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(@@# J@@" (@@@) JN@L 4@@@@@L

(@@H (@@) (@@@) #@@@N `4@@@@@H

#@@N (@@) (@@@) J@@@@F @@@@@@@L

#@@@. J@@) (@@@@. .@@@@@@) .@@F4@@@@N.

(@@@L .N@N` N@@@L .J@H`N@@@` (@@ 4@@@@N.

`@@@@N__J@@@F (@@@@@@@@@F @@@) (@F "N@@@H

(@@@@@@@@F `@@@@@@` @@@) (N@) (@@@@L

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Tabletop Room 6



Obvious exits:

Tabletop Nexus <TN>

<OOC> Upton says, "Heya"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Yo"

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

<OOC> Upton says, "Are we getting a new person?"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Yeah... at some point. Maybe this session if there's a good place. Maybe next. But things have gone on long enough that it seemed like an appropriate point to introduce a new player"

<OOC> Upton nods, "I think I am help the person on how to get into this room right now.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "kay"

GrueGirl arrives from the Tabletop Gaming Area.

GrueGirl has arrived.

<OOC> Upton says, "Hello"

GrueGirl says, "hellote""

<OOC> Upton is otherwise known as Al Ray

GrueGirlis just Grue

GrueGirl*Is just grue

<OOC> Upton says, "It takes a little getting use to."

GrueGirl says, "yeah. I'm more used to IRC""

<OOC> GrueGirl says, "sooo..."

<OOC> Upton says, "We're waiting on a player who is currently uncharaistically late."

<OOC> GrueGirl says, "Hmm... do we have any other contact with said player?"

<OOC> Upton says, "Yep, on AIM, this player hasn't shown up yet."

<OOC> GrueGirl says, "Hmm... Perhaps we should give some sort of RL contact to the GM"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Hm. Maybe we ought to set up some place to leave a message when we can't show up for some reason, at least."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "If we can't get in direct contact with a player or something"

<OOC> Upton nods.

<OOC> Upton says, "However if I know Keatii, he's probally just got held up at works and will be one within and hour or so. He's on Pacific time"

<OOC> GrueGirl nods

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "A message board or a live journal or something. Something freeeeee."

<OOC> GrueGirl says, "Just get a proboard and be done with it!"

<OOC> GrueGirl says, "hehe"

GrueGirl has partially disconnected.

GrueGirl has reconnected.

<OOC> GrueGirl Is AFK untill further notice

<OOC> Upton says, "WB"

Keisho has connected.

<OOC> Upton says, "Heya"

<OOC> Keisho says, "Im sorry had to work late"

<OOC> Keisho says, "T_T"

<OOC> Upton says, "I guessed it"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Well then. I suppose we can start once everyone is ready... might be kinda short, I still have to do bed and stuff at an early time"

<OOC> Keisho says, "ok well :) we will play for a while then. sorry guys"

<OOC> Upton says, "No probalem, all we need is Jen to show"

<OOC> Keisho says, "ahh"

Treya has connected.

<OOC> Keisho says, "wee"

<OOC> Keisho says, "so um whos grue girl?"

<OOC> Keisho says, "huggles treya"

GrueGirl has partially disconnected.

<OOC> Upton says, "Back"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Can't find my log of last session... can't remember... space station name."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Found it!"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "And the Grueish person there is a prospective new player. Might be joining in to day, it seems like a good point. Perhaps. We'll see!"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "but first, I have to feed the dog, cause it's dinnertime."

<OOC> Keisho says, "kay kay feed the dog"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Okay. So. Everyone ready?"

<OOC> Treya says, "sure"

<OOC> Upton says, "I'm ready"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Keisho?"

<OOC> Keisho says, "yep"

<OOC> Keisho says, "sorry typed it with out the ooc lol"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Ah. Allright then"

When we last left our intrepid rapscallions, the Elsa was bound for Gardabald space station to resupply after giving many supplies to the poor space-pirate orphans who idolized Treya. And in a single sentence summary that sounds rather haphazard, but I don't mind!

<OOC> Keisho says, "lol :)"

GrueGirl has disconnected.

Treya is in her training area, where she usually is when not sleeping or eating. XD

Upton has gone back to watching over Renald to makes sure the kids is working on the project he want the kid to do

The Elsa is very near Gardabald station, and has begun docking procedures.

Renald's work station has several mini-towers set up, power arcing from one area to another, the tniy, localized explosion causing an exclamation of "Ah! AH! FIRE! Extinguisher! Ah!"

Keisho goes to the bridge and studys some more on the weblink.

Treya is getting dressed and ready to hit the station.

The Elsa docks succesfuly on the station. She informs everyone of such.

Keisho Gets up from the monitor and head toward the airlock.

Treya says, "Thanks Elsa. Normal procedure when I'm not onboard."

