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J@@@@@F""4@@@@@_ (@@N` 4@@@ (@F `"N@@@@N.

.@@@@` #@@@@) .N@H` (@@@) @L._ 4@@@@

(@@@` .' `N@@@H H@@) `@@@` @N@@) N@@@.

H@@` `@@@@ J@@) HF @@@@ J@@@

(@@# H@@@) (@@@ @@@H .N@@N`

.@@@) (@@@) @@@) @@@) .J@@H"

@@@@` J@@@ (@@@ @@@ .J@@N`

J@@@@ @@@F @@@F (@@@H@@H"

N4@@H (@@@) @@@) .. ._@@@@F`

(@@# J@@" (@@@) JN@L 4@@@@@L

(@@H (@@) (@@@) #@@@N `4@@@@@H

#@@N (@@) (@@@) J@@@@F @@@@@@@L

#@@@. J@@) (@@@@. .@@@@@@) .@@F4@@@@N.

(@@@L .N@N` N@@@L .J@H`N@@@` (@@ 4@@@@N.

`@@@@N__J@@@F (@@@@@@@@@F @@@) (@F "N@@@H

(@@@@@@@@F `@@@@@@` @@@) (N@) (@@@@L

`N@@@H" `"" .@@@ `4@` `H@@@L.

(@@) `4@@

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Tabletop Room 6




Obvious exits:

Tabletop Nexus <TN>

<OOC> Keiko says, "poop :)"

<OOC> Keiko says, "la la la la"

<OOC> Upton says, "We need a Jen summoning spell"

<OOC> Upton says, "Wait a tick, would it be bad if I asked if we could start with out her?"

Keiko rolls 2d6 and gets 3 and 1.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Well... sorta. Cause I was planning on some excitement this session."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "To leave Treya out of said excitement seems... well, she hasn't gotten the sort of stuff her character really gets involved in lately."

<OOC> Upton nods

<OOC> Keiko says, "Im not sure whats up with her dont think things are going well this week. But could be wrong she might just begetting home from work"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "I totally understand wanting to play though, cause we've gone without a real full session for some time. Mmm. But I don't want Treya to miss the upcoming events, so if we have to wait tell next week then we may just have to deal with it.... though that would annoy me on some levels since I'm unusually prepared for the game this week."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "It's not her fault that things in her life aren't conducive to the weekly game though."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "I'm simply annoyed at circumstances... abstractly."

<OOC> Keiko says, "lol figures thats just the way it works I think last week we were all here :)"

<OOC> Keiko says, "well she still might show."

<OOC> Upton says, "I hope so"

<OOC> Keiko says, "casts a summon jen spell again."

Keiko rolls 2d6 and gets 5 and 1.

Treya has connected.

<OOC> Keiko says, "yeaaaa!"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Holy flinging monkey poop."

<OOC> Upton says, "Yippie!"

<OOC> Keiko says, "hee"

<OOC> Treya says, "Still in the "moving in phase" but I can play a bit"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Well allright. Any specifics on how long a bit is?"

<OOC> Treya shrugs. "An hour or two at least."

WE LAST LEFT OUR RAGTAG BAND.... rather boringly. Upton was teaching cave people non-cave things, and Treya was eating... and Keiko was being boredly. AND THUSLY....

Upton, in exchange for your info the cave woman has told you that she will do you one better then give a shiny. She'll show you where they get 'em.

Upton tries to teach the cave people how to make a teepee(Mind+ Archtenture?)

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "You're good, I'm givin that part to ye"

Keiko wanders into where Treya is eating. "I don't think givng cave people weapons is a good thing... they dont need knives."

Upton makes the frame for the Teepee, "Now wrap hides around this, leaving the point here uncovered so that smoke from a fire can escape.

Treya has reconnected.

Keiko says, "Maybe upton can find a boyfriend out there.""

Upton, your invention is a wild success! Until a dumb caveman burns it down. But now they probably know to build another one! The woman decides you have earned your reward. "You will see where shinies come from! Mm!"

She thusly leads the way!

Upton follows.

Upton If you keep the hide wet with water, it would be less likely to burn down.

