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.@@@) (@@@) @@@) @@@) .J@@H"

@@@@` J@@@ (@@@ @@@ .J@@N`

J@@@@ @@@F @@@F (@@@H@@H"

N4@@H (@@@) @@@) .. ._@@@@F`

(@@# J@@" (@@@) JN@L 4@@@@@L

(@@H (@@) (@@@) #@@@N `4@@@@@H

#@@N (@@) (@@@) J@@@@F @@@@@@@L

#@@@. J@@) (@@@@. .@@@@@@) .@@F4@@@@N.

(@@@L .N@N` N@@@L .J@H`N@@@` (@@ 4@@@@N.

`@@@@N__J@@@F (@@@@@@@@@F @@@) (@F "N@@@H

(@@@@@@@@F `@@@@@@` @@@) (N@) (@@@@L

`N@@@H" `"" .@@@ `4@` `H@@@L.

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Tabletop Room 6




Obvious exits:

Tabletop Nexus <TN>

<OOC> Upton says, "Heya"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Bwoof, gotta remember where we were."

<OOC> Keisho says, "um where were we oh I was on a date and um upton was coming back from a gang war."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Right. Treya was being moody."

<OOC> Keisho says, "that time I guess."

<OOC> Keisho says, "she is coming in a second I suspect."

Treya has connected.

<OOC> Upton says, "Heya"

<OOC> Keisho says, "welcome oh goddess of the internet. We mere mortals are blesed by your appearance."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Kay, so before we get started today, I have an announcment that may effect our scheduling, that being that I'm getting a new job. This is all well and good, but it's at 4 AM in the morning, so I'll be needing to go to bed earlier."

<OOC> Treya says, "indeed."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "...did I just say AM in the morning?"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Gah."

<OOC> Treya says, "what a n00b XD"

<OOC> Treya says, "Yeah that's fine with me. I'm DMing a monday night game now anyhow."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Really? So how does that effect your schedule?"

<OOC> Treya says, "Not much actually."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Kay. Well, anyway, games are going to either need to start earlier or become shorted, cause I'll be wanting to sleep at 8:00 over here."

<OOC> Keisho says, "well I can generally get in here an hour earlier most times."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Anybody else with comments or suggestions?"

<OOC> Treya says, "*shrug* I'm easy."

<OOC> Keisho says, "your not starting tomorrow though I hope :)"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "No. Though I am kind of trying to rack back my sleep schedule so the first day isn't hell."

<OOC> Upton says, "Congratulations on getting a job."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Thank you. Well. I guess we'll figure out wether to start earlier or not out later."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Jeeze. I am all sorts of redundant today."

<OOC> Upton says, "I'm up for starting ealier."

<OOC> Keisho says, "I can usually be on an hour earlier. like I said.. maybe some mondays 2."

We last left our intrepid space-farers.... with Keisho having her date with Kent. Upton helped the Lazer Teeth when a gang war, and Treya was... being Treya.

Upton had head back to his hotel room to relax.

<OOC> Treya says, "Going to bed I believe. XD"

<OOC> Keisho says, "treya is always being treya."

Upton will goe to bed after patching his latest wound.

Keisho, your date with Kent is now officially over. The two of you are currently in his vehicle, en-route to the resort.

Treya, bed is comfortable.

<OOC> Upton says, "brb"

Upton, bed LOOKS rather comfortable.

Treya SLEEPS with action!

Keisho smiles at Kent. "Thank you for dinner and the evening."

<OOC> Keisho says, "lol treya"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Back"

He smiles back. "No, thank you. It was... nice."

Keisho says, "How much longer will you and your parents be here on this planet?""

"Probably not much. We'll leave in a couple days or so, I'm sure."

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

The drive continues, and the resort looms into site.

Keisho says, "Oh same here. I had a really good time.""

<OOC> Upton says, "back"

There is a silence for awhile, though not an uncomfortable one, as the resort comes closer and closer. Eventually you are there.

Upton sleep with gusto

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Not to worry, you two, the game will come back to ya soon. UNless Keisho is a butt and extends things waaaaay long or something."

<OOC> Keisho says, "dont plan to... lol"

<OOC> Treya says, "I'm easy"

He opens your door and helps you out.

Keisho gets out of the car and stnads there smiling at him. "I really enjoyed tonight. Maybe we will meet up again sometime.

"Yeah, it could happen." He walks you to the door.

Keisho walks up to the door with him. "Oh and thanks for the advice about using the net for school."

"No problem, it's better then going without any sort of education, right?" The two of you stop at the door.

Keisho says, "Absolutely. I need to graduate if I want to go to college right.""

Keisho stands there next to him waiting.

"Right." The wait lingers.

Keisho moves closer and looks up into his face.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Gonna invite him in for a 'cup of coffee'?"

<OOC> Keisho says, "am I suppose to?"

<OOC> Treya says, "That means have sex XD"

He stares into your eyes for a moment...