Upton says, "rushs to get a fire extinghiser to help Renald out."

Keisho says, "New station.""

<OOC> Keisho says, "oh how much money did upton give me back?"

<OOC> Upton says, "Over 600 I think"

<OOC> Keisho says, "maybe 8 not sure lol"

Upton rushes to aid Renald, "What in the blaze are ya doing?

The flames are very localized, so the hazard is small. One of Elsa's small maintenance units helps extinguis the fire, and things are back to normal.

"Hmmm, so, maybe I had the conduit uh.... a little.. miscalibrated?"

Keisho says, "We going shopping captain?"

Treya says, "We're picking up supplies, not going shopping."

The hatch opens, allowing the two of you out, as well as Upton if he'd like.

Upton help the little robot, "What are you working on?

Upton looks at the mess to see if he can make any sense of it.

Keisho says, "Alright. Well still. Whats this station like?""

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

"Well, the theories of that Tesla guy, they're really... interesting. But adapting it to a plasma cell is kind of... hit or miss." This particular experiment, while still very odd, is actually vaugely more grounded in science that you're used too, albeit highly theoretical science.

Keisho, your question is answered as you look out. It's not as sophisticated as the last station you were on, but seeing as you left that whilst under attack, you might not care much. There are a few information terminals available nearby.

Keisho goes to an information terminal and checks out where the supply store is.

Upton sees if he can use his talent to fix it up, "Lets me take a crack at it

Treya has disconnected.

<OOC> Keisho says, "poop"

<OOC> Upton says, "Looks like Jen jsut got DCed"

Well, seeing as it's theoretical science, 'fixing' it would require you to invent a new method for it to even work. Go ahead and roll if you want.

Upton rolls 2d6 and gets 6 and 3.

<OOC> Upton says, "Got it with 1 under I think"

Keisho, there isn't exactly a single store for supplies, as several retailers supply ships. Most of them are located on the commercial floor.

<OOC> Upton says, "Correction, 3 under"

Upton, the conduits are rather confusing, but you set them up, put in a few touches of your own, and you think you've got it fixed. All that's left now is to turn it on.

Upton says, "Ok, try it again."

Renald flips the switch. Power arcs between the conduits. "It works! It WORKS!"

Upton says, "What does it do?"

Suddenly, the conduits suffer a tiny localized explosion.

"Ah! AH! FIRE! Extinguisher! Ah!"

<OOC> Keisho says, "mm well I was with treya hopefully she comes back soon"

Keisho nods and turns back to Treya.

The small bot wheels into the room and starts extinguishing again.

GrueGirl has connected.

<OOC> GrueGirl says, "back all"

Upton pick up the fire exstigusier and helps

It seems you maybe didn't quite get it afterall. Oh well, it worked longer that time.

<OOC> Keisho says, "hi gruegirl"

<OOC> GrueGirl says, "Parents forced me to drive my friends around..."

<OOC> Keisho says, "lol thats kinda odd. :)"

<OOC> Upton says, "WB, one of our players randomly D/Ced/"

<OOC> GrueGirl says, "Could someone give me a basic Idea as to where you guys are and what you're doing?"

Upton pulls out his multi-toll and takes another crack at fixing it.

The tower conduits, having exploded twice now, are looking a little.... fixing-resistant at this point.

<OOC> Keisho says, "Im kaetii btw umm we docked at a space station for supplies. upton is playing with the tech geek guy."

<OOC> GrueGirl says, "Okay, I'm going to make my big entry in a little while."

<OOC> Upton says, "Er multi-toll. We are in sapce aboard a spaceship called Elsa which is docked abort a space stations for resupply The ship is owned by a bounty hunter named Treya who is a loner."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Make sure you clear it by me first, of course."

<OOC> Upton says, "No way I can fix it?"

Upton says, "What exactly where you trying to do?"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Well, it might not be impossible. Just rather difficult."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Especially since you're not sure how they work in the first place."

<OOC> GrueGirl says, "Yeah, of course. I'm only making my entrance as the event you and I discussed happens."

Upton gives it a crack.

Upton rolls 2d6 and gets 6 and 2.

<OOC> Upton says, "4 under."

Keisho turns back to the monitor and checks out the station information to see if there is anything interesting about the station or happening there.

"Well, I was trying to send a charge from conduit to conduit via a plasma-source. Only about .8987 jigawatts right now, but you start smaller. Um, the problem seems to be that sending the charge without giving the other conduit a warning first kinda... explosionates things. I suppose I'd be suprised if .8987 jigawatts suddenly popped up in my internals, so it's understandable..."

Upton nods and sees if he is skilled enough to fix that problem.

Upton, you're not exactly sure how you would give a warning to an inanimate object. You try to maybe set it to give a small charge first, as that seems logical (unless you'd like to give me another way you'd go about it, but either way you missed the roll with modifiers), but there's another explosion. Renald claims that the conduits were probably more annoyed then informed by the smaller but still sudden charge.

