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Tabletop Room 6

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Keiko has connected.

<OOC> Keiko says, "mew mew"

<OOC> Alan says, "Hello."

Gavilan has connected.

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

<OOC> Alan says, "Hello"

<OOC> Gavilan says, "Hiya"


<OOC> Alan says, "OK, lets see if you guys can get your character names"

<OOC> Keiko says, "mew mew"

<OOC> Scot says, "mew mew"

<OOC> Scot says, "I can get that much."

<OOC> Alan says, "Drake meet Keatii, Keatii meet Drake. You guys might have spotted each other at TG games workshop"

<OOC> Scot says, "problem is most all normal names are taken."

<OOC> Scot says, "hi hi"

<OOC> Alan says, "Try scott."

<OOC> Alan says, "With a period at the end."

<OOC> Scot says, "I hate the period."

<OOC> Scottt says, "fine"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "How's this?"

<OOC> Scottt says, "makes it hard to page you. you will need an alias set for paging."

<OOC> Alan says, "Can you do DrakeR? because spaces screw up paging."

<OOC> Scottt says, "and you cannot log in with a spaced name like that."

<OOC> Scottt says, "but if you can set up an alias you can log in using that and page using that."

<OOC> Alan says, "Kaetii can you do Scott with last initial?"

<OOC> Scottt says, "probably"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Okay, aliased to DrakeR"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "there"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "changing my name to Jaymes"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "that probably works"

<OOC> Alan says, "Yes, but will I remeber it?"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "remember what? dont know maybe.,"

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

<OOC> Alan says, "That drake's page is drakeR."

<OOC> Alan says, "brb."

<OOC> Alan says, "back"

Jeth has connected.

Jeth says, "Ello"

<OOC> Alan says, "Hello."

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Hiello"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "mew mew"

DM-Chloe arrives from the Tabletop Gaming Area.

DM-Chloe has arrived.

<OOC> DM-Chloe says, "hola"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Hello"

<OOC> Alan says, "Hello"

<OOC> NotDM Chloe says, "little slow getting back in here"

<OOC> Jaymes )

<OOC> Alan says, "Chloe, can you see if you can get your character name up?"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "on it"

<OOC> Alan says, "Cool. Damn, skullrama seems to be MIA at the moment..."

You see nothing special.


Hello, I'm Alan, I'll be your GM for this evening.


Poking stick of DOOM!(#6357)

<OOC> Jaymes says, "mmm"


<OOC> Jaymes says, "well maybe he will arive soon"

Keisho is a tall slim lad of 17 years of age. He has long sandy brown hair that he wears in a pony tail and blue eyes. He tends to wear a simple white shirt, black pants and boots.

You see nothing special.


A medium sized college student. His training gives him a lean build which he hides underneath a heavy dark green hoodie. When his hood is down, you can see very dark brown and loose hair going down to his ears. Being shy, he generally keeps his head lowered, hiding his gray eyes from general contact.

<OOC> Jeth says, "yup"

<OOC> Alan says, "Ok, Jeth and Drake are both students. I was thinking about making you two roommates in the same apartment."

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Works for me."

<OOC> Jeth says, "sure"

<OOC> Alan says, "Now, Jaymes is an adventureuer/ Extreme sports enthusist and Aislinn is a Athlete/Racer and mechanic yes?"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "Yes."

<OOC> Alan says, "How to connect you two and you guys with the two students, hmmm."

<OOC> Jeth says, "send us to a train station on our cellphones that turn into our digi devices?...wait"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "well theres easy connection there my character does anything extreme from sky diving to motor cycle riding whatever."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "sorry confused I am."

<OOC> Aislinn says, "maybe someone convinced you that anime is XTREME"

<OOC> Jeth says, "car accident?"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "not my car"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "well you and I are the students so our connection is easy"

<OOC> Alan says, "Well, it could be consevible that Jaymes and Aislin ran into each other at the tracks and just happen to live in the same apartment building which coincidently is the same building the two students live as roomates?"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "coincidences for the win"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "I probably live with my folks and the only thing I did roll good on was wealth lol"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "shes the girl next door?"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "im the girl next door"

<OOC> Alan says, "Actully, you folk recently booted you out of the house and set you up in an apartemnt in hopes it will convince you to get a real job?"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "not for long lol"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "Im still in high school they told me to study more."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "lol"

<OOC> Alan says, "Huh? I thought you were doing an adult?"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "dunno what did my sheet say"

<OOC> Alan says, "Age 17...I would like you to increase ideas were set at having people at least 20..."

<OOC> Aislinn says, "i am 20"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "ok make him 20 no worries. thats better anyway."

<OOC> Alan says, "Still in school ,at least part time?"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "in which cause yea he is probably in an apartment... one thats next stop is the twilight zone. nah Im pretty good at what I do I do lots of events and things for money on skateboard or bike... to earn money and go off and do wierd ass stuff like hanggliding off of kilamajaro or something"

<OOC> Alan says, "Works for me, pause for a moment."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "which explains my wealth roll lol"

<OOC> Alan says, "Can you repost that?"

<OOC> Alan was getting the log up

<OOC> Jaymes says, ""Hes not a really famous extreme (idiot) event guy... but given a few more years he might be... He is good enough to be in the events as filler with the really great guys and thus be sponsered and stuff."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "if that makes sense. :)"

<OOC> Alan says, "Ok, everyone is in the same apartment building which happens to be a short way from Western Michigan university which the student go to. The students are in the same apartment and the other two have their own. You guys are all neighbors"

<OOC> Alan says, "What are Jaymes and Jeth studying?"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "surprisingly... physics"

<OOC> Jeth says, "computer animation"

<OOC> Alan says, "Ok."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "wait actually Im not the student I dont think Did I say I was? Though he probably studies some physics on the side. it was jeth and um drake that were students?"

<OOC> Jeth says, "yeah it was drake"

<OOC> Alan says, "Ooops. I mean Drake"

<OOC> Alan says, "Brainfart."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "well I didnt help when I answered. lol"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Drake's studying International Relations and minoring in Linguistics"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "neato."

<OOC> Alan says, "Ok."

<OOC> Alan says, "So to cover computer animation I assume Jeth is a Computer Sciences Major Visual Arts minor?"

<OOC> Jeth says, "uh, sure"

<OOC> Alan says, "Now if Skullrama was here I can figure how to fit his character in."

Jeth (

<OOC> Jeth (

<OOC> Jeth says, "FROWN FACE"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "when you do that double ::"

<OOC> Jaymes :)

<OOC> Jeth :D

<OOC> Jaymes says, "cause alone its used for the pose :"

Jaymes dances the macarana

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.


<OOC> Alan says, "Ah well. I originally had an idea about you guys going to a convention of some sort doing a roadtrip, however that doesn't seem as feasible as it once was."

