Logfile from ogrmush.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "...urf. Maybe I should have spent last week thinking of something. I got nothin."

<OOC> Treya says, "lol"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Unless you count the stray thoughts of galactic mermaids and cluster pythons. I don't think you would though."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Fish-people who swim... through SPACE!"

<OOC> Treya says, "it COULD be exciting..."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Maybe if they spit missiles instead of saliva."

<OOC> Keiko says, "I can hear the original star trek seduction music now."

<OOC> Upton says, "*lols*"

<OOC> Keiko says, "space sirens... "Treya..." "WHAT!" "Upton just swaam out the airlock." "Oh... ok let him be""

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Alas for Upton, the space sirens don't have a network connection. Or plumbing."

<OOC> Upton says, "Or Air"

<OOC> Upton sufficates

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Well yeah, there's that too."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Or an atmosphere, or signifigant system of equalized pressure. You explode befor eyou suffocate. While freezing!"

<OOC> Upton says, "Alas poor me"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "So, yeah. Hmm."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Yeah. Well. I kinda sorta have an idea. But I might head out to grab some food from Subway or something soon too. SO."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Do people want to start or what?"

<OOC> Treya shrug. "If you wanna run."

<OOC> Keiko says, "Im game to play :) but if you need 15 minutes to get some food go for it"

<OOC> Upton says, "I'm game, If you need time before start, go ahead and take it"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Mmmkay, I guess I'll get dinner first. That might make our game a bit short! Ah well."

<OOC> Keiko says, "ehh you need food."

<OOC> Treya says, "IM me when we're startin."

Treya has disconnected.

<OOC> Keiko says, "gotcha"

Logfile from ogrmush.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "If everyone would like too"

<OOC> Treya says, "Sure."

<OOC> Upton says, "I got a few sub-plots I been wanting to talk to Skull about."

<OOC> Keiko says, "wee."

<OOC> Keiko says, "sure sure Im happy to play always"

And so, we last left our people stepping through the docks of Ganados station en-masse, as they would like a holo-projector for Elsa.

Upton pages: I came to a conclusion the week before last. Its seem Upton is falling for Treya and doesn't realise it save for on a unconscious level.

Treya is heading for the market area.

Keiko smiles at Treya. "Seems a peaceful station."

Treya says, "It's not."

You paged Upton with 'Oooh, the plot thickens!'

Upton says, "Just what were you planning to buy Captian?"

Keiko says, "Well then we will be careful right?""

Treya says, "What I plan to buy is my business."

Upton pages: Your dream sequances helped coless that conclusion

As Keiko speaks, Treya responds, and Upton queries, quite suddenly one of the doorways bursts quite a bit wider as waht can only be described as an enormous, huge beyond reason Hippopotamus, standing 9 feet tall, moves into the dock, followed by several people.

These peopel are being thrown around by it as they apparently try to restrain it.

"Damnit! Catch that mega-hippo! We need to get it back!"

Upton says, "Of course it is, however since you have the services of a highly skilled eng.. What in the sam hell is that?"

Treya hmms for a minutes, before stepping out of the way.

Keiko says, "What the hell is that?""

Treya says, "Weren't you listening? A mega-hippo."

Keiko concentrates on the mega hippo trying to put it into a slumber.

Keiko says, "I don't even know what a hippo is.""

Upton wishs he was more into wrangling beast as a kid...

It lets out a huge bellow and proceeds to run around the dock knocking boxes and freights and such around while the people try totally ineffectually to stop it. "Ah! Someone help!'

Roll that attempt, Keiko

Keiko rolls 2d6 and gets 4 and 4.

It's eyes lull around, and it's eyelids droop. The creature stops rampaging.

<OOC> Upton says, "And I am still only at 3 hp unless the trip to the station caused me to heal more."

It then begins to stumble around and destroy things. Now you have what seems to be a drunken mega-hippo on the loose.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Yeah, you're still injured. Best to avoid conflict."

Keiko says, "Hrmmm Well Im sure the local authorities can handle a drunk" She follows after Treya."

The men surround it with tazer sticks while a few jump on it's back and start trying to restrain it. "Get it get it get it!"

Treya sighs a bit. "With all this rucus buying anything'll be a pain..." She draws one of her normal pistols and fires a shot at it's leg.

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 4 and 1.

Upton turn to Treyam "As I was saying. You have within your crew a highly skilled and knowledgeable technician slash engineer. Why not consult him.

Treya, do you perhaps check any of the info-stations on your way to the... oh. Nevermind!

Treya spins her gun and holsters it. "Because you annoy me."

The hippo bellows. Apparently a pistol does little to a 9 foot tall, 15 foot long, 80 ton piece of meat.

Treya says, "...I'm blowing it up."

A man leaps in front of you. "NO! NO!"

Treya says, "What?"

