elven war axe.

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "You should beat your brother and throttle him with the phone cord."

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "Its cordless that would be a little hard."

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "Its a dwarven ax isn't it?"

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "just use the cord hooked from the base into teh phone... hole... thingy"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Where the hell did that elven get in there?!?!?"

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "Some of us elves are sneaky. We sneak in when you aren't looking."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Dang keyboard elves."

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "That WOULD explain the pixie in my pants..."

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "lol"

<*> OOCly, Estivan chuckles, "Keyboard Elves, proud partners of the Underpants Gnomes!

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Hi ho, Hi ho, off to the college we go!"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Part of the Urban Fae Union local 314."

Silver says "So do we leave now or wait for some other vile creature to electrocute us?"

Estivan looks at the down Rouge, "Is get going to survive?

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Er get= he"

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "Just be gentle when you drag my body out of here."

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "He is only a Get on Fridays."

Carudan stoops over Arden's body. "I'll carry him"

Estivan looks at something under the rouges body in the water, "WHat is this!?!?

Estivan bends over and picks up the Elven Battle Armor(tm).

Silver pages: (Talk about a crap-ass move there)

Estivan says "I guys this is another thing for the sack Silver."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Er guess."

Carudan gently lifts Arden up, holding the rouge in hims arms

Estivan hands the armor to Sivler so he can put it into the BAg o' Stuff.

<*> OOCly, Silver rolls eyes.

Silver opens the bag.

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "IS there anyway out of the pit, short of climbing?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe points to Silver.

Estivan drops it in.

Silver pages: (Formal complaint of moronicy on Al's part there. Also effective robbing of a PCs item)

Silver says "I can fly, tie a rope to something up top and the rest of you can climb. I probably can even carry Blue up."

You hear cursing in Dwarven, "What's this fruffy thing on me? Looks elven, bloody dandylion eaters, can't make dicent metal to save their lives..."

Estivan helps Carudan to carry Blue

Carudan shakes his head. "No, I can handle it," he says, quietly.

Estivan looks at Carudan, "Are you sure?

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "Yeah dont touch that. Watch the hands."

Carudan nods, then walks slowly out of the (cavern?)

Silver follows.

You get out to hole you all fell into.

Estivan follows as well, pulling a length of rope out of his pack to hand to Silver.

Silver says "I already carry a length of silken rope."

Estivan nods and puts his rope away.

Elemental has connected.

<*> OOCly, Elemental says, "hi."

Estivan looks relived that his rope will not get dirtied.

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "Hey, you missed out on all the fun ;^)^"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Hey El! IIRC your last name is Gibbon right?"

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Yes."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "What happened?"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "I botched a player summoning ritual and got blown out of the room."

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "Other than that, absolutely nothing! Wheeee!"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Not much, that and keyboard elves."

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "Began hiking out of the dungeon. Usual delights."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Oh, in game!"

A large, red button marked "Reality Button" sits here.

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

Silver continues on to the hole in the ceiling.

You paged Silver with 'You flutter up and find a crucible that's still connected to the floor which will easily be able to hold all of your weight.'.

The Reality Button gets pushed by Smokin_Joe and goes BOINK, PTANG, POW! and sends us back to our game.

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "I assume we all get out?"

Silver ties the rope to the connection he found. "Just set Arden down and I'll get him up.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Yep."

Carudan says "I can handle it."

You find that the field has been taken down, and it's all clear sailing back up to the college proper.

Usha takes Blue to the infirmiary, or the closest approximation of such a place.

Estivan goes to find a bath and gets his clothes and armor cleaned.

Carudan , after carrying Arden to the infirmary, goes to his room to drop off his back pack

On the way up, you pass Bilas, Treps, Hergal, and Alibon around a body of a big insectoid thing. Looking at you, the monk comments, "Looks like you've ran into some trouble as well..."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Er, I was carrying him."

Estivan nods with a disgusted look, "I really need a bath."

Silver says "Thats putting it mildly."



Usha says "It's that day of the year again."

Silver says "We have some nice old books and well crafted forging tools and a lot of dead uglies."

Estivan says that as several wounds are still trickling blood.

Silver says "And of course the usual fun old magic items found in a dungeon."

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "Dear God... we're BOTH carrying ARDENs!? ONe of them must be the clone!"

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

Usha says "Does anybody have anything to help him?" (Blue)"

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "Damn it don't give away my secret."

Hergal goes over to Arden, "Dear Lord what hit him? Come, let's get him to the school nurse.

Silver says "Was it the tentacled beastie or the snake with whiskers?"

Estivan glares at the Silver and then nods, "Yes, some of the item we have are really fun, those this Arden didn't have any when ths sowrd hit him." He pull out the calishite flaming Scimitar.

Estivan says "The tencled beasty."

Usha gets him to the school nurse, then.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Er Tentacled"

Carudan walks back to his room to drop off his gear.

Silver says "So can someone lead me to the nice merchent that pays the most for goodies?"

Estivan puts the sword away then heads to the infermery himself. He does have a feel wounds that need patching.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "feel=few"

Usha pages: Will there be any problem selling and buying the things I mentioned?

Hergal leads you to a room with various cots and glass containers with a dwarf in some light robes.

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "No one pulled my mask back up did they."

You paged Usha with 'Only at the moment because most shops are closed at the moment.'.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Nope, his face is still visible"

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "Great. I might not live through the night."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "I can have if you'd prefer."

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "There is no way you guys would know the importance of him keeping the mask up."

Usha pages: I didn't mean right now. Thanks.

Carudan slips his back pack and other gear off, then leave the college to go on a walk.

Estivan walks in and set about takes off he Armor and relveing the true severity of his wounds, as his travlers clothing is caked with mud and blood as well as exposing his wounds.

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Well, I'd have figured it would have mattered to him."

Silver follows after. figuring a bit of healing after t he shock might be in order and that Blue might be the best for helping to sell the items.

Estivan glares at the nurse, "You sir, are you the propriter of this infermery?

The dwarf lady gets off her chair and goes over to the others, "What happened to him? Looks like he was trampled by a tribe of trolls having a flaminco marathon."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Assume I did?"

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "Okay. Sounds good to me."

<*> OOCly, Estivan waits to be clobber by the female dwarf he called Sir.

Silver says "Close tentacled nasty with a love of swordplay."

Usha says "That and a lightning bolt."

Estivan says "Then lightning bolt didn't effect him at all."

Estivan says "Remeber the locked that shocked him and he didn't react at all?"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Er door"

"Alright observant, get him on the cot, and I'll see what I can do."

Usha puts him down.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "How deep his the dwarf's voice and does she have a beard?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Pretty light femine voice, and she has a gotee."

Usha says "Leave the mask if you can. He's a bit sensitive about that."

She nods, "Alright, well I won't have to look up there anyway unless he got a whip across it or something." She opens his shirt and looks at his wounds and whistles.

Estivan glares at Arden, "What sort of man, or elf or whatever he is is afraid to show his face. Here I was thinking is was grossly disfigured or soemthing.

Silver rolls eyes.

Estivan says "Sir, Dwarf, when you are finished with him I have wounds that need tending as well."

Usha says "And he doubtless has a reason. You don't have to look ugly to be persecuted, just different."

Gives Estivan a look then back to Arden, "I'll do what I can, but there's been a couple of acciedents with everybody running around like goblins with their heads chopped off."