A juant back to the 'ruins' area, and she leads you to a chunk of rock sticking out of the ground, which has a tube jutting out from it's center. She bids you wait with an outstretched arm.

After a moment, a lump of shiny pops out of the tube! She throws it in the air "UNGAH!

Upton waits.

<OOC> Upton says, "I assume I haven't change much from the last time I checked."

She leads you around the rock outcropping, showing to you the cavernous opening on oneside. "Not go in there. In there is big nasties. Make dead. Weird smooth things everywhere."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Yet? No. Not yet."

Keiko fixes herself a peanut butter sandwich using liberal amounts of peanutbutter.

Upton uses his scanner things to try to detect any technology.

Upton, your 'scanner things' go bonkers. Bonkers to the max.

Keiko says, "Did you want another samwich Treya?""

Upton blinks, "Well this is a good sign. All I need is the captain. Thank you very much madam.

"Mmm. You not tell more tribes. Then they want shinies." And with that, she's off. Perhaps to cook. Or build a tent.... or promptly forget everything you taught her.

Upton says, "No problem"

Upton head back to the ship and goes looking for the captian.

Upton arrives back aboard!

Treya is...still eating!

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

Keiko begins munching down her sammich.

Upton... you find them in the 'mess hall' Not that it's big enough to really be considered a hall.

Upton looks for the Treya, "Captain, I have some news. I located a possible location for sufficiently advance technology I can use to fix the engines. However, its located in a cave with a lot of dangerous stuff in it.

<OOC> Keiko says, "galley is probably proper ship lingo :)"

Treya says, "Mmhm?"

Upton says, "The leader of the local tribe says that going in there is a good way to end up dead and that its filled with smooth things. I am guessing that its some sorts of automatic defensises and the cave if the source of all the metal lying around out there."

Treya says, "Automatic defenses in a cave?"

Keiko says, "Whats in the cave?""

Treya has partially disconnected.

Upton says, "My scanner technology meter went berserk when I point at the cave's mouth. I need back up to go in in can theirs warbots or other nasties down there."

Treya says, "I see..."

Keiko Giggles "A chance to use the rocket launcher."

Which, by the by, has one rocket left.

Treya says, "Well let's go."

Keiko says, "Cool""

Keiko gobbles down her sandwich and goes to follow Treya.

Upton says, "Great!"

Upton says, "Can I borrow a gun again?"

<OOC> Treya says, "stupid net keeps dropping me"

Treya shrugs. "One of the little ones..."

<OOC> Keiko says, "bad bad net."

A simple enough task! And shortly, you are all at the mouth of the chunk of rock. Inside, you shortly come to what looks like it was an automatic door once, before it was bashed in... likely over a long period of time, by cavemen with chunks of metal.

Keiko says, "Well... they have been busy.""

Beyond that lies a shiny, clean, smooth area that looks rather sterile despite how long it must have been exposed. It's also rather dark inside.

Upton says, "I knew it!"

Treya shrugs and flips on the flashlight attached to her shoulder.

It's at this point that the auto-door on the other side of the room opens, and a vaugely human form shambles through, holding something long that gleams in Treya's light. To Upton, it looks remarkably like a shiv.

<OOC> Upton says, "Shiv as in a type of dagger?"

Upton says, "Damn that thing has a blade!"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Shiv as in something you make to stab people with out of whatever's availalbe... yeah."

Treya rounds on it and starts shooting.

<OOC> Upton says, "Forgot to add homemade."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Commonly applied in: Prison! Wee!"

Keiko says, "What thehell is that.""

Treya, roll.

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 4 and 5.

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 5 and 3.

Treya's light reveals a snarling face... that is so mutated and lumpy that it can barely hold expression. It's not happy to see you though.

One bullet hits the thing in the chest and it staggers for a moment... before moving forward again! Init!

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

GDMSkullrama rolls 1d6 and gets 1.

Upton rolls 1d6 and gets 6.

<OOC> Upton says, "Um for init is high good or bad?"

