<OOC> Alan says, "That's what I need to know oh well. I got enough caffine to let me plays late and a laize faire attidute about classes tomarrow."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "lol dont bee to lazyfaire"

While Drake and Jeth are busy searching through the maid's unmentionables. Aislinn and Jaymes where in a Ladies Bedroom, Aislinn is mysteriously asleep after wondering off as soon as they got to the top of the stairs while Jaymes was trying to figure out the light switchs.

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

You paged Aislinn with 'The last thing you remember is that When you got to the top of the stairs you thought you hear something. You went a ways down the hallway in the dark with you flashlight then you hears some chantting then you slip into unconsciousness. Some time later you come to in a bed. Pose wakeing up.'

Aislinn pages: forgot commands again

Aislinn pages: how do i 'x wakes up'

Jaymes says, "Wake up Aislinn! Damn silly girl.""

Long distance to Aislinn: Alan :is for posing. " is to speak

Aislinnwakes up.

Aislinn wakes up.

<OOC> Aislinn says, "ah... like riding a bike"

The room you are in looks to be fashion for a older girl or young woman. It has a conpenied bed, nightstand, vanity with stool and mirror. There are two doors on one wall and a door on another. There are some stuffed animals on the bed with Aislinn.

Aislinn says, "Never too old for stuffed animals..."

Jaymes says, "Finally, you had me worried! We found phones but theres no power to them.""

<OOC> Alan says, "That is an ironic statment."

Aislinn says, "No tone?"

Aislinn says, "Upside, i feel refreshed!"

Jaymes says, "None at all... This place is kinda wierd. There are some strange rooms."

The bed is really comfortable and smells like flowers. In fact everything is the house seems to be well maintained and cleaned.

Aislinn says, "Lets continue exploring... strange rooms?"

Jaymes says, "I swear one had a pentagram thing in it with burning candles."

Jaymes says, "Alright.. your sure your alright?"

Jaymes snaps his fingers. "Damn there goes my chance to awaken you like prince charming."

Other then a bit drowsy, Aislinn feels fine.

In fact, you both haven't clue what could have knocked her out like that.

<OOC> Alan says, "SO what you two going to do?"

Jaymes says, "Well I could show you to where I was finding the wierd rooms... theres a study full of odd books too."

Aislinn says, "Weird place, probably some old money's second house they never visit..."

Jaymes says, "I guess but why would the candles be burning...""

Jaymes says, "Lead on.""

As you exit the door Aislin realizes she doesn't know where she is at. Also it look like someone has left all the lights on.

<OOC> Alan says, "Which of coruse would be Jaymes."

Jaymes says, "Oh well um here lets go this way." leads aislin to the study"

The study is just across the hall to you left. Its a fairly stereotypical study.

Jaymes says, "Oh hell lets go to the wing I didnt explore all the way." He leads on toward the strange rooms."

Aislinn says, "Im following you..."

It a staight shot down the longs hall and past the stairs which leads to the door that leads into the hallways that has the fours doors, a couple fo them that have been opened.

<OOC> Jaymes says, "I forget whats in the other just remember the wierd one with the pentagram"

Jaymes says, "Well lets try this one here." Opens one of the doors he hadn't opened before."

<OOC> Alan says, "The first on the left you haven't opened."

You try to open the door, however it seems to be locked.

<OOC> Alan says, "There still the door behind yoiu you haven't checked."

Aislinn opens that door.

You paged Jaymes with 'You recall that the libnrary you wanted to show Aislinn was across the hall from the room you found aislinn in and is connected to the study.'

Jaymes pages: alan oh.

Jaymes pages: forgot...w as thinking study=library lol

Jaymes peers into the room that aislin opend.

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

You open the door, as you to dim lights turns on and you find yourself looking aty what looks like a room filled with astrological charts, maps and a automated astrolobe in the center of the room. On the far wall is a calendar. Some faint clicking sounds some for the astrolobe.

<OOC> Aislinn says, "brb"

Jaymes says, "Wierd huh.""