Silver says "Well with luck, things will go back to quiet here soon enough. And as an added bonus, the basements are larger now."

Estivan glares at Usha, then lowers his eye a has a alien look of near shame on his face., "You are right of course. I forget that most people don't have my status protecting them from most perscution.

She sighs, chanting a bit, laying hands on Arden, slightly glowing a bit.

You publicly roll 1d8 and get: 3 Total: 3

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Heal 8 Arden."

Silver says "Status is as much a problem as a defense."

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "Would that bring me back to being awake or not."

Estivan finds a place to sit and thne peels of his ripped and torn tunic, revealing the true exent of his wounds, which are really bad.

Usha says "Not everyone had your accident of birth, did they?"

Estivan glares at Silver, "How would someone like ou know about having status?

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Yep, unless you were at -9"

Silver smirks. "That would be telling."

Arden stirs on the cot a bit and open his eyes with a groan of pain.

Usha says "Welcome back, Blue."

Estivan then turns his glare back at Usha, eye burning with envy "Nor do they have yours...

Arden blinks and looks at Usha "So are we alive of dead."

Estivan suddenly has a look of disgusted as he relivises what he is thinking and of who.

Silver says "Are you sore?"

Usha pages: There's that super-expressive face of his again.....

The nurse sighs, and walks over to Estivan, "So I'm guessing you're wanting me to heal your sorry, scaley butt up?"

Arden says "Yeah. It hurt."

Estivan says "Yes sir Dwarf, if you would be so kind."

Silver says "Then thats a good way of knowing you're alive. Think you are up for helping me find someone to unload these trinkets on?"

Arden says "Can you give me a few minutes to come back to my senses."

Usha says "I have some bruises as well. Of course, I'd have no problem with making a contribution to the church. It'd be the least I could do."

Silver says "Not a problem."

THe corner of Estivan's mouth twitches slightly as he hears the word church

"Well I'm going to have to do it the old fashioned way since I'm out of spells." She lays Estivan on his back, and starts to rubbing salve into your wounds, rather forcefully. It hurts like nothing else.

Silver snickers.

Arden sets up on the cot slowly trying not to aggravate the wounds any more.

Arden says "So who do I get to thank for draging me out of that pit."

Estivan remians stoic throughout the healing.(Can I roll a spot check to realise that this Dwarf is a woman as she treats me?)

Silver says "It was a group effort for the most part."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Okay, DC 16."

Usha says "That would be me."

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 2 Total: 2

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Nope, I am fucking clueless."

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "And the wonderful world of pain-filled medical aid continues"

Arden says "Well then, thanks."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Blackadder: "It's leeches, isn't it?" Physick: "How did you know?" Blackadder: "You prescribe leeches for everything.""

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 11 Total: 11

Estivan hisses as the Dwarf, "Sir, are you sure this is healing? I am feeling worse and I swear that several of my wounds have reopened.

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "Any day you can quote Blackadder is a good day..."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "I am dead arn't I."

Arden says "Now Silver what is it you want me to do with you in town?"

She looks at the wounds, "Hmm, yea, I'm going to need some stronger herbs..." Goes off brining back a couple of bottles, bandages, and jars. She then starts getting down to fix Estivan's wounds.

Silver says "Make sure I don't get ripped off when I sell the items in the bag."

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 20 Total: 20

Usha says "I'll come with you. There are some things I want to buy."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "I hope that 20 is going to be for soemthing interesting."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "You know the feeling you get when you get icy bactine on an open wound?"

Arden says "I must tell you. I am not an expert in merchent affairs. (Meaning I dont have appraise)"

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "We'll miss you"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "It burns?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "You're getting that feeling right now, it'll heal good, but hurts like hell. Exactly."

Silver says "Well, miss Usha, do you have experience in merchent affairs?"

Usha says "Very little."

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "A rogue without Appraise. *boggle*"

Estivan howls in pains, "Where did you learn how to heal?!? From a orcish doctor?

She looks at the rest of you, "Okay, since you all looked rather worse for the ware, I'd better do you all in one go. Everybody on a cot and take off your shirts."

Usha says "Well, I sure Hergal knows a reliable merchant."

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "This rouge isn't in it for the money"

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "woo hoo, topless!"

Silver says "I'll be OK with a bit of rest."

The nurse shrugs, "Better than recognizing a Lady by a Grimlock Draggy-Cakes..."

Silver says "How about you Carudan? Any experience with the merchents?"

Estivan glares at the Nurse,

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "Did Carudan leave"

Usha says "I'd prefer not to. I can wait a day to just do it the quick way."

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "Ccarudan isn't there. He left the castle a while ago. Not that'd it help you any if he was there, anyway"

Estivan says "What did you mean by that, sir dwarf?"

Takes a step back, "What's it going to take unitl you get a clue? For me to flash you? Which, I will NOT!"

Silver says "And he is gone. Well, Usha, I hope luck is with us since we have the collective sharpness of merchent work of a hammer."

Usha says "He's a bit clueless with women, you see."

Silver says "Only with women?"

She nods, "This I can see..."

Usha says "Point. He's clueless."

Arden stands up with some pain. "Well if we are going to go and do this lets get it done.

Estivan blinks and actull gets the hint,. "BETHSEBA""S BOSUM, YOU"RE A WOMAN!!!??!?!?!?!??!

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "and now the entire college knows it as well"

Usha says "I'll get some rest, we can deal with the finances later. Silver, just talk to Hergal. I'm sure he knows a trustworthy merchant, or he might identify the stuff himself."

"All my life :P

Silver says "Good point. I'll deliver your shares once I finish."

Silver leaves to go find Hergal.

Usha says "Given the reactions of the courageous, stoic knight here, I think it'll be less painful to suffer through today and be healed the quick way tomorrow."

Usha goes upstairs.

The nurse goes over to Arden and applies some mundane healing to him, without the pain of course.

Arden watches Sliver leave and sets back down. "I really need the rest to."

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 3 Total: 3

Estivan looks aghast and highly embarassed at his gross Faux Pas, "Forgive me Madam, I I well, I have met very few dwarves my life and none fo them dwarven women. I didn't realise that facial hair crossed gender lines.

Usha pages: Going up, de-armouring, getting some rest and a bath if facilities allow for such.

You paged Usha with 'Alrighty.'.

You paged Carudan with 'Did I miss a page from you?'.

She curses a bit, that seems to echo a bit from a bag, then goes to get the bactine to try again.

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 3 Total: 3

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "You know, she could just take 10 on the check...."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Who's the bactine going on?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Arden."

Arden clenches his teeth to try and take the pain.

Usha pages: Oh, was there any indication of what god she was a cleric of?

You paged Usha with 'You see a big glowing warhammer on her robes.'.

Estivan notices that all the sudden his wounds are feeling much better, "Madam, I also apolgize for my uninfomred comments about your healing ablity.

She takes a step back, "Alright that should do it, those wounds should be closing by tonight and you should be good to go."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Everybody going to bed?"

Arden says "Thank you Miss......"

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "sure. It's a nice night for a camp-out"

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Yes."

Estivan nods, the quicklly vacats the infermery with his gear and look for a bath before bed.

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "Nope. Going selling. The nice thing about only needing 4hrs."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Sure."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Unfortunately not everybody has that gift Silver. ^_^"

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "Yeah I'll be going to sleep to."

Carudan pages: Carudan's in the woods by himself. He's busy blaming himself for what happened to Arden and all.