Keisho, things seem pretty normal. No celebrations.... not even any sales. How boring.

Upton continues to work that the problem, maybe with a light emiting/reciving warning system rather then electric.

<OOC> Upton says, "Another roll?"

The conduits have exploded three times by this point. You're pretty sure things will have to be done from scratch at this point.

Treya has connected.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Dang! I used this point TWICE"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Curses."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Oh, hey there Treya"

<OOC> Treya says, "sorry bout that"

Upton will try to rebuild them then.

<OOC> Upton says, "Sorry, got to focused."

<OOC> Upton says, "Rebuilt them from scratch I mean."

<OOC> GrueGirl says, "hi Treya, I'm the newguy"

Upton, you're not sure how they were constructed in the first place. Perhaps you should work with Renald.

Keisho gazes at Treya. "Well all the supplies are on the commercial deck."

Upton says, "We'll need to rebuld them from scratch, can you help me out, perhapes our talent combind we can get this thing working!"

<OOC> Treya says, "howdy"

Treya says, "Well that's where we're goin."

Keisho says, "Alright Treya.""

Keisho says, "Didn't see anything else interesting on the monitor.... seems a pretty boring station."

Treya nods and heads to the commercial deck.

Renald looks at you. "I could have sworn you asked a question in that sentance, but I didn't hear the question mark."

Keisho follows along.

Treya, Keisho, the lift takes you down a few levels to the commercial deck. The area has several people milling around and a number of stores of all manners. Tracking down a place to buy supplies shouldn't prove difficult.

Treya says, "Well let's get to work."

Upton looks at Renald, "Come on, lets do it. You know how you intially made it and I know how to make it work, lets do it!

Keisho says, "Alright."

Keisho says, "Lots of peanut butter.""

Treya says, "Right..."

"Well, allright, just don't repeat yourself. See, it starts like this..." He takes the old conduits reduces them to base-materials. Roll me a science roll to follow along. No electronics.

Keisho says, "Sorry I was teasing you before hope I didnt hurt your feelings.""

Several purveyors of general supplies are in the area, you have only to pick. Knowing Treya, probably at random.

Upton rolls 2d6 and gets 5 and 4.

Treya shrugs and heads for the nearest one.

<OOC> Upton says, "Damnit, missed by one."

<OOC> Upton says, "I hate rolling high..."

<OOC> Upton says, "Unless my Physical Sciences Physics spealty helps"

You still have trouble following his completely impossible (at least by the normal laws of reality) science methods, though you're beginning to understand a few of his babblings about how he's doing things, as scary as that might be. He brushes off most of your comments, but a few make him pause, tilting his head as he looks at this work, and make an adjustment or two.

Upton says, "Ok, just tell me what you want me to do."

Treya, a large warehouse is nearest too you, and you're greeted by a middle-aged man with brown hair, wearing a pair of overalls. "Can I help you?"

Keisho Follows along with Treya. Peering at the landscape about."

Treya says, "Right. I need you to fill this list."

Treya hands it over.

"Kay. Uh, take this one, put it in a good place and maybe get it ready to have .8987 jigawatts in it when it only had a minimal charge a moment ago."

The man whistles. "That sure is alot of peanut butter. A'right, I'll get on it. Should I have it carted up to your ship?"

Keisho peers about the store looking to see if theres anything interesting in it.

Keisho says, "Its a busy ship."

Treya says, "Yeah, right to the ship."

There's alot of... general things. Clothes, basic electronics, but nothing fancy.

"Allright, We'll have it there soon as we fill the order. Charge it to your account, unless ye'd rather pay cash?"

GrueGirl has disconnected.

Upton takes it looks for a good place to set it up and sets it up.

<OOC> Upton says, "What should I roll?"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Go ahead and roll electronics this time"

<OOC> Keisho says, "we lost gruegirl"

Keisho says, "Where we off to from here Treya?"

Treya says, "Look for work"

Keisho says, "Alright You know people here?"

Upton rolls 2d6 and gets 1 and 6.

Treya says, "Nope."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "You just can't seem to roll low tonight."

<OOC> Upton says, "5 under."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Better then your other rolls though"

<OOC> Upton says, "I know and Thrusday when I roll damage in D&D with the same dice, though in a diffetrent room, I rearely roll high."

You have a better feel for the devices after working with them so much. You think you might be able to give it a bit of preperation for recieving such a charge by adding a few touches to improve conductivity.... and maybe that would let the device know it's going to be recieving a large charge? Who can tell, it's still rather inanimate.

GrueGirl has connected.

<OOC> GrueGirl says, "sry, compy died"

Upton doesn't really care how exactly it works, just that he is working with a really unusal tech.

Keisho says, "So we find a bar or something?"