<OOC> Jaymes says, "okies"

<OOC> Alan says, "I'll go for a smoke then"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "good timing :)"

<OOC> Alan says, "back"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "fast smoke"

<OOC> Alan says, "Yah, I hate it when I get back before other people"

<OOC> Alan says, "Well, I would like to remind you that the moon wasn't the phase that it should be."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "ok."

<OOC> Alan sighs.

Drake Reynolds has connected.

<OOC> Alan says, "Heya Drake."

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Hey guys. Sorry, got caught in a snow storm"

<OOC> Jeth says, "YAY!"

<OOC> Alan stares at Drake in shock, "Snow storm!?!?. Man, and I have been enjoying 70 degree weather..in Michigan.

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Yeah freak storm. I just had to wait it out"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "weee"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "ya drake."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "aislin ought to be back sometime lol"

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

<OOC> Jeth says, "yeah michigan is teh awsome right now"

Suddenly, there is a Lucas-esque transition and the scene focuses on Jeth and Drake who just discovers keys in the maids room. Drake, roll me a spot check.

<OOC> Jeth says, "XD"

Drake Reynolds rolls 1d20 and gets 15.

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "16"

Sorry, Drake is not connected.

No one to page.

You paged Drake Reynolds with 'You realize the clothes you were going through must be sized for a large woman. Not fat large, more like tall and well built, sort around the the same size as Aislinn, if not larger.'

<OOC> Jaymes says, "naughty aislin"

Drake Reynolds says, "Looks like they had an amazon for a maid..."

Drake Reynolds pockets the keys. "Shall we go unlock that door?"

Jeth says, "Of course"

Heading to the basement stairs?

<OOC> Jeth says, "ya"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Yep"

You make it downs the stairs to the locked door.

Drake Reynolds sticks the key into the door to unlock it.

<OOC> Alan says, "Its a keyrings with many keys."

<OOC> Alan says, "And this door is a modern one made of metal."

Spot checks.

Drake Reynolds rolls 1d20 and gets 6.

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "7"

<OOC> Alan says, "You Two Jeth."

Jeth rolls 1d20 and gets 16.

<OOC> Jeth says, "18"

You paged Jeth with 'You notice the lock has a small inscribtions on it, it seems to be a combitions of lettetrs and numbers.'

Jeth says, "wait, look"

Jeth points "theres a combination of numbers...and letters

Jeth says, "it....says...."

<OOC> Jeth says, "will attempt to read it"

You paged Jeth with 'BD1A'

Jeth says, "BD1A, look to see if any of hte keys has it"

Drake Reynolds starts to look through the key ring for BD1A

One one of the moderns keys there is indeed that same inscribtion

Drake Reynolds tries the key.


Drake Reynolds opens the door.

As you opens the door roll listen checks.

Jeth rolls 1d20 and gets 3.

Drake Reynolds rolls 1d20 and gets 19.

<OOC> Jeth says, "5..."

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "20"

Sorry, Drake is not connected.

No one to page.

You paged Drake Reynolds with 'You hear an faint, muffled echoed shout in the distance saysing, "Sandstone, they breached the lower basement door. I'm hitting the lights!'

Drake Reynolds says, "We need to get out of here."

At about this time all the lights on the ground floor go off.

<OOC> Jaymes says, "aislinnn where are you you nutball"

Jeth says, "Shit...."

One of you has a flashlight.

Drake Reynolds says, "Hide!"

Jeth jumps away, not turning the flashlight on

<OOC> Alan says, "Your in a narrow stair way."

<OOC> Jeth says, "oh"

Jeth hides wherever he can

<OOC> Alan says, "Ummmm, narrow stair way as in no where to hide and its fucking dark."

<OOC> Jeth says, "oh"

Jeth ducks

Drake Reynolds says, "They have cameras or something...we need to get out of this house."

Jeth says, "What? How do you know?"

Just then the door above you closes and locks.

Jeth eeks and looks

Drake Reynolds says, "I heard someone shouting about us."