Usha pages: You might want to MS his shopping, so we have something to watch.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Okay, Silver you got MS."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "How much do we heal?"

Silver goes in search of Hergal.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Estivan 3X normal nightly rest thing, aand Arden the regular mount."

You find him in his room.

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "4 here."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Cool, 12."

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "Thats 1 per level right?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Plus con bonus."

Silver says "Excuse me Hergal, got a few moments?"

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "I see. Thanks"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Plus con bonus x3 as well?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Yep."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Wow!"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "That comes to 21 total! which brings me to just 5 under total"

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "Well I am two under half Hp. now."

Estivan dropped E_Status.

You paged Carudan with 'You can hear something in the nearby bushes, chanting a bit.'.

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Does it matter? Can we just assume we heal, one way or the other, back to full over a day or two?"

Hergal looks up and yawns a little bit, "Oh hello Silver, What can I do for you?"

From afar, Estivan rests up, then goes about bathing.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Are we going to have downtime?"

Carudan pages: Carudan's head perks up. Can he tell what the chanter is saying?

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Pretty much."

You paged Carudan with 'Not really, but the voice is familar.'.

Silver says "I've picked up some items that I need to sell. I was wondering if you know a good merchant."

Estivan pages: Silver is still last night, or is he early this morning?

Carudan pages: Carudan debates for only a second before silently moving towards the mysterious chanter. Doe she hear anything else?

Hergal nods, "Well what sort of goods?"

You paged Estivan with 'last night.'.

From afar, Estivan finsih bath, dresses in a clean set of travlers cloths, still many shades of purple, then gpees to check on, feed and groom Esmerellda

Silver says "A couple of wands, a rod and a staff."

Estivan pages: (pause?)

You paged Carudan with 'It's Alibon meditating after killing that umberhulk.'.

Hergal's eyes raises a bit, "What sort of wands and rods? I might be interested?"

Carudan pages: when did he kill an umberhulk? OH, that the trouble that was mentioned earlier. Is it the same as what we fought session before last?

Carudan pages: no wait, that was a chull, I remember now

You paged Carudan with '(Nope, something completely different.)'.

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "One moment. Misscommunication on whats for sale."

Carudan pages: Carudan remains hidden, and watches Alibon in facination. What is ALibon's expression, demeanor like? What language is he chanting in?

Silver pulls out the Wand of Sleep, the Wand of Dark Flames, The Rod of Mineral & Metal Detection, and the Staff of Charming.

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

Silver says "We also got some old books for the collage and some forging tools."

You paged Carudan with 'You don't know what language it is, but it seems to be rather animalistic, mostly growls or so. But it seems that he has a bit of caripace from the umberhulk and is burying it.'.

Carudan pages: Carudan tilts his head. He's curious, but he senses that to make his presence known would be an intrusion on Alibon's ritual.

Usha pages: You know, it's okay to just say "You sell the stuff, get X gold. Next day...."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Test."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Okay, sorry about this everybody, but I'm going to rush towards the whole selling process, you get half the usual cost of said magical items."

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "OK, where are the values for the Wands?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Stupid dogs, been distracting."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "We'll go to next day, and page 206 of DMG."

Estivan dressed in a fresh set of cloths goes tot eh Meangrie to groom, Feeed and check on Esmerellda.

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "Rod is 5,250 gp, Staff is 6,00 gp, and the wands are not on that page."

Usha gets her injuries seen to, and then looks for Arden.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Well they are level 2 spells, right? So you should get 375 for them each I believe."

You paged Usha with 'How far down are you?'.

Usha pages: 14 / 46

Arden stays in his room for some extra rest.

Carudan pages: Carudan wakes up the next morning, his back a bit sore from falling asleep against a tree. He vaguely remembers sneaking away from Alibon, and being lulled to sleep by the chanting. He still feels guilty about his failures the day before, but these are mixed with puzzlement over Alibon

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Aver rpices for wonds per vlv 1=25 2=250 3=375 4=700"

You publicly roll 2d8 and get: 2/4 Total: 6

You paged Usha with 'Heal 12 points.'.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Er 2=150"

Usha knocks on the door. "Blue, are you in there?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "That can't be right, because it has light as 350 here..."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Page 200"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Those are scrolls."

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "I think Dark Flames would sit about the same as Melf's Acid Arrow or Bull's Strength which is 4,500."

Usha pages: I'll also make a 200 gold donation to the nurse for her help.

Arden says "Yeah. Come in."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "N?M lookign at the wrong page sorry"

Usha comes in. "How are you feeling?"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Joes' right"

Arden says "Better after that long sleep. How about you?"

You paged Usha with 'She thanks you generously, and hopes you can beat some sense into that black lunkhead.'.

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "And the Sleep would probably be 750"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Yep."

Usha says "I just wanted to say thank you. You did well down there yesterday. The other thing is that when Carudan was trying to save your life, we saw your face. I'm assuming you didn't want that to happen."

You paged Carudan with 'Doing anything first off?'.

Estivan pages: Is anyone else in the mengerie?

Silver pages: So both values halved good?

You paged Silver with 'Yep.'.

Arden stops for a minute to think "Its okay. Did anyone else see me."

From afar, Estivan is currently brushing down Esperellda after getting her a bucket of lettace, carrots and other nice freash veggies she might like.

You paged Estivan with 'You can see Alibon talking to an older human.'.

Usha says "No, I put it back up on the way out. But if you don't mind me asking, why?"

From afar, Estivan wave to albion with the brush and unconsiouly listen in on the converstion.

Arden says "The guild that trained me and I had a bit of a disagreement. I left without there permission and currently hidding from them. Thats why I don't use my real name. Just my alas of Blue Dragon."

Hammerfa created as object #6557

Carudan pages: Not really. He's still sitting down, his mind repeating his failures over and over. In his mind, his attempt to jump the chull resulted in Arden's injuries. If he hadn't jumped, he wouldn't have been soi badly injured, he would have had a spell or two left for Arden, Usha's potion would have been available. Plus, his being frozen, he feels that he let the others down. He hasn't felt this awful about his actions in years. He blames hubris, and pride. his hubris and pride, almost responsible for the first death of an innocent man since he had his epiphany

Usha says "At first I assumed it was for a different reason. You've seen how messed up Carudan is about his parentage, I assumed it was the same thing with you."

Arden says "No. Nothing like that. This is more for my saftey then anything."


Silver pages: After my 4hrs of elven sleep, I'll begin delivering the money bags to the rest of the group

You publicly roll 1d2 and get: 2 Total: 2

Usha says "It just seems a pity to keep your true face hidden, no matter the circumstances."

You paged Silver with 'You can get them sold for a rather dicent price.'.

I don't recognize Carduan.

No one to page.

You paged Carudan with 'A branch falls off a nearby tree and lands on your head, oddly enough, it's roughly in the shape of a big ass sword.'.

Arden says "It dosen't bother me. I have spent a lot of time in the shadows. Besides I have other concernes that are more important then showing my face."

From afar, Estivan finsishes the groomign and goes about checking his mare's health and such as well to see if she is showwning signs of pregnacy yet.

Silver pages: Delivering Arden's first.

You paged Silver with 'You find a blacksmith in town that'll gladly take the tools for 1500 gold since they're of considerablely good dwarven make, and you can sell all the books for 840 gold to the U.'.