<OOC> Keisho says, "welcome back :)"

Well, you've certainly got that much Upton.

There are indeed a few bars about if that is your aim, Treya.

Treya heads into one cheerily, ready to get a bit smashed.

Upton says, "How's this?"

The bar fits the stereotypical smokey atmosphere, but it is unfortunately, brightly lit rather then dim. The tender, a fat and squat man with a pinched face, takes your order.

Keisho says, "I'll have some wine.""

Treya says, "You'll have some milk if anything. I'll take a beer."

Renald glances for a moment. "Yeah, sure, okay." He has now finished a rather larger version of the origional conduits... and appears to be done. One normal sized, which you set up, and one big one.

Keisho says, "Ok beer sounds good.""

Upton says, "What next?"

The fat man narrows his eyes at you Keisho. "One beer and one ginger ale coming up." He turns to the tap.

"Noooow, we, uh. Turn it on, I guess. You might not want to stand next to it."

The drinks are set in front of the two of you. Keisho, predictably enough you do not get the alcoholic one.

Treya gets to drinkin!

Upton walks clear of it

Keisho says, "Fine..." Drinks the ginger ale."

Keisho says, "I thought the drinking age was 18 on this station.""

The beer is a bit watered down, Treya, but at least it's not light beer. And it'll get you drunk anyway.

Treya says, "Ahh..."

The squat tender gives you a look. "Right. You wanna head to a Terran station, that might be the case. The drinking age drops every other freakin decade over there. You wanna drink here, come back when you're old enough to menstruate."

Upton flicks the lever. The large conduit sparks, and a brief arc singals a power transfer to the small conduit. It glows for a minute, and the energy disperses peacefuly. Nothing explodes. "Hey. I uh.... think it worked."

Keisho pouts slightly.

Upton says, "Excellent, what's the next step?"

Renald raises both hands into the air manicaly. "More POWER!"

Keisho sips the ginger ale.

Treya, a man wearing a leather jacket and wearing a belt with a few weapons strapped to it walks up to and sits next to you. "...Looking for work?"

Treya blinks over at him, working on her second drink. "Why d'you ask?"

"You look like the type is all. I got a job needs doin... but it's a little... much for most people. If ya don't want it, you can pretend I never asked."

Treya says, "I'll listen."

Upton says, "Ok, once we have more then we should have enough to get that new gene reshuffle to work, right?"

Keisho says, "And Im almost 18." She mumbles."

He looks to both sides. "Best not discussed here, really. You wanna follow me somewhere more private, we can speak."

Treya says, "Sounds good."

"Yeah, pretty much. We... probably want to test it though before using it on anyone. People explode rather more messily then conduits."

Keisho gets up and follwos Treya to the booth.

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

He stands, and leaves the bar without another word, expecting you to follow him, obviously

Treya does follow.

Upton says, "Treya woould kill us if we test it on here, picking a stranger would be unethical so it would have to be one of use two.."

<OOC> Keisho says, "muhahaa."

Renald taps his fingers. "I wonder how much gerbils cost. Maybe hamsters would work better?" he mutters to himself.

He snaps out of his self discussion. "Oh. I guess we could use us. I'm rather averse to exploding, however."

The man leads you to an abandoned alleyway. Nobody is around. He taps his weapon absentmindedly.

Upton says, "Gives you extra incentive to have you calculations right doesn't it. Do you know the ancient ritual of selection called rock-paper-scissors?"

Renald nods. "Yes, but it never really worked very well by myself."

Upton says, "So we use it to decide wether me or you be the test subject."

"So. The job.

" The man says

Treya says, "I'm waiting."

Keisho gazes at the man curiously.

He pulls his weapon and turns on you. "Shut up and get captured, that's your job." He fires.

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 6 and 2.

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

the weapon fires a net... which misses you completely.

Keisho blinks "Could have at least given me a damn beer first ass!"

Treya immediately draws her guns and opens up on him.

Keisho concentrates on the man trying to neutralize him in some way.

GrueGirlFrom the shadows drops a strange figure, a mass of cloth holding a rifle.

Roll init! 1d6!

Treya rolls 1d6 and gets 6.

Keisho rolls 1d6 and gets 5.

A big cloth covered person drops from above, holding a large rifle. The man seems suprised.

GDMSkullrama rolls 1d6 and gets 2.

Renald nods at you. The two of you begin the ancient ritual.

Roll 1d3!

Upton rolls 1d3 and gets 1.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Since coordinating to speak at the same time could be difficult"

GDMSkullrama rolls 1d3 and gets 3.

<OOC> GrueGirl says, "Hang on a moment"

You break the poor boy's scissors savegly.

Upton says, "Best two out of three is tradtional"

He nods. "Right! Right!" He seems rather eager not to risk exploding.

GrueGirl rolls 1d6 and gets 6.

GDMSkullrama rolls 1d3 and gets 1.