<OOC> Keisho says, "lol well hes supposed to at least kiss me first."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Hahaha, supposed to. Depends on who you ask."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "I was joking. But hey, whatever you wanna do."

The moment comes, as you could probably predict it would if you places yourself in his shoes, and he leans down to kiss you.

Keisho purses her lips and meets his with hers leaning up against him.

<OOC> Keisho says, "am I supposed to bend one leg at the knee now? lol"

It's probably your first kiss, at least in a romantic sort of way, and it takes a minute for it to occur to you that it was with a man. He lingers on the kiss a little longer then is strictly neccesary.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Be back in a minute"

<OOC> Keisho says, "lol"

Keisho returns the kiss feeling wierd and uncomfortable but enjoying it all at the same time.

Eventually it breaks. The two of you are left standing and staring at eachother somewhat awkwardly.

"Um. Yeah." He's still standing very close to you, touching.

Keisho blushes slightly, she then leans up and kisses him again putting her arms around him.

He returns the affection without any hesitation. Things are beginning to heat up, you believe you've seen this part of the movie.

Keisho The kiss continues... with some back rubbing... until she breaks it. "Whats your net account... I can mail you."

With a bit of panting he responds. "Right. Yeah. Sure." He digs into his pocket for his palm-computer. "Um, does this mean we're done.. doing that?"

Keisho blushes. "I ummmm could kiss some more..." She blushes.

<OOC> Keisho says, "redundent!"

He nervously sways back and forth. "Um... how much more?"

Keisho giggles. "Well a at least a little." :She takes his hand and leads him over to secluded sitting area and kisses him again.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Be back in a minute... again!"

<OOC> Keisho says, "ok"

<OOC> Keisho says, "btw sorry... lol got to let him have the obligatory good night kissing"

<OOC> Upton says, "No worries for me"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "I don't think a makeout session is exactly obligatory. Back by the way!"

<OOC> Keisho says, "well it is a second date. lol :)"

Keisho, one long kiss begins to turn into several short kisses. This area actually has suprisingly low traffic for this city at night, so your secluded spot is uninteruppted and likely to remain so. Things begin to get a little steamy as hands start to explore just a bit, though nowhere that one would term inappropriate... at the moment.

Keisho Finds himself... herself enjoying it as much as Kent, she continues to kiss her hands rubbing him even as they embrace.

You find it very easy to get caught up in the moment. Things get progressively heavier as the kissing continues, and Kent's hands eventually find their way to a pair of objects you were only recently associated with. You vaugely recall Treya's comment a few days ago... 'Their actually very nice if you use them right', or something like that. Of course, it also occurs to you that you are making out quite heavily with a man, but you allready knew that.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Some role model you are, Treya."

<OOC> Keisho says, "lol"

<OOC> Treya says, "She's a mercenary ship captain. Not a mom. XD"

Keisho allows her chest to be caressed caught up in the moment for a bit.... then breaks it off a bit flushed... "I have to go." She blushes. "I really enjoyed tonight. A lot." She kisses him again quickly on the lips and begins to walk toward the hotel doors feeling really strange... aroused... happy... and really at odds with the fact that this shouldnt be happening at all.

<OOC> Keisho says, "sure mom."

Kent is left sitting there, staring after you and wondering what exactly he did wrong. The lobby man doesn't even give you more then a passing glance as you enter all hot, flushed and sweating.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Hehe, tease."

<OOC> Keisho says, "well now I feel bad.... lol"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Hehehehe. Teenagerdom strikes again."

Keisho She pauses at the door then turns to Kent and smiles. "I hope I see you again. Soon." Then vanishes inside. Her heels clicking as she walks to the elevator and takes it up to her room.

<OOC> Keisho says, "ehh he got to second base... he should be really happy. lol"

<OOC> Keisho says, "just think of the trashy things he can tell his friends."

<OOC> Keisho says, "plus I feel guilty that eveyroen else is sleeping while this is going on. lol next make out session needs to be in daylight hours. hee."

You have a moment to cool down during the trip to your room and examine what you were just doing with a slightly less hormone-skewed view point. That was a guy, you were just making out with him, you were enjoying it, you actually meant what you just said about wanting to see him again, and you have his Net address.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "How considerate of you."

You may also want to consider wether or not you should tell this to Treya.

Keisho enters the room and closes the door then gazes int he mirror. "Who are you.... I mean... Guys shouldn't feel like this... but its nice... and Im not a guy right now... and hes sweet and cute... God did I just say hes cute. Girls are totally wierd..." She sighs and gets undressed for bed.

You wind down your night by accusing yourself of being totally wierd.

Keisho falls asleep to dream until morning.

Your bed seems awfully inviting, tempting you with the offer of the oblivion of unconciousness, rather then having to think about all this confusing stuff.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Aw, ya beat me to it."

