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Independant Starship Elsa

Welcome to tales of high adventure and more then enough comedy,

Welcome to the A Role-players Sanctuary sister site, The Gamer's Table. This site is directly realted to my role-playing pursuits. This is the first time I have updated in a year and a half or so. Everything has changed since then and the games previously on the site died out long ago.

No active games at the moment on this sight, but I hope to add some more in future and I currently have no plans to remove any of the current content.

Both my d20 modern game and ISE are long long dead. However in the mean time I have been a part of a BESM game and I am working on a BESM game of my own. I hope to have stuff up in the near future/ Thank you for your patronage.

Elsa is on hiatus and I added my d20 modern game.


A shit load of new logs for Independant Starship Elsa


12 new logs to Independant Starship Elsa.

Long Night is currently of what appears to be permenet hiatus.

Added a new BESM game I am in. Say hello to Indpendant Starship Elsa


Cleared out a bunch of old stuff that didn't occur to make room for a new game

Comeing Soon: 
Nothing at the moment. May keep you posted.