<OOC> GrueGirl says, "sry had to get my MUSH commands"

Upton rolls 1d3 and gets 1.

A tie.

The man still reacts first, firing his gun again

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 1 and 6.

Keisho, roll DCV

Renald starts the ritual again!

GDMSkullrama rolls 1d3 and gets 2.

<OOC> Keisho says, "dcv?"

Keisho rolls 2d6 and gets 5 and 1.

<OOC> Keisho says, "7!"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Which is like.... four over your DCV of 3."

<OOC> Keisho says, "my dcv is 3? oh."

<OOC> Keisho says, "whats a dcv? defence thinger?"

Keisho, the net he fires wraps around you. You're a bit too caught to concentrate on those shmancy powers of yours. Perhaps you ought to focus on clambering out.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Yep, defense combat value"

It is your turn now, Keisho.

Keisho says, "Gahh!" Starts trying to climbe out of the net"

<OOC> Keisho says, "ok working on getting out of the net. lol"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Roll 2d6 for me"

Upton rolls 1d3 and gets 2.

Teya'Vrathe strange cloth-covered figure tosses the loose bits of camoflauge aside revieling a rifle in one hand, a pistol in another, and a tail holding a third pistol.


Roll that.

And firing a rifle one handed is gonna cause a penalty.

<OOC> Teya'Vra says, "should I roll for all 3 guns? And I do have a 2 gun gun bunny bonus"

Yes, roll three times, and your bonuses are helping you fire so many weapons, but you don't have an attribute for firing an unwieldy weapon (e.g. rifle one handed). You instead have attributes for two guns, aiming for specific spots and shooting while running. So yeah. There'll be a penalty. Especially on the tail shot.

<OOC> Teya'Vra says, "k"

<OOC> Teya'Vra says, "for machine rifle in left hand"

Teya'Vra rolls 2d6 and gets 1 and 6.

<OOC> Teya'Vra says, "for sniper rifle in right hand (not looking through scope)"

Teya'Vra rolls 2d6 and gets 5 and 4.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Not that a scope does so much at sucgh a close range."

<OOC> Teya'Vra says, "for medium pistol in tail"

Teya'Vra rolls 2d6 and gets 5 and 6.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Yowch."

<OOC> Teya'Vra says, "I take it, 3 solid misses"

The mysterious cloaked figure fires it's impressive arsenal at the man... and manages to miss completely. Bullets ricochet around the man as he ducks and covers his head to protect it from shrapnel.

Keisho continues struggling with the net

Treya, your turn.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Keisho, you never rolled that 2d6 I told you to roll."

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 4 and 1.

Treya fills him with bullet sized holes.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "You gotta roll for each gun. Unless you're only shooting once this round."

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 5 and 6.

<OOC> Treya says, "oh"

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 4 and 4.

<OOC> Treya says, "2 hits I think?"

The man takes the first bullet in the gut with a grunt of pain...

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 4 and 4.

<OOC> Keisho says, "but a massive gut it is."

Followed quickly by a second, as Treya shows the mystery cloaked savior just how much saving she needs. The man is still standing however.

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 1 and 5.

Treya, roll 2d6 for defense

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Keisho, you STILL haven't rolled taht 2d6."

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 5 and 4.

<OOC> Keisho says, "oh Im sorry"

Keisho rolls 2d6 and gets 2 and 2.

<OOC> Keisho says, "I missed it. Blush"

After your spectacular gunplay, you get hit by and tangled in a net. Rather unfair.

<OOC> Keisho says, "and the second one lol"

<OOC> Treya says, "can I shoot while I'm in the net?"

<OOC> Teya'Vra says, "my turn?"

Keisho, you grab the net and start to work your way out. Slowly. Roll again since it's your turn again, Keisho.

Keisho rolls 2d6 and gets 6 and 1.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "You CAN shoot in the net, but it's rather difficult to aim when you can't stand or move your arms right or anything. You'd take a penalty."

<OOC> Upton says, "Tied again in case you missed it."

<OOC> Treya says, "ok"

Keisho, you still can't quit get out. You think you're making progress though.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Yes. I did miss it."

Tey, your turn

GDMSkullrama rolls 1d3 and gets 2.

Upton rolls 1d3 and gets 1.

Renald throws paper!

Renalds paper covers and consumes your rock! It all comes down to the last throw!

Upton 's rock is wrapped by paper!

Upton rolls 1d3 and gets 1.

Keisho continues struggling with the net. "What a moron you are jerk... you should have fed the captain all the beer she could drink first... shes gonna kick your ass!"

Teya'Vradrops both pistols and fires the sniper rifle

Teya'Vra rolls 2d6 and gets 6 and 3.

<OOC> Keisho says, "dont put in a space for your :: just :drops both pistols"

The weapon misses, though it comes much closer this time!

