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(@@# J@@" (@@@) JN@L 4@@@@@L

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Tabletop Room 6




Obvious exits:

Tabletop Nexus <TN>

<OOC> Upton says, "Hell brb"

<OOC> Upton says, "Er Hello brb]"

Treya has connected.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "We're waiting for Upton to get bac"

<OOC> Treya goes back to her WoW group.

<OOC> Keiko says, "hi hi"

<OOC> Upton says, "back"

<OOC> Keiko says, "that was fast"

<OOC> Upton says, "had to run to the bathroom"

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Allright, so, Treya's ready to abandon us for World of Warcraft at the drop of a hat... how's everyone else feel?"

<OOC> Treya says, "lol"

<OOC> Keiko says, "lol shes back. hee."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Anybody?"

<OOC> Upton says, "Beuller"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Upton has some studying to do today for an exam and requested the game be shortened today"

<OOC> Keiko says, "well. If you want to shorten or cancel the game today I can live with that."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Okay, so everyone's cool with a short game, and the consensus also seems to be that if you need the extra time to really study, Upton, we can put off the game this week. S'cool."

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

<OOC> Upton says, "I won't feel right putting it off."

<OOC> Treya says, "We've all said we don't care XD"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Heh, I've done it before just because I felt blahish"

<OOC> Upton says, "Anyways you guys can contiue on when I leave."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "I didn't even have the reason you have"

<OOC> Keiko says, "If you need to study you need to study."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "When do we ever do that? If you really wanna play we will, sure, but once someone leaves we're pretty much done, heh."

<OOC> Upton says, "I want to plays at least a little to relax a bit."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Allright then."

We last left those wonderful misfits on the slimy trail of a planet devouring space slug, that apparently does not properly chew it's food.

Also, Elsa has a body now.

In hologram form.

Upton says, "Well, how about going after this monstrosity?"

Treya says, "I'm still going with umm...no."

Keiko says, "Oh whats the other treya think?" She giggles."

Upton says, "Its our only chance ofor us to stop seeing double round here."

Treya says, "It eats planets. I don't think my ship is going to take it out."

Upton says, "We don't necessarily need to try to kill it."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Back in a sec"

Treya says, "I'm also not flying Elsa into it."

Upton says, "Fine, either get into a deathmatch with yourself and hope the real one trimpuths or end up having to split everything for the rest of yer life."

Keiko says, "Well maybe theres some pools similar to that planets pools somewhere.""

Treya says, "Eh, we're not really splitting it since we use it all together."

Keiko says, "Alright well we can go somewhere I suppose? We are just floating in space now.""

Upton says, "Yer not the least worried about two of ya running around?"

Treya looks at the other her. "Mmm...nah. She wouldn't do anything I wouldn't."

And space doesn't seem to mind you floating right there in the newly empty spot at all.

Upton says, "Like order Elsa to trash a station we were on?"

Keiko laughs. "They are like twins. They would fight to a stalemate."

Treya says, "She beat me to that."

Keiko says, "And they both like rocket launchers."

Treya says, "Eh."

Everyone sort of stares at eachother awkwardly for awhile before Elsa appears on the bridge. "So... am I going to get a new course, or not?"

Upton rubs is head, "Honestly, this far more confusing then its worth...

Upton looks at Elsa, "Seems like your going to have two mistresses from now on...

Treya says, "Welp you can alwways leave."

Treya says, "Sounds good to me."

<OOC> Keiko says, "has faith in the dm's ability to devour us with a planet eating slug lol"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Cause that's sooo hard."

Elsa shrugs. "Stop that, I'm on the bridge." She says, smirking.

Keiko says, "I'm ok with it. I got to Treya's now."

Upton says, "Well, with a planet eating beasty around, I feel its safer about this ship."

<OOC> Keiko says, "er two"

Treya flops in her chair. "I don't care, I'm not flying into a planet eater."

<OOC> Upton says, "Er aboard"

Keiko says, "It would be a illogical action. Unless you had a REAALLLLY Big rocket launcher."

Treya says, "Which...unfortunately, I don't."

"So we're going... where?" Elsa says. "Stooop, I'm trying to concentrate!" She smiles again

Upton says, "Huh, who yer talking to Elsa?"

Treya frowns and heads down to Reynals area.

Keiko says, "Elsa whats reynold doing?""

Upton follows

She blinks and stares at you for a moment. "Oh, um, she glances at where Treya's going and dissapears."