Treya rolls 1d6 and gets 4.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "We go over this everytime we enter combat and I'm never sure."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "LOW"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "I will say"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Since low is good for everything else... no need to make this 2nd ED D&D confusing"

Keiko rolls 1d6 and gets 5.

<OOC> Upton says, "Except rolling for the crit modifier."

<OOC> Keiko says, "sorry missed the request blush"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "...Yeah..."

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 5 and 6.

The creature moves toward Treya and takes an awkward stab, missing by a large margin and stumbling past.

Treya's turn

Treya uh...shoots more.

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 1 and 4.

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 4 and 6.

<OOC> Upton says, "Would unarmed defense apply to the shiv or is it strictly against unarmed attacks?"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Unarmed attack I should think."

A second bullet puts the beast down and it does not move.

Treya puts another one in its head...to be safe.

Upton says, "Well, if I had a field medical scanner I could tell what the hell this ways."

Upton descides to examine toe corpse anyways(Mind+Medical?)

Treya decides to move along. XD

Upton then deciseds to stick with treya

Keiko follows along behind Treya. "Nice guy that was... wierd looking."

Treya shrugs. "Eh, a monsters a monster."

The next room contains a plethora of consoles.... though only one remains lit. It also contains three more shambling, humanoid figures with point objects for your amusement!

Treya takes a couple shots at em while they're still a ways off.

Upton pulls out his little rabbit killing pistol, "Why did you have to give me this varmint blaster?

Keiko concentrates on causing a blast in the middle of the three.

Well. Everyone roll

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 5 and 3.

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 2 and 3.

<OOC> Upton says, "attack?"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Sure"

Upton rolls 2d6 and gets 4 and 1.

<OOC> Upton says, "A hit!"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Keiko roll"

Keiko rolls 2d6 and gets 3 and 5.

<OOC> Keiko says, "sorry was stirring my spaggetti"

One of the things takes a few shots in the chest and falls on it's face. The others are assailed by a rather pleasent blast of cool wind, since Keiko was so very specific.


Treya rolls 1d6 and gets 6.

Keiko rolls 1d6 and gets 3.

Upton rolls 1d6 and gets 5.

<OOC> Keiko says, "lol"

GDMSkullrama rolls 1d6 and gets 1.

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "These are some fast mutant freaks"

<OOC> Treya says, "lol"

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 6 and 3.

Treya is just sluggish from her big lunch!

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 1 and 3.

Keiko, roll me some defense.

Keiko rolls 2d6 and gets 1 and 6.

One of them manages to get stuck trying to crawl over a dead console, the other one, however, shambles right up and stabs Keiko in the shoulder for 10 damage.

<OOC> Keiko says, "my defense is like +4 I thinks."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Is it? I'm not sure I have your latest sheet))"

Keiko screams "Owwww! It stabbed me!"

<OOC> Keiko says, "oh um well you gave me 2 points over time which I put in soul."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Yeah, I think a seven still isn't good enough to dodge"

<OOC> Keiko says, "for 19 total points/3 = 6 attack and defense is 6-2. = 4 :)"

<OOC> Keiko says, "okies no worries. I just thought to mention it oh wait I got acrobatics though :) still not enough :)"

<OOC> Keiko says, "no worries I just mentioned it cause though I told you what I spent things on I didnt know if you had the updated numbers. for all I know it has a +5 to hit"

<OOC> Upton says, "Damn, the kid has better combat skills then me."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Right something like that. That's what you wanna roll under."

<OOC> Keiko says, "ok Im hit. I have 60 health now down to 50."

<OOC> Treya says, "I still didn't change my sheet from day 1 XD"

Keiko's turn

<OOC> Keiko says, "oh ok"

Keiko attacks the guy with an electrical energy blast throwing it at his chest like the magical anime girls do.

Keiko rolls 2d6 and gets 4 and 1.

This seems to have rather more effect then a 'blast', though it does take a minute for you to do all the gesturing and feminine pointing. This results in a fallen creature!

Treya's up next

Treya says, "What an embarrasing way to go..."

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 6 and 5.

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 5 and 3.

Upton blinks, "About time you can through lighting bolts

It also results in an EP drain of 10.