<OOC> Jeth says, "heh, doubt those 2 are otaku"

<OOC> Alan says, "Which two?"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "anyone can be otaku. lol"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "we could do that idea still. say my cousin i only see once a year is gonna be there, so i drive, the nerds want to go obviously, and jaymes thinks im cute and agrees to go?"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "something like that works."

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Drake's not too into anime but he'd go if his roommate wanted to go, so no problem there."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "That works too."

<OOC> Alan says, "How about RPGs?"

<OOC> Alan says, "It can always be a combination convention."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "Jaymes probably played some when he wasnt out trying to break an arm or something."

<OOC> Alan says, "Like one of the big gaming ones like origins or gen con."

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Sure, sounds good"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "sounds like a pla"

<OOC> Alan says, "Let see, the students are doing summer classes and are planning and there is a break coming up so they plan on going to a convention, like orgins, which is in late june of 2006."

<OOC> Alan says, "It in Columbus Ohio, which is a fairly long drive from Kalamazoo, basically you gotta go down into indiana to catch one of the major east/west interstates which should take you to Colombus. That's your itinerary and you are lucky to be able to gets rooms at the hotel the conventions center is near. Your still in Kalamazoo preparing to go, you given yourself a days head start."

<OOC> Jeth says, "so RP now?"

<OOC> Jeth says, "who knows who?"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "hes probably still setting up I thinks"

<OOC> Alan says, "Well, you are all in the same building on the same floor."

<OOC> Jeth says, "oh ok"


Aislinn test

<OOC> Aislinn says, "ah ha! i remembered"

<OOC> Jaymes : for actions " for speach

<OOC> Jaymes says, "\ is mostly for gm use."

Jaymes has thrown some stuff into a bag that hes tossed careleslly by the door to his appartment which is open, the scent of eggs and sausage drifts out into the hall.

<OOC> Alan says, "I assume that Drake would have set everything up since he is currently the wealthiest person. Ailsinn probably finds out that they are going to this convention through chit-chat, knows her cosuin is going to be there and insists on driving. One of Jaymes extreme sport hero's is going to be on a panel at the convention and when he finds out he'll want to go."

<OOC> Alan says, "I am still setting up..."

Jaymes pages: Btw Probably dont have a gun I just left that on the sheet, though I probably have a beat up old pick up truck to haul my dirt bike to meets and things.. then other crap like bikes and boards. nothing really of consequence to what we are doing though :)

<OOC> Jaymes says, "my bad..."

Its a lazy hot morning, in late June in your Apartment building. Your all in your apartments getting ready to take a road trip to the home of the Buckeyes, Columbus Ohio, which is hosting the Origins Game Expose. Words has it they are having more anime events then usual and well as a few extreme sport stars as panelist. Weather reports suggest that here are a high chance for thunderstorms in the areas you'll be traveling.

<OOC> Jeth says, "we all know each other?"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "I would think at least on the hi how are you level... running into each other at the mail box type thing."

<OOC> Alan says, "And the guy who runs the place likes to have various activites that allow the tenets to get to know each other."

Jeth says, "So...what are you looking foreward to the most?"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "ok so is it start time now?"

<OOC> Alan says, "Yep, hence the open"

<OOC> Alan says, "I should have asked if everyone is here first."

Drake Reynolds puts away the map and turns to his roommate. "Well...I'm hoping they'll have some of the new Smash Bros. Brawl on display

Jeth says, " optimist..."

Jaymes pages: I would have a sword collection too as Im a fencer which explains the archaic weapons prof. so hes ecletic

Aislinnsmells sausage and rouses from bed, getting only to her couch before giving up.

You paged Jaymes with 'I assume your cooking sausages and eggs, ar you cooking them for everyone and have a standing invite to your apartment.'

With the ways the air vents in this place are like you all can smell the sausages and eggs that your neighbor is cooking.

Jaymes opens his door to his appartment which is done up in a early american bacholer style... wire spool coffee table.. brick and board shelving... the only things of any real value in the apartment are sword replica's on his walls, the stereo, tv, and the bmx bike in the corner. He finishes packing his bag then shrugs and takes a sheathed katana off the wall and puts it into the bag and tosses it carelessly by the door which he leaves open... going back to the stove he piles sausage and eggs onto a couple of platters and puts out some paper plates and various items...

Jaymes begins to burn some toast and his fingers throwing the toast on another platter as well.

Everyone remembers at this point that Jaymes offered to cook breakfest for everyone before the trip.

Jeth says, "I'm headin for food, comin?"

Jaymes heads to the fridge and takes out some OJ and milk and puts it on the counter as well along with various missmatched drinking recepticles.

Drake Reynolds nods. "Definitely, I never turn down free food." Though with Drake's metabolism and blade slender build, that's probably a good thing.

Jeth Heads over and knocks on the door

<OOC> Jaymes says, "doors open :)"

Jeth says, "Hey Jaymes, Aislinn..."

Jaymes glances over, "Yo dudes, dig in. Ready for the road trip?"

<OOC> Alan says, "Ailins hasn't exted her apartment yet."

<OOC> Jeth says, "oh sorry"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "aislinns in her appartment should be putting in an appearance soon."

Jeth says, "You didnt have to feed us ya know...thanks though.....and yeah, i packed last night."

Drake Reynolds looks at the katana in its bag by the door and runs back to his room to grab his rapier, a gift from some friends during his last visit to France. He returns wielding it playfully. "We're gonna play with swords at this thing?" He asks with a grin.

Jaymes says, "Dig in this will be so cool Bill Richardson's gonna be there... hes like the hottest thing in Xtreme biking."

Jaymes says, "Ahh I don't know just taking it on a whim. Used to fence a bit... beautiful things blades."

Jeth says, "Fencing is fun but hard...."

Jeth starts to dig in

Jaymes says, "No it will be great... thers oj and milk... unless you want a brew... got some of those in the fridge."

You paged Aislinn with 'The food smells so good.'

Aislinnaislinn stirs.


Aislinn stirs.

<OOC> Jaymes says, "no spaice just use the :"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "ugh,"

<OOC> Jaymes )

Drake Reynolds nods. "I'm taking a fencing class now at the university. Its pretty fun. I'll pass on the brew. " Drake doesn't drink, a bit unusual for a college student but he never found a taste for it.

Aislinn remembers to dress before leaving the aprtment.

Jeth says, "OJ is fine."

Jaymes says, "Well sometime I'd like to really learn it but hey guess it can wait till I'm rich and famous."

<OOC> Alan in a romanian accent, "I never"

Jaymes says, "Glasses are there." He mumbles out of a full mouth."

Drake Reynolds pours himself some OJ and starts on breakfast.