Treya, your action

<OOC> Keisho says, "^_^"

Treya curses and flips a knife out, slashing at the net.

<OOC> Teya'Vra says, "thanks"

Roll 2d6 for effectiveness.

<OOC> Keisho says, "sure :) its wierd at first"

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 3 and 2.

Treya, you begin cutting the net. You should get through soon.

Upton rolled rock again.

The man fires his weapon again. Or tries to, but nothing happens. He curses and flings it to the ground... he apparently wasn't expecting three people.

GDMSkullrama rolls 1d3 and gets 3.

You crush Renald's scissors. Again.

Keisho, go.

Upton says, "Looks like yer it kid"

You say, "Ah. Well." He gulps. "I always wondered what it was like to be atomized by 1.8 jigawatts. Well, no, I didn't, but it sounds nicer to say I did.""

<OOC> Teya'Vra says, "+roll 1D6"

<OOC> Teya'Vra says, "ah, I can't roll dice for fun..."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Keisho. Roll 2d6 again"

Keisho rolls 2d6 and gets 6 and 6.

<OOC> Teya'Vra pouts

Upton says, "Well, if you did things right you shouldn't be killed. If ya want I can double check your work."

<OOC> Keisho says, "lol"

Keisho, just as you're about to escape, you trip, roll and retangle yourself. You're back at square one.

Tey, your turn.

Keisho says, "Dammit!""

Treya keeps cutting.

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 2 and 3.

Teya'Vra looks through the scope and fires at the man's crotch

<OOC> Keisho says, "vicious lol"

Teya'Vra rolls 2d6 and gets 6 and 2.

<OOC> Teya'Vra says, "hang on, I'm going to roll a few times... it keeps giving me that one 6"

<OOC> Teya'Vra says, "ignore these"

Teya'Vra rolls 2d6 and gets 6 and 3.

Teya'Vra rolls 2d6 and gets 1 and 3.

Teya'Vra rolls 2d6 and gets 2 and 4.

Teya'Vra rolls 2d6 and gets 5 and 5.

<OOC> Keisho says, "lol the dice are quirky at times"

<OOC> Teya'Vra says, "thanks for your paitence"

<OOC> Teya'Vra says, "lol"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "THat would have been a hit if you hadn't made the called shot... the +1 threw your roll off barely."

The man feels a breeze as the bullet passes just below his testes, he pauses for a moment.

Teya'Vra says, "Leave, and never return or I shall not miss.""

Treya, you slash a hole in the net and climb out. He looks at you. "Awwwww, dammit. Screw this shit!" He then turns and runs.

Treya of course shoots the shit out of him as he flees.

Roll your two shots there, Treya.

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 3 and 6.

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 2 and 6.

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 3 and 6.

He gives a "GRAGH!" As a bullet takes him in the lower back, but he continues to flee, around a corner.

Treya gets up and dashes after him.

Teya'Vra Idly collects it's guns placing them in pockets

"Yes. Well. That's comforting." Renald still looks nervous.

Teya'Vra Attepts to assist Keisho

Keisho continues trying to get out of the damn net.

Treya, you dash around the corner to find an open door in the back of one of the buildings. He's in there and probably knows the inside far better then you do. It's also likely to be more then meets the eye should you enter.

With the strange cloaked person's help, you're out of the net soon Keisho.

Teya'Vra says, "Are you alright?"

Keisho says, "Yes Thanks." She says, "Stupid net... bastard could have given me a drink first in the bar." She runs after Treya. "The captains popular."

Teya'Vraconcentrates on active camoflauge and vanishes from sight for a while

Tey, the people seem to be rather ignoring your presence. And the fact that you leapt out of nowhere with alot of guns to defend them.

Teya'Vra concentrates on active camoflauge and vanishes from sight for a while

<OOC> Teya'Vra says, "still getting used to the no-space thing"

Since no one is watching you at the moment, that's easy enough.

Treya of course...charges in after him.

Renald bows his head and sighs. "I'll... get to work then." He hums a funeral dirge as he assembles his supplies and moves to his work bench

Keisho follows after Treya somewhat behind.

Roll 2d6 Treya.

Teya'Vra Slinks after them hidden from sight

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 3 and 3.

Upton says, "Well, you have any family that I can send a notice to?"

"Nope, not really."

Treya, you rush straight into a pit, as the floor drops beneath you. Roll another 2d6.

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 2 and 4.

Spreading your legs, you manage to slow and stop your descent using the sides of the pit a few inches above some rather nasty looking spikes. What an old fashioned trap. Climbing up might be an issue. he's probably getting away as well.

Treya says, "D...dammit..."

Keisho peers in through the doorway and slows.. "Treya?"

Treya says, "I'm down here!"

<OOC> Keisho says, "I can see a pit?"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Well, after Treya fell into it it became rather obvious."