For Keiko. Before I forget to mention

<OOC> Keiko says, "lol treya"

Treya plugs the last one standing with a hole, but he seems rather undettered

<OOC> Keiko says, "ok I had 75..."


Upton shoot the standing one.

Upton rolls 2d6 and gets 1 and 4.

<OOC> Upton says, "A hit!"

Keiko says, "Take that you bastard.""

Upton surprisingly hits his target!

The thing staggers and stumbles.... it can't seem to get up, but it attempts to continue to crawl and stab weakly at you, as the puny gun fails to actually kill it...

It's continued assault is innefectual, however.

Treya just pops it in the head then.

Leaving the three of you alone, corpses not withstanding, in a room with only one functioning consol.

And Keiko with a stabbed shoulder.

Treya ambles over to the console and gives it a once over.

Upton heads over the the console.

Treya and Upton both head to the console at the same time, slamming into eachother and falling backwards

Upton says, "Oooff!"

<OOC> Treya says, "I dunno if we'd do that...XD"

<OOC> Keiko says, "ehh dm's perogative ^_^"

<OOC> Upton says, "It would be funny."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Treya was caught offguard. Consider it a fluke."

<OOC> Keiko says, "we got big eyes and small mouths."

Treya shaes it off...and checks over the console, teeth grinding.

Keiko says, "Hey Mr.. ummm Miss upton?""

Upton says, "I am still a mister, I think."

It is sort of hard to tell which pronoun is appropriate, Keiko.

Keiko says, "You got a big bandaid or something? This hurts." She clutches her shoulder."

Treya, the console says 'archival program: Up. Theft tampering system: Up. Cloning System: Damaged. All other systems down.'

Upton pulls out his medkit and sees what he can do for Keiko, "I don't have much, just some whiskey to clean the wound and some bandages.

Treya hmms and tries to turn off the theft tampering system.

Upton will tends to keikos wound.

Upton rolls 2d6 and gets 1 and 4.

<OOC> Upton says, "Make it with 5 under and specialty in humans."

Treya, when you press a key, you get the message 'welcome to Thyrdvir.' and after a somewhat long wait some icons for the systems that were mentioned. Accessing the theft tampering system asks for an ID and password.

Upton fixes up the wound well enough that it won't hamper Keiko's use of the arm unless she does something seriously strenuous.

Treya says, "Bugger...*she kneels by one of the bodies, seeing if it has any belongings*"

Upton use of the whiskey probably stings.

Upton says, "Perhaps I can hack it."

Keiko says, "Ow is that neccessary now I smell funny.""

All it seems to own is the shiv, Treya. Any goodies to be found will likely be deeper within.

Upton says, "Without proper medical stuff, this is the best way to reduce the chance of infection."

Treya huffs and checs the archive files.

Upton will head over to the console, "So will you allow me to have a crack at it?

Treya says, "Shush."

Keiko says, "ummm thanks.""

The archive file contains quite alot of technobabble, Treya... and now 'galactic common' translation button. Something about 'clone program 34G in dominant genome research' or 'nueral patterns for curator are neccesary for access to the maintenence room'

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

Treya says, "Now it's boring, go nuts."

Upton will try to start his hacking skills to log in(mind+computer use with specialty in hacking?)

<OOC> Upton says, "start = using."

Keiko heads over to the console looking at it.

<OOC> Upton says, "I'll type login in the login space and password in the passwor space ;)"

Upton rolls 2d6 and gets 6 and 6.

<OOC> Upton says, "Oh my,,,"

Unfortunately, Upton, cracking the password prompt isn't really possible with an icebreaker program... and your portable handy device isn't compatible. Before you can hack into spaces you shouldn't be in, you have to at least get access to the system. Throwing random usernames and passwords into the space seems to do nothing... until you try 'qwertyuiop', at which point a message pops up.

Upton reads the message.

<OOC> Keiko says, "idiot"

The message reads 'Please, that's pathetic. If you're going to try and steal the secrets of Thyrdvir, whatever circumstance it finds itself in now (Which can't be at all good if you're alive), try to be a little more creative? If I'm dead, I must be rolling in my grave. --The Curator.'

