<OOC> Alan says, "Ok, starting in a second."

<OOC> Jeth says, "yay"

We left our vict-- er um heroes as the made the cliche decision to split up. Since one of the players is not here, we'll focus on the guys who are staying down stairs.

Jeth says, "Okay, uhm, lets check the rooms"

You paged Jaymes with 'You go upstairs with Aislinn, taking the lead, there is a fork in the stairs, which ways do you go?'

Drake Reynolds says, "What's behind door number one?"

Jeth says, "Funny *opens the door*""

Door number one on the right or on the left?

<OOC> Jeth says, "left"

Jaymes pages: we head right.

Jeth says, "Lets go left"

It appears to be unlocked, the door opens on a room. Its dark inside, with the light fromt he open door way only falling on the wall to the right, which has a door on it.

Drake Reynolds looks for a light switch on the wall.

Jeth Searches for a light switch with his hands

You paged Jaymes with 'you head on the right fork into a dimly lit hallways that stretches both left and right.'

Jaymes pages: heading right

You find one to the left of the door.

Drake Reynolds flips the switch and begins looking for a phone.

You paged Jaymes with 'The only lights is coming from the chandler lights in the hallways, which only lights the balcony above the stairs.'

Jaymes pages: starts looking for a lightswitch in what dim light filters into the hall... feels the wall as well where he things it ought to be.

The lights revel that you in some sort of sitting or waiting room. There are a couple leather bound couches and chair a well as a couple of wooden tables. In the far wall is a set of double doors and to the right is another door and to the left are curtained up windows.

Jeth says, "You look here, i'll check out the other door""

Jeth Exits the room and goes to the right door

You paged Jaymes with 'There is a set of several light switches directly across from the stairs.'

<OOC> Alan says, "Going back into the hall?"

Drake Reynolds moves to open the double doors and peek into the next room, not seeing any phone here.

Jaymes pages: I hit all the switches.

<OOC> Jeth says, "yeah and to the door on the right"

<OOC> Jeth says, "the other choice we had"

<OOC> Alan says, "There is a set of double doors right ahead of you and a door to the right."

<OOC> Jeth says, "me?"

<OOC> Jeth says, "lets go with the double doors"

You paged Jaymes with 'You turn on the lights in the hallway, reveling it to be quite long.'

The lights in the main hall turn off.

<OOC> Jeth says, "turn off or are turned off?"

<OOC> Alan says, "They were turned off."

<OOC> Jeth says, "so someone turned em off? hoo boy"

Jeth says, "What the?"

<OOC> Alan says, "You guys turned them on earlier"

Drake Reynolds glances at Jeth and then moves to stand against the wall by the door to the hallway. He motions for him to hide behidn a couch with his hand.

You paged Jaymes with 'You notice the lights in the main hall turn off when you fiddled witht he switches.'

Jeth Quickly does so "Why are we hiding? It could be the owner..."

Jaymes pages: flip switches till both are lit.

The main hall lights flick on and off before settling on staying on,

<OOC> Alan chuckles

<OOC> Jaymes says, "lol"

Drake Reynolds frowns. "I don't want to get caught breaking and entering..." He steals a peek into the hallway to try to see what's going on.

You two hide behind the couch near the windows. Give me an Wisdom check.

Jeth says, "shitshitshitshitshit....."

Drake Reynolds rolls 1d20 and gets 10.

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "11"

Its as empty as you left it.

Jeth rolls 1d20 and gets 12.

<OOC> Jeth says, "14"

Geez, you think, could it be that one of your friends found an upstairs light switch for the hallway and accidentally hit it.

Jeth peaks up, and looks arround

You paged Jaymes with 'So after turning on the lights, which are to teh left btween the two forks of the stairs, do you still go right?'

Jaymes pages: sure on up to the right... long stairs... he thinks.

Jeth says, "Okay....I guess they musta just hit the light switch...lets go back lookin for that phone""

Drake Reynolds has reconnected.

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Sorry..roommate reset our wireless router"

<OOC> Jeth says, "no prob, Jeth said it was the others upstairs hitting the light on accidnet,"

I don't recognize "jaynmes".

No one to page.

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Cool"

You paged Jaymes with 'You already reached the top of the stairs. As you go right you notices a door a short ways to left. Directly across with it is a opening to another hall and on the far end is two more doors, one directly ahead and the others on the left.'