Aislinn enters the open door disheveled. "What time is it?"

And so the Lady who graciously offered to haul you butt around arrives.

Jeth says, "Uhm, hey Aislinn....its uhm..."

Jeth looks

Jaymes says, "You ever seen anything about those guys that fly like 300 miles off the coast to a reef to surf some kill waves... god I want to do that. "Yo Aislinn, morning... theres coffee there in that pot too... forgot to mention.""

<OOC> Jaymes says, "what time is it alan :)"

Aislinn says, "Coffee? MMMmmm..."

Jaymes says, "Time to eat some breakfast. I made my specialty... burnt toast.""

Anyone who checks will not the time as 8:30 am. YOu guys wanted to be on the road by 9:30 or 10:00

Jeth says, "8:30, hour to go"

Drake Reynolds stands up and offers a friendly smile to Aislinn. "Morning Aislinn. Looks like we'll be able to leave in time for once. You won't have to break any speed laws."

Aislinn says, "8:30? I need to get wired..."

Jaymes says, "Buddy of mine busted up his leg in madagascar where he went surfing... rocks are hairy there... He told the local doc's to splint it... then flew 18 hours back to the states to get it fixxed rather than trusting them there.""

<OOC> Jaymes says, "thats actually a true story lol"

Jeth says, "I see...."

Jaymes just happens to have some wonderful Hawaiian coffee his folks sent him after their second honeymoon.

Aislinn says, "Speed laws? I never speed."

Aislinn consumes a few cups of coffee brimming with sugar.

Jaymes says, "In germany or montana?"

<OOC> Alan says, "Woot, we have a Repore!"

<OOC> Jeth says, "?"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "we all know each other lol"

Drake Reynolds nods at Aislinn with a dubious grin. " mistake." He finishes off his toast.

<OOC> Aislinn says, "celebrate!"

<OOC> Alan says, "brb, keep up the RP"

Aislinn says, "Speed limits arent there for me, its for other people who cant drive well."

Jeth says, "Just dont get us killed or arrested."

Aislinn says, "No problem."

Jaymes laughs. "Thats what I think too."

Jaymes says, "Speeds cool, most people just can't handle it.""

<OOC> Aislinn says, "how tall is everyone?"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "5'11""

<OOC> Jeth says, "5'10"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "6-1, yay."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "6'3""

<OOC> Jaymes says, "all you short peoples. Cept aislinn shes one tall chick"

<OOC> Jeth says, "i'm average dernit"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "6'3" is pretty tall outside of the NBA :P"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "usuallly Im shorter. lol and In rl I r 6'4""

Aislinn says, "Coffee is good, where is this sausage i was smelling?"

<OOC> Alan says, "back"

Jaymes says, "There on the platters... eggs bacon sausage... all for you."

Jeth is already eating :P

Aislinn says, "Sweet sustenance!"

Aislinn takes a healthy potion of the remainging food.

Jaymes says, "So like, the gaming is cool... whats this anime thing, I mean I seen a few of those toons and they are all ok and stuff but a whole convention around it?"

Jaymes says, "They just go to watch cartoons or something?"

Jeth says, "Well...its like any meeting"

Jeth says, "We talk with the big wigs of the industry, ask questions....and yeah watch these....'cartoons'..."

Drake Reynolds says, "Well if there's cartoons its going to be more fun than the parliament meetings I had to sit in on last year."

At this point there is a flash of lighting followed after several second by a loud rumble of thunder. Michigan weather for you its nice one minute and then next the rains is pelting the windows like sticks on drums.

<OOC> Jeth says, "its true XD"

Jeth says, "Gotta love michigan weather...."

Aislinn says, "The windows in my car!!"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "lol no mention of the cosplay?"

Aislinn runs outside.

Jaymes says, "What they are up aren't they?..."

Jeth smirks "nice"

Jaymes says, "Girls are really wierd, ya know?""

<OOC> Alan says, "Lots and lots of cosplays even when there is few anime events."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "ya but my char dont know that :)"

Drake Reynolds says, "Yeah..but they're definitely fun to have around."

You paged Aislinn with 'Its raining cats and dogs, luckly your car isn't too far away from the main door.'

Jaymes says, "Yea.. Sometimes I think its a curse we men are born to... we can't help but like to be around girls.""

Jeth Doesnt comment, just eats silently

Aislinn returns, wet.

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

Jeth says, " need a towel?"

You all realise that your going to have to haul your stuff to the car through this mess.

Jaymes says, "Yea I got some." Heads to the closet and grabs a nice beach towel and hands it to her."

Drake Reynolds says, "Well let's get the car packed before it gets worse."

Jaymes says, "Well it could just as easily get better uhh want a trash bag?"

Jeth says, "We better put our stuff in the car, this'll take a while, i can hold an umbrella while someone brings in their stuff"

Jaymes says, "I just got the one bag..."

Drake Reynolds says, "Me too. Well, and the rapier in case there's any swashbuckling to be done."

Drake Reynolds zips the rapier up in the bag and hefts it on his shoulders. "Is your car unlocked?" He asks Aislinn.

Jeth says, "I got an umbrella in my room, want?"

The clock ticks to 9:15

Jaymes says, "Ahh I'm just bringing the katana to be cool. He shrugs and grabs a wakazashi and throws it in the bag as well and makes sure that they wrent going to get wet."

Jeth says, "You do know we cant bring weaopns with us...."

Jaymes says, "Why not? So I won't bring them in... but if we get stranded in the wilderness while some axe murderer is after us I'm all set."

<OOC> Alan says, "Well, they do sell weapons in the vender area."

Jaymes laughs.

<OOC> Alan jots some notes down.

Jaymes says, ""

Jeth says, "I study martial arts, i woudlnt worry about that....but lets go..."

Drake Reynolds says, "Yeah. Besides I thought convention kids ate that stuff up? They're all about katanas and ninjas and what have you. This is probably the one place where that will be cool."

Jeth says, "Not real ones though...."

Jaymes says, "Oh do they dress up as samurai and ninjas?"

Drake Reynolds laughs. "Well we'll keep the reality in the car so as not to scare them. Let's go."

Jeth says, "Right...""

Jeth heads to the car with one bag and an umbrella too

Its raining like crazy out. Plus its still quite hot out.

Drake Reynolds finishes loading the car and then looks around in mock fear. "Hold up...we're bringing a real girl. Is that gonna be too scary if she's not a cartoon?" He winks playfully.

Jaymes says, "I dunno never seen the people at these places... what do you mean a real one?""

Jeth says, "Very funny...."

Jeth says, "My fanbase has a tendency of being well....'nerds.'"