"It's a very important specimen! You can't blow it up! The Zooniverse needs all these animals back!"

Upton says, "They want it alive not dead captian."

Treya sighs. "...are the markets open?"

Keiko concentrates on the hippo again trying to cause it to sleep again.

Keiko says, "Maybe it will work this time."

Keiko rolls 2d6 and gets 3 and 1.

"Uh, maybe? Depends on if they containted the Gorillgator yet..." He looks at you. "But you look like the mercenary or bounty hunting type, right? There's a reward for anyone who succesfully helps capture the animals, depending on the animal captured! We could, uh... really use the help." The men on the hippo shriek as it rolls over on it's side and yawns sleepily, nearly crushing several of them.

Keiko says, "There! enough rampaging.""

Treya sighs. "Elsa, do we have any weapons of the non-fatal sort?"

THe Mega-hippo snores loudly. The men carefully avoid the huge mouth.

Treya says, "Oh, my crew member put that to sleep. Reward number 1 please."

Upton says, "The kid is a regular prodgy."

"A few. There's some EMP grenades... a concussive riot gun... and I believe, a single tazer."

Treya says, "Get them ready, I'm coming to pick em up."

"Well, the Mega-Hippo is worth 20,000, so... uh, I'll need your name to get my superiors to award it."

Upton looks at the captains, "While your off hunting, I am going to find a medic.

Treya nudges Kei. "Well give him your name kid."

Keiko says, "Its Keisho.""

Treya says, "...spelled with a ko instead of sho on the end."

Keiko says, "ER I mean keiko"

Keiko says, "Sorry."

Upton says, "Call me if you need my services Captain."

Keiko she blushes.

"....Err, and? We can't find your ID and route credits without a surname, lady."

Treya says, "I will."

Keiko says, "Tanako."

Treya says, "She has a child's account likned to mine."

Upton limps off to find a medic.'

Keiko says, "Yes send them in the captains name."

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

You say, "And your name then?" The man turns to Treya."

Treya jots down the info he needs.

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

Upton, you limp through the doorway. The station seems to be having a bit of a crisis.

Upton uses the info terminal so he can get some healing so he can try hunting down some fo those animals himself.

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

Upton, as you near the console, a rat, or something like it, zooms by your face, apparently propelled by it's feet.

<OOC> Upton says, "I realised I can used my unarmed combat skills to Steve Erwin animals."

<OOC> Upton says, "Can I try catching it?"

Treya, the man nods and gives you a small com-device. "Give us a call if you get any. They're not all in this station, but... yeah anyway. Let us know."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Sure."

Treya says, "I need a list."

Upton rolls 2d6 and gets 2 and 5.

<OOC> Upton says, "On the dot."

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 4 and 5.

You catch the rat by the tail. It freaks and gibbers, flailing around in the air as it's jet-feet sputter. It continuily tries to run away, but it's tail seems to be a good anchor spot.

THe man produces a list... you haven't heard of most of these animals.

Keiko says, "Wierd list.""

Treya says, "...I don't know what these are...-_-"

Upton heads back to where Treya is, holding the rat thing.

"Well, that's to be expected. The Zooniverse houses some of the most mysterious and rare animals in the known galaxies!

Treya says, "...I need pictures."

Upton says, "Sir, is this varmint one of the things you are looking for."

The man looks at Upton as the rat squeels. "The Turborat! You've found it! That sneaky thing is worth 8,000!"

Keiko says, "Me either. Cept that one... maybe.. that sounds like that wolverine thing I studied in class."""

He signals to his men to get a grav-cage for the beasty

Upton in his other hands use his datapad to send the guys his account info. "Place bounty in there please."

"Oh, you mean the Vamperine. I... wouldn't recommend that one."

Treya heads to Elsa for her non-fatal arms.

The man takes yoru data and hands you a com, Upton.

Treya says, "Thanks."

Elsa opens the door for you as you enter, Treya.

Treya says, "Got em ready?"

Upton takes it. "Thank you sir. Can ya kindly diracte me to a doctors. I need some major treatment from my last job.

Keiko Follows after Treya. "Are we going on a hunt?"

Treya says, "Yup."

Keiko laughs. "You just like to shoot things."

Treya says, "More then anything in the world."

<OOC> Upton says, "Ah, I think I know the way to Treya heart. Built her a better gun!"

"They're in sector Quad. Uh.. goodluck." He leaves quickly

Upton heads to sector quad

Keiko laughs. "Well I seem to have a different path... still it seems effective now and again."

<OOC> Upton says, "Shall I go to pages Skull?"

Treya gets herself suited up. "Use what works best." Now let's go get some monsters."

Upton, sector Quad is a little empty.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Sure"

From afar, Upton looks for a medic.

Keiko says, "Alright lets go.""

You paged Upton with 'The medic bay is pretty obvious from the outside. The inside has wahtlooks like medical people... hiding under desks.'