<OOC> Keiko says, "theres no doors just this console?"

After a minute or two to allow you to read, the console shuts off.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Naw, I hadn't spoken of the exits yet."

Keiko goes over to the computer and trys.

Upton tries to power it back on.

There are two doors this time, one on either side of the room.

Treya heads on over to the left and applies her boot.

When you attempt to power the console back on, the screen boots, light returns, and you get another message box reading 'No.' before it shuts down again

<OOC> Keiko says, "hee."

Keiko follows along behind Treya.

Upton says, "Keiko, can you do soemthing?"

Keiko says, "Not with that computer I cant.""

Treya, your boot causes it to do... nothing. Until you apply pressure from a different angle, at which point it begins to slide sideways.

Keiko says, "Well I could probably fry its circuits... but that probably wouldnt help much.""

Upton says, "Well, it won't hurt to try now."

Keiko says, "uhmmm yes yes maybe it would.""

Keiko says, "We might want to access it. If we can later.""

Upton says, "Kid, it won't even let me turn it on."

Treya is off through the door. XD

Upton gets up, "Well we can always come back to it. Lets follow Treya

Keiko says, "It might later though.""

Keiko Follows Treya.

Upton follows along

Treya is off indeed! In this room, there is quite an unexptected sight... a weapon, in the form of a hand-held gun, is set on a pedestal. Several corpses of the monsters lie on the floor in front of it at a fistance of 50 meters or so, decomposing rapidly. A door across the room opens, and one of the shambling humanoids drags itself in. For the first time, it doesn't attack you, but stands in front of the weapon, which then discharges a beam of energy, something like Elsa's energy weapons, though less immense. The creature immediatly falls to it's death amidst the pile of similarly fated brothers, though a few of the pile have allready rotted to nothing in this time. After a moment, it happens again. A glitched looking screen under the weapon reads 'Test 42$3513z. $*&#(@ghtwjs% Complete...

Treya seems to actually drool a little. "...I must own it."

Keiko laughs. "Like that do you."

Upton uses his scanner to see what the problems witht he thing is.

Upton, though your scanner is still incompatible with the systems here, which means they're not any galactic tech you've heard of, as far as you can tell with your technicians eye, the system was set to test the weapon, but some sort of incident, possibly a crash landing or something else, caused signifigant damage to the system and created a data loop.

Upton drools. "Must work on it!

Upton will try to determine the guns firing arc and trying to slip by it to disable the pedestal.

As far as you can tell, it's set to fire at timed intervals. Not terribly hard to avoid under present circumstances

Upton will pull out his tools and try to disable the pedestal.(Mind+Electronics?)

Go for it

Keiko watches curiously.

Upton rolls 2d6 and gets 2 and 1.

<OOC> Upton says, "Yippie!"

Upton, with a little prying and tooling, you manage to reset a few disconnected areas and stabalize energy transfer. The console flashes something about 'testing complete.'

Keiko says, "Looks like your going to get your gun treya.""

Upton then takes a look at the pistol.

Treya says, "Gah..."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "You look at it on the pedestal, or take it off and look at it?"

Upton will look to see if they are any traps first of course.

No traps that you can see. Merely a set of clamps meant to hold the weapon down, which have released.

Upton will pick it up and take a really close look at it to determine what it is without damaging it or taking it apart.

Without taking it apart and risking damaging it, it looks like a sleek, compact hand held weapon. There's a trigger... and it apparently fires bursts of energy. There is no visible slot for ammo, nor any energy level indicator.

Treya says, "Give it. :#"

Upton says, "Hmmm, sure, but I would like to exaimine it when we get back to elsa."

Treya says, "Fine fine..."

Upton walks over to Treya and hands it to her.

It's at about this point that the console flashes 'Begin Testing Phase 2.'

Another creature shambles into the room. It stands in front of Treya... mindlessly.

Keiko says, "Oh umm that doenst look good.""

Treya eeees and points at the thing, pullin the trigger.

<OOC> Upton says, "IS there a ominious humm coming from the blaster?"

It does give a wonderful little 'DweeeeEEEE' sound before blasting. Roll it, Treya.