Drake Reynolds laughs and climbs into the 'shotgun' position of the car. He pulls out the map and studies a moment before looking back to Jaymes "I'm just playin'. They like fake weapons but not real ones, so I was making sure that didn't apply to the ladies. I'm sure there's a lot of hot cartoon chicks that are gonna be there."

Jaymes says, "Ahh... well why would they be surprised at real girls is what I menat.""

Jeth waits outside to open the door for Aislinn

Drake Reynolds shrugs. "I doubt they get to interact with many in their day to day. Anyway it was just a joke...what's taking Aislinn?" He glances out the window towards the appartment, looking at Jeth getting wet.

Jeth has an umbrella though

<OOC> Jaymes says, "think she fell afk or something"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "scratch that. Jeff's umbrella getting wet"

<OOC> Alan says, "Looks like Aislinn is afk"

<OOC> Alan says, "Ok, we'll pause until she reappears."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "good timing on her"

<OOC> Jeth (

<OOC> Jeth :(

<OOC> Jaymes says, "no no :)"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "real life was calling"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "back she is"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "apologies"

<OOC> Alan says, "Ah, ok. End pause then"

Jaymes Gazes to Aislinn "Set to go?"

Aislinn nods.

Aislinn says, "Yep, let me grab my bag o' clothes."

Jaymes says, "Right then, your stuff out there? That works. Rock on!"

Drake Reynolds smirks a little as he recalls the mountains of luggage his last girlfriend tried to bring on their last road trip. He peers out to see what size a bag Aislinn is bringing.

Jaymes grins locks up his appartment, then following her as she gets her bag with his on his shoulder. "

Aislinn is carrying a normal travel bag. Mostyl clothes

Jaymes says, "Alright... ready to drive... seen you in that one race, your damn good. I spect to be seeing you on the nascar ciruit later on.""

Drake Reynolds looks impressed at the modest amount of luggage. He turns back to the map. "Looks like we've got a bit of a trip ahead of us.." He says to no one in particular.

Aislinn loads everyones stuff into the trunk, next to her tools.

Aislinn says, "Nascar? Thats for chumps. I want to do WRC."

Jaymes says, "That or indy... I could totally see you there... or umm those super cars... grand pri and stuff..."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "whats wrc?"

Jeth Opened the door for Aislinn and gets in his seat

Jaymes says, "Whatever I think you got the talent for it.""

<OOC> Aislinn says, "world rally challenge."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "ahh."

Jaymes goes to the remaining seat and folds his tall frame into it.

You guys get in and are ready to roll

Aislinn starts the car.

It purrs like a kitten

Aislinn says, "Lets go!"

Jaymes says, "Rock on Aislinn""

Drake Reynolds buckles up and nods. "And we're off."

Aislinn puts the car into first and rolls out of the parking lot.

Aislinn says, "The people in the front get a 6 point harness. You two in the back... youll be fine."

Jeth says, "Wha?"

Aislinn heads to the highway...

Jaymes "Ya... first stop I'm grabbing shotgun... my legs don't fit back here..." he laughs.

Aislinn says, "Its not that bad..."

Drake Reynolds folds the map and tucks its away. "Alright, we gotta go south a bit into Indianna, then we'll hit the highway and its smoth sailing from there."

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "smooth"

Aislinn says, "Alright, copilot, keep me informed."

Aislinndrives the speed limit.

<OOC> Jaymes says, "in the rain sane idea :)"

Aislinn says, "The rain makes it easier to drive actually... You just have to understand feedback from yyour tyres."

Jaymes says, "So what else happens at these con things? The rpg's I understand... played a bit of this and that... the master is always right don't ya know.""

And so it passes that you drive for a while and pass into Indiana still in the nasty thunderstorm. You transit to the east west interstate and start traveling for a couple hours. However something strange happens, a bank of fog appears out of no where and its like pea soup out.

Aislinn seems worried.

Aislinn turns on her fog lights.

Drake Reynolds frowns at the fog and looks back to his map. "Our exit should be coming up in not too much longer...We'll need to be careful not to miss it.."

<OOC> Alan says, "I assume you are at this point looking for an exit so you can stop to get something to eat?"

Aislinn watched intently

Jaymes says, "Nasty... maybe we should find a bit to eat or something maybe it will clear up?"

Jeth says, "Guh..."

Jeth says, "Jaymes right..."

Aislinn nods.

Drake Reynolds says, "Yeah...we've got time to wait until the fog clears...Let's just take the next exit with a gas station and restaurant."

Aislinn watches for exit signs.

Its hard to see anything in this fog. As you look for an exit, the engine of the car start sounding odd.

Aislinn i want to pull over and check my engine...

Aislinn puts the car in nuetral and revs the engine up and down listening..

Alan you manage to pulls over, however you car just dies.

Aislinn says, "No! My sweet silvia!"

Drake Reynolds frowns and pulls out his cellphone out of his pocket to see if he has a signal. "Let me see if I can call AAA..."

Aislinn says, "I can fix it..."

Aislinn checks under the hood.

You aren't getting any signel. Spot checks please

Aislinn rolls 1d20 and gets 18.

<OOC> Aislinn says, "a 21"

Jeth rolls 1d20 and gets 5.

<OOC> Jeth says, "5 :/"

Drake Reynolds rolls 1d20 +1 and gets 17.

Jaymes rolls 1d20 and gets 14.

<OOC> Jeth says, "well 7"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "is spot wisdom?"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Yes"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "19"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "ooh, how do you do the bonuses?"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "the +1 right on the roll?"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "+roll 1d20 +(bonus)"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "same as dnd add the +1 for like an 11 or 12 to it"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "I got spot skill so that adds in too"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "yeah, some reason that hadnt worked for me before"

You paged Jaymes with 'You see through the fog, trees. Apparently your in a forest. Odd, you could have sworn that this part of the country was predominantly farmland or plains.'

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Right...well +1 is for 12-13, but yeah, that's the command I used."

Aislinn rolls 1d20 +2 and gets 18.

Jaymes peers off in the distance looking a bit puzzled.

<OOC> Aislinn says, "ok, well i got a 21."

Jaymes says, "Kinda wierd... isn't it farms about here?"

Drake Reynolds says, "Should be..explains why I don't have any reception."

You paged Aislinn with 'Odd, as you are looking at the engine nothing seems to be the matter. Also as you glance to the side you notices that your on a gravelly shoulder and the roads marking looks more like a two lane rural highway rather then the interstate you were supposedly on. Also you notice your in a forest.'

Aislinn says, "A forest?"

Aislinn says, "Something is amiss."

Aislinn says, "Or, that was damn good fog."

Jaymes says, "Kinda wierd...""

Drake Reynolds says, "What are you talking about?"

Jaymes says, "Can't you see the trees there?" He poitns them out..."