Drake Reynolds nods, looking relaxed. "Well, let's keep going.." He moves to open the double doors.

Its unlocked.

Jaymes pages: Damn big place..." I go down the hall to the door on the left and knock.

Jeth enters

You paged Jaymes with 'And that was just that was to the right, you didn't look left. If you look behind you, you see another door midway between where this door is and the window with a table, with several bottles on it on the far end of the hallway.'

Drake Reynolds follows, stepping into the next room.

Jaymes pages: ooc lol how big did you make this place.

Jaymes pages: ok if no one answres the door I open it.

As you open the door, you nice that they open inward. In the darkness of the fairly large room the faint light from the room you were just in makes sort of a ripple shimmery pattern a little ways into the room.

Jeth says, "Wish we brought a flashlight...."

<OOC> Alan says, "I thought the group had a couple."

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "I think we did. I know there was at least one"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "the girl had one... dont know about the rest of youse"

You paged Jaymes with 'The door opens into another, albite lit hallway. One of the switches you hit must have turns on these lights too.'

You paged Jaymes with 'Around this time you notice that Aislinn appears to have wondered off.'

Jaymes pages: ooc you know theres no way I can keep all these doors and halls straight in my mind lol.

You paged Jaymes with 'This hallways has 2 doors on each side and a window at the far end.'

Jaymes pages: shrugs and heads on down the hall and peers out the window before trying one of the doors in the hall.

You paged Jaymes with 'Its curtained up.'

<OOC> Alan says, "Going to blunder into the room fellows?"

<OOC> Jeth says, "you know it"

Jaymes pages: opens the curtain and peers out.

Drake Reynolds steps in and starts to search again for a light switch.

You paged Jaymes with 'You hear the patters of lots of rain as you open the curtain.'

<OOC> Alan says, "Roll me a search check and tell me how deep you both get into the room."

Jaymes pages: Ehh well at least we are inside." Peers out at the rain. Then shrugs and opens the door to the left of the window.

You paged Jaymes with 'You see sheet of rain, and then a flash of lightning.'

Jeth rolls 1d20 and gets 12.

Drake Reynolds rolls 1d20 and gets 15.

<OOC> Jeth says, "13, and is searching allong the walls"

Drake Reynolds has partially disconnected.

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "22"

Jaymes pages: really nice weather" opens the door to the left of the window and peers in.

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "And I'm going the opposite way, searching for the light switch as well"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "I'll keep going till I find one."

At this time, there is a flash of lighting briefly flashing behind curtains that are on some of the walls of this room. There is a rippling and shimmers as a loud peals of thunders claps. Drake finds a light switch while Jeth, you have to make a relfex roll since I assume up are going straight ahead?

<OOC> Jeth says, "Drake went right, i went left"

<OOC> Jeth says, "we searched the walls, is all"

Drake Reynolds blinks at the blast of lightning and hits the switch when his vision clears.

<OOC> Alan says, "Jeth still make a reflex save."

Jeth rolls 1d20 and gets 10.

<OOC> Alan says, "Oh, you guys things you saw some figures in the brief flash."

<OOC> Jeth says, "13"

Drake Reynolds turns on the walkie talkie. "Guys...I think there's someone outside..might want to get out of the house or hide.."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "ehh aislinn had the walkie talkie lol"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Well...if you're with her you'll probably hear the warning :P"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "she fell in a hole so I left her behind."

Jeth, you barely managed avoid to fall into a large filled indoor pool that is model. Int he light, Drake see that the figure were statutes. The pool seems to be style after a Roman bath complete with statutes in this large rectangular room. Oddly, there is no reply on the walkie talkie.

<OOC> Jaymes says, "ok making up that part."

Jeth says, "Woah...."

Jeth says, "That was close...."

Drake Reynolds sighs and shakes his head. "Scratch that....this lightning's got me jumpy.." He looks around. "Fancy digs..." He comments. "I wonder if the water's heated?"

Jeth Swishes his hands through the pool

Jaymes pages: really nice weather" opens the door to the left of the window and peers in.

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

It's fairly warm and it appears quite clean. its sort of a half moon shaped. One the far right wall of the room is a door.