<OOC> Keiko says, "lol hes tickling her erotic circuts."

There is a loud crashing around downstairs before you all arrive to see Reynold, with his helmet on askew, tinkering around with a large pile of what looks like totally useless junk. "Ah, uh err, you need something?"

<OOC> Keiko says, "now we know what hes been doing with his holo things."

Keiko says, "Well this could be good." She runs after Treya!"

Upton says, "What are you up to kid?"

"Uhhhhhh, what does it look like I'm up to?"

Upton says, "Hiding something?"

Treya says, "Like you're having a tryst with my ship."

"....Errrrr, does it look like I'm hid... GURK!" His sentence is interrupted by Treya's sharp retort. Sharp like a hammer.

"Uhm, uh, I, you know, uh... ahhh! Don't kill me!" He dives for cover behind his desk.

Treya says, "I don't care what...weird stuff you do...but don't do it while were flying, got me?"

Keiko Giggles. "Poor elsa.."

He peeks over the top of the desk. "Oh. Um, all...allright. You mean, I'm not gonna get punched again? Or shot..."

Treya says, "As long as you behave."

Elsa appears behind Treya, looking mildly embaressed. "Define... behave."

Treya says, "I don't have to. No funny stuff while we're in transit."

Upton shakes his head..."Just when I thought things couldn't get weirder..

They both hang their heads like children caught with the cookie jar. "Yes ma'am."

Treya says, "Good."

Keiko Blushes brightly.

Upton says, "Remember their two of them, so if you get into trouble it would be double"

Reynold's head whips between the two Treyas and he grins troubledly.

<OOC> Keiko says, "lol suddenly I am reminded of team rocket."

<OOC> Treya says, "XD"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "The pokemon team, or the team Treya blew up?"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Hehe."

<OOC> Treya says, "XD"

<OOC> Keiko says, "the pokemon team... the bit with the "Get ready for trouble... make it double.... Treya... treya... etc."

Upton then walks over to where project he ask Renyold to do, "Well, you said you got this things I ask you to make done?

"Oh. Uh... yeah! Yeah, totally!" He seems eager to divert the subject.

Upton says, "Still need a bunch of microfusin cells for additional shots to we can test it?"

"Well, I do only have the one shot... which should be enough to test it, really, but then there's no more tell I get the miniature plasma cell thingies."

Keiko says, "Alright now this has boring here. Back to the bridge to watch space float by!""

Keiko Heads on back up to the bridge.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "The conversation went from scandalous AImadscientist romance to sciency stuff."

Treya heads back up.

<OOC> Keiko says, "well she does have the power of the human heart ;)"

Upton says, "Well I did says you shouldn't have to test it on yourself."

Upton exaimings the devise, "Did you install a safty?

"A what?"

Keiko gazes at the ships monitors and things to see if they are alone in space.

Upton says,"A safty,, you know a devise that prevents a weapons from discharging accidently," as the barrel of the devise is point at him.

<OOC> Upton says, "Er himself"

Space is just sort of there. You guys are at a total stand still for the most part

"Uhhh. No." Reynold replies.

Keiko says, "Well mmmm Elsa Anything in sensor range other than slug poop?"

"Not particularly. This is a rather boring section of space." She says as she appears next to you. You'll get used to that eventually, probably.

Upton blinks, "Ok, where is the trigger?

Keiko says, "Oh there you are." She giggles "Did you have fun?""

Reynold points to a spot not far from the handle attached to what is basically just a pipe. "There." Examining it, that pretty much looks like a trigger.

Elsa's eyes sort of roll up and into a corner. "...Maaaaybe."

Keiko Blushes. "It was kinda nice being kissed and held by Kent."

Upton says, "Obvious trigger good," taps it gently saying, "You didn't do anything stupid like put a hair trigger on it..

"Well, no you sort of have to pull on it. Or, uh, from where you're standing, push on it. Not really hard, but not really light..."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "*snort... snicker* pfft.."

Upton says, "Good."

Reynold reaches out and takes the weapon back.

By the handle. Wrapping his finger around the trigger. *PHWOOMP*

"Oh. Uhm. Oops?"

<OOC> Keiko says, "lol"

Upton says, "What the!!! Renyold you IDIOT!!!!"

It pretty much feels like getting shot, although with a very low caliber weapon. Still hurts alot though.


After a few minutes... nothing happens. You're not even really bleeding very badly.

<OOC> Keiko says, "oooh hes mad hes galresing ! :)"

Reynold looks a bit repentant, but more confused. "Huh... it really should have worked..."