Jeth says, "Wait what? I cant see a thing, whats goin on?"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds isn't sure..he rolled a 17

Jaymes says, "Ought to be um well crops and cows and crap."

Drake Reynolds says, "That's bizarre...we must've taken a wrong exit back there or something..."

Sorry, Drake is not connected.

No one to page.

You paged Drake Reynolds with 'You see fog'

Drake Reynolds starts to study the map again.

Aislinn is concerned for her precious car...

Jaymes says, "Well lets get the car fixxed and get the hell out of here."

Jaymes says, "Kinda creepy."

Drake Reynolds says, "Aislinn...see if you can get the engine running? I'll try and figure out where we got off track....then we can get back on the highway."

Aislinn inspects the engine with fervor.

You paged Drake Reynolds with 'As far as you can tell there should be know forests anywhere near the area you were driving.'

Jeth says, "Ugh...."

<OOC> Aislinn says, "can i spot anything wrong?"

You paged Aislinn with 'In your checking you can only think that it has to be something wrong with your battery.'

Drake Reynolds frowns and puts down the map in frustration. "This is crazy...there shouldn't be any forests anywhere near here...There's no way we got THAT turned around.."

Aislinn says, "I suppose it might be my battery. I need to empty the trunk to get to it."

Around this time you notice that its not longer raining. All there is is fog.

Drake Reynolds says, "That works. I need to get my laptop out of the back anyway and look on Google earth..."

Jaymes says, "Alright... He grabs his bag out of the trunk... on an impulse he sticks the wakasazhi and the katana in his belt."

Jeth says, "How old is that map?"

Aislinn empties the trunk.

Jeth Already has his labtop and searches google earth

Drake Reynolds shrugs. "Pretty recent..but it only covers the nearby looks like we went completely the wrong direction.

Aislinn tests the battery with her charge tester.

It appears to be drained.

Jaymes says, "I saw the sings theres only one westbound interstate."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "signs even"

You paged Aislinn with 'Which is really really weird.'

<OOC> Jeth says, "what about mine?"

Drake Reynolds says, "Either we went the wrong direction or this forest appeared within the last year since this map was printed...I'm pretty sure we just got turned around."

Aislinn says, "My battery charger could take hours, if we could find another motorist we could just jump it."

Aislinn says, "It shouldnt be drained in the first place..."

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

Jeth says, "Crap...maybe we should call someone?"

Aislinn says, "My alternator might be hurting..."

Aislinn checks that too.

Jaymes says, "Really odd.."

Aislinntries her cell phone.

At this point a hot breeze blows, and the fogs lifts, you all see to your left that sun starting to set through the trees. You cell phone has no signal.

<OOC> Jaymes says, "does the cell phone even turn on?"

<OOC> Alan says, "Int checks. Yes they are on. However they don't seem to get any signles."

Jaymes rolls 1d20 and gets 20.

Aislinn rolls 1d20 +1 and gets 9.

<OOC> Jaymes says, "buffs fingernails and doesn't bother to add in other values."

Drake Reynolds rolls 1d20 +3 and gets 12.

<OOC> Jeth says, "gah what do i type again?"

Drake Reynolds pages: If there's any relevant knowledge checks let me know..that's where all my skills are :P

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "+roll 1d20 + bonus"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "+roll d20"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "ok add the bonus if you want lol"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Let me test something.."

Drake Reynolds rolls 1d2 +4 and gets 2.

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Okay don't do the doesn't add to your result"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "ya got to do it manually."

Jeth rolls 1d20+1 and gets 8.

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "so I got a 15"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "i have a 10"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "just +roll d# then manually add bonuses"

You paged (Jaymes, Drake Reynolds) with 'Ok, first thing, it should only be early afternoon and apparently the sun is setting now and secondly, if the sun is setting and you were traveling east so it should be behind you not to the left.'

You paged (Aislinn, Jeth) with 'The sun shouldn't be setting this early.'

Aislinn says, "Anyone else think its odd the sun is setting?"

Jaymes says, "Ok I'm getting a bit freaked...""

Jeth says, "Wait....what time is it?"

Drake Reynolds frowns. "Nothing is making sense at all..." He follows Jaymes' lead and gets his rapier out of the back.

As the fog finishes lifting you all notice that you are indeed on a rural highways in a forest and you have no clue how you got there.

<OOC> Alan says, "Anyone checking the time?"

Drake Reynolds says, "Looks like we're heading north..."

<OOC> Jeth says, "I am"

Jaymes hands Aislinn his wakisashi. "Can you use a sword?"

Jaymes says, "Im sure we wont need them but on the other hand... this is just too freaky to leave anything to chance."

<OOC> Alan says, "Your clock says it only like 1 in the afternoon."

Aislinn says, "I think ill pass... im a lover not a fighter."

Aislinn winks at Jaymes.

Jaymes grins. "Well then... we should get along just fine."

Jaymes says, "How about you jeth?""

Jeth says, "I dont need a weapon...."

Drake Reynolds finishes turning on his computer and searches the nearby google earth map for a highway running north-south through a forest.

Jaymes says, "right ok."

You say, "Its starts to get very dark as it happen to in a deep forest around twilight."

Aislinn says, "I dont like this, and i know my car doesnt like this."

Odd your computer has no connection to the internet.

Jaymes says, "Hey does that thing have tetris on it?"

Jeth says, "Now is not hte time..."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "ok... how many add kids does it take to screw in a lightbulb."

Jeth says, " wireless isnt working!"

Drake Reynolds says, "Yeah...but we'll probably want to save the battery. Seeing as how no cars are coming by it might be best to start going on foot until we find a gas station."

Jaymes says, "I was kidding dude... well what now?"

Jeth says, "Damn damn...."

Jaymes says, "I feel the same way.. I Was looking forward to making fun of fat bald game boys dressed up like sailor moon.""

Jeth says, "Shush...."

Jaymes laughs. "Alright, so which way on the road? Anyone remember how far back the last station was? or do we go forward and take our chances?"

Aislinn get out her walkie talkies and hands one to Drake.

Drake Reynolds grins. "Well we've got two choices. We try to spend the night in the car...which night shouldn't even start for another five hours, by the way...or we hoof it." He takes the walkie talkie.

So whatcha going to do, you can try hanging around and use the battery charger or you can go looking for a gas stastion or a house with a phone.

Jeth says, "I dont know...."

Jeth says, "I think its safer here"

Aislinn says, "I dont want to leave my car..."

Jeth says, "You see those news reports, guy goes walking on his own, never returns"

Aislinn pouts.

Jaymes says, "How longs your charger take aisli?"

Aislinn shrugs.

Aislinn says, "Says a few hours, ive never used it before/"

Drake Reynolds says, "Well let's stay here and charge the battery then..We're not gonna make it to the convention in time at this point anyway."