Jeth says, "W...we...just need to explain our situation""

Drake Reynolds uses the walkie talkie. "Listen, there's someone in the house..we have to get out of here."

Drake Reynolds says, "One of them is called Sandstone...they don't exactly sound like reasonable people."

<OOC> Alan chuckles

Jeth says, "Wh..what?"

Drake Reynolds backs up the stairs slowly in the dark. "I don't know. I don't think they're exactly normal. Let's just get out of here."

Jeth says, "o...okay...""

Jeth creeps with him

Drake, you don;t hear anything on the walkie talkie. You must of turned it off. You back against the top door which just mysteriously closed and locked.

Jeth says, "N...no....i..its locked?"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "I assume aislinn has ours hee"

You guys suddenly here some clank against the door behind you and suddenly there is a flash of lights and a loud bang. Fort saves.

Jeth says, "F...Flash...GAH!"

Jeth rolls 1d20 and gets 14.

<OOC> Jeth says, "17"

Drake Reynolds rolls 1d20 and gets 9.

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "10"

Jeth amanages avoiding getting stunned by a flash bang grenade, however Drake is stunned. However it is still very dark.

Jeth says, "S...Stop please! We can explain!"

<OOC> Alan says, "Jeth inits."

Jeth rolls 1d20 and gets 8.

<OOC> Jeth says, "11"

Alan rolls 1d20 and gets 16.

Alan rolls 1d20 and gets 9.

<OOC> Jeth says, "and now the kicking of my ass"

Just as you open your mouth to say, "Wait,"this is a little flash and you are stung by something. Roll be a fort save and take..

Alan rolls 1d4 and gets 4.

<OOC> Alan says, "4 non lethal."

Jeth rolls 1d20 and gets 9.

<OOC> Jeth says, "12"

Alan rolls 1d6 and gets 6.

Jeth you fall to the ground as a jolt paralysis you. Shortly there after there is another flash.

Alan rolls 1d20 and gets 11.

Drark, Roll a fort

Drake Reynolds rolls 1d20 and gets 1.

Alan rolls 1d4 and gets 1.

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "2"

Jeth says, "Gah....."

<OOC> Jeth says, "hahaha, botch"

Drake on the other hand is knocked unconscious by an electrical jolt. Within a few seconds Jeth feels a blow to the head as he is still twitching.

Alan rolls 3d6 and gets 4, 3, and 6.

<OOC> Alan says, "What's your con Jeth?"

<OOC> Jeth says, "14"

<OOC> Jeth says, "but 13 is more HP than i have"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "lol half think aislinn made the mistake of lying down and going to sleep"

Jeth follows Drake in Unconsiousness.

<OOC> Aislinn says, "a friend just came over and dropped some real life in my lap. many apologies"

Jeth says, "I...ughnn..."

<OOC> Aislinn says, "bad times on the horizon. anyway catch me up?"

<OOC> Jeth says, "me and drake got our asses kicked"

Transition time again. As this is happening, Jaymes and Aislin had enters a calendar room with Astrolobe in the centers of and a whole bunch of charts in it.

Suddenly all the lights other then ones lighting up the calander and astrolobe turn off.

Aislinn says, "Ah, strange looking maps and... stuff."

Aislinn says, "I dont like this..."

<OOC> Jeth says, "oh you lucas wannabe you...argh"

Aislinn looks to jaymes.

<OOC> Alan says, "Listen checks."

Alan rolls 1d20 and gets 10.

Aislinn rolls 1d20 and gets 2.

<OOC> Aislinn says, "thats a 3"

You paged Aislinn with 'You here the whrils and lcicks of the astrolobe.'

<OOC> Alan says, "Jaymes?"

<OOC> Jeth says, "poofness o_o, roll for him?"

<OOC> Alan bangs head agaisnt the wall.

<OOC> Jeth says, "blargh...lets keep going"

<OOC> Alan says, "Well, Aislin roll me a will save."

Aislinn rolls 1d20 and gets 9.

<OOC> Aislinn says, "10"

Deja vu, you suddenly feel really tired and fall downs asleep. However this time Jaymes does the same thing.