Treya says, "What's first on the list?"

From afar, Upton looks around for what they are hiding from

Treya, it's somethign called a Fluffbear

Keiko says, "Whatever you like?""

Treya says, "A fluffbear...it sounds stupid..."

Upton pages: Howdy folks.

You paged Upton with 'You don't see anything at first. Then you hear a voice in your head. "Leave me! Begone or I'll do.. things you won't like!" Looking around harder, you see something clinging to a light fixture near the cieling. It almost looks like a little bear with big ears.'

You paged Upton with 'The medics look at you with frightened eyes.'

Upton pages: Awe, its a cute telepathic bear.

The fluffbear was last seen just inside the recreation area.

Treya says, "Well let's go..."

Treya sighs and heads for the rec area.

Keiko says, "Sounds cuddly." Laughs and follows treya."

You paged Upton with 'No! It's a Psychoala!" One of the doctors says/'

Just inside the rec-center, you find lots of destruction and broken things. IN the corner of the room is a lump of fur.

Treya eyes it a sec..before tazering it. XD

Upton pages: I'm a texan not a aussie. You expect me to differentiate between a bear-like create and a Koala type?

Keiko says, "Oooh how cute.""

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 5 and 3.

The lump of fur roars in frustration and anger as it stands on both feet... revealing a familiar sight. The same sort of alien bear that kicked all your asses back on the last planet.

Treya says, "A...another one..."

You paged Upton with 'Get out!" The psychoala says in your mind. "I won't be going back there! The food stinks!"'

Keiko says, "ooooh those are nasty.""

<OOC> Keiko says, "did we win there?"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "No."

Keiko trys to put the carebear asleep.

Keiko rolls 2d6 and gets 6 and 4.

<OOC> Keiko says, "gues not lol"

Keiko concentrates on the care bear.

<OOC> Treya says, "Didn't I blow it up? XD"

From afar, Upton looks at the psychoala, "Now what can I do to get ya down from there? Though since I am limping all bruised and such into a medical center I can't be that much of a threat can I. Is that your only complain?

Keiko, the bear bellows, and spittle flies into your face. Roll init .

Treya rolls 1d6 and gets 2.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Nope. You ran away. Upton MIGHT have blown it up with the landmine he left, no one checked."

<OOC> Treya says, "lol"

Keiko rolls 1d6 and gets 6.

GDMSkullrama rolls 1d6 and gets 4.

<OOC> Upton smiles broadly.

<OOC> Keiko says, "or this is the same bear and its got a grudge lol"

You paged Upton with 'The psychoala frowns at you... mentally. "I see your thoughts! You want to capture me and get the reward! I know your secrets!"'

Treya moves first. The bear looks rather menacing as you engage it in direct combat.

Treya aims for the knees on its hindlegs.

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 2 and 5.

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 4 and 3.

Upton pages: Of course I do. I wasn't hiding that. Anyways, if food is your only complaint. I can always start a petition for you to get better food.

From afar, Upton is actually quite sincere.

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 2 and 1.

The thing moves with the same startling agility, leaping over your bullets.

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 1 and 3.

Before returning a swipe of it's own. Roll defense.

<OOC> Upton says, "Are you useing the concussive riot gun?"

<OOC> Upton says, "Rubber bullets?"

<OOC> Treya says, "No. XD"

You paged Upton with 'Bah, you humans and your petitions! What would you know about food anyway? You couldn't even feed your hamster right! They don't eat steak!"'

<OOC> Keiko says, "real bullets?"

<OOC> Keiko says, "lol"

Upton pages: Hey I was only 9 years old. I didn't know better.

<OOC> Treya says, "Of course."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Roll defense Treya"

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 2 and 1.

<OOC> Upton says, "Que Bullet time"

<OOC> Keiko says, "is that que as in what? or Queue as in put into the line up?"

You paged Upton with 'You only love the things that abuse you! Quail as I force you to know your inner secrets!" The medics have begun to stand up by this point. "I really expected more from a psychic." one of them says'

Treya, you manage to pull yourself back from the huge claw, bending over as it passes above you. Still, it's rather scary looking so close up.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Cough cough hint."

Upton pages: If you you really can read my thoughts you'll know I no far more about food now(Mind 7+Cooking 2(S[icy Foods)

Treya erks and looks about for a high point.

One of the medics looks at you. "You here to get it out of here?"

Upton pages: Eh, whatcha talking about Willis?

Treya says, "Yup..."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "My bad. That was to Upton."

<OOC> Keiko says, "my turn?"

Upton pages: Well, I am here at the station to help out with the animals, but I a here here to heal up a whole list of injuries.

You paged Upton with 'Spare me your 20th centure pop-culture references! I know all about you! You lie to yourself! LIE!" One of the medics hands you a broom. "Go ahead and get it, we'll patch ya up when you're done.'