<OOC> Keisho says, "sorry :)"

Okay, Upton, Treya... both of you roll me 2d6

Upton rolls 2d6 and gets 2 and 5.

<OOC> Keisho says, "of course I probably dream about kent lol"

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 5 and 6.

<OOC> Treya says, "woo!"

<OOC> Upton says, "7 and I have no idea what I was rolling against"

Roll again.

Both of you.

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 5 and 6.

Upton rolls 2d6 and gets 3 and 3.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "*Snort*"

<OOC> Upton says, "6 that time"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Treya gets the exact same roll."

<OOC> Keisho says, "lol gotta love the dice here."

<OOC> Keisho says, "in the same order."

Upton, in your sleep you vaugely here a small 'tink' sound.

Upton wakes up and looks around?

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

As you claw your way up from conciousness, you here a small hissing sound in your room now. Something tells you that might be a problem.

Upton looks for the source of the noise

Upton sniffs the air just in case.

You detect an odor that definately shouldn't be there. And it doesn't take long to see a small cannsiter emitting a gas into your room.

Treya, it is about this time that you are rudely awakened by fit of hacking coughs, opening your eyes only for them to begin stinging harshly.

Upton grabs his stuff and vacates the room.

Treya sits up with a lurch and a cough.

Upton, open your door and exit the room to find about three guns pointed directly at your head.

<OOC> Keisho says, "ut oh."

"You might want to hold very, very still." One of the men holding a gun says. You can't see him, but you can see one of them... he's wearing a dark and obscuring full-head mask over his head, however.

Treya, your room is filling with a tear-gas. It's entirely uncomfortable.

<OOC> Treya says, "is there a window?"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "There is a small window to allow sunlight... it doesn't open, normally."

<OOC> Treya says, "can I get out of it?"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Almost certainly not. Maybe if you were 10."

Uptonslowly pulls out the breifcase and opens it showing then the bomb turned powercell, "You Gents might want to clear out of hear, If I'm going down we all are,"is of course bluffing but the fellows don't know he passified the bomb.

Treya kicks her door open then.

Treya's always stealthy entrance results in one of the masked figures surrounding her door getting clobbered by a flying portal-blocker. The other two men, positioned on either side of the door, point guns at her head despite this.

<OOC> Treya says, "stealth is for chumps XD"

Upton and Treya's rooms are on different sides of the compound, so neither is quite aware of the other's situation.

Upton says, "Well Gentleman, ya going to clear out?"

Upton says, ""

one of the men looks at your bomb, Upton. Another says. "Shit."

<OOC> Keisho says, "lol"

The other one says. "So guys, would you rather be blown up, or go back to the boss as a failure?" The other two spit a couple more curses, but don't move.

Keisho slumbers peacefully.

<OOC> Keisho says, "ehh the boss would kill them for failing ;)"

Upton grins maniacally, "Well in any case you'll be dead case I have to thing set to go off when my heart stops.

Treya doesn't wait for them to say anything, and lunges at the one on the right.

The men are caught a bit off guardby your action, but the one on your left manages to fire his gun.

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 5 and 3.

He misses due to your erratic movement, roll to grapple with this guy as the one you hit with the door starts to get up, saying "Don't kill her, ya moron!"

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 6 and 1.

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 3 and 4.

<OOC> Upton says, "I hopw you invested in unarmed attack.."

You manage to wrestle him to the floor, but while you deal with him, the others seem to be getting their bearings.

Upton says, "Well boy next move's yers."

Treya is going to bash his head quite soundly into the floor.

Upton, the one who seems to do most of the talking regards you. "You ever been on a pulse-bed, pal?" You think you've heard of it... a highly illegal torture device, designed to stop and restart the victim's pulse with very painful electric shocks, while a headband makes sure they stay concious.

Treya, roll it again.

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 6 and 4.

<OOC> Treya says, "bugger"

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 3 and 4.

He starts wrenching free of your grip. You haven't totally lost your hold on him, but the other two seem to be withdrawing stun-prods from their jackets.

Treya rolls off of the guy and produces a gun...from...somewhere...where is a mystery as she's in a night shirt and panties.

Roll init.

GDMSkullrama rolls 1d6 and gets 5.

GDMSkullrama rolls 1d6 and gets 4.

GDMSkullrama rolls 1d6 and gets 1.

Treya rolls 1d6 and gets 4.

<OOC> Treya says, "hehe, portable armory is awesome XD"

The man you were ontop of starts to climb to his feet. Your move.

Treya shoots at one of the approaching fellows.

Treya rolls 1d6 and gets 2.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "See, that'd be a great roll, except..."

<OOC> Keisho says, "lol you put that WHERE?"

Upton says, "No, I can't says that I have. However, you have to weight death now or live longer eve n if you might be tortured. Are you prepared to explore the greatest mystery of all right this minute?"

"I think I'd prefer vaporization. You said that thing was keyed to your pulse, right?"