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 5 and 1.

The weapon discharges a blast of energy, which knocks the creature down and away, quite dead. Shortly, two creatures enter and stare at Treya, unmoving.

Treya says, "How come they're not moving?"

Upton says, "I don't know. Blast them anyways."

Treya fires at one of em.

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 4 and 4.

Keiko says, "I think they might be generated to be test subjects."

It dies, rather pointlessly.

Upton says, "I better take the next one. I don't know how many shot that thing has."

Upton aims his little popper at the last thingy.

Upton fires

Upton rolls 2d6 and gets 6 and 3.

Upton misses.

As Upton squeezes a few shots off at the last creature, the screen begins to flash again, to catch attention. 'Error. Test Phase 2 23$&**% complete.... cyclic redundancy. Discharging subjects."

There is a crashing in the next room, and rather quickly alot of pounding noises.

Treya hmms and peers into the next one.

<OOC> Upton says, "Is the an actual console in this room?"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Well, it's more of a screen. In the pillar. No real keyboard or anything."

Upton says, "I think that's not good."

Treya, you get to see about 50 or 60 shambling nakes mutated humanoids in the next room... all moving towards the room you're in.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Naked that is"

Treya ooos and fires the deely into em.

No need to even roll....

With so many, you can't help but hit a few, which go down immediatly. However, you're really only taking water from the bucket with an eyedropper...

Upton says, "Though the door!"

Treya nods and slams the door shut, runnimng across the room.

Upton heads to the door to the first room, goes through it then will try to weild it shut when treya closes it.

Roll me some mechanics Upton... for speed here.

Keiko Follows after Treya. "Umm wasnt that rocket launcher or grenade time?"

Treya says, "No...it wouldn't kill them all."

Keiko says, "There were an awful lot.""

Upton? Gonna roll the dice?

<OOC> Upton says, "Mind+Mechanical?"

Upton rolls 2d6 and gets 5 and 2.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Yep"

<OOC> Upton says, "m,ade it 3 under"

Upton, you begin to weld the door shut.... as you are partway through however, quite alot of pounding starts on the door... and you find you can't hold it shut and continue welding by yourself.

Upton says, "Treya, can you hold this shut?"

Treya nods and holds it shut tight.

Upton continues wielding.

Treya, roll me 2d6.

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 4 and 2.

Treya's shoulder pressed up against the door seems to be holding the creatures for the time being, as Upton welds the door... but the combined weight and pressure seems to be cracking some of the prior welding before it can cool down enough to set. You need to get it cooled faster.

Upton says, "Kid can you helps cool these welds?"

Keiko says, "Ummm ok.""

Keiko concentrates on generating a small cold area following along behind the wields.

Keiko rolls 2d6 and gets 5 and 3.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "good thing you put those points in spirit, heh."

<OOC> Keiko says, "hee"

Through alot of concentration, Keiko actually manages to get her power to work somewhat like she wants for once. The welds set much faster with the added help, and after a few more tense moments, the door is solidly held against the mass of mutants. Their bangs and senseless babbling can still be heard, but they would likely break their bones and flesh before getting that door down.

Upton says, "Ok, next door?"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "And I believe that's as good a place as any to wind down and end the game, eh? Sorry about the shortness, but it is getting a little late for me."

<OOC> Treya says, "no worries"

<OOC> Keiko says, "undernstandable and treya as well probably"

<OOC> Treya says, "gettin there"

<OOC> Keiko says, "and now we can just wonder whats behind the door."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "It was over all a better game then I've done for awhile, I think."

<OOC> Treya says, "I had fun XD"

<OOC> Upton says, "Me too"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Anyone have favorite parts? Or dislikes?"

<OOC> Treya says, "I like my new gun :3"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "I thought as much"

<OOC> Upton says, "I like how I botched an other wise easy roll."

<OOC> Treya says, "I also like the exp we'll be getting, *nods*"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "You got a new gun. GREEEED."

<OOC> Treya says, "lol"

<OOC> Keiko says, "I had fun. I liked the way things worked for me for a change lol"

Treya has disconnected.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Then all is well! I'll be off!"#