Drake Reynolds says, "Well...too bad we're not staying here with permission, we could get warm baths.."

Jeth says, "Not bad....Yeah....lets keep searching"

Drake Reynolds moves to open the door to the far right.

You paged Jaymes with 'You open up into a small dark room. The is a light switch to your right.'

Jaymes pages: flips the light switch on.

You find the door unlocked. You find a room that is filled witht eh faints hum of machinery. It appearently contains the heatern and filters for the pool as well as shelves filled with supplies. There are two other doors in this room. One directly across from you and another to the right.

Jeth says, "I'm gonna go back and check the door we skipped, you check this out"

Drake Reynolds frowns. "Still no phone...I hope they're having better luck upstairs."

Drake Reynolds checks the door on his right.

Jeth Heads out to the hallway again, and takes the door that was on the right

You paged Jaymes with 'The lights reveilves a strange room filled with shelve that are filled with jar and bottles that are filled with powders, liquids and other strange unidentifiable stuff.'

<OOC> Alan says, "Please don't split up again."

<OOC> Jeth says, "oh sorry"

<OOC> Jeth says, "he'll do it AFTer checking the rooms"

<OOC> Alan says, "Wiat to do it. Please."

Jaymes pages: huh well there wouldn't be any phones in here... wonder where the bedrooms are." He turns and exits the room and opens the opposite door and hits the lightswitch.

You open the door to your right, you find a light switch on the inside one the left. When you turn it on, reveling a long rectangular room that appears to be a dining hall complete with china cabinets, long tables and many chairs. The tables if clothed and has a beautiful centerpieces. There are three other doors. One nearly directly across from you, another on the same ways but farther to the right that appears to lead back into the main hall and another door to the left.

Drake Reynolds says, "Going to get lost in here..."

Jeth says, "Sheesh....we'll never find a phone"

Jeth heads left

Drake Reynolds follows.

You paged Jaymes with 'Oddly, this room as no light switch and no windows. You can see because there is a circle of candles burning in the center of the room around a large white pentagram within a circle in the center of this room,'

Jaymes pages: peers about the room oddly for anything else. "Definetly strange"

Yet another unlocked door. This opens to a hallway that has a lot of doors, though it ends a ways to the left in a widow. Far to the right it make an inverted L turn to the right. There is a total of 6 doors. One to your left that must lead to the filter/store room, the one you come out of. 4 evenly spaced on the wall ahead.

Jeth Leans against the wall "Ugh...this is a labyrinth!

You paged Jaymes with 'There is an empty book stand but nothing else.'

Drake Reynolds nods and takes a deep breath. "Keep our picking the left habit?"

Jeth says, "Sure"

Ok, well there iis a door directly in front of you

Jaymes pages: shrugs. "It would probably help if I found the bedrooms thats where a phone would be." He leaves the room and goes back down the hall to the stairs and goes up the left stairs instead to see what he finds on that side of the manor.

<OOC> Alan says, "The door to the dinning room is like half way up the L"

Drake Reynolds opens the door directly in front. "Here's hoping."

You paged Jaymes with 'You realize a small stretch of hallway connect the two forks of the stairs.'

Your luck holds. It unlocked.

Drake Reynolds enters the room.

Jaymes pages: follows that hallway t othe other wing of the mansion and begins checking doors.

Jeth follows

You easily find the light switch. It appears to be a small bedrooms. Likely a servants room. Judging from the decor, which consists of a bed, wardrobe and old fashion vanity complete with seat and mirror it might be a maids room. On a night stands is an old fashioned phone.

Jeth says, "Finally!"

Drake Reynolds says, "Wow....fancy place to afford a maid...Let's make the call and get out of here."

Drake Reynolds lifts up the receiver.

You paged Jaymes with 'shortly after the stairs you come to a three way intersection, the way you came, left and ahead.'

There is no dial tone. Odd.

Jeth says, "W..WEll?"

Drake Reynolds says, "No dial tone.."

Jeth says, "Dammit!""

Jeth slams his fist into the wall

Jaymes pages: ok um going ahead.

Drake Reynolds says, "Check and see if its plugged in?"

Jeth says, "pleasepleasepleaseplease"

Jeth looks

You paged Jaymes with 'In the left hall there is a single door and ahead is 4 doors, 2 on each side and there is yet another window.'