You paged Silver with 'You find him with Usha.'.

Usha says "It still seems a bit of a waste. Well, so long as you're happy with it, that is what matters. If you want, you could probably find a magic item that changes your appearance. Which reminds me, you'll want to talk with Silver about your share of the things we pulled out of the hole."

Carudan pages: After rubbing his head, Carudan picks up the branch. He looks into the tree as he holds the branch. He's almost afraaid of what he thinks the branch/longsword means.

You paged Carudan with 'Proportionally bigger than a longsword, but yes.'.

Carudan pages: there's nothing in the tree that he can see?

You paged Estivan with 'Did you page me with something?'.

You paged Carudan with 'Nope.'.

Arden says "I'll do that."

Estivan pages: (yes a coupkle things.

Carudan pages: Carudan stares at the sword for several minutes, looking at it from every angle, his hands running across it.

You paged Estivan with 'Sorry, missed it.'.

From afar, Estivan wave to albion with the brush and unconsiouly listen in on the converstion.(repost)

Silver enters the room. "Hows that for timing. I've got coin pouches for everyone."

From afar, Estivan finishes the groomign and goes about checking his mare's health and such as well to see if she is showwning signs of pregnacy yet.(repost_

Usha says "Been liquidating?"

Arden says "Usha here also tells me you have some other things for me."

Silver says "Yes. And despite lack of trying on Estivan's part, your armor is here."

You paged Estivan with 'They turn and waves at you, there you can see that the human has an odd black hawk on his arm. From what you can see, she still is in heat, which is not that concluseive, could go either way.'.

Silver pulls out a pair of coin pouches and an armor.

Arden says "Armor? Remeber I was passed out down there."

Silver says "Well, you were laying on it."

Arden says "Well okay. Set it there next to my pack."

You paged Carudan with 'You don't get a splinter, but you get this whole, mystical voodoo thing going on.'.

Silver sets the armor and coin pouch down.(2747 in gold)

Silver hands Usha the other coin pouch.

Usha says "Thank you. I need to commision some new armour."

From afar, Estivan whispers in his horse's ear in Tethyrian, "If that Asepii courts you again, refuse his advances ok, though the colt would be wonderful, I need you in prime condontion jsut in case this college needs us." Then walk over to Albion, "Greeting Albion, how are you doing?

Carudan pages: Carudan gets on his knees, and prays to Torm, his eyes opening wide. He gains a clearer picture of what ahppened, and his place in what happened.

Arden says "If your going shopping I'll come with you. Some things I could use to buy."

From afar, Estivan looks at the other man wiht a mixture of arrogence and coriousity.

Estivan pages: Greetings, sir, I do not belive we have met before.

Usha says "Of course."

Usha heads out.

Silver says "I plan on some shopping as well. And if anyone wants to contribute to getting a healing wand, I think it would be for the best."

Arden says "Wait outside the door and I will finish getting dressed."

You paged Estivan with 'Albion waves you hello, "Hello Estivan," the human says, "Well hello there, you're quite in interesting speciment, now aint'cha?" Albion nervously chuckles a bit and says, "Proffessor Hammerle, this is Estivan, one of the half dragons helping Hergal."'.

Silver leaves to find Estivan. "Guess that answers that."

Usha says "All right."

Usha waits downstairs.

Arden comes out a few minutes later dressed as he always dose. Black from head to toe.

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "BRB"

You paged Carudan with 'You get the the bit of a divine message being the equivalent of, "Quit crying you baby."'.

From afar, Estivan has a faceial twitch as the professer says specimin, but Estivan surprising treats the man of learning with respect, "Pleasure to mean you professer. My full name is Estivan Deigo late of Tethyr." He extends his talon out for a handshake.

Estivan is currently in the menagrie

Usha has reconnected.

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "Who has MS?"

Carudan pages: I figured as much. Damn self-absorbtion

Usha pages: Want to do the shopping in detail, or just gloss it?

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "I think we do beaceu were then only two PCs together."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Well we got Carudan, Estivan by themselves. How are the rest of you splitting up?"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Silver went looking for Estivan"

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "Usha and I are going shopping"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Where's Arden going?"

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "I don't mind just glossing over the buyin' & sellin'."

You paged Usha with 'Would prefer glossing, what would you want again?'.

From afar, Estivan 's hand has a sigent ring with the seal of his noble house on it.

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "I'm dropping in long enough to deliver money pouches to those two if they want to speed things up, that can be FFed and I can join the shopping trip."

Usha pages: Glossing, on balance. Shopping isn't that inherently dramatic.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "If people mention the shopping trip I would be going on it as well."

Carudan pages: Carudan says out loud "The key isn't to brood over failure, but to improve oneself, and learn from our shortcomings. The best way to deal with this, is to learn and train so that it doesn't happen again. ANd if it does, then I shall work harder yet

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "Just leave it in Carudan's room"

You paged Usha with 'I'm sorry, people pulling me in all these directions.'.

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "how much is in it?"

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "I'll be mentioning needing to catch Carudan."

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "2747 in gps."

Usha pages: I know the feeling. Remember the early weeks of Exalted?

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "brb"

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "All right everybody! Whiskey and hookers, on me!"

You paged Usha with 'Yes, so what were you shoping for specificly?'.

You paged Carudan with 'You got it boy."'.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Who was that to John?"

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "I'll say Silver and Estivan get MS>"

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "Hence why I'm not just setting it in a room."

Estivan is currently in the Meangrie speaking with Albion and another older man.

Usha pages: Potions (2 Bull's Strength, 4 Cure Light Wounds), a +1 mithral breastplate, and a Headband of Ferocity. I may need to get the last item and the enchantment done at the college, but they ought to have at least one person there who knows what they're doing.

You paged Usha with 'Headband of Ferocity?'.

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "back"

Usha pages: Sword & Fist

Silver enters the Meangrie. "Hey, knight. Want your cut of the funds?"

To (Smokin_Joe, Arden), Usha pages: (Something I remembered. Usha would also broach the subject of asking to learn from Blue, especially with regards to improving balance, manouverability, and getting out of the way of things.)

Estivan glares at Silver, "Why yes Silver, I would like my share.

Carudan pages: Carudan grasps the wooden sword, and practices with it for a few minutes, his mind numbed to everything but the movement, the smell of the forest, the rustling of leaves int eh wind, and the frisky frolicing of nature in all its splendor.

Carudan pages: err, frolicking

To (Smokin_Joe, Arden), Usha pages: Lets the wearer take partial actions when between 0 and -10 HP. Doesn't stop any other effects of that condition, though, like bleeding. Costs 2000.

Carudan pages: Bugger it, you get the idea

To (Smokin_Joe, Arden), Usha pages: Oops, just meant to post that to Joe.

You paged Carudan with 'You Zen. Got it.'.

Silver tosses the coin pouch to Estivan. "Enjoy. I've got to find Carudan still."

Estivan takes it, "Thank you.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "WHo many gp 2747?"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Er how many gp, 2747?"

Estivan looks quite impressed with the weight of the pouch

You paged (Arden, Usha) with 'Okay, the hardest to find would be the breatplate, do you have any sort of gather info? Because you can eventually find that the centaur tribe Ferila is in has a shaman in it that might have a headband in it.'.

You paged (Arden, Usha) with 'With it.'.

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "Yes"

You paged (Arden, Usha) with 'You be starting to feel better.'.

Usha pages: Gather info?