Congratulations, you are all unconscious.

<OOC> Jeth says, "weee"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "did i win?"

<OOC> Alan says, "Nope, you failed your save."

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

<OOC> Jaymes says, "YAY YOUR BCK"

<OOC> Alan says, "Ok, Jayme roll me first a listen then a will just to be fiar."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "sorry cough I was afk a sec lol"

Jaymes rolls 1d20 and gets 20.

Jaymes rolls 1d20 and gets 15.

You paged Jaymes with 'You clearly hears someone chanting behind you.'

<OOC> Alan says, "What your total for the will?"

<OOC> Alan says, "Never mind you MADE the save."

You see Aislinn slump to the ground and apparently fall asleep.

Jaymes says, "Theres like chanting..."

However, you only feel a wave of drowsiness pass over you.

Jaymes says, "Aislinnn?""

Jaymes turns to see what chanting is going on?

Spot check.

Alan rolls 1d20 and gets 16.

Aislinn is on the ground. Snoring most likely.

Jaymes rolls 1d20 and gets 3.

<OOC> Alan says, "Your the one that had the Katana and Wakasashi right Jaymes?"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "ya"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "oriental swords are like cool"

You are completely surprised by someone grabbing you from behind and press a blade to your throat. A higher pitched, almost musical sounding masculine voices says softly in your ear, "Drop the swords and don't say a word."

Jaymes says, "Uh..." He drops the swords and they clatter to teh floor."

Alan there is a clatter as they are kicked away. You are then patted down quickly. You hear someone else enter the room. The male voice says, "Olga, take the girl." Then he address you, "Don't say a word." You breifly see a large forms move through the shadows to pick up Aislin and take her out of the room.

Er there is a clatter as they are kicked away. You are then patted down quickly. You hear someone else enter the room. The male voice says, "Olga, take the girl." Then he address you, "Don't say a word." You breifly see a large forms move through the shadows to pick up Aislin and take her out of the room.

<OOC> Jeth says, "oh, we get fucking flash bangged but they get spell sleeped, thats fair"

<OOC> Alan says, "You didn't run across the mage."

Jaymes says, "But but...""

Who ever has you grabbed, pulls your arms back around to you back rather painfully, but not roughly and maneuvers the tip of the blade tot eh back of your neck, "Please for you sake no talking yet..

Jaymes nods... not really being in a position to talk... though hes worried about aislinn."

<OOC> Jeth says, "okay lucas shift XD"

<OOC> Jeth says, "j/k hehe"

You feel another person come into the room, the voice says, "Tiff, please sedate this one?" A small high pitch voices says, "Yes," then you feel a prick as someone jabs you with a needle and you fall unconscious.

<OOC> Jeth says, "good plot reveal though heh"

Jaymes "Gnerrrfff" Slumps unconcious.

Some time latter you all start coming too, however you don't know where and you are bound to chairs and blindfolded. Your also feeling rather drafty as if someone stripped you to your underwear and socks. Jeth and Drake, you both have some headaches. Aislinn your fine and Jaymes, your rather drowsy.

Jeth says, "Unnngh.....f...fuck...."

<OOC> Aislinn says, "yay im fine."

Aislinn says, "Hello?"

Jaymes yawns... "Where..." He blinks a couple times... "oh ya... Aislinn? Are you alright?"

Aislinn says, "i feel ok"

Drake Reynolds says, "What hit us....ugh....they got you too?"

Aislinn says, "except for being tied to a chair."

Jaymes tests his bonds.

Jeth says, "Gnn...*struggles against it*"

Jeth says, "Ugh....my head feels like a train wreck....I think I was flashbanged and rifle butted"

Your gently, but securely bounds by fluffy handscuffs and ducttape.

Jeth rolls 1d20 and gets 18.

<OOC> Jeth says, "20 to try to overpower it"

Aislinn says, "fluffy handcuffs? This is knikier than i thought."

Aislinn laughs uncomfortably.