Jaymes says, "What the hell we can hang out for a while... we can always walk if it doesn't work?"

Aislinn hooks up the charger in the trunk.

<OOC> Alan says, "Don't you need a power source for a battery charger?"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "some boosters have power in them to charge a battery"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "sorta, it acts like a back up battery. holds enough charge for you battery to tun the engine over."

<OOC> Aislinn says, "then your alternator recharges the battery."

Drake Reynolds says, "Do you have lights or anything? I can set some up and flag anyone down who passes while you're charging it."

Odd doesn't seem like the charger has a charge. Maybe you forgot to charge it recently.

Aislinn is concerned.

Jeth says, "Whats wrong?"

Aislinn says, "Im going to set up my reflectors, and put a white flag in the window... at least no one will touch it before we get back."

Jaymes says, "Alright... lock it up... guess we walk."

Aislinn sighs.

The sun finally sets, however there is some light as it is a full moon out tonight and the light for man man stars. Look like your very far from any urban areas.

Jaymes peers up and down the road looking for the glow of civilization.

If you have any portable light or flashlights you notice that their ok.

Drake Reynolds turns on the walkie talkie and speaks into it. "Testing, testing..."

<OOC> Aislinn says, "ah... the glow of man man stars..."

<OOC> Alan says, "Er many many"

<OOC> Alan blushes.

<OOC> Jaymes says, "now worries al :)"

Jeth says, "Dammit...."

Aislinn grans her flashlight.

<OOC> Jaymes says, "though I guess I wondered on that one too"

You can see much as the road bends ahead to the nortj.

<OOC> Alan says, "Er NOrth."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "no glows on the horizon from city lights or anything?"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "does the walkie talkie work?"

<OOC> Alan says, "Nope, you appear appear to be in deep woods. It works fine."

Jaymes says, "Actually with the full moon your best off preserving the flashlight just saving it till its needed or using it briefly not looking at the light."

Jeth says, "So...which way down the road?"

Drake Reynolds puts his backpack on. "Let's head north then?"

<OOC> Alan says, "The oly reason your getting any decent light is the clearing for the raod."

Jaymes says, "Dunno we can pick a direction north is as good as any unless you remember how far back services were."

Aislinnpoints north.

<OOC> Jaymes says, "ahh I have night hiked and thats the general rule of thumb with a full mone :) but whatever."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "moon even"

Jaymes begins walking forward.

Jaymes says, "Shall we skip and sing off to see the wizard?"

Jeth says, "Wait"

Jeth says, "before we go, we dont know hwow far we are going, we should bring food and water"

Aislinn says, "I dont think we are that bad off, besides i dont have any food or water with me..."

Jaymes says, "Do we have any food and water?""

Drake Reynolds says, "I brought a bottled water and some crackers to snack on...but that's it. Thought we'd be stopping at a McDonald's or something.."

Jaymes says, "Waters probably findable somwhere... forests means streams usually.""

Jeth says, "I have pringals...thats it, and water"

Everyone realize that would mean leaving the road.

<OOC> Jaymes says, "I meant if we needed water later. lol"

Jaymes says, "Alright do we start walking?"

Drake Reynolds nods and hefts his backpack. "make you take whatever you don't want getting stolen.."

Aislinn begins walking.

Jaymes Shrugs. "Just clothes in my bag other than my babies here."

Jaymes walks along beside Aislinn. "Don't worry I'm sure your car will be fine."

Aislinn continues pouting.

Drake Reynolds starts walking behind the two. "Yeah. I doubt another living soul will pass this road for awhile. It looks pretty abandoned."

Jeth walks too, a bummed out look. "So much for vacation...

As you start walking, you come around the bend, in the poor light you can make out that there appears to be a hill ahead and outlined against the stars you can see are what appears to be mountains. The session comes to a close as you see this.

<OOC> Jeth says, "awww"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "lol"

<OOC> Jeth says, "I wanna continue ;_;"

<OOC> Jeth says, "please? :D"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "nice start alan ^_^"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Yep. :)"

<OOC> Alan says, "Does everyone want me to contiue?"

<OOC> Jeth says, "you know I do :)"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "I'm up for more if you've got more in you :P"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "Im game"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "only continue if you want to, but yes im up for it."

<OOC> Alan says, "Ok, I need a break to find food. So 30-45 minute break?"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "sounds good."

<OOC> Jeth says, "sounds fair"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Cool"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "ok call it thirty minutes... 5 minutes to the top of the hour to check back in."

<OOC> Alan says, "afk"

Jeth has disconnected.

Jeth has connected.

<OOC> Aislinn says, "yay"

<OOC> Jeth says, "bleh"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "bleh? yea"

<OOC> Jeth says, "when i'm incactive"

<OOC> Jeth says, "it drops me"

<OOC> Jeth says, "oh well"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "yea you might see if your interface thing has something to turn off to prevent that"

<OOC> Jeth says, "how do I check"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "beats me I dont remember what are you using?"

<OOC> Jeth says, "simpleMU"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "mmm might not be there"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "um ok keepalvive"

<OOC> Jeth says, "hm ok"

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

<OOC> Jaymes says, "oh well"

<OOC> Alan returns with his food, "Now to eat it

<OOC> Jaymes says, "yay"

<OOC> Jeth says, "heh"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "yaya"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "alan is there something they can set to keep from falling off the server? I see that there is a keepalive flag... ie help keepalive not sure how to set it thought probably @set me=keepalive"

<OOC> Alan returns with his food, "Now to eat it

<OOC> Alan returns with his food, "Now to eat it

<OOC> Alan returns with his food, "Now to eat it

<OOC> Jaymes says, "eat eat :)"

<OOC> Jeth says, "the set me worked"

<OOC> Alan says, "Dammit, I keep hitting enter with my food"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "oh well"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "mmmm sweet food..."

<OOC> Alan says, "Ok, who's here?"

<OOC> Jeth says, "me"

<OOC> Jeth says, "i think everyone is"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "mew mew"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "someone might need to poke drake"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "anyone else here read the lounge?"

<OOC> Jeth says, "the what?"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "I'm here"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Just eating oatmeal"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "The Lounge"

<OOC> Jeth says, "what about it"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "a webcomic"

<OOC> Jeth says, "oh"

<OOC> Jeth says, "no"

<OOC> Alan says, "That;s everyone I think."

Before we pause the groups had a startling sights, mountains ahead. Spot checks.

Aislinn rolls 1d20 and gets 8.

<OOC> Aislinn says, "an 11"

Jaymes rolls 1d20 and gets 17.

Jeth rolls 1d20+2 and gets 14.

Drake Reynolds rolls 1d20 and gets 17.