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Treya, there is a deck up higher that overlooks the area, seems they have Vid equipment up there. Keiko, your turn"

Upton pages: What being doesn't lie to themselves some time little mister bear/

Upton pages: Besides I don't know what are you talking about.

You paged Upton with 'Me! EVER! How long can you hiiiide your feelings human? My pschological attack will leave you on your knees!" The medics seem to be going about their regular buisness now.'

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

Treya, there is a deck up higher that overlooks the area, seems they have Vid equipment up there. Keiko, your turn

Keiko concentrates on lighting its tail on fire.

Keiko rolls 2d6 and gets 4 and 5.

<OOC> Keiko says, "damn lol"

Upton pages: A stiff breeze can put me on my knees right now little bear.

Keiko, it's tale begins to smoke. Looks like you pissed it off! Yay!

Upton pages: However, my mind is as strong as ever.

You paged Upton with 'Stop it! I'm a Psychoala, not a little bear!"'

Keiko says, "Umm damn."

Upton pages: I know what you are little bear.

<OOC> Keiko says, "well I thought it migh tnot know where it came from and it would give it something else to be occupied with lol"

You paged Upton with 'Dgahhh! Knock it off!"'

Your turn, Treya

Treya makes a beeline for the upper deck.

Upton pages: How do you plan on stopping me Little Bear, Jedi mind tricks?

Treya, you head up the stairs nearby, there is a door you could close on your way to at least delay the bear followin

<OOC> Treya says, "IS it following?"

You page Upton.

Upton pages: ((All I got from that last pages what thtat you paged me.

You paged Upton with 'G.Gah...grgh.... Be all frustrated from my enigmatic revelations of your psyche! She'll never appreciate you!"'

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Currently... yes."

Treya seals the door.

Upton pages: Little bear, sweet little bear, I have no clue which she your talking about little bear,

Which leaves it alone in the rec-room with Keiko. It turns on Keiko.

Keiko says, "Eeek!"

Upton pages: ((Denial is a powerful tool.))

Treya says, "Hmmm...not very well thought out."

Keiko begins backing up

You paged Upton with 'Agh! Me am kill you!" It proceeds to jump down and cling onto your face, beating your head ineffectually with it's little paws.'

From afar, Upton grabs it and wraps an arm around it.

The bear starts chasing Keiko around the room

You paged Upton with 'Release me! I'll never go back! Their greens are freakin brown!"'

Treya kneels down and waits for the bear to run under...then tries to drop the video equipment on it.

Roll me a roll Treya

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 3 and 3.

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 4 and 2.

The bear, a bit preoccupied, gets hit in the head with a large pile of vid-equipment. It falls down.

IT's slightly buried right now.

Treya peers down. "Is it out?"

From afar, Upton then in his other use the commincator give to him to call of the station personal, "I got the Psycoala. Home in on my signal if ya can" he shuts it off, "Look here, I'll start up a pention and a protest movement on your behalf, alright?"

Keiko stops and sticks her tongue out at the bear. "Nyaaaah!"

Keiko says, "Dunno it looks buried.""

Treya, maybe you oughta tazer it a few times just to be sure!

You paged Upton with 'The little critter stops struggliong quite so much, and you hear a resigned grumbling in your head'

Treya says, "..."

Treya calls the guy. ^^;

After a few moments, some men come in, nearly get eaten by the bear despite the fact that it doesn't seem to be able to move currently, then tranq it.

Upton pages: Honestly, all I have to do is call up the local equivlent of PETA and they'll be swarming this place to get you freash greens.

You paged Upton with 'Some men come to cart away your Psychoala.'

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "And, sorry for the shortness, but I believe we'll be stopping here."

<OOC> Treya says, "No biggie."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "May I ask for likes and dislikes?"

<OOC> Treya says, "YOu've managed to amuse me with this new arc. XD"

From afar, Upton collect his money and gets treated.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "The whole Zooniverse thing?"

<OOC> Treya says, "yeah"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "heh"

<OOC> Upton says, "I love this arc. A psychic kola ios great and I love how Upton most annoying trait allowed him to capture it."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Should have seen Upton's, he encountered a Psychoala"

<OOC> Keiko says, "lol :)"

<OOC> Keiko says, "he talked the koala down?"

<OOC> Upton says, "BTW, howmuch healing do I get and what was the bounty on the Psychoala. Also if all goes well I should have the last couple logs up by the end of the week."

<OOC> Upton says, "Piss it off so much that it jumped him and he was able to captuires it."

<OOC> Keiko says, "lol suddenly minded of mel gibson in the first lethal weapon where he handcuffs himself to the guy whos going to jump and then jumps with him.... for some reason tha tmakes me think of trya."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "The psychoala was worth a mere 5,000 creds. I'll decide healing by next week"