Through A Gamer's Eyes By: Al Ray

(inspired by Beth Kinderman's Cops and Robbers with Dice)

Oh, what a wondrous view, wondrous and surreal, few eyes see,

A minority are we,

Those few aged ones that see beyond our eyes,

To the places where imagination meets the dies,

Wargames' children we play,

Aliens and monsters our alter-egos slay,

Worlds with-in, worlds without, worlds without end,

Even amidst this world we see the problems around the bend,

Racism, sexism, slavery and death are meat for our stories,

These the tellers seek and work upon as hard as Dwarves in quarries,

Our world provides our fantasies with substances and emotion,

Which allows us to see our own world in motion,

From the best to the worst and in between,

Many are the things that we have seen,

But many question us, look at through eyes tainted by ignorance,

Many good people seeing evil where none exists, what a pittance,

Those who question we seek to enlighten,

To tell them they never should have been frighten,

To let them see what we see,

Let them love this world as do we,

To show them stories without end,

And the wonders around the bend.