<OOC> Treya says, "ll"

Upton says, "That and a dead man's switch in case one of you decided to be a hero."

"Right. Well then."

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 3 and 5.

Roll me 2d6, Upton.

Upton rolls 2d6 and gets 3 and 2.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Treya, you might want to roll TWO d6 now."

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 2 and 4.

<OOC> Keisho says, "nice roll"

<OOC> Treya says, "for once XD"

<OOC> Keisho says, "nice rolls both"

You drop your home-made powercell as the bastard behind you shoves something into your back that gives you a powerful shock. You take 15 subdual damage.

Upton says, "If I unclutch my hand before disarming this thing it goes boom."

Your remark is interupted half-way through.

<OOC> Keisho says, "continues to sleep blissfully."

Keisho continues to sleep blissfully.

The others pull out stun-prods. It might be a good idea to defend yourself.

Upton drops the power cell(How does subdual work. Does it subtract from energy rather then health?)

Upton gets down in a fight stance, "Shit...

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "No, it subtracts from HP, but it's non-lethal. You cannot be killed by subdual damage."

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 3 and 2.

Treya, the bullet flies into the man who falls onto the floor with a pathetic sound.

<OOC> Keisho says, "what time is it anyway?"

<OOC> Treya says, "wooberries for the cap'n"

Upton then attempt to grapple the guy behind him and use him as a human shield.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Early. ONly around 6:30. Nobody in the city is awake at that time, for the most part. Ever."

Roll it for me, Upton.

Upton rolls 2d6 and gets 5 and 4.

Treya, the other man comes at you

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 2 and 2.

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 3 and 4.

<OOC> Upton says, "Damn 1 over."

<OOC> Upton says, "Er 2 over"

You grab him, struggling with him for a bit, and neither of you really makes any head-way against the other.

Treya, roll defense.

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 5 and 6.

<OOC> Treya says, "dizzam"

Upton, one of the other rooms bursts open

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 4 and 6.

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 2 and 2.

<OOC> Keisho says, "well I wouldnt be awake yet as I was out late."

A wild burst of shotgun pellets flies from the door as an old man stomps out with a large shotgun, yelling. The other two guyscurse loudly.

<OOC> Treya says, "lol"

Treya, you take a powerful shock from the rod, taking 15 subdual damage.

Treya curses loudly and brings her guns around to him.

Go ahead and roll that

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 5 and 2.

Upton attempt to throw the guy he was trying to grapped with into his buddies.

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 6 and 4.

Since you only said you had one gun out, and haven't actually pulled your second one yet, only one bullet flies. But this bullet nails the man in the chest and he falls and rolls around screaming. The last guy, getting up from your grappling rushes you with his rod.

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 6 and 4.

You move out of his way.

Upton, roll me a grapple check.

Upton rolls 2d6 and gets 6 and 4.

<OOC> Upton says, "Nada"

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 4 and 6.

Upton, the man trips, and you hurl him towards your opponents. Combined with the screaming old man firing his shotgun randomly, you have quite a distraction on your hands.

<OOC> Treya says, "lol"

<OOC> Treya says, "Screaming old guys XD"

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 2 and 5.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "It's based on your number of success/failures against your opponents."

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 1 and 2.

<OOC> Upton says, "Hmmm, that was a good result for a faliure...."

The man does the unthinkable and rolls to away from your gunfire.

<OOC> Treya says, "I thought he was attacking me XD I was rolling defense"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "As I said. It's about you versus your opponent, not actual success or failure."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Oh. Well. Nope."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "But he is now!"

<OOC> Treya says, "lol"

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 4 and 5.

Treya rolls 2d6 and gets 1 and 3.

You move around him like a bull-fighter

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 2 and 6.

<OOC> Upton says, "Doing something differt then normal BESM?"

Treya shoots at his back.

Your bullet finds it's mark. The three men aren't dead, but they aren't getting up either.

Upton grabs his stuff and tries to make his ways out of there while his foes are destracted.

Treya fires a bullet into the backs of the knees of two of them...safety first after all. :D And drags the third into her room.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "That's the rule I use for grappling, anyway. Whoever has highest degree of success on their roll... or lowest degree of failure. Unless you're far enough away the grabbing in the first place is difficult."

<OOC> Upton says, "Ah"

<OOC> Keisho says, "I belive in the dm at all times."

<OOC> Keisho says, "<preens>"

<OOC> Treya says, "scratch bringing him into her room"

Treya throws the third over her shoulder and heads to Elsa whistling merrily. XD

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Okay. So you do what then?"

<OOC> Treya says, "I'm taking him to the..."conversation" room. XD"

Treya, the man spits at you, groaning in pain. "More coming... bitch. Right on your damn heels."

Treya says, "Who sent you?"

<OOC> Upton says, "DO I make it out of there?"

Upton, you run into Treya in the lobby, she has a bleeding man who looks alot like the ones YOU were facing over her shoulder. The large lady behind the desk looks at you two, gets a shocked look on her face then pretends to go back to reading her magazine.

