One of my players had a half-dragon elvan cleric for a D&D campaign I was running. A fellow player had a bard that was killed by a mindflayer. When the cleric next encountered a mindflayer it wanted to ally itsself with him. The player who had the bard had created a socerer and declared revenge on the mindflayer via a fireball. The cleric was unhurt by the blast due to his dragon blood and let the enraged mindflayer grab his head. Instead of trying to grapple free, the cleric simply opened his mouth and gave the mindflayer a 30 foot cone of fire to the face. I stated all that was left was what ever passes for legs on the mindflayer. The cleric said that he had heartburn before the mindflayer attacked.

How does a level one rogue kill a troll in one shot? This trick involves the aid of a ranger (also level one) to shoot the trolls fire ( a log cabin that the troll was quite proud of), a tree to stand on, and a sack filled with 26 flasks of oil and a bottle of Alchemist's fire. The troll rushed towards the ranger and right into the falling sack. My DM for this said roll a d6 for every bottle in the sack. He agreed to let me times the roll by 27 to speed things uo. End result 108 points of damage to the troll. My rogue took three points from explosive debris.