Here are a few link to some RPG related sites that I really like:

Revenge of the Gamer Chick

This my favorite site on the web. It a site belonging Beth Kinderman aka Spacegirl where she keeps her role-playing related items. It contains her gaming stories, essays, characters and the ever popular quotes page. It is a must see.'

Gamerchick Planet.

The is the forum where I hang out a lot. It is nominally devoted to the rare female role-players, but is frequented by role-players of all genders and walks of life . Most of the topics have RPG themes, but a variety of other topics are often mentioned. It is also the source of several on-line role-playing games.

A Personal Pictograph in Four Parts

This is the site beloning to my Mage:Epic Fantasy storyteller and accomplished writer Eric Zawadzki. It contains his fantasy stoires, his poems, some stuff about himself, and all things he did with Mage:the Ascension and Mage:Sorcerer's Crusade to create Mage: Epic Fantasy. It includes rules for playing Mage in the world of Malakai, a fantasy world he created from scratch. Also check of the quotes and log page for some good reading and a good laugh or two.

The Corner

This is the brand spanking new website by a fellow game, Billy Cromb, aka Labyrus and, among the Mage: Epic Fatasy crowd, Lucky Kitty(long story). It has some of his rants and his character Al'Marth. It might not have much content, but what it has is really good.

Art for the socially impared.

This site is that of a fellow gamer from GCP, Megan, who goes by the handle of Megst and Megathan. This site holds art-RPG related and others. She has a lot of talent and has done a picture of one of my RPG characters.

GCP On-Line Hunter Game

The website of a Hunter:the Recoking On-line game formed on GCP and played on the OGR moo. Its is ran and Storytold by Megan. 

Lord Mattson's Keeo

This is the web site of one of my best Friends John Mattson, who is also the ST of a very fun on-line Werewolf:the Apocolypse game. This the the homesite of the game and has a couple other RPG stuff.