Treya taps her communicator to get it to buzz Keisjo.

Keisho, roll 2d6.

Keisho rolls 2d6 and gets 3 and 6.

"Awww...fuck you. S'if ya don't know." The man hacks out.

Treya says, "Ohh...now that's not the right answer."

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Woah, link."

Treya steps into the street and sets him face down on it, holding him by an ankle.

<OOC> Treya says, "lol"

Upton says, "Looks like ya had a rude awakening as well. We better get outa hear. I don't know how long that old man with keep the three after me pinned down"

Treya says, "You can head to Elsa, I'll be along soon."

Treya while gripping the thug...takes off to the end of the block at her tops speed...letting him drag along the ground.

Keisho, you might maybe sort of here an annoying buzzing sound. Maybe you'd better just keep sleeping and it'll go away.

Upton says, "Ok, please called ahead so she expects me. BTW You know that bomb, I successgful neutralised it n to a semi-safe power cell."

Keisho dreams she is dancing to some sort of music.

"Awwhhwh FUCK, they'l..fuck, shit OOOOOOWAW! Be herrrrrrrarrrrg kill you!"

Treya says, "Whoooo sent you?"

Upton heads to else.

Treya taps her communicator...buzzing Keisho...alot. XD

<OOC> Keisho says, "actually had a dream once where I thought my alarm was music lol"

<OOC> Upton says, "You going to call Elsa to expect me>"

Treya tells Elsa to let Upton in.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "I had a dream where the alarm was the red alert, because I was in Star Trek... for god knows what reason."

<OOC> Keisho says, "shall I roll for the wake up again?"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Yes, roll."

Keisho rolls 2d6 and gets 3 and 4.

<OOC> Keisho says, "a bit better"

Keisho, that's definately a buzzing sound. You think you remember something kind of important that makes a buzzing sound, but it isn't as nice as sleep.

Treya, you hear a loud noise as you run.

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 4 and 2.

Upton heads to the Elsa and does to the hatch

Latharian has connected.

That was most certainly the sound of a gunshot, probably aimed at you, which ricocheted of the street. "Here forrrrrrrrgh yerass!" the man says.

<OOC> Keisho says, "is that a "no I dont wake up" or a "i can if I choose?""

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "If you want to, you can."

<OOC> Upton says, "Hello there"

Keisho lies there for a bit trying to continue to sleep but the buzzing wont go away... eventually she sits up... groogily and grabs the communicator.. "Mmmmf?"

Latharian has left.

<OOC> Treya says, "brb"

Darkfire pages: I'm bored, alright if I lurk? :)

Treya, as the fun new gunshots begin, the com is answered

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "We have a Darkfire person who wants to lurk. Does anyone care?"

You paged Darkfire with 'Hold on a second.'

<OOC> Keisho says, "whats a darkfire person. but no worries."

Upton pages: If Upton happen to get accedently zapped by that Gene scramble could you make the TF and very long drawn out one that last from several hour to several days?

<OOC> Keisho says, "on my part."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "A guy with the nick of Darkfire."

<OOC> Upton says, "I heart lurkers"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Heart, or hate?"

<OOC> Upton says, "Heart as in love"

You paged Darkfire with 'sure, go ahead.'

<OOC> Upton says, "brb"

Treya says, "Listen kid, we need to get to Elsa NOW got me?"

Treya says, "No luggage, nothing. Get up and run to Elsa."

Keisho says, "Ummm Alirhgt... " She responds waking up a bit... "Coming!""

You paged Upton with 'Well, that really depends entirely on the circumstances. I believe I made it clear that such things won't neccesarily be tuned entirely to personal preference. It's certainly a possibility, but the gene re-shuffler isn't hooked up at the moment. Treya will be remarking on turning Keisho back soon, however, one would think...'

Treya says, "Now now NOW kid, run fast."

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 4 and 4.

Upton, a gunshot misses you. Maybe you ought to pick up the pace just a bit.

Keisho gets up and puts on the skirt and shirt and sandles real quick and shoves her other stuff in the sack it came in and heads for Elsa.

Treya gives the guy a swift boot to the face and watches for Keisho.

You paged Darkfire with 'Lurking is approved.'

<OOC> Upton says, "back"

Upton hurries is ass to the Elsa

Treya, the man is losing conciousness, and blood, rapidly.

Treya seems a little less then concerned about him. XD

Keisho runs for the ship as fast as she can. Sandels are definently easier to run in than heels.

This is quite true, Keisho. And it's a rather pleasent sprint actually.

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 1 and 6.

Upton, bullets are flying, You're nearing the Elsa.

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 3 and 4.

Keisho finds her chest bouncing a bit disconcerting however.

Treya, the marksman can't seem to get a bead on you at your current speed. The Elsa isn't far away at all at the rate you run.

