This prose is all deals with a role-playing theme. My stories are events that happened in some of the games I played. The essays deal with differnt aspects of role-playing.

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Welcome to where I keep my essays and gaming stories. Enjoy.


A Role-player's characters common traits.

This essay is some thoughts on why some role-playing gamers create similar characters with me useing myself as an example.


A weird cliffhanger.

This is the story of what my D&D group at Western Michigan did the last session before summer break. I still can't belive what happened.

Choices Made differently: A story of an event in W:tA game and an alterate version.

This was orginally an assigment for a College English class I had. The conspet of it was to describe a choice and to imagine what would happen if that choice was made differently. Kinda like events the movie Lola rennt(Run, Lola Run). The idea to use an event in one of my role-playing game came during a Migriane which caused me to forget my orginal idea. It was a gamble that paid off becuase I ended up getting a good grade on it. It contians alot of back ground information on the setting and on RPGs in general because it was orgianlly intended for a mundane audiance.