Its plugged in. Hmm, the storm must have taken out the phone likes. Odd, why didn't the lights go out?

Jeth says, "Damnit....damnit...."

Jaymes pages: anything make any of the doors look different?

Jeth sighs

You paged Jaymes with 'Well. the door on the left hall wall seems to be more simular tot eh door leading tot he other hallway and the others appear to be more like room doors.'

<OOC> Alan says, "Either of you have knowledge technology?"

<OOC> Jeth says, "me"

<OOC> Alan says, "Roll it."

Jeth rolls 1d20 and gets 8.

<OOC> Jeth says, "13 :/"

Jaymes pages: I go to the first of the four doors and open it.

Drake Reynolds rolls 1d20 and gets 6.

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "What kind of technology?"

You paged Jeth with 'You figure that this house must not be connected to a power station via wires. You don't remembering seeing any on the way here. In fact, you don't remember seeing phone lines either. They must have ground lines or alternate power sources. Also, there could be a basement box that had the phone lines disconnected.'

Jeth says, "Wait....noticed how there werent any wires?"

Jeth says, "Or phone lines, they must be ground lines, maybe theres a basement we can check out"

<OOC> Alan says, "Knowledge: Technology."

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "9"

You paged Jaymes with 'You found the master bed room, there are two doors to you right, big canopied bed, vanity, and dressers for both men and women,'

Drake Reynolds says, "Good call...let's try and find some stairs going down....still its strange she would have a phone in here."

Jeth says, "Yeah...."

Jeth Exits out and makes his way to the lobby

Drake Reynolds follows, glancing over his shoulder occasionally.

You can easily get to it through the dining room.

Jeth Does so

Drake Reynolds follows.

You paged Jaymes with 'One one of the nightstands is a phone.'

Jaymes glances around for a phone, if seeing none then turns to the next bedroom door and opens it.

Your back in the main hall, You know where the two left hand doors from the enterance are. Now there are the two doors across from the entrance and two doors to the right of it.

You paged Jaymes with 'On one of the nightstands is a phone.'

Jeth says, "Lets...go front"

<OOC> Alan says, "You mean straight ahead?"

Jaymes pages: goes to the phone and picks it up listening for a dialtone posed to dial.

<OOC> Jeth says, "ya"

You paged Jaymes with 'Its dead jim.'

<OOC> Alan says, "Door closest to the entrance or the door farthest?"

<OOC> Jeth says, "closest"

Jaymes pages: frowns then checks the cord of the phone to make sure its plugged in and stuff.

You open the door and turn on the light. The room is a parlour complete with bar, stools,, as well as tables and couches. One the far wall is a door. Behind the bar is a mirror, On the right is a curtained window. On the bar is a phone.

You paged Jaymes with 'Its connected. Knowledge: Technology if you got it.'

Drake Reynolds picks up the phone again, listening for a dialtone.

<OOC> Alan says, "Like the other one. No dial tone."

Jeth says, "Nothin?"

Drake Reynolds says, "Same story."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "nope dont have it."

Jaymes pages: ok I go and check out the room across from this one.

Jeth says, "Okay, I dont think the basement would be next to a bar"

Jeth Heads out and tries the other straight entrance

Drake Reynolds nods, and follows Jeth.

You go to the next door. You enter the billard room which is exactly what the names suggest, complete will pool table and dart board. There is a door tot eh left and sright ahead.

Jeth says, "God....I could use a map..."

Jeth looks in the straight ahead door

Drake Reynolds says, "The maid must have her hands full cleaning this place."

You paged Jaymes with 'You enters a study, furnished with desk, chair, smoke chair and other stereotypic study stuff.'

You paged Jaymes with 'Door straight ahead and to the right.'

It opens into a dark hallway.

Jaymes pages: shrugs and checks the door ahead.

Jeth says, "hooboy..."

You paged Jaymes with 'You opens into a hallway much like the last one others expect this has a door to the left, which must me the one you spotted down the other hallways.'

Drake Reynolds turns on the light of his camera phone and holds it up.

Jaymes pages: shrugs and goes to the other door in the room and check it out.

However, there appears to me several light switches straight ahead.

Jeth moves ahead to the switch

You paged Jaymes with 'You enter a small library with shelves full of old books or every description.'