Silver leaves to locate Carudan.

Estivan says "My thanks, Silver."


Estivan turns back to the people he was speaking to," Now professer, what do you teach here?

Usha pages: Ah, I see. Well, how much longer are we meant to be here for?

Arden pages: Okay her is what I want to buy. Wand of Cure Light Wound (750gp), Hewards Handy Harvest Sack (2000gp), and 2 spring loaded guantlets.

Takes a stepforward to meet Silver, "Well wow, look at you, wings and all. They functional or just vesidual?" Albion taps him on the shoulder, and he turns around and says, "Oh, I'm sorry where I am, I'm Professor Hammerfa, head of the magical and odd beasts division of this college."

You paged Usha with 'Why, is Z starting?'.

Usha pages: No, the characters at the college.

You paged Usha with 'You have a week or so to go until Hergal publishes his book.'.

Silver says "Oh, fully functional. You may call me Silver. And you must excuse me. I've still got one more coin pouch to deliver today."

Usha pages: Time enough to just commision the items from someone at the university? They shouldn't take that long to make.

Estivan looks rather curious, "That is indeed a interesting subject. Perhapes you can indentify the beast we encounter yesterday.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Er beasts encountered."

Silver hopefully leaves to find Carudan this time.

You paged Arden with 'Okay, the Haversack would be the toughest, but you do manage to find one in the back of an antique store. Talking around, you find that there's a local technoligist at the college, Zermecki an alchemy professor that could make them for you.'.

Estivan says "Albion, did you secure the catacombs and caverns?"

Hammerfa waves at Silver, then puts a hand on his head, "Hold on a second, isn't that Usha one of you guys?"

The proffessor turns to Estivan, "You have my undevided attention Estivan."

Estivan gives a rather sour look as Usha's name coems up, "Yes she is.

Arden pages: Okay so I would go and talk with Zermecki to find if he will make them for me and what he will charge.

"Yea, I heard Ogerud wanting to talk with her about something."

Estivan gives detailed describtions of the three monsters that he helped to slay and as he finishes, "Hmmmm, I wonder what he wants of that wen...er woman.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Er five not 3"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "I forgot the 2 cloakers"

Silver has reconnected.

Silver stops. "Indeed. Lady Usha is. I've already delivered her payment which I beleive she has already left to spend."

You paged Arden with 'Well odd thing is that Zermecki is a gremlin. Basiclly a smart goblin with a low will save, he'll be glad to make them for you, but it'll be a bit tough without the fingers, but shouldn't be impossible. He'll charge 225 gold for the gauntlets, and some skin scrapings for... educational pourpeses.'.

Estivan gives a rather sour look as Usha's name coems up, "Yes she is.(repost)

Arden pages: I'll agree to the price and pay him both the gold and the skin.

Estivan gives detailed describtions of the three monsters that he helped to slay and as he finishes, "Hmmmm, I wonder what he wants of that wen...er woman.(repost)

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

"Yea, I heard Ogerud wanting to talk with her about something."(repost of Joe's thing from Al)

Usha pages: (nudge)

Alibon comes out first, "Well those first sound like Cloakers, expecially with the moaning and such." Hammerfa nods, "Yep, hard not to find a cave in the underdark that doesn't have one of them in some corner. But it sounds like you ran into a chuul, a pretty nasty crustacian/reptile hybrid with a paralyzing bite, a Banelar probably a off-shoot of naga that was twisted by Bane, and I'm not sure about the last. Sounds like Darktentacles, but haven't heard of them occuring underground, but they are aquatic.

Usha has partially disconnected.

You paged Usha with 'Sorry, what was the last thing you sent?'.

Usha pages: Time enough to just commision the items from someone at the university? They shouldn't take that long to make.

Arden pages: I also need to buy 8 darts (4gp) and 10 crosbow bolts (1gp). And that is it for me.

Silver tries to leave once more.

You paged Usha with 'Yes.'.

You paged Arden with 'Sounds like a plan.'.

Usha pages: OK, I'll do that.

Estivan nods, "It seems the Skums were the Banelar's henchmen.

To (Arden, Smokin_Joe), Usha pages: (Well, I'm done. Anything you want?)

"Yea, well they're mostly known to be Aboleth's slaves, but I wouldn't be that surprised if they served Banelars... By the way, do you have the tentacle beast?"

To (Smokin_Joe, Usha), Arden pages: (I done to. Been shopping in secret.)

Silver is gone unless physically stopped. Then goes searching for Carudan.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "You can go."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "No one's going to stop you."

Estivan goes to his gear and pull out the Katana, "I was wondering if you could either identify or point me to someone who can tindeify for me the beast. It is currently down the caverns, we didn't have time to bring back the corpses. What is an Aboleth?

To (Arden, Smokin_Joe), Usha pages: (OK. Any response to my request?)

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "So do I find Carudan?"

You publicly roll 1d20 and get: 16 Total: 16

To (Smokin_Joe, Usha), Arden pages: (About the teaching thing)

To (Arden, Smokin_Joe), Usha pages: (Yes)

You paged Usha with 'You find an elven jeweler that can make one, but it will take at least a week, if not more, and will be rather expensive, but it'll be of unusually high quality.'.

To (Smokin_Joe, Usha), Arden pages: So you want me to teach you the ways of the ninja. I think I can do that.

Estivan says "I am sure if you secure the catacombs and the cavern that the corpse would still be there, I don't think I saw any rats and there are no vulture or jackels down there to eat the corpse."

Hammerfa's eyes light up, "Well sure, I'd be glad to go examine it for you." He goes over and puts the hawk into it's cage, then goes to Estivan, "Lead the way."

You paged (Silver, Carudan) with 'You find Carudan in the woods near the university.'.

To (Arden, Smokin_Joe), Usha pages: Thank you. We've got a week to go. Now, I need to go back to the college to find some things out.

To (Smokin_Joe, Usha), Arden pages: No problem

To (Smokin_Joe, Carudan), Silver pages: Greetings preist. I've got your share of the items sold.

Estivan doesn't like the idea of going in the mud again, but desideds it would me good to help the man of learning with this, "Of course, right after I get my gear" He puts on his armor, pack and sword belt. He is armed with his new sheild, new scimiatar and his half spear.

Estivan then leads the professer to where the corpses were.

Usha pages: I'll head back to the college, and arrange, through Hergal, those items. Adequately compensated for, of course. I'll also ask him what he knows about that snake thing. Mainly, if it's aquatic, how did it torch the village?

To (Smokin_Joe, Silver), Carudan pages: Carudan stops his meditation, his fluid movements freezing as a large, wooden branch, resembling a sword, points in Silver's direction. The cleric is in the smae clothing he wore yesterday, minus his usual cloak, which in on the ground, near the roots of a tree. "SIlver? Is that you?"

Professor Hammerfa gets rope, hip waders, and a bunch of jars with foul smelling liquid in them, going down to where you slew the beasts. As you come into it, you can see several small rats and such scurry away from the Professor's lamp, but it's mostly in one peice, "Oh wow! Look at that beautiful thing."

To (Smokin_Joe, Carudan), Silver pages: YOu know any other winged elves?

To (Smokin_Joe, Silver), Carudan pages: Sorry, you startled me. I was a little lost in the moment.

Estivan glares, "It wasn't so beutiful living. This thing nearly killed our theif, er roug er SCOUT Blue Dragon.