As you freak out on Reynold, you kinda feel tingly... but that's about the extent of it.

Upton says, "God damn it. It felt like you shot me with a BB"

Keiko smiles at Elsa.

Elsa smiles back. "Well, that's nice... but you're a bit young too be going any further then a kiss, don't you think?"

Upton taps the wound to feel how deep it is.

Upton, it's buried in there pretty good, nothing you couldn't get out with some scalpel work... and a good pain-killer.

Keiko says, "Umm well we didn't do it... If thats what you meant... " Blushes brightly again."

Upton says, "Dammit, it would do more damage trying to take it out then to keep it in. You better hope you have a quality antiseptic on board."

Keiko says, "You mean you were... " she laughs."

Elsa stares at you some more, Keiko. Instead of answering your question, she queries you... "So you like boys do you? Planning to go back to being one yourself?"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Did you mean anesthetic?"

Upton storms off to look for some antiseptic and a band-aid,

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "oh, no, just intending to clean it. I see."

Keiko says, "Um... I... well.. I mean Its better I stay like this till I get home... people were chasing me before.""

Upton, the items are available in the small, cramped, underequipped med-bay. Also, being Treya's ship, the antiseptic is the cheap kind. The REALLY cheap kind.

<OOC> Upton says, "Nope, upton is more worried about infection."

Elsa nods. "Mmmm. So did you like boys before, or did that only happen after?" She grins at you.

Upton pulls out the rotgut whiskey, "Figures...

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Elsa is very good at changing the subject."

Keiko says, "I liked girls... but it just sort of happened it was nice."

Keiko makes a wierd face. "Funny I don't think about girls all the time now."

Upton stips of the clothes on his torse an goes about puaring the stispetic into the wounds.

<OOC> Upton says, "Er anti-septic"

Upton, it stings. Not really worse then getting shot in the first place, but given the caustic quality of your medical liquid, it isn't exactly that far off.

Upton then puts a band-aid on it and heads looking for Treya

Elsa looks at you. "Hmm. Well, I guess it makes sense. You're heterosexual for whatever gender you happen to be."

"I think I'll add this to your file."

Keiko Blushes brightly. "Ummm I guess so..." she blinks. "File?"

Upton, Treya is on the bridge, sitting in a chair... maybe listening to Keiko and Elsa, maybe not.

<OOC> Keiko says, "Im not paranoid! Which of my enemies told you this?!"

"Well, yes. Given your abilities and how little is known about them, I was compiling all gathered information into a highly encrypted file. It's not anything you don't allready know, it's just for comparison and research purposes... didn't I tell you?"

"Let me search my data..... apparently I did not. Sorry."

Keiko says, "Oh oh ok. No you didn't and I would love any insight you can give me... Did I tell you about that think in the tank..." She shudders at the memory."

"It has been discussed while within my walls a few times, but I didn't exactly get a detailed briefing."

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

Keiko says, "It looked like me... I could hear it screaming in my head... I had to help it.... But why did it look like me? Who are these people after me.""

Keiko she sighs.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "So, Upton, planning to speak to Treya?"

Upton says, "Well, at our next stop I have to pick up some micro plasma cells, its seems that Reynold is going to need to for testing the devise to change Keiko back when she wants to. apparently the first go at it was a failure cause the idiot kids accidental shot me with it."

Upton says, "Honestly, what sort of inventor builds a gun without a safty..."

Treya says, "My kind?"

Keiko makes a face at Upton. "WEll before he trys anything on me I want to know what he was talking about in regard to genetic modifications deteroration and changes and stuff."

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

Treya walks onto the bridge with a sandwich. "Did someone say gun?"

Keiko says, "You might be a squid head from parak V before morning..."

<OOC> Keiko says, "look like zoidburg lol"

Upton says, "Right. But at least you know enough not to grab the handle an unsafe gun when someone is inspecting its."

<OOC> Keiko says, "nyuck nyuck nyuck"

Treya says, "He's a scientist not a weapons expert."

Keiko says, "Hes cute for a geek."

Keiko Giggles at elsa.

Elsa dissapeared when you looked away, Keiko.

Upton says, "Eh, I'm fine.He was expecting it to work instantiously and it didn't. Besides it was no worse then being shot by a BB."

<OOC> Keiko says, "yes but she can still hear right? :)"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Yes, you just don't get to see the look on her face."

<OOC> Keiko says, "lol :)"

Upton says, "True"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Uh, who is he responding too?"

