1070 17 of Mirtul: A new Arch-mage has come down to work here with us in The Pits. When I first heard that he requested this duty, I thought he was nuts, only those too hard pressed of time and money, or wish to make a name for themselves in a hurry would dare work here. Then when I saw that he was a dwarf, that explained a few things, he should feel right at home here down in the bowels of the earth..."

"1070 20 of Mirtul: Well Herrnemil definately doesn't feel at home down here in the tunnels we've carved for ourselves. He keeps complaining about the shoddy work done about the walls, and how it's too bright down here, and not dry enough. Of course it's not dry enough, the Pits were mostly dug out so some arch-wizards and unlucky students could find some way to get that damnable desert of Anauroch beaten back. Despite being down here, he doesn't know about that project, could he be starting a new one?"

"1070 30 of Mirtul: The High Priest at the Temple of Lathander is throwing a bit of a fit once again as he reviewed the grounds today. I didn't get to see much of it, since I seem to be perpetually chained to my work, but I've gotten news from the 'surface dwellers'. It's always about the few priests that we detain down here to help with some of the more complex spells. I honestly don't know why we allow them down here, they are competent with their own form of magic, but they definitely aren't suited to the extended hours of research required down here. They need to go 'worship their god' a little too often to effectively work underground in my opinion."

"1070 14 of Flamerule: Mystra, what Herrnemil is don't isn't sorcery, it's metallurgy! I've been seeing an inordinate amount of metal tools and such for a while, but didn't think much about it. Today they brought an entire forge down here, and dug an exhaust tunnel so they can work in a totally enclosed laboratory. We have some people work on magical arms down there, but most of the metal work takes place up top. Why would they need that sort of secrecy for?"

"1070 25 of Eleasis: Poor Karliek, today he came down in the pits without the proper warding against all the stray mana flying around these tunnels. As soon as he came to the major cross roads, there he was turned into an Ettin! Took us all day to drag him out of the tunnels, and that's not the worst part, his two heads were constantly blaming each other for who was the numbskull that got them into that predicament. I only pray that they can revert him back soon..."

"1070 2 of Eleint: Something odd happened today, it took 15 men to draw Herrnemil off of a sorcerous prodigy who came down to do a bit of work. As soon as they crossed paths, the dwarf launched himself on the unsuspecting sorcerer, not with spells but with a poker he had close at hand. He was clubbing him over the head in it in some strange sort of rage, cursing him out in dwarven, which I have no knowledge of. Afterwards we had to rush the sorcerer to the temple as fast as possible, it took a few spells to get him up to snuff, but they almost lost his pseudodragon familiar. I wonder why he went off like that? He seemed distant, but he did not seem at all violent."

"1070 30 of Uktar: Mystra, I am tired, it's been a very long month, and I've mostly spent every waking moment of it down in the depths. Earlier there was a major accident, one of the condenser crystals in the raw mana understanding experiment some how crossed streams with Herrnemil's elemental forge. So understandably, all the power got translated into one of the largest explosions this university has ever seen. I've been called in to help contain the magic from blowing the other crystals in the laboratory, not to mentioning the whole dimensional damage done by it. All of the nearby walls were blown down forming some sort of massive room. It even opened a great rift into an unknown cavern system, from which we have heard chittering and squishing of things down in the depths, already we have had to fend off several goblins. I fear we might have reached the Underdark, but hopefully we'll have the tunnel contained before too long..."