<OOC> Alan says, "There are several."

<OOC> Jeth says, "okay, ton one of htem"

Alan rolls 1d3 and gets 3.

Jaymes pages: Ok books don't help... though at least it could be entertaining." Glances at some of the titles.

You find one for this section of the hall.

Jeth flicks it on

You paged Jaymes with 'Most of them done seem to have titles and those that do are in a language you can't read. They are really old looking and musty smelling.'

Jaymes pages: shrugs and goes to one of the other two bedroom doors.

To the left is a door and another L bend, directly behind you is the door to the billard room. right of that on the same wall that leads tot he parlor. On the opposite wall is a set of double doors.

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

Jeth says, "Can you check that door? *pointsl eft* I'll checkdouble"

Drake Reynolds nods and checks the left door.

Drake, the door is now ahead of you and the hallways continues to your left, full of doors and two otehr intersections. The light are also off down there. The door itself is locked. Jeth, you find a large library full of shelves containing books, magazine and other periodicals.

Jeth says, "Library, nothing special. You?"

Drake Reynolds says, "Locked.."

You paged Jaymes with 'Next to the master bedroom?'

Jeth says, "Ah...well nothin we can do, lets check this last one out and go to the last hallway...."

<OOC> Alan says, "Its locked."

<OOC> Alan says, "Oh, there is a door in the library."

<OOC> Jeth says, "he'll ignore"

Drake Reynolds says, "Alright..let's go back.."

Jeth says, "Well....last hallway..."

Jeth sighs "Worst luck ever

Jaymes pages: yes that one. theres two left that one will work

I should have mentioned that there is some light down the hallways at one fo the intersections.

<OOC> Jeth says, "oh lets check that out then"

You paged Jaymes with 'Right next to the master bedroom is what looks to be a young woman's room complete with pink coloring everywhere. Canopied bed decked in pink and white. Vanity, 2 doors at the far side. Night stands and Aislinn laying on the bed with the walkitalkie in her hand.'

Jaymes pages: Goes and checks Anislin.

As you go down there you do find a like candidate to check out. It a door that appears to be located behind the stairs.

You paged Jaymes with 'She appears to be asleep, but there is nothing you can do to rouse her. Odd that she was in this room in the dark, since you turned on the light.'

Jeth says, "I think this may be it"

Drake Reynolds says, "At last."

If you keep on going you'll find your back by the servants quarters.

You paged Jaymes with 'You might want to call the others.'

Jeth says, "Odd...."

<OOC> Alan says, "I mean if you follow the hall"

<OOC> Alan says, "However if you open the door behind the stairs you will find stares down."

<OOC> Jeth says, "yeah lets open that"

Drake Reynolds says, "There's our elusive basement"

Jaymes pages: takes the walkie talkie from aislinn. "Guys Aislinn and I separted a bit... now shes like in a deep sleep."

Jeth says, "Found ya, ya bastard"

You paged Jaymes with 'Don't page it'

Jaymes uses the walkie talkie. "Guys I found aislinn... shes like in a deep sleep... I can't wake her otherwise she seems to be ok. Twanted to let you know."

Jeth says, "Wha? What happened to her?"

Drake Reynolds frowns. "Stay with her....we're searching the basement.."

Jaymes "I have no idea. Ya I won't go far from her."

Jaymes says, "I found a phone too but it didn't work. I found some odd crap upstairs.""

<OOC> Alan says, "The stairs gio down to another door."

Jaymes pages: goes out to the hall and checks the last bedroom door.

Jeth says, "Well, we think the phone lines are down the basement"

Jeth says, "We'll see if they were disconnected"

Jaymes"Copy that. good luck"

However, the door at the bottome of the stairs is locked.

Jeth says, "Damn!"

You paged Jaymes with 'There are two door, one directly ahead of you and one two the right.'

Jeth growls "Screw it, i'm busting it open

Drake Reynolds frowns and nods.

You paged Jaymes with 'One leads to the study and the other to the small library.'

Jeth says, "gimmie ah and here...."

<OOC> Alan says, "Its a metal door."

<OOC> Jeth says, "it is? crap"

Jeth says, "Damn...I cant open metal..."

Jeth sighs "Lets go back up

Drake Reynolds says, "Yeah....try and find some keys."