Jeth says, "GNNNNN T..Time and place....Time and...fucking...place""

Drake Reynolds says, "Did you guys see who got you? It was dark for us.."

Aislinn says, "Nope.."

Jaymes says, "I heard someone but started to turn and they put a knife to my throat... then I was jabbed.""

Jeth you manages to rip the ductapes freeing your feet and hands form the chairs, however the handcuffs still binds hour hands behind your back,

Jeth says, "Yeah...alright..."

Jeth Stands and looks arround "there has to be a key or something that cna help

Your blind folded

<OOC> Jeth says, "oh"

Drake Reynolds wiggles to see if he can feel the weight of his rapier at his side.

Jeth plops his body on the ground, and takes his meditative stance, but with a twist, using his feet to push the blindfold off

Drake, you in your underwear and socks.

<OOC> Jeth says, "and it is possible what jeth is doing, I just did it IRL"

You guys hear someone flopping around.

Jaymes says, "Now whats happening?""

Jeth says, "sh..shit..."

<OOC> Alan says, "YOu have escape artist? If not give me a stright dex check."

Jeth quickly gets to the chair, hoping no one will notice

<OOC> Jeth says, "if he hears the person walking he wont do it"

<OOC> Alan says, "Listen checks."

<OOC> Jeth says, "if he goes away though, ok"

Jeth rolls 1d20 and gets 15.

Drake Reynolds rolls 1d20 and gets 9.

<OOC> Jeth says, "17 llisten"

Jaymes rolls 1d20 and gets 18.

<OOC> Jeth says, "if he leaves, here's dex"

Jeth rolls 1d20 and gets 18.

<OOC> Jeth says, "21"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "10"

Jeth Manages to contorts his body and move his legs in suchs a way that he wiggles the cuffs from being at his back to being in front of him, however those of you who beat a 15 hears someone coming.

Jeth quickly searches for a blunt object or something heavy to knock out whoever is coming

Your still blind folded, however you can take it off easier now.

However when you take the blindfold off, not much changes. Your in a dark room.

Hoever you can see where one of the doors is because there is light comeing from under it.

Jeth looks for a light switch at least

Jeth says, "Dont worry guys...i'll get you out of here...."

Aislinn rolls 1d20 and gets 8.

<OOC> Aislinn says, "my listen check is a 9"

And what you remember where there is a door there is usually a lights swtich. As you make your way to the door roll a reflex save.

Jeth rolls 1d20 and gets 4.

<OOC> Jeth says, "7 X_x"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "hee"

You trip over a ottaman as the door opens, sending light into the room. At the door is a man of a little less the average hight and a tall, very well build woman. The man hits the light has he hears Jeth falls flat on his face. Those still blindfolded see like through them.

<OOC> Jeth says, "ottaman?"

Jeth says, "D...dammit..."

<OOC> Aislinn says, "ottoman 1 home team 0"

Footstool like things. You appears to be in the sitting room near the Roman bath, the man who is very handsome, dark hair, pale skinned, green eyed and slight of build says something in a higher pitch masculine voice say, "It appears that one of our guests already freed himself. Olga get the others." The large woman grunts an affermative. She a bit taller the Aislinn and more powerfully build with dark hair eyes and dusky skin. She is dress in a classic maids outfit, however see is per portioned in such a way it looks nice on her and she is fairly attractive. The man is dressed in a business suit and looks at Jeth, "My sinceriest Apologies, there has been a grave misunderstanding.

Jeth says, "I dont think a flashbang and the butt of a rifle upside the head is a 'misunderstanding'...whats going on!?""

He walks over to where Jeth is laying and helps him out, says the maid frees the others.

Jaymes says, "Hello... ummm we were just wondering if we could use your phone? ... we are lost we didnt mean to intrude"

<OOC> Jeth says, "a woman named Olga who isnt built like a tank? brain...hurt..."

Jeth says, "Yeah..we...we did something wrong, but we had no choice"

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

The man, "You really must forgive, Ulli, my butler, he's rather protective. You see this is a safehouse.

Jeth says, "A safehouse with a key under....never mind....so uhm...if this is a huge missunderstanding...."