You paged Usha with 'He can do getting things you want, but he honestly doesn't know about the Banelar, it's outside of his area of expertise.'.

To (Smokin_Joe, Carudan), Silver pages: It happens to everyone. But like I said, your pouch.

Usha pages: I'll ask Albion.

Estivan points to various spots on it indicatesd who hit it with what and such, "It was finally slain whne I slahsed my blade in hear.

Usha pages: (Oh, and both items should take one day.)

To (Smokin_Joe, Silver), Carudan pages: Carudan accepts the pouch, and is surprised by teh weight. "how much is in here?"

Estivan points into the center mass somewhere. "WHat is this thing anyways?

To (Smokin_Joe, Carudan), Silver pages: A little under 2750 in gold peices.

Hammerfa holds up one of the tentacles for examination, "Without a doubt, but ya gotta love how well muscled these tentacles are, and how they all have thier own eye so they can't be flanked. I always wanted to examine one of these suckers."

Estivan says "SO you know what in the nine hells it is?"

Silver has partially disconnected.

"Well it's definately a Darktentacle, I'm sure of that by the eyes and lack of a really well defined center body or head. But what it's doing down here, I don't know..."

Estivan looks around the cavern, "So these is unusal? Wait a minute, how did it get down here?

You paged Usha with 'You find ALbion feeting mice to a hawk with little sparks flying off it's beak as it eats.'.

To (Smokin_Joe, Carudan), Silver pages: So I'll be heading into town to see about aquiring some supplies. I think a wand of healing would be a sound investment. Care to contribute since I can't use it?

To (Smokin_Joe, Silver), Carudan pages: Amazing... I'll have to go to town later today, and restock on some supplies. Several potions, probably commission a tailor to help with a replacement cloak, maybe some window shopping, possibly a donation or two...

Estivan looks at the walls an such of the cavern for openings, and the floor of any passgaes.

To (Smokin_Joe, Silver), Carudan pages: How much does one cost?

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Er serch check?"

To (Smokin_Joe, Carudan), Silver pages: Depends on their power.

Usha pages: (I'll describe the creature to him, and ask about it's habitat.)

Hammerfa looks around, "Well you usually just find these suckers in swamps, not underground at any rate. Not unless it's a certain subspecies native to the UNderdark..."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Yes roll for it."

Estivan rolls 1d20 and gets: 9 Total: 9

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Ok that is a 15"

To (Smokin_Joe, Carudan), Silver pages: Several hundred to several thousand. I just know that they weigh less then potions and last a lot longer.

To (Smokin_Joe, Silver), Carudan pages: In any case it's a good idea, especially in light of the last day or two.

Estivan says darkly, "Did you say swamp?

You paged Usha with 'Ah yes, a Banelar, Estivan was asking about it earlier, he's down with Professor Hammerfa right now. But a Banelar is mostly a underground creature, with maybe some swamp and mountian habitats, although usually near river and minor settlements that they can corrupt, enslave, prey."'.

Usha pages: Why the name?

"Yea. They usually just lay on the ground looking like rotting vegitation until something comes close, then WHAM! Lets them have it with all them tentacles."

To (Smokin_Joe, Carudan), Silver pages: Thats my thoughts. I would have enjoyed being healed after touching that vile ax. But given you were out of spells and the nurse was rather lacking in beside manner, I figured the natural course would be best. Tell me do you think it coincidence that we are all still hanging about here?

You paged Usha with 'They usually have an association to and worship Bane, hince why the're such evil bastards."'.

Usha pages: ....thank you. I'll go talk to Hammerfa.

Usha pages: Going to do that, so I can actually get in on the information stream.

Estivan says "That's odd, its just use only about 3 tentecles at once to attack us, if what you said is typical behavoiur."

Estivan describes the battel with this thing.

You paged Usha with 'As you are going to leave, Alberion says, "He's down where you guys where yesterday. Oh, and the proffessor wanted to tell you that Ogerud wanted to talk to you and your merry band at some time."'.

Usha pages: I'll tell them."

To (Smokin_Joe, Silver), Carudan pages: Carudan lifts up the sword-branch in his hand. "I've found that beneath the skin of coincidence lies layers of paths and directions that move us.

"Well it depends on size and such of the prey, but that might be right. Haven't gotten this thing on my Live List yet."

Estivan nods.

Usha pages: (Do I arrive?)

You paged Usha with 'Yep, there's a nice rope leading down to the beasties set up and everything.'.

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "I'm gonna have to leave soon. Have to help family with straightening the house for easter."

Estivan looks around the Cavern, "Well, I don't see any passages or any way for this thing to get in. Say, do those Banelar's have a particular dislike for Dragons?

To (Smokin_Joe, Carudan), Silver pages: Good insight. I think most of the elves I know would be surprised to hear that come out. Fare thee well, Carudan. If you want to get the wand, let me know how much it costs you and I'll pay a fair amount and see if we can't get the others to as well.

Usha arrives. "The one we killed probably does. What's happening here?"

Hammerfa takes out a knife and a few jars, cutting off tentacles and sticking them into formalahyde. he then waves to Estivan, "Hey, would you mind holding this lamp up so I can start working on it?" He says this just as Estivan finds a deep drop off at the oposite end of the cave and gets througouly soaked.

Estivan splashes in(uh oh swim check?)

To (Smokin_Joe, Silver), Carudan pages: I'll look into it. HOpefully they have a nice variety.

From afar, to (Smokin_Joe, Carudan): Silver nods and flies off towards town.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "It's deep enough to be submerged, but you can jump up to gulp air easily."

Usha says "Never had that happen when I walk into a room before."

Usha says "You're Professor Hammerfa? What is this?"

Usha pages: What does the scene look like, and who else is here?

Estivan jumps up gulps air holds breath then submerges again and looks around under water with Darkvsion then jumps up again and tries to find a way up.

Hammerfa turns to Usha, "Aw not much but a little disection of this sucker. Might want to see on Estivan though."

From afar, Silver lands in town and begins looking about for a magic shop.

<*> OOCly, Carudan says, "I'll see you guys later. I'll have to look at the logs after the weekend chaos is over"

You paged Silver with 'There isn't one really, the best place would be at the University's shop. No Thayan embacy herebucko.'.

Estivan takes of his backpack during his next jump for air and hurls it tword Usha so he can try to swim easier

Carudan has disconnected.

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "Bye."

Silver pages: OK, there then.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Bye Rory"

Usha steps aside, and lets it hit the wall.

You paged Silver with 'What're you looking for?'.

You paged Usha with 'It's not that much different from when you left it, save for Estivan and the profesor, and there's actually light in here now.'.

Silver pages: Restock on spell components, wands, potions, scrolls, cool magic toys.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Do I make it to where I am not in the deep drops off any more?"

I don't recognize Siler.

No one to page.

You paged Silver with 'Spell components are a can do, what wands, potions and stuff you looking for?'.

Usha pages: Which room is this, then? Is the darktentacles the one we fought (confused)

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Yep, after a couple of bounces."

You paged Usha with 'It's the room with the darktentacles and the Banelar.'.

You paged Arden with 'Sorry, did I miss something with you?'.

Usha pages: OK

Estivan walks over to his pack shivering, "Well now we know where they coem from. That could be an opening to somewhere deeper.

Usha says "The thing that bothers me is this. Whoever destroyed that village used fire spells. This thing didn't."

