What am I afraid of?††††††††††††††††††††††††††† By: Al Ray

What am I afraid of?

Looking at my true self,


Why I am afraid of seeing myself?

Because I am afraid that what I will see,

Will shake me,


Why am I afraid that it will shake me?

Because I fear it will both contradict and confirm,

What I always felt about myself,


Why do I fear that?

Because I donít know,

What will be confirm and contradicted.


Why is this?

I fear uncertainty,

I fear being stuck and restrained,


Why is that relevant?

I fear that I would be unable to change,

What I see there,

That I would have no control,

I would be a passenger in my own life.


Why do I fear losing control to myself?

Because I donít know who I will be,


Bullshit, I will still be myself.