The Gamerchick  By: Al Ray.

                                                                        (A tribute to Beth Kinderman)


I am the rarest of birds, most precious of gems,

My tongue is gilded, my wit is sharper that a munchkin’s sword,

I have my own satellite and my own revenge,

A Malkavian I may be in heart,

I am a mistress of a forum where philosophy and poetry invaded,

My playgrounds are lands imagination made and tragedy played,

I am a wordsmith of the highest caliber, 

Though a minority, my presence is felt,

Equality is my goal, tolerance my pride,

My writing has open many eyes,

I seek to slay stereotypes of women and men,

I am Gamerchick, see my words ring,

See yourself changed for the better,

Read and be enlighten and speak your mind,

With those who experience the same.