The above poem is an attempt to use the characters that are played in Fantasy role-playing game as a subject of a poem.Its not my best work, but it is still enjoyible.

Anglo-Saxon Style Riddle Poem

This one is my pride and joy. It doesn't really have a RPG theme, but it deals with a theme that role-players often like. Can you guess who or what the poem is talking about?

Confusing Gibberish [new]

An exercise in writting randomly and seeing what I get. It turns out to be soemthing other then just random.

Crucible [new}

A poem I wrote in a depth of bleak depression expressing my determination to get better and poeticly expressing the process somewhat. 


This poem a bit darker then my other stuff. I created it while trying to rid myself of some dark emotions I was feeling at the time.

Malkavian Advise

A salute to my favorite clan from Vampire: The Masquerade, the insane Malkavians. It explores what might happen if you ask one for advise.

Quagmire of One's Mind.

Another poem that doesn't have a RPG based theme, but it does deal with emotions and themes that any rople-player and many other people can identify with. Its basicly me expressing the emotions I feel.

The Gamerchick: A tribute to Beth Kinderman

This is a poem I wrote as a tribute to Beth Kinderman aka Gamerchick aka Spacegirl. Though her site and forum(both have links on my link page) I have improved as a Role-playing gamer.

The Menagerie of the Heart

This is an expression of some conflicting feelings I had at the time I worte it. I did something that might have been bad or might have been good, but it seemed like it was the right thing at the time. This is the poetic expression of that internal stuggle. It turns out that I shouldn't have worried, but it made for some great poetry

Though a Gamer's Eyes

A peom that was inspired by an essay. It shows people what it is like to see the world through the eye of a role-playing gamer.

(Untitled) [new]

An as yet untitled peice about my ancestery. If you could recomened a title, please let me know.

What am I afraid of?

Who Am I

The above two are what I call the the Questions dualology. They came to me while I I was in the middle of soul serching and self descover. That still goes on, but these repersent a major milestone on my road through life.