<OOC> Jaymes says, "222"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "18"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "er 22"

You paged (Jaymes, Drake Reynolds) with 'You both make out the faint outline a of a sign up a head.'

Jaymes says, "Hey is that a sign?""

Drake Reynolds says, "Yeah...we might be in luck."

Jeth says, "Hm?"

Jeth says, "I...cant see"

Jeth says, "Whats it say?"

What ever it is you need a light.

Drake Reynolds says, "Shine the flashlight up there..."

Jaymes says, "Dunno shine your flashlight over there?"

Aislinnshines fer flashlight on the sign.

Its one of those browns signs. It says, "Welcome to the Catskill Mountains"

Jaymes says, "Catskill mountains?... isn't that new york?"

Drake Reynolds says, "There's no way..."

Jeth says, "Th...that it is....the fuck?"

Aislinn's jaw drops.

Jaymes says, "I know we were on the right damn road"

Jeth says, "Oh shit....its a real live Love Craft story...."

Jeth says, "Okay okay...lets thing nomrlaly, maybe....its one of those cases where its a different kind"

<OOC> Alan says, "Ok, what knowledge covers astronomical stuff.."

Jeth says, "kinda like...Oregon Michigan...yaknow?"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "K:physical sciences"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "scienc physical I would think"

<OOC> Alan says, "Who ever has it roll it."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "maybe also earth sciences"

<OOC> Alan says, "Its K; Physical Scienses."

Drake Reynolds rolls 1d20 and gets 1.

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "lol...4"

Aislinn rolls 1d20 and gets 4.

<OOC> Aislinn says, "a 5!"

<OOC> Alan says, "Oddly enough it was a dc 5 min..."

You paged Aislinn with 'Wait a tick, wasn't the full moon a couple nights ago...'

Aislinn says, "Uh, i think the full moon was a couple of nights ago..."

Jeth says, "whats that have to do with anything?"

Drake Reynolds says, "Well...besides the fact that it should be over by now..."

Yet there it is, full and bright.

Jaymes says, "Thats even wierder then. This is like right out of the twilight zone."

Drake Reynolds says, "It's just one more weird thing today."

Jeth says, ".....O...kay"

Continuing on?

Jeth says, "Well....if...we are near a sign...were near uh...guess thats good..."

Drake Reynolds says, "Well....let's keep going. Maybe there's a ranger station or something ahead."

Jeth says, "Werent the catskill mountains the location of rip vann winkle?"

Jaymes says, "Yea thats that old story.. the fey or something."

<OOC> Alan says, "Who has it give me a knowledge Pop culture."

Drake Reynolds rolls 1d20 and gets 4.

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "9"

<OOC> Alan says, "Only one person has Knowledge pop culture."

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

<OOC> Alan says, "?"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "only got so many skills lol"

<OOC> Jeth says, "I have 4"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "I think Knowledge skills can be used untrained. Basically just intelligence checks"

Jeth rolls 1d20+1 and gets 20.

<OOC> Jeth says, "booya!"

Aislinn rolls 1d20 and gets 20.

<OOC> Jaymes says, "ya"

Jaymes rolls 1d20 and gets 5.

<OOC> Aislinn says, "21! wow crits"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "remember jeth that +1 dont work"

<OOC> Alan says, "Ok, everyone who beat a 10 realises, yes that it was the region rip van winkle is sets."

<OOC> Jeth says, "oh"

Jeth says, "So...guess we keep going"

Jaymes says, "Guess so."

Drake Reynolds shrugs at the suggestion. "So we won't take any naps. Unless you want to wake up with a beard.." He winks at Aislinn. "I'm sure you'd prefer not to."

Jaymes gazes at Aislinn "You doing ok?"

Aislinn says, "Nope, no beards here."

Aislinn says, "Kinda bummed, im thinking about my poor silvia... i left her back there all alone..."

Jaymes says, "She will be alright... Its us that I'm worried about... you mostly...""

Aislinn lifts an eyebrow...

Jeth says, "Cars dont starve to death...."

As you continue on as you get to the base of the hill, you notice what appears to be a driveways leading off into the woods.

Drake Reynolds says, "Civilization. No starving today."

Jeth says, "Whew...."

Spots checks.

Jeth rolls 1d20 and gets 16.

<OOC> Jeth says, "17"

Drake Reynolds rolls 1d20 and gets 20.

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "21"

Jaymes rolls 1d20 and gets 18.

<OOC> Jaymes says, "23"

Aislinn rolls 1d20 and gets 10.

<OOC> Aislinn says, "13"

<OOC> Alan says, "Everyone but Aislinn notices that the pavement of the driveways seems to be much older then the black top of the main road."

Jeth says, "Odd, they must of just paved this road"


Aislinn says, "Hmmm poor gripping pavement, cheap stuff, find it all over america."

Jaymes says, "Huhh... well still it probably means a home... and a phone."

The pavement of the road is paved in asphalt while the driveway appears to be a more weathered concret.

Jeth says, "Well lets go then"

Drake Reynolds says, "Hopefully they're home."

Drake Reynolds starts up the driveway.

Jaymes smiles at Aislinn, "we will get a tow truck and ajump for your car."

Aislinn smiles.

Alan you follow the windy driveways through the woods for a while and come to a large clearing, at the far end you see the hill in front of a hill you see the outline of a dark house, practically a large mansion of Victoria design., of to the side where part of the drive way leads you see what could be a stable or a garage to the left and to the right you see what may be the beginning to a hedge maze

Jeth whistles

Jeth says, "One of those old fashion rich bigwigs I bet"

Drake Reynolds says, "A hedgemaze, quaint."

Jaymes says, "Well hopefully we dont run into jack nicholson."

<OOC> Alan says, "HERE'S JOHNNY!"

Aislinn says, "A hedge maze? I always wanted to do one of those! Before my mom died her and i would go do corn mazes!"

Jeth says, "were lost enough as it is Aislinn"

Jeth chuckles

Jaymes says, "Well maybe the owners will let us wander it after we call for help."

Aislinn seems disappointed.

Aislinn says, "Lets get some help first..."

Jaymes says, "Your car... we should help her..."

<OOC> Alan says, "Which you going to first?"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Probably help first."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "house I think."

<OOC> Jeth says, "definately house"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "house os good"

You walk up to the house, crickets chirping. As you approach you see lovely though somewhat over grown land scaping and dry fountains with nice weathered statuary. You get to the large front pourch which has an chians swing on it and a large welcome mat before the old fashion door.

Drake Reynolds knocks on the door. "Let's hope they're home.."

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

There and old fashion door bell. However it looks like no one is home.

Jeth says, "Crap...of all the luck..."