Keisho, it occurs to you that perhaps you should have worn your bra. Life is so hard for you.

Upton call up Elsa, "Elsa I would like some covering fire please. We got hostiles.

<OOC> Keisho says, "actually thoguht she was wearing it... would still bounce at a run lol"

<OOC> Keisho says, "to the delight of onlookers. cough"

"Opening fire in a public area is highly illegal, Mr. Upton." Elsa hangs up on you. You get the sinking feeling that Treya probably instructed Elsa to do that in com-talks with you.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "You said Shirt and Skirt and sandles. I assumed you hadn't worn it to bed."

<OOC> Keisho says, "actually she might have but ok :)"

Upton curse and tries to get inside before getting shot

Treya grabs Keisho and throws her over her shoulder racing to Elsa with the girl.

Keisho, you are suddenly slung over Treya's shoulder.

Keisho blinks "Holy crap! We are in a hurry?"

Treya, dragging two bodies is slowing you down.

<OOC> Treya says, "I dumped the one guy"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "I must have missed that"

You arrive at the Elsa to see Upton desperately trying to get her to open up.

Treya says, "Elsa I told you to expect him."

Darkfire arrives from the Tabletop Gaming Area.

Darkfire has arrived.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "That is to say, open up much much faster."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Forgive the vaugery."

From afar, Darkfire nods, kicks back, and idles.

<OOC> Keisho says, "lol a good elsa response would be... "Yea but I really dont like him" hee"

<OOC> Keisho says, "greetings darkfire."

<OOC> Darkfire waves.

<OOC> Upton says, "Hello"

The ship's door allows you all into the cockpit

GDMSkullrama rolls 2d6 and gets 3 and 3.

Upton gets in

A bullet ricochets off the side of the ship next to the door. Closing up would probably be a wise idea.

Treya says, "Elsa seal the hatch. Return fire on anyone firing at us. Prep for takeoff."

<OOC> Treya says, "Howdy."

<OOC> Treya says, "I was gettin to it XD"

<OOC> Treya says, "I had to get some Ben and Jerry's...the only men I'd leave mine for. XD"

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

Upton give Treya a look.

Keisho says, "Whaaats happening?""

Treya dumps Keisho on the floor and heads to the cockpit.

Elsa closes the hatch. "You have instructed me to remind you of the heavy penalties for opening fire with a space-vehicle in a public area before taking such an action, Treya."

Keisho gets up and follows after Treya.

Treya says, "Yes yes I know...fine...such a killjoy sometimes..."

Treya sits in her chair with a huff. "Just get us out of here Elsa."

"Shall I disregard clearance procedures?"

Upton sits down and buckles up

Treya says, "Yes Elsa just get us out of here."

"Very well, commencing lift off."

The ship lurches very slightly as it lifts off the ground, breaching the atmosphere in the next minute.

Treya relaxes. "Well that was an exciting end to a vacation."

"Surface has suffered minor scratches. No other damage. All crew accounted for." Elsa chimes in.

Treya says, "Thanks Elsa."

Upton says, "Indeed, almost better then my trying my hand as a combat engineer last night."

Keisho says, "What happened? Why they rush?""

Treya says, "Someone wanted me dead. Probly all of us I guess."

All the excitment has actually managed to make you think about something else besides last night... for a minute anyway.

Keisho, that is.

Upton says, "Some smoked me outta my room and tried zapping me with cattle prods. Fortunately, one of my neighbour didn't like the racket and proved me with a distraction to get out of there."

Keisho says, "I wonder why...."

Keisho says, "You know who it was and why?""

Treya says, "Probably has something to do with one of the dozen men I shot while we were down there."

Upton says, "I think they wanted me alive rather then dead.."

Keisho says, "Why would they be after upton? Then?""

Treya says, "Probably with me when I shot someone."

Upton says, "Or my reputation as a superiour Techi got spread around."

" Currently leaving solar system. Would you like to designate a destination, Treya?" Elsa pipes in again.

Treya says, "...right...well I'm beat. Elsa set a course for oh...I dunno...eh...nah. Just cruise a bit. Collect info on any jobs for me."

Keisho says, "That was definently a wierd vacation.""

Upton says, "Well, I am going to get working on installing that electronic hardening. stuff"

Keisho says, "Elsa can you set up a net account for me. I need to finish my schooling so that someday I can continue""

Keisho says, "Oh hey you got change from that?""

Treya yaaaawns. "Elsa make sure hee haw doesn't mess with anything he's not s'posed to. I'm going back to bed..."

Treya heads to her quarters sleepily...and with a bit of a limp.

Upton hands Keisho the remander of his money, however nmuc h it is, "Here ya go.

"Certainly, Miss Keisho." Elsa beeps once as she begins her task.

Upton then heads out to work.

Keisho says, "Thank you.""

Keisho, you wind up with around 900 credits.

<OOC> Keisho says, "oh he did get a bargin."