Arden pages: (No. I just cant think of anything else I want to do right now.)

Estivan glares at her, "THat right and that thing doesn't have legs. Remeber we saw clawed foot prints with the tail marks...

Usha says "Which weren't the skum."

Estivan gestures over to teh Banelar, "Something else destroyed the kobold village,

Hammerfa comments, "I don't know, if there was a true opening to the Underdark, this place would be crawling with fungus, and illithids and other nasty things, so it probably isn't a big opening, or it might be flooded as well?"

Usha says "Well, if we want to look through the tunnels underwater, perhaps one of the wizards could summon something aquatic, and send it through there to have a look?"

"That sounds like a plan..."

Silver pages: Healing potions, attack scrolls, attack wands, Heward's handy haversack.

Estivan says "Yes, having an opening like this unguarded and unsearched would be a bad idea, as the skum illistrated."

You publicly roll 1d5 and get: 3 Total: 3

Usha says "A water elemental, maybe?"

Estivan says "YOu know, if I inhearted my father ablity to breath water, I might have searched it myself."

You paged Silver with 'YOu find a Haversack, and what sort of scrolls and wands? They woudln't have healing potions here, they'd be at the temple of Lathander.'.

Usha says "And maybe get tipped over a waterfall or eaten by something down there?"

You paged Silver with 'Looking for spells.'.

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "I'm recalling the last level of Thief: The Dark Project here....that was one surreal river...."

Arden pages: I know what I want to do. Get that Elven Battle Armor identified to see if there is anything special about it.

Silver pages: Well the Haversack would rule out the attack wand. If they have a wand of Detect Magic, I'll take that though.

Estivan glares and shrugs, "It might be a great adventure, but thankfuly I didn't inhearted it. I'd hate being more like him.

Estivan shivers again, this time not from the cold.

You paged Arden with 'Well other than the usual chainmail AC bonus, you get a +1 masterwork bit on it, and it's penalties are all like padded armor, which means they're pretty much nonexistant.'.

Usha says "What, was he polite and well-mannered?"

You paged Silver with 'That they do.'.

Silver pages: As for scroll, a Cone of Cold should just about leave me broke but with a nice trick up my sleave.

Estivan glares, "No you wench. He was a black hearted perverse rapist, villy evil, with out a shread of decancy, moral character or redeming qulities.

Hammerfa has set down the lamp a few minutes ago and starts cutting up one of the tentacles, looking at whats inside.

You paged Silver with 'High or low.'.

You paged Silver with '(Call it, High or low)'.

Estivan mutters, "If I every should...." then rest of what he was about to say fades away in a solem silance.

Silver pages: High

You paged Silver with 'Nope, they're fresh out of scrolls of Cone of COld.'.

Silver pages: How about Fireball?

You paged Silver with 'That they always have in stock.'.

Usha says "Well, I've got an evil brother, so we're even in that respect. Oh, and call me that many more times, and you're going under that lake again, head first. I'll work with you if I have to, but show a little respect. Understood?"

Silver pages: Ice Storm?

You paged Silver with 'I'll say yes.'.

Hammerfa stops disecting the Darktentacles and watches the two converse.

Estivan glares at her a say< "Respect why should I respect a low born....." his retort trails off in to silance as realsiation, ebarrasment and acceptance cross his face. "You are right.....

Silver pages: OK, give me the Haversack, the Wand, a Scroll of Ice Storm, and a Scroll of Fireball. It should come out to 3450 plus spell components.

You paged Arden with 'Staying out on the town?'.

You paged Silver with 'ALrighty.'.

Arden pages: Yeah that sounds good

Usha says "I know. Anyway, what do you want to do, Hammerfa? Magical matters aren't my preserve."

Silver pages: Whats the damage for spell components?

You paged Silver with '3 GP and you're fully stocked.'.

From afar, Silver thanks the shop keeper and returns to his room to switch packs and equipment.

"Well I'm more than likely to stay down here and carve this big guy up. You two can head on up if you want, but as you do, tell Albion to stop by. That and you guys should go and talk to Ogerud, said there was something important he wanted to tell you."

Usha says "Yes, Albion mentioned that."

Estivan looks like he is about to start with the insults again, but he bits his tounge," My actions twrod you and to the nurse yesterday have been disgraceful of me.

Hammerfa nods, "Yep, good boy that Albion."

You paged Arden with 'ANything specifliy you want to do in town?'.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "That encoutner with the Dwarf really shook Estivan up."

Usha says "If you're looking for me to disagree with you at some point, I won't. Actions speak louder than words, if you want to prove your true face isn't the mirror opposite of the one I can see."

Usha heads up, and passes on the message.

Estivan watches her go as he looks within himself.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "To Albion or to the others?"

Usha then finds the others, and tells them that Ogerud wants to see them.

Arden pages: Acutally I will go to the bars and see if I can't find any information on anyone holding a elven woman hostage, prisoner, or what have you.

Estivan realises that Ogerud wants to see he as well, "Will you be alright here by yourself prfesser?

You paged Arden with 'roll me a spot check.'.

Arden rolls 1d20 and gets: 6 Total: 6

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

Arden pages: 16

YOu find SIlver without too much trouble, Carudan is off in the woods, but you find Arden alone, back at the Frothing Dog. You all go to Ogerud's office and before you can anounce your pressence, he says< "Come in!"

Estivan head to the deans office if the porfesser will be alright by himself

Silver heads inside.

You paged Arden with 'You can see some disheveled man who's getting on in years, that has some pretty nice, but grungy clothes on, look at you while talking, then back to his drink, thinking about something.'.


Estivan is most liek not dry at all when he comes from where he was.

Usha says "I hope you're feeling better than the last time we met."

Arden pages: (Okay am I still at the bar or am I with the rest of the group talking to Ogerud)

You ender Ogerud's office that is rather plush, with 5 comfortable seats set in a half circle around an ornate desk with the dean behind it, "Ah thank you for coming to see me so soon."

Estivan says "I do not belive we were fromally introduced, I am Estivan Deigo foer the Thehtyrian noble house of Deigo."

You paged Arden with '(At the moment with the group, but we can finish things up here)'.

Estivan pulls of his armour and pack, set them outside the deams dorr, gets a blacket, drys himoff a bit and warp it around himself as he comesinto the office and sits on the floor.

Arden pages: Walks over to the man. You wouldn't happen to have any information for me would you.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Er foer=of dorr=door."

He looks down at his desk rather embarased, "I'm sorry about that. But please rest assured I have done my best to make sure something like that doesn't happen again. But where are my maners, please have a seat."

Silver says "I'll stay standing, thanks."

Usha sits down, and looks at him evenly.

Arden takes a seat

You paged Arden with 'He looks over at you and shakes his head, "Can't help you there pal. Just got into town, but I've heard too often stories like that. Why I got out of Waterdeep as fast as my feet could move me."'.

Estivan pages: I deascided that after Estivan had the Faux Pas with the dwarf he had a dream that is mother when over everything he has done since he left home and scolded him when he let his pride, arrgoentce, ingorance envy and biggotry get the better of him.

Arden pages: People been stealing woman there to.

Estivan pages: Also his mother comepared soem of what he idd to what his draconic father does

Estivan quitly listens from his posstion on the floor.

Ogerud runs a nervous hand through his thinning hair, "Well although I dismissed your offer earlier last night, I've had some time to think and bring it up with the rest of the chairmen Usha, I was just wondering if that offer might still be standing?"