<OOC> Upton says, "Treya's mad scientist question."

<OOC> Keiko says, "I hope treya's mad scientist response... if it was to mine "hes cute for a geek..." the texan has issues lol"

<OOC> Upton says, "Er comment"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "*Whistle*"

Treya says, "Well fine, Elsa take us somewhere that we can get the part for your boyfriend."

Keiko leans back in her chair and props up her feet on the consol. "Yay we are going to explode another station."

"Allright. Setting a course for Rornath VII."

Keiko immediately coughs "Sorry teasing..."

Upton says, "Huh, was tghe the same place you said had squid-faces Keiko?"

<OOC> Upton says, "Er that?"

Keiko says, "I don't think so.""

Keiko says, "I just made that place up.""

Upton looks dejects, "

Keiko says, "I don't know where they come from.""

Upton says, "Honestly all the time I have been traveling the space lanes I only ran into one non human and didn't visit a non-human homeworld."

"Non-human worlds don't tend to have much in the way of money... so we don't go by them much." Elsa's voice says.

Keiko says, "Makes sense to me. And they are full of non humaniods.""

Upton says, "Credits may be, but there is others ways to make money."

Upton says, "Precious metals, technology, artifacts, techniology stuff like that."

"Try telling that to Treya and see what you get for a response."

Keiko laughs. "A grunt most likely or an invitation to walk.

Upton says, "Straight out a airlock?"

Treya says, "What now?"

Upton says, "Any particular reason you don't like stopping at non-human worlds?"

Treya says, "Hmm? Me...nope."

Treya says, "Besides what Elsa said."

Treya says, "Not after I got paid in beads once..."

Keiko laughs. "Were they pretty beads?"

Treya says, "No...they were not."

<OOC> Keiko says, "the beads after you pawned them for a pittance turned out to be worth billions of credits ;)"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "It's funny how there's two, but everyone refers to her like there's one. And they both respond."

Upton says, "Do you still have some of thsoe beads?"

Treya says, "Ask my accountant."

Keiko says, "Whose your accountant?""

Upton says, "Elsa, are the beads still stashed somewhere?"

"The beads were used as impromptu projectiles after Treya ran out of missiles in a dogfight a few years ago."

Keiko says, "Did they explode nicely?""

Upton says, "Ah, do you know what they were made of?"

"The ship did, after enough punctures."

<OOC> Keiko says, "lol done in by native beads."

"No, I'm not exactly equipped with a molecular scanner. It punctured an armored hull well enough after picking up enough momentum."

Upton blinks, "You wouldn't happen to have a records of that insident because you peobally dumped soemthing really valubale.

<OOC> Keiko says, "it was me who said the beads were worth billions as a joke not the dm lol"

<OOC> Keiko says, "well she did give them back manhatten for the beads. ;)"

Treya says, "Who cares if we did? They're gone."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "We should probably stop about here for Upton's studying time. This is a good point, nothing important going on."

Upton Because your thinking that their worthless cost you not only what they were worth, but alose oppertiuies to porift by visting non- human worlds and with me around, I could make a return trip to that place profitible.

<OOC> Keiko says, "darn wanted to be swallowed by space slug ;)"

<OOC> Upton says, "I can go another half hour."

<OOC> Keiko says, "no no I think DM is right. you should study. now you are procrastinating :)"

<OOC> Keiko says, "remember that the master dm is always right."

<OOC> Upton says, "Well its DMS call."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Mostly, I just want to stop before we actually get into something important or exciting, because then it will be more difficult to quit."

<OOC> Treya says, "I'm good for tonight"

Upton says, "Well thinka bout it"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Good game all."

<OOC> Treya says, "Night ^^"

Treya has disconnected.

<OOC> Keiko says, "fun huggles all."

Upton then heads to do soemthing.

<OOC> Upton says, "You could carry on with out me then."

<OOC> Upton says, "Or maybve not"

<OOC> Keiko says, "lol treya is gone."

<OOC> Keiko says, "and its ok study get good grades its important"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "PSh, told you Treya was ready to ditch us at the drop of a hat."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Heh, I'll see ya'll next week then... anything in particular liked about this session?"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Or disliked."

<OOC> Keiko says, "lol was trying to have some girl talk with elsa ;) maybe later alone."

<OOC> Keiko says, "it was fun."

<OOC> Keiko says, "the reynold elsa thing was cute lol"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Aright, I'm gonna go. Later!"