Drake Reynolds says, "Yeah....try and find some keys."

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "oops"

Drake Reynolds says, "Maybe the maid's room...she'd have maintenance access perhaps."

Jeth says, "Thats true, lets go"

You paged Jaymes with 'I assume you tword the front of the mansion then?'

Jaymes pages: you said there were four bedroom like doors... if they are all defined I might go toward the front of the mansion then

You paged Jaymes with 'Both rooms you find are sparsely furnished guests rooms. You might want to check the area to the front of the house where you found the weird stuff.'

You head tot he maids room. There are a couple doors that you haven't opened over there.

Drake Reynolds checks the closest.

Jaymes pages: ok heading there.

You paged Jaymes with 'You find a hall with four doors.'

Jaymes pages: I check the first door closest to me

You paged Jaymes with 'Also there are two door in the weird area you haven't sheck yet.'

You paged Jaymes with 'Left or right?'

This room as a wardrobe, not a closet. Nor a bathroom for that matter.

Jeth checks the next door

Jaymes pages: left

Drake Reynolds starts to search the wardrobe for any keys in pockets.

You paged Jaymes with 'You enters a children's joy room. Loads of old toys can be found on shelves and in open chests.'

You find maids uniforms, but no keys. Roll a serch check.

Drake Reynolds rolls 1d20 and gets 6.

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "13"

Jaymes pages: gazes at the toys. "Well that doesn't help much."

Jeth, the one on the right(facing the front of the house with the room Drake is in behind you) along the same wall or one of the two on the left?

<OOC> Jeth says, "the one on the right"

You paged Drake Reynolds with 'You search the room. In one of the dressers you find under were stockings and even one set of lingerie. In the wardrobe you find various sorts of shoes. Make-up in the vanity along with some cheap jewerlys and finally in one fo the night tand drawers you find a large rings of keys.'

Jeth, you find a room nearly identical tot he one you were just in.

Jaymes pages: Open the door that was opposite.

Drake Reynolds says, "Lingerie...stockings..makeup...bingo!"

<OOC> Jeth says, "which is?"

Drake Reynolds pulls out a ring of keys.

<OOC> Alan says, "Guys, I must says I am nearly out of idea and I am fighting a migraine. WIthout Aislin here, I don't think I can go on."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "ok. That works next week we can get her back :)"

<OOC> Jeth says, "yeah..alright"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Okay"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "thanks for the game al :)"

<OOC> Alan says, "You guys did miss out on some cool stuff that might get you all worried and stuff that Jaymes saw. To tell the truth, I don't have the attic or Basement filled yet. I didn't expect you to cover as much ground as you did. This place doesn't seem as albyrthine on papers as it seems via describtions."

<OOC> Alan says, "How did you guys enjoy it so far?"

<OOC> Jeth says, "well, yeah, it felt like a labyrinth"

<OOC> Jeth says, "yeah, what did Jaymes see?"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "some wierd rooms the bedrooms and aislinn"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Poor Aislinn"

<OOC> Jeth says, "go on!"

<OOC> Alan says, "And you still haven't explored all the rooms one both floors."

<OOC> Jeth says, "what did you have in mind we see?"

<OOC> Alan says, "Guys, if you want to go on I need a break."

<OOC> Jeth says, "sure, i'd love to go on"

<OOC> Alan says, "I should have mentiond the bar was well stocked."

<OOC> Jeth says, "a break works"

<OOC> Alan says, "After the break I will deciede weather I can contiue or not."

<OOC> Jeth says, "ok, i need to test oblivion anyways"

<OOC> Alan says, "Actually, I think I should call the game now until next week or when I can finagnle a make up session with Aislinn. The migriane I've been fighting is hitting me hard."

<OOC> Jeth says, "ah alright, hope ya feel better"

<OOC> Jeth says, "or how about just another day this week?"

Jaymes pages: call the game. and well just let aislinn think she well wandered off and fell asleep... that simple.

<OOC> Alan says, "That's what I ment. I just have to get into touch with the person that players Aislinn. Odd she wasn't answering AIM."

<OOC> Jeth says, "Odd"

Jaymes pages: lol sort of irked with aislinn for not being here. :) thats ok must have reasons.

<OOC> Alan says, "Good night everyone."

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "g'night"

Drake Reynolds has disconnected.