A shout comes from below deck


Treya says, "...I'm gonna kill someone I swear..."

<OOC> Upton says, "Do I head the shout?"

Keisho heads down below deck. "Done what!?"

Treya heads down looking tired and in her underpants.

Upton investigates the noise.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Actually, he just gambled the change and got lucky. Could have lost your money"

<OOC> Treya says, "lol"

<OOC> Keisho says, "loser! cough cough"

The three of you head down into the engine room to find Renald holding up some strange device in his hands.

Treya says, "What's this now?"

Keisho says, "What are you doing here still?""

"I've combined a hair-dryer and an auto-adhesive ray!"

"I call it... a .. uh...

You say, ""

Upton says, "Who the hell are you?"

Keisho says, "So you made a hot adesive?""

Keisho says, "Glue gun...""

Upton says, "You made a hot glue gun?"

Keisho giggles.

He pauses. "A hair adhesive ray! Experiment with any new look without the hassle of gels! Yes!"

Treya says, "...I'm going to bed. If I got woken up again someone's getting shot."

Treya trudges to her room.

Renald stares at Treya as she trudges away. "Uh. Well, I guess it's not my best invention."

Upton looks at the new kid, "Just who are you...

"Maybe she preferred the toaster-oven?" He takes the device out from under his desk

Keisho says, "Shes tired.""

He looks at Upton. "Ah, hello there, I am Renald!" He flicks his helmet. He appears to be a kid around Keisho's age, maybe a year or so older. He wears a large helmet which obscures most of his facial features...

Upton says, "Hi Renald I;m Upton. What are you doing here?"

"Well, uh, it's a long and probably very boring story that does not involved me being stomped on or punched by the captain of this ship! The important part is that she hired me to invent things."

Keisho says, "Hes a genius type... hes inventing for Treya."

<OOC> Treya says, "lol"

Upton looks hurt, "Huh, she has a KID inventing for her?

Keisho says, "Well I think hes certifiable."

Upton, closer examination shows that this area of the ship has some... strange attachments on the power-core now. And there are a number of strange devices below and on the boy's desk.

Keisho says, "Renald you told me there was something odd with my DNA... did you determine what?""

The hair-adhesive ray, for example, doesn't look like any conventional device you've seen on the market.

Upton then put two and two together, "So does on of his inventions explain why yer getting in touch with your feminine side." Then goe sabout exapinining the devises this kids made.( Mind+Electronic to asses quality?)

He looks up at you, Keisho. "Oh. That! Right. Well, I did kind of start, but then I went into the kitchen, and well, the toaster-oven kind of came about..."

Yes, roll mind+electronics Upton

Upton rolls 2d6 and gets 6 and 3.

Keisho says, "I see... could you research the DNA some more?""

<OOC> Upton says, "2 under."

The devices are entirely strange, as they don't strictly conform to the laws of physics and electronics that you were schooled under. You're not even sure how some of them are possible.

Upton looks intrigued. "Well what do you have hear, a regular mad scientist.

"Right! Yes! I can indeed do that. Aside from that, are you done being a girl yet? Just curious."

Upton says, "Which of these love devise caused Keisho to be what she is?"

<OOC> Upton says, "Er lovely"

Keisho says, "I don't think so... Mom said I was supposed to stay this way a bit.""

"Ah!" He flicks his helmet. "That would be the genetic re-shuffler!" He pulls it out from under his desk, a bulky cylindrical device. "See, I got the idea when I was looking at one of those re-shuffling devices in the casinos, and being that I was rather curious about the female anatomy, I thought, why couldn't you just re-shuffle genetic code? So, I went back to my flat, and I..."

Upton pulls out his diagnostic scanner and examines it

Upton, your scanner gives you a very.. cryptic reading. You're not entirely sure what half of it is supposed to represent.

Upton blinks, "I take it you didn't draw up skematics when you designed this.

Keisho says, "Alright I want you to figure out why my dna is strange." She goes back toward the bridge of the ship."

"Schematics? Why? They're rather restrictive to in-proccess innovation."

Keisho goes to the bridge and sits down at a Monitor. "Elsa can I log in?"

Keisho, you hear Upton and Renald speak as you walk away.

A beep comes from Elsa as you are logged into the Network.

Keisho smiles. "Thank you Elsa. Your a good friend."

Upton says, "Kid, without Schematics how the hell to you expect to replicate your work. I don't believe they hurt the innovative process at all, but provided a frame work for such. Let me show you something."

Keisho Goes to the intergalatic school interface and registers.

Keisho, you are rather quickly faced with a connundrum on what was once the most simple of questions. Male, or Female?

Keisho shrugs and gazes down and registers as female.

Upton pulls out the briefcase and show it to Renald. "See this. It a powercell I created from a plasma bomb.

"Hm." He rubs his chin at that. "Interesting. That could be used in any number of devices..."

