Adventurers. By Alan Ray

The trail I walk is ever long,

My constant companion is Death,

But others often come long,

I travel beyond the horizons in search of gold, glory, and a place to call home,

I oft battle with steel, magic , and above all, wit,

I am any color of the moral, ethical spectrum,

I am of any race under the sun,

My tales are the stuff of legends, the source of Epics, and the subject of a Bards ballads,

Yet many are the times where my tales are unsung,

Death is ever present, nipping at my heels,

Yet oft I cheat it or I'm bless with a another chance,

Many time a am a pawn in a greater story,

Yet I am oft in center stage,

War, hardship, tricky, and might are oft the tools of my trade,

The roads go ever on,

The horizon ever ahead,

An when the adventure is done another always takes its place,

For mine is a never-ending tale,

For I am every Adventurer who has taken up the trail,

Search for what I have lost and something to be gained,

My goals are many and so are the trail,

Yet I still walk the perilous tale,

Join me if you dare,

For my stories are the stuff from which Dreams are born.