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The Gamerchick

A tribute to the creater of two of mmy favorite sites and my faorite forum.

By Al Ray.
(A tribute to Beth Kinderman)

I am the rarest of birds, most precious of gems,
My tongue is gilded, my wit is sharper that a munchkins sword,
I have my own satellite and my own revenge,
A Malkavian I may be in heart,
I am a mistress of a forum where philosophy and poetry invaded,
I playgrounds are lands imagination made and tragedy played,
I am a wordsmith of the highest caliber,
Though a minority, my presence is felt,
Equality is my goal, tolerance my pride,
My writing has open many eyes,
I seek to slay stereotypes of women and men,
I am Gamerchick, see my words ring,
See yourself changed for the better,
Read and be enlighten and speak your mind,
With those who experience the same.

This poem is my original work. Please respect iot by not plagerizing.