Jeth says, "....why are we being treated like hostages...."

Drake Reynolds nods in recognition as he makes the connection with the maid and the room he searched for the keys. "We'll be on our way.."

Jaymes says, "A safehouse for what?"

The man takes your hands cuffs and unlocks them, "My family an I have been under some threat recently. When we notice you approached our home armed like you were, we jumped to some conclusions. We found you abdonded car and realized our mistake,

Soon your all freed and can see what's going on.

Jeth says, "Well uhm....can you maybe explain something?"

Jeth says, "How in the hell are we on the east coast?"

Jeth says, "We were in michigan!"

<OOC> Alan says, "Indiana actually."

<OOC> Jeth says, "whatever"

<OOC> Jeth says, "Indiana"

Jaymes says, "Well there was no one about and it was kinda spooky"

The man looks at you curiously, "I don't know what your talking about. Ulli mentioned your car has out of state plates. Perhaps you can tell your story to me. I feel I must extend to you my hospitality as an apology, Your clothing is in the changing room over there, minus you equipment and the keys to the car. Ulli will be taking car of that. When you done changing. Olga will lead you tot he Parlours. I feel some drinks are in oder.

Jeth says, "And some asprin...."

Jeth heads over to change

The gentleman points to a door of to the side, "There should be enough stalls in there for each of you." He nods to Olga and leaves.

Jaymes says, "Thank you for being so kind.""

Olga stands there.

Jaymes heads over to find some clothes and get dressed again.

Jeth ignores Olga and looks to the room and finds his clothes and changes

Aislinn grabs her clothes and rushed into the booth.

Drake Reynolds follows suit, watching his host suspiciously until he enters the booth to change.

<OOC> Alan says, "Ok, you get change. Mind if I stop here?"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "im ok with it, i have an early morning... today."

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Sounds good"

<OOC> Jeth says, "same"

<OOC> Jeth says, "night"

<OOC> Alan says, "Don't leave yet"

<OOC> Jeth says, "oh"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "i came off of 10 hours at work to the game so i was kinda toast from the beginning. apologies for lack of inertaction"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "hopefully next time we get more of you with some energy my sweet ;)"

<OOC> Alan says, "I wanted to ask what other day and time we can meet to coincide with a better day for Aislin."

<OOC> Aislinn says, "i have sat sun mon off this week"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "i work the next three days"

<OOC> Jeth says, "weekends i think"

<OOC> Jeth says, "would be ALOT better"

<OOC> Jeth says, "how about saturday evening"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "saturdays are good here"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Weekends are iffy for me. I'm not normally home."

<OOC> Aislinn says, "i should have most saturdays off"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "monday at the normal time could be good"

<OOC> Jeth says, "anything works for me, honest"

<OOC> Jeth says, "sorry Alan, i gotta go to bed, tell me what you agree on though in AIM, night everyone!"

<OOC> Alan says, "Mondays are best for me, at least until Heroes gets back on at the usal time, aty least for the next session."

Jeth has disconnected.

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Basically Thursday works easiest for me..Monday's right out, so is Friday...Wednesday I could do it late...Saturday's iffy."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "drake is iffy weekends... aislinn is off monday."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "oh you dont have mondays drake?"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Nope..at least not for this month..once classes get out my schedule opens up"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "ok well I assume aislinns schedule chages a bit over time too. So other nights might be viable other days"

<OOC> Alan says, "You have evening classes ?"

<OOC> Aislinn says, "ill coordinate through alan and jaymes. i have to sleep soon or suffer dire consequences. night everyone"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "Yep"

Aislinn has disconnected.

<OOC> Jaymes says, "Alan Im out of here.. Im ok most days. Friday night and saturday night is generally bad but not out."

<OOC> Jaymes says, "ya way past my bedtime too"

<OOC> Jaymes says, "night night"

<OOC> Drake Reynolds says, "G'night everyone"

<OOC> Alan says, "And weekends you are iffy for you Drake?"

Drake Reynolds has disconnected.