Silver glances at Usha.

Estivan looks, not glares but looks at Usha as well.

Usha says "It could be."

You paged Arden with 'They're doing that and a lot worse in Waterdeep. It's often enough to make you puke just thinking about it. I barely got out of there with my knee caps still in place to tell you the truth..."'.

Arden pages: Any idea of who is behind those crimes

Ogerud sighs, "It's just with the Skum, that mess over in the woods, and several other occurances around here, I've been thinking that we... might use some extra security around here. Now the entire board hasn't approved it, but from those I've talked to, they see you as a very valuabe resource we would be crazy to simply send you away."

You paged Arden with 'Thieve's Guild, Night Masks, Splinter Zhentilsts, FireBlades, Knights of the Shilde, various other merchant lords, take your pick."'.

Usha says "I'd be willing to, certainly, especially if you've got servants of Bane nestling under the university. What terms were you thinking of?"

Arden pages: Wow. That many orginizations involved. Things must be bad down there. Anyother info about what going on down there would be helpful.

"Well that's what I was going to ask you. I was thinking something like 50 gold a week salary with at least a 5 year contract as security consultants and emergency troubleshooters?"

Estivan glares at the Dean seemingly intrigued with the offer.

Usha says "Something shorter term, maybe. I like it here, but I don't want to get too committed. How much involvement were you thinking of?"

Silver says "Well, if its just five years. I doubt I would grow bored or tired of dealing with wizards in that time."

You paged Arden with 'Largest and freest city in the world, you gotta expect that sort of stuff there. I just have to say, if you're going there, stay on the good side of the law. You'll still step on quite a few toes, but at least you won't get a contract put out on your hide..."'.

Arden pages: Hmmmm. Let me talk to my freinds Sir. Maybe we can do something and you will be able to return to your home.

Estivan thinks about the offer sometime, "I would accept this offer, including the 5 year term. I am still very young and which my Draconic blood, who know howmany years there will be in my life.

"Are you searching for a shorter term contract or a more flexible 'free' time or vacations?"

You paged Arden with 'He nods, "Thanks but don't concern yourself with the troubles of a sorry old drunk."'.

Usha says "Tell me what I'm expected to do first."

Arden pages: If these thieve's are the same ones I am looking for then it would do my heart good to help you out to.

Usha says "Both, ideally."

You say ""Mostly helping to make the campus safer, keep nasty magical things like those Skum from messing about, telling us how to beef up security, and handling a few... sensitive situations where we can not spare our own personel. As you noticed, we only have one security personel, Marius, and you commented on how effective he is...""

You paged Arden with 'Well bless you, but I would advise you against it. You'd be messing in some pretty powerful people's pies."'.

Estivan says "Only that amound secyrity and you are this far out on the last finges of civilizat...."

Estivan then stops what he was say and seems to sink into though.

Usha says "A year, and we'll see how it goes after that. After all, one of us might have become sick of the other by then."

Arden pages: I am already a hunted man. Well see what comes of it. Good bye Sir.

Estivan nods in agree me, "A year sounds like a good trial run and contracts are easier to renew then to break incase things go wrong.

Ogerud shrugs a bit, "I know, but we didn't have enough money after setting up the college, paying the professors, and getting the supplies for a professional guards or a small mercenary company. But as you have proven, you are quite a better investement."

Silver says "Mercenaries are out for money. Adventuring bands usually crave challange, excitement and money."

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "BRB"

Estivan says "And given what we have experianced here already, we'll have the first two in plenty."

Ogerud nods, "Well you'll probably get that here, with all the wild stuff running around and the rouge magic... Although I know most chairs would prefer to have like 2 years so they don't have to go back into contract negotiations. Wizards are lazy creatures to be brutally honest..."

Silver says "And given the amount we have releived the fallen in the subbasement of, we have a fair amount of the later."

Estivan looks around at what he compainions think.

Silver says "Yes, I must agree about that."

Estivan grins, "The terms, or how lazy Wizards are? I'd have to agree on the latter myself.

Arden sits quietly thinking it all through.

Silver says "The later. It was dreadfully annoying to sit looking at a book when a nice spring breeze was singing outside."

Estivan glares, "I never thought I would agree with you on something. Indded books are good, but they cannot beat a good spring breeze

"Do you think if we can agree for some more free time for you all during your contract for an increase in the duration?"

Silver says "And the old wizard going on and on and those formulas are beyond sense to me."

Estivan looks back at Orugen, "I think that could be agreeible, but I can only speak for myself right now.

Silver says "What is a year to man is far less to an elf or dragon. And to one of both, it is very little time at all."

"Alright, is there anything else that would help seal the deal or compensate for something like the time length issue?"

Estivan thinks.

Estivan says "Well I would like leave at some times to go back to my homeland for liveday celabrations and such as well as something that would make the cost and delay of travel easier was well as a swift way have sneding communications back down there would fix most of it for myself,"

Ogerud picks up a notepad and writes a quick note, then looks at everybody, "Well if there's nothing else, I'll take thise back to the board, we'll discuss it, and get back to you with a contract at least by the end of the week."

Silver says "I've no trouble. Most elvers wander for ages."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "And I think this is where we're going to end for tonight."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Ok with me."

Arden says "I am going to need some more time to think if I would sign a contract or not. By the time you have it ready for us to sign I will have my desission."

Estivan nods, "Verym speaking of letters and communciation, do you have mean to swiftly get a eltter from me to my mother in souther Tethyr?

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Said what I was going to say, and Sendiel and Usha can add what they need a little later on."

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Er Very well."

Silver pages: Carudan gets my vote.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Alright, giving out 500 exp. all around, if I forget, remind Sendiel if I don't give it to him, and RP vote."

Arden pages: Usha

Estivan pages: Usha

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "Ah fresh new loot."

Usha has reconnected.

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "What did I miss?"

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "WB"

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "The end of the session."

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Not much, just wrapping up the first planing session of the contract, it should come by the end of the week, get 500 exp, and RP vote."

Usha pages: Estivan

Silver pages: Do you get Dragon mags?

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "It's a tie between Usha and Carudan, they get 400 exp."

You paged Silver with 'Nope, wish I had though.'.

Silver pages: Darn. I was going to ask for a Prestige class from one of them.

<*> OOCly, Arden says, "Some rather important family buisness came up. So I have to go. Bye."

Arden has disconnected.

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "I enjoyed tonight. Though some things like the healing and shopping, could just have been handled with downtime."

You paged Silver with 'If I could get the back issues and enough money for a subscription, then yea. What sort of prestige class is it?'.

Silver pages: Its a magic user one. They did an issue dedicated to Terry Brooks Shanara books and had an Elder Druid prestige in there.

<*> OOCly, Usha says, "But it's hard striking the balance. I'm still working on it....."

Usha has partially disconnected.

You paged Silver with 'Okay. But I know that you can get some back issues on CD, just wonder where.'.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "Yea, sorry about that. sort of distracted."

Silver pages: Once I find it again, I can give you the issue number.

Usha has disconnected.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Well night evweryone. I'll be on MSN"

<*> OOCly, Silver says, "Don't forget to pick up after yourselves"

E_Status has left.

<*> OOCly, Estivan says, "Thanks and bye"

Estivan has disconnected.

<*> OOCly, Smokin_Joe says, "I need to be heading out too. Night everybody!"