Jaymes says, "well bummer... lets see if theres a way in just to use the phone of course"

At this point, clouds roll up makeing it much darker. Then it starts raining

Aislinn says, "Im going in."

Jeth tries the knob, if its locked

Its locked.

Drake Reynolds says, "Breaking in? They could come back at any minute."

Jeth says, "I...dont think we have much of a choice..."

The wind is blowing in such away that the rains is pouring into the porch. I would like pop culture checks.

<OOC> Aislinn says, "i am going to try to force the door open."

<OOC> Jeth says, "same here"

Drake Reynolds rolls 1d20 and gets 2.

Aislinn rolls 1d20 and gets 15.

Jaymes rolls 1d20 and gets 14.

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "7"

Jeth rolls 1d20 and gets 8.

<OOC> Aislinn says, "16 for pop culture"

<OOC> Alan says, "It looks like a very sturdy oak door."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "um 16 if its int"

<OOC> Jeth says, "9"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "im gonna check for unlocked windows first."

I don't recognize "aislynn".

You paged Jaymes with 'You know in every senario liek this you can think of in tv shows or movies, there often a key under the mat.'

You paged (Aislinn, Jaymes) with 'You know in every senario liek this you can think of in tv shows or movies, there often a key under the mat.'

Jeth says, "With this old of a door, we should be able to break it down, but yeah"

Jaymes Glances over at Aislinn and grins. "AFter you?"

Aislinn over turns the large ocvious welcome mat...

Jaymes says, "Speak friend and enter.""

Jeth says, "I think I may need to break the door down...want me to?"

Aislinn says, "Whats the elven word for friend?"

Low, you find and old fashion door key.

Jeth says, " time"

Jaymes says, "Beats me but is that a key under that mat?"

Jaymes says, ""

Jeth says, "...."

Jeth says, "The oldest trick in the book"

Jaymes picks up the key and hands it to Aislinn.

Aislinn picks up the key triumphantly!

Jaymes says, "There you go milady.""

Aislinn tries the key in the lock.

Jeth says, "less dramatics more entering"

It unlocks.

Aislinn opens the door.

Jeth quickly enters

Drake Reynolds grins. "I think its 'melon' by the way. Linguistics studies....words stick with me."

Aislinn follows.

Jaymes Enters with Aislinn, "Alright, split up gang and look for clues.. me and daphne are gonna neck."

Jeth sighs

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

Aislinn shakes her head...

You guys enter. Its very dark. Looking those with flashlights roll spots.

Jaymes Grins. "Hey... gotta love scubu doo."

Jeth rolls 1d20 and gets 3.

<OOC> Jeth says, "bleh"

Aislinn rolls 1d20 and gets 19.

<OOC> Aislinn says, "22"

Aislinn, tyou find an old fashion light switch on the left hands wall.

Aislinn flips the switch.

One of those knob things.

And low, the lights turn one. You appear to be in a hall ways. A head of you is one of those Y shaped stairs, on the left wall are two doors, mirrored on the right by two doors. by the stairs are two doors, one on each side of the stairs.

Jeth says, "I think i've seen haunted houses like this....lets look for a phone"

Jaymes says, "Yo Anyone here??""

Drake Reynolds says, "If you find a phone, leave a few bucks on the counter when you're done...least we can do."

Jeth says, "good idea"

On the walls are some landscape paintings and you see some small tables with empty cases, but Calais, nov phones here.

Jaymes says, "well um the kitchen maybe?"

Jeth says, "good idea, look out for traps *smirks*"

Aislinn says, "Im going to search the whole house, maybe someone is sleeping?"

<OOC> Alan says, "Which door do you pick?"

Jaymes says, "I will go with you Aislinn.""

<OOC> Alan says, "Or do you go upstair?"

<OOC> Jeth says, "how many doors on the bottom floor?"

<OOC> Alan says, "Hey Gang, lets split up."

Drake Reynolds says, "I'll check the first door on the left...I'll walkie talkie you if I find anything."

Aislinn says, "Ok"

<OOC> Alan says, "Two by the stairs under the overhangs of the Y and two on each of the side walls. Its fairly longs hallways"

<OOC> Jeth says, "i'll go right and try those doors"

Jaymes walks along with aislinn

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "I'll go left to the first one by the stairs"

Aislinn says, "Lead the way katan wielding one."

<OOC> Alan says, "Eeek. Dammit you guys splitting up liek that when I have poppulated the house yet.."

<OOC> Alan says, "Ok, Aislinn, Jaymes, pages, Drake and Jeth Main screen."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "lol ok"

Jaymes begins to lead the way up the stairs.

<OOC> Jeth says, "wait what?"

<OOC> Jeth says, "ok Drake and I are together?"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "ya think so"

<OOC> Alan says, "Jeth, Drake do things normal, Aislin and Jaymes page me and each other."

<OOC> Jeth says, "ah duh"

<OOC> Jeth says, "wait"

<OOC> Jeth says, "drake went left, i went right"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "mmm for the sake of the dm maybe we should stay together lol 3 groups is nasty."

<OOC> Jeth says, "^^;"

<OOC> Alan says, "There are only two walkie talkies."

Jeth walks down, and tries the first door

Jeth says, "Hello? Anyone in here?"

<OOC> Jeth says, "oh true"

<OOC> Alan says, "Ok, where are people headed?"

<OOC> Jeth says, "right, tryin doors"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "With Jeth"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "with aislinn"

<OOC> Alan says, "Which doors?"

<OOC> Jeth says, "every"

Aislinn pages: heya man, im pretty cooked, that break we took ended me.

Aislinn pages: im sure you would like to populate the house and all...

<OOC> Alan says, "Ok, anyone mind if I stop here. I need to figure out the layout of this mansion"

<OOC> Jeth says, "blaarrrrgh"

<OOC> Jeth says, "at least the first door?"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "fine by me, im cooked."

<OOC> Alan says, "I don't even know what's behind door number 1."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "no thats fine. :)"

<OOC> Jeth says, "ah...alright, so what time for next session?"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "Thank you al for the game, I look forward to next week or whenever we are scheduled next."

<OOC> Alan says, "Next week 8pm est. Hopefully we'll have a full cast next week."

<OOC> Jeth says, "week? argh ok heh"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Sounds good. See you next week."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "alrightie be well :)"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Do you award experience points at the end of every session or how do you do it?"

<OOC> Alan says, "Offical ends of the session"

<OOC> Alan says, "Everyone take 100 exp"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "that answers that :P"

<OOC> Jeth says, "weeee"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "okie doke"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "night all ^_^"

Jaymes has disconnected.

<OOC> Aislinn says, "night, good job alan"

Aislinn has disconnected.

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Nice beginning"

Drake Reynolds has disconnected.

Jeth has disconnected.