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TG/TF Transformation games: Al's d20 modern game
GCP's D&D: The Long Night(hiatus)
Character Profiles: D&D: The Long Night(dead)
Independant Starship Elsa

Character Profiles: D&D: The Long Night(dead)

DM: Tyson the King of Gremlins(aka Sybix in the logs)

The party line up is:

Korbinian (Al aka your's truely), the human Fighter/Marshal. A nobleman and soldier from a dead city, he seeks vengeance against the undead, who overran his kingdom.

Lennard(Adyen aka Seranda), the half elven Fighter/Wizard. An orphan from the streets of Fleich and a skilled gambler, he's joined the Guild in a quest for comfort and power. Mistrusted by his colleagues for his elven blood, he's taken up the Harrier mantle.

Ljosa(Adam aka Kurotowa Guy), the human fighter/swashbuckler/Scout. A barbarian warrior from the frigid wilderness, she's one of the few survivors of her tribe. She quests for her lost tribe and bethrothed.

Sigtryggr(Drew aka ShogunOAJ), the human Cleric/Spirit Shaman. A loyal servant of the Keepers, he's dedicated to protecting Fleich and destroying the dead.

Ilya(Demota): (To be added)

Quite a mixture of freaks. errr people, eh? See the logs for their antics.