A site of essays, stories, and poems by and for role-playing gamers.

Welcome to my first attempt at building a website. This site is dedicated to the role-playing gamer, that breed of person who regularly travel the halls of the imagination. This is a place for a pole-player's stories, poems and thoughts. Please make yourself at home and let your imagination take flight.

In this site I wish to put up any written work by my fellow role-playing gamers that involves our hobby or is of interest to the role-playing community at large. It is my hope that people will come to this site and have their minds open to the possibilities of human imagination and creativity.

That following is an essay about myself. I hope is gives other some better understand about some of my own work and for other to get to know me a little better. Warning: It is a bit more long winded than my other work. Thank you.

About Myself

For those who aren't quite sure what a role-playing games is the following is a little essay I wrote, modified from on I wrote for a class, on the subject. Please read it and understand my hobby a bit more.

What is Role-playing?

The Gamer's Table. Offcial webpage of Smokin-Joes GCP on-line Forgotten Realm Half-Dragon D&D game and sister site to this one. Check it out.

09-05-08 Damn, I haven't had any new content on here nearly 6 years. I ma going to rectify that in the future, God be willing.
01-10-03 At last, after 7 months of accumlation, healing, and getting the software I need I have three new poems posted on my site. Enjoy heartily.
6-13-02 Revamped update section and added several links.
3-28-02 Added two poems I wrote a while back. Enjoy.
2-27-02 Created a site for my first role-playing game in which I am the Gamemaster. Added a link to it on the home page.
2-25-02 I had some  trouble with Tripod remove this site, but I got it  cleared upand now the sanctuary is back in buisness. I also added a counter.
1-25-02 Nothing truly new, but I added a RPG story to My Prose section.
1-21-02 The writer's block continues, but I found on my hard drive an old poem of mine with is now in My Poetry section. Enjoy.
1-20-02 I havn't anything to add to the site. I started cleaning up the typos and misspellings the are found throughout the site with a vast amount of help from Eric Zawadzki.
1-14-02 Still have writer's block, but I do have a new link
10-20-01 Essay on role-playing on the main page
10-18-01 Finally I ended a 2 month writer's block and I have 1 new poem for you.
10-16-01 1 new essay in Guest prose.
8-13-01 1 new poem and a new link.
7-16-01 About myself essay added to main page.
7-3-01 1 new item to my stories and the first submition to the site at guest stories plus new link added.