Keisho goes to the edge of the pit and gazes down. "What are you doing down there?"

Treya says, "Get a rope you idiot!"

<OOC> Keisho says, "is it very deep?"

Teya'Vra runs after the assassin

Teya'Vra is still camo'd

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "She's a bout 6 feet down right now."

<OOC> Keisho says, "can I reach down to her hands?"

Tey, roll 2d6

<OOC> Keisho says, "if I were laying on the edge"

Teya'Vra rolls 2d6 and gets 3 and 5.

Keisho frowns. "Ok something I know!"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "You weren't even that tall as a boy. You shrank when Renald's Gene Reshuffler had it's way with you."

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 2 and 4.

Keisho Runs back out and grabs the net and brings it back. She looks for something to hook it to.

Tey, you hear something click as you step on the floor... roll again.

Teya'Vra rolls 2d6 and gets 6 and 4.

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 4 and 1.

Treya, you manage to shuffle about one foot up.... the walls shift under you. It's not very safe.

<OOC> Teya'Vra says, "I'm Tey, you're treya..."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "By the way, Treya, Tey is Tey, you are Treya."

<OOC> Teya'Vra says, "jynx!"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "I'm giving you these as climbing though since you are passing the rolls anyway"

<OOC> Keisho says, "hooks the net to something and drapes it down the side of the hole to treya."

You manage another foot... and are now only four feet down. Fun fun fun. Of course, you could fall if you keep climbing.

Keisho hooks the net to something and drapes it down the side of the hole to treya.

<OOC> Treya says, "oh"

Teya'Vra rolls 2d6 and gets 5 and 6.

Tey, a very heavy and large chunk of steel, probably from the side of a ship, swings at you suspended from a rope and slams into you before you can move. You take 10 damage. This building is apparently filled with rather barbaric traps.

Keisho, there's nothing to hook it too. You'll have to hold it.

Treya, Keisho dangles the net to you. With your new, higher position, you can reach it without much struggle... it should help you climb up easier while Keisho pulls.

Teya'Vra shakes head from the impact and decides against going through the building again.

Teya'Vra Makes my way back towards keisho and Treya with camo off

Keisho Frowns and ties the net around her and draps it down into the hole then sits on the floor with her feet down facing the hole to give as much support as possible

Treya, with the aid of the net I won't even require rolls. You climb out of the stupid spike pit.

Upton says, "So anything other then righting a note to your family I can help ya with?"

And the cloaked person from before heads toward the both of you.

Renald looks up at you, Upton. "Uh. Do you believe in any gods?"

Treya lays on her back muttering curses.

Keisho says, "There got you out! Got to be careful Treya. I don't want you to get hurt." Looks concerned."

Teya'Vra wordlessly sits down

Treya says, "I'm fine...and who the hell're you?!"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Well, up until this point charging in recklessly always served Treya fairly well."

Teya'Vra says, "The question you should be concerned about me is what.""

Teya'Vra Removes hood

Keisho says, "She helped us..." Gazes at Tey as she removes the hood."

The creature isn't of any species you've seen before. Not that you're exactly familiar with galactic biology anyway.

Teya'Vra's face is obviously not human, and appears a blue-and green pattern. Physically and facially it's entirely androgenous

Not to mention the creepy completely black eyes.

Teya'Vra says, "My name is Teya'Vra. Your actions have... piqued the interests of my government. I've been sent to assist you in any way I can.""

Keisho says, "Ummm what are you?"

Treya says, "...don't need assitance, we're fine."

Says the woman who has assasins trying to kill her.

Teya'Vra says, "I beg to differ, If I did not delay that assasin, you would have been captured.""

Treya says, "No...I'd have been moderately inconvenienced."

Keisho says, "Treya is resourceful." Nod nods."

It appears that trying to tell Treya she can't do something by herself is a no-win scenario.

Upton looks at Reyald, "I'm agnostic. Their might be gods out there, but I never seen any evidence for them

Teya'Vra Shrugs

Teya'Vra says, "I can be of use to you, if you would let me prove myself.""

"Well, I've always been a Diest myself, too much coincidence and all for nothing to have had any hand in it. I'm just not sure what! Oh right. My point." He pauses. "A prayer might be nice. You know, if you have time later."

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Deist that is"

Keisho says, "Treya she.. he... its... help can't hurt.""

Treya says, "It's another mouth to feed."

Upton says, "Well, my family raised me to be Christian, so I guess I can pray fer ya,."

Teya'Vrashrugs and says "You don't know my physiology. For all you know I feed on thoughts."

he nods gravely.

Teya'Vra shrugs and says "You don't know my physiology. For all you know I feed on thoughts."

Treya says, "Do you?"

Teya'Vra says, "No, but I do eat substantially less then any human being... and I can digest more variaty of things. You could practically feed me flies.""

