Anglo-Saxon riddle poem. By: Al Ray

I am the most lethal beast to walk upon the blessed earth. My feet had crossed all Lands and carried me across the briny deep.

I am the children of Prometheus and I am good, evil and all in between.

I am the tool-maker, trench digger, and the timekeeper.

My cradle is the blue-white gem wondering around the sphere of nearly eternal flame,

With a lesser silvery gem beside on it's dance, all against a sheet of diamond studded black Velvet. I am logic tempered with emotion's flame.

I am self-slayer and I ride the winds in the bowels of metal birds.

My footsteps marred the face of Artemis in her brother's name.

I ascend to the heavens on the tops of gigantic bombs.

An Englishman once described me as Adam's flesh and Adam's bone.

To many of me my flesh is a canvas.

To know me is to know thyself.

Who am I?