Upton pulls out the scamtics he made for it, "And this are the skematics on how to create this sort of power cell from materials avalible. So how did you power that Gene Scrambler?

The rest of the process is rather straight forward and intuitive, Keisho. You are soon signed up for correspondance courses at the grade-level you left at.

"Genetic Re-Shuffler."

Keisho begins classes and starts working at the courses.

Upton says, "Your pardon, Genetic Re-Shuffler"

Keisho Shes takes a break and sends an email to Kent: "Hi! I had fun... don't know where I'm going yet. Hope to see you again sometime soon. - Keiko."

"I powered it off Elsa's core for it's one use, it did neccesitate a cool-down for two hours afterward..."

Keisho, you never did tell Treya about your make-out session near the resort. Oh well, maybe mom doesn't need to know such things.

Upton looks at it, "Hmmmmm, I wonder if we can make it more power efficient. How does it work?

<OOC> Keisho says, "wasnt a chance yet lol"

Upton examines it to see if it is designed to work through a burst of energy or such.

"Well, you see, it takes the genetic code of the subject, and shuffles it into the desired position. Then it stops."

<OOC> Upton says, "How big is it again?"

Upton, it's a tight cylinder at the moment. You can't exactly tell how it does exactly what it's supposed too.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "About the size of a basketball."

Keisho goes back to her studies.

Upton says, "How does it accomplish that a burst of energy a beam or something different?"

Keisho pauses. "...huh?"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Gah. Renald I mean."

<OOC> Keisho says, "ok had to wonder :)"

Upton looks at Renald, "Well, it obviously not a booth you walk into.

"OF course not. It just re-shuffles genetics."

Upton says, "Does it do it in a sincle directing or arc or a 360 circle?"

<OOC> Upton says, "Er single direction"

"Well the genes shuffle in a random order, more akin to a tossing shuffle."

The kid is apparently functioning on an entirely different set of physics then you.

Upton give the kid a look, "I mean what is the god damned area affect of the devise.

Keisho Feels a bit of normalacy by doing school work.

Treya slumbers happily beneath her heated blankets. XD

Upton says, "A round burst, a line of energy a cone, what sort?"

He shrugs. "Wherever the person is standing I guess, as long as they're within... oh... probably six yards.

Upton says, "Six yard in a 360 arc? Hmmmmm, I think I have a way to make it more efficient."

He seems confused.

Upton says, "You see, if it effects only a fraction to the current area of effect it would require far less power."

"360 wha?" He lets it go.

Upton twirls is finger in a circle, "360 degrees as in all around it.

"What? Oh, I guess so. Um. But, see, I don't think it can have a ... what do you call it, fraction of effect?"

"It just kinda does what it was made to do."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Your straight-man science does not belong in the world of mad-science."

Upton says, "Well we need to figure a way to make its use less power cause it would be too danger to use while were out in space."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Heathen taint."

<OOC> Treya says, "hehe"

"Is it really going to be used that often?" he seems perplexed. "I suppose, if you want to experiment or something you could have just told me. I understand completely you know, a natural response of curiosity. Why, I believe Keisho felt the same way, and he seems to be adjusting pretty well to it, interesting response really..." he begins to ramble agai

Upton says, "You know, I won't know how this works until I can crack it open and do some tinkering however I can't do that/ Eh use it, no sir, I want to exiamine it and see if I can replicate it. There might be a market for a devise like this."

"Market? Huh." He picks up his latest invention. "I really would have though my Hair-adhesive ray would sell better..."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Annnnnd sorry to dissapoint anyone, but I think we should rap it up around here while things are at a low point. Also because I need to start ending my day earlier so my first day of work isn't hell."

Upton says, "Eh, well that is an interesting devise, but not that our there."

<OOC> Keisho says, "lol"

Keisho continues studying.

<OOC> Treya says, "No biggie."

<OOC> Treya says, "I got to shoot more people, I had fun. XD"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "heh"

<OOC> Upton says, "No biggie, I finally got to met Renold"

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Anybody else have a favorite part or disliked part?"

<OOC> Upton says, "No dislikes."

<OOC> Keisho says, "okies. :)"

<OOC> Keisho says, "it was all fun look forward to the next."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "I have a special fondness of Renald's Toaster-Oven because no one has told the poor kid that it was invented back in the 20th century."

<OOC> Keisho says, "well we dont know that it was :)"

<OOC> Upton says, "I don't haven't got that far into his devise yet."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Good game everyone. I'll be seeing you next week. An hour earlier, or at the same time?"

<OOC> Treya says, "lol"

<OOC> Treya says, "I can probly make it at 7."

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Anyone else?"

<OOC> Upton says, "I can make it early"

Database checkpoint in progress - stand by...

Database checkpoint complete.

<OOC> GDMSkullrama says, "Okay, I think we'll aim for an hour earlier then. See ya later everybody, nice game."

<OOC> Upton says, "Thanks"

Upton has disconnected.