Upton bows his head and says a prayer for Renald like his folk taught him to and hopes someone someone who is benevenlet hears him for the kid's sake

Treya says, "That's disgusting. What government are you with?"

Teya'Vra says, "My people are known as the Staaal. We're one people, one government.""

Treya says, "What're their interests in me?"

Keisho says, "Just say you hate peanut butter.""

<OOC> Teya'Vra says, "lie roll for my next statement"

Perhaps it has something to do with you being at odds with the most oppressive government in the galaxy?

<OOC> Treya says, "Treya's cunning and a good fighter, not a good thinker. XD"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Ho...kay. You could have just done that with me in private to avoid the OOC knowledge to others, but it's cool, we're all good peopel here."

<OOC> Keisho says, "evil upton encouraging a kid to experiment on himself rather than taking the risk himself :)"

Teya'Vra says, "My government has no interest in this current government your people have. Your struggle against it is of great interest to my people.""

<OOC> Keisho says, "or page skullrama=message :)"

<OOC> Treya says, "do I get like...an opposed roll to catch the lie?"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Sure. Why not."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Both of you roll roll ROLL!"

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 3 and 4.

Teya'Vra rolls 2d6 and gets 5 and 2.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "A tie. Hehehe."

<OOC> Treya says, "roll again?"

<OOC> Teya'Vra says, "or go by mind stats"

<OOC> Teya'Vra says, "?"

<OOC> Teya'Vra says, "pluss I've got that one skill in cultural arts, can I use that as a bonus?"

Treya, what he said makes sense... but you get the feeling there might be a bit more too it. Of course, you yourself tend to tell people only what they need to know and keep the rest tell later, so....

<OOC> Keisho says, "oh wait Im there do I get a roll?"

<OOC> Keisho says, "lol"

Keisho rolls 2d6 and gets 5 and 6.

Treya says, "Well...first of all I'm not sturggling against anyone."

<OOC> Keisho says, "ok I believe it lol cough"

Teya'Vra says, "Then my intelligence is faulty. Nevertheless, I have been ordered to assist you. And I shall do so untill my government tells me otherwise""

Treya says, "Why are they interested in my supposed struggle if they don't care about my govt?"

Teya'Vra says, "That's precisely it. If this govenment is toppled, my people can make peaceful contact with whatever takes it's place.""

Treya scratches her head. "Guess that makes sense."

Perhaps you aren't in direct conflict with the Arkturans, but you sure are a pain in their butt. The straw that broke the camel's back and all.

Treya chuckles a bit. "Yeah I guess I do stick it to em often...but Idon't know you. Bad enough I got three strangers on my boat as it is."

Keisho gets up and begins heading walking in the direction that the jerk that tried to capture them went.

Teya'Vra Stops her

Teya'Vra says, "I tripped another trap in there. The building is probably loaded with them.""

Treya says, "Kid if you can't obey they stay behind me rule, you get to stay on Elsa."

Upton says, "Well kids, need any more help?"

Keisho Looks at the two. "Seems to me that we can talk about things later meanwhile the jerk that tried to capture us... is getting away."

"I think I've got it." He seems to have forgotten all about dieing as he gets into his work, the funeral dirge having turned into Vagner's Ride of the Valkyries a minute or two ago.

Treya stands up and looks about for an interface panel.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "I think we need to wrap it up about here, folks."

<OOC> Teya'Vra says, "alrighty"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Tired, stupid work in the morning making me get up at 3:00. Blaaaguh."

<OOC> Treya says, "yeah that would suck XD"

<OOC> Keisho says, "poor skull that does suck I only have to get up that early like once every couple years."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "So yeah, I have six and a half hours before I need to wake up."

<OOC> Keisho says, "sleep well."

<OOC> Treya says, "Go to bed then XD"

<OOC> Keisho says, "nice meeting you gruegirl :)"

<OOC> Keisho says, "and it was fun look forward to next week... wont have to work late next monday."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "But before I go! What did everyone like or dislike about this week?!"

<OOC> Treya says, "Hopefully I'll have it off again."

<OOC> Keisho says, "I hate fun :)"

<OOC> Treya says, "I liked shootin that guy. I disliked getting caught in a net."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Note to self... make sessions less fun."

<OOC> Keisho says, "er I had fun not hate sheesh :)"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "hhehehe."

<OOC> Keisho says, "I hate that I had to work late pout..."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Tey, any opinions? You didn't get to play long, but next week you'll be in from the beginning, so..."

<OOC> Treya says, "night everyone"

Treya has disconnected.

<OOC> Upton says, "I had fun. Maybe next time we can try to do stuff with me in pages so as not to clutter up the main screen."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "... I'll just assume the general 'Yeah, it was cool' then. I need to sleep."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "G'night people."

<OOC> Keisho says, "it was cool"

<OOC> Upton says, "Good night and I look for to having my character meet Teya"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Heh. Night."